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SAINT SILAS INTERCESSION All About The Money/ The Fear (Stag-O-Lee) 7" 5.00

SCHWARZ OF GALIORKA Horror! Horror! Schwarz Helluva!! (Hate) The 1983 recorded 'lost' LP by Milano’s post-punk band. LP 11.50

THE SCEPTRES / FACEL VEGA Split 7" (Dire Records) One song by the Sceptres & two from Facel Vega. 7" 4.90

SCIENTISTS Pissed On Another Planet (SFTRI) This album chronicles the SCIENTISTS' early experiments from the years 1978-1980 in Perth, Australia. A brash blend of punk rock and anglo pop, quite different than the primal swamp grunge blueprint known and beloved by 'garage heads' the world over. Includes previously unreleased material from the very first time this band was captured on magnetic tape.. Double CD 18.50           

THE SCREAMIN´FURYS Comin´ Around (Screaming Apple) 7" € 4.00

SCREAMING URGE Homework / Runaway (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1980's D.I.Y. punk from Columbus, Ohio. 7" 6.50

SCUMBUGS Bugging Out With... (Screaming Apple) Five fly-faced primates from Bergen, Norway, playing straight forward fuzz and organ driven garagepunk, spiced up with some wailing harmonica and demented lyrics. Tracks: 2nd Floor/ Wild/ The Fly/ Goo Goo Song/ Shrimpnose/ Volcano/ Baby's Gone Away/ Electroluxxx/ Ain't Going Back/ Degenerate Ways/ Gotham City/ Tarantula. LP 11.90

SECRET PROSTITUTES Mati Di Moskow (P.Trash Records) Tiada Solusi/ Matti Di Moskow/ Propaganda Tuk Pemola/ Si Kumis Hitam/ Job. 7" 4.90

SEEDS vs ROYAL FAMILY feat. SKY 'SUNLIGHT' SAXON Halt / Amnesty (Moonshake) Ltd. edition of 500: A hommage to the late Sky Sunlight Saxon. "Halt" by THE SEEDS was written by Sky Sunlight Saxon & guitarist Atomic in 1989 following a Tour of Europe & got recorded in December 2007 in LA. "Amnesty" by THE ROYAL FAMILY was recorded in November 2008 with Sky Sunlight Saxon (vocals) and Atomic (guitars, bass, keyboards) 7" 6.00

TY SEGALL S/T (Castle Face) LP 14.90
Lemons (Goner) LP 14.90
TY SEGALL Melted (Goner) LP 14.90
TY SEGALL Goodbye Bread (Drag City) Goodbye Bread/ California Commercial/ Comfortable Home (A True Story)/ You Make The Sun Fry/ I Can't Feel It/ My Head Explodes/ The Floor/ Where Your Head Goes/ I Am With You/ Fine. LP 18.50
TY SEGALL Singles 2007-2010 (Goner) A double LP of tracks culled from Segall’s massive out-of-print catalog, plus some stuff that never made it out in the first place. Double LP, coming with download code: Where We Go/ It/ Sweets/ Son of Sam/ Skin/ Booksmarts/ Ms. White/ ...And Then Judy Walked In/ Cents/ No No/ Standing at the Station/ My Sunshine/ Fuzzy Cat/ Maria Stacks/ Caesar/ Bullet Proof Nothing/ Lovely One/ Happy Creeps/ Hey Big Mouth/ Dating/ So Alone/ Shoot You in the Head/ The Drag/ Standing at the Station (demo)/ I Think I've Had It. LP € LP 22.50
TY SEGALL Slaughterhouse (In The Red) Double 10" with download code inside: Death/ I Bought My Eyes/ Slaughterhouse/ The Tongue/ Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart/ Wave Goodbye/ Muscle Man/ That's the Bag I'm In/ Diddy Wah Diddy/ Oh Mary/ Fuzz War. Double 10" 21.90

THE SELMANAIRES Princess Illusionist Frankenstein/ BeneathThe Brights (Rob's House) 7" 5.00

SERIOUS Japanese Rock And Roll/ 40 Hangovers/ Rejected At The High School Dance (High School Reject Records) 7" 4.90

