Alle Preise in Euro inklusive MwSt. (19% bzw. 7% für Bücher/Magazine)

67 (SOUTHERN) Bright Black/Iron €3.10
67 (SOUTHERN) Gadget/Collapse €3.10
81 MULBERRY (PLEATHER) Ephedrine/Wander Overhead €3.10

A-10 (MUNSTER) Abstract Nymph/Flies On My Back/Fish €3.10
A-BONES (BEDROCK) Get Home Girl/Guess I'm Falling In Love €3.10
A-BONES (DIG) Questions I Cant Answer/Mark Of The Squealer €3.10
A.S.D. (DIRECT HIT) Mexican Sundial Blues/987 €3.10
ABUSERS (DEMOLITION DERBY) She's Easy/Stupid Jerk/Education (red vinyl) €3.58
ACCIDENTAL POTATO CHIP (VITAL) Madonna vs Godzilla/But Mom I'm Not On Drugs €3.10
AFFECTED (RUBBER) Livin In A Lie/What Cutdown/Feelin Alright €3.10
AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL (UNHEARD) I Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand/There She Goes/The Lottery/ €3.10
AGITARE BENE (KATOU) Dreams/Power/In Fear/Marylin €3.10
AL-ANON (SCUMFUCK) Wildsauparty Vol.1: Hei Hei Hei/Schinken Scheisse Schubkarrschieben,etc €3.10
ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS (TEAR IT UP) The Wino/White Lightning/Wine Drinkin' Spo-Dee-O-Dee... €3.10
ALTERNATIVE T.V. (AJAX) Best Wishes/Western World €3.10 AMAZING CHERUBS (JOHNSON BRO MUSIC) Take Me To your Leader/Lazy Pony €3.10
AMERICAN PSYCHO BAND (DRIVE) Soul On Ice/1500 Miles €3.10
AMP (FUTUREMUSIC) Queen Obscene Revisted/God & Everybody €3.10
ANGEL, EDDIE & DINOSAURS (NO HIT) Jurassic Beat/Caveman €3.10
ANGELS OF EPISTEMOLOGY (MERGE) Response/Charm/Carmen Miranda/+3 €3.10
ANUS THE MENACE (FLIPSIDE) Yeah Right/Popdefect/It's Called Old/The Church Of Juniper €3.10
APE LOST (BAD VIBE) Drag Baby/Noise Isn't Noise €3.10
APPOSTATES (VINYL COMM) For Your Country/Burnin World Of Hate/+1 €3.10
ARCWELD (TIGER EPOXY) Truckload Of Satanized Luggage/Homeboys Crack €3.10
ARCWELDER (TOUCH & GO) Captainallen/Whiteelephant €3.10
ARMATRAK (GIFT OF LIFE) Deja Vu/Born Again Christians/Friends/+1 €3.10
ASHTRAY (SHOE) Riding On A Train/Trailer €3.10
ATOMIC 61 (BAYLOR) Delie Snooze/Bar Alarm/No Fault Insurance €3.10
ATOMIC FIREBALL (SUPER 8) Youki/Five/Special Song/Disco dbl 7 €4.60

