Artist Various
Album Mad Mike Monsters Volume 3 - A Tribute To Mad Mike Metrovich
Format LP
Label Norton
Release date 2008

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CRAZED 50s & 60s SLOP - Instros, r&b, doo-wop, wee bit of rockabilly, ETC - All the CRAZY oddball 45s made immortal by genius Pittsburgh r&r DJ MAD MIKE METROVICH! The LINERS will have you tied up for a week alone! BEAUTIFUL packaging, chock fulla label scans, photos, etc! A MUST!!!


A1 –Johnny Otis Johnny Otis Spot #2
A2 –Blonde Bomber* Strollie Bun
A3 –Premieres* Firewater
A4 –Ban-Lons I Like It
A5 –Hong Kongs* Surfin' In The China Sea
A6 –Delcos* Arabia
A7 –Wild Child Gipson Uncle John
A8 –Avalons (2) Malanese
A9 –Mad Mike And The Maniacs The Hunch
B1 –Baby Huey And The Babysitters* Monkey Man
B2 –Motivations* The Birds
B3 –Duvals Cotton
B4 –J.J. Jackson* & The Jackals (2) Oo-Ma-Liddi
B5 –Marino Choice Cherry Juice
B6 –Ervin Rucker Done Done The Stop
B7 –Youngsters* Zebra
B8 –Big Syl Barnes Come On Back