THEM "Belfast Gypsies" Double LP

Artist Them
Album Belfast Gypsies
Format LP
Label Munster Records
Release date 2022

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The other THEM! In 1966, Hollywood denizen Kim Fowley came to London where a chance encounter with ragged fugitives from the group Them led to an explosive collaboration. Sparks flew in the studio as howling Gloria/Mystic Eyes R&B collided with the freakout sounds of the Sunset Strip, resulting in the volatile records now pulsating ominously in your hand. Here are the complete works of the Belfast Gypsies, the world's most dangerous punk R&B band, including rare mixes and demos. Known as 'The Other Them' or as the 'Belfast Gypsies', or simply as 'Them' outside of the UK -w here Van Morrison's group was granted in court to use that name,- this bunch of Irish rockers (some of them former members of the real Them) briefly became the world's most dangerous punk R&B band following a chance encounter with Kim Fowley. Sparks flew in the studio as howling Gloria/Mystic Eyes R&B collided with the freakout sounds of the Sunset Strip. Kim pushed hard to make the sound even rawer than it already was and, in a matter of months, a few releases saw the light of day in different countries -under various names-. 'Gloria's Dream' became a small hit in certain markets including Seattle, Orlando and Detroit. The band headed to Denmark where they could make some much-needed money touring as Them. In Copenhagen they recorded five more songs to complete the album, including 'Portland Town', 'Boom Boom', 'Midnight Train' and a superb version of 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue'. Although Fowley wasn't present for the sessions, his influence can be clearly felt on a new band composition, 'Suicide Song'. By late 1966 it was apparent that the band had run its course, and in early November, after some final shows in Stockholm, they quietly disbanded. Meanwhile, Fowley continued to make deals for their recordings. This double-LP comprises the complete works of the band, including the updated version of 'People! Let's Freak Out' -as released on Island in 1966- with added psychedelic effects (apparently courtesy of Guy Stevens and Robert Wyatt) and a couple of demos recorded at KPS Sound Studio.


A1 Gloria's Dream
A2 The Crazy World Inside Me
A3 Midnight Train
A4 Aria Of The Fallen Angels
A5 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
A6 People Let's Freak Out
B1 Boom Boom
B2 The Last Will And Testament
B3 Portland Town
B4 Hey Gip! (Dig The Slowness)
B5 Suicide Song
B6 Secret Police
C1 Gloria's Dream (Single Mix)
C2 Secret Police (Single Mix)
C3 People! Let's Freak Out (Single Mix)
C4 I Want You
C5 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Early Demo)
D1 Portland Town (French EP Mix)
D2 It's All Over Now (French EP Mix)
D3 Midnight Train (French EP Mix)
D4 The Gorilla (French EP Mix)