BABY TOOTH (REMORA) Jet Lag/The Explosive Crescent Man €3.10
BACKBITER (URANUS) Rolled/The feeling €3.10
BACKWOOD CREATURES (Wild Weekend) I Don't Wanna Hang Around../We Can't Surf +2 €4.10
BADGEWEARER (GUIDE) How Is It No?/Prove it Isnae+6 more songs 3.10
BAGPIPE OPERATION (SECRET CENTER) Molten Boy/Port Arkansas/Little Twitch/Thank The Lord €3.10
BARFEEDERS (AXHANDLE) I Smell a Roast/ Cabcall#1/Cabcall#2/Vomitting €3.10
BARGOYLE (ANYWAY) Happy Ending7 Ignorance/ Apathy €3.10
BARKING TRIBE (ATOMIK) White Mans World/Worm In The Apple €3.10
BARNSTORMER (MAD BUTCHER) Sarajevo/Cheering The Plough/The Siege Of Shoreham €3.10
BEAK (INSIGNIFICANT) Air Plane/No.9 €3.10
BEATKINGS (HIFI KING B) Sitting On My Sofa/I Don't Mind/Just Want To Make Love To You €3.85
BEATLESS (JETTISON) Chew Toy/Ramen Pride/Cow Frog €3.10
BEDWETTER (LETHAL) Open Band Test/Talkin Bout Rang Don't Do Nothin/+1 €3.10
BEEF MASTERS (SOUND VIRUS) Texas Ranger Man/Sunflower/ Easter Bunny +1 €3.10
BEHEMOTH (WINGNUT) Navigator/Fear €3.10
BELREVE (ANYWAY) Nothing/The Sky Is Falling €3.10
BESERK (MERKIN) Giant Robots/When I Think €3.10
BEVIL WEB (WABANA/SPIRIT OFF) Minutemen/Lariant Man €3.10
BHANG REVIVAL (NOISEVILLE) I'm Not Talking About/Carpet Burn 3.10
BIG BONGIN PARTY (TOILET ROCK) 2 Weeks Of Decadence/10 Songs €3.10
BIG DRAG (UNCLEAN) Gotta Let Me Go/ I'm A Lonesome Fugitive €3.10
BIG FOOT (STOMACH ACHE) Discovered/Location Recordings €3.10
BIG SATAN INC. (DASHBOARD HULAGIRL) Force Fed/Ham Grenade/Oodles €3.10
BIG SATAN INC (MEAT) Tap & Die/Scarey Feet €3.10
BIG'N (GASOLINE BOOST) Razorback Mite €3.10
BINGO GAZINGO & 8th GRADE (HOLY PLASTIC) Are You A Lover/Juice the Juice €3.10
BITE (DERIVATIVE) Dandelion/So Big/Slave To My Dick €3.10
BIVOUAC (ELEMENTAL) The Bell Founday/Lead/Saltwater Heal €3.10
BLACK ANGELS DEATH SONG (DIONYSUS) Nothing=Nothing/What Do You Mean €3.10
BLACK ANGELS'S DEATH SONG (HELL YEAH) The Name Remains The Same/When Morning Comes €3.10
BLACK FORK (ZAFI) Blue Collar Cooties/Dirty Face Kid/Ace Of Spades +3 €3.10
BLACK MOON FIRE (SUBTERFUGE) Agh/High/Feeling Good €3.10
BLADDER CONTROL (BEEF EATER) Excitings/S.O.V./Warning/De De De €3.10
BLAST OFF COUNTRY STYLE (TEEN BEAT) Nun In Fringed Cell/Far-Out-Law/+2 €3.10
BLISTERS (SILENT THUNDER) Sleepers/H2M/I Call You/That Boy Better Scram €3.10
BLOOD-GIN (V.M.L.) Love Under Glass/Video Victim/Idiot Clones/Fat(Livin' On)/ €3.10
BLOOMIN' BROTHERS (1&2) Boppin' Wig Wom Willie, Only Loving You/Rockin Bone/+ 1 €3.10
BLOW (GO DUST) Slaughter On 13 ST/I'm Ruined/Va-Voom €3.10
BLOWGUN (NOISEVILLE) 454/Surf Shit €3.10
BLUE (ERL) Back Of My Nova/Bossy Woman €3.58
BLUE GREEN GODS (JETTISON) Cold Dominate Her/Amnesty €3.10
BLUE GREEN GODS (JETTISON) Water Cut My hands/Lois Wrote About The Farm €3.10
BLUE YONDER (DISCOURSE) Just Like John Wayne/All The Best €3.10
BOATRAMPMEN (CRUDDY) What I Want/Under The Boatramp/Rampage/Boatramp Girl/+1 €3.10
BOB BONDEX JOHNSTON (X-MIST) Crash Test Bodies/King Ape/Gasoline €3.10
BOG BLAST (ANTI-MUSIC) Miss Conception/Foot The Bill €3.10
BOG BLAST (ANTIMUSIC) Earn to Loos/Destroying Time €3.10
BOILSINBERRI (SICKSEXSIX) Fertilizer/Worthless €3.10
BOLLWEEVILS (DR STRANGE) Dysomnia By Design/Not My Friend/Rodney €3.10
BONE CLUB (PROSPECTIV) 6 Feet Underground/Day I Died €3.10
BONE OF CONTENTION (IGOR) Sludge Creek/Harmless €3.10
BONEYARD DEVILS (STAR) I Need Love/Amnesia €3.10
BOOGIE MAN SMASH (BOLTREMOVER) Crowned/Lonesome You Lonesome Me €3.10
BOTSWANNAS (FERALETTE) Little Witch/Primitive High 3.10
BOY SCOUTS (GOUGNAF) Wild Love/Somewhere In The Night €3.10
BRADY BUNCH LAWNMOWER MASS. (SHAGPILE) Drink Myself To Life/Inca Cave €3.10
BRAINLESS (GOLF/HOLE) What She Sees/Sick Of Being Uncool/Road Drill €3.10
BRANES (INCOGNITO) Ready To Go/She's Got A Cramp/Rabbit/+2 €3.10
BREED (CLAWFIST) Splinter!/The Precious Thing €3.10
BRICKS (MERGE) A History Of Lies/Smoking Hootch €3.10
BRIEF WEEDS (K) Forgetting Love/River song/I Dream To dream €3.10
BRINGDOWNZZ (STOMACH ACHE) Earthworms/Highway To Hell/Yew Kotexed My Monkey/Angst €3.10
BROTHER BUZZ (EMPTY) Dynamite/Dust & Guitars/Liars €3.10
BROWN PAPER DOG (DOUBLE NAUGHT) With Corns/Pudwack BRUNO, FRANKLIN (NO LABEL) A Sand Dollar Relief Map €3.10
BUDGETICS (ROYAL) You'n'me/Sex Magnet/Face Down €3.10
BUDGIE JACKET (PARASOL) Lot Of Lovin To Do/When The First Rain Falls/Streetwise/+1 €3.10
BUGMAN (BURNT SIENNA) Grass/In A Single Day €3.10
BULKHEAD (MOIST) Leaves In Virginia/12 €3.10
BULLET IN THE HEAD (BULB) Kihiyeny/Uwanuni/Nifungo €3.10
BUNNY GENGHIS (GSL) Children Under 12/U-100 €3.10
BURNOUT (DRAG CITY) Lounge/Oil/Big daddy €3.10
BUSTER POINDEXTER (TIM KERR) Butcher Pete Pt. 1+2 €3.10
BUTT TRUMPET (HELL YEAH) Dicktatorship/Decapitated/I've Been So Mad Lately €3.10
BUZZ (MAGNATONE) Sands, Pail/Buried Alive/Hide and Seek €3.10

