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Welcome to the most recent NEWS FROM THE CRYPT!
Below you find all the stuff that we got new in stock in the last months.

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HO-DAD HOOTENANNY Volume 2 (CRYPT-108) Double LP / CD!!!
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNSVolumes 1 and 2 on vinyl, and both on 1 CD!!!
CRIME 7" (plus 1CD) box set on Munster
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 9 and Volume 10 LP's and both on one CD!!!

BLACK DIAMONDS: Singles From The Festival Vaults 1965-1969 Volume TWO - 10x 7" Box in stock!
JUKEBOX MAMBO Volume 2 Double LP / CD in stock!
JOHN SCHOOLEY The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World LP/CD on Voodoo Rhythm
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 1, 3 and 5, remastered and updated!

OUTTA SIGHT R&B repro series completey in stock - all listed on the R&B repro page
OUTTA SIGHT NORTHERN SOUL series in stock now - all listed on the northern soul page

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Last update: March. 3!


BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 9 (CRYPT-114) 18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! MONSTROUS, GATEFOLDED, THICK COLOR INNER JACKET - all crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk INSANITY!!!! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 7 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 3 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 15 cuts from: WARLOCKS, RAEVINS, EMERALDS, WHY-NOTS, TURNCOATS, SHAKLES, KNOLL ALLEN & THE NOBLE SAVAGES, ETC! Deluxe Gatefold LP 16.50
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 10 (CRYPT-115) 18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! MONSTROUS, GATEFOLDED, THICK COLOR INNER JACKET - all crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk INSANITY!!!! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 6 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 2 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 15 cuts from: JAMES BOND & THE AGENTS, THE FOUR, ORPHANS, IT’S THEM, NOBODY’S CHILDREN, HOTBEATS, GMC & THE AR- CELLS, HARD TIMES, JOHN ENGLISH III, EXPRESSIONS, ETC! Deluxe Gatefold LP 16.50
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 9 (Crypt Records) The Grave LPs 9 & 10 on one MONSTROUS 30-song, DELUXE triple FOLD-OUT digipac - with TWO 24-page fullcolor booklets crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Deluxe digipac CD € 16.50
HO-DAD HOOTENANNY Volume 2 (CRYPT-108) MID-60s FRAT-ROCKIN’ GARAGE BLOWOUT! GATEFOLD SLEEVED with liner notes, band photos, label scans. 32 cuts in supreme fidelity! The Loving Machines ... The Loving Machine - The Stratacasters ... Reelin' And Rockin' - The Pastels ... Why Dont You Love Me - The Bonnevilles ... You Just Can't Tell Her - The Asenders ... I Really Love You - The Breakers ... Long Green - The Ovations ... Pop Me Too - The Pendletons ... Gloria - Don And The Agitators ... Going Back Home - The Royal Playboys ... Bring It Back - The Paragons ... All I Can Do - B. C. And The Cavemen ... As Long As I'm Around - The Shanels ... Why Did I? - The Tortians ... Red Cadillac - The Rondells ... Everybody To And Fro - The Personals ... Dance All Night - The Color ... Down The Road Apiece - Sir Kenneth And The Yorkshire Coachmen ... Money - The Royalties ... Dance Time - The Playmates ... She Drives Me Ape - The Hotbeats ... Injun - The Checkmates ... Do It - The Hi Fives ... Fujikami The Warrior - The Nightcaps ... Wine, Wine, Wine - The Pharoahs ... Looking For Girls - The De Rons ... Its Okey - Jerry Ashley ... Come On - The Intruders ... Subterranean Homesick Blues - The Lidos ... Since I Last Saw You - The Rocks ... Love City - The Sabers ... Skinny Minny - The Beethovens Four ... Oh Pretty Baby. Double LP 19.50 / CD 12.30
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volume 1 (CRYPT-109) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Buttons ... I’ve Been Lookin’ - Colonials ... Crawdad - Sonic-Lyne ... Last Time - Pastels ... Mirage - Electric Sensation ... Mary - Juveniles ... I Wish I Could - Krels ... Psychedelic Feelin’ - Infinitives ... Thousand Tears - Es-Shades ... Never Met A Girl Like You Before - Expressions ... One More Night - Dirt Merchants ... I Found Another Girl - Other Side ... What In The World - Vanguards ... What’s Wrong With You - The Jolly Beggars ... The Last Step Of Doom - Continentals ... Gloria. Gatefold LP 14.90
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNSVolume 2 (CRYPT-110) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Our Gang ... Careless Love - Infinitives ... Heidi - Unknown Group ... Got Love If You Want It - Catsanovas ... I Want To Be Loved - Prophets Of Old ... Just Can’t Wait - Alan Burn And The Ushers ... Whirlpool - Ronnie D With The Casuals ... I Need Your Lovin’ - Casuals Incorporated ... I Realize - Freedom Five ... To Save My Soul - Half Pint And The Fifths ... Loving On Borrowed Time - End Result ... Llove - Vandals ... Your Love Will Die - Royal Coachmen ... I Don’t Need You - Dirt Merchants ... Do What You Wanta Do - Empty Streets ... You Can Make It. Gatefold LP 14.90
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volumes 1 & 2 (CRYPT-109 CD) 29 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness from LPs 1 & 2 with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Buttons ... I’ve Been Lookin’ - Colonials ... Crawdad - Sonic-Lyne ... Last Time - Pastels ... Mirage - Electric Sensation ... Mary - Juveniles ... I Wish I Could - Krels ... Psychedelic Feelin’ - Infinitives ... Thousand Tears - Es-Shades ... Never Met A Girl Like You Before - Expressions ... One More Night - Dirt Merchants ... I Found Another Girl - Other Side ... What In The World - Vanguards ... What’s Wrong With You - The Jolly Beggars ... The Last Step Of Doom - Continentals ... Gloria - Our Gang ... Careless Love - Infinitives ... Heidi - Unknown Group ... Got Love If You Want It - Catsanovas ... I Want To Be Loved - Prophets Of Old ... Just Can’t Wait - Ronnie D With The Casuals ... I Need Your Lovin’ - Casuals Incorporated ... I Realize - Freedom Five ... To Save My Soul - Half Pint And The Fifths ... Loving On Borrowed Time - End Result ... Llove - Vandals ... Your Love Will Die - Royal Coachmen ... I Don’t Need You - Dirt Merchants ... Do What You Wanta Do - Empty Streets ... You Can Make It. CD 12.30

KILLER BLUES/R&B repro 45s:

CHA CHA TWIST/ TEMPTED (MADISON 137) A contagious and hypnotic exotica mid-paced two sider. repro 7" 7,90
CAL GREEN THE BIG PUSH/ TINY TOPSY AW SHUCKS BABY (FEDERAL 12302) Tittyshakin' R'n'B instro with another classic from Ms. Topsy on the flipster. repro 7" 7,90
GRAINGER HUNT NOAH / SAY BOSS MAN (LE CAM 129) A killer rocker twin spinner with great guitar work. repro 7" 7,90
J.J. JACKSON OO MA LIDDI / LET THE SHOW BEGIN (STORM 502) Two cuts of R'n'B/soul crossover. repro 7" 7,90
THE KENTS I FOUND MY GIRL/ DON & BOB GOOD MORNING LITTLE SCHOOLGIRL (ARGO 5299) A tough rocking group stroller with a classic flipside. repro 7" 7,90
KING CARL I’M JUST A LONELY MAN/ LIL BOB I GOT LOADED (LA LOUISIANNE) Twin spinner with one side of rockin' soul flavoured R'n'B and a popcorn mid-pacer on the flip.repro 7" 7,90
EARL KING YOU CAN FLY HIGH / BABY YOU CAN GET YOUR GUN (ACE 529) Two fantastic New Orleans rockers. repro 7" 7,90
JIMMIE “PLAYBOY” KNIGHT LITTLE ANN / AT NADENS EBONY DOOR (PHYNK 1753) A mod R'n'B rocker that's extremely tough to find as an original. repro 7" € 7,90
EDDIE PERRELL HEX/ GOOD NIGHT MY LOVE (SHURFINE 013) 60s R'n'B rocker with great guitar break. repro 7" 7,90


DON & DEWEY A LITTLE LOVE / JUNGLE HOP (SPECIALTY 599) 2x belting black rocking screamers. repro 7" 7.90
DON & DEWEY JUSTINE/ BIM BAM (SPECIALTY 631) 2x belting black rocking dance floor fillers. repro 7" 7.90
RODDY JACKSON HICCUPS / THERE'S A MOOSE ON THE LOOSE (SPECIALTY 649) Blue eyed twin spin rockers. repro 7" 7.90
BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON DARK WAS THE NIGHT COLD WAS THE GROUND/ IT’S NOBODY’S FAULT BUT MINE (COLUMBIA 14303) Amazing Moody Intense Country Blues Masterpiece. "In terms of its intensity alone—its spiritual ache—there is nothing else from the period to compare to Johnson's 'Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground', on which his guitar takes the part of a preacher and his wordless voice the part of a rapt congregation". Francis Davis – Blues Historian. repro 7" 7.90
SLIM HARPO I'VE GOT LOVE IF YOU WANT IT / I'M A KING BEE (EXCELLO 2113) Moody intense and hypnotic swamp blues two sider. repro 7" 7.90
TINY TOPSY COME ON, COME ON, COME ON / RING AROUND MY FINGER (FEDERAL 12309) Swinging dancers from the belting voice of Miss Topsy. repro 7" 7.90
LARRY WILLIAMS SLOW DOWN / DIZZY MISS LIZZY (SPECIALTY 626) Classic two sider and guaranteed dance floor filler. repro 7" 7.90
LARRY WILLIAMS BAD BOY / SHE SAID YEAH (SPECIALTY 658) Club classics! repro 7" 7.90


EDDIE HOPE A FOOL NO MORE / LOST CHILD (MARLIN 804) Top ten rockin’ Blues masterpiece twin-spinner out of Florida. repro 7" 7.90
JOHN & JACKIE LITTLE GIRL / RAGING SEA (ALADDIN 3425) Belting two sided rocker with added orgasms! repro 7" 7.90
WILLIE LOVE FEED MY BODY TO THE FISHES/ WAY BACK (TRUMPET 172) Memphis country blues bopper. repro 7" 7.90
TOMMY NAVARRO I CRIED MY LIFE AWAY/ CLUB OF BROKEN HEARTS (DE JAC 1253) Classic northern masterclass with a strong latin flavour. repro 7" 7.90
PERRY & THE HARMONICS DO THE MONKEY WITH JAMES / JAMES OUT OF SIGHT (MERCURY 72476) Coool driving 60’s dancer with a shaken but not stirred theme! repro 7" 7.90
LEO PRICE HEY NOW BABY / QUICK DRAW (HULL 2073) Solid soul/ R’n’B dancing crossover with cool instro flip. repro 7" 7.90
REV. CHARLIE JACKSON MORNING TRAIN/ WRAPPED UP AND TANGLED UP (BOOKER 434) Raw and primitive gospel screamers. repro 7" 7.90
JOE TEX DAVY, YOU UPSET MY HOME / PNEUMONIA (KING 4840) Hot two sides, one dancer and one homage to ‘Fever’. repro 7" 7.90



The Minimum Wage / LOUIS JORDAN Workin' Man ((Forty 5 PSV-001) New series on OUTTA SIGHT label: releasing the finest in Popcorn Soul. First release starts with a superb Popcorn shuffler with a trademark laughing sax and a rising price tag b/w LOUIS JORDAN, “king of the jukebox”, was one of the most successful black American musicians of all time. He was mostly associated with the Swing era, something that is still evident on this 1962 Tangerine recording from late in his career. 7" 8.50

LAVERN BAKER Bumble Bee / LAVERN BAKER & JACKIE WILSON Think Twice (Fryers FRY024) Great two sider from one of the leading queens of Rhythm and Blues, Lavern Baker. 'Bumble Bee' is an unusual uptempo early soul dancer with sharp backing vocals, nicely droning guitar chops and chime like vibes. And of course, a sassed-up vocal turn from Ms. Baker herself. Meanwhile, on the flip, the notorious x-rated version of 'Think Twice', a duet with Jackie Wilson. Reportedly recorded at the end of a long session in which copious alcohol had been imbibed, here Baker and Wilson let rip, audibly stifling hysterics as they try and out-filth each other. Obviously this version was never intended for release and would certainly have shocked the airwaves of the time. A few decades on, it's definitely still outrageous enough to offend some, so we recommend it for mature audiences only... Either that or just drop it into your set and see if anyone notices! 7" 7.90

BLUES WITH A RHYTHM Volume 1 (Doghouse & Bone) Limited edition 10". Collection of highly obscure RHYTHM & BLUES singles from the 60's: Hardhead - Louis Jordan/ My Girl Across Town - Lester Robertson And The Upsetters/ Every Woman I Know (Is Crazy About An Automobile)- Al Vance/ Hello Friends, Hello Pal - Mr. Calhoun/ Mailman, Mailman - Sonny Boy Williamson/ Wait Till Next Week, Baby - Big Connie/ Hungry And Thirsty (For Your Love) - Jimmy Trotter/ My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone - Poppa Hop And His Orchestra/ Oh Boy - Jimmy Witherspoon/ Sis Boogie – Lightnin Hopkins. 10" 13.90

ROY BROWN Butcher Pete Pt. 1 & 2 (Jukebox Jam) Roy Brown makes his third appearance on the Jukebox Jam series with 'Butcher Pete', an outrageously lewd uptempo Jump Blues banger. Originally cut on 78 only in 1950, using a somewhat gruesome double entendre the song warns husbands and boyfriends to watch out for Pete, newly arrived in town and indiscriminately 'chopping' through all the 'meat' in town using his 'long sharp knife'. It's a wonder how they got away with this stuff! 7" 7.90
I'm A Rockin Man / Everyhing's Alright (Jukebox Jam JBJ 1054) Mid-century R&B from one of the best artists of the blues shouter era - none other than Roy Brown. 'I'm A Rockin' Man' is, as its title suggests, a upfront and bold slab of Jump Blues machismo. Before Rock & Roll became established as a genre in itself, artists such as Roy Brown were laying the foundations, in both tone and attitude, with swaggering, brazenly libidinous floor-shakers like this. 7" 7.90

RUTH BROWN Shine On/ Please Don't Freeze (Atlantic RB107) Two killer Latin beat R&B sides from the queen of sassy, 50s R&B - Ruth Brown. 'Shine On' is a high-tempo, rollicking rumba screamer, whilst 'Please Don't Freeze' is slower and sexier. Both sides are equally essential, however, and both sound better than ever on this loud pressing new reissue pairing. 7 7.90
RUTH BROWN Tears Keep Tumbling Down / If I Had Any Sense (Atlantic RB110) Two more sexy sides from the queen of R&B sass, Ruth Brown.Here, Ruth is in a more sombre mood vocally on 'The Tears Keep Tumbling Down', even if the swaying, stomping backing music is still apt to set feet in motion. On the flip side, our girl laments her poor life choices on 'If I Had Any Sense' another powerful mid-tempo R&B sure shot sounding great on this loud pressed 45. 7" 7.90

GENE CHANDLER There Was a Time / Those Were The Good Old Days Reissue (Fryers FRY017) The only worthwhile reason to cover someone else’s record is A: If you have a completely different take on it, or B: If you can smash the original version to pieces. Now not many people would be willing to take on the Godfather of Soul “James Brown” at this task, but not only does Gene Chandler do this but he knocks it out the fucking park. This IS the version of “There Was a Time”. Barnstorming pounding northern soul of the highest calibre, Nobody is messing with Chandler's confidence and he takes control of the heavy orchestration and rises effortlessly above it, his precise vocal timing and dominance that commands the dancefloor to lose control with a different dance on each breakdown. 7" 7.90

THE CHANTERS & BROTHER WOODMAN She Wants to Mambo / Watts (Jukebox Jam JBJ1059) Lifted from the second volume of Jukebox Mambo, the Chanters 'She Wants To Mambo' absolutely epitomizes the sound, with the exotic rumba back-beat and stop-start rhythm - complete with obligatory 'unghh' vocal interjections - utilized to ramp up the sex factor. Chanters lead siren Ethel Brown (who also gave us 'Hot Mama' from the Jukebox Jam Vol 2 comp) is in particularly flirtatious mood as she coos and oohs back and forth with her backing singers. On the flip, another great side from the Chanters, and another rumba-laced track, this time cut for Chuck Higgins' Combo label and featuring a male lead, regaling us with a proud tribute to the groups hometown, the south central Los Angeles district of Watts. 7" 7.90

JUDY CLAY Do You Think That's Right/ BABY WASHINGTON I've Got A Feeling (Outta Sight RSV 048)Two outta site female RnB dancefloor fillers on one 45. Judy Clay is a storming harmonica driven song and my beloved Baby is here with her killer dancer " I've Got A Feeling"!! 7" € 8.50

RUTH CHRISTIE Strange Exotic Melody/ This Must Be Love (Outta Sight RSV 047) Exotic popcorn dancer on Side A, great voices by the queen, smooth as can be! Great fingersnapping rocker on the flip, piano driven dancefloor monster!! 7" 8.50

CAROL CONNORS That's All It Takes/ I Wanna Know (Forty 5 PSV-002) Carol Connors is perhaps best known as the lead singer with Phil Spector’s Teddy Bears. She went on to have a solo career, initially as Carol Collins and then, in 1961, as Carol Connors. She also co-wrote the theme to Rocky, “Gonna Fly Now”, and wrote the lyrics to two songs in Roman Polanski’s Oscar nominated The Pianist. Here we feature her two most highly prized Northern Soul and Popcorn rarities from ’62. 7" 8.50

CONTOURS Whole Lotta Woman / Regional Version (Jukebox Jam JBJ1055) The Contours 'Whole Lotta Woman' is a great example of the exciting early soul era, and the trend-setting sounds that were emerging from Detroit's R&B scene of the early '60s. With one foot in the raw, saltier waters of the 1950s, and the other tapping a groovier, less jagged rhythm that was about to take hold of the nations clubs, 'Whole Lotta Woman' is a record which sits perfectly on the cusp. Appearing here on side A in the songs first incarnation - and the one which made a lot of noise locally in Detroit - and on Side B with the reworked, 'polished' version which Berry Gordy hoped would ignite nationally. In the event, neither release took the Contours to wide fame - that would come soon after with the release of 'Do You Love Me'. 7"7.90

ARTHUR 'BLUES' CRUDUP She's My Baby/ The Moon Is Rising (Champion) WOW! Completely unreleased, unknown Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup (or Arthur "Blues" Crudup as he is known here) track and its a killer. Taken from an acetate recorded for Champion in Jackson, Mississippi from 1952, this is a fast Blues Stomper in the style of his Uptempo RCA sides. The flip is a great slower blues with a great slappin' Bass backing. 7" 7.90

BO DIDDLEY Bo Diddley's A Twister (Rumble Records) Originally released on Checker in 1962, 'Bo Diddley's A Twister', was one of THREE albums released by Diddley in that year alone. Truly one of the hardest working men in show business, his productivity did not do anything to dilute his sound, and the classics here include 'Detour', 'Road Runner', and 'Here 't Is' which The Yardbirds would cover extensively live, but without ever matching the power of the original. LP 13.50

DRIFTERS Drip Drop/ 5 ROYALES Catch That Teardrop (Outta Sight RSV 046) Two all-time faves back to back. Killer release! 7" 8.50

BETTY EVERETT I've Got A Claim On You / JUANITA NIXON Stop Knockin' (Outta Sight RSV 049) Two superb class tracks in this shiny black wax 45!! BETTY EVERETT is here with her immportal floorfiller 'I've Got A Claim On You', a hardhitting RnB classic at it's very best! The flip is one of my fave female popcorn dancers ever! JUANITA NIXON's "knock knock" song is a beautiful dancer, originally released on the great King Records label! 7" 8.50

FOUR TEMPOS Come On Home / THEE ENCHANTMENTS I'm In Love With Your Daughter (Pt.1) (Outta Sight) OSV-126: THEE ENCHANTMENTS were a Latino band from the Lincoln Heights district of East Los Angeles, Like many Chicano combos from the Barrio they were influenced by traditional Mexican music, doo-wop and rhythm & blues. The lead vocalist was Eddie Serrano who would go on to join Cannibal & The Headhunters after the group disbanded due to military service. They left behind a legacy of just one 45 released on 31st January, 1966 on Eddie Davis’ Faro label. “I'm In Love With Your Daughter" has gone on to become a cult Northern Soul collectable commanding prices of up to £500 and is reissued here for the first time. The song was written by Chic Carlton, former member of the Atlantics (featured above). 7" 8.50

