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EDDIE ATWOOD Hot Saki / KEN NORDINE Hot Sake (TTShake -TTS118) If Chuck Rio circa 1957 took his Champs to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, they'd probably find their usual tipple in short supply. No Tequila in sight, so what's the next best thing? Hot Saki of course, and Eddie Atwood's knockabout, Far-Eastern exotica romp would be their soundtrack. 7" 7.90

RAY BARRETTO CHARANGA BAND Barretto Bailar Para (So Far Out) Charanga is the group and pachanga is the dance, and few had a band more adept at playing the rhythms for the dance than Ray Barretto. Featuring all original compositions from the incredible Hector Rivera, Barretto's debut recording as a leader, Barretto Para Bailar was originally released in 1961 on the Riverside label. Though of Puerto Rican descent, and hailing from Spanish Harlem, Barretto is a master of this Cuban style and his full fledged force of nature percussion style is on display here. With the recent increased demand for pachanga rhythms, So Far Out is pleased to bring a highly sought after title back on the market for the first time in 50 years! On 180 gram vinyl. 1. Pachanga Oriental 2. Barretto en la Tumbadora 3. Cumbamba 4. El Paso 5. Linda Mulata. Side B: 1. Oye Heck 2. Los Cueros 3. Pachanga Suavecito 4. Ponte Dura 5. Pachanga para Bailar. LP 16.50

BEAT FROM BADSVILLE Trash Classics From Lux And Ivy's Vinyl Mountain Volume 1 (Stag-O-Lee) Joe Hall & The Corvettes - Bongo Beatin' Beatnik/ Johnny Jay - Sugar Doll/ Hayden Thompson - Blues Blues Blues/ Walter Brown And His Band - Jelly Roll Rock/ The White Caps - Rock'n'Roll Saddles/ Gene Maltais - Gang War/ The Versatones - Tight Skirt Tight Sweater/ The Five Blobs - From The Top Of Your Guggle (To The Bottom Of Your Zooch)/ Tic & Toc - Jibba Jab/ Jack Judge - Yea-De-A-Hay/ Kimball Coburn - Boo Be Ah Be/ Playmate - Beep Beep/ Willie Joe And His Unitar - Unitar Rock/ The Noblemen - Dragon Walk/ Noble Watts - Mashed Potatoes/ Jimmy Witter And The Shadows - Aaahhh/ The Dynamos - Manhunt/ The Ebonettes - Wild Man Walk/ Bob Bunny - The Joker/ Gary 'Spider' Webb - The Cave (Part I)/ Kip Tyler - She's My Witch/ The Carnations - Scorpion/ Scottie Stuart - Nightmare/ Bob Luman - The Creep. CD 11.00
BEAT FROM BADSVILLE Trash Classics From Lux & Ivy‘s Vinyl Mountain Vol. 3 (Stag-O-Lee) Third Volume comes in gatefold sleeve. Dave Henderson of Mojo–fame again selected 24 songs and gave each side a theme: Life’s A Scream / Crazy Guys, Food, Prison And A Guide To The Female Persuasion / Welcome To The Jungle / Wild And Wilder Boppin’ Girls. Gatefold Double 10" 19.90

BEAT JAZZ (Pesky Serpent Rec.) Fantastic 20-cut comp of cool 50's jazz, beatnik poetry, wacky weirdness! LP 13.50 / CD 13.50
BEAT JAZZ Volume 2 (Pesky Serpent Rec.) More beat poetry and hip jazz, but not the same league as Volume 1.Featuring Buddy Collette, Amus Moore, Wardell Gray, Babs Gonzalez, Mel Henke, Oscar Moore & a few more. LP 13.50

THE BIG ITCH VOLUME 1 (Mr Manicotti) The first of this twisted trash-rock series! SIDE ONE is all cuts similar/based on the eternal "SURFIN' BIRD/ SIDE TWO, SICK & DUMB STUFF! LP 14.00
THE BIG ITCH VOLUME 2 (Mr Manicotti) Even sicker than Vol 1! A MUST! LP 14.00
THE BIG ITCH VOLUME 4 (Mr Manicotti) UGH! More torture for your "sophisticated" neighbors! LP 14.00
THE BIG ITCH VOLUME 5 (Mr Manicotti) Sick 5th 18-song volume of stupid late-50s to mid-60s trash rock! LP 14.00 (not available right now)
THE BIG ITCH VOLUME 6 (Mr Manicotti) Another slew of ridiculousness!! LP 14.00
BIG ITCH Volume 7 (Mr Manicotti) Wee-hoo! BEST volume yet? Metinks so – tardation that doth rock indeed! 18 cuts of pre-punk garage honk, Las Vegas grinders, slurred "ethnic" jaunts, an INCREDIBLE latin/frat monster (Larry & The Gang!!!), etc! ARGONS Do The Dog/ TOM BROWN Bird Dance Beat/ TITO MAMBO Jungle Farm/ CHUCK GALLEGOS Chili Beans/ H.T. THREE's tribute to MADONNA: "I Fell In Love With That Wart On Your Face"/ JOE BONTY Sad Shape/ STEVE & THE HOLIDAYS Unemployment/ KEN KERR & The IDOLS Haunted House/ UNKNOWN SOULFUL DYNAMO Jack Metnick The Man From Mars/ BARRY RAYE Twilight Zone/ LARRY & THE GANG Theme Song/ CENTURY FIVE La Moomba Kasa Boo Boo Cha Cha Cha/ COUNT DOWN & THE MOONSTERS Hindu On A Honda/ SAL MASI's UNTOUCHABLES Pat's Steaks/ FABULOUS CHECKMATES Safari/ GUY WILLIAMS Autographs & Pictures/ NATURALS The Hook 1965/ RICK KAY & His SHADES OF TODAY You Stink….. gah! LP 14.00
BIG ITCH VOLUME 8 (Mr. Manicotti) The Loyal Order of the Howlin’ Banana convenes once again! Spend some quality time with Radioactive Flip Flop/Hairy Lumpty Bump/Time Machine/Zoola Zooky and many mo’! Can your heart and stomach stand it?!  LP 14.00

BIG MAYBELLE I've Got A Feeling / Ocean Of Tears (Okey) 2 fantastic 1950s mambo r&b sides! repro 7" 6.50

CHARLES BLACKWELL Taboo (TTShake TTS 121) Charles Blackwell's uptempo dance floor targeted rendition of 'Taboo' is a swinging orchestral piece with a very big sound indeed. The song was originally recorded in the '30s by the Lecuona Cuban Boys, and 'Tabu' or 'Taboo' quickly became a staple of exotic jazz and more in the years that followed. Given possibly a thousand interpretations, on the flip we pick another cool version of the song. This time heavy on the drums and bongos, with the infamous melody played out on a distant organ with accompanying horn stabs. Lifted from an uncredited acetate, this appears on vinyl for the first time ever! repro 7" 7.90

BLOWFLY OLDIES BUT GOODIES (Weird World) THIS is where the utter immature GENI of Blowfly rears its UGLIST head! Blowfly setting filthy lyrics to oldies by Elvis, James Brown, Coasters, Jerry Lee, etc etc! "Suck Around The Clock/Without Your Pussy I Can't Live/All Fucked Up/Blue Balls/Silly Bitch/My Dick First Got Hard/Get A Blow Job/Fuck In Her Behind/10 Commandments Of Sex/Smell You/In The Still/My Sex Life Was Through/You Could Fuck/Gonna Fuck Her/Suck My Dick/So Funky/Only Gets Hard For You/You're A Skinny Bitch/Whole Lotta Fuckin' Going On/Fuck Me/Big Dick Brown". LP 12.30
BLOWFLY Zodiac (Weird World) Utterly genius 1976 alb wherein Blowfly lays down the sexual zodiac! "All You Ho's Chorus/Taurus - The First Time Ever You Sucked My Dick/Gemini -I Know A Place/Leo -Sophisticated Sissy/Cancer -If She Don't Want It/Virgo- Ain't No Head Like My Woman's Head/Pisces -My Bitch" plus 8 more. LP 12.30  CD 14.90
BLOWFLY DISCO (Weird World) HOT early 70s lp! 7 cuts: "Shake Your Ass/What A Difference/Bad Fuck/Suck It/Spread Your Cheeks/Freak Out/Kiss It All Around". LP 12.30
BLOWFLY AT THE MOVIES (Weird World) Blowfly takes on "Superstitious/It's A Family Affair/Backstabbers/Papa Was A Rolling Stone/Shaft/Trouble/Walk On By". LP 12.30   CD 14.90
BLOWFLY BLOWFLY ON TV (Weird World) Blowfly takes on BATMAN, spews the genius XXX -rated SESAME STREET alphabet (L=long dick, J=juicy pussy), a TOM JONES medley, a bent version of "Momma Told Me Not To Come", STEVIE WONDER's "Signed Sealed Delivered", MARLBORO, COKE/PEPSI commercials. 8 cuts. LP 12.30   CD 14.90
BLOWFLY BUTTERFLY (Weird World) FILTHY set of Blowfly & Butterfly broadcasting "live" from radio WFUCK! "Intro/Rap Dirty/More Cracker Lies/Could Have Been Worse/Suck Train/Easter Bunny/Tarzan/Cracker Kiss My Ass/Beaver Chase/W Fuck/Niggaz Ain't Shit/Juice It Up/Big Game Hunter/Neither One Of Us/Niggaz In A Bar/Integrated Education/Fart Contest/Outro". CD 14.90
BLOWFLY ON TOUR (Weird World) "Let's Do it On The Ground/The Power Of Pussy/The Court Room/Who's The Guy/There's A Whore/I'm Jackin'/Mirror Mirror/Clappy Clappy Me/Agent triple 0 69/Don't Suck me No More/You Would Suck Me/Fuck The Girls/Cream On/We Only Just Begun/Eatin' Pussy" etc. LP 12.30 CD 14.90
BLOWFLY THE WEIRD WORLD OF (Weird World) 16 cuts: "Weird World/My Baby Keeps Farting In My face/Hold On It's Running/Hole Man/The Eating Song/Shitting On The Dock Of The Bay/To-To-To-To (The Fart Song)/I Don't Want No Woman To Give Me Nothing/The Eater/Spermy Night In Georgia/Odd Balls/Baby Let Me Do It To You/It's A Faggot's World/The Sperm Is Gone". LP 12.30

CALYPSO A-LA-MODE LP plus CD (Penny) Compilation of calypso music from Jamaica, Trinidad and the Bahamas, featuring classics from the 1950s and 60s. SIDE A: 1.Calypso Be - Young Tiger 2. Don't Touch Me Tomato - Josephine Baker 3. Big Bamboo - Lord Creator 4. Love In The Cemetery - Lord Kitchener 5. Calypso Be Bop - Lord Flea and His Calypsonians 6. Female Boxer - The Charmer 7. Talking Parrot - Calypsonians, Charlie Binger & Count Lasher 8. Gin And Coconut Water - Blind Blake And The Royal Victoria Hotel Calypsos. SIDE B: 1 What Is This Generation Coming To? - Robert Mitchum 2. Mary Ann - Roaring Lion 3. Jump Up - Eric Rodgers 4. Coconut Woman - Freddie Munnings & His Silver Slipper Orchestra 5. Matilda - Harry Belafonte 6. Dance The Goombay - Charlie Adamson 7. Oh Carolina - Folkes Brothers 8. Under the Mango Tree - Eric Rodgers. LP plus CD 18.90

CARNATIONS Scorpion / Casual (TTSHAKE.108) Two hot and wild instro's pulled together and twinned on this greasy little 45 to set tassels twirling all over the globe! 'Scorpion' is a cool and unique take on the Champs 'Tequila', with a twangy guitar lead gliding and surfing along the driving bass and Cali-Mex percussion lines underneath. Flip it over and 'Casual' gives you a dose of raunchy, sax-led sleaze, low slung and heavy like the mammaries in a Russ Meyer flick! 7" 7.90

CARIBBEAN AUDIO ODYSSEY Volume 1 (Stag-O-Lee) Ten cuts from the 50s, recorded in Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago and Bermuda: Marie Bryant - Don’t Touch Me Tomato/ Lord Kitchener - Muriel And The Bug/ Orchestral Overtures - Me Ting Is Mine/ Duke Of Iron - Big Bamboo/ Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Hoola Hoop Calypso/ Blind Blake - Gin And Coconut Water/ The Charmer - Is She Is, Or Is She Ain’t/ The Talbot Brothers - You Can’t Tell The Old From The Young/ Wilmoth Houdini - Bobby Sox Idol (Frank Sinatra)/ Small Island Pride - Whey You Want To Touch It For. 10" 13.50

CHAINO AFRICANA & BEYOND - CHAINO EXOTICANA (BACCHUS ARCHIVES) GREAT! The wacky music of CHAINO! CRAZY-ass bongo congo 50s overload with LOTS of heavy breathing, girls MOANING - Just play this LOUD on a lonely night and all the girls in the neighborhood will think YOU are the SEX KING!!!! CD 14.00
CHAINO NEW SOUNDS IN ROCK'N'ROLL (Bacchus Archives) Another crazy set of Las Vegas Grind/Jungle Exotica kind of wacko tunes. A few familiar tracks plus some unreleased stuff. CD 14.00

