Artist The London Dirthole Company
Album The Sounding Alley Tapes
Format LP
Label Squoodge Records
Release date 2013-11-21

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Recorded with the regular live line up of the last 12 months (4 drummers, 3 guitars, bass and 3 different vocalists): VOCALS: Sexton Ming, Hackney Hellhounds, Ludella Black, Bongo Debbie, Dick Scum, Wajid Yaseen, Kim-Leigh Pontin, Lolo Wood. BASS, KORG & BACKING VOCALS: Ashley Davies. STAND UP DRUM: Kirsten Reynolds, Rob Lewis, Lewis Richardson, Roger Carne. GUITARS: Debbie Smith, Professor Blinding, GG Jailbait, Mickey Hampshire. SAX: Terry Edwards.


A1 Disposable Generation (0:50)
A2 Fools Suffer Gladly (2:08)
A3 The Strip Show (1:34)
A4 Justine, Justine, Justine (2:04)
A5 You Never Made Me Cry (1:22)
A6 Katahaki (2:05)
A7 There's No Word For Sorry (1:25)
A8 The Ballad Of Daniel Mendoza (1:38)
A9 Rock'n'Roll King Kong (2:32)
A10 Me Everything Back (2:09)
Â11 Still No Sleep (4:07)
B1 From A To B (4:02)
B2 Psykhe (2:51)
B3 Monkey Man (2:56)
B4 It's Cold Inside (2:05)
B5 Rock'n'Roll Godzilla (2:15)
B6 Sub Prime Evil (7:14)