GAY POPPERS I Want To Know / You Got Me Up Tight (Outta Sight RSV054) THE GAY POPPERS were a doo-wop quintet from New York who first caught our attention in 1960 with “You Better Believe” on Savoy. A label hop to Bobby Robinson’s Fire imprint saw two releases: “I Want To Know” (Fire 1026) and “You Got Me Up Tight” (Fire 1039), both featured here, for the first time in over 50 years. 7" 8.50

STEVE GIBSON Big Game Hunter/ Why Don't You Love Me (Jukebox Jam JBJ1049)Risque R&B from the well-traveled bandleader Steve Gibson. Over a catchy but minimal, syncopated and snappy drum, bass and guitar and piano backing, the baritone vocal runs through various double entendres with a hunting theme as backing vocal group the Red Caps egg him along. He's a big game hunter, with a big game hunter's gun... You get the picture... And if not, Gibson's wife Damita Jo LeBlanc joins the party as the song fades, 'Great Big ol' game hunter' she purrs. Just how did they get away with this kind of thing back in '53?!? 7" 7.90

GO DEVIL GO! (Jerome Records) Cool Gospel compilation with a range from hypnotic mid-tempo primitive rural blues to chaotic, raw R&B workouts. Guitars and furious hand claps accompany singers who do not speak of this world and are pushing hard to get to the other side. Go Devil Go is a selection from the 3 CD set "Fire In My Bones" compiled by Mike McGonigal in 2009. Most of the recordings included here were published in 45's or 78's for less known independent companies, some by tiny local labels and sometimes paid by the church congregation itself. Tracks: I'm A Soldier - The Phillips' Specials / You Ought to Been There - The B.C. Harmonizers / I’m Just A Voice - Helen McGiver and the McGiver Singers / Made A Vow To The Lord - Rev. Steward & Family / Don’t Let Him Ride - Mississippi Nightingales / This Train - Elder S. Patterson & The Christian Crusaders / Holy Rock - Reverend Billy H. Grady/ Go Devil Go - Madam Ira Mae Littlejohn / The Wicked Shall Cease - Nathaniel Rivers / He’s Coming Back - Elder & Sister Brinson & the Brinson Brothers / Get Back Satan - Rev. Roger L Worthy & His Sister Bonnie Woodstock / God's Mighty Hand - Rev. Utah Smith / You Better Get Ready - The Bible Aires Spiritual Singers (Belle Aires) / So Soon - Little Ax & The Golden Echoes. LP 14.90

CARL HENRY HALL Summertime/ JIMMY RANDOLPH Summertime (Popcorn POPC128) Female singer Carl Henry Hall's version works the timeless melody into a groovy, horn led riff which keeps on building. A great dancefloor worker. On the flip, Jimmy Randolph's take is a slower, jazzier piece, with finger snapping rhythm and swaggering, deep male vocals. 7" 7.90

HARVEY Any Way You Wanta / She Loves Me So (Popcorn POPC126) A bona fide classic early soul / R&B sure-shot here from Detroit legend Harvey Fuqua, a man who begun his career singing with vocal group the Moonglows before going on to become a pivotal behind the scenes figure in the formative days of the Motown empire. Originally cut in 1962, the catchy, Latin-edge mover 'Any Way You Wanta' has a 50 year history of packing out dance floors. 7" 7.90

HIGHER GROUND Volume 1 (Stag-O-Lee) The first EP in a series of gospel, mainly from the '50s and early '60s. The record comes in a brown cardboard cover with holes for the label. Front is screen-printed in gold. Tracks: Voices Of Jordon - It's Getting Late/ Juanita Johnson - There Is A God Somewhere/ Blind Boys Of Alabama - Satisfied With My Jesus/ Sister Wynona Carr - The Ball Game/ Happyland Singers - Here Am I/ Chosen Gospel Singers - Stay With Me Jesus/ The Gospelaires - C'mon/ Swan Silvertones - End Of My Journey. Limited edition of 500. 10" 14.50

HOWLIN' WOLF Well That's Alright/ Everybody's In The Mood (Sun SP-106)Killer Blues 2 sider from the wolf in stylin' hardcover sleeve. Essential! 7" 11.50
HOWLIN' WOLF Howlin' Wolf / Moanin' In The Moonlight (Vinyl Passion) Two original albums plus 12 classic tracks. 180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeeve original recordings remastered: Lp #1: 01. Shake For Me 02. The Red Rooster 03. You'll Be Mine 04. Who's Been Talkin' 05. Wang Dang Doodle 06. Little Baby 07. Spoonful 08. Going Down Slow 09. Down In The Bottom 10. Back Door Man 11. Howlin' For My Baby 12. Tell Me 13. Howlin' Wolf Boogie [Bonus Track] 14. Mr. Highway Man [Bonus Track] 15. I'm The Wolf [Bonus Track] 16. Rockin' Daddy [Bonus Track] 17. Who Will Be Next [Bonus Track] 18. The Natchez Burning [Bonus Track] Lp #2: 01. Moanin' At Midnight 02. How Many More Years 03. Smokestack Lightnin' 04. Baby, How Long 05. No Place To Go 06. All Night Boogie 07. Evil 08. I'm Leavin' You 09. Moanin' For My Baby 10. I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) 11. Forty-Four 12. Somebody In My Home 13. Sitting On Top Of The World [Bonus Track] 14. I Better Go Now [Bonus Track] 15. Howlin' For My Darling [Bonus Track] 16. I've Been Abused [Bonus Track] 17. Just Like I Treat You [Bonus Track] 18. I Ain't Superstitious [Bonus Track] Double LP 21.90

IVORY JOE HUNTER I'm Cuttin' Out / You Only Want Me When You Need Me (Outta Sight RSV 051) Two mighty tracks by the Man! Side A is a popcorn mover, great big voice & orchestra. Flipside is a more ballady song. 7" 8.50

ETTA JAMES At Last Triple 7" (Jazzman) When Etta James passed away in early 2012, the tributes and plaudits flooded in the world over. Gone forever was the soul diva and legend, the peerless and seemingly indomitable, screaming, bawling R&B siren who had seen off several near death experiences with dangerous substances and even more dangerous men. As the music world mourned, the question still remained - did Etta really receive her dues during her life? That recent interest in her career probably peeked when portrayed onscreen by a certain Beyonce Knowles in the Chess biopic 'Cadillac Records' would suggest the answer is no.This short and sweet set of six songs spread across three 45rpm records captures various key snapshots and key moments in Etta's early career. We hear the precocious, sassy teenaged delinquent on 'That's All', the snarling rock and roll mama on 'Tough Lover' and we revisit her 'coming of age' moment, the song that came to spark her adult career into a new direction and lifespan and became her signature: 'At Last'. Tracklist: Seven Day Fool/ Something's Got a Hold on Me/ Spoonful/ It's a Crying Shame Feat. Harvey Fuqua/ At Last/ I Just Want to Make Love to You. Triple 7"22.90

JERK BOOM BAM Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Nine (RSAB-119) Duane Yates PASSIN' ON BY, Willie Mae Thornton JUST LIKE A DOG, The Coanjos DO THE BOOMERANG, Pepe Fernandez HAVING FUN, Herb Zane PERSIAN TWIST, Tony Butela LONG BLACK STOCKINGS, Lucky Laws I'M NOT TEASING, Tony Allen & The Twilights THE TRAKEY-DOO, Reverend Cleosuph Robinson CAN'T NOBODY DO, Andre Franklin with The Preston Epps Trio SAY YEAH!, Billy Boy Arnold SCHOOL TIME, Tommy Ridgely I WANT SOME MONEY BABY, The Baby I NEED LOVE, Ann Fleming YOU'RE JUST ONE MAN, Little Jewel I WANT TO. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Volume 10 (Jerk RSAB-210) Killer new LP of greasy late-1950s & early-1960s R&B &soul dance blasters!! Tracks: Side A: 1 Prince Phillip ANOTHER FOOL LIKE ME 2 Bobby & The Innkeepers TALKING ABOUT MY BABY 3 The Dream Girls CRYING IN THE NIGHT 4 George Allen LOOSE SCREW 5 Mel Williams I GOT EYES 6 Jimmy Vaughn & His Orchestra HOT-SI-TOT-SI 7 Donny Williams BOOGIE CHILLUNS PLAYHOUSE 8 Eddie King & Mae B. May PLEASE MR. DJ - Side B: 1 Bobby & The Innkeepers SOMETIMES I WALK 2 Little Mack I NEED LOVE 3 Duke Jenkins MAMBO BLUES 4 Adolph Jacobs MOVE AROUND EASY 5 Eddie King & The Three Queens LOVE YOU BABY 6 Al Brown & The Tunetoppers TAKE ME BACK 7 Lenis Guess THANK GOODNESS GOT A GOOD WOMAN 8 Embraceables WATERMELON MAN. LP11.90

JIM JAM GEMS Volume 3: Party In The Front, Black Jack In The Back (Stag-O-Lee) Cootie Williams – Rinky Dink/ Bonita – Walk Right In/ Willie Mabon – Wow I Feel So Good/ Jesse Allen – Let's Party/ Sonny Boy Williamson – Rub A DubB-Side/ Tony Middleton – Black Jack/ Pete Johnson – Pete's Mixture/ Babs Gonzales – House Rent Party/ Big John Greer – Let It Roll Again/ Bea Foote – Weed. 10 12.70
JIM JAM GEMS Volume 4: Bongology (Stag-O-Lee) Lecuona Cuban Boys – Tabou/ Cab Calloway – Que Pasa Chica/ Sugar Boy Crawford – Watch Her, Whip Her/ Jimmy Van Eaton – Bo Diddley/ Kishore Kurma – Eena Meena Deeka/ Dinah Washington – Since My Man Has Gone And Went/ Wilmoth Houdini – Don't Do That To Me/ Sondi Sodsai – Love Dance/ Latin Allstars – Rapture/ Julie London – Come On In My House. 10 12.70

JUKEBOX MAMBO VOLUME 2 (Jazzmen) Follow up to the original game-changing Jukebox Mambo set of sweltering rumba accented Rhythm & Blues. Two years in the making, this sequel ploughs deeper still into the revolutionary '40s and '50s Afro-American musical canon, pulling together another combustible collection of lascivious Latin-edged blues exotica. Issued with extensive biographical notes and exclusive photographs on CD and deluxe old style 2LP paste-on gatefold (with A3 size show poster inside), Jukebox Mambo Vol. 2 is likely to be as influential in setting tastes as its predecessor. As with the first volume, this edition will also be released on an ultra limited, lavishly produced 1940s style 6 x 10" album set which boasts four exclusive extra tracks and expanded notes. Tracks: Lincoln Chase - I Love Your many Ways/ Christine Chatman w/ Peppy Prince Orchestra - Run Gal Run/ Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames - I Come From Jamaica/ Zilla Mays - Calypso Blues/ Johnny Oliver - All I Have Is You/ Chuck Edwards - Morning Train/ Oscar Saldana - Mambo Hop/ Jimmy Nolen - Jimmys Jive/ Four Blazes - All Night Long/ Chanters - She wants To Mambo/ Jeanne DeMetz w/ Johnny Alston Orchestra - Calypso Daddy/ Camille Howard - Within This Heart Of Mine/ Ashton Savoy - Denga Denga/ Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra - Later Gator/ Note & Toe & The Grenadiers - I Got A Cold - Calypso/ John McKinney & The Premiers - Gee I Love You/ T-Bone Walker - Plain Old Down Home Blues/ Ron Rico w/ Sax Kari Orchestra - Chano/ Don Tosti y su Conjunto - Mambo Del Pachuco/ Billy Emerson - Satisfied/ Frank Motley - Wanda Landa Landa/ Red Saunders - Summertime. Double LP23.90 / CD 13.50

B.B. KING Singin' The Blues (Rumble Records) Originally released in 1957 on the legendary budget label Crown, 'Singin' The Blues' compiles many of the classic '50s sides that B.B. King recorded for Los Angeles-based labels RPM, Kent and Modern. LP 13.50
B.B. KING The Blues (Rumble Records) Originally released in 1958, on the legendary budget label Crown, The Blues compiles many of the classic ‘50s sides that B.B. King recorded for the Los Angeles based labels RPM, Kent, and Modern. Mostly recorded in King’s home base of Memphis, TN, some of which were even recorded and produced by Sam Phillips of Sun Records fame: A1 Why Do Things Happen To Me A2 Ruby Lee A3 When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer A4 Past Day A5 Boogie Woogie Woman A6 Early In The Morning B1 I Want To Get Married B2 That Ain't The Way To Do It B3 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles B4 Don't You Want A Man Like Me B5 You Know I Go For You B6 What Can I Do. LP 13.50

SAUNDERS KING Swingin / Lazy Woman Blues (Jukebox Jam JBJ1052) Killer late 40s instrumental Jazz workout from the San Francisco based guitarist and bandleader Saunders King. One of the highlights of the current Jukebox Jam Vol 2 Lp, this is hot dancefloor action which starts off nice, light and indeed 'swinging' and builds up the as it goes along, with the horns joining in and the rhythm intensifying. Issued on 45rpm - the rhythm & blues DJ's format of choice! - for the very first time! 7" 7.90

CURTIS KNIGHT Voodoo Woman/ JOHNNY DARROW Love Is A Nightmare (Outta Sight RSV-044) Double-sider of current dancfloor filler on RnB and Popcorn scene. 7" 8.50

LA NOIRE Volume 4: The Glory Is Coming (Doghouse & Bone) 14 blues'n gosperl prayers, all taken from the original 45rpm records. Comes in gatefold sleeve.A Side 1. Mini-Your Dress Is Too Short / Madame Nellie Robinson 2. The Battle Of Jericho / The Pilgrim Travelers 3. I Can See So Much / Reverend Cleophus Robinson 4. Something / Mighty Golden Bells Feat William Sanders 5. Gods Got It / Rev. Charlie Jackson The Gospel Guitar And Singer Of Baton Rouge Louisiana 6. You Cant Make Me Doubt / The Gospelaires 7. Take Me By My Hand / Ray Crume And The Zion Tones B Side: 1. Who Rolled The Stone Away / Marie Knight 2. Im On My Way / Mahalia Jackson 3. Im Getting Richer / The Famous Ward Singers 4. Glory Is Coming / Sunset Travelers 5. Its Been A Change / The Staple Singers 6. God Is Coming / C B S Trumpeteers 7. Morning Train / Rev. Charlie Jackson The Gospel Guitar And Singer Of Baton Rouge Louisiana Art Work, Voodoo De Luxe. Words & Liner Notes James Ventrella. LP 13.90

JOE LIGGINS Going Back to New Orleans / ELLIS 'SLOW' WALSH New Orleans Is My Home (Jukebox Jam - JBJ1051) No city captured the hearts and minds of R&B musicians as the birthplace of Jazz - New Orleans. Even those who weren't directly affiliated with the Crescent City by birthright, such as Oklahoma born, Los Angeleno Joe Liggins, still strove to pay tribute and invoke the near mythical N'awlins spirit in their music. And 'Going Back to New Orleans' is a fitting and authentic tribute indeed - running the rhythmic gamut through dixieland jazz, rumba and rock and roll all in this one action-packed number. In actuality, the song is a reworked cover of Ellis 'Slow' Walsh's original 'New Orleans Is My Home', itself a fine, fine piece of work which is featured here on the flip side. 7" 7.90

LIGHTNIN’ SLIM Rooster Blues (Rumble Records) GREAT reissue of his first LP! Louisiana bluesman Lightnin' Slim (nee Otis V. Hicks) began entertaining bar patrons in his native Baton Rouge in the 1940s. By the '50s he was releasing singles on the now legendary Excello label (the blues division of Nashville based Nashboro). This album, his first long player, appeared in 1960 and compiles many of those classic '50s sides. Slim was often accompanied by his brother-in-law, Slim Harpo, on the harmonica, along with a full, rollicking rhythm section heavily influenced by the R&B coming out of NOLA at the time. LP 13.50
LIGHTNIN’ SLIM Bell Ringer (Rumble Records) Compiling superb early singles from Lightnin’ Slim recorded for Excello, Bell Ringer is an essential collection of some of the Louisiana bluesman’s finest material: Track list: A1 Love Me Mama A2 She's My Crazy Little Baby A3 Have Mercy On Me Baby A4 Wintertime Blues A5 If You Ever Need Me A6 Mean Ole Lonesome Train. B1 Baby Please Come Back B2 Love Is Just A Gamble B3 Somebody Knockin' B4 You Give Me The Blues B5 Don't Start Me Talkin' B6 You Move Me Baby. LP 13.50
LIGHTNIN' SLIM Mean Ole Lonesome Train/ Have Your Way (Outta Sight RSV 055) Two mid-fifties Excello sides that have been steadily rising in popularity and price. Both have the requisite R&B tempo for dance floor action and both make their debut vinyl reissue back-to-back for the first time. 7" 8.50

LITTLE ESTHER Cherry Wine/ You Took My Love Too Fast (Outta Sight RSV 055) First time re-issue of female vocal R'n'B/Jump Blues from 1953 (Federal). 7" 8.50

LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR Somewhere Down The Line/ What You Need is a Ball (Fryers FRY 025) 'Somewhere Down The Line' has been a huge mod / R&B essential spin for many years now, and it's not hard to see why. With it's bluesy harmonica and guitar riff married up to a full, swinging horn section, the production perfectly encapsulates the developing early 60s sound, where blues and R&B eventually gave way to soul. Little Johnny Taylor was the perfect exponent of this sound too, a singer who came of adult age himself in the early 60s, obviously inspired by the blues sounds of his early childhood, but contemporary to the singers who were inspiring the new genre shift at the time. The b-side 'What You Need Is A Ball' is perhaps closer still to a pure soul sound, but still with that earthy blues backbone and groove which proves so tough to stay still to7" 7.90

LITTLE RICHARD Get Rich Quick : The Birth Of A Legend (Suitable) Though best known for his classic sides on the Specialty label, RCA and Peacock were the first pit stops for the real king of rock'n'roll. For those labels Richard Wayne Penniman recorded 16 tunes, which you find on here, plus some alternate takes. The bands on these sides were Johnny Otis & The Deuces Of Rhythm along with the Tempo Toppers. Side A: 1. Little Richard Boogie 2. I Love My Baby 3. Every Hour 4. Directly From My Heart 5. Get Rich Quick 6. Thinkin' 'bout My Mother 7. I Brought It All On Myself 8. Please Have Mercy On Me 9. Get Rich Quick (Alternate Take).Side B: 10. Always 11. Ain't That Good News? 12. Fool At The Wheel 13. Why Did You Leave? 14. Ain't Nothin' Happenin' 15. Maybe I'm Right 16. Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens 17. Taxi Blues 18. I Love My Baby (Alternate Take) 19. I Brought It All On Myself (Alternate Take). LP 13.70
LITTLE RICHARD Rip It Up / Ready Teddy (RB 112 - Specialty) Stone cold essential twin spin from the real King of Rock & Roll - none other than Richard Wayne Penniman, aka, Little Richard. Seminal, piano bashing, high octane New Orleans screamers back to back! Not much left to be said about these landmark recordings, except throw on either side of this double sided stick of vinyl dynamite and watch the dance floor erupt! 7" 7.90

LITTLE WALTER Mean Old Frisco / Come Back Baby (Jukebox Jam JBJ1050) Killer unissued rockin' blues cuts x2 here as we unleash the hot, hot alternate take of Little Walter's 'Mean Old Frisco' on 45 for the first time. Whilst the session dates back to 1959, Chess waited six years to release the song, and even then, we feel that they chose the wrong take as this groovier, more driving rendition is surely superior - certainly it seems to work the dance floor better if our recent experiments with the Test Pressing prove representative. 7" 7.90

LITTLE WILLIE JOHN The King Sessions 1958 - 1959 (Mr Suit) During the period covered by this compilation, Little Willie John was moving into more orchestrated, pop-oriented material and arrangements than he'd used on his initial mid-'50s R&B hit singles for the King label. The change wasn't at all for the worse; he still put a lot of bluesy feeling into this form of blues-R&B-pop-rock & roll, getting his two biggest pop hits with 'Talk to Me, Talk to Me' and 'Spasms'. Though, it's not all orchestrated R&B-pop here, by any means: there are pretty hot jump blues, ballads, and more straightforward rock & roll on 'Leave My Kitten Alone,' which would be covered by the Beatles in 1964. Side A: 1. Talk To Me, Talk To Me 2. Spasms 3. You're A Sweetheart 4. Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good 5. Tell It Like It Is 6. Don't Be Ashamed To Call My Name 7. Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me 8. All My Love Belongs To You. Side B: 9. I'll Carry Your Love Wherever You Go 10. No Regrets 11. Made For Me 12. No More In Life 13. Leave My Kitten Alone 14. Let Nobody Love You 15. Let Them Talk 16. Right There 17. My Love - Is. LP 13.50

