Bootboy Discotheque (14 Bovver Rock Bruisers) LP

Artist V.A.
Album Bootboy Discotheque
Format LP
Label You Better Run
Erscheinungsdatum 2021

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A1 Bill Case – I'm Your Hero
A2 32nd. Turnoff – Used To Be a Tiger
A3 Boots – You Better Run
A4 Leather Head – Gimme Your Money Please
A5 Big T.– Tea For Two
A6 Phil Canning – Sell Out
A7 Things Fall Apart– Bye Bye My Rose
B1 Redhead – We Ran And We Ran
B2 Giggles – Just Another Saturday Night
B3 Westland Steamboat – Born Under A Bad Sign
B4 Brother Susan – Flash
B5 Scruff – Get Out Of My Way
B6 π r – Jerk Rhythm
B7 The Knuckle Dusters– The Yob