WEIRDOS "Destroy All Music" LP

Artist The Weirdos
Album Destroy All Music
Format LP
Label Bomp
Release date 2007

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"Destroy All Music" is the 30th Anniversary release of their 1977 first single recorded for Bomp. It compiles the now classic EP ("Destroy All Music" b/w "A Life Of Crime," "Why Do You Exist?") and the 1979 "Who, What, When, Where, Why?" mini-LP in its entirety. Also included is their previously unreleased first demo.


A1 Teenage 2:40
A2 Destroy All Music 1:41
A3 A Life Of Crime 2:23
A4 Why Do You Exist? 1:57
Destroy All Music EP
A5 Destroy All Music 1:40
A6 A Life Of Crime 2:20
A7 Why Do You Exist? 1:36
Who? What? When? Where? Why?
B1 Happy People 2:33
B2 Big Shot 4:15
B3 Jungle Rock 3:17
B4 Hit Man 2:15
B5 Idle Life 3:50
B6 Fort U.S.A. 3:13
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