Artist The Dirtbombs
Album If You Don't Already Have A Look
Format CD
Label In The Red
Release date 2005

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52 tracks collecting the Dirtbombs 45s and compilation tracks- including eight brand new songs and several previously unreleased older recordings, all re-mastered. Disc One features the originals, Disc Two the covers. Lots of stuff is great and essential (i.e. the extremely rare Solid Sexie Lovie Doll 45, or the "Theme From The Dirtbombs" and many more) and some stuff isn’t. All in all it is a must have if you weren’t that crazy to collect everything they released. Just be prepared to skip some songs.. Comes with a 24 page booklet.


1.01 Theme From The Dirtbombs
1.02 The Sharpest Claws
1.03 Stuck Under My Shoe
1.04 I'm Saving Myself For Nichelle Nichols (No. 3)
1.05 Here Comes That Sound Again
1.06 High Octane Salvation
1.07 Cedar Point '76
1.08 Little Miss Chocolate Syrup
1.09 Headlights On
1.10 Never Licking You Again
1.11 Don't Bogue My High
1.12 Encrypted
1.13 (I'm Not Your) Scratchin' Post
1.14 Broke In Detroit (Again)
1.15 Merit
1.16 Trainwreck
1.17 Infra-Red
1.18 Jolene
1.19 Candyass
1.20 Pray For Pills
1.21 All My Friends
1.22 She Played Me Like A Booger
1.23 They Hate Us In Scandanavia
1.24 They Saved Einstein's Brain
1.25 Correspondence
1.26 Tina Louise
1.27 Brucia I Cavit
1.28 Words That Hurt
1.29 My Last Christmas
2.01 Possession
2.02 Maybe Your Baby
2.03 Brand New Game
2.04 I'll Be In Trouble
2.05 Lupita Screams
2.06 By My Side
2.07 No Expectations
2.08 I Feel Good
2.09 Natural Man
2.10 Noise In This World
2.11 Kiss Kiss Kiss
2.12 Refried Dreams
2.13 Insecure, Me?
2.14 Mystified
2.15 My Love For You
2.16 You Don't Mean It
2.17 I Want Need Love You
2.18 Ha Ha Ha
2.19 Tanzen Gehn
2.20 Crash Down Day
2.21 Lost Love
2.22 What You've Got
2.23 I Started A Joke