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JOHNNY THROTTLE Sick Of Myself/ Job In The City (Crypt) "Sick Of Myself", a tune combining equal parts Stoogey roar and Users squonk. "Job In The City", a Kids cover that heaps on Eddie & The Hotrods pubrock honk aplenty. 7" 4.50
JOHNNY THROTTLE Stukas Über Shoreditch (Wrench Records) Their debut 45 on Wrench. Arriving any day. 7" 4.90
JOHNNY THROTTLE S/T (Dirty Water) Their debut full length! 12 cuts: Lost Sputnik/ Alone/ Ann/ See You Again/ Waking Up Alone/ Love Me Till I Come/ I Wanna Be Your Ex/ Heart Of Stone/ Spazztastic/ Falling Off The Edge/ Time You Learnt/ Johnny Go Mental. LP 12.50

KIDS S/T (Phillips) Reissue of this classic Belgian 77 punk alb!! You should hurry up and get yourself a copy if you don't own one yet, because this is a must LP 12.90
KIDS NAUGHTY KIDS (Radiation) Their second - not as great as the debut, but still a good one! This version comes with 5 bonus tracks recorded live in 1978.and on 180 gram vinyl in a heavy cardboard sleeve. Tracks: Jesus Christ (Didn't Exist)/. Don't Wanna Be A Fat Boy/ We Are The Prisoners/ Radio Radio/ No Monarchy/ Through The Night/ Dead Industry/ Runaway/ Razorblades For Sale/ Sixteen/ Naughty Boys/ Sex Queen/ Rock Over Belgium/ No Monarchy (1978-Live)/ Life Is A Hell (1978-Live)/ 12XU (1978-Live)/ No Work (1977-Studio)/ Do You Love The Nazis (1978-Live)/ Razorblades For Sale (1978-Live). 180-gram. LP 18.90
KIDS No Monarchy (Danger) Official reissue of the first single 'No Monarchy' made by the greatest Belgian punk band of all time, THE KIDS. Originally released in 1978 on Fontana. 3 cuts: "No Monarchy/ Rock Over Belgium/ The City Is Dead" - GREAT 77 PUNK! 7" 6.50
THE BASTARDS Funky Bastard / Job In Town (Sing Sing) KILLER! The Kids (Belgium) released this single 1977 in Italy under the name 'The Bastards'. 2 classic tracks with different names / mixes from the LP!! 7" 6.90

KILLED BY DEATH #1 (RedRum) The first four Volumes of this series are CLASSICS and came out before every tard and his mama decided to issue a kazillion lame 70s "punk" comps. 15 cuts. LP12.50 / CD 13.50
KILLED BY DEATH #4 (RedRum) more punkrock rarities from 77-82, featuring ZERO BOYS, ROTTERS, REALLY RED, FILTH, KAOS, HEARTATTACK, HUNS, VICTIMS, JERKS, etc. LP 12.50 / CD 13.50
KILLED BY DEATH #5 (RedRum) Featuring BLACK EASTER (What The Fuxk), THE NUBS (Job), X-TERMINATORS (Microwave Radiation), THE MOLLS (White Stains), DIETER (Cry For Fame), HUBBLE BUBBLE (Look Around), TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS (Clubnite), CRACKED ACTOR (Nazi School), THE KIDS (No Monarchy), NEO PUNKZ (If I Watch TV), etc. LP 12.50
KILLED BY DEATH Volume 6 (Redrum) Featuring THE KIDS (This Is Rock & Roll), FUNERAL DRESS (Army Life), DIRT SHIT (Exit), THE INSULTS (Just A Doper), ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS (You Sucker), SCHUND (Schund), FIRE EXIT (Time Wall), MARK TRUTH & THE LIARS (Prisoners Of Time), HITLER SS (Slave), etc. LP 12.50
KILLED BY DEATH Volume 12 (Redrum) All American junk, featuring CARDIAC KIDZ (Get Out), ARYAN DISGRACE (Faggot In The Family), STRIKE UNDER (Context), GENRAL FOODZ (Be So Funny), CULT HEROES (Amerikan Story), INJECTIONS (Lies), REJECTS (EEG & Barbed Wire Baby), CHEATERS (Ice Man), etc. LP 12.50

KILLJOYS "Naive / Johnny Won't Get To Heaven" (Damaged Goods) The pre-Dexy's Midnight Runners (barf!!) '77 punkrock 7". Snotty & raw. Picture 7" 5.50

KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW "S/T" (In The Red) re-release of this masterpiece (the Goner version) with two bonus cuts that weren't on the Goner LP, so you get a total of 14 tracks. Complete new artwork, including the King Khan & BBQ game! The LP version features a one-sided second LP containing the band's first demo (7 cuts)! CD 14.00
KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW "Whats For Dinner?" (In The Red) Fantastic follow up to their hard to beat debut and again a great mix of R'n'B, R'n'R and Garage Punk! "Treat Me Like A Dog/ Dock It #8/ Blow My Top/ What's For Dinner" should make ya move right away, and if you don't start singing along to the great slow "Why Don't You Lie", you're an emotional wreck or just not drunk enough! Same for the beautiful (yes, beautiful AND moving) "Too Much In Love". "The Ballad Of..." with the "Shakin All Over" riff really kicks me too, "Zombies" is a great snotty  punker, the cool cover "Operation" and the brutal and short "Learn My Language" makes me even like hardcore again and the two ballads "I'll Never Belong" & "Into The Snow" and the raw blues punker "Captain Captain" (with a "Fish Fight" reference) round this up to a MUST HAVE LP/CD (Cd comes with a bonus instro: "Suck It And Smell")   LP 19.50 / CD 14,00
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW "Flight 505" / FLAKES "Stupid Girl" (Norton)  7" 6.00
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW “Teabag Party" EP (CRYPT-098): Teabag Party/ Larry Is A Gay Blade/ Teenage Foetus/ What’s Mine Is Yours/ Gangbang Gordon" Luscious pic-sleeved FIVE-song 7” EP (Side 1: 45 rpm. Side Two: 33.3 rpm). chockfulla the trademarked and patented Teabag Rock squalor-sound of this international and rather handsome duo. 7" 4,50
King Khan & BBQ SHOW Animal Party/ God Of Raisins (Fat Possum) A custom gatefold package with original 16-page comic to "Animal Party" 7" 12.50
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW Invisible Girl (In The Red) Third full length of the mighty two star band: Anala/ Invisible Girl/ I'll Be Loving You/ Animal Party/ Spin The Bottle/ Third Ave/ Tastebuds/ Truth Or Dare/ Crystal Ball/ Lonely Boy/ Tryin'/ Do The Chop LP 19.50 / CD 13.50
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW (Sultan Records) Recorded in Berlin at King Khan’s Moon Studios in the Spring of 2011, this was the first time Khan & BBQ (Mark Sultan) had worked together since their infamous breakup a year previous. The melancholy that is puked forth gives listeners a chance to understand their tumultuous blood-bond and psychic brotherhood. Great downer rock’n'roll sounds with an LSD coating, featuring a stellar cover of Syd Barrett’s classic ‘Terrapin’. 7" 5.50
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW Bad News Boys (In The Red) 12 new cuts: Alone Again/ Illuminations/ Kiss My Sister's Fist/ Buy Bye Bhai/ D.F.O./ We Are The Champion/ When Will I Be Tamed?/ Ocean Of Love/ Snackin' After Midnight/ Killing The Wolfman/ Never Felt Like This/ Zen MachinesLP 23.90

KNOXVILLE GIRLS "S/T" (In The Red) Great Rock & Roll Country alb with excellent cover versions, great originals and just one weak track . The Knoxville Girls were kind of an 'All Star Band", featuring Kid Congo Powers (Cramps, Gun Club...) , Bob Bert (Pussy Galore, Chrome Cranks..), Jerry Teel (Chrome Cranks, Honeymoon Killers...) and more, just to give you an idea CD 14.00

LAZY COWGIRLS RAGGED SOUL (Crypt) Recorded in March 1995 with over 40 minutes of great originals! Probably their best alb yet; ballsy FULL sound (whereas their prior recordings kinda missed the requisite LOW-END punch of the bass & drums. 13 songs CD 12.30
LAZY COWGIRLS Rock Of Gibraltor / Jungle Song (Dog Meat) 2 live-on-the-radio cuts NOT on the great live LP - "RADIO COWGIRL" . RAW & WILD! 7" 4.50
LAZY COWGIRLS A LITTLE SEX & DEATH (Crypt) 13 cuts of the Cowgirls' time-tested and ever-potent stomp & growl! 10 fast rockers! 2 mid-tempo anthems! 1 slow, Stonesy acoustic rant! "Here Comes Trouble/The End Of The Line/A Little Sex & Death/Montana/I'll Tell You Why/World Up For Grabs/Bad News/Can You Tell Me/Sweet Thing/ Hittin' Bottom/Name Droppin' Son Of A Bitch/ The Big Restless/Your Charmed Life's Fadin' Fast" CD 12.30   
LAZY COWGIRLS Frustration Tragedy & Lies (Crypt) Yesss!! A Mighty fine 3-song/9 minute blast of superfine Cowgirls ROAR! "Frustration, Tragedy & Lies", "Don't Tempt Me" plus a great cover of the Ronettes' "Here I Sit". MIGHTY FINE INDEED! 7" 4.90

