Artist The Outsiders
Album Outsiders
Format LP
Label Pseudonym
Release date 2013

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Released at the peak of their popularity in early 1967, The Outsiders' debut-album featured one side of live recordings and one side of studio-tracks. The album finds them playing with a rawness and urgency few groups could ever match on primal but brilliantly conceived tracks like 'Story 16', 'Afraid Of The Dark', 'Filthy Rich' and 'Won't You Listen'. This expanded double-album reissue adds a second disc of rare material, including a previously unreleased studio-session from January 1966, a live concert taped at Paradiso in December 1968, and a remarkable instrumental demo of Strange Things Are Happening. Dynamically re-mastered in the 24-bit domain from the original tapes, and pressed in 180-gram vinyl, 'The Outsiders' comes in a spectacular gatefold sleeve and includes liner-notes by Ugly Things magazine's Mike Stax.


A1 Story 16 (6:30)
A2 Tears Are Falling From My Eyes (3:29)
A3 Ain't Gonna Miss You (1:54)
A4 I Wish I Could (4:01)
A5 Afraid Of The Dark (3:18)
A6 Wally’s Answering Machine (0:16)
B1 Teach Me To Forget You (3:12)
B2 Filthy Rich (2:40)
B3 I Would Love You (2:47)
B4 Don't You Cry (2:21)
B5 Won't You Listen (2:49)
B6 If You Don't Treat Me Right (2:10)
B7 Strange Things Are Happening (Demo) (2:22)
C1 Lying All The Time (Take 1) (3:24)
C2 Lying All The Time (Take 2) (3:53)
C3 If You Don't Treat Me Right (Take 1) (2:40)
C4 If You Don't Treat Me Right (Take 2) (3:17)
C5 Talk To Me (Take 1) (2:56)
C6 Talk To Me (Take 2) (2:55)
C7 I Want To Know (Take 1) (2:25)
D1 Do You Feel Alright (Live) (3:21)
D2 Daddy Died On Saturday (Live) (3:19)
D3 I Love You No.2 (Live) (3:29)
D4 Misfit (Live) (3:16)
D5 Happyville (Live) (2:27)
D6 Prison Song (Live) (5:38)