SESS ABC/ Brain Ruster (Slovenly) 7" 5.25

SEVDAH DRAGI MOJ THE JAY BIRD BLUES (Moi J'Connais Records - MJCR008) When traditionnal serbian and bosnian Sevdalinke meets electrified delta Blues... Recorded in March 2011 in a yourte in Carre d'Amont, Switzerland. Only 300 copies. Printscreen and very limited 10" 17.50

SEX CRIME Night Vision (Danger) Members of Epoxies, No-Talents, Headliners, Operation S, Procastinators with their four cut debut EP featuring female fronted synth punk. Tracks: Night Vision/ Hurry Up/ Goody Goody Bye Bye/ Too Many. 7" 6.50

SEX ORGANS Fuck The Human Race (Voodoo Rhythm) Jackie (The Jackets) and Bone (The Anomalys) formed The Sex Organs in 2014 especially for the Funtastic Dracula Carnival in Spain and now released their first Single via Voodoo Rhythm. Two tracks: Orgasms/ Outer Space. 7" 6.50

SEX PISTOLS Never Mind The Bollocks (WB Usa) USA repress of their classic. CD 13.80
SEX PISTOLS Never Mind The Bollocks Reissue of this classic the way it was originally released in October 1977, with "Submission" included on a one sided 45 and a poster. LP 21.90
SEX PISTOLS Anarchy In The U.K. Repro of rare German release! "Anarchy In The UK/ I Wanna Be Me. 7" 7,90

THE SHALL-I-SAY-QUOIS & THE & CTMF Shall I Say Quoi? (Damaged Goods) A new band put together by ex-members of THEE HEADCOATEES Kyra Rubella and Ludella Black and THE BUFF MEDWAYS / MBE's one and only Nurse Julie! Recorded at Medway's favourite studio Ranscombe and featuring Billy Childish (CTMF, THE MILKSHAKES) on guitar and Wolf Howard (THE PRIME MOVERS, JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET) on drums. 300 copies on blue, white or red vinyl! Racist Attack/ Shall I Say Quoi/ Oh Mein Gott Baader Meinhoff/ It's Hard to Be Happy/ The Kids Are All Square/ Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi. 10" 9.90

SHAM 69 Tell Us The Truth (Dojo) Reish of decent 1st alb. CD 16.90
SHAM 69 That's Life (Dojo) Too much fuggin reggae CD 16.90

SHAMBLES Hello Baby / Held Me Spellbound (Sing Sing) Shambles were led by ex-Mandrake Paddle Steamer singer Brian Engel: "Hello Baby" is a hi-energy Power Pop/Glam number and "Held Me Spellbound" is as good if not better than Jook covering Watch Your Step. 7" 6.90

SHEETAH ET LES WEISSMULLER Hola Ye-Yeah! (Screaming Apple) Pire Que Le Silence/ Quand/ Cols En Dentelle (Mais Que Sais-Tu De L'amour?)/ Hallucinations/ Le Vengeur Masque/ Chien Méchant/ Mets Des Badges/ Ca Vient Des Trips/ My Little Red Book/ Cette Fille-La/ Gare Au Gourou/ La Caverne. LP 11.00

THE SHITDOGS The History of Cheese (Last Laugh) Redneck ramones from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We have always been huge fans of these guys both in theory (they're called The Shit Dogs, man!) and in practice. We first heard them as a 19-year-old LAZY COWGIRLS fanatic who followed every Southern California show of said band circa 1986-89; they debuted a new cover of the 'Dogs "Reborn" during that epoch, and always took care to announce from the stage who had originally penned it. Great crap-fi, meathead punk number, and a few years later I heard the original on a "Killed By Death" along with the even better "Killer Cain" from the Shit Dogs' "History of Cheese" EP. The band seem to have existed on the same who-cares, crap-for-crap's sake mental plane as the SCREAMIN' MEE-MEES, PENETRATORS and of course THE RAMONES, none of whom were crap in the least. Lousiana's best rock band of all time? Hey, can you name a better one? --Review from Agony Shorthand. Double 7" 11.90