THE CHAMPS Club House / THE RUMBLER Blockade (TT Shakin) This new series of limited run 45s will be focusing on the wild and insalubrious sounds of the late 50s and early 60s - the kind of sleazy backdrop that would prompt all manner of bump and grind at the strip bars and go-go clubs of the era. Some call ’em Tassel Twirlers, around Jazzman & Co they are referred to by the admittedly un-PC tag ‘Titty Shakers’. Like the Jukebox Jam series, each release will feature unique and tailor made label artwork, and all are limited to 500 pressings. The Champs are the genre’s Beatles - their smash hit Mexican themed instro ‘Tequila’ spawned a million covers and rip-offs, many of them some of the very best examples of the sound. ‘Club House’ is one of the best Champs sides, but for some inexplicable reason it never saw an issue on 45rpm. Until now! Coming up a very close second in strip-club dominance to the Champs were the Rumblers, who recorded a host of suitably sleazy instros and early garage sides during the early 60s. Once again, ‘Blockade’, with its rumbling drums and honking horns, was somehow left on the shelf, finally appearing recently on Ace’s Downey label retrospective CD compilation. So it’s with great pleasure and quite some satisfaction that we can finally offer both ‘Blockade’ and ‘Club House’ on this burning hot twin-spin 45rpm for the first time ever… 7" 7.90

CHOP SUEY ROCK VOL. 1 (Sweet & Sour) Crazy comp of dopey 50s & early 60s songs with an ORIENTAL theme! Sleazy stuff ala LAS VEGAS/JUNGLE EXOTICA! 14 cuts LP 12.50 CD 14.00
CHOP SUEY ROCK VOL. 2 (Sweet & Sour) Clazy second volume of "oriental" Lock' n'Loll! 14 cut LP plus 2-song 7”. LP 13.90 / CD 14.00

STUD COLE BURN BABY BURN (Norton) Totally wacked and bizarre discovery by the Norton crew: Stud cut a 100-edition promo lp in 1968 of TWISTED 50s-meets-60s lunacy. Norton's description: He's been described as Jack Starr meets Johnny Kidd, a lysergic Conway Twitty and Elvis fronting the '66 Yardbirds - and that pretty well sums this up!! Ranges from fuzzed-out 67 punk grinders to macho biker-rock to Elvisy ballads to ?? CD 13.00
STUD COLE "The Witch / Burn Baby Burn" (Norton) More Stud!! "Witch" is a never-issued 1964 rocker- "Burn Baby Burn" is a loony Green Onions riffed fuzz grinder! 7" 6.00

GEORGE COLEMAN Bongo Joe (Mississippi Records) Cool reisssue of Arhoolie LP, recorded in 68. George Coleman wailin on his oil container and wishes he could sing...: I Wish I Could Sing/ Innocent Little Doggy/ Cool It/ Listen At That Bull/ Transistor Radio/ Eloise/ Dog Eat Dog. LP 15.50

RONNIE COOK & THE GAYLADS "Goo Goo Muck / The Scotch" (Norton) Classic retardo sloprocker that the Cramps made famous! 7" 6.00

JACK COSTANZO Cat Walk / THE PLAYBOYS Cat Walk (TTShake 113) Cat-walk is the name of the game this time out - the name of the label and indeed both tracks. Afro-Cuban percussionist Jack Costanzo plays the cat walks as a sparse, prowling number accentuated by some moody guitar work, sleazed out horns and his own rolling bongos. On the flip side, the Playboys offer up a contrasting take, with a nonchalant, twangy guitar riff leading a purring rock & roll backing. To complete the package, the unique label artwork features none other than 50s burlesque and pin-up legend Betty Page, out walking her two big cats in typical undress. Miaow! 7" 7.90
JACK COSTANZO Mr. Bongo Has Brass (So Far Out) After popularizing the bongo drum in a jazz setting with Stan Kenton's orchestra of the late 40s, as well as a stint in Nat King Cole's group, "Mr. Bongo", Jack Costanzo, set out on his own, releasing his debut solo record in 1956 on the Zephyr label. As the title implies, the Chicago born bongo master is joined by a large orchestra that includes a boatload of trumpets in a Latin jazz/exotica setting. Cinematic in scope, some might call this "crime" jazz, with a distinct Latin flavor. Reissued on 180 gram Vinyl. LP 16.50
JACK COSTANZO Latin Fever (So Far Out) Originally released in 1958 on the Liberty label - and featuring a legendarily lascivious album cover - 'Latin Fever' is one of Jack Costanzo's very first records as a leader, after years as an in-demand sideman for the likes of Nat King Cole and Stan Kenton. An album full of fiery bongos and stereo trickery that helped set off the Latin craze in the USA. Reissued on 180-gram vinyl LP 16.50

CRIMINALE Volume 1: PAURA (Penny) Label description: There was something strange and disturbing going on in Italy in the '70s. It was a tumultuous and visionary period of (post) psychedelic excess. One that was defined, on the one hand, by random acts of terrorism and a heavy military police presence throughout the Italian territory, but also by strobe lights, shattered taboos and extreme gestures. A singular atmosphere that reverberated throughout every aspect of life-from fashion, to design, to television, to film, to literature, to the visual arts, to of course, music. However, perhaps the area in which this feeling was most pervasive was that of the television soundtrack, made to accompany the TV programs of a country that, although in turmoil, was still vital and creative. The tracks found here are a perfect example of this feeling, and come from the large catalog of what is perhaps the most important Italian label in the industry, Flipper Music, which by the end of the 60s had published, through its many labels (RTV, Canopo, Octopus, Deneb, Flower, Flirt), hundreds of now very rare and long out-of-print albums. This music has the unique ability to remind us of that feeling of euphoric tension that permeated an entire country. Musical fears and obsessions.straight from the most absurd decade of the most absurd country in the Western world. Tracks: GIORGIO E FRANCO BRACARDI - Il Pozzo E Il Pendolo N.5/ ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI - Corruzione Al Vertice/ AMEDEO TOMMASI - Effetto Di Tensione/ GIORGIO E FRANCO BRACARDI - La Morte Rossa/ PEYMONT - Tensione Beta/ UGO BUSONI, PAOLO FERRARA & MASSIMO DI CICCO - Topazio/ ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI & GIULIANO SORGINI - Rastrellamento/ GERARDO IACOUCCI - Zombie/ GIORGIO E FRANCO BRACARDI - I Bevitori Di Sangue/ PEYMONT - Tensione Gamma/ LAMARTINE - Angoscia Universale/ DANIELA CASA - Pericolo/ UGO BUSONI, PAOLO FERRARA & MASSIMO DI CICCO - Rullio/ JOEL V.D.B./ DANIELA CASA - Occultismo / FABIO FRIZZI - Fear/ SANDRO BRUGNOLINI - Narvalo/ PEYMONT - Tensione Delta. LP plus CD € 18.90

ALEISTER CROWLEY Original Wax Recordings (Mr Suit) Mr. Suit is pleased to reissue on LP some of the only known recordings from the infamous occultist, mystic, magician, poet, novelist, sexual deviant, and all-around misfit, Aleister Crowley. Recorded onto wax cylinder in the early 1910s, and later transferred to 78 RPM discs, this material has been unavailable on LP since the first limited edition of <500 copies released in 1984 through the efforts of Mr. David Tibet of Current 93 infamy. The tracks include Crowleys recitation of the first two Enochian Keys, original poetry, incantations, and songs. An absolutely essential piece of occult history reissued on LP. Side A: 1. Introduction 2. The Call Of The First Aethyr (Enochicin) 3. The Coll Of The First Aethyr (English) 4. The Coll Of The Second Aethyr (Enochicxn) 5. The Coll Of The Second Aethyr (English) 6. La Gitano 7. The Pentagram 8. One Sovereign For The Woman 9. The Poet. Side B: 1. At Sea 2. The Fingernails 3. The Titanic 4. Hymn To The American People 5. Excerts From The Gnostic Moss 6. Vive La French Republic. LP 14.90

J C DAVIS The Splib Pts 1 & 2 (TTSHAKE.107) A bona fide classic and true essential in the sleazy instro field - a rolling, bumping and grinding ride back to the downtown R&B clubs of the late 50s, early 60s, from James Brown's one-time bandleader James C. Davis. 'The Splib' was presumably yet another new dance which no doubt summarily failed to sweep the nation. Tantalisingly, the vocals provide only the vaguest physical direction with a couple of references to shaking and shimmying and little else - leaving us to only try and guess at what the actual moves were. Perhaps that's just as well: by the down and dirty sound of the song itself, it's possible 'The Splib' dance came with an X-rating! 7"7.90

JAN DAVIS WATUSI ZOMBIE/ POOKY (HOLIDAY 1213) great instro from Jungle Exotica comp! repro 7" 6.50

SONNY DAY & THE TONY RAY COMBO Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt / Creature From Outer Space (Star) A-side is a popcorn dance gem, b-side a UFO rockabilly killer. repro 7" 7.90

RAY ELLIS The Sheik / Baghdad Rock (TT SHAKE 105) Two middle-eastern themed pieces of wild 50s dance floor exotica here, with Ray Ellis' 'The Sheik' a perennial favourite among instro-freaks with it's big production and uptempo insistent rhythm. What's more, pitch it down and you also have a classic Belgian popcorn spin! On the flip side, The Sheiks themselves give us their somewhat skewed interpretation of the East with the playful 'Baghdad Rock', a silly but charming jaunt perfect to accompany the most exotic of dance shows, and a novelty record for the true connoisseur! 7" 7.90

ESQUIVEL AND HIS ORCHESTRA Other Worlds Other Sounds (So Far Out) Thought it's not his debut album 1958's Other Worlds Other Sounds is the moment where Esquivel first presented his own, fully realized sound. Vocal choruses, stereophonic madness, and space age bachelor pad playfulness abound. Another out there classic reissued on 180 gram LP: 1. Granada 2. Begin The Beguine 3. Night And Day 4. Poinciana 5. Playfully 6. Adis/ 1. That Old Black Magic 2. Nature Boy 3. Magic Is The Moonlight (Te Quiero Dijiste) 4. Speak Low 5. Ballerina 6. It Had To Be You- LP 16.90

KIM FOWLEY One Man’s Garbage (Norton) Weirdness and over the top novelty records from 1959-1969: BRUCE AND JERRY: ISaw Her First/PATTERNS: Late Late Show/U.S. ROCKETS – Bodacious/RITUALS: This Is Paradise/DONNIE AND THE OUTCASTS: Big Fat Alaskan/RENEGADES: Charge/PLAYERS: The Rebel/KIM AND THE SKIPPERS: Daybreaker/MO AND JO: The Yo Yo Song/JOHNNY C AND THE BLAZES: Inferno/KIM FOWLEY: Music Is The Magic/BLUE BELLS: Moccasin/ALTHEA AND THE MEMORIES: Dedication Time/KIM FOWLEY: Underground Lady/KIM FOWLEY AND MARS BONFIRE: Surf Pigs*/ALTHEA AND THE MEMORIES: Worst Record Ever Made (* = previously unissued). LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
KIM FOWLEY Another Man’s Gold (Norton) Weirdness and over the top novelty records from 1959-1969: RENEGADES: Geronimo/KIM FOWLEY: Big Sur, Bear Mountain, Ciro’s, Flip Side Protest Song/GAMBLERS: Teen Machine/VAQUEROS: Vaquero Beat/PLAYERS: Memories Of A High School Bride/ASTON MARTIN AND THE MOON DISCS: Fallout/COVER GIRLS: Gone But Not Forgotten/DAYWINS: Heartbeat/RITUALS: Surfers Rule/BONNIE AND THE TREASURES: Eleventh Commandment Of Love*/RENEGADES: Ghost Train*/ HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES: Long Hair, Unsquare Dude Called Jack/DONNIE AND THE OUTCASTS: Bounty Hunter/ALTHEA AND THE MEMORIES: Daddy Said/U.S. ROCKETS: March Of The Siamese Children/RITUALS: Gone (* = previously unissued). LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
KIM FOWLEY King Of The Creeps: Lost Treasures From The Vaults 1959-1969 Vol. 3 (Norton) The third volume of brain spraining early unheralded, underworshipped unknown Kim Fowley productions and manipulations: KIM GARRI AND THE RHYTHM KINGS - Big Bad Wolf / KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE - Big Tears / UPTONES - No More / RENEGADE FIVE - Young And Wild / JOHN PAUL JONES - Kalani Honey / KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE - The Knight In Shining Armor / SKIP AND JOHNNY - More Marathon / FALLEN ANGELS - Up On The Mountain / KIM FOWLEY - Astrology / WOLF PACK - The Baddest Wolf / LARRY GREEN AND THE RHYTHMAIRES - Watch Your Step / KIM FOWLEY - The Trip / NAVARROS - Moses / ROGUES - Wanted: Dead Or Alive / GRAINS OF SAND - Goin Away Baby / GRAINS OF SAND - Golden Apples Of The Sun / E. ZANE WOOD AND THE DOMINION - Got Me Stupid / KIM FOWLEY - Outrageous Radio Spot. Gatefold LP 14.00

