RADIO BIRDMAN "Radios Appear" LP (Sire version)

Album Radios Appear
Format LP
Label Citadel
Erscheinungsdatum 2023

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This version of 'Radios Appear' was released after Sire Records signed the band. The original Australian album was 'updated' for overseas release with new versions of some songs, the remixing of others and the addition of new songs. The resulting album is over 50% different from the original Australian (Trafalgar) version and has a completely different white and black cover leading it to be commonly known as the "White Version." Files remastered for vinyl from original tapes and cut onto lacquer at Black Belt Mastering (USA).


A1 What Gives? 2:22
A2 Non-Stop Girls 2:40
A3 Do The Pop 2:30
A4 Man With Golden Helmet 5:37
A5 Descent Into The Maelstrom 4:22
A6 New Race 2:41
B1.a Aloha Steve & Danno 3:57
B1.b Theme From Hawaii Five-0
B2 Anglo Girl Desire 3:04
B3 Murder City Nights 2:22
B4 You're Gonna Miss Me 2:40
B5 Hand Of Law 4:44
B6 Hit Them Again 4:32