FOOL'S PARADISE FAVORITES - '50s & '60s Bop Slop & Schlock LP+7"

Artist Various
Album Fool's Paradise Favorites
Format LP
Label Jazzman
Release date 2018

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Compilation of tracks from Rex Doane, host of WFMU's 'Fool's Paradise' radio show. Gatefold LP with extra special chicken-themed bonus 45 single.


A1 –Premiers Shawnee 2:28
A2 –Al Katraz Charlie & The Bank Job 2:02
A3 –Jules Blattner 500 Pound Canary 2:15
A4 –The Flock Rocker Chinese Rock & Roll 1:36
A5 –Bob Strauss Nameless 2:23
A6 –Hurricane Harry Last Meal 2:16
A7 –Glenn Willings Me Tarzan You Jane 2:31
A8 –Dick Summer The Goatee's Gotta Go 1:50
A9 –The Bobby Borda Five Mad 3:35
A10 –Unknown Artist And Now A Word From Our Sponsor 1:06
B1 –The Renaults Rockin' With Joe 2:51
B2 –Wee Willie & The Soulettes Pulp Wood Charley 1:53
B3 –Billy Duke & The Dukes Roland 2:40
B4 –The Orbits Knock Her Down 3:00
B5 –Dan Kubiak Finding You 2:03
B6 –King Sid Unh Uh Baby 1:36
B7 –Arnie Ginsburg Pal Mal Rock 2:26
B8 –Sidney & The Chimps Blah 2:03
B9 –The Stringbeans Stop Your Cryin' 2:15
B10 –Unknown Artist And Now A Word From Our Sponsor 1:34
Bonus 7" Single
A –The Leopards Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie 2:07
B –Abel & The Starliners Combo Chicken Hop Twist 3:19