C2 (C SQUARED) (SPLUNGE) Blood/Wheel Of Fortune €3.10
CACTUS FOSSILS (FLIPSIDE) No You Listen/Let Me Bleed/The Happy Song/Paper Or Plastic €3.10
CALABROS (SUPER ELECTRO) Problems/In My Room/Stupid/Gonna Eat Me € 3.10
CANDY APPLES (SERENE SARDINE) Mr X/Orchid Sunday/Hot Wheel €3.10
CANDYLICKER (BIDET) Jenny/Kiss Me Now €3.10
CAPTAIN CONDOMS (PUBLIC BATH) Bed Bunny/Good Speed You/I.D./Great Captain €3.10
CARLOS (RFR) Venus Esoteric/Bip Bop Girl €3.10
CARLOS (TRUCKSTOP) You Know/Slide €3.10
CARNAL GHIA (SHALLOW) Cora Pearl/Raymond Listen €3.10
CASH ONLY (WE LIVE&DIE) Love You/Pornography/Lies/+1 €3.10
CATERPILLAR (COMPULSIV) Sitars Tomorrow/These Little Groups €3.10
CELL (CITY SLANG) Fall/Circles €3.10
CELL (ECSTATIC PEACE) Wild/Auf Wiedersehen €3.10
CELL (ECSTATIC PEACE) Stratosphere/Never Too High €3.10
CELL (RADIATION) Straosphere/So Cool €3.10
CH-15 (CH-15) Gibbons/I Cracked/Vomitous/Household Nam €3.10
CHARGERS (Saddle Tramp) New High; Not Tonight €3.50
CHEEKS (RADIO BLAST) Kim/Better Off/There Will Be €3.85
CHER U.K. (CARGO) Janitor in A Drum/Disaster €3.10
CHICKEN FARM (VINYL COMM.) Hear Me Shit/Castration/En La Madre/Cigarros € 3.10
CHILDREN'S CRUSADE (SCAT) Blue Venus Aflame/Your Time Is Through/St Jacks.. €3.10
CHOOSEY MOTHERS (BOOZE FIGHTER) D.U.I./Left Wheel Wobble/Bored/Mash Potatoes €3.10
CHOP (DUCH EAST) I'm On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep/She's As beautiful.. €3.10
CHOTCHKE (ECHONET) Same Mistake/Footsweep/Knots €3.10
CHRIST, JOE (VITAL) Loaded Gun/Fire Of Love €3.10
CHRONIC DISORDER (PLOTWARE) Rise/Angry Young Thing/The Sweetest Thing €3.10
CHUCKLEHEAD (IMP) Mussels/Pour Yourself A Dream €3.10
CHUNKS (MOLA MOLA) Further Down The Road/No One Ever Leaves A Sta €3.10
CLAY (BURNT SIENNA) Til We Have Faces/Kim, I Hate You €3.10
COBALT BLUE (FIASCO) Devil Lives On Div St/Impact €3.10
COCKROACH ATTACK (SIOUX) Last Party/Emotional Warfare € 3.10
COFFEE (BLACKJACK) Sauerkraut Hubcap/Comiing Down To Earth/Stinky Lageen €3.10
COLD WATER FLAT (MESCALINE DIAMOND) Roll Me Over/Count Out Your Space €3.10
CONTRAMENATION (ZIEGENKOPF) Getting By/+2/Diylobotomy/Big Mac/+ 1 €3.10
CONTRAS (PROSPECTIVE) Fingernail Polish/Last Year Of My Life/I Ain't Studying.. € 3.10
CORAL (MERGE) Filling A Hole/Your Reward Snow €3.10
CORDUROY (SKIP) Dead Fish In An Empty Pond/Jan Michael Vincent €3.10
CORNDOLLY (MUD) Come Out/Sex Kitten €3.10
CRACKER JACKS (WONDERLAMP) Gossip,Gossip,Gossip/She Cried For Me/Come Back/+1 6.00
CRACKERBASH (HUMBLE) Lon+1/Aluminium Siding+1 recorded Live at La Luna €3.10
CREATURES (CHAOS) Crazy Date/I Can't Find You/Hemlock Row/Tried My Best €3.10
CREEDLE (CARGO) Bad radio €3.10
CREEP (BLATANT) Unscrewed/All Night €3.10
CREEP (SUB POP) No Pain/Words €3.10
CREEPER LAGOON (RATFISH) Tonight Was Fun/The Girl Who fell To Earth/August Pascal+1 €3.10
CRIB (MAGNATONE) Bloom/Lick €3.10
CRIPPLED & THE BURNOUT (AMERICAN GOTHIC) Ambulance Dancer/Bitch saloon Romance €3.10
CRISIS UNDER CONTROL (STANDFAST) The Ones/Ransom Head/Oedipus Brush/Ultimatum €3.10
CROW (GENIUS) Confection/Ravine €3.10
CROWD OF ISOLATED (X-MIST) Bad Actor/Like a Flower €3.10
CROWN ROAST (UNCLEAN) Enemy/George/Croaked €3.10
CRUDOS (MOJAVE) Shelter/Fuckin' Freedom/Speak Something Bright/Lies.. €3.10
CRUNT (INSIPID) Swine/Sexy BabeInToyland/LubricGoat/Blues Explosion guys € 3.10
CRUSH (FEEL GOOD ALL OVER) Welcome To Fistville/Could'nt Make It/Over The €3.10
CRUSH (TIME TO DEVELOP) Squeeky/Taller Than Jesus €3.10
CRUSH (TIME TO DEVELOP) Sexy Fish/30-30 Face €3.10
CRUTCH (BONG LOAD) Disgruntled Employee/Kick My Ass €3.10
CUSTOM FLOOR (GOLDENROD) Homeless/UPS Driver/In My House €3.10
CYCLEPATHS (BAYLOR) Dirty Rotten Little Tyke/Cyclepath '92 €3.10
CYCLOPS (NEW WORLD OF SOUND) Light/Spolcyc €3.10
CYPHER IN THE SNOW (OUTPUNK) Militia/She's Not €3.10

D'ANGELO, SAM (Sister Ray) (RESONANCE) This Was My Blood/Enter Hell/Worms €3.10
DAISY CUTTER (ROCKVILLE) Pull/Glutton 5mg/Glutton 10mg €3.10
DAISY GROUP (PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE) Hum Of Life/Undoing/My Body Is.. €3.10
DARK SARCASM (VINYL COMM) Bones On The Railroad/Track/Hollowlands € 3.10
DATE BAIT (DECESED) The dragster/Hollow/Werewolf €3.10
DEAD TREE (THEOLOGIAN) Don't Know/Say/Rubber Road/I Feel Fine €3.10
DEAD WHITE & BLUE (RAM) Ego/City Of Mind/Turn Around €3.10
DEFLOWERS (PLATYPUS) Just What It's Like, Uhhh/I'm The One €3.10
DEGENERATES (GEEKMO) Say Hi To Clair/Jesus Crisis/Betty/Walk Of Meaning/Rubbing €3.10
DESIGNER (BLACK FORREST) Snail allover/Misery €3.10
DESTITUTES (BREAK EVEN POINT) Mind Trails/Beyond The mask/+1 €3.10
DHARMA BUMS (FRONTIER) Giving In/Shake Some Action €3.10
DICKY B. HARDY (FV MUSIC) Beauty & Stupidity/Handy/Fucked Uo Hero +1 €3.10
DIE MONSTER DIE (FUNKY MUSHROOM) Barknuckle/Wall Flower Garden €3.10
DIE MOTORS (MERMAID) FIre Don't Walk With Me/Here Today Gone Tomorrow +1 €3.10
DIRT MERCHANTS (U-HOLD) Mindfuck/Beware Of Dog €3.10
DISGRACE (INCOGNITO) Stepping Dead/Nobody's Toy/Pig Nation €3.10
DISSENT (AMITY) One/Control/Stress €3.10
DITCH (DITCH) Laura/Kitchen/Lateral €3.10
DITCHWEED (MONOCAT 7) Tennessee Rider/Energy €3.10
DIXIE GUNWORKS (MENTAL DISORDER) Sergej/Fast Moving Train/Bullriding Benester €3.10
DIZBUSTER (ULTRA UNDER) Carnal Action Coil/Lonely Child €3.10
DOD & THE RODS (WEED) You're Gonna Miss Me/Carry On €3.10
DOG (CASTING COUCH) Circus/Lion's Den €3.10
DOG (CASTING COUCH) My Crushing Vice/El Toro €3.10
DOG (STOMACHE ACHE) Songs ? €3.10
DOG HUNCH (CLAWFIST) The End Of The World/Stiffneck €3.10
DOG TIRED (SKENE) Bloodbath/Quick To Judge/Catch-22/A Song & A prayer €3.10
DON DIETRICH (ECSTATIC PEACE) no song titles 4.00
DOPEY DUMMY (NEW WORLD OF SOUND) In The Dark Pt.1& Pt.2/Ashneeshrill €3.10
DOUBLE DYNAMITE (LABEL ?) Hero Takes A fall €3.10
DR. HANSEN (LITTLE TEDDY) Dr. Hansen Goes Pop EP €3.10
DR. JANET (RINGERS LACTATE) Ten Years Gone/Starry Eyes €3.10
DRAGON ROJO (SCOOTERS) Lightning/Too Many Friends €3.10
DRILL KITTY (SONIC BLUE) Blaster Caster/My Ringing Ears/When The Money Runs Out/+1 €3.10
DRIP TANK (STANDARD) Motherlode/Shithouse €3.10
DRONE (VINYL COMM) Trust Me/Scrapie/Crisolation/Voice Of Reason €3.10
DRÜLER (DRAG CITY) Travellin' Fist/Drüler (?) €3.10
DUMB & UGLY (DOCTOR JIMS) Blue Monk/Lazy 8 €3.10
DURA-DELINQUENT (ALL CITY) Sick On You/All Lushed Up/Head Over High Heels €3.10

