BO DIDDLEY "Bo Diddley Is A... Lover" 180 gram LP (Mono)

Album Bo Diddley Is A... Lover
Format LP
Label Sundazed
Erscheinungsdatum 2014

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Sundazed reissue of this utter classic 1961 album. 180 gram audiophile pressing from the original Chess/Checker masters in glorious mono and faithful reproduction of the original artwork.


A1 Not Guilty 2:08
A2 Hong Kong, Mississippi 2:55
A3 You're Looking Good 2:18
A4 Bo's Vacation 2:45
A5 Congo 2:30
A6 Bo's Blues 2:32
B1 Bo Diddley Is A Lover 2:29
B2 Aztec 2:22
B3 Back Home 2:25
B4 Bo Diddley Is Loose 2:57
B5 Love Is A Secret 3:00
B6 Quick Draw 1:50