DAVID MICHAEL Wow! / HANK LEVINE Image (Part 1) (Outta Sight RSV 050) "Wow!" - piano driven "hip-to-the-jive" monster on the A-side, a great instro for the floor!! Jazzy, crimey, WOW!!! Originally released on Chain in 1962! On the flip a super athmospheric exotica styled instrumental! GoGo!! 7" 8.50

ROSE MITCHELL Baby Please Don't Go / Live It Up (Imperial) Two fantastic and classic cuts by Rose Mitchell with possibly the most powerful version of the blues standard ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ that you’re ever likely to hear. This is a super limited reissue that comes on blue vinyl - get it while it's hot! 7" 7.90

SYLVIE MORA Summertime / Taboo (Popcorn POPC 134) Two sublime sides from femme fatale Sylvie Mora. Both Summertime and Taboo are of course well established standards, but the treatment here of each is really unique. Summertime gets a truly expansive work over, switching between soft and slow paced acapella vocal sections which then erupt into explosive brass and drum-led riffs. On the other side, Taboo, perhaps the quintessential jazz exotica work of the early to mid-century, sounds more seductive than ever before by virtue of Mora's sultry, slinky vocals, and once again the backing orchestra is fantastic. 7" 7.90

WILSON PICKETT Let Me Be Your Boy/ JUNE (ARTHUR) ALEXANDER The Girl That Radiates That Charme (Outta Sight RSV-045) Double-sider of two sought after dancefloor-fillers. 7" 8.50

JESSIE POWELL The Walkin' Blues / FLUFFY HUNTER My Natch'l Man (RB 103 Federal) Another evergreen classic Jump Blues side here, and a masterpiece in line-straddling risque provocation, with lyrics which aren't so much suggestive as downright explicit! For those few innocents that may still need it explaining to them, 'Walk Right In, Walk Right Out' is a 'metaphor'... Either way, 'Walkin' Blues' is an absolute sure-shot, 100% party starter, the kind of record which simply makes girls immediately swamp the dance floor. You know, the best kind! The flip-side features another bawdy Jump banger from Fluffy Hunter, 'My Natch'll Man', making this frisky little package an essential pick-up. 7" 7.90

JIMMY RICKS Daddy Rolling Stone / Homesick (Popcorn POPC 131) Two low down and sleazy, moody popcorn masterpieces from the deep, deep baritone-voiced Jimmy Ricks and his backing group The Ravens. 'Daddy Rolling Stone' is a great mid-tempo cover of Otis Blackwell's signature piece with a swinging, early soul feel while 'Homesick' is a downbeat, bluesy piece which evokes the atmosphere of the traditional gospel spirituals. 7" 7.90
JIMMY RICKS Oh! What A Feeling / JO STAFFORD What A Feeling (Popcorn POPC 133) Beautifully soulful minor key midtempo popcorn R&B from the barrel-voiced Jimmy Ricks, lead on so many great records through the 50s, and as this shows, more still through the 60s. A long time presence on the soul and R&B scene, yet somehow not reissued until now. On the flip, Jo Stafford's piece may have a similar title, but it works more in contrast to the top side, a breezy, upfront piece of pure bold feminine sass. 7" 7.90

TOMMY RIDGELEY Jam Up / Jam Up Twist (RB104 - Atlantic) Classic R&B house-rocker from New Orleans born and raised bandleader Tommy Ridgley. He started out as a featured vocalist for various bands, including a four year stint with Dave Bartholomew, with whom he recorded his debut releases for Imperial records. Finally forming his own band, Ridgley cut two discs for Atlantic in 1953, 'Jam Up' being the second. A sure-fire way to get any party going, the uptempo, raucous 'Jam Up' proved to be a popular number in its day, even so much that it was reissued and repackaged with over-dubbed lyrics and an alternate sax solo in 1962 as 'Jam Up Twist', in an effort to cash in on the 'Twist' dance craze of that year. 60 years on, in 2013, 'Jam Up' continues to have much the same effect on the dance floor. 7" 7.90

JIMMY RUFFIN Don't Feel Sorry For Me/ LAMONT DOZIER Dearest One (Outta Sight RSV-042) A couple of real early classics by the legendary Jimmy Ruffin and Lamont Dozier back-to-back for the first time. 7" 8.50

SAINTS AND SINNERS Volume 10 (Sheik Records) The last Volume in this series with 16 more cuts: Me & Dem Guys - Come On Little Sweetheart/ Baby Boy Jennings & The Satellites - Goin' Home/ Solomon Burke - Maggie's Farm/ Steve Alaimo & The Redcoats - Blue Fire/ Eddie Alston - I Just Can't Help It/ The Tronics - The Big Scroungy/ Eddie Dugosh & The Redtops - One Mile/ Jericho Brown - Lonesome Drifter/ Eddie Bo - Every Dog Got His Day/ Buddy Kay With The Monuments - I Still Love You/ Lee Dorsey - Can You Hear Me/ Dick Tacker - Rock All Night With Me/ Bobby Pedrick Jr. - Betty Blue Eyes/ The Uptowners - You're A Habit/ Kenny Lund With The Roller Coasters - Rip It Up Potato Chip/ Bill Medley - Leavin' Town. LP 14.90

SCREAMING GOSPEL HOLY ROLLERS Hop Skip And Jump (Veetone) Following the success of Vee-Tone Records CD releases “Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers” Vols. 1 & 2 here are a further 18 screamin’ and hollerin’ black Gospel recordings compiled by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr presented in a deluxe 180g vinyl format. “Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers - Hop, Skip And Jump” focuses on the greatest era of Black Gospel music, the 50s and early 60s. As the title implies, this release contains some of the wildest Black Gospel ever recorded, the torrid opening track “I Wanna Be Ready” by The Rev. H.B. Crum And The Mighty Golden Keys pretty much sets the tone for the entire album. What makes this album very special is that it focuses on the “wild side” of Black Gospel, which is but a stone’s throw from Soul & Rock n Roll at its wildest and best. If you’re looking for silky smooth Gospel this definitely isn’t the album for you! Featuring record labels including Savoy, Gospel, Peacock, Checker, Sue etc. this beautifully presented Limited Edition (only 500 pressed), 180g, 12” vinyl album includes sleeve notes by Mark Lamarr along with detailed session information. The influence of Black Gospel music on Rock n Roll cannot be underestimated and this album clearly demonstrates the cross over between non secular and secular music in the 50s & 60s. Tracks: I Wanna Be Ready (Gospel 1031) - Rev. H.B Crum & The Mighty Golden Keys/ I Know The Lord (Savoy 4169) - Rev. Lawrence Roberts & His Angelic Choir/ Hop Skip And Jump (Gospel 1047) - Blind Boys Of Alabama/ Soon I'll Be Done With The Troubles Of The World (Checker LP10003) - Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi/ John The Revelator (Gospel 1004) - Gate City Singers Of Philadelphia/ Make It In (Gospel 1056) - The Caravans/ Working For My Jesus (Sue LP 3001) - National Independent Gospel Singers/ What You Gonna Do 'bout Me (Savoy 4105)- Prof. Charles Taylor And The Taylor Singers/ Burying Ground (Peacock 1765) - The Nightingales (aka The Sensational Nightingales)/ Go Tell Him What You Want (Gospel 1037) - Voices Of Jordan/ My Wonderful Counselor (Savoy 4088) - The Davis Sisters (aka Famous Davis Sisters)/ I'm Bound (Ultraphonic 50338) - Grace Gospel Singers/ Jesus Said It (Savoy 4052) - Heavenly Lights/ Lord, Lord, Lord (Galaxy 708) - The Apollos featuring Hiram Walker (aka The Appollos/Apollas)/ Glory, Glory (to His name) (Audio Fidelity LP 1921) - Rev. Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore And His Gospel Singers/ I'll Shout When I Get Home (Gospel 1064) - Imperial Gospel Singers/ Guide Me (Rev 116) - Soul Finders Of Newark/ Testimonial Service (Peacock 1836) - Gospel Consolators. LP 23.90

DEE DEE SHARP It's Mashed Potato Time (Rumble Records) Dee Dee Sharp, a Philadelphia native, got her start with a bang in 1962 at the age of 17 when she was brought in to sing on a Chubby Checker record and ended up sticking around the studio to record a bonafide hit of her own, the titular 'Mashed Potato Time', the same day. That slice of pure early '60s R&B perfection is included here along with 11 more cuts: Side One: 1. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) 2. Slow Twistin' 3. Gee 4. Two Loves 5. One Hundred Pounds Of Clay 6. Eddie, My Love. Side Two: 1. Mashed Potato Time 2. (Dee Dee) Be My Girl 3. I Sold My Heart To The Junkman 4. Remember You're Mine 5. Hurry On Down 6. Splish Splash. LP 13.50

SIN CITY JUKEBOX Volume 2 (Spoonful) Second Volume featuring 18 more tunes supplied by Herb H. Franklin, the owner of the Sin City bar in Biloxi, Mississippi which entertained it's customers with live music and a rockin' jukebox from early 1950 until the mid-60s. What set Mr. Franklin apart from other bar proprietors is that every 45 that ever graced the Sin City jukebox remained in Herb's possession. Whenever the jukebox operator came to bring in the new tunes, Herb gave him some small change to keep the replaced ones. As a result, 15 years of serious record collecting took place, without Herb even giving it a second thought. LP 13.90

SLABS OF HUMDINGERS Volume 1 (Veetone) Featuring 17 Greasy Groovers compiled by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr. This deluxe set is presented in a quality 180g format for your ultimate listening pleasure! Containing a “humdinging’” mix of 50s & 60s R&B rarities and obscurities from a cross section of labels including Checker, Felsted, Amber, King, Groove, RPM, Super, Triode, Kaydee, Acclaim, Unique Laboratories, Apollo, Specialty, RCA and Amaker. LP 23.90

SLOW GRIND FEVER Volume 3 & Yet More Adventures In The Sleazy World Of Popcorn Noir... (Stag-O-Lee) The Notes - Cha Jezebel/ The El Torros - Yellow Hand/ Eddie Cooley & The Dimples - Driftwood/ Isley Brothers with Ray Ellis & Orchestra - Teach Me How To Shimmy/ Donna Dee - Nobody's Gonna Hurt You/ Charlie Williams - Playin Guitar And Missin You/ Henry Thome - Wolf Bait/ Bob Lee - Wanted For Questioning/ Little Willie John - Young Girl/ Elizabeth Waldo - Balsa Boat/ Bobby Rebel - Valley Of Tears/ Jessie Hill - My Love/ The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You/ Jimmy Scott - Home. LP € 14.50

SPOONFUL EXOTIC BLUES & RHYTHM Volume 7: Boom-A-Lay (Stag-O-Lee) Plas Johnson & His Orchestra - Downstairs/ Chance Halladay - 13 Women/ Nick Anthony - My Baby's Gone/ Nicky De Matteo - Crackin' Stone/ David Seville - Almost Good/ Ted Jarrett & Band - (let's Twist) Slow And Easy/ The Astro-Jets - Boom-A-Lay/ Titus Turner - Hungry Man/ Ronny Savoy - Big Hand, Little Hand/ Malcom Dodds - Tremble/ Alan Arkin - 900 Miles/ Dave Brubeck Quartet - Unsquare Dance. 10" 13.70
SPOONFUL EXOTIC BLUES & RHYTHM Volume 8: Chug-A-Lug (Stag-O-Lee) Dick D'agostin & The Swingers - Night Walk/ Don Carroll - You Want Nobody But Me/ Mike Shaw - Coal Mine/ Chance Halladay - Bury Me Deep/ Deane Hawley - Boss Man/ Jim Burgett - Jekyll And Hyde/ The Viscounts - Chug-A-Lug/ Bobby Scott - I Gotta Run Now/ Malcolm Dodds - Laugh My Heart/ Trini Lopez - The Search Goes On/ Jimmy Ricks - Bad Man Of Missouri/ Oscar Perry - Sittin' Here Crying. 10" 13.70

DAKOTA STATON A Little You / My Babe (Popcorn POPC127) More brooding, dance floor popcorn R&B, this time featuring the sweet and sassy tones of Jazz siren Dakota Staton. 'A Little You' is a real swinging, finger-snapping, romping humdinger, with a great sleazy sax riff and solo. On the flip-side, a Jazzed-up, big band workout on Little Walter's Chicago blues classic 'My Babe'. 7" 7.90

SUGAR BOY CRAWFORD Watch Her, Whip Her / You Call Everybody Sweetheart (Checker 541)Two unissued sides from New Orleans bluesman Sugarboy Crawford here, originally recorded for Checker. And what can we say about the 'Watch Her, Whip Her' except that it may just be the least-PC R&B side we've ever encountered. Lyrically, the song is clearly a relic from a whole other era, with it's apparently humorously intended domestic violence theme difficult to really fathom in this thankfully more enlightened era. Regardless, the music and playing is first rate on both sides, with a top notch N'awlins ensemble underpinning both tracks with a clattering, down-home rumba. 7" 7.90

SUGARPIE DESANTO Going Back Where I Belong/ A Little Taste Of Soul (Outta Sight RSV-043) Current dancefloor fave at Northern Soul dances. 7" 8.50

CARMEN TAYLOR Ding Dong / Big Mamou Daddy (Atlantic RB 105) Super-sassy and super-sexy R&B twin-spin from lesser known female blues shouter Carmen Taylor, with 'Ding Dong' a slouching, sleazy mid-tempo twiston the 'Hound Dog' motif and 'Big Mamou Daddy' an uptempo Rock & Roll honker. Early Atlantic pressings were notoriously hissy and pressed quietly on 45rpm, which makes this newly mastered pressing the best way to enjoy these largely forgotten killers on DJ-friendly 7" vinyl. 7" 7.90

SONNY TIL Hey Little Woman / Sugar Girl (Popcorn POPC 129) Long established R&B essential floor packer that has somehow not been reissued until now. From Sonny Til's long running Baltimore based vocal group The Orioles, this was cut in 1962 and carries that nascent early soul sound that still sounds so fresh all these years later. 7" 7.90

TRAPPED – 16 R’N’B and Early Soul Stompers (Pancho Records) Sixteen never-before-reissued R’N’B and Early Soul cuts, compiled by Jordi Duró: Trapped - Baby Dee, Mama Julie - Terry & Jerry, You Can Take My Girl - The Knockouts, Baby You’ll Get Yours - J.D. & The Impressions, Pop Your Finger - The Miller Sisters, The Scratch Pt 1. - Ty Terrell, Shubby Dubby Doo - The Shamans, So Good - Playboys/ Almost Eighteen - Honey & The Bees, Slide - The Lavenders, Let The Old Folks Talk - The Vibes, Don’t Do It - Cornell Blakely, Young Queen Chunka Bo Bo - Del Mingos, Mojo Hanna - The Ideals, Mr. Zebra - The Chanteers, Mah-Mah Limbo - Cy Wagner Orchestra. LP 14.90

MILTON TRENIER Gonna Catch me A Rat/ DEAN JONES St. James Infirmary (Forty 5) MILTON TRENIER, one of the famed Trenier brothers, also enjoyed a prolific solo career that produced this 1959 Dot recording “Gonna Catch Me A Rat”. A hard to find 45 that has been picking up a lot of plays in the R&B Clubs and is rising in value – catch one while you can! DEAN JONES recorded his version of “St. James Infirmary” in 1960 and is one of a number of versions that are currently picking up plays across Europe. A hard to find original on the 88 Brand logo. The song is a traditional American folk song that proved popular with Blues artists and was made famous by Louis Armstrong. 7" 8.50

'CILE TURNER Crap Shootin' Sinner/ BIRDIE GREEN Tremblin' (Forty 5) 'CILE TURNER, or Lucile Turner was a popular NBC radio host who presented a weekly show promoting traditional African-American music and folk stories that she collected on her many journeys across the South. 'Crap Shootin' Sinner' finds her in top form on an atmospheric tale of a gambler's delight. A hard to find original Colonial 45 from 1959. BIRDIE GREEN is best known for her original End 45 'How Come' / 'Tremblin'' recorded in 1962. Both sides have been popular on the Belgium Popcorn scene but here we showcase the more intense 'Tremblin''.7" 8.50

IKE & TINA TURNER Dynamite! (Rumble Records) Reissue of the second Ike & Tina Turner LP fulla mostly solid Ike & Tina soul. 12 cuts: You Should'a Treated Me Right/ It's Gonna Work Out Fine/ A Fool In Love/ Poor Fool/ I Idolize You/ Tra La La La La/ Sleepless/ I'm Jealous/ Won't You Forgive Me/ The Way You Love Me/ I Dig You/ Letter From Tina. LP 13.50

WANDERERS / RUTH PRICE Shadrach Meshack and Abednego / Shadrach (Popcorn POPC135) Two contrasting takes on the biblical tale of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. Vocal group the Wanderers' version is an uptempo, bopping doo wop rocker whilst Jazz siren Ruth Price performs an almost scat vocal over a sparse but energetic beatnik-style drum backing. 7" 7.90

JACKIE WEAVER The Tingle/ TAWNY WILLIAMS Pretty Little Words (Forty 5 PSV-003) JACKIE WEAVER, recorded Billy Sherrill’s infectious “Tingle” in 1961 for the Chicago based Chess label. Sherrill went on to become a country music producer and arranger, most associated with Tammy Wynette and George Jones. TAWNY WILLIAMS was one of Abner Spector’s Tuff Records artists along with the likes of Bobby Treetop, Jackie Day, Roscoe Robinson and Kendra Spotswood. She recorded two 45s, both excellent, and here we feature the first, “Pretty Little Words” from 1962. 7"8.50

BARRY WHITE AND THE ATLANTICS Tracy (All I Have Is You) / SAMMY LEE It Hurts Me (Outta Sight) OSV-125: BARRY WHITE first appeared on vinyl in 1961 on the song “Boo-Hoo-Hoo”, as part of the Atlantics, alongside Delbert Franklin, Chick Carlton and Gaynel Hodge. The record was released on Eddie Davis’ Linda Records and later covered by female vocal group The Sa-Shays. The Atlantics would go on to record “Remember The Night” / “Flame Of Love” in ’62’, with a revised line-up. In 1963 “Flame Of Love” was reissued coupled with “TRACY” credited to Barry White and The Atlantics, White’s first lead credit. When White left the group to pursue a solo career the remaining band members formed The Rivingtons. SAMMY LEE makes two appearances on the new Outta Sight CD East L.A. Soul: Sammy Lee & The Summits “Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go” and as a solo artist on his Northern Soul winner “It Hurts Me” featured here.7" 8.50

LARRY WILLIAMS Get Ready Baby! The Chess Collection (Sleazy Records) The five CHESS Singles he recorded between 1959 to 1961, plus a alt. track of "My Baby's Got Soul". Tracks: Lawdy Mama/ Like a Gentleman Oughta/ Everyday I Wonder/ Baby Baby/ My Baby's Got Soul/ Fresh Out of Tears/ Get Ready/ I Wanna Know/ Oh Baby/ I Hear My Baby/ My Baby's Got Soul (Alt. Take) 10" 13.90

LINDA WILLOBY Big Boy You're Through / BOBBY BROOKES Little Girl Is It True (Popcorn POPC 130) Linda Willoby's 'Big Boy You're Through' is a smooth and slinky, minor key popcorn gem that oozes class.Down-tempo, sophisticated, jazzy and moody, this is the kind of sound which defines the popcorn genre. An obscure one for sure, and very scarce on its original release.The flip-side, features a more upbeat R&B mover from Bobby Brookes, and a cracker in its own right, making this another essential two-sider. 7" 7.90

JACKIE WILSON & LINDA HOPKINS Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho / BIG MAYBELLE Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (Popcorn POP125)Two super-nice early 60s versions of an age-old spiritual, here given a popcorn R&B feel, with a low tempo still prime for the dance floor, and vocals from some of the best voices in soul and R&B history - Jackie Wilson and Linda Hopkins on the top side, and Big Maybelle on the reverse. Both versions were previously only available on albums, making this handy pairing their 45rpm debut, and a great DJ tool. 7" 7.90

LITTLE STEVIE WONDER Contract On Love/ BOB KAYLI Tie Me Tight (Outta Sight RSV052) LITTLE STEVIE WONDER cut six singles for Tamla before losing the “Little” moniker. “Contract On Love” was his first serious Hitsville production following the novelty flop “Little Water Boy” in December 1962. The distinctive handclap beat that announces the dance track would be recycled to great effect on The Supremes’ 1964 hit “Where Did Our Love Go”. BOB KAYLI, aka Robert Gordy, is the younger brother of Motown boss Berry Gordy. “Tie Me Tight” was written by Robert and marked his first recording for the company, which also features The Supremes on backing vocals. 7" 8.50

