ALLEY CAT cd (Buffalo Bop)

Artist V.A.
Format CD
Label Buffalo Bop
Erscheinungsdatum 1995

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Buffalo Bop 50s rockabilly series. 30 cuts


001 Don't Be Unfair TAYLOR, Bob
002 I Love You Baby STARR, Andy
003 Rock-A-Mo (part 2) ADKINSON, Billy
004 Daddy-O-Rock DANIELS, Jeff
005 Alley Cat BROWN, Walter
006 Rhythm Guitar MILLER, Carl
007 How Much Do You Miss Me MONTGOMERY, Harold
008 My Name Is Jimmy WOLFORD, Jimmy
009 Run Run Mabel CARPENTER, Everett
010 Settle Down FARRAH, Fred
011 Pretty Baby VIBES
012 Sycamore Lane RYAL, Ricky
013 Nervous And Shakin' All Over STRANGE, Tommy
014 Teenage Queen BARRON, Lonnie
015 When I'm Gone SEALS, Wayland
016 You Got The Blues NACE, Johnny
017 Be My Baby JOHNSON, F.D.
018 Foxy Dan DANIELS, Jeff
019 Jelly Roll Rock BROWN, Walter
020 Go Cats Go RHODES, Texas Red
021 I'm Gonna Tell On You FLEMING, George
023 It's A Fad, Ma! DEAN, Bobby
024 I Guess That's Why You're Mine TEEN-BEATS
025 Let Your Hair Down Baby CARPENTER, Everett
026 Country Boy RELYEA'S
027 I Love Her, Right Or Wrong BLANC, Red Le
028 I Got School MILLER, Scott
029 The Shake FLEMING, George
030 Muscle Beach BARKLE, Al