SHUT THE GATE SUZY (Demolition Derby) Tracks from out of print 7"s with the New Bomb Turks, Sin Alley,Gaunt,Beavers,Supercharger,Southern culture..+new tracks from Vice Barons, Gorgons,Perverts,Fabian,Th’lunkheads,Brand of Shame,Hypnomen. LP 10.90

SICK OF BEING SICK Volume 1 (Primitive Records) 17 track compilation with Movie Star Junkies, Tunas, Singing Dogs, Sonny Vincent, Terminals etc.: TUNAS luv'o'my life/ WASTED PIDO i can't rest/ BOOZERS dilberts dead/ WILD WEEKEND drink & shout/ MOVIE STAR JUNKIES william lee/ SINGING DOGS dead flowers/ HONEY DON'T i saw the light/ SIGNORINE TAYTITUC stupid girl/ TERMINALS we don't communicate/ LEECHES mone goes to hell/ FUNNY DUNNY talk talk/ FEMALE TROUBLES boredom kills/ THE GANG OF SAINTS gimme your soul/ JACK & THE THEMSELVES doesn't break my heart/ BOOM BOOM & THE LONG SEX tonite/ YOBS pig/ SONNY VINCENT aztec runaway. LP 11.00

SICK THOUGHTS Blood Red / I'm Gonna Miss You (Goodbye Boozy GB 82)Teenage rawk'n'roll from Baltimore. The limited 45 comes in three editions: White cover art - 66 limited copies/ Black cover art - 66 limited copies/ Red cover art - 66 limited copies. 7" 5.50
SICK THOUGHTS I Wanna Hate / Not Sorry (Goodbye Boozy GB 92) New songs recorded in Feb 2014, issued with three different covers, 83 copies each. 7" 5.50

SIDS Winter/ Awake All Night (Rob's House) 7" 5.20

SINGING DOGS vs. COKEROCKET Split (Primitive Records) "Unibrow Clan/ Do The Dishes" by Cokerocket & "TV Vampire/ Have A Gun" by Singing Dogs. 7" 4.80

SIR BALD’S HAIRY GUITAR aka HIPBONE SLIM & THE KNEETREMBLERS (Beast Records) 7 unreleased tracks by HIPBONE SLIM on the first side, 5 cuts by LOUIE & THE LOUIES and two by THE LEGS, all bands lead by Sir Bald Diddley aka Hipbone Slim. LP 13.90
SIR BALD DIDDLEY Battle Of The Bands (Beast Records) Featuring Hipbone Slim and The Kneetremblers, The Kneejerk Reactions, Louie and The Louies, The Legs, The Beat Seeking Missiles, Sir Bald and The Crownstompers, and more: Nothin' Means/ Set You On Fire/ Ain't No End In Sight/ Louieville/ You Don't Know Right From Wrong/ Things Are Turnin' Ugly/ Barrel Of Fun/ Drive Like An Italian/ See You More/ Red Alert/ Backburner/ Up The Ante/ Bite Your Lip/ Hey Diana. LP 13.90

SIXTYNINERS Too Drunk To Truck (Voodoo Rhythm) Too Drunk To Truck/ Chickenstew/ Play Dead/ John Hardy/ Shake/ Almost Done/ Teardrops/ Livestock/ Back To The Country/ The Race Is On/ Hell/ Not Nearly Done/ Terlingua. LP 12.90 / CD 15.00

THE SKEPTICS S/T (Moody Monkey Records) After two Single releases a cool debut LP with 14 raw fuzz driven garage punk tunes - try it out! Tracks: You’re A Jezebel/ They Don’t Know Nothing/ The Last Man On Earth/ Searching/ You’ve Got A Heart Somewhere/ Spider Baby/ Nite Ride/ Green Haze/ Lose My Cool/ You Make Me Sick/ High On A Cloud/ Missing Link/ Hey Hey Baby/ Jailbait Baby. LP 11.50
THE SKEPTICS Black, Lonely & Blue (Groovie Records) Their second LP, now on the Portuguese Groovie label. Tracks: Stay Away Away From You/ Too Much To Bear/ Trouble Maker/ Master Of The Hive/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/ Sweet Mary/ Mind-Trap/ Black, Lonely & Blue. LP 13.50
Spider Baby EP (Chickpea Records) Prrimitive 60's garage/beat from Belgium: They Don't Know Nothing/ Hey Hey Baby/ Spider Baby /Nite Ride. Limited to 300 copies. 7" 4.90
THE SKEPTICS You Make Me Sick (Frantic City Records) You Make Me Sick/ You're A Jezebel/ Searching/ You've Got A Heart Somewhere. 7"  4.90
SKEPTICS / LADY BANANA split (Frantic City) 2 cuts by each band, one cover, one original: The Skeptics: Master of the Hive/ Hidden Charms. Lady Banana: Aces Boogie/ Run Run Run. 7" 5.00
SKEPTICS Open Sea (Frantic City) Seven song 10" from 2015: TV Wizard/ Stone City/ Hole in the ground/ Armistice/ Open Sea/ Blue Devils/ Mole People. 10" 10.50

