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Features Spacemen 3, Suicide in Geneva, Made, Roy Harper and Carol White in downbeat 70's London, Matt Berry, Analogue insomnia as pop music, Pinnacle, Lost Liverpudlian rockers come clean , Nirvana , The orch-pop legends lost album unearthed? United Artists , The hippest British major label of the 70's, Cadet Concept, Funk and soul hits the white album market, Syd Barrett, The wayward genius early years in depth And the Regulars : a.o Shindiggin, Whats hot on the Shindig! turntable, Thoughts & Words, Your letters and emails, Its A Happening Thing , Birds Of Britain, David Holmes, Wolf People, Tim Buckley, The Higher State, Gong, TOY, Happening Right Now, The hottest new bands, 20 Questions.