EARTHMEN (SLUMBERLAND) Cool Chick # 59/Momentum (Pebble Mix) €3.10
EASY LAYS, LOS (NV) Carumbai/Moonlit Night/Sticky Trigga/Peanut Jello €3.10
ECONOTHUGS (CENTSLESS) F.Y.B./Downers/On The Run/Waco/Beer Run €3.10
ECONOTHUGS (CENTSLESS) Sludge/S.O.T.E/Richard Petty/Epidemic/Fat Ass/Wrecking... €3.10
EELS (LAVAKOO) Falling Back/Louder/The Ride/ €3.10
EL ESPECTRO (BLUE LAMP) Keef/ Dig This €3.10
EL LEGADO (AU GO GO) Burning For You/Cell/+1 €3.10
EL SMASHO (ICON) Foster Brooks/Solid State/Bananna Seat €3.10
ELECTRIC FERRETS (DIONYSUS) 2-3-4/Lumberjack Baby/My Son Calls Another Man Dad €3.10
ENGAGE (KIRBDOG) We Might Get Richer/Whoever Thought €3.10
ENVELOPE (ENVELOPE/PEEPLAND) The Street They're Trying To Kill/Around Summer/Kiss Me.. €3.10
ENVELOPE (LANDSPEED) **1/2/Lie Detector €3.10
ENVELOPE (PEEPLAND) Operate/C'mon/Middle Name/Marked For Last dbl 7 €3.10
ENVELOPE (REMORA) Trophy/Try Again €3.10 EQUALITY (BREAK EVEN POINT) Burns Inside/Black Cloud/+2
€3.10 ERECTUS MONOTONE (MERGE) Soul Taker/Glider €3.10
ETAT BRUT (NO LABEL) Bande Sonore Du +8 double-7 €3.10
EVAPORATORS (NARDWUAR) I'm Going To France+2/You Got What Want +2 €4.10
EVERCLEAR (K) Nervous & Weird/Electra Made €3.10
EVERY GOOD BOY (MINTY FRESH) Wait Til Your Father Gets Home/City Life €3.10
EVIL I (TROG) Love Conquers All/Can't Live Without You €3.10

FAUCET (SOUTHERN) Redwoods/Steel Belted Penis €3.10
FEARLESS LEADER (TRIGNON) Little Devil/Piece O' Action €3.10
FEAST (RATFISH) Marrianne/Walk In The Garden €3.10
FEEDING FRENZY (SMILIN EAR) Bad Ass Surfers/Zombie Girl/& 1 €3.10
FELDMANS (SUB SHOP) Twisted/Purple €3.10
FESTERING RINYANYONS (BOVINE) Satisfaction Slips Away/ Steve Johnson Society €3.10
FEW (K) Rollin Like The Tide/Friends €3.10
FIDDLEHEAD (ALLIED) Bleat/Slingshot/Sourdive €3.10
FILTHY FEW (MINDFUCK) I'm Scared/No Reason/Filthy/& 4 €3.10
FINGER (HIPPY KNIGHT) Daddy Oh/Doug Fiegers Blues/To Tell The Truth €3.10
FINGER (JETTISON) Ship Full Of Holes/All This And More € 3.10
FINGER (RADIATION) Gravitatin Home/Needle In A Haystack/John Genzales Blues €3.10
FIRE IN THE KITCHEN (WALT) Trees&Lawns/The Middle Fears/Backseat Connoseur/+1 double7 €4.10
FIVE IN TEN (KNOCK OUT) Mary/Everyday Train €3.10
FIVE-EIGHT (JERKY) God Damn It Paul/Looking Up €3.10
FLAMING MIDGET (BURRITO) Face Lift/Pure Hate/No Words/I See You/Sun Goes Down/+2 €3.10
FLAT STANLEY (SHOOTER) Fabrication/Like You Said €3.10
FLETCHER (BLUE LAMP) Subcommander Marcos/Urge To Everything €3.10
FLIES (TRENCH) Lack Of Mind +2/ Midnite Soldier +2 € 3.10
FLOPHOUSE (HARP) Right Now/Good News/Ground €3.10
FLYING NUNS (WARPED) Yard/Shirt €3.10
FOO (SPEEDBOAT) Hold Your Belt Cowboy/Gun/Pop In../+2 €3.10
FOR LOVE NOT LISA (THEOLOGIAN) Softhand/Travis Hoffman €3.10
FORCED DOWN (VINYL COMM) Thread/Tap & Die/Time Without/A Cry For Truth/+2 dbl 7in €4.50
FORD (NO. 6) Lambasted/Ten Of Swords €3.10
FORD (SFTRI) Vicodin/Primary Filtration €3.10
FORETHOUGHT (ASCENSION) Sands Of Salvation/Between Society/Jealousy And Rage/+1 €3.10
FORKEYE (HUMAN CONDITION Fried Life/Attitude Button €3.10
FRAMPTON BROTHERS (BOGUS) Like an Oliver Stone/Evil Twin €3.10
FRANCES GUMM (TRIXIE) Vertical Bob/Damages Atributed €3.10
FREAK MAGNET (WORRY BIRD) I Can't Wait/10.000 Lies €3.10
FREAK THEATRE (HEAT BLAST) Old man In A Chair/And Violence €3.10
FREAKS (SMILIN EAR) Freak Out Song/When Is The Cow.. €3.10
FRENZAL RHOMB (FAT WRECK) Dugadugabowbow/No Thought/4 Litres/Cones €3.10
FUDGE (BRILLIANT) Girlwish/Wqayside €3.10
FUDGE (BUS STOP) Drive/Astronaut €3.10
FUDGE (BRILLIANT) Oreo Dust/Mull/Pez/Inez €3.10
FUNCTIONAL IDIOTS (VITAL) He's Dead Jim/Hurt, The Bunny €3.10
FUNERAL ORATION (HOPELESS) What Is It/Expanding/Friends Are Best/Truly Intensive €3.10
FUZZ (WEST WORLD) Mass Identity/Demigood €3.10