THE SKINNIES Kill The Beat (Last Laugh) Two tracks: I'm A Dullard/ Out Of Order. Two short, sharp blasts of retardo punk. 7"7.90

SLIM WILD BOAR BOAR AND THE FORSAKEN SHADOW Tales Of The Wrong Side Of Town (Kizmiaz) White Trash Love/ It Takes Some Tim/ Wasteland/ Red Is The Colour/ Frozen/ Revenge Song/ On The Run/ King For A Lifetime, Nothing For Eternity/ White Sea/ That Tear/ Crown Over The Hill. Lp12.90

SLUMBERJACK Nitro Ground Shaker (Screaming Apple) LP  10.50

THE SMASH UP DERBY Sounds Of Self-Defense (Screaming Apple) LP € 10.50

SMOKESTACK LIGHTNIN Stolen Friends (Witchcraft International) Featuring Eddie Angel (Planet Rockers/Los Strait Jackets) and Paul Burch (Lamchop) and offering 10 coverversions of more or less known Folksongs, Swamp Rock, moody R&B and Country tunes: Swamp Country/ Groupy Girl/ Wanderin' Sou/ What Have I Got Of My Own/ U.F.O./ Everglades/ Gone Gone Gone/ Long Line Rider/ Wondrous Place/ Can't Get Away. LP includes mp3 downloadcode. LP12.90

THE SMUGGLERS Mutiny In Stereo (Screaming Apple) LP € 10.50

SNAKE FLOWER 2 Biker Psych/ Time Is Running Out (Red Lounge Rec) 7" 4.75

SNOOKYS / MORBEATS Split 7" (Stencil Trash Rec.) Two cuts each: SNOOKYS Don't Wanna Work/ MORBEATS My Girl Dres D&G. 158 copies in a stamped 80g/m2 packing paper cover fixed with photo prints of 3-/4-layer stencil paintings and stamped labels; numbered by stamp. 7" 5,50 EUR

SODA FRAISE Ca Baigne Dans L'Huile / Rock N' Roll's (Sing Sing) Cash in single led by French musician Didier Bottier and commissioned by the artistic director of the French label Pathe' Marconi as both an answer to the Plastic Bertrand induced faux-punk hysteria that was sweeping France and as a marketing tool for Coca-Cola! ( promotional copies of the single with an altered sleeve featuring the Coca-Cola logo exist.) The mysterious "Strawberry Soda" disbanded after only one year leaving us this extremely sought after 45. Originally released 1980. 7" 6.90

SOLEDAD BROTHERS "The Hardest Walk" (Munster) 180 gram Lp & gatefold sleeve. LP 14.90

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN HEAVEN & WOOLWOORTHS (Fortune Teller Records) 20 tracks compiled by Graham Bendel: Mighty Caesars (Got To Get You Outside My Head), Minor Thread (Minor thread - demo), X-Ray Spex (The Day The World Turned Dayglo - live 1978), Stewart Home (Necrophile & William Burroughs In Hell), Television Personalities (The Goods Gone & Milkshake), Dirtbombs (Stop), The Clique (Crying Days), Astronauts, Black Madonnas, Snatch, Robert Pollard, SchwaB, Four Monitors, Whitman McGowan, Garry Lee Strange & more. CD 11,90

