MESSER CHUPS "Visiting The Skeleton In The Closet" LP

Artist Messer Chups
Album Visiting The Skeleton In The Closet
Format LP
Label Trash Wax
Release date 2022

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The very latest offering from the Messer Chups! 13 tracks on limited (as usual) black vinyl.


Pink Pantheratu 3:12
UFOnica 2:58
Intox-tika 2:21
Caravan from Mars 2:15
Nautilus 2:35
Boomada 1:55
Mad Monster Party 2:37
Point Conception'63 3:04
Bumble Boogie 1:45
Zombienuelle 2:29
Batman Taboo 2:36
Carioca 2:09
The World We Knew 3:48
Dracula Hates Killer Icicles 2:28