GAPESEED (SILVER GIRL) Flanzer/Thunder Tongue/Naraces €3.10
GASHOUNDS (F HOLE) Dope My Sunday/Pine'in €3.10
GAUNT (POTENTIAL ASHTRAY) Turn to Ash/Flying pretty poorly recorded.. €3.10
GEAR JAMMER (AMREP) Lock And Load/He Drinks/If It Wasn't me+1 €3.10
GELCAPS (NEON ASSHOLE AMIGO) Realness/Hotel Congress/Do A Bat €3.10
GHENGIS KHAN (BEEF EATER) This Is Goodbye/Gator Sledge €3.10
GIGANTIC (HEAT BLAST) Not 18/Short On Ideas €3.10
GIGOLO AUNTS (LABEL ?) Bloom/Cope €3.10
GLASS BABBLE RADIO (KIRBDOG) Dissonant Airwaves €3.10
GLASS BARBLE RADIO (KIRBDOG) Swell/Low Maintenance Machine €3.10
GLORIUM (UNCLEAN) Iced The Swelling/Fearless €3.10
GLOW (SUSSTONES) Tomorrows Just A Ghost/What Is really You €3.10
GLUE (MILK PAL) What Love Is/Hardon/Laws Of Mass Communicati €3.10
GLUE (NO. 6) Times Square/You'll See/The Hand That Failed €3.10
GLUENECK (HEAT BLAST) Convertible Skin/Hypnotized €3.10
GO-DEVILS (PLANET TODD) Head Full Of Hole/Chicken Livers €3.10
GO-KART (JAMBOREE) Lighthouse/Summertime €3.10
GOD & TEXAS (LOVE HAMMER) Comrade general/Chromalox €3.10
GOLDEN SHOWERS BY MAIL (HUMAN WRECKORDS) Backone Confidential/Car Crash Fever/ etc €3.10
GOLDEN TRIANGLE Prize Fighter, Red Coats/ Night Brigade (Rob's House) 7" 5.00
GOLDEN TOUCH(LOAD) Blind Shot/I.O.U. €3.10
GOLDENTONES (ICON) Junior/Lolly Vegas/Green Avalanche pretty ballsy surf €3.10
GOMEZ (LITTLE DEPUTY) 3,410 Flavors/Schmuck/Red Riddle/Kiss Meets The Phantom... €3.10
GORILLA (THRILL JOCKEY) Bargain Love/Get Out €3.10
GR'UPS (ZAFIO) A Lil Lost/Human Rash/Snow White/Kali Is Yer Bad Ass Mutha €3.10
GRAVEL (K) In Your Eye/Yesterday €3.10
GREENELLA (RISE) Short Fuse/Gift Of Giving €3.10
GREENHORN (ANYWAY) Through The Thick Of It/Chastity €3.10
GREENHORN (DATAPANIK) Progress/Bit Of Real Sadness €3.10
GRIFTERS (SUB POP) Queen Of The Table Waters/Return To Cinder €3.10
GROOVIE METAL BABIES (LITTLE TEDDY) She Does Not/My Secondhand Sweetheart/Never/In No time €3.10
GROUT (UNEARTH) Fetal Fix/Look At The Other Way/Strapless/40 Boxes €3.10
GUSANOS, LOS (VITAL MUSIC) Quick To Cut/Ride €3.10
GUTS (DEAD EYE) Machine Love/Cake/+1 €3.10
GUTTERSNIPE (KNOCK OUT) United & Strong/Loser + 2 €3.10

HALF EMPTY (NEW DISORDER) Industry/White Line/Goin' To Pay the Piper...+2 €3.10
HAMICKS (UNCLEAN) Identity Crisis/Etch a Sketch/Jack Off/Phone Sex €3.10
HAND OVER HEAD (TEAR IT UP) Daddy was A Nazi/How High € 3.10
HANGNAIL (NEGATIVE FEEDBACK) Break Me Down/Fray/ barbara Streisand €3.10
HAPPY FINGERS INSTITUTE (ANGRY NEIGHBORS) Screw The Curfew/Irritaional Anthem/Pasadenas Burnin €3.10
HAPPY HOUR (DOWN'N'DIRTY) Horny Sonja/Welcome To My World/Million Idols €3.10
HARDSHIP POST (SUB POP) Slick Talking Jack/If I €3.10
HARDVARK (MUD) Safe To Say/El Dog/Firecracker/Hey Stranded €3.10
HAYNES BOYS (WHATEVER) Last Heathen/Happy €3.10
HAYWOOD (2 PETERS) Trash Park/Nerf Dreams €3.10
HAZEL (LEZAH) Blank Florida/Motor Sport/Dare Devils € 3.10
HAZEL (SUB POP) Jilted/Truly €3.10
HEADACHE (SEASIDE) Stuart's Up/Love Without A God €3.10
HEADCRAMP (MEATHEAD) Born In The 70's/Dead People/I Love Chicken €3.10
HEADTRAMA (THEOLOGIAN) Sacred Space/Figure Three/She €3.10
HEARTWORMS (DARLA) Thanks For The Headache/Little Hands Of Concrete €3.10
HEAVENLY (K) She Says/Escort Crash On Marston St €3.10
HEEL (FURTHER BEYOND) Cold/Lube/Sleep It Off €3.10
HEEL (FURTHER BEYOND) Thinking Brain/Dowt/Two Weeks Gone/Split Stream €3.10
HELLCOWS (T/K) Paver EP: Hurricane/Spy/Shovel/Soiled With..etc €3.10
HEMI (SHRED OF DIGNITY) Save Yourself/Superconductor € 3.10
HEROMAKERS (JUST ADD WATER) 201/Laslow's Pajamas €3.10
HEX (HEXX) You Cry And I'll Laugh/Doubt €3.10
HIGHROLLERS (BONA FIDE) Cold Meat/Bye Bye €3.10
HISSYFITS Wish You Were Here EP (SOUNDS OF SUBT.) Broken Window/California/Stardust €4.10
HITMEN 3 (STUPIDO TWINS) Paul/Jah/Times Up/Unsatisfied € 3.10
HOGWILD (CAVITY SEARCH) Country Thangs/Folsom Prison Blues €3.10
HONCHO OVERLOAD (MUD) Miserable/Sugarfoot €3.10
HONCHO OVERLOAD (MUD) Wish/Wrists & Ankles/On The In € 3.10
HOP FLOP FLY (FLY TONE) Kitty Kitty/Volare/Rumba Steady Thing €3.10
HOP FLOP FLY (FLYTONES) Satan's Got A Cookie For You/Insane €3.10
HOPE ORGAN (INGREAT) Young Girl/Harmony €3.10
HORNETS, LOS (IFA) Barrymore/Bloody Knuckles €3.10
HORSEY (SMELLY) Underbelly/Energy €3.10
HORSEY (TRACKSHUN INDUSTRIES) Go Light/I'M Not The Best/Nice Lungs €3.10
HOSS (DOG MEAT) It's Everywhere/Ark €3.10
HOT GLUE GUN (MUD) Dive/80 Something/Surf's Up €3.10
HOT GLUE GUN (MUD) I'll Kill You/Houseboat/Torpedo/She Calms Down €3.10
HOT TOASTERS (DRAG CITY) Fish & Doctor/Yukiwatari/Milk €3.10
HOT TOMATOES (DOMINATOR) Stench/Gun Collector/Thinkin Out Loud/+1 €3.10
HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES (WESTWORLD) I'm My Own Grandpa/2-Liter Man €3.10
HOUSEPLANTS (RED CIRCUS) Engagement/Circle Sky €3.10
HOVORKA (DIESEL ONLY) Drillin'/A Lot Of Nerve €3.10
HULA HOOP (AUTOMATIC) Winter farming/Sweetest September €3.10
HUMIDIFIER (MEAT) The Clothes You Left/Seven Hours/Flinging/Nicotine/+2 €3.10
HUMP (SCRATCH) Humptruck/Low Pile Carpet/Let Me Tell You About White Chick €3.10
HUMP (TRACKSHUN) Dope/Aino'ligion €3.10
HYPERKOWTOW (HEADHUNTER) Militant City/Give It Up/Ban This €3.10