SONIC CHICKEN 4 Midnight Girl/ Toe Man (Rob's House) 7" 5.00
SONIC CHICKEN 4 S/T (In The Red) Debut full length with CD included. LP (plus CD) 13.90
SONIC CHICKEN 4 S/T (Bachelor) Their second LP that was supposed to be released on In The Red in 2009 for their US tour, but never came out until now: Under Fireworks/ Inspiration/ El Nico/ Airplane Girl/ Shadows On The Back/ Neon Lights/ Dans L'Matin Et Dans L'Soir/ Yogi Girl With Gold/ Love By The Riverside/ Midnight Girl/ Sonic Night/ Girl From Rio. LP 12.50

SONS OF CYRUS "Trigger Happy" (Sounds Of Suberrania) "She Lived On The Edge/Girls Girls/It Is True/ Latest Style/Promised Land/Out Of My Mind/ The Man That Makes You Sober/Propaganda"LP 11,00
SONS OF CYRUS I Want Your Blood/ The Beat (Trigger Happy) Limited edition of 300 copies. 7" 6,90

SOUND REASONS Till The End Of Time ( Groovie Records) The track debut 45 by this LA outfit doing authentic 60s garage. Other two tracks: If I Cared/ I Walk With My Shadow. 7" 6.50

SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS Liquored Up & Laquered Down (Telstar) LP11.25

SPAMCHORDS Bingo Royal (Yakisakana) “Get Ready Get Down; Can’t Stand/Love; Kiss Me Quick; Bye My Side” One sided 7“ 4,70

SPENCEY DUDE & THE DOODLES Flirting (Rob's House) Flirting/ If This Feeling Ends/ I Won't Cheat On You/ Girl Crazy. 7" 5.20

SPIDER BABIES Twenty Year War (Sack O's Shit) The Spider Babies bring you 15 new songs about drugs, girls, and punching you in your ugly face. All new material. LP 13.00

SPITES Stayin Out/Cheap Beer, Fast Cars & Girls (RIP OFF) 7" 5.00

SPITS Pain EP (Slovenly) 4 track EP: Pain/ Beat You Up/ Army Bound/ Planet Failure. 7" 5,25
S/t #4 (In The Red) Their album no 4 now reissued on In The Red. LP 14.90
THE SPITS S/t #5 (In The Red) All I Want/ My Mess/ Tomorrows Children/ Electric Brain/ Fed Up/ Fallout Beach/ My Life Sucks/ I'm Scum/ Brick By Brick/ Acid rain/ Wanna B A.D.D./ Last Man On Earth. LP 14.90
SPITS Kill The Kool (In The Red) Remastered and expanded double-LP re-release of the limited tour-only collection. Spins at 45rpm, includes extra tracks and comes housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring artwork by comic book artist Keenan Keller. Tracks: 2018/ Trouble/ Atom Age/ Kill the Kool/ Rip Up the Streets/ Autobahn/ Beat You Up/ Get Our Kicks/ Take Pleasure in Someone Else's Pain/ Chem Trails/ The Liars/ Army Life/ Kill the Kool (Remix)/ She Don't Kare/ Come With Me/ Wait/ Ask Your Mother/ Hit the Dead (Spasmodic Caress)/ Terrorist Attack/ Halloween Fun/ Black Candles/ Spend the Night in a Haunted House w/ The Spits 7". Double LP 23.90

THEE SPIVS Bullet Train / Voodoo Island (Voodoo Rhythm) 7" 5,90
SPIVS Black & White Memories (Damaged Goods) Their second full lenght. LP 12.90

SPLITS Debut (P.Trash) 12 cut debut by young girly outfit from Helsinki , pretty low-fi stuff. LP 12.90

SPLASH 4 Shame Shame Shame (Dionysus) 10" 9.70

SPY'S Underground / Machine Shop (Ugly Pop) Hailing from the unlikely locale of Windsor, Ontario, just across the river from Detroit, this crew of youthful punks managed to cough up yet another classic Canadian 45 in 1980. Nothing arty or pretentious here, and definitely nothing remotely “post-” about their brand of tough but catchy punk rock, which strikes that ideal balance between adolescent aggro and irresistible hooks. One of the toughest Canadian singles to find, but here’s your chance to scoop a copy without having to cut back on the month’s groceries. Comes with both original sleeve designs and unseen photos. 7" 7.90