LITTLE KILLERS Better Be Right / Messin' Around (Crypt) Yay-usss!!! Here's a super-limited edition WHITE VINYL debut 7" single from NYC's (hell, America's!!) hottest new combo, THE LITTLE KILLERS!! The 2 cuts were recorded live at WFMU for Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic on March 21 2003 and are a brand-new original called "BETTER BE RIGHT" plus a raw-ass version of "MESSIN' AROUND". 7" 5.10
LITTLE KILLERS S/T (Crypt) Ya-hooo! Yes, folks - the fabulous 12-song Little Killers debut lp/cd is hitting the streets on September 8 2003!! LP is a swank beastie with foto-crammed inner jacket! There's a NORMAL VINYL pressing PLUS a LIMITED-EDITION 180-gram beefy-fat vinyl for you con-o'-sewers! LP 11.90 / CD 11.00 / 180-gram LP: 11.00
LITTLE KILLERS THINK b/w DARTFORD RENEGADES OFF THE HOOK (Norton Stones tribute) NYC's Little Killers hammer out a fourth gear mash of an AFTERMATH favorite! 7" 6.00
LITTLE KILLERS "A REAL GOOD ONE" (Gern Blandsten). The second full length and a real good one indeed. Of course you all know their mind blowing debut LP and this one's almost there. CD 13.50

LIVE FAST DIE / LOVER / split (Douchemaster) Got a bunch of this back in stock! Two sided winner with "Booger In My Asshole" by LOVER & Sick As Shit Of Shit" by LFD. 7" 5.20

LUIS & THE WILDFIRES "Brain Jail" (Norton) "Dance In The Rain“ alone is worth the purchase and should become everybodys favorite song! Norton says: Wild Mexican rock n’ roll! uis and his gang go for broke on their savage debut album! Recorded in LA’s legendary Wild Records garage studio and issued to worldwide acclaim on the red hot WILD label on CD, the album makes its vinyl debut on Norton with two exclusive bonus cuts! Includes the dance floor monster slopper Let’s Party! The Wildfires sop Johnny Carroll and Slim Harpo with greasy garage whomp and salute their Mexican musical heritage with a superb romp on Tony Casanova’s Yeah Yeah Come Another Day. LP 14.00
LUIS & THE WILDFIRES "Brain Jail" (Wild Records) 12 cut CD version of above - comes in thick gatefold cardboard sleeve: Dance In The Rain/ Wild In The Head/ Gonna Leave/ Yeah, Yeah Come Another day/ Let's Party/ I Hear Voices/ Genie In A Bottle/ Cas Iron Arm/ That's Love/ Come ON Over Baby/ Mouth Hug/ Goodbye. CD 14.00

LYRES On Fyre (Munster) Reissue of their MOODY and GREAT debut LP- ESSENTIAL: Don't Give It Up Now/ Help You Ann/ I Confess/ I'm Telling You Girl/ Love Me Till The Sun Shines/ I Really Want You Right Now/ Tired Of Waiting/ Dolly/ Soapy/ The Way I Feel About You/ Not Like The Other One/ Never Met A Girl Like You*/ How Could Have I Done All Of These Things*/ Swing Shift*/ Trying Just To Please You*/ 16. Busy Body* - * CD-bonus cuts!!! CD 16.50
LYRES Lyres Lyres (Munster) Their solid third album: Not Looking Back/ She Pays The Rent/ You'll Never Do It Baby/ I Love Her Still, I Always Will/ No Reason To Complain/ The Only Thing/ Stacey*/ How Do You Know/ You Won't Be Sad Anymore/ If You Want My Love/ Busy Men/ Teach Me To Forget You/ Stormy/ Someone Who'll Treat You Right Now*/ She Pays The Rent*/ You've Been Wrong*/ I'll Try Anyway* - * CD-bonus cuts!!! LP 16.50 / CD 16.50
LYRES EARLY YEARS: 1979-1983 LIVE AT CANTONES & WERS-FM (Crypt) 24 cuts of raw, early live recordings from the 2 outta print Crypt lp's of 1987 & 1989. This is a sharp lil fucker with a foto-filled 16-page booklet, SOLID full sound, etc! 10 cuts from 1979-1981, 15 cuts from their live radio show session of 1983. CD 12.30
LYRES "Dont Give It Up Now/ How Do You Know" (Dirty Water) Official re-release of the debut Lyres single from 1979 - and needless to say that this is ESSENTIAL! 7" 5.90
LYRES Live At Cantones 82 (Munster) A furious live set by Lyres at a tiny Italian restaurant that became the home of Boston's underground punk and rock & roll movement. Along with Jeff "Mono Mann" Conolly are ex-DMZs Rick Coraccio, Peter Greenberg and Paul Murphy. A great live document of the band cranking out their early material, including 'Don't Give It Up Now' and 'I Really Want You Right Now', released for the first time in almost 30 years. Limited to 500 copies: I Really Want You Right Now/ Lily/ Help You Ann/ Come On Up/ Don't Give It Up Now/ Mighty Idy/ Let's Have A Party/ 100 Ccs/ Since You've Been Gone/ Hang Up/ Cinderella/ Dirty Robber/ Journey To Thyme. Limited to 500 copies. LP 16.90
DMZ / LYRES Radio Demos / Live At Cantones 82 (Munster) Both Munster LPs on one Cd. CD 15.90
LYRES Lost Lyres (Munster Records) Seven tracks from the 1980 recordings sessions of She Pays The Rent plus another five tracks recorded at the same time as their first album, "On Fyre". All available on vinyl for the first time!! 01. Aint Going Nowhere 02. 100 Ccs 03. She Pays The Rent 04. High On Yourself 05. What A Girl Cant Do 06. Buried Alive 07. In Motion 08. Never Met A Girl Like You 09. How Could Have I Done All Of These Things 10. Swing Shift 11. Trying Just To Please You 12. Busy Body. LP 16.50
LYRES A Promise Is A Promise (Munster Records) The third Lyres LP on Ace of Hearts in another collection and own songs and chosen covers, all bearing the inimitable imprint of the Boston band. 01. Heres A Heart 02. On Fyre 03. Every Man For Himself 04. Feel Good 05. Ill Try You Anyway 06. Worried About Nothing 07. Touch (live) 08. Running Through The Night 09. Shes Got Eyes That Tell Lies 10. Jagged Time Lapse 11. Knock My Socks Off 12. Sick And Tired 13. Trying Just To Please You 14. Witch. LP 16.50

MASONICS In Your Night Of Dreams And Ohter Foreboding Pleasures (Dirty Water) 2011 album from the mighty MASONICS a.k.a. Mickey Hampshire, John Gibbs and Bruce Brand. LP 12.50 / CD 13.20
MASONICS Royal And Ancient (Circle Records) 14 tracks - all good! LP 13.50
MASONICS When You Cry At Night/ Where's Johnny Moped Now? (Slovenly) 7" 5.2

