Artist V.A.
Format CD
Label Kumquat May
Release date 2005

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30 tracks by Dick St. John/City Zu/ Infinitives/Shaprels/Gestures/Group Limited/Chaz & The Classics/ Chosen Few Of St. Michaels/Yo Yo´s/Outer Limits/TimeTakers/Pentagons/Sands Of Time and lots more


1 You Know What I Mean
2 Am I On Your Mind
3 She'll Know How
4 I Can Take It
5 Heidi
6 Don't Bug Me
7 Get In On Life
8 Love Didn't Die
9 Red Light
10 About The Girl I Love
11 Point Of View
12 I Like Girls
13 At Least I'll Try
14 Because You're Gone
15 Walkin' Away
16 Doctor Hunger
17 The Day That She'll Go
18 You're Gonna Make Me
19 The Raven
20 I'll Find Another
21 Girl Of The 13th Hour
22 Never Feel The Pain
23 Beware Of Birds
24 A Fool For Your Lies (Alternate Take)
25 Cry Is All I Do
26 Run Run Run (Demo Version)
27 Please Forget Her
28 As Time Goes By
29 Gotta Hold On
30 My Last Impression