STACK O' LEE Change My Plan +3 (Big Black Hole): Featuring Serge and Edourd from Scat Rag Boosters and Royal Routes. 7“ 4,90

STAGGERS Be My Queen (CopaseDisques) Be My Queen/ Black Hearse Cadillac/ Let's Stomp. 7" 4.75
STAGGERS Zombies Of Love (Soundflat) Comes with a MOBILE, a POSTER and 14 cuts. LP 14,90

THE STAGS Do The Ton (Soundflat) Theme (For Delucled Ghostchasers)/ Moustache A Papa/ Cant Stop The Want/ Texas Cave Salamander/ Three Fingers/ Sour Grapes/ Rivington Road/ Stagageddon/ Hotdog/ Evolution Revolution/ Sex Fizz/ 36.24.37./ Chicken Negs/ Do The Ton (Reprise). LP10.50

STALLIONS Hey Baby, It's The... (Junk) LP 11.00

STATUES Aux (P.Trash) Their 1st album plus unreleased songs. In a silk screen cover! LP 14.50
STATUES Holiday Cops (P.Trash) Up Time/ Holiday Cops/ Stop Watch/ Broken Parts/ Up Scope, Fireone/ Start Time/ Self Help Con Job/ Young Enough/ Home Life. LP 12.50
STATUES Up Time (Europe-Tour 2010) (P.Trash) Up Time/ Division/ Dispensary/ Lipstick. 7" 4.90
STATUES New People Make Us Nervous (P.Trash) The 2010 edition: Electric Fences/ Living In Lines/ (You Can't Wash) Dirty Thoughts/ Nerve Damage/ All Good Things/ Quality Assurance/ The Last Stand/ Rubber Gloves. LP12.50
STATUES We're Disparate (P.Trash) We're Disparate/ To The Top/ Young Enough. 7" 4.90

MACK STEVENS AND THE TEXAS INFIDELS Kill! Kill! Kill! (Hog Maw) 10 cuts of Texas r-a-b, honky-tonk and country bop à la Starday. 180g BLOOD red wax. LP 11.50
MACK STEVENS / WHITEY MACK AND HIS BOOZE HOUNDS split 7" no1 (Dirty Ugly Records) MACK STEVENS: Keys To Death & Hellf / WHITEY MACK AND HIS BOOZE HOUNDS: Bullets Are Cheap. 7" 5.00
MACK STEVENS / WHITEY MACK AND HIS BOOZE HOUNDS split 7" no2 (Dirty Ugly Records) MACK STEVENS: My Baby Walked Off / WHITEY MACK AND HIS BOOZE HOUNDS: Mitad De Un Enchilada. 7" 5.00

STILETTOS 12 CUTS (Sounds Of Subterrania) LP 11.50

STINKY LOU & THE GOON MAT 12 Roots And Boogie Blues Hits By...(Voodoo Rhythm) Repress w/ CD included. Tracks: Show Me Your Tits/ Boogie Man/ Lonely Man/ Looking For A Girl/ One More Time/ Supermarket/ The River Is Laughing/ Booooooogie/ Talking Man/ Promotion Boogie/ Sexual Feeling/ Ode To You. LP +CD 15.90

STOLEN HEARTS Heart Collector / Fire/ In & Out (Douchemaster) 7" 5.20

STRANGE ATTRACTOR / RED MASS Split-10" (P.Trash Records) Strange Attractor: Push Party/ I Won't Fit/ Petit Bijou/ Comatose/ Outro/ Kick Her In The Dirt. // Red Mass: Stains/ Charlie Brown/ You've Heard These Chords Before. 10"11.60
STRANGE ATTRACTOR Mutant Love (Red Lounge) Jeff from the Statues with his solo outfit, way more dirty and garage then Statues. LP 12.90
STRANGE ATTRACTOR Barely Doin’ Crime (Mammoth Cave Recording Co./ Secret Identity Rec) Barely Doin’ Crime/ Fashion Thug/ Gimme Something Else/ I Need To Kill My Neighbors/ Too Dumb To Hate/ Lolita. 7" 5.50