MIGHTY CAESARS ENGLISH PUNK ROCK EXPLOSION (Crypt) ESSENTIAL 16-song "BEST-OF" compilation PART 1 (PART 2 is "Surely They Were.. LP). Tracks: Wiley Coyote/ (Miss America) Got To Get You Outside My Head/ I Don't Need No Baby/ Death Of A Mighty Caesar/ Stay The Same/ The Double Axe/ I Was Led To Believe/ You Make Me Die/ Now I Know/ I've Been Waiting/ Loathsome And Wild/ You'll Be Sorry Now/ Baby What's Wrong / I Can't Find Pleasure/ Kinds Of Women/ Keep Your Hands Off My Child LP 11.90
MIGHTY CAESARS SURELY THEY WERE THE SONS OF GOD (Crypt) 33-SONG, 71 MINUTE CD of total Caesars mindstun blare: 13 songs from the "English Punk-Rock Explosion" LP, 11 from the "John Lennon's Corpse" LP, and 9 from the "Surely They Were .." LP. CD 12.30
MIGHTY CAESARS JOHN LENNON'S CORPSE REVISITED (Crypt) Kind of a "Reunion LP". Thee Caesars had been broken up but we got em together for a mini-tour of NYC in Nov 88, and they recorded this Crypt-exclusive LP on returning to Chatham. And CHRIST, is it NASTY! 15 absolute rippers. LP 11.90
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS Acropolis Now (Damaged Goods) Thee Mighty Caesars were formed by Billy Childish, Graham Day & John Agnew in 1985 after the demise of The Milkshakes and alongside The Prisoners. Tis here's the reissue of their 1986 LP, tracks are: I've Got Everything Indeed/ Now I Know/ When The Night Comes/ I Can Judge A Daughter/ (Miss America) Got To Get You Outside My Head/ Li'l Red Riding Hood/ You Make Me Die/ Loathsome & Wild/ Ask The Dust/ Despite All This/ I Don't Need No Baby/ I Feel Like Giving In/ Dictator Of Love/ I Was Led To Believe. LP 12.90
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS Beware The Ides Of March (Damaged Goods) Reissue of their 1985 LP, originally on Big Beat Records. tracks: It Ain't No Sin/ You'll Be Sorry Now/ Young Man Afraid Of His Horses/ All Of Your Love/ Cyclonic/ Little By Little/ Give It To Me/ This Man's Determined/ You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover/ Baby Please/ Rumble/ Road Runner. LP 12.90
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS Thee Caesars Of Trash (Damaged Goods) Reissue of 1986 LP, originally on Milkshake Records. Tracks: It's You I Hate To Lose/ Man Taken From Guts/ Don't Say It's A Lie/ Oh Yeah/ Devious Means/ All Night Worker/ Not Fade Away/ Jack The Ripper/ I've Been Waiting/ True To You/ Don't Break My Laws/ Psycho. LP 12.90
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS Wiseblood (Damaged Goods) Reissue of their 1986 LP on Ambassador. Tracks: I Can't Find Pleasure/ Come Into My Life/ Signals Of Love/ I Self Destroy/ The Wise Blood/ The Bay Of Pigs/ The Double Axe/ Tushunka Witko/ Stay The Same/ Kinds Of Women/ Signals Of Love (Slight Return)/ Action Time Vision. LP 12.90
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS Beware The Ides Of March / Acropolis (Damaged Goods) Both LP's on one CD. CD 13.20
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS Thee Caesars Of Trash / Wiseblood (Damaged Goods) Both LP's on one CD. CD 13.20

MILKSHAKES 19th NERVOUS SHAKEDOWN (Big Beat) 30-cut "best-of" comp: "It's You/Please Don't Tell My Baby/Shed Country/Pretty baby/Don't Love Another/ After Midnight/Seven Days/Black Sails In The Moonlight/Cadalina/You Did Her Wrong/Shimmy Shake/Hide & Scatter/El Salvador/Jaguar/Little Bettina/Let Me Love You/Cassandra/Green Hornet/Out Of Control/I'm Needing You/Wounded Knee" etc. . CD 17.90
MILKSHAKES 107 Tapes (Damaged Goods) Reissue of the Billy Childish/Milkshakes 1986 Media Burn compilation of demos from July 1981 and a couple of German live shows from April 1983, back on double LP for the first time in 24 years. Double LP 15.80 / CD 13.50
MILKSHAKES 20 ROCK AND ROLL HITS OF THE 50's AND 60's (BIG BEAT) A tribute to the original Milkshakes: "Hippy Hippy Shake/Rip It Up/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And CrySay Mama/Peggy Sue/Jaguar And The Thunderbird/Comanche/I'm Talking About/Sweet Little Sixteen/Money/Carol/Boys/Something Else/Some Other Guy/Who Do You Love/Jezebel/Hidden Charms/Little Queenie/Yaya (Twist)/I Wanna Be Your Man" LP 15.90

MISFITS Walk Among Us (Ruby) European reissue of the Ruby release: 20 Eyes/ I Turned Into A Martian/ All Hell Breaks Loose/ Vampira/ Nike A Go Go/ Hate Breeders/ Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? (Live/ Night Of The Living Dead/ Skulls/ Volent World/ Devils Whorehouse/ Astro Zombies/ Braineaters. LP 12.90

MODERN LOVERS "MODERN LOVERS" (Home of The Hits) Reissue of this excellent pre-punk classic from 1972-75! Tracks: Road Runner/ Astral Plane/ Old World/ Pablo Picasso/ She Cracked/ Hospital/ Someone I Care About/ Girlfriend/ Modern World. LP 13.50

MULLENS S/T (Get Hip) Pretty damn GREAT Dolls-Birdman-Stones-Heartbreakers influenced punkrock lp!!! LP 12.50 CD 13.00

MURDER PUNK VOL. 2 (Murder Punk Inc) 2nd kick-ass 25-cut comp of Aussie 70s punk rawk! NEWS "Dirty Lies/Chop Chop Chop"/RAZAR "Stamp Out Disco/Task Force"/ SCIENTISTS "Last Night/ Bet Ya Lyin'/It's For Real/Pissed On Another Planet"/FUN THINGS "When The Birdmen Fly/Lipstick/Time Enough For Love/Savage"/ LEFTOVERS "Cigarettes & Alcohol/I Only Panic When There Is Nothing To Do/No Complaints"/VICTIMS "I Understand/ Open Your Eyes/ High School Girls/ T.V. Freak/Disco Junkies" /THOUGHT CRIMINALS "More Suicides Please/ The Cut-Out Man/ etc etc CD 13.50

NASAL BOYS "Lost And Found" (Swisspunk) Starts wit the killer 45 "Hot Love/Die Wüste lebt (first and best Swiss punk 45!) plus five more prev. unreleased tracks from the same studio session from 1977: Manifesto / I Ain't No Stupid / Jam With Tout La Creme / Stanga / This World. Side 2 features 6 live tracks from Dec. 1977: I Ain't No Stupid / Eastern News / Die Wüste Lebt / Punk Or Rock / This World / A New Command. Comes with printed inner sleeve with lottsa photos, flyers and linernotes. LP € 15.90

NECESSARY EVILS "Thrill Pill / Twist Grind Rock'N'Burn" (Crypt) A sleazed-out grinding crunch duo-blast from these twisted ex-Beguiled and Fireworks cats. Think in terms of "Human Fly"-era crampian thud and lotsa screeching guit... 7" 4.90
NECESSARY EVILS Spider Fingers (In The Red) Ballsy, twisted, EVIL fucking full-lengther from these ex-Beguiled, ex-Fireworks madmen!!This baby will scare yer ass and SHAKE IT simultaneously. LP14.90 / CD 13.50
NECESSARY EVILS The Sicko Inside Me) (In The Red) SICK and GREAT follow up to their debut. This time around there's a balanced low-end Nick-Knoxian drum thud propelling each tune. LP14.90 / CD 13.50
NECESSARY EVILS Live @ The Chemical Lounge Las Vegas 1997 (Slovenly) Limited edition of 300 copies of this 2005 release: Deceiver/ Flames O' Heat/ Lost My Baby/ Rock'N'Roll/ William/ Buzzsaw/ Backstabber/ Butcher's Floor/ I'm Dead/ Tragedy/ Pretty White Girl/ Twist Grind Rock & Burn. LP 14.50

NERVES “25th Anniversary” (Penniman) Hanging on The Telephone/ When You Find Out/ Give Me Some Time/ Working Too Hard/ Paper Dolls/ One Way ticket” 10” 12.50
NERVES One Way Ticket (Alive) This collection features the band's 1976 EP, as well as demos and previously unreleased live recordings: One Way Ticket/ Paper Dolls/ Hanging On The Telephone/ When You Find Out/ Working Too Hard/ Give Me Some Time/ Walking Out On Love/ Thing Of The Past/ It's Hot Outside/ Many Roads To Follow (demo) / Are You Famous*/ Why Am I Lonely*/ You Won't Be Happy*/ Any Day Now*/ Letter To G.*/ Come Back And Stay*/ I need Your Love*/ Stand Back & Take A Good Look (deom). *=live. : LP 19.90

NERVOUS EATERS "Just Head / Get Stuffed" (Penniman) Eeeyyyoooowwww! Spanish reprint of this 2-sided absolute balls-out motherfucker of a 2-sided GEM --- late-70s punkrock at its BEST! 7" 5.90
NERVOUS EATERS "Loretta/ Rock With Me" (Penniman) Reissue of their first 7" from 1976. 7" 5.90
NERVOUS EATERS “Eaterville Vol. 1” (Penniman) This beauty comes in a gatefold sleeve PLUS a 4 page insert with pics and tons of liners!! Here’s a part of the info and not much to add: This compilation brings together rare stuff –recorded between 1973 and 1975!- from studio sessions and demos along with their official Rat singles and their fans favourite old songs: “Degenerate” (recently included on the film soundtrack of “Girl on 3D”) or “You Smell Like Fish”. Also included are demos like “You´Ve Heard These Chords Before” or “Planet Fever” on which the singer/songwriter Steve Cataldo and co. place themselves on the crucial dividing line between the best Stones and the Stooges: Loretta - Just Head - I’m A Degenerate* - Get Stuffed – You Smell Like Fish* - Rock With Me - Driving To New York* - You’ve Heard These Chords Before* - She’s Gonna Be My Baby* - Beautiful Delilah* - On The Avenue* - Planet Fever* - After Your Goodtimes Gone* - Interview*. *Previously unreleased 180gram LP 14.00 / 14.00