INDICATORS (V.M.L) Ride Out/Back In Line €3.10
INLAND EMPERORS (BAG OF HAMMERS) Hey Hey Blake Pirtle/Junkies Manment & D.W.I €3.10
INSECT SYREN (HOMOHABILIS) Rattlesnake Jesus/Verbitron Mindchain+1 €3.10
INSENSIBLE EGGS (LA FOR MONSTER) Scream/Insensible Eggs/False Girl €3.10
IS THIS BOB (PLUMB) Sally/earth day/Doing It Our Way €3.10

JACK GEEK (HARVEST) Tribute To Nick Cave, Tom waits, Cap. Beefheart €3.10
JACKHAMMER (INITIAL) Estranged/Eclipse/Apology/Background Noise €3.10
LES JACKS (CLASH CITY) Rehearsal Murder/Out Of Nowhere +1 Punk'n'Roll with 9 Pound Hammer influence €4.10
JASMINE LOVE BOMB (BEHEMOTH) An Announcement/Empire Sun/From Last Summer €3.10
JEFFERSONS (CHERRY SMASH) Radon/Salami/She's No Moon Maiden €3.10
JENNYANYKIND (JENNY DISC) Windchimes/Long €3.10
JOEY TAMPON & TOXICSHOCKS (RECESS) Magnum p.i.g./Everythings A Product/I'm Not Gonna Kill €3.10
JOHN'S BLACK DIRT (OXO) Falling/Sheepish/Sometime I Feel Like My Own Brother/& 2 €3.10
JOLT (CUSTODIAL) Down/Tragedy €3.10
JOYBANG (THIRD EYE) Four Eyes/Wade Called €3.10
JUAN CARLOS (CASTING COUNCH) Love Boat/Cumming Song €3.10
JUNKET (ROAD CONE) Everclear/Snub/ Bad Wheels €3.10
JUST SAY NO (GO AHEAD) Pitbulls On Crack/Cartoon castle/Ballad Of Frank Cox €3.10
JUST SAY NO (RAVE) Failed The Test/Crickets €3.10
JUST SAY NO (STAPLE GUN) Tricks/Food & Beer/You Owe Me/Draw The Line €3.10

KEEP (RATFISH) She's So Wild/Whats Right €3.10
KEEP IN MIND (DONUT CREW) So Stained/More/Out Of Convenience/Yours €3.10
KENT 3 (EMPTY) Minneapolis/Estrogen Cruiser/The Sleeper/Smokin' Fuse €3.10
KILLBILLY (DIESEL ONLY) Diesel Dazey/Don't Tread On Me €3.10
KILLTECH (BHP/DMI) Warrior nation/Jungle/Canister/Guilt €3.10
KING ARTHUR'S QUART "Live At Allen Jr. High School '66" (Misty Lane) Four cuts by Rudi Protrudi's first band. 7" € 5,25
KING CARCASS (NUMBER 6) Unbounded Coil/Strange device €3.10
KING KRAB (HORTON REFLEX) Ran From My Grave/Shapus Head € 3.10
KING-KILL/33 DEG (VINYL COM) We Never Went To The Moon/Cat's Meow/Hit The Mark €3.10
KINGCROW (IMP) Gravel Road Blues/ Dead Gone Blues +2 € 3.10
KNIFEDANCE (HIT & RUN) Loaded Heart/Stalking Ground € 3.10
KNOCKABOUTS (PRANK) The Beautiful Shit Home Alabama/Where Is My Vietnam +5 €3.10
KORNELIUS GOMEZ (BULB) Dog Bone/Squirrel/Bartoschematosis €3.10
KREVISS (SCRATCH) Unveiled/You Think €3.10
KRYPTONITE NIXON (FISTFUL OF MOOLAH) Kill Your Roomate/Kimberly Loves Willis/Bud Lee €3.10
KRYPTONITE NIXON (PIECE OF MIND ) Jesus Told Mitch/Opens A Crack €3.10
KUDGEL (WAIKIKI) Chicken Pump/Now €3.10