THE SUPREMES Your Heart Belongs To Me (Outta Sight RSV053) THE SUPREMES would go on to become Motown’s most successful act but back in the summer of ’62 they had to settle for No.95 in the Billboard Hot 100 with their 4th release as The Supremes and the first to be penned by Smokey Robinson. It was also their first record to chart, putting an end to their unfortunate Hitsville pet name… the “no-hit Supremes. On the flip side we feature a short “on-air” radio interview from the original BBC radio series Top Gear, produced by Bernie Andrews and hosted by Brian Matthew. The Supremes introduce themselves and talk about the Apollo. 7" 8.50

RICHARD WYLIE Money (That's What I Want) / I'll Still Be Around (Motown RB 106) Barrett Strong's 'Money (That's What I Want)' was one of the first big hits for Berry Gordy's Tamla / Motown stable in Detroit. Money was covered 100's of times over in the years that followed and has become perhaps one of the most famous songs of the 20th century. 7" 7.90

YOUNG JESSE Don't Happen No More (Jazzman JMANLP068) Young Jessie is one of the unheralded greats of the R&B, Rock & Roll and Soul eras. Beginning his career as a young teenager in LA vocal group the Flairs (with schoolmate Richard Berry, later of 'Louie Louie' infamy), he then signed on with Modern records and cut several high quality R&B sides through the mid-1950s. Never quite achieving the level of fame and fortune of some of his immediate peers, the closest Young Jessie got to a hit was 1956's 'Mary Lou', which sold well regionally and was later on covered by the likes of Bob Seger and the Steve Miller band. Meanwhile, Young Jessie busied himself recording demos with Leiber & Stoller for one of their regular artists, Elvis Presley. Flitting between labels at the end of the 50s and into the 60s, his own output remained consistently of a very high quality, and always in step with the changing times - from doo wop in his beginnings through Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll and into Soul. Throughout all of that, Young Jessie always considered himself a Jazz singer first and foremost, and this influence underpins all of his vocal performances. Tracklist: Smell a Rat/ Lonesome Desert/ Hoochie Coochie/ Don't Happen No More/ Mary Lou (Modern)/ Lula Belle/ Hit, Git and Split/ Big Chief (King of Love)/ The Wrong Door/ Teacher Gimme Back/ Brown Eyes (Come on Home)/ You Were Meant for Me/ Make Me Feel a Little Good/ Mary Lou. LP  20.50 /CD 11.60
YOUNG JESSIE You Were Meant For Me / Mary Lou (Jukebox Jam) Two incredible sides from the legendary Young Jessie. 'You Were Meant For Me' is a timeless piece of jazzy, dancefloor blues from the rapidly changing early '60s era. On the flipside, an equally excellent updated reworking of Young Jessie's 1956 hit 'Mary Lou'. Cut during his stint with Mercury Records, both sides boast superb production and impeccable musicianship, and of course that trademark, oaky baritone of Obie Jessie himself. 7" 7.90
YOUNG JESSIE Pretty Soon / Well Baby (Jukebox Jam JBJ 1058) Two great R&B sides from Young Jessie, both appearing on 45rpm for the very first time! Both 'Pretty Soon' and 'Well Baby' were originally recorded for the Bihari brothers Modern label in the mid-50s, and whilst the former did appear on an early 60s budget compilation album on the Crown off-shoot, 'Well Baby' surfaced a lot more recently on a CD retrospective. What isn't clear is why these great recordings were canned in the first place, but either way this welcome 45rpm pressing is surely a must-have for the R&B fiends. 7" 7.90

ADRIAN AND THE SUNSETS Breakthrough (Sundazed) High-Flyin' Surf Rock From Southern California on 180 Gram Multi-Colored Vinyl! Adrian Lloyd and his backing band The Sunsets were still teenagers when they recorded this highly-prized slab of pure California surf-rock. Long desired amongst collectors both for its brand of high-energy, drum-driven rock ‘n’ roll and for the crazy swirly vinyl it was pressed on, Breakthrough is a prime example of a genre that still excites fans of early ‘60s music. Featuring the should-have-been-a-hit title track and many other almost-classics. Tracks: 1. Breakthrough 2. Donna 3. Slippin’ 4. I Don't need You No More 5. Nothing But Drums, Part 1 6. Nothing But Drums, Part 2 7. Cherry Pie 8. She Treats Me Better Than You Side B 9. Wipe Out 10. Boss 11. Surfer Joe 12. Pipeline 13. Stomping Time 14. Justine 15. On Moonlight Bay (previously unissued) 16. Drums In Orbit (previously unissued). LP 19.90

THE AQUANAUTS RUMBLE ON THE DOCKS / BOMBORA (SAFARI S-1005) Stunning early 60'S Moody Surf Instro 2 sider. Super tough To Find on original Pressing. 7" 6.50

EDDIE ATWOOD Hot Saki / KEN NORDINE Hot Sake (TTShake -TTS118) If Chuck Rio circa 1957 took his Champs to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, they'd probably find their usual tipple in short supply. No Tequila in sight, so what's the next best thing? Hot Saki of course, and Eddie Atwood's knockabout, Far-Eastern exotica romp would be their soundtrack. 7" 7.90

BEAT FROM BADSVILLE Trash Classics From Lux & Ivy‘s Vinyl Mountain Vol. 3 (Stag-O-Lee) Third Volume comes in gatefold sleeve. Dave Henderson of Mojo–fame again selected 24 songs and gave each side a theme: Life’s A Scream / Crazy Guys, Food, Prison And A Guide To The Female Persuasion / Welcome To The Jungle / Wild And Wilder Boppin’ Girls. Gatefold Double 10" 19.90

BEEP BEEP & THE ROAD RUNNERS Shifting Gears /True Love Knows (Vincent 222-2) Killer 1966 East Coast Linkster style Instro flipped with a storming Garage Punker. Comp’d on Strummin’ Mental & Back From The Grave lps/cds. 7" 6.50

CARIBBEAN AUDIO ODYSSEY Volume 1 (Stag-O-Lee) Ten cuts from the 50s, recorded in Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago and Bermuda: Marie Bryant - Don’t Touch Me Tomato/ Lord Kitchener - Muriel And The Bug/ Orchestral Overtures - Me Ting Is Mine/ Duke Of Iron - Big Bamboo/ Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Hoola Hoop Calypso/ Blind Blake - Gin And Coconut Water/ The Charmer - Is She Is, Or Is She Ain’t/ The Talbot Brothers - You Can’t Tell The Old From The Young/ Wilmoth Houdini - Bobby Sox Idol (Frank Sinatra)/ Small Island Pride - Whey You Want To Touch It For. 10" 13.50

INTERNATIONAL VICIOUS SOCIETY Volume 1 (University of Vice) Reissue of the hard to find fist Volume in a limited edition of 500 copies. This comp. collates a worldwide mixture of painfully obscure crud-a-phonic dance platters from the 50's and 60's - 16 tracks including THE POPCORNS (The Counter), MAX GREGER (Teenager), CHILO MORAN Y SUS SOLISTAS (Mezcal), LOS ROCKERS (En La Fiesta), THE BLACK MAGIC (Surfin' Gypsy), CLAUDE & SES TRIBUNS (Le Twist Familial), etc. LP 19.50
INTERNATIONAL VICIOUS SOCIETY Volume 2 (University of Vice) Reissue of the second Volume with more obscurities from all around the world: Delteens-The Bunny Hop (USA)/ Drafi Deutscher-Come On Let's Go (Germany)/ Billy Nash-Mister Chang (UK)/ Los HH-Escucha Cowboy (Spain)/ Ennio Sangiusto-African Twist (Italy)/ Frankie Stein-Dance of the Doom (USA)/ Los Sleepers-Zombie (Mexico)Francisco-Colosal (Spain)/ The Brain Twist-Brain Twist (UK)/ Cousins-Elle a Dit MMM (Belgium)/ Equipe 84-Papa E Mama (Italy)/ Moustache-He Youla (France)/ Gerry Granahan-No Chemise Please (USA)/ Korafas-Kili Wacht (Greece)/ Mapu-Hiti Kareu (Tahiti)/ Joren Ingmann-Eco Boogie (Denmark). Limited to 500 copies. LP 19.50
INTERNATIONAL VICIOUS SOCIETY Volume 7 (University of Vice) New Volume with more obscurities from all over the world, compiled from original 78's and 45's: Comete - Jimmy's Guitar (Thailand)/ Twist Dell' Astronauta - Luciano Fineschi (Italy)/ El Idioma Del Robot - The Gay Crooners (Panama)/ Space Cowboy - The Launchers (USA)/ Sigma 7 - Dick Wolfe And The Wolverines (USA)/ Atom Bomb - Revelators Quartet (USA)/ Para El Ano Dos Mil - Luis Perez Meza (Mexico)/ Les Martiens Arrivent - Les Guitars (France)/ Marsupilami - Danyel Gerard (France)/ Manich Dalam - Bentir (Morocco)/ Koulouri - Trio Joroca (Morocco)/ Voodoo - The Chippendales (USA)/ Taboo - Esquire Boys (USA)/ Rock And Roll Para Ti - Los Murcianos (Puerto Rico)/ El Shinero De La Main - Miguel Salas (USA)/ Lao Duang Duen - Johnnys Guitar (Thailand). Limited to 500 copies. LP 19.50

RONNIE KAE Swinging Drums / Swimming Drums (TT SHAKE TTS 122) Wigged out craziness from drummer Ronny Kae. Swinging Drums is the name of the track, but Demented Drums might be more apt as Ronny rolls the toms to a twanging one string guitar riff and a suitably crazed voice interjects with dance instructions for the hepped up teens at the sock hop - simple enough commands such as 'Go Go Go - Go Everybody!' On the flip side, a variation on the winning formula with 'Swimming Drums'. Not sure what swimming drums are, but the effect is just as great! 7" 7.90

ROY LANHAM The Spectacular Six-String Of Roy Lanham (Sundazed) Pressed on red wax-a tribute to Roys famed red Jazzmaster-with new notes by Rich Kienzle. Original 1959 recordings, previously unissued in any format. Limited edition for Record Store Day 2014 Tracks: My Adobe Hacienda/ Lanham Boogie/ Song Of India/ Carnival In Paris. 7" 9.90

JOHNNY MOORE Bullfrog (TTShake TTS 119) A wild, greasy instrumental romp from Johnny Moore and the Blazers centered around an insistent and totally infectious riff. The guitar twangs and scratches, the sax rasps and honks, the piano tinkles and the rhythm bumps and shakes - what more could you want from an instro? On the flip-side, a knockabout offering entitled 'Wild Man Walk' from the Ebonites, which comes complete with bongo and grunt interjections. Ugggh! 7" 7.90

MUSIC FROM PLANET EARTH Volume 2 - Aliens, Teenie Weenie Men, Moonbeams & The Gayway To Heaven (Stag-O-Lee) Second in a series of three 10”-es, each 10” comes with a signed & numbered 24 x 24 cm screenprint of the front cover drawn by Marcel Bontempi. Tracks: Master Control/ Cees & His Skyliners - Rocking To Telstar/ Kenny Hollywood - Magic Star/ Unknown Enemy/ Danny Wheeler - Teenie Weenie Man/ Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman - Mist O' The Moon/ Carl & The Spindletoppers - Hey Moon/ Russ Garcia - Into Space/ Joe & Rose Lee Maphis – Moonshot/ Rusty Wellington - Rocking Chair On The Moon/ Attilio Mineo - Gayway To Heaven/ Jean-Jacques Perrey - The Alien Planet/ Sun Ra - Solar Symbols. 10" 16.90

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA - BATMAN THEME RETURNS (1966 Records) 'Batman Theme Returns' with another 17 tracks, all originally released over 40 years ago. Batman Theme done by: Los Panthers/ Al (He's The King) Hirt/ Ronnie Kole Trio/ Wade Denning & The Port Washingtons/ David McCallum/ The Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band/ Jimmy Bowen Orchestra 8. Les & Larry Elgart/ Sam Chaplin/ Geoff Love & His Orchestra/ The Sensational Batboys/ The Dynamic Batmen/ Sandy Nelson/ Maxwell Davis 7. Bruce & The Robin Rockers/ Brian Fahey & His Orchestra/ Jon Lee & The Checkmates. This LP is limited to 500 copies on dark blue marbled heavyweight 180-gram vinyl. Each copy comes with a big 14cm sticker. LP 18.90

POCO LOCO IN THE COCO Volume 3 (University of Vice)Rare cuts from 45s and 78s released in the 50s and early 60s by obscure record labels offering weird stuff like syrian rock, polynesian jerk, chinese cha-cha twist, puerto rican wobble cha, cuaban jungle mambo, mexican cannibal rhythms... Tracks: Teahouse 90 - David Melanio/ Zoom Gully Gully - Joe Quijano/ Making Love - Doc & Les 6 Jets/ Caliente - The Goyo's Cats/ Judo Twist - Sonny Scott/ Allo Brigitte - Tito Benito/ Watusi Wedding - The Warriors/ Tiana-tche - Carl Stevens/ Mambo Bom Bo - Caney Orchestra/ Los Tambores Del Brujo - Chino Herrera/ Zoologico Negro - Comparsa De La Laguna/ Shish-ka-bob Rock - Eddie Kochak/ Bi-aza-ku-sasa - The Mogambo's/ Cup-e-co - The Journeymen. LP 19.50

REVELS Intoxica / Comanche (TTShake TTS 122) Two out and out 'Pulp Fiction' classics of the wild and sleazy Rock and Roll instrumental genre. 'Intoxica' is well titled - on it the guitarist sounds like he's been slipped a couple of wallbangers as he lackadaisically strums out a slowed up surf riff while in the background a honky tonk piano jostles for air with a groaning, rasping sax and all the while strange and no doubt inebriated voices interject with unprompted laughter as a menacing voice exclaims the songs title! On the flip, 'Comanche' is a more uptempo and even wilder romp, well known and loved from its prominent appearance in the cult Tarantino flick. 7" 7.90

RUMOURS FROM THE HAREM (Doghouse & Bone) Compilation of Oriental Exotica inhand-made heavy carton sleeve: Bagdad Daddy - The Beats/ Caravan - Bobby Christian (The Man With A Sound)/ Snake Charmer - Mad Man Jones/ Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - The Four Lads/ Turkish Dance - Korla Pandit 6. The Harem - Mr. Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band/ Shish-Ka-Bob Rock - Eddie Kochak And His Orchestra/ Shish-Kebab - Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra/ Halvah - Ganims Asia Minors/ Come To The Casbah - Ziggy Elman And His Orchestra/ Hedy Lou (Where Are You) - Ganims Asia Minors/ Camel Train - The Fortune Tellers. 10" 13.90

SAVAGE RHYTHM Swingin' Dancefloor Sounds To Blow Your Top (Stag-O-Lee) Double LP (2 x 180 gr.; heavy gatefold cover; linernotes + trackinfo printed on innersleeves) or CD (Jewel case + 24 page booklet). Savage Rhythm is documenting the direct lineage from the Jazz and Swing of the 30s through to a more R&B-ready sound of the early 40s, signposting the way ahead for what was to become Jump Blues and eventually Rock and Roll. Compiled by Brighton (UK) DJ, music lover and vinyl junkie Shamblin Sexton. Tracks: Louis Prima and his New Orleans Gang - House Rent Party Day/ Duke Ellington Orchestra - It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)/ Count Basie & His Orchestra - Sent For You Yesterday (And Here You Come Today)/ Tiny Bradshaw & His Orchestra - Shout, Sister Shout/ Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra – Stratosphere/ Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Savage Rhythm/ Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Drum Boogie/ Artie Shaw & His Gramercy Five - Special Delivery Stomp/ Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra - Loose Lid Special/ Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra - Redskin Rhumba/ Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - Roll 'Em/ Bob Crosby & His Ochestra - Diga Diga Doo (Parts 1 & 2)/ Artie Shaw & His Orchestra - Traffic Jam/ Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Zig Zag/ Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra - Lunceford Special/ Bud Freeman & His Summa Cum Laude Orchestra - The Eel/ Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra - Rocky Comfort/ Big Sid Catlett's Band - I Never Knew/ Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles/ Slim Gillard - Chicken Rhythm/ Will Bradley Orchestra - Beat Me Daddy/ Harry James & His Orchestra - Back Beat Boogie/ Earl Hines - Ridin’ & Jivin’/ Hot Lips Page & His Orchestra - They Raided The Joint. Double LP 21.50 / CD 14.50

TABU! VOLUME 4 (Paris Hollywood) More Action, Bongos and Sax, titty- and ass-shakers from the 50s & 60s: Sounds Inc.: Mogambo/ A-Jacks: Fury/ Gene Skiora: Tanganyika/ Ennio Sangiusto: African Twist/ Hal Blaine: Topsy 65/ Outlaws: Crazy Drums/ Corrado El 93: Ali Baba Twist/ Gabriel & Angels: Chumba/ Sylvie Mora: Taboo/ Pygmies: Don't Monkey With Tarzan/ Dynatones: Moonshot/ Rumblers: It's A Gas/ Georgia Drake: Misirlou/ Scholars: Kan-gu-Wa/ Moe Koffman Qt.: Koko-Mamey/ Turbo Jets: Far East Cha Cha Cha/ Norman Luboff choir: Bamboo-Tamboo/ Toni Murena: Tabou. LP 13.90

TAKE IT OFF (Paris Hollywood) A new compilation dedicated to striptease music. Tracks: Bill Smith Combo - Tough/ Lelan Rogers - Hold It/ The Marketts - Cobra/ Mike Gordon - Rumble At Newport Beach/ Lord Rockingham's XI - The Squelch/ Jayne Mansfield - Suey/ Jackie Lee - Bongo Shuffle Boogie/ The Allegrettes - The Stroll/ The Red Ryders - Savannah Slow Down/ The Hustlers - Kop Out/ Billy Dee & The Debonaires - 101/ The Champs - Caramba/ Buddy Hartman Combo - Drum Twist/ Jim Doval & The Gauchos - Scrub/ Johnny Brown - Suspense/ Young William & The Jamaicans - Limbo Drum/ Googie Rene - Ez Zee/ Sonny Lester - Bumps And Grinds. LP 13.90

TAV FALCO'S WILD & EXOTIC WORLD OF OBSCURITIES (Stag-O-Lee) Double-LP, presented in a gatefold sleeve with extensive tracknotes. The Memphis legend (of Panther Burns fame) compiled 25 of his favourite tunes (80 minutes of music!) from '50s rockabilly to tangos, waltzes and quite a bunch of other wonderful obscurities. Songs he loves, songs he covered with Panther Burns, songs that influenced him. Tracks: The Johnny Burnette Trio - Train Kept-A-Rollin'/ Don Willis - Warrior Sam/ Bobby Lee Trammell - Its All Your Fault/ Allen Page - She's The One That's Got It/ Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole/ Jimmy Lloyd - Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ Benny Joy - I'm Doubtful Of Your Love/ Alexander Princes - Donauwellen/ Orchestra Argentin Biano Bachicha - La Cumparsita/ Anton Karas - Harry Lime Theme/ Los Indios Tacunau - Romance Del Barrio/ Carlos Di Sarli - A La Gran Muneca/ Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo - Milonga Vieja/ Osvaldo Pugliese - Desde El Alma/ Elmore James - The Sky Is Crying/ Bobby Blue Bland - Who Will The Next Fool Be/ Chet Baker - Im A Fool To Want You/ Fred Buscaglione - Guarda De Luna/ Martin Denny - Quiet Village/ Dion & The Belmonts - (I Was) Born To Cry/ Shorty Rogers - Hot Blood/ Tav Falco Panther Burns - Sweet Lotus Blossom/ Charlie Feathers - Jungle Fever/ Alex Chilton - Bangkok/ Tav Falco Panther Burns - Real Cool Trash. Double LP 19.50

RON THOMPSON Switchblade / DEL VALAROS Pedro (TTShake TT115) Two contrasting shakers from the Minneapolis based Soma label... Nebraska outfit Ron Thompson and the Broughams give us 'Switchblade' on the top side - a wild and savage, high-octane stomper, led by a brutal guitar riff, garnished with blood-curdling screams and snarled vocal interjections. A longstanding indemander amongst those who like their instro's rare and bloody like a steak. On the flip, a rather more languid but no less engaging affair as teen outfit the Del Valaros give us a cool riff on 'Tequila'. 7" 7.90

TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume 9 (TR-62019) Killer new LP of wacked-out and DANCEABLE 1950s & early-1960s slop!! R&B, titty-twisters, GO-GO mania, jungled exotica, ETC! Tracks: The Demons - EL LOBO, Note & Toe & The Grenadiers - I GOT A COLD, Felix & His Fabulous Cats - HEY TIGER, Lenny Welch -CHANGA ROCK, Damal & Rasheed - ARRIBA, Gary U.S. Bonds - I WANNA HOLLER, Alan & The Flames - WHATCHA GONNA DO, Linda Gayle - MAGGIE’S FARM, Los Rebeldes De Rock - SWIM, Iraj - BABY SHAKE WITH ME, H-Bomb Ferguson - MARY LITTLE MARY, Little Jerry - CHAPEL ON THE HILL, Syd Hale - THE HELL RAISERS, Fred Harris’ Red Tops - THE BULL, The Moonglows - CHICKIE UM BAH. LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume 10 (TR-62020) Killer new LP of wacked-out and DANCEABLE 1950s & early-1960s slop!! R&B, titty-twisters, GO-GO mania, jungled exotica, ETC! Tracks: Len Wade - BOSS BEAT, L. B. Wilson - DON’T, Felix Garcia & His Guitar - TWO TACOS, Vernon Harrel - SLICK CHICK, The Admirals - SAWMILL, The Nobletones - CALYPSO BABY, Cecil DAVIS - LETS HAVE A BALL, Jimmy Liggins & His Drops Of Joy Orchestra - KNOCKED OUT, The Imperialites - LET’S GET ONE, The Medallions - LOLO BABY, The Peridots - HULLY GULLY ALL NIGHT LONG, Earl Forest - THE DUCK, Ludaway - THE PIG, The Valiants - WALKIN’ GIRL, David Del Conte - I LIE, Willard Burton - TWISTIN' TWIST. LP 11.90

UNTOUCHABLES / RICHIE MAYO Crawlin' (The Crawl) (TTShake TT116) On a label quite aptly named 'Sleezy', we offer up both super rare versions of one of the raunchiest instrumental compositions ever conceived. On the flip side, we present the first incarnation of 'Crawlin (The Crawl)' as released by Richi Mayo & The Paramours in 1957 in a seemingly misdirected attempt to follow the popularity of the Stroll, a dance craze which had swept the nation that year. Misdirected because the Paramours piece surely seemed much more befitting a backing to a seedy Times Square burlesque revue than to gentile couple dancing at the high school sock hop. Unperturbed, guitarist Frank Perry decided to give the song a second opportunity to capture the popular imagination a few years later in his next band, The Untouchables. If anything, the sleaze factor was somehow amplified via the scratchy guitar and rolling drum, and of course that honking sax riff and solo. Is this the definitive tassel twirler, the grinder par excellence, the ultimate sleazer? It will certainly take some beating... 7 " 7.90

VA VA VOOM Volume 4: OUCH!! (Floridita Records) 16 Early 60's Instrumentals: Forbidden Island - The Islanders/ Perdido Street - Herb Hardesty/ Main Steam - Bruce Rowland & His Orchestra/ Mumble Jumble - Floyd Cramer/ Cha Cha Rock - Rickey Aquary & The Keys/ Poco Loco - L.B. Wilson/ The 'Out' Crowd - Hank Marr/ Happy Feet Time - The Montclairs/ Night Surfin' - Rebel Rousers/ Ouch - Ricky Rene & The Fabulous Desires/ Beatnik Walk - Rune Overman/ The Snake - Maximilian/ Shoo Shoo - Jerry And Reggie/ Ka-Bongin' - The Four Finks/ Walk On - Bobby Gregg/ Somethin' - Sir Raleigh & The Coupons. LP 12.90

VOODOO PARTY Volume 2 (University of Vice) Rare tracks extracted from 78s shellac records released in the 1930s, 40s and 50s by cuban, american, french, mexican and spanish record labels. Tracks: Carlos Molina - Karabali/ Tito Rodriguez - Voodoo Moon/ Del Campo - Tierra Va Tembla/ Alberto Iznaga - Ganga Yo/ Enric Madriguera - Danza Lucumi/ Rosita Barrios - Tabou/ Chuy Reyes - Lost Love/ Phyllips Branch - El Cumbanchero/ Chiquito Orefice - Cha Cha La Negra/ Lolita Garrido - Ubangui. LP 19.90


LITTLE JOE ALLEN Tiger/ Cause I Love You (MCM) Stompin' 1958 Nashville Double Whammy Rockers on the same label as Bubba Ford which was also related to Peaceful Valley that issued the killer 5 O'Clock Hop. Little Joe Allen was so small he used to travel to gigs in the top pocket of the Drummer of his band the Off-Beats. 7" 6.50

JOHN ASHLEY LITTLE LOU / I NEED YOUR LOVIN (CAPEHART 5006) Fantastic 1961 So-Cal Rocker’s on Jerry Capehart's label. Ashley was a Teen Movie Actor and stared in “Hot Rod Gang” as well as the 1968....Ahem!...Masterpiece “The Mad Doctor Of Blood Island”! 7" 6.50

ROY BUCHANAN Mule Train Stomp/ Pretty Please (Swan) Repro of this wild 1961 fuzzed up take on the classic Mule Train from the great Roy Buchanan. Great Instro flip too. 7" 6.50

DANNY DIAMOND & THE RUBIES Rhythm In My Bones / The Badman (Irvanne) Repro of super rare frantic So-Cal Rocker from Mr Diamond aka Portuguese Joe. Great Instro flip too. 7" 6.50

THE DOOR NOBS HI-FI BABY / I Need Your Lovin’ Babe (VIV V-D5) Fantastic mid 60’s Arizona Rocker comp’d on a Desperate Rock’N’Roll LP about a zillion years ago. The same Viv label that ished Jimmy Johnson’s Killer Rockabilly Double Whammy almost a decade earlier. 7 " 6.50

RAY GENTY & THE ROVIN' GAMBLERS Willie Was A Bad Boy/ Do The Fly (Maverick) Killer 1961 Seattle Rockabilly oddball stompers. The fantastic instro flip is particularly Cramps-esque. 7" 6.50

GRRRRR WILD Baby Shake With me/ Instrumental (Iraj) Demented & Crazy Rocker that is released here un-credited with a crap looking label that says "Grrrrrrr Wild" on it". It is actually an insane "Oooooh My Soul" type Rocker by an greek (?) Shouter which is comp'd on the Twistin' Rumble Vol.9 LP. 7" 6.50

STAN GUNN BABY SITTER BOOGIE b/w JACK RIVERS CALL ON ME (RON-MAR 45 RE)Two Legendary Illinois Rockabillies back to back on one great 45. The Stan Gunn 45 is especially rare on an original pressing and the Jack Rivers usually only shows up in bad condition. 7" 6.50

RONNY HINES I Got A Woman/ Thats All Right (Rocket) Clumsy & Chaotic Genius Car Crash of a record as Mr Hines stumbles across two Rockabilly/Blues classics. repro 7" 6.50

WANDA JACKSON Funnel of Love / Whirlpool (Fryers FRY020) Here we have our two favourite sides from “Queen of Rockabilly” Wanda Lavonne Jackson. “Funnel of Love" her ever-popular 1961 rock n’ roll standard. Recorded back in 1961 and covered by every half-decent rockabilly-influenced band ever since. On the Flip we up the game again with “Whirlpool”. Getting spins more recently on the European R&B and soul scene and certainly one of our fave Jackson 45s – one for the connoisseur! “Whirlpool” was also spun slowed down slightly (as is usual) on the Belgian Popcorn scene in the ‘70s. 7" 7.90

BAKER KNIGHT Just Relax / Hungry For Love (Coral) Popular Rockabilly club Strollers reissued on a 45. repro 7" 6.50

JIMMY LEE She's Gone / Baby, Baby,Baby (Clix) Frantic Michigan Rocker from Jimmy Lee who also cut a great 45 on Fortune too. repro 7" 6.50

GENE MALTAIS The Raging Sea/ Gangwar (Norton) Now on 45 by popular demand - Mad Man Maltais stroming 1959 Lilac Records double headed blaster! 7" 6.00

HURRICANE MARTY The Rock'n'Roll Rabbi (Norton) Super crude unissued 1958 rockabilly acetate with three guitar breaks! And yes, Marty did become a Rabbi - honest! Tracks: HURRICANE ROCK/CALYPSO BABY ROCK. 7" 6.00

LUKE McDANIEL Uh Babe/ Go Ahead Baby (Sun SP 103) Great Memphis Rockabilly bop twin spin! Very limited pressing. Comes with picture sleeve and some liners on the back. 7" 11.50

WAYNE McGINNIS Lonesome Rhythm Blues / Rock, Roll & Rhythm (Meteor) Earlier recordings taken from an acetate. 7" 6.90

SCOTTY McKAY Midnight Cryin' Time / MICKEY LEE LANE Tracks To Your Mind (Swan) Great rocker and a hot club fave with ' Midnight Cryin' Time ' and a cool instro flip side ! repro 7" 6.50

LONNIE MILEY Satellite Fever- Asiatic Flu/ Rockum Beat (KIX) Monstrous 1958 Texas Rocker on Kenny Rogers brothers label. Both sides come from the pen of Ray Doggett (and the flip is pretty good too) $1000+ for an original copy so hopefully this nice repro will keep you going till one shows up. repro 7" 6.50

BILLY MIZE PLANET NAMED DESIRE / B.GOODE & THE DANNY ZELLA BAND DESIRE (INST) (CAL’S CORAL) Moody Echo Laden Early Desperate Rock N Roll Classic backed up with a previously unissued Killer Rock n Roll/ titty shaker instro from the Danny Zella band - first time ever on a 45! repro 7" 6.50

FLORIAN MONDAY AND HIS MONDOS Rip It Rip It Up / Lovin (REALM SK 007) Wild & unruly 60's Garage Rocker. 7" 6.50

GRAY MONTGOMERY Right Now / It's All Right (BEAGLE 101) Red Hot rockabilly classic out of Mississippi from 1962. repro 7" 6.50

NASTY ROCKABILLY Twenty LP Box Set (B-SHARP) All twenty LP's in one deluxe box edition, limited to 200 copies. All 310 cuts with original x-rated sleeves and label shots. 20 LP- Box 255.00

OBSCURITIES Volume 2: 12 Hot Rockers From The 50's And The 60's (Rockers Trip) Jezebel - The Teddy Boys/ Let's Have A Party - The Dynamic Drifters/ It's Over Now - Tom & The Tempest's/ She's A Queen - The Reactors/ Now I've Got A Woman - Freddy King/ Lucillia - The Country Boys/ Secret Agent Man -Johnny Rivers/ Hide And Seek - The Sheep/ Charmaine - Freddie Milander & The Colors/ Skinny Minnie - Jd & The Expressions/ I'm Gonna Surprice You - The Sting Rays/ Night Of The Vampire - The Moontrekkers. 10" 12.90

JAY HODGE ORK GOATSVILLE / MECIE JENKINS COME BACK PRETTY BABY (CORNUTO) Wild & Frantic Guitar led Instrumental featuring Lloyd Rowe with a seemingly endless cow bell finale. Flip is a great pleading Soulful Popcorn R&B Mover. repro 7" 6.50

KENNY PARCHMAN Get it Off Your Mind/ Love Crazy Baby (Sun SP-107) First timer ever on 45s for these 2 legendary unissued Sun boppers! In stylin' hardcover sleeve! 7" 11.50

WEYMAN PARHAM Hang Loose /Deserted (Staro) Great 1958 Georgia Rocker. 7" 6.50

CLARK RICHARD HOT ROCK BEAT b/w QUEEN OF LOVE (HMV 45 RE) Wild & Frantic Guitar led 60’S Euro Rocker. Hot Rock Beat was comp’d on one of the early Desperate Rock’N’Roll LPs years ago but as far as we know, the equally great flip side has never been reissued before. Very rare on original pressing, a beat up copy sold recently on ebay for over $600!!! 7" 6.50

BOBBY ROBERTS & THE JENNINGS BROS BIG SANDY b/w SHE’S MY WOMAN (SKY 45 RE) One of the greatest Rockabilly 2 siders of all time. This is the first time it has been reissued with what is thought to it’s first pressed label with band credited as the Jennings Brothers. Great re-mastered sound, much improved from the 80’s reissue and on top of that, it comes with a period faux distressed sleeve sporting the only known picture of our hero. repro 7" 7.90

HENDER SAUL I Ain't Gonna Rock-Tonite / One Step Away (Liberty) Primitive back-in-the-hills rockabilly from 1956 out of Virginia featuring great hick vocal, guitar and saw fiddle. repro 7" 6.50

MACK ALLEN SMITH The Skeleton Fight / Don't Let Me Treat You That Way (Statue) Stompin' 1964 Tennessee Rocker from Mack Allen Smith. Comes with picture insert. 7" 6.50

SPADES When I Get To Goin/ Jody (Spade) Tough 60's Rocker from the Spades from North Carolina. Great instro flip too.7" 6.50

DICK TACKER Rock All Night With Me / Do I Love You, Do I Need You, Do I Want You (Kingston) Fantastic Tough Philly Killer Rocker from 1964! repro 7" 6.50

TEXAS BOP Volume 3 (Sheik Records) More rare and unissued 1950's Rockabilly, Hillbilly Bop & Rockers: Beamon Forse - You Better Go Now/ Bill Morgan - Red Hot Rhythm Combo/ Euel Hall - Stand In Line/ Unknown Artist - April's Foolin' Me (Unissued)/ Dottie Jones - I'll Be Yours/ Tommy Castle - Wanderlust/ Sleepy Labeef - You're So Easy To Love/ Bobby Louis - High Voltage (Unissued)/ Mickey Gilley - Tell Me Why/ Roy Fisher - Troubles/ Bennie Hess - I'm A One Woman Man. 10" 13.50

LINK WRAY & THE WRAY MEN AIN’T THAT LOVIN’ YOU BABE / MARY ANN (EPIC 5-9419) Think Link! Killer 1960 Double Whammy Vocal Rocker. The Linkster does a pretty good job considering he's only got one lung! repro 7" 6.50


BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 9 (CRYPT-114) 18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! MONSTROUS, GATEFOLDED, THICK COLOR INNER JACKET - all crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk INSANITY!!!! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 7 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 3 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 15 cuts from: WARLOCKS, RAEVINS, EMERALDS, WHY-NOTS, TURNCOATS, SHAKLES, KNOLL ALLEN & THE NOBLE SAVAGES, ETC! Deluxe Gatefold LP 16.50
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 10 (CRYPT-115) 18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! MONSTROUS, GATEFOLDED, THICK COLOR INNER JACKET - all crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk INSANITY!!!! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 6 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 2 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 15 cuts from: JAMES BOND & THE AGENTS, THE FOUR, ORPHANS, IT’S THEM, NOBODY’S CHILDREN, HOTBEATS, GMC & THE AR- CELLS, HARD TIMES, JOHN ENGLISH III, EXPRESSIONS, ETC! Deluxe Gatefold LP 16.50
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 9 (Crypt Records) The Grave LPs 9 & 10 on one MONSTROUS 30-song, DELUXE triple FOLD-OUT digipac - with TWO 24-page fullcolor booklets crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Deluxe digipac CD € 16.50
Back in stock, remastered and with swank gatefold sleeves:
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 1 (Crypt) Poundin’ set of primal teen 60s punk! Fully remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a exotic deluxe gatefold sleeve! LP 12.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 3 (Crypt) Fully remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a exotic deluxe gatefold sleeve! LP 12.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 5 (Crypt) Fully remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a swank gatefold sleeve! LP 12.90

BEEP BEEP & THE ROAD RUNNERS Shifting Gears /True Love Knows (Vincent 222-2) Killer 1966 East Coast Linkster style Instro flipped with a storming Garage Punker. Comp’d on Strummin’ Mental & Back From The Grave lps/cds. 7" 6.50

BLACK DIAMONDS: Singles From The Festival Vaults 1965-1969 Volume TWO - 10x 7" Box (Blank Records) More rare as heck Australian 60s punk 45s. Same deal as with the first Volume, all Singles with original labels: 1. THE SHOWMEN - Too Much Monkey Business / Naughty Girl (Leedon LK-1008) (1965)/ THE MORLOCH - Every Night / I'm Feelin' Sad (RG Records RGK-1119) (1965) GREG ANDERSON - I Feel Good / When It's All Over (Kommotion KK-1242) (1966)/ THE 5 - I Can't Find Her / There's Time (Sunshine QK-1244) (1966)/ BLUES RAGS 'N' HOLLERS - I Just Want To Make Love To You / Got Love If You Want It (Leedon LK-1421) (1966)/ RUSS KRUGER - Keep Me Satisfied / Tell The Truth (Sunshine QK-1495) (1966)/ THE ATLANTICS - You Tell Me Why / Come On (Sunshine QK-1691) (1967)/ BARRINGTON DAVIS - As Fast As I Can / Raining Teardrops (Spin EK-1771) (1967)/ THE SUNSETS - The Hot Generation / This Is What It's All About (Festival FK-1818) (1967)/ HUGO - Hey! Watch Out / Girl In The Garden (Festival FK-3159) (1969). 10 x 7" Box 127.90

BRAZILIAN NUGGETS Volume 3 (Groovie Records) Oddities, surf, beat, fuzz and weirdo stuff that only crazy cats like Edgar Raposo and Luis Futre from Groovie are able to track down. All the tracks featured on this Volume 3 were taken from very hard to find singles, EPs and LPs that were certainly forgotten back than collecting dust in record store bins. Besides the well known bands The Brazilian Bitles and The Beatniks, whose labels, Polydor and Mocambo, were also well established names in the recording industry at the time, most of volume 3 brings to the fore obscure artists and bands whose recordings come from equally obscure labels such as Tema, Leao Disc, Signoma, Orange (a parody to the Beatles own Apple label), Astor, Hollywood Discos, RCS and Disco Som. These labels were usually too small to obtain national distribution deals for their records, so many releases were regional, pressed in small quantities and became instant rarities.Tracks: Jose Natal - Manchete De Jornal/ Jetsons - O Que Ela Falou/ Enza Flori - Pata Pata e Pau/ Cheynnes - Quinta Avenida/ The Sunshines - Amor De Criana/ The Flintstones (Os Joias) - De-me Um Beijo E Esqueca Tudo/ American Shadows - Cavalinho No2/ Paulo Mamedi - Meu Santo e Forte/ Angel Santos - Cascata Do Ano/ Beatniks - Alligator Hat/ Brazilian Bitles - Volte Meu Bem/ CriBabies - Go Go Guitar/ Joao Jose (Os Jovens) - Quero Mais Que Voce Morra/ Os Curumins - Tema Dos Curumins/ The Cougars - Let's Dance/ Os Nucleares - Bobo Nao Sou/ Valdir Mazer - Nao Lhe Darei Perdao/ Os Gemeos - Poporipupo/ Manos e Manas (Os Vamps) - Nosso Amor e Cinza, Porque Ja Foi Uma Braza. LP 14.90

GERMAN MEASLES Volume 1: Flames Of Love (Cree Records/ Bear Family) 60s Beat, Garage and R'n'B from Germany, some of it by fiendishly obscure groups who failed to make even the slightest dent outside of their home towns. Compiled and annotated by Mike and Anja Stax of UGLY THINGS magazine. Many of these tracks are seeing their first appearance on vinyl since the Sixties: Sine One: 1 THE BLIZZARDS: I'm Your Guy (single version) 2 THE SUBJECTS: German Measles 3 THE PETARDS: Right Time 4 THE SAD SACK SECT: The World For Us 5 THE PRALINS: Jumpin' Run 6 THE BOOTS: But You Never Do It Babe 7 THE SKINS: LSD 8 THE KING-BEATS: Hear What I Say . Side Two: 1 THE ROCKING STARS: Flames Of Love 2 FREDERIC & THE RANGERS: I'm On The Outside 3 THE POOR THINGS: She's Mine 4 THE DETAILS: What Shall I Do 5 LES COPAINS: Give Your Love To Me 6 THE STARFIGHTERS: I Like Trouble 7 THE TORNADOS: She's Out Of My Mind 8 THE BATS: Got A Girl. Gatefold sleeve with pics plus linernotes by Mike Stax. 180-gram LP 18.50
GERMAN MEASLES VOLUME 2: Sun Came Out At Seven (Cree Records/ Bear Family) Celebrates the beat scene's evolution into the converging realms of Mod, harmony pop, freakbeat and psychedelia by bands like The Petards, The Dukes, The Ones, Tony Hendrik Five, The Rags and The Chosen Few and more. Not to mention Der Hund von Baskerville, Cindy and Bert’s revved-up take on Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. Side One 1 THE DUKES: The Dentist 2 THE PETARDS: Sun Came Out At Seven 3 THE ONES: Lady Greengrass 4 THE KING-BEATS: Same Way Every Day 5 TONY HENDRIK FIVE: I've Said My Say 6 THE BLIZZARDS: Hab keine Lust heut aufzusteh'n 7 THE RAGS: Mr. Cool 8 JUST MARRIED: Man Of Snow. Side Two: 1 CINDY & BERT: Der Hund von Baskerville 2 THE RIVETS: L-O-V-E 3 ADAM & EVE mit HUSH: Feelin' 4 THE NEWCOMERS: Have You Seen My Baby Comin' 5 THE CHOSEN FEW: Blackbird Face 6 IMPROVED SOUND LIMITED: It Is You 7 THE FACES: Stay Away 8 THE LORDS: The World Is Falling Down. Gatefold sleeve with pics plus linernotes by Mike Stax. 180-gram LP 18.50

