EIGHTEEN WHEELERS - Twisted Tales from the Truck Stops - Gatefold LP

Artist Various Artists
Format LP
Label Be! Sharp
Erscheinungsdatum 2018

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German pressing of this 2016 LP compiled by Mark Lee Allen. Cool artwork by Olaf Jens and liner notes by Mack Stevens & Avery Powell . Limited to 500 copies.

Gathered here are some of the toughest cuts from the trucking genre, originally from the '60s and early-mid '70s. These tracks were taken from small label 45s cut by blue collar men who drove an 18 wheeler by day and picked up a guitar on the weekend to tell stories of highway mayhem, double clutchin', gear bustin' and coffee drinking.


1. Bill Woods - Truck Driving Man 2. Billy Deaton - Six Cents A Mile 3. Benny Barnes - Diesel Smoke 4. Harold Crosby - Big Big Truck 5. Gene Satterfield - Double Clutchin' Man 6. Truman Langford - Freight Liner Fever 7. Stan Farlow - Hot Wheels 8. Sir Calvin Coolidge - Big Diesel Man 9. Terry Fell - Coffee Jim, The Trucker
1. Lloyd Howell - Truck Driving "Jack" 2. Ray Salter - Truck Driver's Dream 3. Claude Allen - Big Wheels 4. Autry Inman - Big Sam 5. Lonnie Irving - Trucker's Vitus 6. Bobby Edison - Truck Driver's Life 7. Red Simpson - I'm A Truck 8. Bobby Braddock - Gear Bustin' Sort Of Feller 9. Dick Mosely - Truck Stop Number Three