FROLIC DINER PART 2 (Romulan) CD 14.50

GANIMIAN & his Orientals COME WITH ME TO THE CASBAH / GANIM'S ASIA MINORS DADDY LOLO (Oriental Rock'N'Roll) (FATCO 6142) Crazed R&B Jungle Exotica Classic backed with Insane Oriental Vocal Group Stomper. repro 7" 6.50

RIC GARY / JOE HOUSTON Pimples & Braces / The Hully (TTSHAKE) Goofy and completely adorable knockabout riff on the Champs 'Tequila'. Pour a liberal dose of Mexican mescal into an ice-cold glass of Yankee doodle diddly dandy and your cocktail’s just made for a good time at your all-in all-out Spring Break frat party! It’s not just 'Pimples and Braces', we also get such wonderful nonsense as 'Bongos and Burgers' and 'Tacos and T-Shirts'. Insane! As usual with this series we give you two bangs for your buck and so on the back here is famed honking tenorist Joe Houston's own take on 'Tequila' - a greasy, grinding R&B flavoured romp if ever there was one. 7" 7.90

THE GENTEELS Take it Off / THE JESTERS Peter Gunn Twist (TTShake TTS 112) Some records which are now being pulled under the tittyshaker umbrella were likely recorded by wholly innocent young gents, unaware that the sounds they were thrashing out would later be associated with images of sleazy 50s burlesque revues. But then there are bands such as the inappropriately named Genteels, who left little room for mis-understanding with their song 'Take It Off', a knockabout piece of musical smut which was obviously designed specifically for the purpose of encouraging the art of performance bump and grind. Built around the 'Peter Gunn' theme, it’s fitting that we also include the Jesters 'Peter Gunn Twist' on the flip, whereby the famously sleazy riff is raunched up further still. 7" 7.90

LALO GUERRERO Los Chucos Suave / Tequila (Jukebox Jam JBJ.1042) One of the highlights from our current Jukebox Mambo compilation and a song which really deserved a 45rpm release in its own right, Lalo Guererro's 'Los Chucos Suaves' is perhaps the definitive recording in the short-lived Los Angeles sub-genre of Pachuco music - the sounds which emanated from the Mexican youth sub-culture of the same name in the late 1940s. A hybrid of American Jazz, Pop and Latin American rhythms, with songs sung in Spanish and dense in chicano slang, the movement was an intriguing sub-plot in the emergent narrative of rock and roll in the mid-century. Guererros 'Los Chucos Suaves' was the anthem to the young pachuco's and pachuca's of LA - young hepcat Mexican's who decked themselves out in voluminous zoot suits. Guererro sings of how these cool kids are ditching the jitterbug and the boogie woogie in favour of the cuban rumba and danzon dances. It's a unique, swinging number which always catches the ear and is guaranteed to set the dance floor off. On the flip side is a terrific rendition of the Champs 'Tequila', with added lyrics from Lalo Guererro, sung in Spanish and a loose, jazzy approach giving this well-worn rock & roll instrumental staple an earthier, more rustic appeal. 7" € 7.90

ARCH HALL AND THE ARCHERS Wild Guitar! (Norton) Crazed set of the collected works 1959-1964 of ARCH HALL, JR.-- star of stage, screen and records! This first time ever soundtrack collection is culled largely from newly found master tapes and features Arch's earliest solo recordings plus the Archers live in '62 at a Pensacola drive-in theatre and in '64 at a Pasadena night club! Massive illustrated bio-booklet includes interviews with Arch Jr.and the Amazing Archers, filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler, movie star Liz Renay, plus various cast and crew from Fairway International Pictures. The Sadist / Dune Buggy / Buzzola / Konga Joe / Theme From Wild Guitar / Termites / Steak's Theme / Monkey In My Hatband / Back In Business* / Run Vickie Run / Mike Calls The Shots* / Guitar Twist / A Date With Eegah / Theme From Eegah / I'm Growin' Taller / Wild Guitar Trailer / Stairfall / Twist Fever / Publicity / Money And Records / Steak / Eegah Crashes The Party / Brownsville Road / Vickie / Girl Bait / Daisy Dance / The Kidnappers / Judy Poody / Organ Twist / Bud Smells A Rat / Bud And Steak Square Off / Pep Talk / Archers Theme* / If A Man Answers* / Further On Up The Road* / Stop Sneakin' Around* / Nancy Czar Interview* / Teenage Idol* / Good Golly Miss Molly* / Wild Guitar* / Hello Mary Lou* / Susie Q* / Yes I Will* / Archers Theme Outro* / You Little Punk / Watch Your Step** / Big Boy Pete** / The Choppers (*Live 1962 Pensacola Florida / **Live 1964 Pasadena, California) CD 13.00

JIMMIE HEAP / THE NOMADS Gismo / Icky Poo (TT Shaker 102) Another super sleazy double hitter here, with Jimmy Heaps ‘Gismo’ perhaps the ultimate shaker out there - a wigged-out, goofy riff on the Champs masterpiece ‘Tequila’, complete with nonsensical vocal interruptions (’GISSMOO!’), all packaged up with crazy, off-kilter cow bells and swing-swanging horns. Throw this quirky classic on and watch your party immediately turn up to 75% weirder - in a good way, obviously! On the flip, another killer riff, rolling drums and grimey, crime-jazz horns on the Nomads ‘Icky Poo’, which comes off like the backdrop to some ’50s cop show that never was, perhaps pulled from the airwaves for delving too deeply into the seedy Soho underbelly of the day. 7" 7.90

IDEALS The Gorilla / Mo Gorilla (Norton) Five star 1963 Chi-Town Simeon Stomper b/w the original followup fracas! Be zorch, daddy-o Go ape! Coloured vinyl and paper picture sleeve. 7" 6.00

INTERNATIONAL VICIOUS SOCIETY Volume 1 (University of Vice) Reissue of the hard to find fist Volume in a limited edition of 500 copies. This comp. collates a worldwide mixture of painfully obscure crud-a-phonic dance platters from the 50's and 60's - 16 tracks including THE POPCORNS (The Counter), MAX GREGER (Teenager), CHILO MORAN Y SUS SOLISTAS (Mezcal), LOS ROCKERS (En La Fiesta), THE BLACK MAGIC (Surfin' Gypsy), CLAUDE & SES TRIBUNS (Le Twist Familial), etc. LP 19.50
INTERNATIONAL VICIOUS SOCIETY Volume 2 (University of Vice) Reissue of the second Volume with more obscurities from all around the world: Delteens-The Bunny Hop (USA)/ Drafi Deutscher-Come On Let's Go (Germany)/ Billy Nash-Mister Chang (UK)/ Los HH-Escucha Cowboy (Spain)/ Ennio Sangiusto-African Twist (Italy)/ Frankie Stein-Dance of the Doom (USA)/ Los Sleepers-Zombie (Mexico)Francisco-Colosal (Spain)/ The Brain Twist-Brain Twist (UK)/ Cousins-Elle a Dit MMM (Belgium)/ Equipe 84-Papa E Mama (Italy)/ Moustache-He Youla (France)/ Gerry Granahan-No Chemise Please (USA)/ Korafas-Kili Wacht (Greece)/ Mapu-Hiti Kareu (Tahiti)/ Joren Ingmann-Eco Boogie (Denmark). Limited to 500 copies. LP 19.50
THE INTERNATIONAL VICIOUS SOCIETY Vol.6 (University of Vice) More obscurities from the '50s and '60s, featured artists include Les Baladins (Belgium), Lenny Rocco (France), Carlos Roman (Columbia), Los Matecoco (Mexico), Latin Combo (Spain), Los Players (France), The 4 Saints (Italy), El Chaton (Peru), Les Bourgeois De Calais (France), Nacho (Columbia) and more. LP 19.50
INTERNATIONAL VICIOUS SOCIETY Volume 7 (University of Vice) New Volume with more obscurities from all over the world, compiled from original 78's and 45's: Comete - Jimmy's Guitar (Thailand)/ Twist Dell' Astronauta - Luciano Fineschi (Italy)/ El Idioma Del Robot - The Gay Crooners (Panama)/ Space Cowboy - The Launchers (USA)/ Sigma 7 - Dick Wolfe And The Wolverines (USA)/ Atom Bomb - Revelators Quartet (USA)/ Para El Ano Dos Mil - Luis Perez Meza (Mexico)/ Les Martiens Arrivent - Les Guitars (France)/ Marsupilami - Danyel Gerard (France)/ Manich Dalam - Bentir (Morocco)/ Koulouri - Trio Joroca (Morocco)/ Voodoo - The Chippendales (USA)/ Taboo - Esquire Boys (USA)/ Rock And Roll Para Ti - Los Murcianos (Puerto Rico)/ El Shinero De La Main - Miguel Salas (USA)/ Lao Duang Duen - Johnnys Guitar (Thailand). Limited to 500 copies. LP 19.50

IT’S A MONSTER BASH PARTY! Vol. 1: 20 Creepy 50’s - 60’s Halloween Smashers! (Now Sound Records) Limited edition on colored vinyl: Jekyll and Hyde „Dracula drag”/ Chuck and Oneda Harding - “Graveyard ghost”/ The Transplant - “With her head tucked underneath her arm”/ Gene Moss and The Monsters - “Surf monster”/ Bill Cardille - “Chilly Billy’s vamp”/ The 7th Court - “One eyed witch”/ The Creeps - “The whip”/ Terry Teen - “Curse of the hearse”/ Randy Fuller - “Wolfman”/ Miss L. L. Louise - “The monster miss”/ The Bells of Rhymny - “The wicked old witch”/ The Ebb-Tides - “Séance”/ The Young Blood - “Don’t leave me in the dark”/ The Monocles - “Spider and the fly”/ Jimmy Friss and The Valiants - “Serpents and spiders”/ Gene Moss - “Monster bossa nova”/ The Ghouls - “Graveyard shift”/ Bert Convy - “The monster hop”/ Uzzi + Bill Grah’s Olympia Band - Geisterstunden Cha cha”/ Johnny Fever - “Zombie”. LP 17.50

THE JAGUARS Jaguar / Roundabout (TT SHAKE.103) The Jaguars waxed only two 45s, of which this limited reissue pairing of 'Jaguar' and 'Roundabout' was the pick. Cut back in the Texas oilfields of ’59, all their songs came with a car theme of sorts. Presumably these guys were part of a wild gang of hot rod teen tearaways, blaring music out of their custom cars as they tore up and down the strip. Certainly, the wild & rasping sax on 'Jaguar' is played to sound reminiscent of a revving engine, blaring exhaust and screaming teenage girls! Roundabout is every bit as good as the A side, and every bit as sleazy... Pure rock and roll strip club material of the lowest / highest variety. 7" 7.90

PLAS JOHNSON Downstairs b/w Blue Jean Shuffle (TTShake 110) 'Downstairs' is a super-cool popcorn instrumental from the man who is probably best known for playing the instantly recognizable tenor sax line on the theme tune to the Pink Panther. There is indeed more than a hint of that famous theme to 'Downstairs', a jaunty, swinging number with 'crime jazz' undertones. On the flip-side 'Blue Jean Shuffle' is a straight ahead honking Rock & Roll Romper! 7" 7.90

Volume One (STRIP-005) FULLY re-recorded and REMASTERED double-lp exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition with TONS of extra cuts and bee- yoot new art! Tracks: Diablito - THE JUNGLE/ B Bob Callaway & The Chicks - NATIVE/ The Peeple - HI YO CAMEL/ The Revels - CONGA TWIST/ The Dantes - DRAGON WALK/ The Valiants - TEQUILA TWIST/ Jerry Betters - CARAVAN/ The Majestics - OASIS/ Muvva (Guitar) Hubbard - CONGO MOMBO/ The Terrifics - LOCO/ The Ebonettes - WILD MAN WALK/ Norman (Arab) Sands & The Valiants DON'T WANNA LEAVE THE CONGO/ J. C. Davis - MONKEY/ Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers - KING KONG/ The Medallions - CARACHI/ Tony McKay - THE ISLAND HOG/ Jan Davis - WATUSI ZOMBIE/ Johnny Parker & The Zirkons - OONGAWA/ The Cherokees - UPRISIN' /The Continental Cousins - KANA KAPILA/ Kookie Joe - THE KOOKIE LIMBO/ Ganim's Asia Minors - DADDY LOLO/ The Highlights - AH, SO/ The Noc-A-Bouts - JUNGLE SAFARI/ The Rhythmaires - SCREW DRIVER/ The Del Saints - TARZAN/The Emanons - CHALYPSO BOP/ The Sheiks - BAGHDAD ROCK/ The Hully Gully Boys - YABBA/ The Five Sounds - CLUMSY DRAGON/ The Enchanters - CAFE BOHEMIAN/ The Megatons - ISIS. Double LP 19.50
VOLUME 1 (Strip) This series takes the debauchery of "LAS VEGAS GRIND" into Exotic Asia, the Deserts, and the Jungle! Bongos, ape-noises, fake-oriental chants, and maracas galore. Truly bizarre and ridiculous attempts at "Exotica" by crazed, obscure, one-shot Rock ´n´Roll (?) combos of the late-50´s/early 60´s... CD 12.30
JUNGLE EXOTICA VOLUME 2 (Strip) yet more nuttiness LP 11.90 / CD 12.30

