Artist Various
Album Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie / The Best Of Rockabilly
Format CD
Label Ace
Release date 1991

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They SHOULDA started this CD off with tracks #15-28 from the "Best Of Ace Rockabilly" lp, cos tracks 1-14 are rather snoozeville, with the exception of 5 solid cuts. So... jump forward to tracks 15-28 & let ‘er RIP!


Rarest Rockabilly And Hillbilly Boogie
1 Nothin' But A Nuthin'
2 Darlin'
3 Baby Doll
4 Pretending Is A Game
5 Don't Sweep That Dirt On Me
6 My Baby Left Me
7 Little Dog Blues
8 Henpecked Daddy
9 Umm Boy You're My Baby
10 Stoney Mountain Boogie
11 My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now
12 No More
13 Big Black Cat
14 It's Saturday Night
The Best Of Ace Rockabilly
15 Rockin' Daddy
16 Everybody's Movin'
17 I Can't Find The Doorknob
18 My Big Fat Baby
19 How Come It
20 Trucker From Tennessee
21 Little Bit More
22 Jitterbop Baby
23 Let's Get It On
24 One Cup Of Coffee
25 I'm A Hobo
26 Rock It
27 Sneaky Pete
28 I'm Through