“!!DESTROY- OH-BOY!!” (Crypt 032) 20th Anniversary super-deluxe GATEFOLD edition crammed with pix & liners by John Petkovic (Death Of Samantha) and a slew of musician fans PLUS inner- sleeve with LYRICS to one of the GREATEST punkrock albums EVER, baby! Tracks: Born Toulouse-Lautrec/ Tail Crush/ Up For A Downslide/ Tattooed Apathetic Boys/ Spinnin’ Clock/ Dragstrip Riot/ We Give A Rat’s Ass/ Runnin’ On Go/ Long Gone Sister/ Mr. Suit/ Let’s Dress Up The Naked Truth/ Hapless Attempt/ I Want My Baby...Dead?! Sucker Punch. Gatefold LP 12.90
The NEW BOMB TURKS !!DESTROY-OH-BOY!! (Crypt ) Updated and newly remastered digipac edition of this January 1993 PUNK-ROCK CLASSIC, with 20-page booklet crammed with pix & liners by John Petkovic (Death Of Samantha) and a slew of musician fan ravings plus LYRICS. Tracks: Born Toulouse-Lautrec/ Tail Crush/ Up For A Downslide/ Tattooed Apathetic Boys/ Dragstrip Riot/ We Give A Rat’s Ass/ Runnin’ On Go/ Long Gone Sister/ Mr. Suit/ Let’s Dress Up The Naked Truth/ Hapless Attempt/ I Want My Baby...Dead?!/ Sucker Punch/ I’m Weak/ Tryin’ To Get By/ Cryin’ Into The Beer Of A Drunk Man. CD 12.50
NEW BOMB TURKS INFORMATION HIGHWAY REVISITED (Crypt) 15 songs/ 39:30 minutes of smokin' raw poonk R&R action-blast! Prepare to have yo' ears scorched and yo' asses whipped, cauz this lil baby does KILL! LP 11.90 CD 12.30
NEW BOMB TURKS INFORMATION HIGHWAY REVISITED (Crypt) On nice FAT 180-gram vinyl!!! LP 12.00 (180-gram)
NEW BOMB TURKS PISSING OUT THE POISON (Crypt) 26-song SINGLES COMPILATION. A swank package indeed! This beastie contains the following: their RARE as heck first 2 singles, a cut from "Bumped By Karaoke" CD, the 7"s on SYMPATHY, EMPTY, BAG OF HAMMERS, DEMO DERBY, GET HIP, DAMAGED GOODS, 1 cut from the VPRO 12", "Cowtown #2", the Xmas cut from "Happy Birthday" 10" on SFTRI, unissued NY Dolls cover, unissued Hawkwind cover, unissued BLUE cover & more! 2xLP 19.50 / CD 12.30
THE NEW BOMB TURKS TAPEWORM BLUES (CRYPT-103) 6-song 1992 demos 10”: CRUDE, RUDE, and LOUD punkrock blort recorded 4 months prior to the epic “!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!” sessions inna dank basement in Columbus. TWO never-heard originals - “TAPEWORM BLUES”, “DRUG CHICKS” plus 4 cuts later re-recorded for “D-O-B”. LINERS by Irving Azlik, Jr, much-renowned industry head. 10" includes DOWNLOAD CODE! Tracks: Side ONE: 1. TATTOOED APATHETIC BOYS/ 2. TAPEWORM BLUES/ 3. SPINNIN’ CLOCK/ SIDE TWO: 1. TRYIN’ TO GET BY/ 2. DRUG CHICKS/ 3. CRYIN’ INTO THE BEER OF A DRUNK MAN. 10" 11.90
NEW BOMB TURKS Sharpen Up Time / Laissez-Faire Stare (Bag Of Hammers) Yep, 2 more killers from 1993. Original pressing. 7" 12.50

NEW YORK DOLLS S/T (Mercury) Their 11-cut classic debut! Timeless fucking NYC gutter rock! LP 12.30 / CD €
NEW YORK DOLLS TOO MUCH TOO SOON (Mercury) Their great 2nd alb: 10 cuts. LP 12.30
NEW YORK DOLLS A HARD NIGHTS DAY (Norton) Killer DEMOS recorded March 1973 live at Planet Studios, New York. CD 13.00
NEW YORK DOLLS "LIVE IN CONCERT: PARIS 1974" (Earmark)180gram LP 16,50

NIGHT KINGS cut "Black Fluid" is on the 7" sampler PUGET POWER VOL 3 An amazingly raw Night Kings cut. 3 other groups: Mudhoney, Rancid Vat, Calamity Jane. 7" 6.70

NINE POUND HAMMER The Mud, The Blood & The Beers (Crypt) Their 1st LP: 14 raw & ragged killers: "I Don't Think So/Crawdaddy/Redneck Romance/Drive-In/Little Help/She's So Cool/He's Gone/Doomsday Poptarts/Runaway Train/Bye Bye Glen Frey/Lookin' For Somebody /GearHead/Hate To Think/Barefoot County. LP 11.90
NINE POUND HAMMER Smokin' Taters (Crypt) Their 2nd LP: 12 goddamn rollin' POUNDERS! Covers of "Long Gone Daddy", "Folsom Prison Blues", "I' m On Fire", FUKNOTZ/SNAKEOUT's "Surfabilly" plus 8 originals: "Cadillac Inn/Everything You Know Is Wrong/Feeling Kinda Froggy/Don' t Get No/Turned Traitor For A Piece Of Tail/Wrong Side Of The Road/Headbangin' Stock-boy/The Weasel". LP 11.90
NINE POUND HAMMER HAYSEED TIMEBOMB (Crypt) Their 3rd, from Sept 1994. And baby, is it ever a SMOKIN' BITCH! 13 tunes o' blastin' punk/C&W hoot! 10 originals PLUS 3 covers. LP 11.90

OBLIVIANS SOUL FOOD (Crypt) Killer compilation of their first 3 singles PLUS 8 unissued MONSTER cuts of OBLIVIANS' crude-o-ramahowl! Tracks: Viet Nam War Blues/ And Then I Fucked Her/ Big Black Hole/ Jim Cole/ Mad Lover/ Sunday You Need Love/ Never Change/ No Reason To Live/ I'm Not A Sicko, There's A Plate In My Head/ Blew My Cool/ Cannonball/ Nigger Rich/ Bum A Ride/ Anyway You Want It/ Static Party. (CD also contains "Ja Ja Ja".) LP 11.90 / CD 12.30
OBLIVIANS POPULAR FAVORITES (Crypt) Baby, prepare yer ass fer its inevitable whuppin' by their 16-cut 1996 LP/CD, "POPULAR FAVORITES", which we are heralding as THE goddamn R&R platter by which all so-called "R&R" shall be judged! 16 utterly ROCKIN' CUTS: Christina/ Trouble/ The Leather/ Guitar Shop Asshole/ Hey Mama, Look At Sis/ Part Of Your Plan/ Do The Milkshake/ Strong Come On/ She's A Hole/ Bad Man/ He's Your Man/ Drill/ You Better Behave/ Pinstripe Willie/ You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down/ Emergency. LP 11.90 / CD 12.30
OBLIVIANS PLAY 9 SONGS WITH MR QUINTRON (Crypt) Oh YASS! A GOSPEL inspired album recorded in January 97 with guest MR QUINTRON on Hammond church organ & piano! 5 originals plus 3 covers of OLD gospel traditionals AND a stormin' cover of YOUNG JESSE's "Mary Lou"! Tracks: Feel All Right/ Live The Life/ I May Be Gone (How Long)/ I Don't Want To Live Alone/ Final Stretch/ What's The Matter Now (traditional)/ Ride That Train/ If Mother Knew/ Mary Lou LP 11.90 / CD 12.30
OBLIVIANS Desperation (In The Red) The Oblivians’ first studio full-length album since 1997’s ...Play Nine Songs with Mr. Quintron. And a good one: 14 scorching tracks of soulful punk-garage-blues trash rock informed in equal parts by ’50s rock ’n’ roll, ’60s garage rock, Memphis soul, Delta blues and Killed By Death-style punk. There’s even a Cajun Zydeco cover here! Tracks: I'll Be Gone/ Loving Cup/ Em/ Woke Up In A Police Car/ Call The Police/ Pinball King/ Run For Cover/ Come A Little Closer/ Little War Child/ Fire Detector/ Oblivion/ Back Street Hangout/ Desperation/ Mama Guitar. LP 17.90
OBLIVIANS Strong Come On EP (CRYPT-053) repress of this rawassed 1996 45 rpm BLASTER with 3 non-lp tracks! STRONG COME ON/ LET HIM TRY/ BLACK SEPTEMBER. The too-dirty-fer-LP-inclusion results of a NO-fi "session" in a KungFu palace where Elvis useta practice booty-whomp!7" 5.90

