Artist Various
Album When A Man Cries - The Deep Soul Of Scepter/Wand And Musicor/Dynamo
Format CD
Label Kent
Release date 1999

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The Deep Soul Of Scepter/Wand And Musicor/Dynamo


1 When A Man Cries
2 I'm Down To My Last Heartbreak
3 How Can I Forget
4 You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Love Her
5 Satisfy My Hunger
6 Crying Man
7 Let's Face Facts
8 Mr And Mrs Untrue
9 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
10 Don't Stop Loving Me This Time
11 Loser Again
12 How Long Must This Fool Pay
13 It Hurts So Good
14 Let A Broken Heart Come In
15 The Story Of Mr Pitiful
16 Let's Do It Over
17 Sweet Lovin' Woman
18 I'm Really Thankful
19 I'm Wonderin'
20 The Complete Man
21 He's The Kind Of Guy
22 What Can I Call My Own
23 You And You Alone
24 You're Gonna Reap Just What You Sow
25 Falling In Love Again Aka Love Makes Good Things Unwise
26 Somebody Will
27 Every Man Needs A Woman