BACK FROM THE CANIGO - Garage Punks Vs Freakbeat Mods Perpignan 1989-1999 DoLP

Artist Various Artists
Format LP
Label Staubgold
Release date 2020

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A compilation of bands that started the big and very active Perpignan scene. A double LP with 33 tracks, many released for the first time.


A1. Les Gardiens Du Canigou - Sweet Crying Baby
A2. Les Gardiens Du Canigou - Cooking Time With The Devil
A3. Les Gardiens Du Canigou - Landing-Ship-Dream
A4. The Beach Bitches - Surfin' Butcher
A5. The Beach Bitches - Walking In The Jungle
A6. The Beach Bitches - Transylvania Train
A7. The Beach Bitches - Crank
A8. Uguet 68 - I Wanna Go
A9. Uguet 68 - I Saw The Astromen
B1. The Ugly Things - Instrumental
B2. The Ugly Things - Baby I Don't Wanna Drive
B3. The Feedback - Teenage Cavemen
B4. The Feedback - She' So Fine
B5. The Feedback - Come With Me
B6. Les Buissons - Buissons Theme I
B7. Les Buissons - As I Look
B8. The LIKYDS - From 42 To 66
C1. The Vox Men - Midnight Trouble
C2. The Vox Men - Surf
C3. The Toxic Farmers - (You're The One I) Love
C4. The Toxic Farmers - Rocking Farmer
C5. The Lazy Sundays - Anymore Than I Do
C6. The Lightning Circus Band AND THE BOOM BOOM BEAT - Girl (You Should Come Back)
C7. The Lightning Circus Band AND THE BOOM BOOM BEAT - 16th Mouth
C8. Human Potatoes - Bartolin's Scream
C9. The Rippers - I Want You
C10. Psiquàtric Xaïs - Spectral Fuzz Refractors
D1. Les Gardiens Du Canigou - Gloria (Live Rivesaltes)
D2. The Ugly Things - Gloria (Live Lleida)
D3. The Ugly Things - Wild Man (Live Lleida)
D4. Les Buissons - Le Responsable
D5. The LIKYDS - Marbu Dorada
D6. The Beach Bitches - Night Of Elizabeth