PAGANS SHIT STREET (Crypt) Cuts from the 1978-79 studio recordings (previously on the "BURIED ALIVE" lp and "EVERYBODY HATES YOU" cd): "What's This Shit Called Love/Dead End America/Eyes Of Satan/Street Where Nobody Lives/Boy Can I Dance Good/Real World/Can't Explain/Haven't Got The Time/Give Up/Little Black Egg/Yeah Yeah/Heart Of Stone/Not Now No Way/I Juvenile" - PLUS the rare-ass scorchin' 1978 DEBUT 7" "SIX AND CHANGE". LP BONUS CUT: a raw-ass unissued 1979 studio take of the Electric Eels' "Jaguar Ride"!! plus the UNISSUED 1979 STUDIO DEMOS: "Fortune Teller/She's A Cadaver"! and the 1979 STUDIO CUTS LONG UNAVAILABLE: "I Don't Understand/Don't Leave Me Alone". CD BONUS CUTS: RAW-ASSED 1979 LIVE CUTS: The never-recorded original "Say No/I Don't Understand/Yeah Yeah/Eyes Of Satan/Real World/I Juvenile/She's A Cadaver/Not Now No Way", plus covers of "It's All Over Now" and "Search & Destroy" featuring guest guitar & vocals by Dead Boys Cheetah Chrome & Jimmy Zero. LP 11.90 CD 12.80
PAGANS PINK ALBUM PLUS! (Crypt) UNISSUED 1978-79 STUDIO DEMOS: covers of Alice Cooper's "Eighteen" and Pere Ubu's "Final Solution" plus "Street Where Nobody Lives" and "What's This Shit Called Love"!! UNISSUED 1982 RADIO BROADCAST RIPPERS: the Velvet's "There She Goes Again", a scorchin' take of "Not Now No Way" and "Mixed Emotions", the Hank Snow/Stones' "I'm Movin On". PINK ALBUM cuts: "Nowhere To Run/Give Til It Hurts/Slow Street/Dead End America/Cry 815/Angela/Seventh Son Wiped Out/When I Die/Multiple Personalities/Cleveland Confidential (Real World)/Wall Of Shame" CD BONUS CUTS: "Six & Change" and "Seventh Son Wiped Out" from the original "Pink Album", a cover of Little Willie John's "Fever" from the 1982 radio broadcast. PLUS UNISSUED 1978 LIVE BLASTERS: "What's This Shit Called Love/Dead End America/Little Black Egg/Six & Change/I Don't Understand". LP 11.90 CD 12.80

TAV FALCO & PANTHER BURNS Behind The Magnolia Curtain / Blow Your Top (Stag-O-Lee) 30th anniversary edition reissue of genius debut alb PLUS 4-song 12" follow-up from the early 80s! Primal, sloppy rockabilly from Tav & Co. The double-CD comes in a wallet sleeve containing two individual discs in vinyl replica covers plus a 24 page booklet featuring memorabilia and three essays on the mighty Panther Burns. The double album comes on 2 x 180 Gramm vinyl, packaged in a gatefold-cover and printed inner sleeves with all the info, photos and essays of the CD booklet. Doppel LP 18.50 / Doppel CD 18.50
PANTHER BURNS PANTHER PHOBIA (In The Red) FANTASTIC new alb (after so many weak 90s releases). This baby is GREAT! Really only 1 weak cut, a dull cover of "This Could Go On Forever". CD 14.00
TAV FALCO PANTHER BURNS Live In London (Stag-O-Lee) Tav Falco Panther Burns at the legendary London venue 100 Club in September 2011! They played two sets, the first consisting of the tunes from their groundbreaking Behind The Magnolia Curtain debut and the second set was a mixture of old favourites and new tunes. 16 of those made it onto the final record. 10"/1: 1 Panther man 2 She's the one that's got it 3 Hey, high school baby 4 Ooeee, baby 5 Snake drive 6 St. louis blues 7 Love is my business 8 Brazil 9 Mala femmina 10"/2: 1 Funnel of love 2 Tobacco road 3 Lady from shanghai 4 Make me know you're mine 5 Lotus blossom 6 Entleman in black 7 My mind was messed around at the time. Double 10" 17.50
TAV FALCO PANTHER BURNS Sugar Ditch Revisited / Shake Rag (Stag-O-Lee) The Tav Falco Panther Burns Reissue/Remaster-series, Part II.! This one contains the Sugar Ditch Revisited EP (1985) and The Shake Rag EP (1986). Plus a previously unreleased 11-song/45 minute live show from the Messepalast Vienna from 1989. Pristine recording by the ORF! Double vinyl comes on 2 x 180 Gramm vinyl, packaged in a gatefold-cover and printed inner sleeves with all the info, photos and essays of the CD booklet. Double LP 19.50 / Double CD 19.50

LOS PRIMOS On My Floor /Pretty Flamingo (Crypt)Debut 7" by Andy and Joe (ex-Devil Dogs) plus Candy Del Mar on bass and Pete Linzell (ex-Raunch Hands) on sax. Smokin' punkabilly slop-tune backed by a "pop" cover of the old Manfred Mann cut. 7” 4.90

THE PSYCHOSURGEONS HORIZONTAL ACTION” b/w “WILD WEEKEND (CRYPT-102) Legendary BALLS-OUT 1978 Australian PUNKROCK blaster! LUSCIOUS GATEFOLD SLEEVE crammed with PICS & INFO galore PLUS a 4-page 18cm x 36cm INSERT with MORE PICS & INFO galore! This is gonna go down as reissue of the fucking DECADE when you see & hear this action-packed mofo! gatefold 7“ plus insert 7,20
PSYCHOSURGEONS Crush On You / Falling Apart (Blank Records) Two previously unissued tracks from a 1976 rehearsal, both original compositions and just discovered on a unlabeled tape. It's nowhere close to the god-like "HORIZONTAL ACTION/ WILD WEEKEND", but it's a piece of history and interesting maybe not only for the completists. You can check the songs here: http://noisey.vice.com/en_au/blog/stream-the-psychosurgeons-first-1976-recording . Australian pressing. 7" 13.90

RADIO BIRDMAN Radios Appear (Citadel) Reissue of their masterpiece of a debut, it's the Trafalgar version so has not "Aloha Steve & Danno" on it. Plenty of ace R&R stuff: "Do The Pop/Anglo Girl Desire/Murder City Nights /Descent Into The Maelstrom/v/New Race/Hand Of Law" and only a few lame cuts on here ("Man W/Golden Helmet = yuck!). Tracks: T.V. Eye/ Murder City Nights/ Anglo Girl Desire/ Man With Golden Helmet/ Descent Into The Maelstrom/ Monday Morning Gunk/ Do The Pop/ Love Kills/ Hand Of Law/ New Race. LP 20.50

RAMONES S/T (WB) The first LP - own it! LP 16.50 (180-gram)
RAMONES LEAVE HOME (WB) The 2nd LP - own it or ... LP 16.50 (180-gram)
RAMONES LEAVE HOME (Rhino) The 2nd LP - PLUS: "Babysitter" PLUS: 16 cuts LIVE from the Roxy in 1977!!!!! CD 17.00
RAMONES EATEN ALIVE VOL. 1 Live at 4 Acres Utica, New York, Nov. 14, 1977 - great sounding punk rock feast on colored vinyl. LP 12.80
RAMONES ROCKET TO RUSSIA (WB) the 3rd LP - Why this rec didn't establish itself as the rebirth of "pop" i'll never know! LP 16.50 (180-gram)
RAMONES "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend / Judy Is A Punk" (Norton) GREAT SOUND on these 1975 demos that have been previously bootlegged but with crap sound. 7" 6.00
RAMONES ALL THE STUFF (AND MORE) VOL. 1 (WB) 33 cuts from the first 2 LPs PLUS the unished "I Don't Wanna Be Learned/I Cant Be" and some 7" b-sides ("Babysitter", etc). CD 16.50
RAMONES ALL THE STUFF (AND MORE) VOL. 2 (WB) 30 cuts from their great 3rd lp, "ROCKET TO RUSSIA" plus the unissued "Slug" and the "ROAD TO RUIN" lp. CD 16.50
RAMONES IT'S ALIVE (WB) 28-cut non-stop monsterama great sounding ramalama LIVE lp from Dec 1977. CD 11.00