RONNIE KAE Swinging Drums / Swimming Drums (TT SHAKE TTS 120) Wigged out craziness from drummer Ronny Kae. Swinging Drums is the name of the track, but Demented Drums might be more apt as Ronny rolls the toms to a twanging one string guitar riff and a suitably crazed voice interjects with dance instructions for the hepped up teens at the sock hop - simple enough commands such as 'Go Go Go - Go Everybody!' On the flip side, a variation on the winning formula with 'Swimming Drums'. Not sure what swimming drums are, but the effect is just as great! 7" 7.90

KAI RAY I Want Some Of That/Trashman's Blues (Norton) Wacked Minneapolis trashrocker with jungle noises b/w the tune from which the 'Surfin Bird' crew copped their name! 7" 6.00

KING USZNIEWICZ & HIS USZNIEWICZ-TONES TEENAGE DANCE PARTY (Norton) Demented early-70s trash by Cub Koda. HORRID outta-tune versions of 50s-60s obscurities, dowop ballads, rockabilly, etc! LP 14.00
KING USZNIEWICZ & HIS USZNIEWICZ-TONES TWISTING & BOWLNG (Norton) More of this retarded stuff! LP 14.00
KING USZNIEWICZ & HIS USZNIEWICZ-TONES DOIN THE WOO HOO! (Norton) Gad... 3rd volume of torture! This time they mutilate "Kung Fu Fighting/Crocodile Rock/Love Letters In The Sand/If I Had A Hammer" etc. LP 14.00
KING USZNIEWICZ / SOUTH BAY SURFERS Battle Of The Bands (Norton) Norton digs deep into the vaults and comes up with eight unissued King U tracks, their first newly presented material since the 1994 DOIN THE WOO HOO LP! Duking it out with the U-Tones is the torchbearers of the Surfin' School Sound, Los Angeles legendary South Bay Surfers! Oh my - torture time! Tracks: Quarter To Two/ California Sun/ Crocodile Stroll/ Hawaiian War Chant/ The Wanderer/ This Time/ Running Bear/ I Got You (I Feel Good)/ Walk Like A Man/ Kind Of A Drag/ Suspicion/ Party Lights/ Denise/ Ive Had It/ Lipstick On My Collar/ I Fought The Law. LP 14.00

LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 1 (Strip) Wacked, honk’n’grind sax/guitar/grunt-laden buttshake tunes from the 50s & early 60s… LP 11.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND Volume Two/aka LOUIE’S LIMBO LOUNGE (STRIP-002) exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition - REMASTERED!!!! Side One 1. JACK HAMMER - The Wiggle 2. THE NOISEMAKERS - Panic 3. BIG BO & THE ARROWS - Well Get It 4. ART ROBERTS - Give Her The Axe Max 5. THE ROCKIN’ BELMAR - Torture Rock 6. THE TRADEWINDS - The Snake 7. THE RHYTHM ADDICTS - Oomp Boomp 8. THE EMPALLOS - Hiccups 9. THE DEL-VALAROS - Hey Pedro/ Side Two 1. FRANK MOTLEY & HIS MOTLEY CREW - Honkin’ At Midnight 2. THE BRASSETTES - Brassettes Rock 3. THE UPSETTERS - Tater Machine 4. PANCHO VILLA - Tanya 5. HAROLD ANDREWS & THE EXCITERS - Party Time 6. BOB BUNNY - The Joker 7. THE EPICS - On The Rocks 8. THE PERISCOPES - Beaver Shot. LP 12.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 3 (Strip) … and MORE wacked, honk’n’grind sax/guitar/grunt-laden buttshake tunes from the 50s & early 60s… LP 11.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOLUME 4 (Strip) … and yet MORE wacked, honk’n’grind sax/guitar/grunt-laden buttshake tunes from the 50s & early 60s… REMASTERED New version in exotic DELUXE GATEFOLD edition with updated photos. Gatefold LP 11.90

LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 5 (Strip) eegads – the madness continues…LP 11.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 6 (Strip) A very solid 6th vol of this wacky nonsense…LP 11.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND PART 1 (Strip) 31 cuts from LP Volumes 1& 2. CD 12.30
LAS VEGAS GRIND PART 2 (Strip) 32 cuts from LP Volumes 3 & 4. CD 12.30
LAS VEGAS GRIND PART 3 (Strip) This CD contains the songs from LP #5 plus extras… CD 12.30
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 6 (Strip) A very solid 6th vol of this wacky nonsense…CD with bonus cuts. CD 12.30

THE LAVENDER JUNGLE (Senor Charro Records): 33 tracks of ultra-rare, banned-by-the-FBI lounge, exotica and exotic rock'n'roll from the vaults of Senor Charro Records of West Hollywood: 1959-1972. Packed with luscious glossies of the beefcake performers and detailed liners from the label president! Never before has this hidden music been documented! CD version is a super gorgeous 16-page full-color book!  LUCHESE LIEBHABER "Gesundheit"   LA LUPE "Fever"     RULIE GARCIA "Sabrocito"    RHYTHM KINGS "Exotic"      ETERNALS"R&R Cha-Cha"    KENNETH DEAL  "Go Go Jumbo"     TOMMY MERCER & THE McBRIDES "Volcano Rock"    MONARCHS "El Bandito"   PASSIONS "Jungle Drums"    IMPACTS FIVE "Island Of Love"    HARVEY ANDERSON "Jivaro"      SKIP MANNING "Devil Blues"     GLENDA & GLEN "Voodoo Doll"     RHYTHM ADDICTS "The Thrill"     DON SARGENT & The BUDDIES "Voodoo Kiss"     SHEIKS "Sultan's Delight"     MERCY BABY "Love's Voodoo"     VOLCHORDS "Bongo Love"  ARABIAN KNIGHTS "Mo-Rockin"     YOUNG WILLIAM & THE JAMAICANS "Limbo Drum Part 1"     GARY WARREN "Midnight Rain"      JOSEPH LATEK QUINTET "Sister Mamie"     BOB DESTINY "Kalenda Rock"     RALPH MARTERIE "Shish-Kebab"     PAUL LEADER "The Devil's Pad"      NEAL SCOTT "Go Bohemian"       JERRY WARREN "Monkey Walk"     LINCOLN TRIO "Shakedown"    INVADERS "Shock Treatment"    UNTOUCHABLES "Limbo-Nova"    GANIM'S ASIA MINORS "Halvah"    PRESTON LOVE & ORCHESTRA "Ali Baba's Boogie"    BAMBINOS "Algiers" CD 13.00
Get a taste with listening to an interview on WMFU with Luchese Liebhaber, label owner of Senor Charro Records and some songs of this fine compilation.!!

LE MARIAGE COLLECTIF Original Soundtrack by Jean-Pierre Mirouze (Born Bad records) In our modern world, everything ends up - or will end up - in the garbage dump or in a museum. Occasionally, objects make it to the museum by way of the dump. The record you are holding is one of those objects. With the exception of two songs that already came out on a 45, the material on this disk was destined to remain in the trash. In 1971, a very few copies were made on acetate in an attempt to attract the interest of record labels. One was miraculously found in July, 2010 in a Paris garbage dump (quai d'Issy). In the mid-60s, Jean-Pierre MIROUZE was hired to work on Jean-Christophe Avertys very popular and very "Pop" program "Dim Dam Dom." Mirouze was in charge of the shows soundtrack. In 1971, Hervé Lamarre, who had just finished shooting the film "Le Mariage Collectif" in Sweden, thought of using the "Dim Dam Dom" team to create the musical score for his film. This film, which claims to try to justify open relationships and sexual freedom, is actually a botched second-rate picture that combines evocations of the Beat Generation, hippie idealism and softcore nudity, in a work that is - quite frankly - uninteresting. Jean-Pierre Mirouze, because of his association with "Dim Dam Dom," was expected to bring a trendy touch to the project. Seeking to round out funding for what was, in essence, a commercial job, Mirouze went to Bagatelle, a Paris publisher specializing in film music, among other genres. While he was there, he played the melody of "Together" for them. These few notes were enough to convince the publisher to finance the recording of the soundtrack. Auditions were held, and Barry Green was recruited to sing the theme song. The recording was wrapped up in a week by a top-flight group of musicians, including Jean-Pierre Sabar, a talented organist who would be instrumental in the future success of the song "Sexopolis." Nine tracks were produced during these sessions. Bagatelle then started looking for a record label to issue the soundtrack album. In an attempt to interest record companies, a handful of test pressings were made, solely in the form of acetates. The songs on this album come from one of these acetates, found, in July, 2010, in a garbage dump. We could not have invented a story this strange. But let's get back to the film. It turned out to be a failure, and Bagatelle had a difficult time selling the soundtrack project. Finally, AZ (a French label) agreed to put out a 45 with "Together" on side A, billed as the "hit" from the film, and "Sexopolis" on the B side as an instrumental filler. The 45's release went completely unnoticed, of course. It was rediscovered in the early 2000s, thanks - ironically - to the song "Sexopolis," and became the Holy Grail for worldwide collectors of film music.LP 12.90

TIMOTHY LEARY L.S.D. (Dreaming Sadhu) The classic LSD spoken word document LP as released in 1966. DR. TIMOTHY LEARY, PH.D., former Harvard psychologist, and Messiah of the LSD cult, was chosen for this recording. Born in Springfield, Mass., Dr. Leary briefly attended West Point then turned to psychology. In 1950, he became director of the Kaiser Foundation, and thereafter lectured extensicely in Europe. Shortly after and upon his return to the faculty of Harvard University, he began his experiments at the Center of Research. These experiments lasted over two years, but due to an avalanche of publicity, he was given the opportunity to either discountinue his experiments or leave Harvard. He promptly chose the latter. Dr. Leary now purses his studies and experiments under the auspices of the Castalia Foundation, a center for research of scientific and religiouse implications of consciousness-expanding drugs. A mobile recording unit was brought to the Castalia Foundation for this recording. CD 13.50

LIFT IT UP (Gutfeeling) A compilation of rare shellacs from 1920-1940. Silkscreen print on brown hardcover & limited to 300 copies: Sal A Tus Puertas (LUNA Y DELGADO)/ Harlem (TONY MURENA ET SON ENSEMBLE SWING)/ Nylon Calypso (KING TIMOTHY)/ Caravan (JOE BURTON QUARTET)/ Djangology (DJANGO REINHARDT ET LE QUINTETTE DU HOT CLUB DE FRANCE)/ Steel Guitar Stomp (BOB WILLS AND HIS TEXAN PLAYBOYS)/ Arnautka (STEVA NIKOLIC)/ Rapsodia Sueca (PACHO GALAN Y SU ORQUESTRA)/ The Donkey Serenade (ALLEN JONES AND HIS ORCHESTRA)/ Occhi Di Bambola (GIOVANNI VICARI)/ Waldkirchner Landler (HOLZ UND STROHORCHESTER)/ Talking Union (WOODY GUTHRIE AND THE ALMANAC SINGERS)/ Njembe Gwet Paulemond (PAULEMOND A YE NSINGA NDINGA)/ Adios (JOE BURTON QUARTET) LP17,90
LIFT IT UP! Volume II (GUTFEELING) 78RPM rarities from 1920s to 1940s. Silkscreen print on brown hardcover & limited again. Tracklist side A: Oh Lady Be Good - Slim and Slam, How Can It Be Wrong - Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys Bob Wills, Mine - All Mine Rube - Bloom Ruby, Gitan Swing - Tony Murena et son Ensemble Swing, The "St. Louis Blues" - Frank Ferera, Crazy 'Bout My Baby - Lightnin' Hopkins, Guajira (Son Cubain) - Lecuona Cuban Boys. Side B: I'm Coming Virginia - Frankie Trumbauer and his Orchestra featuring Bix Beiderbecke, I Ain't Got Nobody - Harlem Kiddies with Vocal-Trio, And The Family Danced - Mickey Katz Mickey, Danzon - Carl Kress & Dick McDonough, Would If I Could - Al Miller & his Market Street Boys, Just A Little Swing - Oscar Aleman Trio O. Aleman, Since Baby's Been Gone - Tampa Red. LP 17.90

