WAILIN' WILCAT cd (Buffalo Bop)

Artist V.A.
Format CD
Label Buffalo Bop
Erscheinungsdatum 1999

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30 songs of 50s rockabilly


1 Blue Jay BLEDSOE, Steve
2 Billy Cannon CHEVALIER, Jay
3 Little Bo Pete MILLER, Buddy
5 Honey Doll HARD, Randy
6 Rock With Me Baby BARRY & THE DEANS
7 I'm Packin' DEV-ROE, Billy
8 Who Doed It LYN, Ronnie
9 I Got Me A Woman MILLER, Buddy
10 She's The One That's Got It PAGE, Allen
11 Hootchey Cootchey LONG, Curtis
12 Stay True Baby LEE, Dickey
13 Burning Eyes LYN, Ronnie
14 3 Miles South Of Town BUTLER, Bob
15 Tiger Lil BAILEY, Jack
16 Going Steady Ring JAY, Tommy
17 Guitar Man's Struggle SCRAPPER PRUTT'S FALCONS
18 Hot Guitars ANDERSON, Keith
19 Koosey Coo LONG, Curtis
20 I Want To Walk With You LITTLE, Paul
21 Come Along Baby ASTRONAUTS
22 Rock And Roll Irene MILLER, Buddy
23 Walkin' Wildcat LITTLE MAN HENRY
24 Butter Ball TARO, Frank
25 Change Your Love GIBSON, Curley
26 Little Girl BODAFORD, Bill
27 Cool Steppin' Baby BLEDSOE, Steve
28 Rockin' Roll Angel CHEVALIER, Jay
29 He's A Wild Old Man LITTLE MAN HENRY
30 Bunny Bop BARNETT, Buddy