LACK-A-DAISY (BINGS HAUS) Sleepy Time/Hell/100%/I Need €3.10
LAST STRAW (SPUR) Silent Kisses/Travelling Song #47/Where Did My Love Go €3.10
LATIMER (COMPULSIV) Kiss 1Two/Sax Solo €3.10
LAURELS (HEPARIN) Hate Me/Ruby €3.10
LAZY CIRCLE (VHF) Hyptnotized/Manchester/You've Risen €3.10
LAZYBOY (ALLIED) Fill It/Jordie's Song/Aphasia €3.10
LEFT HAND RIGHT HAND (ND) Rise And Fall/Puppet Death €3.10
LEFTY LUCY (SKINNIE GIRL) Incognito Anthem/Fight Song/Hot Diggity/You Could Be.. €3.10
LEG. JIM RUIZ (MINTY FRESH) Minneapolis/ Mij Amsterdam €3.10
LEMONADE (FACE THE MUSIC) Don't Tell Me About Your Girlfriend/Watching TV/+ 2 €3.10
LESLIE (JADE TREE) Tricked Out/Via Dolorosa €3.10
LESSER (VINYL COM) Knight Ov Thee Living Baseheads/Proof/Finest Slice €3.10
LIBIDO BOYZ (RED DECIBEL) Childhood Memories/Chronic Necessity/+1 €3.10
LIFT (T/K) Walk Away/Bird Fly For Free €3.10
LIGO (STUMMEL) Heart&Head/Ins Gesicht/Beauty €3.10
LIQUOR BIKE (PENULTIMATE) Thirst Day/She's Got A Way/Barb's Wired €3.10
LIVERBALL (RIPE) Look(Intro)/Crush/City Of Mutants/+2 €3.10
LOADED (DERANGED) No Way/She Can't Find It/All Right With Me €3.10
LONELY TRAILER (MUD) It Might Last A Day/Scrap/Rice Barn Rat Trap/+ 2 €3.10
LONGJAW (REPULSION) The Tatooed Men/Mean/Hard As nails € 3.10
LOOSE STOOLS (HAPPY HOUR) My Beer, My Bike, My Buddies&Beer Junkie €3.10
LOS CACAHUETES (SHOT DOWN) Wild Women/Los Cacahuetes € 3.10
LOTUS EATERS (HARRIET) Falling/Fishing Boat €3.10
LOUD (CAMPARY) Don't Laugh At Me/Don't Try To Tell/Secret €3.10
LOUDHOUSE (CAROLINE) Faith Farm/ Shy Animals €3.10
LOUDMOUTHS (702) Spit It Out/Fingered/Room For one €4.85
LOVE & PEACE GROUP (FUTUREMUSIC) Lay Your Money Down/Things Ain't Bin The Same/+1 €3.10
LOVE GUTTER (BLACK HOLE) Until We Meet Again/Leave Me Alone/& 2 more €3.10
LOVEBLOBS (BIG MONEY) Cylinderhead/Peanuts €3.10
LOW MEATO (VITAL) Dopey Love/Young & Dumb €3.10
LOW ROCKS (GET HIP) Blueberry Jam/Midnight Tears €4.60
LUCKY (SKENE) The Truth/Iron Lung €3.10
LUCKY PIERRE (UPRISING) Absinthe/Grey €3.10
LUCKY STIFF (NONSTOP) Telephone To Nowhere/Fall Down €3.10
LUNE (CINDER BLOCK) The Traveller/Giving Up €3.10
LUNG (SCRATCH) Mother/Consume €3.10
LUPO (TIGER EPOXY) Wreckin Ball/Drive A Little Slower/Tube Top/Camille's Song €3.10

MAD SCENE (HOMESTEAD) People To Talk To/Paper Plane €3.10
MAGIC BONE (WORRYBIRD) Faraway/Couples Night/& 1 €3.10
MAJESTIC'S (CHEX) Gwendolyn/Lonely Heart repro-no sleeve €4.90
MALIGNOUS YOUTH (YOUTH INK) Malignous Youth/Go Ahead/Again/Power Trip/+ 4 €3.10
MAMA TICK (AM REP) Breathe Out/Hatefest picture disc series €3.10
MAMA TICK (BOVINE) Torture/Lode €3.10
MAN DINGO (DR STRANGE) Closet Bully/My Stereo Box €3.10
MANHANDLE (NONSTOP) Overtime/Swim €3.10
MANHOLE (DIRECT HIT) Final Blow/Dismantle Me/Mouthful €3.10
MANSON YOUTH (DR STRANGE) Saw Tomorrow/Need God/Karen/Eye For An Eye/& 1 €3.10
MARZIPAN (ECHONET) I Believe/Last Train To The Sun €3.10
MASS (NO BLOW) Pulling/Thinking About You €3.10
McTELLS (FOUR LETTER WORD) Derek/Alice €3.10
McTELLS (K) Clean/It's Happening (Again) €3.10
MEANIES (SUBWAY) 10% Weird/ Hollywood Dreamin/Family Dreamin +1 €3.10
MECCA NORMAL (HARRIET) How Many Now/Horse Heaven Hills €3.10
MECCA NORMAL (JETTISON) Echo/Jan Of Sparks €3.10
MECCA NORMAL (K) Armchairs Fit/This Is Different/Accidently €3.10
MECCA NORMAL (K) Forlorn/He Didn't Say €3.10
MECCA NORMAL (K) Rose/days €3.10
MECCA NORMAL (MATADOR) The Bird That Wouldn't Fly/Breathing In The Dark €3.10
MECCA NORMAL (UP!) Follow Down/It's Important €3.10
MEDELICIOUS (LUCKY) Miss N/Hands €3.10
MEDFIELD,MA (X-MIST) The Different Ones/Fall €3.10
MEICES (EMPTY) Don't Let The Soap Run Out/We're Freezing/Back In Your... €3.10
MEKONS (LOW NOISE) Untitled 1/Intitled 2 €3.10
MENACE DEMENT (LUNGCAST) Nanna/Small Town €3.10
MERCURY 4° (no Label) Crawl/Earthquake 99/Operation 666 €4.35
MERCURY PLAYERS (BOVINE) Hollywood Or Bust/Art Rock Takes A Holiday €3.10
MICE (THIRD GEAR) One Bullet Don't Miss/Mother confusion €3.10
MICKEY FINN (BIG MONEY) Impact Driver/Forehead €3.10
MICKEY FINN (NOISEBURGER) God Bless The Child/Ain't Necessarily So €3.10
MIGHTY MOFOS (TREEHOUSE) Mindreader/Screw/Afterglow €3.10
MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS (BAG OF HAMMERS) Feat.Tommy Jay: Heroes/And Idols €3.10
MILK (SPANISH FLY) Desperation And Not Having/Lollipop/Boozy/... €3.10
MIND SIRENS (JETTISON) Head-Stomach Highway/Blue Chair/New Jack Song/+1 €3.10
MIRROR DASH (ECSTATIC PEACE) Electric Pen/Gum Thursten & Kim of S. Youth €3.10
MISS UNIVERSE (RISE RECORDS) When The Well Runs Dry/+1 € 3.10
MISTAKES (PIN UP) Stand In Line/Out Of Time/All Over This Land €3.10
MOLD (NO LABEL) Weather/Spill My Cup/Spend €3.10
MOLLY MCGUIRE (CAULFIED) The Smile/King Me Pile Of Heads €3.10
MOMMY HEADS (HAIRY&SIMPLE) The World is round/Remedy €3.10
MONK HOUSE (DAMAGED GOODS) Tune In/Shifter/Choo Choo €3.10
MONKEY 101 (PAPA PAPOV) Transistor/Kentucky Woman/Method Of My Machinery/+ 1 €3.10
MOODY JACKSON (BURNT SIENNA) Gina Playdoh/Bus Stop Girl/She's Tight €3.10
MORNING CHAMP (PIECE OF MIND) Real Shallow/Slippage €3.10
MORNING GLORIES (ZEV) Smile /easy €3.10
MOTHER (MUD) Southern Bells/Sweet & Loaded €3.10
MOTHER MAY I (DAT*KORD) Birthday Wish/In A Box €3.10
MOTHERFIST (FEARLESS) All The Lessons: 4-song EP €3.10
MOTHERLOAD (EMPTY) Another Problem/My Sister/Jaded Lub Song/Liquor Store €3.10
MOTOR VIRUS (OVER & OUT) Trippin Corpses/My Brains € 3.10
MOTOROLLA (BLAST-O-SPLATTER) Congradulations/Broken Eyes €3.10
MOUSE BLASTERS (UNIQUE) Strange Reaction +1/A Few Drops Of Something €3.10
MOUSETRAP (ONE HOUR) Wired/Train €3.10
MR. SUAVE (VENDETTA) You Can Call Me Mr. Suave/Timebomb/You Can't Keep.../+1 €3.10
MUDDY FRANKENSTEIN (BAYLOR) Shake At Sodom/Mantra Jet € 3.10
MUDWIMMEN (IMP) Wild Bill/R U Sleeping/Jizm Skiz €3.10
MUSKELLUNGE (OXO) Determined/Happy €3.10
MUZZA CHUNKA (BONG LOAD) Loaded/Open House €3.10
MY LIFE IN RAIN (50% RECORDS) Handcuff/Expendable/Lost € 3.10
MY WHITE BREAD MOM (ANYWAY) Feeding frenzy/L.A. Is Toastchee €3.10