MAD DADDY WAVY GRAVY! ATOM SMASHIN' ZOOMERATIN' MELLO JELLO RADIO BROADCASTS 1958-1964 (Norton) Absolute insane collection - this is what a spoken word CD should sound like!! Ohio deejay extraordinaire Pete Myers, whose whammy banter combines 50's beatnik blab with mad mag ratfink snearly raunch jabber all shot out of a cannon at brain splattering velocity! Rare radio shows have been scoped and zoomerated to present a maximum of chatter and a minimum of fuss, as Daddy would have said himself. CD 13.00

SABU MARTINEZ Safari With Sabu (So Far Out) One of the most prolific conga players in the history of Afro-Cuban music, Louis "Sabu" Martinez spent his childhood beating rhythms on tin cans on 111th Street in New York City's Spanish Harlem. In 1946, he began a long association with drummer Art Blakey, and joined Dizzy Gillespie's band by 1948, following the murder of the influential conga player Chano Pozo. Despite being such a much-in-demand session player, he struggled with heroin for years until he overcame his addiction in 1956, formed his new quintet and recorded three history-making albums in less than three years. Safari With Sabu, probably the most celebrated of Sabu's works, combines both African and Latin elements with the American Jazz tradition, resulting in the missing link between bop and Sun Ra. Recorded with three congas (including Ray Barreto), bongos, timbales and tympani, along with complementary tenor and baritone sax, trombone, and an unobtrusive bass presence by Oscar Pettiford, 1957's Safari With Sabu is now back on shiny 180 gram vinyl again Limited to 500 copies. Tracks: A: 1. Jeanette 2. Dawn 3. Unga./ B: 1. Nadenga 2. Safari. LP 16.50

MAD MIKE & THE MANIACS "The Hunch / Quarter To Four" (Norton) Total wacko slop-banger that you should know from "Sin Alley 3". 7" 6.00

3 sets of CRAZED 50s & 60s SLOP - Instros, r&b, doo-wop, wee bit of rockabilly, ETC - All the CRAZY oddball 45s made immortal by genius Pittsburgh r&r DJ MAD MIKE METROVICH! The LINERS will have you tied up for a week alone! BEAUTIFUL packaging, chock fulla label scans, photos, etc! A MUST!!!
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 1 (NORTON 338) Johnny Otis Spot #1 / SONICS Psycho / SILVERTONES Get It / SCOTT WOOD Chicken Rock / RONNIE COOK & THE GAYLADS The Goo Goo Muck / BELLTONES Swingin' Little Chicky / LITTLE IKE She Can Rock / AQUA-NITES Carioca / KING ROCK AND THE KNIGHTS Send-Di / SAUCERS Cha Wailey Routa / EDDIE JONES Certainly All / CALVIN COOL El Tecolote / PATRICE HOLLOWAY Do The Del Viking / INSTRUMENTALS Chop Suey Rock / FOUR SOUNDS Mama Ubangi Bangi / JIMMY HEAP Gismo / VELS Mysterious Teenage / WZUM Radio Spot. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 2 (NORTON 339) WZUM Radio Spot / SAXONS Camel Walk / DEL-MARS Snacky Poo / CORVETTES Pick Up / HARVEY Anyway You Wanta / JAMES "RED" HOLLOWAY A La Carte / CAPS The Red Headed Flea / JIMMY KELLY Little Chickie / RHYTHYM ADDICTS Oomp Boomp / SHANE KAI RAY Jungle Talk (I Want Some Of That) / COUNT FERRELL Wizard Of Ah's / RENEGADES Geronimo / NEONS Tucson / BIG DANNY OLIVER Sapphire / SAVOYS Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil / GRAND PREES Jungle Fever / MARQUIS CHIMPS Red Rose Tea / WZUM Radio Spot. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 3 (NORTON 340) Johnny Otis Spot #2 / BLONDE BOMBER Strollie Bun / PREMIERS Firewater / BAN-LONS I Like It / HONG KONGS Surfin' In The China Sea / DELCOS Arabia / WILD CHILD GIPSON Uncle John / AVALONS Malanese / MAD MIKE & THE MANIACS The Hunch / BABY HUEY & THE BABYSITTERS Monkey Man / MOTIVATIONS The Birds / DUVALS Cotton / J.J. JACKSON & THE JACKALS Oo-Ma-Liddi / MARINO CHOICE Cherry Juice / ERVIN RUCKER Done Done The Slop / YOUNGSTERS Zebra / BIG SYL BARNES Come On Back. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

MELLO JELLO ...FOR GROOVY GHOULS: Second volume of madnessand damn great as well (although some stuff is taken from other comps like Las vegas Grind..). The Cd has three bonus tracks again: Norman Arab Sands: I Don't Want To Leave The Congo / The Five Blobs: The Blob / Orville Couch: Wild Girl / The Puddle Jumpers: Snake Charmer / Duponts: Screamin' Ball At Dracula Hall / Lord Rockinghams Xi: Fried Onions / Los Pekinikes: Suspicion / Burt Topper: Pot Party / Little Jnr. Cannaday: Sloppy Twist / The Electras: Little Girl Of Mine / Sandy Nelson: Chop Chop / Big Boy Groves: Bucket O' Blood / Wes Dakus: Dog Food / Phil Phillips: The Evil Dope / The Tennessee Drifter: Chinese Maid / Homer Dennison Jnr.: March Slav Boogie / CD bonus: Little Dion: Lonely Teardrops / The Turtles: Buzzsaw / Johnny Sea: Day For Decision LP 11,90 / CD 14.50

MENSTER PHIP & THE PHIPSTERS PHIP CITY (Telstar) Super-retarded lp of unissued 1963 garbage rock & roll recorded in a suburban basement. 20 cuts of a wide variety of covers - Crazy-assed dirty guitar sound all over the place, dopey song titles & lyrics, etc = 1 helluva STOOPID party lp. CD 14.00

ROBERT MITCHUM Calypso Is Like So... (Bear Family) Saweet! Finally on vinyl! A classic!! Great humorous Calypso packed in the original sleeve - 12 cuts: Jean And Dinah/ From A Logical Point Of View/ Not Me/ What Is This Generation Coming To/ Tic, Tic, Tic/ Beauty Is Only Skin Deep/ I Learn A Merengue, Mama/ Take Me Down To Lover's Row/ Mama Looka Boo Boo/ Coconut Water/ Matilda, Matilda/ They Dance All Night. 180-gram LP 19.50
ROBERT MITCHUM That Man (Bear Family) This includes Mitchum's 1956 calypso set on Capitol -- a classic of Fifties kitsch that attracts big, big bucks from lounge music addicts. Plus his only Capitol single, Ballad Of Thunder Road and My Honey's Lovin' Arms, and his ultra-rare 1960s Monument recordings, including Little Old Wine Drinker Me, and Walker's Woods. CD 16.00

MOBILISATION GENERALE: Protest and Spirit Jazz from France 1970-1976 (Born Bad Records) This double LP compliation gathers some of the finest protest & esoteric jazz songs featuring a few big names of the french jazz scene and also a few tunes that you have probably never heard. It includes Le Collectif du Temps des Cerises, Baroque Jazz Trio, Alfred Panou, Mahjun, François Tusques, Full Moon Ensemble, Chêne Noir, Areski Belkacem & more... Double LP 19.50

JOHNNY MOORE Bullfrog (TTShake TTS 119) A wild, greasy instrumental romp from Johnny Moore and the Blazers centered around an insistent and totally infectious riff. The guitar twangs and scratches, the sax rasps and honks, the piano tinkles and the rhythm bumps and shakes - what more could you want from an instro? On the flip-side, a knockabout offering entitled 'Wild Man Walk' from the Ebonites, which comes complete with bongo and grunt interjections. Ugggh! 7" 7.90

MOSTLY GHOSTLY: MORE HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN (Ace) Follow Up to the "THESE GHOULISH THINGS" comp: DRACULA'S THEME The Ghouls / TIL THE FOLLOWING NIGHT Screaming Lord Sutch with the Savages/ DO THE ZOMBIE The Symbols/ HAUNTED HOUSE Jumpin' Gene Simmons/ DINNER WITH DRAC PART 1 John Zacherle / THE GOO GOO MUCK Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads/ THE MAD SCIENTIST The Zanies/ THE CAVE Chuck Holden/ SPOOKY MOVIES Roy Clark/ THEY'RE HERE
Boots Walker/ BLACK AND HAIRY Lord Sutch/ THE HEARSE Terry Teen/ TERRIBLE IVAN Art Roberts/ NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE The Moontrekkers/ THE CAVE PART 1/ Gary "Spider" Webb/ ZOMBI The Monotones/ ALLIGATOR WINE Screamin' Jay Hawkins/ MORGUS THE MAGNIFICENT Morgus & The Ghouls/ ROCKIN' ZOMBIE The Crewnecks/ (I WAS A) TEENAGE CREATURE Lord Luther with The Kingsmen/ RADIO PLUG FOR MONSTER MASH ON STATION KORL Bobby "Boris" Pickett/ SLEEPY HOLLOW The Last Word/ THE MUMMY The Naturals/ THE CAT Rod Willis/ I WANT TO BITE YOUR HAND/ Gene Moss & The Monsters. CD 16.90

THE MOTIONS BUMBLE BEE ‘65 / ALF NEWMAN IT’S A GAS (Wavy Gravy) Wild 60’s Surf / Garage Instro version of “Flight of the Bumble Bee” backed with a groovy strolling Organ & Sax instrumental with fantastic belching vocals from MAD main man Alfred E Newman. 7" 6.50

MUSIC FROM PLANET EARTH: Songs About Martians, Ray Guns, Flying Saucers & Other Space Junk Volume 1 (Stag-O-Lee)! First volume in a series of three - tracks: "The Jimmie Haskell Orchestra - Blast Off!/ Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan - Song Of The Second Moon/ The Tornados - Telstar/ Buck Trail - Knocked Out Joint On Mars/ Joe Tate - Satellite Rock/ The Wildtones - Martian Band/ What Will The Future Reveal?/ Sun Ra - Plutonian Nights/ Billy Lee Riley - Flying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll/ Lyn Vernon - Moon Rocket/ Joe Meek - Orbit Around The Moon/ The Jimmie Haskell Orchestra - Astrosonic/ Space Ships Sound Effect". Limited edition with free 24 x 24 cm screenprint of cover .10" 16.90
MUSIC FROM PLANET EARTH Volume 2 - Aliens, Teenie Weenie Men, Moonbeams & The Gayway To Heaven (Stag-O-Lee) Second in a series of three 10”-es, each 10” comes with a signed & numbered 24 x 24 cm screenprint of the front cover drawn by Marcel Bontempi. Tracks: Master Control/ Cees & His Skyliners - Rocking To Telstar/ Kenny Hollywood - Magic Star/ Unknown Enemy/ Danny Wheeler - Teenie Weenie Man/ Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman - Mist O' The Moon/ Carl & The Spindletoppers - Hey Moon/ Russ Garcia - Into Space/ Joe & Rose Lee Maphis – Moonshot/ Rusty Wellington - Rocking Chair On The Moon/ Attilio Mineo - Gayway To Heaven/ Jean-Jacques Perrey - The Alien Planet/ Sun Ra - Solar Symbols. 10" 16.90

NERVOUS NORVUS STONE AGE WOO (Norton) Wacky 50s novelty loon with hipster jabber galore - the Dot 45s plus demos, etc. "Transfusion/Dig/Ape Call/Wild Dogs Of Kentucky/The Fang/Bullfrog Hop/Stoneage Woo/I Like Girls/Does A Chinese Chicken Have A Pigtail?/Noon Balloon To Rangoon/Kibble Kobble (The Flying Saucer Song)/The Lean Green Vegetable Fiend (From 'Tuther Side Of The Moon)/Little Cowboy/The Blackout Song/Kangaroo Hop/I Listen To Red In Bed/Sparks (#1)/I Hate Bugs/The Clock Shop (#1)/I'm Waitin' Up For Santa Claus/Boris The Blue Nosed Baboon/When I Hear The Honkin' Of The Diesel Train/Ape Call ("no ape")/The Bully Bully Man/Elvis You're A G.I. Now/Stop Your Foolin/Pony-Tail/I'm Comin' Home My Baby/The New Beat And Step/The Clock Shop (#2)/The Evil Hurricane/The Plaster Song/Sparks (#2)" CD 13.00

NITE HAWKS Chicken Grabber / SCOTT WOODS Chicken Rock (TTShake 109) Something of a poultry offering here as we ransack the coop to pull out these two Chicken-based oddities. On the top side is the Nite Hawks (a very early incarnation of the Crusaders - yes them of 'Street Life' success and ignominy) with their wondrous, slinky instrumental number 'Chicken Grabber', a jazzy, bump and grinder punctuated by frenzied clucking from the hens and deranged muttering from their unknown pursuer. Made infamous by its appearance in John Waters' notorious schlock-fest 'Pink Flamingos', 'Chicken Grabber' is surely one of the best songs about chicken ever made. That might seem a weak claim on the face of it, but then just consider the hundreds, perhaps thousands of other records inspired by our fowl feathered friends, and then consider that on the flip-side of this little rooster, we serve up Scott Wood's 'Chicken Rock' - another rock & roll curio with a decidedly unhinged air, and another of the very best chicken sides ever waxed. 7" € 7.90

