BAD MOJOS "Songs That Make You Wanna Die" LP

Artist Bad Mojos
Album Songs That Make You Wanna Die
Format LP
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Release date 2022

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"Garbage Punk From Bern Switzerland three Anti-chord chainsaw punk rockers that makes you wanna kick your boss in the balls and piss on a cop car" - LP with download code.


1. Crash & Burn 
2. Weekend Warrior 
3. H Bomb 
4. Cold Blooded Murder 
5. Nazi Hunt 
6. Autobahn 
7. Beatin' On The Bars 
8. I Wanna Be Rejected 
9. Money 
10. Alien Suicide 
11. Protect & Surf 
12. Get Outta The Way 
13. I'm A Sinner 
14. Problem Child 
15. Self-Destruct 
16. Scum 
17. Summer Of Hate