BILLY CHILDISH "Die Hinterstoißer Traverse" 10"

Artist Billy Childish / C T M F
Album Die Hinterstoißer Traverse
Format 10"
Label Squoodge Records
Release date 2013-10-17

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Super limited double 10", specially made for the Billy Childish "Darkness was here yesterday" exhibition at the Carl Freedman Gallery in London


A1 Thatcher's Children (Alternative Version) (3:16)
A2 Joe Strummr's Grave (Alternative Version) (2:53)
A3 Israelites (2:26)
B1 Indefinable Distorted Clarity (2:29)
B2 Scout-A-Boo (2:50)
B3 Dinkum Does As Dinkum Do (2:39)
C1 The Kids Are All Square (3:53)
C2 Die Hinterstoißer Traverse (2:59)
C3 The Mediocre Prize (2:58)
D1 Oh Mein Gott - Baader Meinhof (1:39)
D2 Joseph Beuys Flies Again (2:19)
D3 Racist Attack (3:10)