HO-DAD HOOTENANNY Volume 2 (CRYPT-108) MID-60s FRAT-ROCKIN’ GARAGE BLOWOUT! GATEFOLD SLEEVED with liner notes, band photos, label scans. 32 cuts in supreme fidelity! The Loving Machines ... The Loving Machine - The Stratacasters ... Reelin' And Rockin' - The Pastels ... Why Dont You Love Me - The Bonnevilles ... You Just Can't Tell Her - The Asenders ... I Really Love You - The Breakers ... Long Green - The Ovations ... Pop Me Too - The Pendletons ... Gloria - Don And The Agitators ... Going Back Home - The Royal Playboys ... Bring It Back - The Paragons ... All I Can Do - B. C. And The Cavemen ... As Long As I'm Around - The Shanels ... Why Did I? - The Tortians ... Red Cadillac - The Rondells ... Everybody To And Fro - The Personals ... Dance All Night - The Color ... Down The Road Apiece - Sir Kenneth And The Yorkshire Coachmen ... Money - The Royalties ... Dance Time - The Playmates ... She Drives Me Ape - The Hotbeats ... Injun - The Checkmates ... Do It - The Hi Fives ... Fujikami The Warrior - The Nightcaps ... Wine, Wine, Wine - The Pharoahs ... Looking For Girls - The De Rons ... Its Okey - Jerry Ashley ... Come On - The Intruders ... Subterranean Homesick Blues - The Lidos ... Since I Last Saw You - The Rocks ... Love City - The Sabers ... Skinny Minny - The Beethovens Four ... Oh Pretty Baby. Double LP 19.50 / CD 12.30

JUJUS Fine Day (Ray Hummel III Records) Second Volume of recordings from The JuJus of 'Back From The Grave Vol. 1' and 'Pebbles Vol. 1' fame! You get 15 more cuts from 1964 to1967 by this legendary '60s folk-punk and garage outfit from Grand Rapids, Michigan! Featuring 8 more single sides, unreleased demo only versions of 'You Treated Me Bad', 'Hey Little Girl', 'Do You Understand Me' and 'Assault' (the latter is a real sharp surf garage instrumental!), along with 7 more (mostly unreleased) gems from singer Ray Hummel's stunning JuJus mastertape collection! Awesome sound and the LP comes complete with a 2-sided poster and cover artwork by Darren Merinuk! LP 14.90

KEYSTONE STATE ROCK Volume 1: 18 Cool 60’s Teenbeat Garage-Psych Nuggets from Pennsylvania (Now Sounds) Full color sleeve with all labels and a sleeve insert with detailed liner notes and more info, pictures. Limited edition of 500 copies on brown vinyl. Tracks: The Snaps - You Don't Want Me/ The One Way Street Band - Time Of Temptation/ The Legends - Baby Got Your Head Screwed On/ The Intrepids - Run From The Sun/ The Universal Ignorant - I'm All Here/ The Beaus Of Beethoven - It's Too Late/ The Badd Lads - I Feel Alright/ The Upper Hand - You Mean So Much To Me/ Skip Drinkwater - Silly Sally/ The Shillings - Goodbye My Lady/ The Bats - Evelyn/ The Lords Of T.O.N.K. - Minor Cheevy/ The Advantes - Done It Again/ The Nobles - Leaving Me Alone (First Day Gone)/ The TR5 - Can't Wait Much Longer/ The Wicks - No Title/ The Novas - I'd Wait A Million Tears/ Phillip And Lee - Boxtops . LP 15.90

KING CLAM & MARINE BAND Inertia / Skin Deep In The Morning / High Strung Woman (Now Sound Rec.) 3 unreleased tracks from 1969 by this band from Columbus, Ohio. Picture sleeve with liner details by the singer/ writer of the group. 300 copies on clear blue vinyl. 7" 9.50

The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volume 1 (CRYPT-109) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Buttons ... I’ve Been Lookin’ - Colonials ... Crawdad - Sonic-Lyne ... Last Time - Pastels ... Mirage - Electric Sensation ... Mary - Juveniles ... I Wish I Could - Krels ... Psychedelic Feelin’ - Infinitives ... Thousand Tears - Es-Shades ... Never Met A Girl Like You Before - Expressions ... One More Night - Dirt Merchants ... I Found Another Girl - Other Side ... What In The World - Vanguards ... What’s Wrong With You - The Jolly Beggars ... The Last Step Of Doom - Continentals ... Gloria. Gatefold LP 14.90
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNSVolume 2 (CRYPT-110) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Our Gang ... Careless Love - Infinitives ... Heidi - Unknown Group ... Got Love If You Want It - Catsanovas ... I Want To Be Loved - Prophets Of Old ... Just Can’t Wait - Alan Burn And The Ushers ... Whirlpool - Ronnie D With The Casuals ... I Need Your Lovin’ - Casuals Incorporated ... I Realize - Freedom Five ... To Save My Soul - Half Pint And The Fifths ... Loving On Borrowed Time - End Result ... Llove - Vandals ... Your Love Will Die - Royal Coachmen ... I Don’t Need You - Dirt Merchants ... Do What You Wanta Do - Empty Streets ... You Can Make It. Gatefold LP 14.90
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volumes 1 & 2 (CRYPT-109 CD) 29 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness from LPs 1 & 2 with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Buttons ... I’ve Been Lookin’ - Colonials ... Crawdad - Sonic-Lyne ... Last Time - Pastels ... Mirage - Electric Sensation ... Mary - Juveniles ... I Wish I Could - Krels ... Psychedelic Feelin’ - Infinitives ... Thousand Tears - Es-Shades ... Never Met A Girl Like You Before - Expressions ... One More Night - Dirt Merchants ... I Found Another Girl - Other Side ... What In The World - Vanguards ... What’s Wrong With You - The Jolly Beggars ... The Last Step Of Doom - Continentals ... Gloria - Our Gang ... Careless Love - Infinitives ... Heidi - Unknown Group ... Got Love If You Want It - Catsanovas ... I Want To Be Loved - Prophets Of Old ... Just Can’t Wait - Ronnie D With The Casuals ... I Need Your Lovin’ - Casuals Incorporated ... I Realize - Freedom Five ... To Save My Soul - Half Pint And The Fifths ... Loving On Borrowed Time - End Result ... Llove - Vandals ... Your Love Will Die - Royal Coachmen ... I Don’t Need You - Dirt Merchants ... Do What You Wanta Do - Empty Streets ... You Can Make It. CD 12.30

MUSIC MACHINE Point of No Return / King Mixer (Sundazed) Two unissued cuts on translucent green vinyl, both recorded 1966. 7" 7.50

MARTHA REEVES AND THE VANDELLAS Heat Wave (Rumble Records) Reissue of the 1963 LP by Motown girl group, compiling many of their early hit singles. Total of 12 songs. LP 13.50

LOS SAICOS El Mercenario (Dis Peru) Limited Edition of 222 numbered copies. Includes postcard graphic detailing the story of the song into an illustration. Originally recorded in 1969 and was immediately banned in Peru due to its controversial and graphic lyrics about the life and death of a mercenary in Africa. A-side is the original '69 version. B-side is a live 2013 recording. 7"10.50

SEEDS Pushin' Too Hard (Unedited version)/ Girl I Want You (Alternate overdub take 6A) (Ace) Even the most die-hard Seeds fan will not have the full-length take featured on this limited single. It features the missing verse edited out of the final mix that became a US hit in late 1966 and is only available on this 7". Accompanying this prize rarity is a stupendous alternate version of one of the Seeds’ most punkoid moments. ‘Girl I Want You’ is one of the highlights from “The Seeds”, yet as wild as the album cut is, this take, with harmonica and a rawer, completely different vocal, takes it to a new level. Dig Sky’s lengthy rap during the final rave-up, where he blurts out the phone number to his Glendale rooming house, with a promise to “take you so high, right over purple clouds up above”.7" 14.70
SEEDS Evil Hoodoo (Ace) Repress of this 2011 record store day release. . All three tracks on the 'Evil Hoodoo' 10" had never appeared on vinyl before, and two were completely unreleased: Evil Hoodoo (Full Length)/ Satisfy You (Undubbed)/ Out Of The Question (Version 1, Take 1). 10" 14.70

SHINDIG! NO. 43 Issue #43 features articles on: THE PRISONERS, England's '80s shining lights who bridged garage band snarl with mod cool. DANA GILLESPIE, '60s folkie and one-time Bowie girlfriend turned blues belter returns with a new album
Neighb'rhood Childr'n: cult girl-led San Francisco act that should've followed Jefferson Airplane to succes. FOXYGEN ... And Star Power. Stark! Raving! Bonkers! 2014 style. The future? Plus Scott Fagan, Alan David Eastwood, Lola Colt and much more!
Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! The Annual No 4 - Gathers a bespoke selection of revamped highlights from Shindig! Magazines collectable out-of-print back issues: PROCOL HARUM - Former R&B wailers who invented prog-rock and cut the most successful single of all time. THE BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND - Enter the eccentric world of the dadaist pop terrorists. JULIE DRISCOLL, BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY - Adventures in jazz with the queen of UK psychedelia.SPIRIT - The early years of the LA psych-rock legends. THE POETS - The story of Scotland's number one group! KIPPINGTON LODGE & BRINSLEY SCHWARZ - Frome teen pop-psych hopefuls to cult adulation. GENE CLARK - The Byrd that flew too close to the sun. H.P. LOVECRAFT - Gothic psychedelic folk-rock from Chicago. THE LITTER - Minneapolis noiseniks exposed at last. THE DILLARDS - The uncrowned kings of US country-rock. JIMMY CAMPBELL - The tragic talent of the Liverpool beat bard. IRON VIRGIN - Glam-rock on the terraces. ZIG ZAG MAGAZINE - Shindig!'s grandaddy. Mag 12.90

SUNSETS Animal / Uptight, Out Of Sight (Blank Records) Two completely unreleased, undiscovered, undocumented Sunsets sides! In May 1967 The Sunsets single 'The Hot Generation' b/w 'This Is What It's All About' was issued to co-incide with the release of the Australian surf film of the same name. Both songs were featured in the movie soundtrack. The film was screened, and scheduled for release was another single from The Sunsets, comprising two more songs from the movie. 'Animal' b/w 'Uptight, Out Of Sight' was prepared to be released in August 1967, but one way or the other, it didn't happen. Since then both sides have sat untouched in the Festival label's tape vaults. UNTIL NOW!!!!! 7" 12.90

SYNDICATE The Egyptian Thing: California Garage 1965 (Break-A-Way) The story of the Syndicate runs along similar lines to countless other rock'n'roll bands in the mid-sixties. They got together to have fun, made some noise on the local teen scene, recorded a couple of singles, made a vain grasp for the brass ring, then vanished into thin air-all within the space of two magical years: 1965 and 1966. What makes the Syndicate special, though, is those two hard-to-find singles. 'My Baby's Barefoot' and 'The Egyptian Thing', both released in 1965 are two of the most savage, hot-wired blasts of Punk R&B mayhem ever etched into wax, while the flipside of 'The Egyptian Thing', 'She Haunts You' showed the group were equally adept at moody, minor-key material. The 'Egyptian Thing' album presents the bands four A and B-sides alongside four unreleased, same-calibre tracks from '65, which are kinda KINKS-inspired. The collection is rounded out by two creative tunes, taken from a 7-inch ('63) by the Ris-Kays, featuring The Syndicate's front man Bill Rash. An in-depth insert written by Ugly Things' Mike Stax with a cache of photos compiles the legacy of a band, whose 45s are among the top wanted items in their genre. Tracks: My Baby's Barefoot - Single B-Side 1965/ Love Will Take Us Away - Single A-Side 1965/ The Egyptian Thing Single A-Side 1965/ She Haunts You - Single B-Side 1965/ Salt Crackers - Single B-Side 1963 (The Ris-Kays)/ I'm In A Bad Way - Unreleased 1966/ It's Simple - Unreleased 1965/ Getting Closer - Unreleased 1965/ Hills Of San Marie - Unreleased 1965/ Topless (Bathing Suit) - Single A-Side (The Ris-Kays). LP 18.90
SYNDICATE The Egyptian Thing/ She Haunts You (DOT 16807) Brutal 1966 Los Angeles screamer b/w moody, haunting gem. repro 7" 6.50

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS The Complete Elevators IA Singles Collection (Acme) All 7 Elevators US 45's plus the megarare SPADES single! Includes: You're Gonna Miss Me c/w We Sell Soul (the Spades' Zero label 45, different version a-side to the Elevators version), You're Gonna Miss Me c/w Tried To Hide (IA 107), Reverberation c/w Fire Engine (IA 111), Levitation c/w Before You Accuse me (IA 113), She Lives In A Time Of Her Own c/w Baby Blue (IA 121), Slip Inside This House c/w Splash 1 (IA 122), I'm Gonna Love You Too c/w May The Circle Remain Unbroken (IA 126) Livin' On c/w Scarlet And Gold. (IA 130). Every 45 was faithfully reproduced exactly like the original singles 45 IA and Zero labels with large hole US centres with the exception of ACME catalogue numbers inscribed on the disc run-out grooves. The full colour glossy barcoded box will also come complete with an informative booklet detailing every single release, rare photos and reproduction of their rare French EP sleeve and German pic sleeve single. 8x 7"-box 57.90

TURN TO STONE Volume 3 (Ashtray) Third Volume with16 more 1964-68 US local garage/psych 45s: Madison Revue - Sad And Blue (Texas 1967)/ Pirates - Cuttin Out (Louisiana - 1966)/ Nomads - I Really Do (Oklahoma - 1965)/ Paper Menagerie - Left Up To You (Tennessee - 1968)/ Local Traffic - Second Century (Louisiana - 1968)/ Creepers - Elizabeth (Missouri - 1967)/ Rovin Flames - Gloria (Florida - 1965)/ Beau Gents - Big Black Machine (California - 1967)/ Joey Day - The Chase (New York - 1967)/ Argons - Do The Dog (Kansas - 1964)/ Conlon & The Crawlers - You're Comin On (Florida - 1967)/ Laughing Kind - I Could Have Showed You The Way (Texas - 1967)/ Magical Mist - Time Out To Fly (California - 1968)/ Fourth Amendment - I See The Light (Alabama - 1968). LP 14.90

UGLY THINGS ISSUE #37 The Pretty Things and the Small Faces are subject of the two cover stories this time. In the most revealing interview he's ever given, Phil May spills his guts about his fractured childhood, life as a teenage art school outsider and the first hell-raising year of the Pretty Things. Included is an exclusive chapter from Phil's upcoming autobiography. Not only but also... Regarding The Small Faces, there are fabulous interviews with Ian McLagan and the late, great Steve Marriott. You may also expect big features on '60s pop-psych songsmiths Carter & Gilbert and the Rainy Daze, Texas garage heroes Thursday's Children, California cult pop sensations The Hitmakers, Cyril Jordan's memories of 1967, and an exclusive interview with the elusive Julian Covey a.k.a. Philamore Lincoln. And there are also thrilling conclusions of the serials on The Haunted and The Radiators From Space, European beat group scoops on The Loosers and the JocoDev Sextett, LA punks The Gears, and even the pre-'Kung Fu Fighting' mod-soul years of Carl Douglas. Not to forget the extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Mag 11.70
UGLY THINGS ISSUE #38: Headlining feature in this issue is a massive, exclusive, detail-packed interview with Dave Davies of The Kinks by Richie Unterberger, who also got access to internal memos from Warners/Reprise (the Kinks US record company) that shed new light on the band's story. Also present is a big story on US '70s art punks The Screamers, including an extensive unpublished 1978 interview by Jon Savage, rare photos and more. Then this issue pays attention to Texas garage-psych icons The Golden Dawn, cult hard rock trio Dust, Swedish beat innovator Hazze Hep, Dutch beat group The Lazy Bones, '70s punkers Elton Motello, Norway's Borres Kork, Unsettled Society (of "17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs" infamy), Blue Cheer, Vanda-Youngs Marcus Hook Roll Band, the early years of Lester Bangs, and mind-melting interviews with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper), Johny Barbata (Sentinals, Turtles, CSNY, Jefferson Airplane), and Johnny Strike of Crime. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin Groovies shares his experiences of 1968, and we take a journey deep, deep into The Diamond Mine with legendary DJ Dave Diamond. And, as always, the comprehensive review sections covers all the latest reissues, in-depth, and rock'n'roll-related books. Mag 11.70

WORKING CLASS DEVILS Volume 2: Fuzz, Vodka & Flowers (Beat Road) 16-track collecition of Polish 60s Rarities: KRZYSZTOF KLENCZON & TRZY KORONY - Spotkanie z diablem/ NIEBIESKO-CZARNI - Cant You See Me/ SZWAGRY - Zrobimy huk (Off The Hook)/ KLAN - Automaty/ WISLANIE - Ballada o Loli Gill/ TRUBADURZY - Duze M/ WISLANIE 69 - Clear Sun/ LANCETY - Zly dzien/ ZDRJ JANA - Piesn telefoniczna/ KAWALEROWIE - Od dzisiaj znw zacznijmy marzyc (I'm A Lover Not A Fighter)/ SYGNALY 74 - W traby dac/ CHOCHOLY - Zaimki/ SARMACI - Na drugim brzegu teczy/ KLAN - Don't Plant Paradise Trees/ BIRBANCI - Zwykly zart/ PIOTR PASTOR & SLONCE - Fruwam po ziemiLP 15.60




MODERN RAUNCH: 1970's to now – features

CRIME 7"-Box plus CD (Munster) The complete recorded legacy of San Francisco's legendary outfit CRIME, collected on seven 7-inches and presented in a box. The set includes three facsimile reproductions of Crime's original singles and four more 7-inches featuring ten tracks recorded in 1977- 1979 and unreleased at the time, among them a 'Be Bop A Lula/Peggy Sue' medley unavailable elsewhere until now. Included as a 20-page booklet with an extensive band interview by Michael Lucas, photos and memorabilia, plus a special text written by film director and Crime fan Jeff Feuerzeig (The Devil And Daniel Johnston). A free CD with all 16 tracks is also part of this set. 16 tracks: Hot Wire My Heart / Baby You're So Repulsive/ Terminal Boredom/ Dillinger's Brain/ Frustration/ Murder By Guitar/ Crime Wave/ Piss On Your Dog/ Tv Blue/ If Looks Could Kill/ Lost Soul/ Rockin' Weird/ Gangster Funk/ Maserati/ San Francisco's Doomed / Be Bop A Lula/peggy Sue. 7x7"+1CD Box 59.90

CRYPT T-SHIRT: MEN: NAVY BLUE T-SHIRT: 2 colour silkscreen print of the red and white Crypt logo on a NAVY BLUE Continental T-Shirt! Available sizes: S / M/ L / XL: : 14.00 each
CRYPT T-SHIRT: MEN: LIGHT NAVY BLUE T-SHIRT: 2 colour silkscreen print of the red and white Crypt logo on a LIGHT NAVY BLUE Continental T-Shirt! Available sizes: S / M/ L / XL : 14.00 each

RADIO BIRDMAN Radios Appear (Citadel) Reissue of their masterpiece of a debut, it's the Trafalgar version so has not "Aloha Steve & Danno" on it. Plenty of ace R&R stuff: "Do The Pop/Anglo Girl Desire/Murder City Nights /Descent Into The Maelstrom/v/New Race/Hand Of Law" and only a few lame cuts on here ("Man W/Golden Helmet = yuck!). Tracks: T.V. Eye/ Murder City Nights/ Anglo Girl Desire/ Man With Golden Helmet/ Descent Into The Maelstrom/ Monday Morning Gunk/ Do The Pop/ Love Kills/ Hand Of Law/ New Race. LP 20.50

