NOMADS "Showdown (1981-1993)" triple LP

Album Showdown (1981-1993)
Format LP
Label Bang
Release date 2018

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Second pressing. Triple LP reissue of the 1994 CD-only compilation of Singles and Rarities.


A-1 The Way (You Touch My Hand) 3:17
A-2 I'm 5 Years Ahead Of My Time 2:30
A-3 Lowdown Shakin' Chills 3:37
A-4 Milkcow Blues 4:15
A-5 Rat Fink A Boo-Boo 1:34
A-6 Real Cone Lover 2:22
A-7 Where The Wolf Bane Blooms 2:16
B-1 Bangkok 2:39
B-2 Don't Tread On Me 3:22
B-3 She Pays The Rent 2:01
B-4 Forever 3:27
B-5 Call Off Your Dogs 2:45
B-6 Knowledge Comes With Death's Release 2:45
B-7 Surfin' In The Bars 2:54
C-1 Temptation Pays Double 2:24
C-2 Swamp Gal 4:30
C-3 Fire And Brimstone 5:05
C-4 Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls 3:20
C-5 My Deadly Game 4:21
C-6 Wimp 2:55
D-1 Psycho 2:30
D-2 Night Time 3:34
D-3 Boss Hoss 2:09
D-4 Rockin' All Through The Night 1:47
D-5 Have Love Will Travel 2:40
D-6 Showdow 2:18
D-7 Real Cool Time 5:13
E-1 Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 2:30
E-2 I'M A Ding Daddy 1:56
E-3 Teenage Letter 2:40
E-4 Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache 3:10
E-5 Driving Sideways On A Oneway Steet 2:00
E-6 You're Gonna Miss Me 3:35
E-7 Stranded On A Dateless Night 2:25
E-8 Big Sandy 1:28
F-1 This Ain't The Summer Of Love 2:16
F-2 Frying Pan 2:31
F-3 Salvation By Damnation 3:05
F-4 The Next Big Thing 4:13
F-5 I Have Always Been Here Before 3:52
F-6 Cinderella 2:46
F-7 Motorhead 2:20