BACK FROM THE CANIGO Volume Two: Country Punks & City Rockers Perpignan 1999-2010 DoLP

Artist Various Artists
Format LP
Label Staubgold
Release date 2021

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A compilation of Perpignan bands like Jack Of Heart, Sonic Chicken 4, Destination Lonely, Les Bellas, El Vicio, Mighty Go-Go Players, Fatals and lots more. Pretty crazy scene it was / is.


1. Jack Of Heart - Love In Vain
A2. Les Bellas - Belladelic
A3. Sonic Chicken 4 - Do It Allright
A4. El Vicio - Longanisse
A5. Pablo Escobar’s Sons - Fuzz Rapid Fuzz
A6. Destination Lonely - Vanessa
A7. Migas Valdes - Marijuana
B1. Sonic Chicken 4 - Right Side Of A Woman
B2. Les Bellas - She's On My Track
B3. The Mighty Go-Go Players - Fallin' With You, In Love With You
B4. Hair And The Iotas - Tell Her Lies
B5. T. Time Fantasy - Shake With Me
B6. Ultralove - Je Viens D'Une Autre Planète
B7. El Vicio - Darkside
B8. Hair And The Iotas - Faster
C1. Hushpuppies - You're Gonna Say Yeah
C2. Hair And The Iotas - Head It On
C3. White NI***rs - Don't Wanna Be Back
C4. Men In The Moon - Meteorite Beat
C5. Les Bellas - Mistrial Blues
C6. Crank - Kill My Brain Make Me Smile
C7. The Fatals - Feel Allright
C8. Zoo Trash - Not Enough Noise
D1. Jack Of Heart - Tell Me Lyres
D2. Kung Fu Escalator - Get Off My Mind
D3. Circles - Many In My Head
D4. Migas Valdes - Gories
D5. Los Santos - Henri 2D
D6. T.Time Fantasy - San Francisco
D7. Hushpuppies - Hushpuppies