Artist Charlie Feathers
Album Jungle Fever
Format LP
Label Kay
Release date No

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Essential 20-song compilation of Charlie's genius 50s rockers plus some cool stuff from late-60s/mid-70s.


A1 Tongue-Tied Jill (1:55)
A2 Get With It (1:55)
A3 Bottle To The Baby (2:24)
A4 One Hand Loose (2:18)
A5 Nobody's Woman (2:12)
A6 Can't Hardly Stand (2:52)
A7 Everybody's Lovin' My Baby (2:06)
A8 Too Much Alike (2:10)
A9 When You Come Around (2:06)
A10 When You Decide (2:24)
B1 Jungle Fever (2:26)
B2 Why Don't You (2:24)
B3 Wild Wild Party (2:25)
B4 Today And Tomorrow (2:30)
B5 Stutterin' Cindy (2:19)
B6 Tear It Up (2:38)
B7 Uh Huh Honey (2:48)
B8 That Certain Female (2:90)
B9 She Set Me Free (3:12)
B10 A Wedding Gown Of White (2:42)