COUNTRY TEASERS "Pastoral - Not Rustic / S/T" 10"

Album Pastoral - Not Rustic / S/T
Format 10"
Label Crypt Records
Erscheinungsdatum 2019

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10 sharp tunes recorded at Toe Rag in London in Sept 94 and then completely re-mixed when the drummer got thrown out. A cool mix of SLOW, MOURNFUL ballads, some uptempo "rockers", sleazoid LOUNGE-CROONER-GONE-BERSERK, resonating early-Fall thud .... a fine chunk of GRITTY C&W-flavored garage muck.


1. How I Found Black-Brodie
2. Only My Saviour
3. Bitches’ Fuck-Off
4. O, Nurse!
5. Anytime, Cowboy
6. Mosquito
7. Drove A Truck
8. Been Too Long
9. Black Cloud Wandering
10. Stand By Your Man