EDDIE NOACK Psycho / PORTER WAGONER The Rubber Room (Wavy Gravy) Killer TWISTED Country 2-sider. 2 cuts of murder and madness and a must have if you dig Country and 45s! 7" 6.50

THE ORIGINALS / THE FRANTICS The Whip / The Whip (TTSHAKER) Two superb but somewhat questionable instros here with more than a hint of good, old-fashioned S&M, as belied by their titles - both rather cheekily named 'The Whip'! The main man Chuck Rio leads his band The Originals on the A-side, a quintessentially Rio-esque number complete with Latin percussive elements, a goofy but catchy riff (let's face it, yet another interpolation of his 'Tequila'), and vocal / sound effect break-ins, in this case a stunningly effective use of a whip crack and a voice exclaiming simply 'WOW!' On the other side, the Frantics whip is a decidedly raunchier affair, with dirty guitars and filthy sax coupled with almost continuous and indeed increasingly frenzied whip cracking throughout! I can only presume that the Frantics, a much smaller and less known outfit than Chuck Rio's boys, were patrons of rather less salubrious watering holes! 7" 6,90

PAUL & THE FOUR-MOST "Chinese Slop" b/w ALAN BARNICOAT "Trip To The Orient" (Norton) Unished whacky chop suey rock from WOLF CALL sloplords b/w RAGING TEENS nutter! 7" 6.00

PIETRE PREZIOSE E ORO FINO (Moi J'Connais Records MJCR007) South Italia countryside music, recorded between the 60s and 80s. Infectious rhythms and melodies, led by voices coming from another time. Moi J'Connais Records are proud to dig out this forgotten music for the pleasure of world and rock'n'roll music lovers. Printscreen and very limited. LP 17.50

POCO LOCO IN THE COCO Volume 3 (University of Vice)Rare cuts from 45s and 78s released in the 50s and early 60s by obscure record labels offering weird stuff like syrian rock, polynesian jerk, chinese cha-cha twist, puerto rican wobble cha, cuaban jungle mambo, mexican cannibal rhythms... Tracks: Teahouse 90 - David Melanio/ Zoom Gully Gully - Joe Quijano/ Making Love - Doc & Les 6 Jets/ Caliente - The Goyo's Cats/ Judo Twist - Sonny Scott/ Allo Brigitte - Tito Benito/ Watusi Wedding - The Warriors/ Tiana-tche - Carl Stevens/ Mambo Bom Bo - Caney Orchestra/ Los Tambores Del Brujo - Chino Herrera/ Zoologico Negro - Comparsa De La Laguna/ Shish-ka-bob Rock - Eddie Kochak/ Bi-aza-ku-sasa - The Mogambo's/ Cup-e-co - The Journeymen. LP 19.50

PEREZ PRADO HAVANA 3 A.M (Bear Family) Another great longplay of mambo bongo. Nowhere near the intensity of "VOODOO SUITE " tho - and sometimes the "worlbeat"-esque thang gets on my fucking nerves! CD 16.00
PEREZ PRADO VOODOO SUITE/EXOTIC SUITE (Bear Family) Utter GENIUS reissue of this latin bongo-voodoo-jungle LP! 35 minutes of wildness PLUS the CD also includes the entire 30 minutes from the "Exotic Suite" LP. This stuff whips ass on alla that overhyped "lounge" crap (Denny, Esquivel, etc.). CD 16.00

ELVIS PRESLEY Pocket Full Of Rainbows / Crawfish (Alternates) (Fryers 021) Rockabilly, R&B or Soul - no matter what your bag, the one and only Elvis Presley has enough power, presence and panache to offer something for everyone, and here are two alternate takes from our favourite Elvis soundtracks, GI Blues and King Creole. ‘Pocketful of Rainbows’ is a more dancefloor friendly take with stronger rhythm section which was aching for 45 release, while on the flip we have an alternate take of ‘Crawfish’ with Jean "Kitty" Bilbrew matching Elvis in the mix. 7" 7.90

TITO PUENTE Dance Mania(So Far Out) Originally released in 1958, 'Dance Mania' is amongst a handful of late '50s Latin LP's that took the sounds of mambo, cha cha, and guaguanco, out of Spanish Harlem and Puerto Rico and into the mainstream of America. Leading a group that includes congo master Ray Barretto, timbalero Puente blazes through a set of mostly original tunes. A Latin dance LP from one of the masters, reissued on 180-gram vinyl. LP 16.50

REVELS Intoxica / Comanche (TTShake TTS 122) Two out and out 'Pulp Fiction' classics of the wild and sleazy Rock and Roll instrumental genre. 'Intoxica' is well titled - on it the guitarist sounds like he's been slipped a couple of wallbangers as he lackadaisically strums out a slowed up surf riff while in the background a honky tonk piano jostles for air with a groaning, rasping sax and all the while strange and no doubt inebriated voices interject with unprompted laughter as a menacing voice exclaims the songs title! On the flip, 'Comanche' is a more uptempo and even wilder romp, well known and loved from its prominent appearance in the cult Tarantino flick. 7" 7.90

REVEREND BEAT-MAN'S DUSTY RECORD CABINET Volume 2 (Moi J'Connais Records) Secpnd Volume of weirdness from all over the world, collected by the Beat-Man. Some real obscure songs and musicians are mixed with super known ones. Limited LP-only issue with silk-screened cover designed by the Reverend himself: The Reverend Kelsey - I'm A Witness For My Lord/ Louis Armstrong - Go Down Moses/ Jack Hammer - Rebellion/ Miles Davis - Blue Xmas/ Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread/ Sanni Purmonen - Karjalani Rahvas/ Staple Singers - I Had A Dream/ The Believers - Einst War Die Welt/ Django Reinhardt - Halleluya/ Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros/ Narvel Felts - You Gave Me A Mountain/ Louis Killen - The Black Leg Mines/ Greek Song (Rembetiko)/ Odetta - God's Gonna Cut You Down/ The Jesus Lovers - Du LP 14.90

JOHNNY RICHARDS THE RITES OF DIABLO (So Far Out) A rare and sought after piece of jazz exotica, The Rites Of Diablo, was originally released in 1958 on Roulette's Birdland series. Recorded in New York's Webster Hall, with Johnny Richards' usual orchestra augmented by seven percussionists (including Sabu Martinez), and eight vocalists (The Dave Lambert Singers), this album is Richards' interpretation of the rituals of the Bantu people of Southern Africa. A wild, dark, and percussive trip, The Rites Of Diablo, is a exotica masterwork lovingly reissued on 180 gram. Side A: 1. Omo Ado 2. Kele Kele 3. La Pecadora./ Side B: 1. Ochun 2. Oluo Anu 3. Ofo. LP 16.50

RODNEY & THE BLAZERS Warpaint / Oriental Nightmare (TTSHAKE.111) Two savage Rock & Roll instrumentals from the Coffeyville, Kansas based combo, Rodney & The Blazers. 'Warpaint' hints at a loose native American theme with its rolling, stomping drum intro before giving away to straight-shooting, sleazy sax-led R&R mayhem. The rather more languid 'Oriental Nightmare' is perhaps the titty-shakin' pick of the pair though, with its exotica feel and sloppy riff conjuring all manner of unwholesome imagery! 7" 7.90

RUMOURS FROM THE HAREM (Doghouse & Bone) Compilation of Oriental Exotica inhand-made heavy carton sleeve: Bagdad Daddy - The Beats/ Caravan - Bobby Christian (The Man With A Sound)/ Snake Charmer - Mad Man Jones/ Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - The Four Lads/ Turkish Dance - Korla Pandit 6. The Harem - Mr. Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band/ Shish-Ka-Bob Rock - Eddie Kochak And His Orchestra/ Shish-Kebab - Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra/ Halvah - Ganims Asia Minors/ Come To The Casbah - Ziggy Elman And His Orchestra/ Hedy Lou (Where Are You) - Ganims Asia Minors/ Camel Train - The Fortune Tellers. 10" 13.90

SAVAGE RHYTHM Swingin' Dancefloor Sounds To Blow Your Top (Stag-O-Lee) Double LP (2 x 180 gr.; heavy gatefold cover; linernotes + trackinfo printed on innersleeves) or CD (Jewel case + 24 page booklet). Savage Rhythm is documenting the direct lineage from the Jazz and Swing of the 30s through to a more R&B-ready sound of the early 40s, signposting the way ahead for what was to become Jump Blues and eventually Rock and Roll. Compiled by Brighton (UK) DJ, music lover and vinyl junkie Shamblin Sexton. Tracks: Louis Prima and his New Orleans Gang - House Rent Party Day/ Duke Ellington Orchestra - It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)/ Count Basie & His Orchestra - Sent For You Yesterday (And Here You Come Today)/ Tiny Bradshaw & His Orchestra - Shout, Sister Shout/ Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra – Stratosphere/ Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Savage Rhythm/ Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Drum Boogie/ Artie Shaw & His Gramercy Five - Special Delivery Stomp/ Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra - Loose Lid Special/ Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra - Redskin Rhumba/ Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - Roll 'Em/ Bob Crosby & His Ochestra - Diga Diga Doo (Parts 1 & 2)/ Artie Shaw & His Orchestra - Traffic Jam/ Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Zig Zag/ Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra - Lunceford Special/ Bud Freeman & His Summa Cum Laude Orchestra - The Eel/ Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra - Rocky Comfort/ Big Sid Catlett's Band - I Never Knew/ Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles/ Slim Gillard - Chicken Rhythm/ Will Bradley Orchestra - Beat Me Daddy/ Harry James & His Orchestra - Back Beat Boogie/ Earl Hines - Ridin’ & Jivin’/ Hot Lips Page & His Orchestra - They Raided The Joint. Double LP 21.50 / CD 14.50

SAXONS "Camel Walk Pt. 1 & 2" (Norton) Wacked percussive instro from "At The Party" lp! INSANE! 7" 6.00

THE SCOUTS Mr. Custer Stomp / RUSTY ISABEL Firewater (TTShake TT114) A native American themed twin-spin, with the top side featuring the Scouts recounting Custer's infamous last stand in stomping, hollering glory. In today's enlightened world, it's kind of questionable of course, but the phony native chants really add to the greatness of this wonderfully kooky piece of rock and roll exotica. Speaking of kooky, Rusty Isabel gets himself all juiced up on the b-side, with a jaunty, groovy instrumental named 'Fire Water'. Both sides guaranteed to rock your own little Pow Wow. 7" 7.90

SEVDAH DRAGI MOJ THE JAY BIRD BLUES (Moi J'Connais Records - MJCR008) When traditionnal serbian and bosnian Sevdalinke meets electrified delta Blues... Recorded in March 2011 in a yourte in Carre d'Amont, Switzerland. Only 300 copies. Printscreen and very limited 10" 17.50

SIN-SA-TION Volume 3 (Les Disques Mondiales) Next one in this series of 50's & 60's beat and garage,instro's and oddball stuff: Charles Blackwell Orchestra : the bumble beat/ Karo : dans le ventre d'une enorme baleine/ The Grabbeltons : make love/ Voz De Cabo Verde : this is time/ La Metamorfosi :ed ho idea/ Jean-Bernard de Libreville : juxtaposition 210/ Moe Koffman : Cool ghoul/ Lee "the big Masher" Lilly : spooky movies/ Les Lee : kiss of fire/ Rita Rener : Le dagadoum/ The Flips : rockin' twist/ Lucky Alba : j'ai peur des filles/ Tony Presty et Les Jeunes Phanteres : satellite en espace/ Vince Brittan JR : the only thing? the better thing/ Rudy Rolls : rolls gang/ Suzanne Gabriello : votez hein bon. LP 11.30

JACK STARR BORN PETRIFIED (Norton) Side TWO is ultra-crude 60s garage punk ala the KEGGS! Side One is weird 50s trash R&R ala Hasil Adkins but not as insane as Hasil. Tracks: Crazy Rock / My Love For You Is Petrified / Come On / Born Bad / You Only Live Once / Done Away With The Mean Old Blues / Patty McCrombie / Sweet Chick / Rumble At Flagpole Hill / Halloween Party / Constellation of a Fool / I Love My Baby / My Baby Don't Care / I Need Your Luven / Our Favorite Recording Sessions / Beat Doll / Godzilla We Love You / Love Me Today / Show Me What You Do / Pain LP 14.00

SUN RA STRANGE WORLDS IN MY MIND: Space Poetry Volume 1 (Norton) Spoken word collection of Sun Ra's poetry and pronouncements: Message To Earthman/I Seek A New World/I Am Trying To Find Myself/The Damned Air/I Am Strange/My Children/If They Only Knew/I’m Not To Blame/I Am An Instrument/Once Upon A Time/All In The Realm Of Death/Death Speaks To The Negro/I’ll Wait For You/At Night/They Can’t Accept Me/I Am Not A Fantasy/My World Is The Space Way/Strange Worlds In My Mind. LP 14.00
SUN RA THE SUB-DWELLERS: Space Poetry Volume 2 (Norton) Spoken word collection of Sun Ra's poetry and pronouncements: The Sub-Dwellers/The Music Is A Universal Language/When The Word Was Spoken/The Past Is A Dream/The World Comes To An End/Pretense Desires/The Universe Is Endless/What Are Words?/There Is Music Everywhere/All Men Are Equal/We Must Not Say No To Ourselves/They Taught Me To Share/The Worship Of A Statue/This Planet Of Death/A Cosmic Dimension Of Music/If You Are Not A Myth/I Speak Of Everything/The Truth About Planet Earth/The Universe Sent Me. LP 14.00
SUN RA THE OUTER DARKNESS: Space Poetry Volume 3 (Norton) Spoken word collection of Sun Ra's poetry and pronouncements: I Gotta Get Away/Know What It’s Like On My Planet/The Outer Darkness Part One/The Outer Darkness Part Two/This Is My Day/The Scheme Of Words/Black Holes In Space/A Better World. LP 14.00

SUR ROYAL DA COUNT AND THE PARLIAMENTS Scream Baby Scream/ Scream Mother Scream (Norton) Dig the insane 1967 single 'Scream Mother Scream' and then warp your mind even more with the earlier and even more deranged demo 'Scream Baby Scream' 7" 6.00

SWING FOR A CRIME Cool comp of jazzy cheese, beatnik bop, striptease slop and great between-song dialogue from cool old hardboiled film noir movies! Hear Lee Marvin spill boiling coffee on his suffering girlfriend! DIG cool cuts like HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS Drums A Go Go/PATSY RAYE Beatnik's Wish/JOHNNY BROWN Suspense/RIC GARY Pimples & Braces/NAT KENDRICK Hot Chile/BARNEY KESSEL Honey Rock/SY OLIVER Stu's Blues/LES BAXTER Boomada/ etc. LP 11.90

TABU! VOLUME 4 (Paris Hollywood) More Action, Bongos and Sax, titty- and ass-shakers from the 50s & 60s: Sounds Inc.: Mogambo/ A-Jacks: Fury/ Gene Skiora: Tanganyika/ Ennio Sangiusto: African Twist/ Hal Blaine: Topsy 65/ Outlaws: Crazy Drums/ Corrado El 93: Ali Baba Twist/ Gabriel & Angels: Chumba/ Sylvie Mora: Taboo/ Pygmies: Don't Monkey With Tarzan/ Dynatones: Moonshot/ Rumblers: It's A Gas/ Georgia Drake: Misirlou/ Scholars: Kan-gu-Wa/ Moe Koffman Qt.: Koko-Mamey/ Turbo Jets: Far East Cha Cha Cha/ Norman Luboff choir: Bamboo-Tamboo/ Toni Murena: Tabou. LP 13.90

TAKE IT OFF (Paris Hollywood) A new compilation dedicated to striptease music. Tracks: Bill Smith Combo - Tough/ Lelan Rogers - Hold It/ The Marketts - Cobra/ Mike Gordon - Rumble At Newport Beach/ Lord Rockingham's XI - The Squelch/ Jayne Mansfield - Suey/ Jackie Lee - Bongo Shuffle Boogie/ The Allegrettes - The Stroll/ The Red Ryders - Savannah Slow Down/ The Hustlers - Kop Out/ Billy Dee & The Debonaires - 101/ The Champs - Caramba/ Buddy Hartman Combo - Drum Twist/ Jim Doval & The Gauchos - Scrub/ Johnny Brown - Suspense/ Young William & The Jamaicans - Limbo Drum/ Googie Rene - Ez Zee/ Sonny Lester - Bumps And Grinds. LP 13.90

TAV FALCO'S WILD & EXOTIC WORLD OF OBSCURITIES (Stag-O-Lee) Double-LP, presented in a gatefold sleeve with extensive tracknotes. The Memphis legend (of Panther Burns fame) compiled 25 of his favourite tunes (80 minutes of music!) from '50s rockabilly to tangos, waltzes and quite a bunch of other wonderful obscurities. Songs he loves, songs he covered with Panther Burns, songs that influenced him. Tracks: The Johnny Burnette Trio - Train Kept-A-Rollin'/ Don Willis - Warrior Sam/ Bobby Lee Trammell - Its All Your Fault/ Allen Page - She's The One That's Got It/ Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole/ Jimmy Lloyd - Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ Benny Joy - I'm Doubtful Of Your Love/ Alexander Princes - Donauwellen/ Orchestra Argentin Biano Bachicha - La Cumparsita/ Anton Karas - Harry Lime Theme/ Los Indios Tacunau - Romance Del Barrio/ Carlos Di Sarli - A La Gran Muneca/ Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo - Milonga Vieja/ Osvaldo Pugliese - Desde El Alma/ Elmore James - The Sky Is Crying/ Bobby Blue Bland - Who Will The Next Fool Be/ Chet Baker - Im A Fool To Want You/ Fred Buscaglione - Guarda De Luna/ Martin Denny - Quiet Village/ Dion & The Belmonts - (I Was) Born To Cry/ Shorty Rogers - Hot Blood/ Tav Falco Panther Burns - Sweet Lotus Blossom/ Charlie Feathers - Jungle Fever/ Alex Chilton - Bangkok/ Tav Falco Panther Burns - Real Cool Trash. Double LP 19.50

BOB TAYLOR Wowsville / After Hours (Crypt Records) 2 classic Las Vegas Grinders from the MASTER TAPES! and.. "Wowsville" has an EXTRA 70 seconds featuring studio dialogue!!! Big Bob Taylor was a session drummer in Phoenix, Arizona and played on tons of Duane Eddy & The Rebels’ 45s and LPs from 1957-1962, recording at Floyd Ramsey's Studio in Phoenix. Bob also served as the drummer on guitarist Al Casey’s Stacy sides and for a ton of Lee Hazlewood sessions. Bob cut two great 45s in 1962 and 1963, “Wowsville, Parts 1 & 2” (Stacy 952), a hilarious dialogue ditty with classic swinger lyrics and vocalization by Jim Gaylord (who owned Stacy Records) and “(Flyin’ High) After Hours/ Peach Fuzz” (Stacy 953), a truly raunchy bump’n’grind instro with lascivious laughter & strip-club ambience.This swank new Crypt 7" reissues "Wowsville" and "After Hours" (made famous via the LPs "Las Vegas Grind" Volumes One and Three) in great sound (from the master tapes) and with a beautiful picture sleeve featuring cartoon art by Daniel Clowes and a info-filled back sleeve. 7" 5.90

THESE GHOULISH THINGS: HORROR HITS FOR HALLOWE'EN (Ace) CDCHD 1070. RADIO PLUG FOR MONSTER MASH ON STATION KFWB - Bobby "Boris" Pickett/ SCREAMIN' BALL (AT DRACULA HALL) - The Duponts/ DRAC'S BACK - Billy De Marco & Count Dracula/ MIDNIGHT STROLL - The Revels/ GHOST TRAIN - Virgil Holmes/ THE MUMMY'S BALL - The Verdicts/ FRANKENSTEIN'S DEN - The Hollywood Flames/ I'M THE WOLFMAN - Round Robin/ SPOOKSVILLE - The Nu-Trends/ THE MUNSTERS THEME - Milton DeLugg & Orchestra/ COOLEST LITTLE MONSTER - John Zacherle/ MONSTER PARTY - Bill Doggett/ THE CREATURE (FROM OUTER SPACE) - The Jayhawks/ MR WERE-WOLF - The Kac-Ties/ RADIO STATION PROMO FOR BILL GAVIN - Bobby "Boris" Pickett/ MY SON, THE VAMPIRE - Allan Sherman/ THE MONSTER - Bobby Please & The Pleasers/ THEME FROM THE ADDAMS FAMILY - The Fiends/ NIGHTMARE MASH - Billy Lee Riley/ THE VOODOO WALK - Sonny Richard's Panics with Cindy and Misty/ I FEAST OF THE MAU MAU - Screamin' Jay Hawkins/ FRANKENSTEIN'S PARTY - The Swingin' Phillies/ LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW - The Monotones/ BO MEETS THE MONSTER - Bo Diddley/ ROCKIN' IN THE GRAVEYARD - Jackie Morningstar/ RADIO PLUG FOR MONSTER MASH ON STATION WCOP - Bobby "Boris" Pickett/ MONSTER MASH - Bobby "Boris" Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers/ THE VAMPIRE - Orvin Yoes. CD 16.90

RON THOMPSON Switchblade / DEL VALAROS Pedro (TTShake TT115) Two contrasting shakers from the Minneapolis based Soma label... Nebraska outfit Ron Thompson and the Broughams give us 'Switchblade' on the top side - a wild and savage, high-octane stomper, led by a brutal guitar riff, garnished with blood-curdling screams and snarled vocal interjections. A longstanding indemander amongst those who like their instro's rare and bloody like a steak. On the flip, a rather more languid but no less engaging affair as teen outfit the Del Valaros give us a cool riff on 'Tequila'. 7" 7.90

TITTY-TWIST-A-GO-GO! (Titty-69 Records) 16-tracks of FAST, LOUD & WILD SWINGIN’ 1960-1967 instro-GoGo titty-twisters (and a few FAST lounge/exotica cuts)! Tracks are: Johnny Talbot - DO THE BROKEN HIP/ The Real Don Steele - TINA DELGATO IS ALIVE/ The Impalas - OH YEAH/ Lanny Hunt & The Themes - OVER EASY/ The Ho-Dads - HONKY/ Albert Collins - COOKIN' CATFISH/ Sammy & The Five Notes - AFRICAN CHA-CHA/ The Hunters - TIGER SHAKE/ Ruffle - GO MEAN/ Little Joe & The Mustangs - SOUTH SWELL/ Chico Arnez - WOULD I?/ Bobby Hollaway - CORNBREAD & HOG MAW/ The Hollywood Persuaders - THUNDERBIRD/ The Sheltons - THE CAT/ Gaynel Hodge - FOLLOW THE FOX The B. G. Ramblers - EXIT STAGE LEFT. LP 11.50

TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume ONE: 16 cuts of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! ESSENTIAL!! 1. The Upsetters - UPSETTER 2. Bruce Chanel - COME ON BABY 3. Johnny & The Debonairs - THE BONECRACKER 4. Terry & The Topics - WHERE'S MY PUSSYCAT 5. Aztecs - DAMELO BABY 6. Jocko - A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING 7. Julian Covey - SWEET BACON 8. Quarter Notes - THE INTERVIEW 9. Buddy Vincent - WOODEN BIRD TWIST 10. Travis Wammack - NIGHT TRAIN 11. Eddie Kirk - THE HAWG 12. Ronnie Kae - SWINGIN DRUMS 13. Wildtones - KING COBRA 14. Mac Sims - DRIVING WHEEL 15. Matthew Childs - FUNKY ONIONS 16. Nick Ashford - I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume TWO: 18 cuts of SOUL-STOMP, TWIST- PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! ESSENTIAL!! 1. Alex Harvey - SHAKIN ALL OVER 2. The Ambertones - CRUISE 3. Carl Lattimore - CARL'S DANCE PARTY 4. Bobby Jackson - CHA CHA CHA 5. The Knight Brothers - LOVE (Can't You Hear Me) 6. Big Bo & The Arrows - BIG BO's IRON HORSE 7. The Furys - ZING WENT THE STRINGS 8. Clarence & Calvin - ROOSTER KNEES & RICE 9. Higgs & Wilson SHA-BA-DAH 10. Ervin Rucker - DONE DONE THE SLOP 11.Classie Ballou - CLASSIE's WHIP 12. Marvulus Mickey - DO THE ROBOT 13. Bowlegs - HUNKY TWIST 14. The El-Cobras - OH YEAH 15. Ken Jones - CHICKEN POT PIE 16. Merle Spears - I WANT TO KNOW 17. Famous George - LAST NIGHT 18. Curtis Knight - HORNET'S NESTLP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume THREE: 16 cuts of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-1968! ESSENTIAL!! 1. El Pauling & The Royalton - SOLID ROCK 2. Nick & The Jaguars - ICH-I-BON #1 3. Lonnie Brooks - THE FROG 4. Hector & THE Eastmen - SWITCH ME 5. Billy Emerson - AUNT MOLLY 6. Johnny Rebb - ROCK ON 7. Joe Williams - THE MOTHER HUBBARD 8. The Upsetters - WAKE UP 9. Big Al Downing - GEORGIA SLOP 10. Howie Casey - TWIST AT THE TOP 11. Smokey Johnson - I CAN'T HELP IT 12. Ambrose Donald - WHO'S NUMBER ONE 13. Mickey Baker - STEAM ROLLER 14. Sonny Day - BEYOND THE SHADOW OFA DOUBT 15. Big Moose & The Jams - BRIGHT SOUNDS 16. Poor Boys I'M GONNA SPEND MY MONEY LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume FOUR: 16 cuts of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-1968! ESSENTIAL!! 1. Round Robin - SLAUSION SHUFFLETIME 2. Preston Epps - SING DONNA GO 3. The Royal Premiers - MAKE LOVE TO ME 4. Dreams Band - CHARGE 5. Los Dinamitas Del Twist - OYE LO QUE TE DIGO 6. The Birds Of Paradise - BOSSA BLUE 7. Skip Cole - DO THE WHIP 8. J.C. DAVIS - The Splib 9. Sonny Forrest - MADAME BOOTIE GREEN 10. The Debelaires - WA-WABBLE 11. The Ardels - STRONGER THAN DIRT 12. The Golden Catalinas - CANYOUR MONKEY DOTHE DOG 13. The Shardells - BLACK CRACK 14. The Primitives - THE OSTRIC LP 11.90
TWISTTN RUMBLE VOLUME EIGHT (TR-62018) Next Volume of mighty swingin slab of dance honk from all over the musical spectrum! SONNY & THE PREMIERS Pony Twist/ JIMMY McCRACKLIN The Drag/ LATIN DIMENSION Mister Mod/ CAPRIS Limbo/ GESTICS Invasion/ RONNIE FULLER Do The Dive/ EDDIE & THE DeRAVELONS Baby Dumplins/ SUB DOMINANTS Bang Bang/ B. GOODE & BAND Ho Key Po Key Rock/ PHILLIP WALKER BAND I Want You For Myself/ TINY FULLER Catwalk/ PUDDLE JUMPERS Quiet Dad/ ACE HOLDERS Wabba Suzy Q/ MENARD ROGERS Good Food/ ARTHUR GRISWOLD Pretty Mama Blues/ BARONS Money Don't Grow On Trees/ GABRIEL & HIS ANGELS The Rooster. LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume 9 (TR-62019) Killer new LP of wacked-out and DANCEABLE 1950s & early-1960s slop!! R&B, titty-twisters, GO-GO mania, jungled exotica, ETC! Tracks: The Demons - EL LOBO, Note & Toe & The Grenadiers - I GOT A COLD, Felix & His Fabulous Cats - HEY TIGER, Lenny Welch -CHANGA ROCK, Damal & Rasheed - ARRIBA, Gary U.S. Bonds - I WANNA HOLLER, Alan & The Flames - WHATCHA GONNA DO, Linda Gayle - MAGGIE’S FARM, Los Rebeldes De Rock - SWIM, Iraj - BABY SHAKE WITH ME, H-Bomb Ferguson - MARY LITTLE MARY, Little Jerry - CHAPEL ON THE HILL, Syd Hale - THE HELL RAISERS, Fred Harris’ Red Tops - THE BULL, The Moonglows - CHICKIE UM BAH. LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume 10 (TR-62020) Killer new LP of wacked-out and DANCEABLE 1950s & early-1960s slop!! R&B, titty-twisters, GO-GO mania, jungled exotica, ETC! Tracks: Len Wade - BOSS BEAT, L. B. Wilson - DON’T, Felix Garcia & His Guitar - TWO TACOS, Vernon Harrel - SLICK CHICK, The Admirals - SAWMILL, The Nobletones - CALYPSO BABY, Cecil DAVIS - LETS HAVE A BALL, Jimmy Liggins & His Drops Of Joy Orchestra - KNOCKED OUT, The Imperialites - LET’S GET ONE, The Medallions - LOLO BABY, The Peridots - HULLY GULLY ALL NIGHT LONG, Earl Forest - THE DUCK, Ludaway - THE PIG, The Valiants - WALKIN’ GIRL, David Del Conte - I LIE, Willard Burton - TWISTIN' TWIST. LP 11.90
TWISTIN RUMBLE Volume One (TR-62011) The best of the Twistin Rumble Volume 1 & 2 LP's: 29 tracks of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! GET IT!!! CD  12.80
Volume Two (TR-62012) The best of the Twistin Rumble Volume 3 & 4 LP's: 29 tracks of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! GET IT!!! CD  12.80
TWISTIN RUMBLE VOLUME Three (TR-62013) The best of the Twistin Rumble Volume 5 & 6 LP's: 25 tracks of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! '. CD 12.80
TWISTTN RUMBLE VOLUME 4 (TR-62014 CD) The party just won't stop with more SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS!!! 28 cuts of the Twistin Rumble LP Volumes 7and 8: Sonny & The Premiers PONY TWIST/ Jimmy McCracklin THE DRAG/ The Latin Dimension MISTER MOD/ The Capris LIMBO/ The Gestics INVASION/ Ronnie Fuller DO THE DIVE/ Eddie & The DeRavelons BABY DUMPLINS/ The Sub Dominants BANG BANG/ B. Goode and Band HO KEY PO KEY ROCK/ The Phillip Walker Band I WANT YOU FOR MYSELF/ Tiny Fuller CATWALK/ Ace Holder WABBA SUZY-Q/ Menard Rogers GOOD FOOD (I Am For You)/ Arthur Griswold PRETTY MAMA BLUES/ The Barons MONEY DON’T GROW ON TREES/ Gabriel & His Angels THE ROOSTER/ The Ambertones CLAP YOUR HANDS/ Danny Luciano GET IN TO IT/ Ray Scott & The Scottsmen RIGHT NOW/ The Legends ALRIGHT/ The Fugitives JUMP BACK/ The Shan-Tones SHEEBA/ Willie Spencer RIDIN’ SHOTGUN/ Don Schraier PIGTAIL/ The Lonely Knights DO IT TO IT/ Luther Thomas UPSET THE TOWN/ The Velveteens DOG PATCH CREEPER/ Arthur Noiel IT’LL MAKE YOU HOLLER. CD 12.80

UNTOUCHABLES / RICHIE MAYO Crawlin' (The Crawl) (TTShake TT116) On a label quite aptly named 'Sleezy', we offer up both super rare versions of one of the raunchiest instrumental compositions ever conceived. On the flip side, we present the first incarnation of 'Crawlin (The Crawl)' as released by Richi Mayo & The Paramours in 1957 in a seemingly misdirected attempt to follow the popularity of the Stroll, a dance craze which had swept the nation that year. Misdirected because the Paramours piece surely seemed much more befitting a backing to a seedy Times Square burlesque revue than to gentile couple dancing at the high school sock hop. Unperturbed, guitarist Frank Perry decided to give the song a second opportunity to capture the popular imagination a few years later in his next band, The Untouchables. If anything, the sleaze factor was somehow amplified via the scratchy guitar and rolling drum, and of course that honking sax riff and solo. Is this the definitive tassel twirler, the grinder par excellence, the ultimate sleazer? It will certainly take some beating... 7 " 7.90

VA! VA VOOM!! (Floridita) Early 60s instrumental action: Jimmy Riddle - LET'S GO/ Dondi - S&L/ Ray Ellis - THE SHEIK/ Baby Earl & The Trini-Dads - BACKSLOP/ Bill Dogget - THE WORM/ J.C. Davis - FEZNECKY/ Sleepy Summers - STRANGE CARGO/ Spinners - NOTHIN'/ Chris Towns - VA VA VOOM/ Shandells - BLACK CRACK/ Don Caron - TWIST CHA-CHA/ Buddy Harmon - SUMMIT RIDGE DRIVE/ Les Gottamou - GRIBOUILLE/ The Tikis - BIG FEET/ The T-K-Os - FAT MAN/ Bowlegs - ONE MORE TIME PT. 1. LP 12.90
Volume 2: ZOO-BA! (Floridita) Second Volume of early 60s instrumental action: Zooba! - The Big Sound Of Don Ralke/ The Boss - Tonni Kalash/ Hot Crawfish - Hugo Montenegro & Orchestra/ The Thrust (Pt.1) - The Emblem's/ Freeway - Jeff Gordon & The Summits/ Movin' Out - The Gigolo's/ Down Hill - The Mysterions/ The Weird One - Tremolos/ Goofin - Charlie Russo & His Orchestra/ Trojan's Walla - Henry Clement & The Trojans/ Unchained My Heart - Les Formidables/ Gazackstahagen - The Keymen/ Free Way - Lafayatte & The LaSabres/ Honky - The Jones Boys/ Boomerang - The Spinners/ Bui Bui - L.Hollis & The Mack-A-Do's. LP 12.90
VA! VA VOOM!! Volume 3: Saboo! (Floridita) Third Volume of early 60s instrumental action: Saboo (Wobble-Cha) - Joe Quijano And His Orch./ Zoolgico Negro - Comparsa Universitaria De La Laguna/ Slob't (Saint Louis Blues Twist) - Quincy Jones' Orch. Feat. Joe Newman/ Tia Juana - H.B. Barnum/ 7th Round - Chip And Dave/ Bread n' Butter - The Shados/ Monkey Walk Pt.1 - The Kingsmen/ What I'd Say - Fabulous (Dick Hyman And His Orch.)/ Souix Rock - The Sugar Canes/ Turnip Greens - Jimmy Fox/ Big Daddy - Hank Moore/ 500 Pound Canary - Jules Blattner/ Scratch - The Camelots/ The Back - Patty Lace And The Petticoats/ Mr.Machine - Tony (Robot) Alamo/ Littlest Hobo - Rhythm RebelsLP 12.90
VA VA VOOM Volume 4: OUCH!! (Floridita Records) 16 Early 60's Instrumentals: Forbidden Island - The Islanders/ Perdido Street - Herb Hardesty/ Main Steam - Bruce Rowland & His Orchestra/ Mumble Jumble - Floyd Cramer/ Cha Cha Rock - Rickey Aquary & The Keys/ Poco Loco - L.B. Wilson/ The 'Out' Crowd - Hank Marr/ Happy Feet Time - The Montclairs/ Night Surfin' - Rebel Rousers/ Ouch - Ricky Rene & The Fabulous Desires/ Beatnik Walk - Rune Overman/ The Snake - Maximilian/ Shoo Shoo - Jerry And Reggie/ Ka-Bongin' - The Four Finks/ Walk On - Bobby Gregg/ Somethin' - Sir Raleigh & The Coupons. LP 12.90

T. VALENTINE "Lucille, Are You A Lesbian? / Little Lu-Lu Frog" (Norton) Bizarre 1986 "rap" with a lesbo gal who's putting the hit on T's sister! Hilarious! B-side: Goofed-out 1960 "rocker". 7" 6.00
T. VALENTINE HELLO, LUCILLE, ARE YOU A LESBIAN? (Norton) 14-cut comp of this black weirdos greatest "hits". Ranges from 1958 to 1986, so you get 50% great stuff & 50% crappy 80s stuff LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

VAMPYROS LESBOS Sexadelic Dance Party (Crippled Dick Hot Wax) wacky german 70s exploitfilm soundtrack music. CD 16.00

VOODOO PARTY Volume 2 (University of Vice) Rare tracks extracted from 78s shellac records released in the 1930s, 40s and 50s by cuban, american, french, mexican and spanish record labels. Tracks: Carlos Molina - Karabali/ Tito Rodriguez - Voodoo Moon/ Del Campo - Tierra Va Tembla/ Alberto Iznaga - Ganga Yo/ Enric Madriguera - Danza Lucumi/ Rosita Barrios - Tabou/ Chuy Reyes - Lost Love/ Phyllips Branch - El Cumbanchero/ Chiquito Orefice - Cha Cha La Negra/ Lolita Garrido - Ubangui. LP 19.90

WAVY GRAVY (Beware) Re-mastered for a new generation of Idiots! After many years in the Wilderness, The Dumbest compilation series returns with a deluxe re-issue of the much sought after first volume. Prepare yourself for an aural assault from some of the Wildest, Weirdest & Stupidest discs ever to be waxed. From the Chuckling insanity of the Ho Ho Laughing Monster to the Instro wildness of the Motions to the crazed sacred Yodelling of Selwyn Cox. Marvel at Moses Longpiece’s heart breaking lament to his flattened sweetheart. Stomp to the Shandells Primate masterpiece and feel the despair of Porter Waggoner, with his ode to life in a loony bin. LP 12.50
WAVY GRAVY Four Hairy Policemen (Beware) Repress from different source with not so good sound quality...LP 12.50

WILD WILD WORLD OF MONDO MOVIE MUSIC (Big Beat) CDWIK 9O. 30-cut comp of sleaze-movie advertisements and trashy early-60s "R&R". MOVIE TRAILERS: "Thrill Killers/Wild Guitar/Brain Eaters/Plan 9 From Outer Space/Maniacs Are Loose/Girl From S.I.N./Mr Mari's Girls/ Hypnovista /Strange Rampage". CD 16.90

HARLAN WOLF Radioactive Flip Flop/ MARTY WATERS Midnight Blues (Norton) The two greatest names in show business offer unreleased gems sure to thrill music lovers worldwide! The sure cure for your BIG ITCH! 7" 6.00