ROCK BOTTOM & THE SPYS Rich Girl EP (Bottoms Up Records) Reissue of very rare and good 1981 Punk 45. Tracks: Rich Girl/ Death Trap/ No Good. 7" 5.90

JOHN SCHOOLEY The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World (Voodoo Rhythm) Seven years it took for his new alb, and now it's here! 12 new tracks by Mr. Schooley and Walter Daniels on harp. LP comes in heavy jacket, with printed inner sleeve and the CD included as bonus! Tracks: Clawhammer Banjo Medley/ The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World/ Poor Boy Got The K.C. Blues/ Boo Hoo/ Doubleneck Stomp/ Cluck Old Hen/ It’s Git Down Time!/ Make Some Time With You/ Snowdrop/ Look Out, Mabel/ Pray for the Lights To Go Out/ Doubleneck Drag. LP + CD14.90 / CD (double gatefold with 12-sided booklet) 15.50

SICK HYENAS Sick Hyenas (Moody Monkey Records) The SICK HYENAS are a young German trio formed in Hamburg in 2012 and with this debut LP they deliver their different facets of punky, psychedelic, beaty garage tunes with juvenile and powerful vocals, a wide range of all facilities from moody to happy lyrics, all speeds and lengths from 20 seconds to 3'49 with a talent for surprising breaks and some kinda sloppiness. Go ahead and check (parts of) the album here. Tracks: Handle Song (a combination)/ Surf'n'Blood/ Hoe/ Oh Mother/ Texas Cowboy/ Wicked Sin/ Radar Eyes/ Ginsberg/ Howling Rags/ Le Sac/ Honolulu Nights/ Weather of Death. LP 11.90

THE STOOGES S/T (Elektra) Reissue of the french pressing of their first LP. Includes their great cuts "I Wanna Be Your Dog/Little Doll/1969/No Fun/Real Cool Time/Not Right" plus "We Will Fall/Ann". LP 12.50
Funhouse (Elektr) Reissue of the french gatefold vinyl version. This ist heir best alb! Balls-out sound, total raw BOOM! The first 5 cuts are the BALLS SUPREME!: Down On The Street/ Loose7 TV Eye/ Dirt/ 1970/ Fun House/ LA Blues. Gatefold LP 14.50

THE TEAMSTERS The Teamsters (Moody Monkey Records) A simply great debut LP by London based Teamsters! Check their wild R&B sound with the right dose of punk attitude and enjoy the 13 original tracks! The LP comes in a limited edition of 500 copies with cool insert inside! Artworks by Arthole (Bruce Brand). Tracks are: I'll Take What I Want/ I Am The Birdman/ The Queen Of Suave/ Crying For Your Mummy/ I Would Cry/ She's Got Nine Lives/ On The Canal At Dark/ Girl In The Red Skirt/ There's Always Someone/ You Make Me Wanna Give In/ Don't Come Back Home (alternate version)/ Hey There School Girl/ Digging An Early Grave (alternate version). Get a taste of the record here and order now! LP 11.90

TEENGENERATE Get MORE Action!! CRYPT-104) Yasss.... the LONG-LOST May 1994 Egg Studios (Seattle) Crypt album sessions - all hopped-up, remixed etc - FINALLY available after disappearing for 19 years! LP is 17 originals in a GATEFOLD beaut w/liners by New Bomb Turk/”We Never Learn” Eric Davidson, CD is those 17 plus 5 covers (see BELOW 7” EP “5 Covers EP” for additional VINYL action! Side One 1. MESS ME UP 2. TEENAGE FREAK 3. DRESSED IN BLACK 4. FAKE FAKE FAKE 5. STINK 6. PLASTIC MAN 7. RIGHT NOW 8. UNTITLED Side Two 1. RADIO 55 2. FRONT PAGE 3. LET’S GET HURT 4. SHE’S SO FINE 5. DON’T LEAVE ME 6. I’M BEAT 7. I DON’T WANT TO FOLLOW YOU 8. HEY BABY 9. GROWN UP WRONG. CD extras: Boy From Nowhere (DMZ) She’s Alright (REAL KIDS) Kicked Out Of The Webelos (QUEERS) Six And Change (PAGANS) I Need Your Love Tonight (ELVIS). Gatefold LP 12.90 / CD 12.30
TEENGENERATE Five Covers EP (CRYPT-105) Yasss.... 5 MORE cuts, all covers, from the LONG-LOST May 1994 Egg Studios (Seattle) Crypt sessions - all hopped-up, remixed etc - FINALLY available after disappearing for 19 years! Tracks: Boy From Nowhere (DMZ) She’s Alright (REAL KIDS) Kicked Out Of The Webelos (QUEERS) Six And Change (PAGANS) I Need Your Love Tonight (ELVIS) 7" 5.90

TESTORS Complete Recordings 1976-1979 (Alien Snatch) Official and worldwide exclusive re-release of "Complete Recordings" double album on SWAMI back from 2003, even with few more songs - a total of 37 tracks! Colored vinyl, limited to 300 copies and with download code. Tracks: Primitive/ You Don't Break My Heart/ Let's Get Zooed Out/ It's Only Death/ Hey You/ I See/ M.K. Ultra/ Stall/ Don't Tell Me/ Voltaire/ Rainy Night/ Detention/ Madras Prison/ Remembrance/ Motor Drive/ Purpose/ Oriental Actors/ Scary/ Time Is Mine/ Together/ Primal Call/ Sick On Yesterday/ Ex/ Break It Down/ Greedy Fuckers/ Black Book/ Lust Or Love/ Bad Attitude/ Full Circle/ (This) Time Is Mine/ Tracy McPrichtease/ I'm Allowed/ Crazy Lazy Jane/ Nice To Your Dog/ Good Stuff/ She's Not Changed/ Lonely Nights. Double LP 22.50 / Double CD 20.50

JOHNNY THUNDERS So Alone Repress of his classic goddamned great solo lp of 1978 : Pipeline/You Can't Put Your Arms Around A memory/Great Bit Kiss/Ask me No Questions/Leave me Alone/Daddy Rollin' Stone/London Boys/Untouchable/Subway Train". LP € 12.90


MODERN RAUNCH – limited stock

THE ADMIRAL Bother Me /COOL RUNNINGS Cool Death (1.12 Records) 1 cut each by NZ combos. 7" 5.50

GG ALLIN & THE JABBERS 1980's Rock 'N' Roll - A comprehensive compilation of all 7´´s and 7´´ E.P.´s released between 1979 and 1982, plus "Occupation" (recorded with the MC 2, Wayne Kramer & Dennis Thompson, but unreleased back then) and "Out For Blood / Sixty Nine" (two studio rehearsals from 1983). Tracks: Bored To Death / Beat Beat Beat / One Man Army (Orange Records 1979)/ 1980´s Rock´n´Roll / Cheri Love Affair (Destiny Records 1979)/ Gimme Some Head / Dead Or Alive (Orange Records 1981)/ Occupation (studio outtake 1981, released 2000)/ You Hate Me & I Hate You / Automatic / Assface (Orange Records 1982)/ No Rules / A Fuck Up / Up Against The Wall / New York City Tonight (Orange Records 1982)/ Out For Blood / Sixty Nine (studio rehearsal 1983, released 1997). LP 12.50

AUGENWASSER New Seas/ Raw Mickey Mouse Power (La Suisse Primitive Records) 2 cuts by the Roy & the Devils Motorcycle drummer. 7" 6.50

AUTORAMAS Nada Pode Parar Os (Groovie Records) Their 2003 CD originally by Monstro Discos now released for the first time on vinyl, plus bonus tracks: Você Sabe/ Nada a ver/ Megalomania/ Música De amor/ Rei Da Implicância/ O Bom Veneno/ Resta Um/ Multiball/ Beleza/ O Inferno São Os Outros/ Ressaca Moral/ H x C x I/ Caso perdido/ Energy Joe. LP 13.50

BANANAS MAGAZINE Issue 9 Issue 9 featuring interviews with the Future Primitives, the Ar-Kaics, Dead Ghosts, King Salami and the Cumberland 3, Giant Robots, the Social End Products, Viv and the Sect, and also with illustrator Lluis Fuzzhound (los Chicos, the Routes etc...). Report of the Funtastic Dracula Carnival 2013, guitar tabs to your fav. psych tunes, and so much more. Including mounds of reviews! Mag 0 - it's a free magazine that we'll include to your order (minimum order value: € 25) if you like

BATMAN & GARAGEKID I'm A Monkey (Bachelor) 1. I'm Not A Monkey (I'm A Bat), But I Like Bananas Too!/ Oh Baby Please, Please Tell Me, That You Are A Thief!/ Nighttime Is Bed-Time / Bat-Time!/ I Was On Holiday In Ougadougou (Uh!-A-Duh!-Guh!). Limited to 500 copies, handnumbered, comes with small insert. 7" 5.50

MARK LEE ALLEN & BLOODSHOT BILL Cold Black River / Blue Collar (Rockin' Shelby Recordings) A new 45 collaboration between Bloodshot Bill and Mark Lee Allen - 2 primitive rockabilly cuts. 7" 6.50

BEAT-MAN Beat-Man's World 6x7 Box (Squoodge Records) Limited 7" box (500 copies) with full colored inside out 300gr/m2 cardboard sleeves housed in a full colored gloss paint heavy hardcover slipcase box and offering 12 cuts from 1989 to 2007: Orchester Beat-Man & The Wild Alien: Beat Opa (2000)/ Screaming Chet: Chet Rock (2006)/ Skelleton Surfers: Out Of Limit (1999)/ The Preachers From The Bat Balloon: Nothing (1992)/ Lightning Beat-Man: We Are So Fucked Up (1995)/ Orchester Beat-Man & The Wild Alien: 30s Shake (2000)/ Lightning Beat-Man: Tonight (1988)/ Reverend Beat-Man And The Church Of Herpes: Astro Zombie Twist (2000)/ Die Zorros: Final Countdown (2002)/ Reverend Beat-Man: A Letter To Myself – Demo (2007)/ The Coronets: Mary Mary (1989)/ The Monsters: Psych-Out With Me (1995). 6x 7" box set 62.50

BELTONS White Mama/ The Old Man Tells/ Tracteur (Töfflibueb Records) Debut 45 by this Swiss blues (punk) duo. 7" 5.50

BIRDS OF PARADISE The Little Death (Goodbye Boozy GB 90) New project by Roy Vucino (Red Mass, PYPY, CPC Gangbangs) and Hannah Lewis, described as folk/pop/Ppsych/blues. Limited pressing of 200 in three different sleeves. 7" 5.50

BLACK LIPS Underneath The Rainbow (Vice) Drive By Buddy/ Smiling/ Make You Mine/ Funny/ Dorner Party/ Justice After All/ Boys in the Wood/ Waiting/ Do the Vibrate/ I Don’t Wanna Go Home/ Dandelion Dust/ Dog Years. LP 22.90

THE BUTTSHAKERS Night Shift (CopaseDisques) Their second full length on which they stick to their roots of Rhythm'n'Blues and Northern Soul. Tracks: Night Shift/ I Wanna Know/ Chains/ Tell The Truth/ I Wait/ Your Love Is Amazing/ Only Your Love/ Satisfied/ How Long/ Betty Day/ Get Your Blues/ The Girl Can't Dance. LP 12.90 / CD 12.90

C.O.M.A. -CLINIK ORGANIK MUSAK ANATOMIK (Danger Records) Pre-CHARLES DE GOAL. Official reissue of French avant garde/weird synth punk LP. Led by Patrick Blain, singer/former of legendary '80s cold wave band, CHARLES DE GOAL. First and only album, self-titled, originally released in 1979. LP 13.70

THE CAVEMEN Juvenile Delinquent/ Swamp Thing (1.12 Records) 2 cuts by NZ garage combo. 7" 5.50

CHARLES DE GOAL Algorytmes (Danger Records) Official reissue of the first long player of CHARLES DE GOAL. Originally released on New Rose in 1980. The leaders of the French 80s cold wave scene. 1000 copies on black wax. LP 13.70

THE CHIEFS Speed Rock (Bachelor Archives) The unearthed recordings of a true proto punk band from 1977: Three guys living in a small town in Austria with nothing to do and nowhere to go formed a band called THE CHIEFS. This was 1977, they hardly got any resources but records from Troggs, Kinks and likewise. They practised five times total and did only one gig. The local dive who booked them thought they were loonies cause they wanted to get paid in Lire, the italian currency at that time, not in Austrian Schilling. Why? Just for fun, just to get a whole lot of cash into their pockets... After the show they tried to spend the money in discos, of course no barkeeper took this kind of money. We don‘t know if this monetary disaster is the main reason for the break-up, but the three CHIEFS parted ways and went on to start other bands. 25 years later Andreas Buchegger approached us with the idea to release a CHIEFS single on vinyl. As a collector of early Austrian Punk he got hold of a practice room tape with 12 tracks, cover versions of songs by the KINKS, TROGGS, BO DIDDLEY and YARDBIRDS, but also original ones. We asked Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studios, Italy, to clean up the tracks a bit and here you are.... THE CHIEFS, The members later went on to form bands like SPRAYS, PLASTIX, WESTBLOCK, STANDART OIL and finally the SWAMP CHIEFS. Tracks: "Speed Rock/ Frustration/ Permanent Perfidia". Be aware of very rough sound "quality". 7" 6.50

WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF He Wore A Pagan Robe / It's So Hard To Be Happy (Squoodge Records) Super limited pressing in many different colours (around 50 in each colour), in thick cover. 7" 13,90
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF Acorn Man (Damaged Goods) Tracks: 01. It's So Hard To Be Happy 02. Zero Emission 03. He Wore A Pagan Robe 04. A Flame From The Fen 05. What Is This False Life You're Leading 06. Acorn Man 07. Punk Rock Enough For Me 08. Me Or Mine 09. Curious Filters 10. The Song Of Myself 11. Acorn Man (Slight Return) 12. Instantly Delete. LP 14.50

CHROME CRANKS Dirty Airplay (Bang) 10 tracks recorded live at WMBR in Boston in 1994: Stuck In A Cave/ Driving Bad/ Draghouse/ Backdoor maniac/ Eight-Track-Mind/ Nightmare In Pink/ Way-Out Lover/ Doll In A Dress/ Darkroom/ Lost Woman. LP 18.90

NIKLAS COSKAN Here comes Coffin Creek: an amazing 94-page Hardcover Comic Book + Vinyl 7" (Squoodge) All 300 hand-numbered copies are signed by the artist. Four handdrawn and written stories of Niklas Coskan with the matching Instro-surf-Soundtrack from the Laser Mutants. Comic plus 7" 29,90

CRAMPS Blues Fix (Big Beat) For the first time on vinyl, originally released as a Single CD in 1992. Tracks (all cover versions): Hard Workin' Man/ It's Mighty Crazy/ Jelly Roll Rock/ Shombalor. 10" 14.70

DANGERHOUSE Volume 2: Give Me A Little Pain! (Frontier Records) Alley Cats: Give Me A Little Pain/ Too Much Junk / Eyes: Eniwetok/ X: Adult Books/ Weirdos: Neutron Bomb/ Black Randy: Idi Amin/ I Slept In An Arcade/ Bags - Babylonian Gorgon/ / We Will Bury You/ Rhino 39: Xerox/ No Compromise/ Avengers: Car Crash/ Randoms: ABCD/ Dils: Mr. Big. LP 14.50

THE DEAD BROTHERS Black Moose (Voodoo Rhythm) 2014 release in heavy jacket, with printed inner sleeve, poster and the CD included as bonus! Tracks: Black Moose/ There’s Always Someone That You Owe/ Dark Night/ Good Luck/ I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry/ Black Train/ St Dymphna/ La Mauvaise Réputation/ Heart Of Stone/ Femme Fatale/ So Wars, So Ists Und So Wirds Bleiben/ Ship Of Fools/ Appenzeller Tanz. LP + CD 14.90 / CD (double gatefold with 12-sided booklet) 15.50

DEAD GHOSTS Cant Get Go (Bachelor) Their second full length that was released by Burger Records in Spring of 2013 and sold out in no time. Now repressed on Bachelor in a limited run of 500 copies. Tracks. Cant Get No/ That Old Feeling/ Summer With Phil/ Cold Stare/ I Want You Back/ Roky Said/ On Your Own/ You Dont Belong/ B.A.D./ Tea Swamp Rumble/ Hanging (In The Alley)/ I Sleep Alone. LP 12.50
DEAD GHOSTS Rarities (Bachelor) A compilation of out of print singles, outtakes, live versions unreleased stuff and covers, limited to 500 copies: Cold Stare/ Comanche/ Blak Kat/ 1.000 Joints/ Bad Vibes/ Mayday/ Messed Up/ Something/ Thunderbird ESQ/ She Likes It/ In The Hills/ God Only Knows/ Teenage Lifestyle. LP 12.50

DELMONAS Delmonas 5 (Damaged Goods) Reissue of long out of print 1986 LP by this british garage pop girl trio, with a good chunck of songs written by Childish and Hampshire: Dr. Goldfoot/ Heard About Him/ Why Don't You Smile Now/ Black Elk Speaks/ Hound Dog/ Delmona (The Temptress Of Love)/ I Feel Like Giving In/ Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/ When I Want You/ Black Ludella/ Your Love/ Don't Fall In Love (Every Single Time)/ Jealousy. LP 13.90
DELMONAS The Delmonas (Damaged Goods) Reissue of long out of print 1989 LP, featuring a 'Dangerous Charms' lost title-track and a couple of earlier numbers redone in French. Jealousy/ That Boy Of Mine/ Can't Sit Down/ Kiss Me Honey/ I've Got Everything I Need/ Uncle Willy/ I Feel Like Giving In/ Farmer John/ You Did Him Wrong/ Dangerous Charms/ The Long Drop/ I Feel Alright. LP 13.90

DIRTBOMBS Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! (In The Red) The "Bubblegum Album": Ten new tracks by Mick Collins which pay homage to the sound and style originally popularized in the late ’60s / early ’70s by producers / exploiters like Kasenetz-Katz and Don Kirschner: Sugar On Top/ Crazy For You/ It's Gonna Be Alright/ Hot Sour Salty Sweet/ Jump And Shout/ The Girl On The Carousel/ Hey! Cookie/ Sunshine Girl/ No More Rainy Days / Sun Sound Interlude/ We Come In The Sunshine. LP 19.90

LOS DOS HERMANOS Bourbon, Blood & Seafoods (Howlin Banana) Los Dos Hermanos are a garage duo, formed by Billy Dorados on white Stratocaster guitar and Carole Tweedlady on drums who creates summery atmospheres through echoey vocals, surf music stylings, catchy guitar lines and pop melodies, with punk attitude and raw energy on top.Though influenced by both 60?s legends and new acts such as Thee Oh Sees or Ty Segall, the duo designed their very own vision of the genre, an exotic brand of garage rock filled with unexpected historical references, due to their shared passion for History, hence song titles such as « Robespierre » or « Louis XVI » and the revolution-inspired artwork by Victor Marco. LP 12.90

THE DUKES OF HAMBURG Beat Beat Beat Vol. 3 (Moonshake Records) Third and last Volume comes with a box / slipcase that fits all three 10"es. 10 more covers by The Pretty Things ,The Kinks, Roy Head, The Easybeats, The Rattles, The Lords, The Ventures & The Rolling Stones. 10" plus box 14.70

FRUSTRATION On The Rise, Early Years (Born Bad) Early recordings of this french post punk synth band: Artists Suck/ Vice/ On The Rise/ Adrenaline/ Teens/ Wait/ Little Story/ Premises/ Faster/ On The Rise (acc. version). LP 14.50


GRITS'N GRAVY Second Shot (Stag-O-Lee) Second album of Mighty Mike OMB of Voodoo Rhythm recording artists The Juke Joint Pimps and Cat Lee King, with seven originals and five coves:: Juke Joint (Michael Wagener)/ Whiskey (Cat Lee King)/ I'm Gonna Leave You (Michael Wagener)/ Act Right (Wynona Carr)/ Lovely Laurie Dana (Cat Lee King)/ Mud Knife Man (Cat Lee King)/ Busy Girl (Cat Lee King)/ Tell A Whale Of A Tale (Wiilliam Henry Miller; Billy Dawn Smith/ Sweet Sandy Lee (Cat Lee King)/ I Put A Spell On You (Jay Hawkins). LP 14.50