NAPALM SUNDAY (NO LABEL) Subtle Infidelity/She Believes €3.10
NATIONAL DRAG (HAGGIS) Never Been In Love/Tonite €3.10
NECK DEEP (STATIC) Cross Fire/Columbus Day €3.10
NEEDLES (STOMACHMOUTH) California Part 1 / California Part 2 €3.10
NEEDS (WEED) The Nigger/Sad Hours €3.10
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH (VINYL COM) Hawking Bullshit/Want To Be Lied To/Gloria/Urban Fashion.. €3.10
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH (VINYL COM) Politics/Sports Fan/Man On My Street €3.10
NEVER ALONE (GIFT OF LIFE) Seasons/Catch me/Hidden € 3.10
NEW MIND (HEADHUNTER) The Chris Wilson Song/Closet Baby €3.10
NEW WAVE HOOKERS (ESTRUS) Crystal Bullet/Devil Made Me Do It €5.10
NICHOLAS FREIGHT (RED CIRCUS) Setting Suns/Flowers €3.10
NIXON FLAT (SONIC RECOLLECTION) Whistling Dixie/92,3/Destroy Nation €3.10
NIXON NOW (Fanboy) U.C.P.; In A Loop €4.10
NIXONS HEAD (Junk) The New World Order/What We Lack €3.10
NO BOIS Problems/Don't Ask/Wrong+3 €3.10
NO CONSENT (NAKED AGRESSION) Generation Of Today/Society Rules +2 €3.10
NO FUTURE? (ONE WAY) Where Do We Go/Last Words/Children +2 €3.10
NO WIN SITUATION (NAWPOST) Lee Harvey/Waiting In Line/Trimmer+4 €3.10
NOISEXT (PCP) Headcrusher/Welcome To My Head/Broken/Harmonic Disaster €3.10
NORTHERN BUSHMEN (POP BUS) Neat Neat Neat/Biggest Player €3.10
NOTHING COOL (CLEARVIEW) For You/Paul's A Sissy/Indulgence €3.10
NUISANCE (KIRBDOG) Terminal Fuckuo/King Rat/Sungod €3.10
NUMB TONGUES (TRASH CITY) Favor/8Ball/Another Day/Get Me €3.85

OLD MAN (TOP DRAWER) Middle Ground /Lace €3.10
OLIVELAWN (INST-NOISE) Instant Punk Rock Song../Mom's farm/+1 €3.10
OLSEN (NASTY VINYL) Brutality/Help Myself/Nitemare Family/Boring/& 2 €3.10
ONE MAN RUNNING (KIRBDOG) Here By The Shore/Algebra/WindfallCome Lately/Trustfund/&1 €3.10
ONE TON (PUNK IN MY VITAMINS) Autopilot/Chris The Superconductor/Ghost Dog Zero +2 €3.10
ORANGE DRIVER (POWER TRASH) Walk Home Alone/The Driver/Rio Rita €3.10
OS MARUKA (SUBTERFUDGE) Hot Stuff/Laura Palmer/Hurt Me/My Own Way Of Life €3.10
OSWALD FIVE O (UP) Blue TV/10 Days Off €3.10
OSWALD FIVE-O (IMP) Eraser/Felony Flats €3.10
OTHER ASSHOLES (SKULLBITE) Biltaco/2 Stroke Joke €3.10
OTIS (SOUTH EAST) S-Man/Potato Bud €3.10
OUKE BAAS (QUALITY OF LIFE) Chainsaw Nazi/You're An Ashtray €3.10
OUR AMERICAN COUSINS (PARASOL) One Wish Too Many/Brand New God/& 1 €3.10
OUT OF REACH (ASCENSION) The Last Word +2/Count On Punishment +2 €3.10
OUTSIDERS (BEAT CRAZY) Talk To Me/Lying All The Time/If You Don't Treat Me..+1 (60s Dutch R&B) €5.60