RAUNCH HANDS FUCK ME STUPID (Crypt) Their last LP. 12 poundin' cuts, including covers of GG ALLIN' s "I Need Adventure", LITTLE RICHARD's late-60s soul-grinder "Baby Don' t You Tear My Clothes", JODIE FOSTERS ARMY' s surf-instro "I-10"… (CD contains “FUCK ME STUPID" & "HAVE A SWIG") LP 11.90 / CD 10.00
RAUNCH HANDS GOT HATE IF YOU WANT IT! (Crypt) 10 roaring cuts recorded LIVE at Cavestomp November 1998 after a 6 year quiet spell - Sharky poundin the skins, Mike screachin' the guit & abusing the crowd, George throbbin' de bass, & Mr Chandler howlin the linguistics! CD 10.00
RAUNCH HANDS Bigg Topp (Rock Is Pain) The Sophisticated Screw/ Second Hand Man/ Mojo Hanna/ One Way Ride/ The Skies Above/ Pick Me One Down/ Big Topp's Pop Spot/ Big Boat/ I Wachted You Go/ You Don't Care/ Beautified. LP 16.90
RAUNCH HANDS "Let It Burn / Set Em Up Sam / Mean Evil Child / You Can't Have Me /Java" (Crypt) EXOTIC fold-out 36cm X 47cm poster sleeve in FULL-COLOR with the swangin "Let It Burn", the ace Stones-y barroom love paen "Set 'Em Up Sam", a cover of the F.U.2 punk classic "Mean Evil Child", a calypso tango "You Cant Have Me" and a cheesey cover of Allen Toussaint's version of the instro "Java". 2x7" 6.50
RAUNCH HANDS FIESTA! (Capote) A great spanish import LP of 12 hot-shit cuts recorded LIVE in June 89 in Barcelona. LP 11.30
RAUNCH HANDS MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE (1&2, Japan) Contains the songs from the 2 DOUBLE 7"s plus the "HAVE A SWIG" MLP plus a couple unissued cuts. 18 cuts. CD 13.50
RAUNCH HANDS "Give It Up / Flatfood Bagel Boy / Let Me Roll It / Java" (Mondo Estereo) Different full-color fold-out POSTER-SLEEVE, Spanish import with 2 stompin originals, a TWISTED cover of (gulp!) WINGS' "Let Me Roll It", and "Java" (also on the other dbl-7") 2x7" 7.00

RAZAR Stamp Out Disco / Task Force (Undercover Cops) (Sing Sing) Absolute essential reissue of godlike 1978 Australian Punk! Get It!!! 7" 6.90

REACTORS I Want Sex / Seduction Center (Last Laugh) Reissue of good Samoans-y punker recorded in 79. Rare as heck... 7" 9.50

REAL KIDS "Common At Noon / All Kindsa Girls" (Norton) The rare ole Sponge 45 reissued at last. Much slower take o' "A.K.G." than the godlike first alb version. 7" 6.00
REAL KIDS S/T (Norton) Totally GENIUS 1977 debut LP by these Boston R&R-Punk gods! THIS LP is WHAT "POWER POP" should have been! One goddamn CLASSIC LP! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
REAL KIDS GROWN UP WRONG (Norton) Great 15-cut LP of unissued (except 2 cuts) live REAL KIDS action-blast from radio shows and live gigs in 1976 & 1978. LOTS of cool songs never released on studio LPs! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
REAL KIDS NO PLACE FAST (Norton) Great studio stuff from 1980-82 with both their "Outta Place" mini-LP plus the Taxi Boys Bomp 12". LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
REAL KIDS BETTER BE GOOD (Norton) All different (not as PUNCHY) takes from their debut Red Star LP - if you've got the 80s New Rose LP this is the same stuff. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

REVELATORS "Serve the Man / Craw-Dad" (Crypt) This be the ace 2-cut debut of this trio from Columbia, Missouri! Jeremiah is on lead howl, Schooley hops from slide to buzzsaw guit like a monkey wit' a handful o'red-hot coals, Mark holds down de backbeat wit' flailin' drumpound! 7" 3.50
REVELATORS WE TOLD YOU NOT TO CROSS US (Crypt) YASS! 16-cut monstrous rock'n'rollin' howlin' poundin' mutha of a debut lp and it blows their debut 7' straight to hell! Recorded live-to-1-track in 8 hours in September 1996 in Kansas, this be it daddy! LP 11.90 / CD 5.50
REVELATORS Let A Poor Boy Ride (Crypt) The unissued 2nd album, recorded in 2 days in 1998, and a goddamn masterpiece! John Schooley, Jeremiah and Bill Randt (back then drummer for the New Bomb Turks) wail through 13 cuts and reach the ultimate climax with "Jitterbug Swing". Play at the right volume (yess - all the way up, buddy) and get blown away by Schooleys buzzsaw guitar and Jerimiah's howlin' vocals. Tracks: We Told You Not To Cross Us/ Missouri Mule/ I Can't Stop Lovin'/ Love One Day/ Killin' Me/ Jack Johnson/ What I Want/ It's A Sin/ Lone Star/ Take It Back/ Buzzard & The Hawk/ Rainin In My Heart/ Jitterbug Swing. LP11.90 / CD12,30

ROCK BOTTOM & THE SPYS Rich Girl EP (Bottoms Up Records) Reissue of very rare and good 1981 Punk 45. Tracks: Rich Girl/ Death Trap/ No Good. 7" 5.90

ROCK'N'ROLL ADVENTURE KIDS Hillbilly Psychos (Total Trash Rec) Repress as picture LP on new label. If you dig out of control wild lo-fi rock'n'roll/punk, this shouldn't be missed! Wildman/ Birdy/ White Trash Speedballs/ Panties In My Pocket/ Ramblin Man/ Fried Chicken/ Country Boy/ Boogie Board/ Chuck Taylor Shakedown/ She Said/ Hotdog. LP 12,50
ROCK AND ROLL ADVENTURE KIDS Boobies and Rock n Roll, Hot Dog and a Jelly Roll (Bachelor) 7" 5.00

ROCKS "You'r So Boring" (Dropkick) The fantastic "You'r So Boring" EP on side A, plus tracks from different compilations and some raw 1978 demos. Great deal! "You're so Boring/ Damn You/ Chaos/ Kick Her Out/ Too Bad/ Hangin'On/ Kamikaze Twist/ Migraine Headache/ Mental Blank/ Suburban Soldiers/ Zero/ Sewer Side" LP 11.50

SAINTS I'M STRANDED (XXX) ESSENTIAL debut lp PLUS 2 b-sides. CD 14.50
SAINTS ETERNALLY YOURS (XXX) Reissue of their 13-song second album. A few real killer punk ravers and a couple Stonesy ballads. CD 14.50

SATAN'S RATS In My Love For You / Facade (Overground) Reissue of one of the highly collectable Satan's Rats singles. Reproduced as closely as possible to the original, this is a very limited pressing. Satan's Rats formed in Evesham, Worcestershire in January 1977, with an average age of just seventeen. Their first demo earned them a deal with DJM Records and their first single 'In My Love For You' was released in 1977. 7" 7.50
SATAN'S RATS Year Of The Rats/ Louise (Overground) Their appearance at the Birmingham Punk Festival and support of the Sex Pistols at the Roxy soon saw the band build a large following and inevitably drew them to the attention of record labels. 7" 7.50

SCAT RAG BOOSTERS S/T (Yakisakana) Great full length - for those who don't know yet, the Boosters are from Montreal and play great raw Gories/Oblivians-inflected punk/R&B: Owe Money/ Leaving Town/ Mommy/ Lonesome Moon/ Mud Slide/ Homestyle/ Lonesome Party/ Quarter Man/ Get It/ Charlie's Dirt Road/ I Got Lost/ Fat Bottom/ Shoot For The Stars. All songs recorded November 4th & 5th 2003 (The songs which appear on the singles were completly rerecorded). Limited edition. LP 10.80 CD (Delta Pop) 12.00

JOHN SCHOOLEY AND HIS ONE MAN BAND (Vodoo Rhythm) Great LP by JOHN SCHOOLEY, known to a few from the REVELATORS and HARD FEELINGS, and after the lack of success in great bands like that, of course you get the blues... BUT don’t worry, this is some groovy shit with a driving beat, a fantastic guitar, harp and whatever else you need to make a good blues rooted r&r record!. 5 originals and 7 covers from Dr. Ross, Lazy Lester, Howlin Wolf, Rufus Thomas, Jimmy Reed and Billy Boy Arnold. LP 13.90 / CD 15.00
JOHN SCHOOLEY & HIS ONE MAN BAND One Man Aainst The World (Voodoo Rhythm) Good follow up to the mindblowing debut!! Schooley sings & plays guitar, harmonica, kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbols, washboard, shakers, tambourine and gets some help by Possesed By Paul James (fiddle, backing vocals), Cole Roulain (banjo, mandolin, backing vocals), Henna Chau (Cello, backing vocals) and Cory Allen. LP 13.90 / CD 15.00
JOHN SCHOOLEY The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World (Voodoo Rhythm) Seven years it took for his new alb, and now it's here! 12 new tracks by Mr. Schooley and Walter Daniels on harp. LP comes in heavy jacket, with printed inner sleeve and the CD included as bonus! Tracks: Clawhammer Banjo Medley/ The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World/ Poor Boy Got The K.C. Blues/ Boo Hoo/ Doubleneck Stomp/ Cluck Old Hen/ It’s Git Down Time!/ Make Some Time With You/ Snowdrop/ Look Out, Mabel/ Pray for the Lights To Go Out/ Doubleneck Drag. LP + CD14.90 / CD (double gatefold with 12-sided booklet) 15.50

