NILS DAMAGE "Hotzenplotz" LP

Artist Nils Damage
Album Hotzenplotz
Format LP
Label Head Perfume
Release date 2022

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13 tracks of different bands Nils Damage, who sadly passed away in Dec. 2019, was invoved in. Limited to 300 copies and on 180g vinyl. Comes with gatefold sleeve, 16-page booklet with linernotes and a downloadcode.


A1 Interstellar Nightmare– Death on December IIth 2019 1:06
A2 Superhelicopter– Dance or Die 2:35
A3 Superhelicopter– Jeaar! 2:07
A4 Superhelicopter– C.O.B.O.L.D.T. 2:11
A5 The Spamchords– Machine 0:39
A6 The Spamchords– All Just I Wanna 0:55
A7 Preskool Dropouts (2)– Little Baby 2:17
A8 Joe Le Balor– Higher 2:28
A9 Kalotte– Black Renitition 1:30
A10 Superhelicopter Ltd.– Knockin on my Head 2:20
A11 Superhelicopter Ltd.– Plastic Noggers 2:30
A12 Superhelicopter Ltd.– Shuffle Pussy 1:07
B1 Superhelicopter Ltd.– Ab jetzt wird geflutet 2:38
B2 Joe Le Balor– Fuck you back 0:50
B3 The Damnation Kids– I Want You Back 1:57
B4 The Damnation Kids– Human Fly 3:09
B5 Joe Le Balor– Mind Machine 1:57
B6 The Gothiefs– One Way, No Way 2:10
B7 The Gothiefs– Suicide Rock and Roll 1:47
B8 The Gothiefs– Moving Your Head 1:15
B9 The Gothiefs– Drop Me Back To Death 1:22
B10 Nils Damage– Hotzenplotz 0:40
B11 Superhelicopter Ltd.– Die Liebesgeschichte 3:42