HIGHSPEED V Demented R&B (Groovie Records) Although they existed for only a year, the Highspeed V made enough of a mark on Stockholm's pioneering neo-garage scene for their name and music to live on several decades later. Along with the Livingstones and the Wylde Mammoths the Highspeed V were a local 'second wave' outfit, forming in the Spring 1986 as a combination of experienced players and newcomers to the garage punk circuit, featuring bass-player/vocalist Jens Lindberg and harmonica cat Henrik Orrje, both from the Crimson Shadows. Tracks: Baby/ Sally/ A Party At The Beach (Live)/ French Blues/ Is It True/ I Will Make It/ Bye Bye Baby/ I Dont Mind/ She Should Be Like Me (Demo Version From 1986 W/Keyboard)/ You Treat Me Bad/ Star Will Start To Shine/ She Should Be Like Me/ You Treat Me Bad (Live). LP14.90

I DRINK YOUR BLOOD Haunted Mansion EP (Stink Magnetic) 4 track EP by NZ garage combo: Haunted Mansion/ Dead Arm/ The Black Widower/ It's A Trap! 7" 5.50

IMPO & THE TENTS Peek After A Poke (Alien Snatch) 12 powerpop cuts from sweden. LP 11.90

ROSS JOHNSON & JEFFREY EVANS Vanity Sessions (Spacecase) Ross Johnson is best known for his ranting on ALEX CHILTON's seminal solo record, 'Like Flies On Sherbert' and being the original drummer for THE PANTHER BURNS. Jeffrey Evans influenced many with his band THE GIBSON BROS. This collaborative album was recorded in 2008, by the Iegendary JIM DICKINSON with the help of former Reigning Sound drummer, GREG ROBERSON. Tracks: Three Beer Queer/ Dateless Night/ Girl Watcher/ I've Had It/ He'll Have To Go/ Hey Little Child/ Teenage Head/ To Know Him Is To Love Him. LP 19.90

RICHARD JOHNSTON Foot Hill Stomp (Stag-O-Lee) Richard Johnston comes from the hill country of Northern Mississippi and usually performs on Beale Street in Memphis as a one-man band. After the death of Junior Kimbrough Richard (a white guy!) filled the gap and continued to play Junior's Juke Joint on Saturdays with Junior's various sons and nephews (The Soul Blues Boys) providing the backing. This is a reissue of the ten year old debut, self-released at the time. Featuring Jesse Mae Hemphill, Cedric Burnside and others. First time on vinyl: Miss Maebelle/ Do The Romp/ Coal Black Mattie/ That's No Way To Get Along/ Work Me Baby/ Catfish Blues-I Feel Good Little Girl/ Come On In/ Chicken And Gravy. LP 13.90

JUKE JOINT PIMPS Boogie Pimps (Voodoo Rhythm) Influences from Hound Dog Taylor, Howlin Wolf and North Mississippi Hill country blues are mixed (up) with gospel and raw power blues punk. Brewed in Germany. Let's Do The Hippie Dance/ High This Morning/ Superman Don't Get The Blues/ The Devil Is In The Details/ A Thing You Gotta Face/ Don't Push That Button/ Blues & Reefer/ Am I Blind/ That's The Way To Boogie/ Feel So Good/ You'll Be Mine/ Slim Stepped In Dog Shit/ That's It/ Mister Vegan. LP+CD 15.90

KAVIAR SPECIAL S/T (Howlin Banana) Kaviar Special is a four-piece band from Rennes, France. Their Lo-Fi sound is a mix of Garage, Power Pop & Flower Punk. The band recorded 13 songs during summer 2013, that are now being released as Kaviar Special’s debut Lp, on Howlin Banana and Azbin Records. Limited edition of 300 white-coloured vinyl. LP 12.90

KIDNAPPERS Pills (Secret vfMission) Following their releases on Rip Off Records and Alien Snatch and a period of silence, Germany's punk-powerpop unit The Kidnappers return with these three cuts: "Pills/ East Berlin; Ost Berlin/ Diamonds." Limited 45 includes download code. 7" 6.90

KING AUTOMATIC Lorraine Exotica (Voodoo Rhythm) One-man-band King Automatic goes exotica, combining elements of french yy garage beat punk with Jamaican rude boy rocksteady, rhythm'n'blues, exotica and trashy rock'n'roll. LP+CD 15.90

KING SALAMI & THE CUMBERLAND THREE Howlin’ For My Woman (Chaputa!) Howlin’ For My Woman/ Sandstorm/ Marabunta/ Time To Love. 7" 6.50

KÜKEN Black Rose/ House, Horse, Pig (Bachelor) Debut by ex-Kidnappers new band. 7" 5.50

THE LEFT ARM OF BUDDHA Monkey's Affair (Stag-O-Lee) An exotica project in the Martin Denny/Les Baxter-tradition. Monkey's Affair/ Arabian Calypso/ Coco Serenace. 7" 6.90

LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS Agri.Dustrial (Stag-O-Lee) Reissue of their 2010 album, for the first time on vinyl: Melungeon Melody/ Sin Eater/ Sugar Baby/ Nightride/ Hammer And Tongs/ Hog-Eyed Man/ Hoboes Are My Heroes/ Dixie Iron Fist/ Two Tickets To Hell/ God Fearing People/ Greasy Creek/ Hills Of Hell/ Dump Road Yodel/ Lost Cause/ Everything I Ever Wanted/ Killswitch. LP 13.90

LOOSE HEART Paris 1976 (Danger Records) 3 tracks from 1976 by this violent French punk band for the first time on 45.  "Alone" was discovered on the compilation 'La France A Peur and "Hot As The Gun" and "1000 Dreams" are unreleased until now. Band line up is: guitar/vocal: Pierre GODDARD (ex-STRIKE UP, 1984), bass: Pascal REGOLI (ex-ANGEL FACE), drums: Hervé ZENOUDA (ex-ANGEL FACE, STRIKE UP, STINKY TOYS). 7" 5.20

M.O.T.O. Shitty Kids (Secret Mission) Shitty Kids/ I Think Of You And I DIe/ Guitars Are Like Clothes. Limited 45 includes download code. 7" 6.90

MADCAPS All I Really Wanna Do (Howlin' Banana) 4 cuts from this garage pop band from Rennes: All I Really Wanna Do/ Cool Threads/ Impossible Love/ Anywhere But Here. 7" 5.50

MAGNETIX De Piere En Pire/ Regarde Moi (Born Bad) Their 15 years anniversary 45. 7" 5.90

MEAN BIKINI Sick Of Love / Jesus Weeps (Simply Thrilling) All-Girl garage punk from London. 7" 5.50

DAN MELCHIOR Slow Down Tiger (Starlight Furniture) Two tracks over one LP size each. Limited edition of 300. LP 18.90
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE Hunger (Castle Face) Hand-picked collection of unreleased Melchior tunes from his archives. Includes covers of The Move and Kevin Ayers. LP 19.90

MESSER CHUPS Church Of Reverb (CopaseDisques) Two songs taken from their 'Church Of Reverb' album from 2013: Rockin Zombie/ Dracula Hates Photoshoots. 7" 6.50
MESSER CHUPS Jokermobile (CopaseDisques) Brandnew 3-track 45 by Messer Chups from St. Petersburg/Russia: Jokermobile/ Imsomnia Of The Mummies/ Insomnia Of The Mummies (Tomb Version) 7" 6.50

MIGHTY MIKE OMB The Blues Of... (Stag-O-Lee) Mighty Mike is the drummer/Singer of Voodoo Rhythm band The Juke Joint Pimps as well as drummer in Stag-O-Lee two-piece Grits’N Gravy. For years he is also on the road doing his one-man-band thing, playing drums, guitar, harp and singing at the same time. The Blues Of..., his debut release on Stag-O-Lee. 4 tracks recorded live in one take: Never Make Your Move Too Soon/ I Wish You Would/ I Ain’t Got You/ Eat For Me). 7" 6.90

MONSTER STALKERS Do The Sasquatch/ Wailin' Wolf/ (Don't Go To) Forbidden Plateao (Fireball) Canadian garage/ surf 45 feat. two originals and one Wailers cover. 7" 5,90

MOVIE STAR JUNKIES Evil Moods (Voodoo Rhythm) Fourth studio album by Italian garage rockers Movie Star Junkies finds the band in an evil mood. It's an album teeming with twisted, noir-tinged psycho-pop, inspired by the work of Jim Thompson and Dashiell Hammett. LP+ CD 14.90

NEW SWEARS Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever (Bachelor) Midnight Lovers/ Main Stream/ Stay Gold/ T.V. Shows/ Candy Land/ Day Dreamin/ Sweet Donna/ Cool Aid/ Legalize Freedom/ No Fun. LP12.90

NOBUNNY Secret Songs: Reflections From The Ear Mirror (Goner) Third proper full-length from Oakland's masked garage punk madman, coming on 150 gr. vinyl and download card. LP 16.50

JEFFREY NOVAK Baron In The Trees (In The Red) The second solo album from CHEAP TIME front man JEFFREY NOVAK. LP 14.90

THEE OH SEES Drop (Castle Face) This 2014 full-length comes after a brief hiatus and a move to Southern California. Guest appearances from MIKAL CRONIN, GREER McGETTRICK and CASAFIS. Download code included LP 18.90

ANDY DALE PETTY Frick's Lament (Voodoo Rhythm) LP-version plus free CD! Frick's Lament/ Train On A Island/ The Building Is Doomed/ That Ol' Day/ Keraxa Lu/ James Burwell/ Early Modern Times/ Meteor Shower/ Augostine's First Return/ Steel Guitar Rag/Shake Sugarfree/ Spin Me Round/ January Winds. LP+CD 15.90

RAYDIOS No Expectation (Secret Mission) 3 cut EP by the Raydios, featuring Fink (of Teengenerate and Firestarter). All original tunes and all recorded for this release. Tracks: "No Expectation/ School Trash/ Faster." Limited 45 includes download code. 7" 6.90

REIGNING SOUND Shattered (Merge) Their first LP for Merge and the first full LP by the group since 2009's Love and Curses.Tracks: 01. North Cackalacky Girl 02. Never Coming Home 03. Falling Rain 04. If You Gotta Leave 05. You Did Wrong 06. Once More 07. My My 08. Starting New 09. Baby, It's Too Late 10. In My Dreams 11. I'm Trying (To Be The Man You Need). LP 18.90

THE ROCKIN' LAFAYETTES Mud Hole (Mad Cruisin' Torpedos) A german band doing R'n'R and 60s R&B since 25 years: The Rockin’ Lafayettes Theme/ Buona Sera Signorina/ You Won’t Find Many More Of My Kind/ Bear Cat/ Mud Hole/ No Dance No Song But Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Keep Runnin’/ Measuring Pipe/ Can’t Move/ I Was Doin’ It (Bonus Track)/ No More Goin’ Away/ I Gotta Go/ The Rockin’ Lafayettes Theme Outro. LP 13.50 / CD 13.50

ROYAL FLARES Blaze (Born Loser) Mini LP following their debut album on CopaseDisques. Six tracks released on their own label: Why?!/ I - You = 0/ See Me Walking At Night/ She's Not There/ Mrs Sarah Lee/ Wanna Love You. LP 12.00

SHADY & THE VAMP / LES CHEVAUX SAUVAGES Split 45(High Time Records) Limited to 310 handnumbered copies: "Ain't Got No Love / The Other Way" by Shady & The Vamp and "Holy Bus" on the flip by Les Chevaux Sauvages. 7" 5.50
SHADY AND THE VAMP Toothpaste/ X-Ray Vision/ I Want You/ Fuck All Haters (La Suisse Primitive Records) European tour 7'' limited to 300 copies, black vinyl. 7" 6.50

SICK THOUGHTS I Wanna Hate / Not Sorry (Goodbye Boozy GB 92) New songs recorded in Feb 2014, issued with three different covers, 83 copies each. 7" 5.50

THE SKEPTICS Black, Lonely & Blue (Groovie Records) Their second LP, now on the Portuguese Groovie label. Tracks: Stay Away Away From You/ Too Much To Bear/ Trouble Maker/ Master Of The Hive/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/ Sweet Mary/ Mind-Trap/ Black, Lonely & Blue. LP 13.50

SONIC CHICKEN 4 S/T (Bachelor) Their second LP that was supposed to be released on In The Red in 2009 for their US tour, but never came out until now: Under Fireworks/ Inspiration/ El Nico/ Airplane Girl/ Shadows On The Back/ Neon Lights/ Dans L'Matin Et Dans L'Soir/ Yogi Girl With Gold/ Love By The Riverside/ Midnight Girl/ Sonic Night/ Girl From Rio. LP 12.50

SPITS Kill The Kool (In The Red) Remastered and expanded double-LP re-release of the limited tour-only collection. Spins at 45rpm, includes extra tracks and comes housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring artwork by comic book artist Keenan Keller. Tracks: 2018/ Trouble/ Atom Age/ Kill the Kool/ Rip Up the Streets/ Autobahn/ Beat You Up/ Get Our Kicks/ Take Pleasure in Someone Else's Pain/ Chem Trails/ The Liars/ Army Life/ Kill the Kool (Remix)/ She Don't Kare/ Come With Me/ Wait/ Ask Your Mother/ Hit the Dead (Spasmodic Caress)/ Terrorist Attack/ Halloween Fun/ Black Candles/ Spend the Night in a Haunted House w/ The Spits 7". Double LP 23.90

STRANGE ATTRACTOR Barely Doin’ Crime (Mammoth Cave Recording Co./ Secret Identity Rec) Barely Doin’ Crime/ Fashion Thug/ Gimme Something Else/ I Need To Kill My Neighbors/ Too Dumb To Hate/ Lolita. 7" 5.50

T.I.T.S I Told You I Was Sick/ Kashmere Trap (Pollymaggoo Records) Ttwo new songs recorded by T.I.T.S ?during the middle of their spring 2014 tour. Drawing on the influences one would expect from any tasty modern band (e.g. 70s punk, 60's psych, Crime, Germs, Flipper, fine 90's garage-noise etc.) Paris' T.I.T.S have ?created a very ugly/twisted/rocking sound that is all their own. «I told you I was sick» is a prime shot of brooding, midtempo punk rawk bile. The similarly sinister flip «Kashmere Trap» is a slow grinder, again with a memorable hook but now under a frenzy of guitar feedback. 7" 7.50

THE THANES Dishin' The Dirt/ I Don't Want You (Dirty Water) Gatefold 7" 5.50

LOS TONES Psychotropic (Groovie Records) Los Tones' debut-album sees the boys continue their garage-rock calamity with some subtle hints of early psychedelia and surf rock. 'Psychotropic' also features Los Tones' debut single 'Buchanan Hammer' and the follow up 'Ordinary Man'. LP 14.90

UNDERTONES First Album plus Bonustracks (SRK 6071) The 1979 debut plus bonus tracks: "Family Entertainment/ Girls Don't Like It/ Male Model/ I Gotta Getta/ Wrong Way/ Jump Boys/ Here Comes The Summer/ Billy's Third/ Jimmy Jimmy/ True Confessions/ She's A Runaround/ I Know a Girl/ Listening In/ Casbah Rock". PLUS BONUS cuts: "Teenage Kicks/ Smarter Than You/ Emergency Cases/ Get Over You/ Really Really/ She Can Only Say No" and the beginning of each side and "Mars Bars" at the very end. LP 12.50

URBAN JUNIOR The Truth About Dr. S. and Mr P. (Voodoo Rhythm) Swiss one-man-band Urban Junior jwith his fourth studio album. LP + CD 14.90

USELESS EATERS Linear Movement / Bloody Ripper (Goodbye Boozy GB 93) "Linear Movement" was recorded In Brunswik East , Australia in 2012: Seth - Guitar/Vocals, Jack - Bass , Elias - Drums. "Bloody Ripper" in Okland , USA in 2013, all Instruments By Seth Sutton. Limited to 250 copies in two different colours: Black and white - 125 copies/ Red and black - 125 copies. 7" 5.50

VOODOO RHYTHM COMPILATION Volume 4 (Voodoo Rhythm) Volume 4 as a picture LP with 13 tracks: The Future Primitives - Into The Primitive/ Die Zorros - Good Bye Baby/ The Juke Joint Pimps - King Roland's Prayer/ Hank Haint - Blackout/ The Monsters - Blow Um Mau Mau/ Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle - Six Pink Cadillac/ Becky Lee And Drunkfoot - Old Fashined Man/ The Pussywarmers - La Nen La Bambele/ Heart Attack Alley - Too Hot Blues/ Mama Rosin Together With Hipbone Slim And The Kneetremblers - London Zydeco/ Delaney Davidson - Windy City/ The Goon Mat And Lord Benardo - What It's All About/ Menic - Waiting For Zero. Picture LP 13.90
VOODOO RHYTHM COMPILATION Volume 4 (Voodoo Rhythm) In double gatefold cover (no plastic exept the bloddy CD) with 12 Side Booklet! Same tracks as the vinyl. CD 15.50

W T H H Lost In A Cave / Tomato Gravy (Goodbye Boozy GB 91) Two tracks on a single sided 7" by Waylon Thornton H. H. Limited pressing of 200 in three different sleeves. 7" 5.50

WAND Self Hypnosis In Three Days/ INUTILI - Easy Leaving (Goodbye Boozy / Aagoo Records) Wand is Cory Hanson, Evan Burrows, Daniel Martins and Lee Landey. Recorded and mixed at the Sweat Lodge by Ty Segall. Inutili recorded this new song in 2014 at Torricella Studios. Co-release with only 150 copies on Goodby Boozy. 7" 5.50

ANDRE WILLIAMS Nightclub (Lonestar Records) 5-song EP with his touring band The Goldstars: Nightclub/ Hot Coffee/ Babblin' Brook/ Hard Way/ Oh Baby! LP 12.90

WOLF PARTY (Voodoo Rhythm) New Zealand rock'n'roll, punk, garage, underground compilation with most obscure and wildest acts from Maori's kiwi island, presented by Stink Magnetic, a cassette and film production company started in 1998 by a young Maori called Dylan Thomas Herkes, better known as THE MYSTERIOUS TAPE MAN. Tape Man began documenting and recording local bands from the Wairarapa, Tararua and Manawatu areas on hand-made cassette tapes recorded one by one in real time and released them on 7 different tapes of 30 copies each. He sold them out of a cardboard box wrapped in tin foil. He describes the pact of Stink Magnetic as "documenting stuff that wouldn't have been documented ". Back than he set up a office in a old abandoned newspaper building in Whanganui, also a record and tape store and continuously recorded many locals bands. Also ZENO TORNADO from Voodoo Rhythm Records who toured NZ back in the days . Unfortunately one day the Fire Brigade and the Cops turned up and so he moved the Company to the South Island city of Christchurch, just in the time when it was buried in a massive Earthquake. The entire personal collection of Stink HQ was covered in a two story pile of rubble for a fews days before most was recovered again and dusted off. Stink Magnetic won at the end and held a 13th Anniversary Festival in collaboration with the Christchurch City Art Gallery. Later that year he put out a bunch more stuff before moving to it's current location in Wellington where his now to celebrate it's 15TH YEAR OF TAPE. Through it's varied and colorful 15 years of existing he has released over 55 different tapes, acetates, video tapes, CDRs and vinyl 7's and LPs ! All mostly sold through live shows and now available for a bigger World Wide Audience through Voodoo Rhythm Records. LP+CD 14,90

X RAY SPEX Germ Free Adolescents (Art-I-Ficial) Reissue of their debut LP plus 4 bonus cuts: "Art-I-Ficial/ Obsessed with You/ Warrior in Woolworths/ Let's Submerge/ I Can't Do Anything/ Identity/ Genetic Engineering/ I Live Off You/ I Am a Poseur/ Germ Free Adolescence/ Plastic Bag/ The Day the World Turned Day-Glo" plus "Oh Bondage Up Yours/ I Am A Cliché" starting side 1 and "Age/ Highly Inflammable" ending the record. LP 12.50

THE YOUTH Nothing But The Youth (Dirty Water) The Message/ When You Gonna Learn/ Big Smoke London Town/ Grand Prix/ Ride on Louisiana Red/ Rockin Boogaloo/ Dont Let the Devil Drive Your Car/ Back to Mono/ Fire Dance/ Mojo Yar Bones/ Flesh & Blood. LP 13.50

ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH (DES TODES) Would You Rather? (Alien Snatch) Debut LP by this german outfit. Tracks: Chatroulette/ Daggermouth/ Licht/ Jodie's Car/ Rabea/ Busy Ghost/ Stay Rad/ Slenderman/ Pressure Leak/ Falaffel 666. LP 11.90

ZIG ZAGS Zig Zags (In The Red) Recorded and produced by TY SEGALL for In The Red. Twelve songs of weirdo film, caveman rock and space noise. Includes a free download. LP 19.90
ZIG ZAGS Brainded Warrior/ So Stoned (In The Red) One track from the album backed by a non-LP cut. 7" 7.50