SEX PISTOLS Never Mind The Bollocks - reissue of the german pressing of this classic. LP 12.90

SHADY & THE VAMP Bologna / Baby I'm Gonna Make You Mine (High Time Records) 2 cool gems on this limiited 45: a catchy punker and a cool dose of black lips on the flip! 7" 5.30
SHADY & THE VAMP As We Told You Earlier (Moi J'Connais) 7 more catchy tunes by Black Lips inflected Suisse garage outfit, recorded, mixed and mastered by Lospider and released as very limited silk-screen printed 10". Good one! Tracks are: Bad Sign/ Let Me Know/ Hey Girl/ Piangi Con Me / Kickin You Out/ Live Fast Die/ Geek. 10" 13.90
SHADY & THE VAMP / LES CHEVAUX SAUVAGES Split 45(High Time Records) Limited to 310 handnumbered copies: "Ain't Got No Love / The Other Way" by Shady & The Vamp and "Holy Bus" on the flip by Les Chevaux Sauvages. 7" 5.50
SHADY AND THE VAMP Toothpaste/ X-Ray Vision/ I Want You/ Fuck All Haters (La Suisse Primitive Records) European tour 7'' limited to 300 copies, black vinyl. 7" 6.50

SICK HYENAS Sick Hyenas (Moody Monkey Records) The SICK HYENAS are a young German trio formed in Hamburg in 2012 and with this debut LP they deliver their different facets of punky, psychedelic, beaty garage tunes with juvenile and powerful vocals, a wide range of all facilities from moody to happy lyrics, all speeds and lengths from 20 seconds to 3'49 with a talent for surprising breaks and some kinda sloppiness. Go ahead and check (parts of) the album here. Tracks: Handle Song (a combination)/ Surf'n'Blood/ Hoe/ Oh Mother/ Texas Cowboy/ Wicked Sin/ Radar Eyes/ Ginsberg/ Howling Rags/ Le Sac/ Honolulu Nights/ Weather of Death. LP 11.90

68 COMEBACK MR. DOWNCHILD (Sftri) Hmm... not as hot as the "Paperboy Blues" 10" but there's a decent amount of solid stuff on here - AND - ya get "Otto Wood", one of the greatest goddamn songs EVER! 15 cuts. CD 14.00

THE SKEPTICS S/T (Moody Monkey Records) After two Single releases a cool debut LP with 14 raw fuzz driven garage punk tunes - try it out! Tracks: You’re A Jezebel/ They Don’t Know Nothing/ The Last Man On Earth/ Searching/ You’ve Got A Heart Somewhere/ Spider Baby/ Nite Ride/ Green Haze/ Lose My Cool/ You Make Me Sick/ High On A Cloud/ Missing Link/ Hey Hey Baby/ Jailbait Baby. LP 11.50
SKEPTICS / LADY BANANA split (Frantic City) 2 cuts by each band, one cover, one original: The Skeptics: Master of the Hive/ Hidden Charms. Lady Banana: Aces Boogie/ Run Run Run. 7" 5.00
THE SKEPTICS Black, Lonely & Blue (Groovie Records) Their second LP, now on the Portuguese Groovie label. Tracks: Stay Away Away From You/ Too Much To Bear/ Trouble Maker/ Master Of The Hive/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/ Sweet Mary/ Mind-Trap/ Black, Lonely & Blue. LP 13.50

THE SKUNKS Earthquake Shake / Can't Get Loose (Almost Ready Records) KILLER Reissue of great Texas 1979 punkrock MONSTER! "Earthquake Shake" will PUNCH YER HEAD IN!!!!! 7" 7.50

SOUTH FILTHY "Goin' Down The Valley/ Carry That Load" (Beast Records/Trashmondain). "Carry that Load" is a great country tune and "Goin Down The Valley" a solid traditional. For those who don't know yet, South Filthy is Msr. Jeffrey Evans, Walter Daniels, Jack Yarber and more... 7" 4.80
Undertakin' Daddy (Beast Rec.) Mighty fine new LP by WALTER DANIELS (Jack O'Fire, Big Foot Chester), Msr.JEFFREY EVANS (Gibson Bros., '68 Comeback), JACK YARBER (Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers), RICE MOOREHEAD (Big Foot Chester) and MIKE BUCK (Fabulous Thunderbirds, Doug Sahm) plus a bunch of guests on single tracks. LP 11.50

STOOGES FUNHOUSE (Elektra) Their best alb! Balls-out sound, total raw BOOM! The first 5 cuts are the BALLS SUPREME! CD 12.00
STOOGES Funhouse (Elektr) Reissue of the french gatefold vinyl version. This ist heir best alb! Balls-out sound, total raw BOOM! The first 5 cuts are the BALLS SUPREME!: Down On The Street/ Loose7 TV Eye/ Dirt/ 1970/ Fun House/ LA Blues. Gatefold LP 14.50
THE STOOGES S/T (Elektra) Reissue of the french pressing of their first LP. Includes their great cuts "I Wanna Be Your Dog/Little Doll/1969/No Fun/Real Cool Time/Not Right" plus "We Will Fall/Ann". LP 12.50
S/T (Elektra) Cool stuff like "I Wanna Be Your Dog/Little Doll/1969/No Fun/Real Cool Time/Not Right" and lame stuff like "We Will Fall/Ann". CD 12.00
IGGY AND THE STOOGES Search & Destroy / Penetration (Sundazed) Reissue of the rare Columbia Records '77 single, featuring the original Mainman mixes. 7" 7.90
STOOGES RAW POWER - THE REMIXES (Sony) Solid but spotty at points final alb (i AIN'T gon' even consider that piece of shit "Kill City" alb!). 8 cuts. CD 12.00

STRANGE BOYS And Girls Club (In The Red) Spin this a few times and tracks like "Woe Is You And Me", which might sound strange in the beginning, won't get out of your head anymore. 60s garage & folk, some Stones and alikes might have been influences, and their unique sound turns this into something special!! Woe Is You And Me/ They Are Building The Death Camps/ Should Have Shot Paul/ MLKs/ The Girl Taught Me A Dance/ For Lack Of A Better Face/ Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up/ No Way For A Slave To Behave/ Poem Party/ To Tuen A Tune Or Two/ Most Things/ A Man You've Never Known/ Then/ Who Needs Who More/ Probation Blues/ Death And All The Rest. LP 14.90/ CD 14.50
STRANGE BOYS Be Brave (Rough Trade) Their second LP, licensed from In The Red. Good follow up - more on the quiet side. LP 16.90 / CD 16.90

SUICIDE S/T (Red Star) Yeah yeah - Nah, this ain't "rock" and it's about as "avant-garde" as this catlog's ever gon' get - but this is another NYC crawl-under-yr-skin classic ala the Velvets' first. "Ghost Rider/Rocket USA/Cherree (which Question Mark & The Mysterians proved - in year fucking 1998! - to be the classic jerkoff minor-key ballad it always was!)/ Johnny/ Girl/ Che/ (the still nerve-wracking) Frankie Teardrop". LP 12.50

SUPERSUCKERS Smoke Of Hell (Sub Pop) Their smokin debut - the one and only and best Supersuckers alb: Coattail Rider/ Luck/ I Say Fuck/ Alone and Stinking/ Caliente/ Tasty Greens/ Hell City, Hell/ Hot Rod Rally/ Drink and Complain/ Mighty Joe Young/ Ron's Got the Cocaine/ Sweet 'N' Sour Jesus/ Retarded Bill/ Thinkin' 'Bout Revenge. CD 15.50

TANDOORI KNIGHTS Curry Up (Norton) A dozen curried treats from King Khan and Bloodshot Bill: Pretty Please/Bucketful/Roam The Land/Tandoori Party/Books And Ribs/Bandstand/Big Belly Giant/Into Her Arms/Dress On/Lovers Moon/Brown Trash/Beauty And The Feast. LP14.00 / CD 13.00
Pretty Please/Bucketful (Norton) Unbelievable Hindu A Boo Boo rock n’roll from King Khan and Bloodshot Bill! 7" 6.00
TANDOORI KNIGHTS I HEAR SOMEONE CRY/BHAJI BLUES/WILD WILD EAST (Norton) King Khan and Bloodshot Bill return with more Eastern musical delicacies!. 7" 6.00

