HEADCOATS "The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand" LP

Artist Thee Headcoats
Album The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand
Format LP
Label Damaged Goods
Release date 2016

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Reissue with new redacted artwork ("Verboten") and is available on a random choice of red or clear vinyl. Recorded in March 1997 it features a re-recording of their classic single 'We Hate the Fucking NME" as well as fan favourites 'Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot' and 'Organic Footprints'. "We recorded this LP live, off the cuff. Most of the song lyrics I sketched out the night before and then made up the tunes on the spot. We used 2 mic's - one for bass and drums (set up between the two) and one for voice and guitar. (both through a Selmar 15 amp). We used the old Revox G-36 1/2 track machine that we inherited off of Tony Pink, local jazz player in 1977. I've always had soft spot for this LP as it embodies my first idea of what a punk rock group would be." - Billy Childish


1. The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand
2. A Beauty Of Love That Splits The Body in Two
3. We Hate The Fucking NME
4. Organic Footprints
5. I Suppose I'm A Poseur
6. Blood Piss and Sperm
7. Where Are The Children That Hitler Kissed?
8. I Wouldn't Want To Be You
9. Good Morning Little Snob
10. I've Been Fucking Your Daughters And Pissing On Your Lawn
11. I Wanna Stop This World
12. Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot