REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON "Lord You're So Good: Live Recordings, Vol. 2" LP

Artist Reverend Charlie Jackson
Album Lord You're So Good: Live Recordings, Vol. 2
Format LP
Label 50 Miles of Elbow Room
Release date 2012

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“Lord You’re So Good” is the second volume in an ongoing retrospective of Rev. Charlie Jackson (1932-2006), one of the all-time great gospel guitarists. This collection continues to draw from Rev. Jackson’s extensive archive of private recordings that were usually made live-in-the-church on a portable cassette recorder as he traveled throughout Louisiana and Mississippi from ~1970-2000. Whenever there was an opportunity to join in and praise the Lord, Rev. Jackson was eager to be involved. In addition to performing his own songs, he served as a guitar accompanist to a wide range of solo singers, quartets, and bands. He would also sometimes provide a musical background to sermons and testimonies, accenting and punctuating them at key moments. Even when not performing, he could often be found close to the action, shouting encouragement. The church services at which these collaborations often took place offered structured yet impromptu circumstances where Rev. Jackson needed to be prepared to spontaneously follow and respond to vocalists, congregations, and even members of his own groups. When introducing a singer, Rev. Jackson would sometimes note that he didn’t know what song was forthcoming, and occasionally mention afterward that the selection was a complete surprise, one that they hadn’t done before. At the same time, since he was a frequent visitor to many churches in Louisiana and Mississippi, Rev. Jackson also developed a rapport with some singers who had favorite songs that they would revisit at many different services. Regardless of the situation, Rev. Jackson was an enthusiastic, inspiring, supportive collaborator, who gave the same degree of commitment when an accompanist as he did when he was a leader or soloist. Heartfelt praise of God, rather than personal glory, was the goal. And, as his widow Laura Jackson has said, they also had good Holy Ghost times."Lord You're So Good" includes several collaborations with these outstanding and as-yet-unidentified singers, as well as what appears to be a previously unreleased solo studio recording, taken from a tattered, once-unplayable 8-track tape


A1 Stand By Me
A2 Send It On Down
A3 Come Into My Room
A4 Tell Heaven
B1 I Don't Know What You Come To Do
B2 I've Got A Mind To Live For Jesus
B3 Lord You're So Good