THE TEAMSTERS The Teamsters (Moody Monkey Records) A simply great debut LP by London based Teamsters! Check their wild R&B sound with the right dose of punk attitude and enjoy the 13 original tracks! The LP comes in a limited edition of 500 copies with cool insert inside! Artworks by Arthole (Bruce Brand). Tracks are: I'll Take What I Want/ I Am The Birdman/ The Queen Of Suave/ Crying For Your Mummy/ I Would Cry/ She's Got Nine Lives/ On The Canal At Dark/ Girl In The Red Skirt/ There's Always Someone/ You Make Me Wanna Give In/ Don't Come Back Home (alternate version)/ Hey There School Girl/ Digging An Early Grave (alternate version). Get a taste of the record here and order now! LP 11.90
THE TEAMSTERS Play Along With... The Teamsters (Moody Monkey Records) Debut EP by North London youngsters offering a mighty fine dose of R&B and Mersey Beat in good Milkshakes or Masonics tradition. 4 cuts, all originals: "Diggin' An Early Grave/ Girl (How Could Ya?)/ Don't Come Back Home/ A Girl Named Linda" Artwork and linernotes by Bruce Brand. 7" 5.50

TEENGENERATE GET ACTION (Crypt) Super NO-FI frantic full-length smokin' album by these Tokyo garage punk rock wildcats! LP has 2 BONUS CUTS: "I' m Beat" and a cover of the PAGANS' "Six And Change". The other 17 cuts include the utter power-pop ala Real Kids punk genius of "Right Now" and "Radio 55", and a slew of super-brash originals. LP 11.90 / CD 12.30
TEENGENERATE Get MORE Action!! CRYPT-104) Yasss.... the LONG-LOST May 1994 Egg Studios (Seattle) Crypt album sessions - all hopped-up, remixed etc - FINALLY available after disappearing for 19 years! LP is 17 originals in a GATEFOLD beaut w/liners by New Bomb Turk/”We Never Learn” Eric Davidson, CD is those 17 plus 5 covers (see BELOW 7” EP “5 Covers EP” for additional VINYL action! Side One 1. MESS ME UP 2. TEENAGE FREAK 3. DRESSED IN BLACK 4. FAKE FAKE FAKE 5. STINK 6. PLASTIC MAN 7. RIGHT NOW 8. UNTITLED Side Two 1. RADIO 55 2. FRONT PAGE 3. LET’S GET HURT 4. SHE’S SO FINE 5. DON’T LEAVE ME 6. I’M BEAT 7. I DON’T WANT TO FOLLOW YOU 8. HEY BABY 9. GROWN UP WRONG. CD extras: Boy From Nowhere (DMZ) She’s Alright (REAL KIDS) Kicked Out Of The Webelos (QUEERS) Six And Change (PAGANS) I Need Your Love Tonight (ELVIS). Gatefold LP 12.90 / CD 12.30
TEENGENERATE Five Covers EP (CRYPT-105) Yasss.... 5 MORE cuts, all covers, from the LONG-LOST May 1994 Egg Studios (Seattle) Crypt sessions - all hopped-up, remixed etc - FINALLY available after disappearing for 19 years! Tracks: Boy From Nowhere (DMZ) She’s Alright (REAL KIDS) Kicked Out Of The Webelos (QUEERS) Six And Change (PAGANS) I Need Your Love Tonight (ELVIS) 7" 5.90

TESTORS Complete Recordings 1976-1979 (Alien Snatch) Official and worldwide exclusive re-release of "Complete Recordings" double album on SWAMI back from 2003, even with few more songs - a total of 37 tracks! Colored vinyl, limited to 300 copies and with download code. Tracks: Primitive/ You Don't Break My Heart/ Let's Get Zooed Out/ It's Only Death/ Hey You/ I See/ M.K. Ultra/ Stall/ Don't Tell Me/ Voltaire/ Rainy Night/ Detention/ Madras Prison/ Remembrance/ Motor Drive/ Purpose/ Oriental Actors/ Scary/ Time Is Mine/ Together/ Primal Call/ Sick On Yesterday/ Ex/ Break It Down/ Greedy Fuckers/ Black Book/ Lust Or Love/ Bad Attitude/ Full Circle/ (This) Time Is Mine/ Tracy McPrichtease/ I'm Allowed/ Crazy Lazy Jane/ Nice To Your Dog/ Good Stuff/ She's Not Changed/ Lonely Nights. Double LP 22.50 / Double CD 20.50

JOHNNY THUNDERS SO ALONE (WB) His classic goddamned great solo lp of 1978 PLUS bonus cuts of rare 7"s ("Downtown/Dead Or Alive/Hurtin") and 2 unissued cuts ("So Alone" and T Rex's "The Wizard"). Plus "Pipeline/You Can't Put Your Arms Around A memory/Great Bit Kiss/Ask me No Questions/Leave me Alone/Daddy Rollin' Stone/London Boys/Untouchable/Subway Train". CD 16.00
JOHNNY THUNDERS So Alone Repress of his classic goddamned great solo lp of 1978 : Pipeline/You Can't Put Your Arms Around A memory/Great Bit Kiss/Ask me No Questions/Leave me Alone/Daddy Rollin' Stone/London Boys/Untouchable/Subway Train". LP € 12.90

TOMMY & THE YOUTH Mean, Moody & Magnificent (Moody Monkey Records) Four song EP by the danish YOUTH starring Tom H. Wing of The TEAMSTERS: Please Don't Tease Me/ Do You Remember?/ You Always Leave Me Wanting More/ I'll Go Steady. Check the EP out here: " 6.90

USERS "Sick Of You/ I'm In Love Of Today" (Damaged Goods) Great & essential reissue of probably the best '77 UK punkrock 2-sider (but why re-releasing it as a picture 7"?) picture 7" 5.00

VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO S/T (Verve) Yeah yeah - Nah, this ain't 70s, it ain't really "rock", and yeah, a gazillion lame-ass piece o' shit "indie rock" fuckwad bands yammer about this being their altar, but hey, this is an alltime fucking great - Ever been fucked outta yr mind on booze and/or drugs? Ever woken up inna bummer mode FOLLOWING said night o' abuse? This's yr rec, bubba - But, like smack: DO NOT go WALLOWING in yr fuggin' mire by trying to tie yr life to the "vibe" o' this rec! DO NOT form a band and play twee shit cos o' this rec! Jes' crank it up! LP 13.50
VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO S/T - European reissue: Sunday Morning/ Im Waiting For The Man/ Femme Fatale / Venus in Furs/ Run Run Run/ All Tomorrows Parties/ Heroin/ There She Goes Again/ I'll Be Your Mirror/ The Black Angels Death Song/ European Son. LP 12.90

ALAN VEGA JUKEBOX BABE/LONELY (Celluloid) Original copies from 1981. Media: M / Sleeve: VG+. As long as stock lasts! 7" 6.50

JON WAYNE Texas Funeral (Third Man) Reissue of all time favorite country alb. Sloppy and fucked up 'garage country' (oh my..). Originally released in 1985 on Hybrid Records. Actually it's a reissue of the CD version (released on Fist Puppet in '92) that had a different track order and two bonus cuts. GET THIS if you dig country but hate all so called country you hear the the radio! Tracks: But I've Got Texas/ Texas Funeral/ Mr. Egyptian/ Texas Cyclone/ Texas Jailcell/ Workin Man Blues/ Shades/ Texas Wine/ Is That Justice? Texas Polka/ You And The Kitten/ Apple Schnapps/ Truckin'/ One Hundred And Fifty One Owl Caricatures/ Texas Studio. LP 16.90

WHERE BIRDMEN FLEW (Taz Devil) Reissue of great Aussi Punk compilation - CLASSIC: Radio Birdman: Burned My Eye/ Scientists: Frantic Romantic/ Thought Criminals: More Suicides Please/ News: Dirty Lies/ Leftovers: No Complaints/ Psycho Surgeons: Wild Weekend/ X: I Don't Wanna Go Out/ Victims: Television Addict/ Screaming Tribesmen: Trans 43/ Babeez: Dowanna Love/ New Christs: Face a New God/ Razar: Task Force/ Rocks: You'r So Boring. LP 12.90

ANDRE WILLIAMS SILKY (In The Red) What do you expect when ‘MR RHYTHM' puts out a record with MICK COLLINS and DAN KROHA from the GORIES??? Probably the best record of 1998??? GODDAMN RIGHT, THIS IS GONNA BE VERY HARD TO BEAT! A MUST FOR EVERYBODY!! CD 14.00

THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS "7 Inches Of Pleasures EP" (Crypt, 1987, CR-45-3) "Help That Girl/ Nothing I Can Do/ You/ In My Lonely Room" - the original pressing in mint condition! 7" 6.25

ZEROS Don't Push Me Around (Bomp) 12 (17 on the CD) rare & unreleased cuts from 1977 - punk rock classic.LP 12.50 / CD 13.90
THE ZEROS Main Street Brat / Handgrenade Heart (Last Laugh) Reissue on last Laugh with picture sleeve. 7" 7.90