STRONG COME-ONS S/T (Beast Records) Nine track debut: Grinder/ Shoot/ Scratch/ Swamp Love/ Explode/ Life/ Bad Seeds/ Judah Knows/ Sco. LP 13.90

SUBMARINE RACES Hard To Look At, Easy To See LP+CD (In The Red) LP+CD 14,90

MARK SULTAN "The Sultanic Verses"(In The Red) Not a pure one man band record anymore as some friends are involved on this. You get kind of a mix of BBQ and KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - 11 cuts - all originals: "Beautiful Girl/ 100 Little Women/ Cursed World/ Spinning Ceiling/ Two Left Feet/ Je Ne Savais Pas/ Mortal Man/ Something Wrong/ Warpath/ We're Sinking" and the mind expanding "Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey" CD 14.00
I Am The End/ Catastrophe (In The Red) 7" 5.70
MARK SULTAN Whenever I Want (In The Red) Keep Em Satisfied Pt. 1/ In Future Worlds/ Satisfied And Lazy/ Pancakes/ Party Crasher/ Not Another Day/ See Them Wave Goodbye/ Keep Em Satisfied Pt. 2/ Let Me Freeze/ Apophis To the Slaughter/ Sweeter Than Wine/ For Those Who Don’t Exist. LP 16.90
MARK SULTAN Whatever I Want (In The Red)Axis Abraxas/ Livin’ My life/ Calloused Hands/ Graveyard Eyes/ Quit The Human Race/ Just For a Moment/ No Worries/ Song In Grey/ If I Had a Polaroid/ Blood On Your Hands/ Just Like Before/ Repulse Me, Baby/ I Turned Them All Down/ Never Coming Home. LP 16.90
MARK SULTAN Livin’ My Life (alt. mix)/ Pounding/ Shadow With The Golden Eyes (Sultan Records) The A-side appears (in a shoddier mix) on Mark’s ‘Whatever I Want’ LP. The other two tracks are both unreleased, and one is a cover of Lee Maye’s 1958 classic, ‘Pounding’. This EP shows Mark easily transitioning back to early soul sounds he loves. 7" 5.50
MARK SULTAN War On Rock 'N' Roll (In The Red) Limeted pressing of 500, on red and black splatter vinyl. Recorded in Sept. 2011 in one take at Clube Berlin in Sao Paulo. LP 17.50
MARK SULTAN Agitated / I Can't Control Myself (Wild Honey) One original and a Troggs cover and the first Single of the new Wild Honey Singles Series (in Wild Honey company sleeve). 7" 5.50

SUPERFLY T.N.T.'S Out Of My Life/ Buzzsaw/ I Wanna Go/Wild Weekend (Wild Weekend) 7" 4.10
SUPERFLY T.N.T'S Make Me Sick (Rockin' Bones) 10" 10.75

SUPERHELICOPTER Sweet Nice And Happy (P.Trash) Great noisy and fucked up bluespunk by these crazy Germans. LP 11,50
SUPERHELICOPTER Indicted/ For The Marins/Yes I Do/ Drunken Lothario (Wrench Records) 7" 4.60
SUPERHELICOPTER Rock'n'Roll Nightmare EP (WASTL) Cha Cha Baby/Get H/ Fuck You Up plus 2. 7" 4.10

SUPERPUNK A Bisserl Was Geht Immer Superpunk probably work more for the german taste as they have great lyrics which give you an extra kick. They all come out of a (northern) soul and punk direction and they turn that into their own great sound. Entdeckt durch einen Freund, der nicht müde wurde sie mir zu preisen, vor allem gegen meinen Widerstand, da ich mit Vorurteilen belastet, deutschen Bands aus Hamburg eigentlich keine Chance gebe (es sei den es spielen Amis mit...). Schande über mich, denn Superpunk sind nicht nur lustig, sondern richtig gut. Kaufen! Sell Out/ Eric Cantona Stomp/ Matula Hau Mich Raus/ Das Ist Heute Nicht Dein Tag/ Ich Bin Ein Snob/ Die Axt Im Walde/ Eine Autobahn Im Regen/ Nein Nein Nein/ Ich Kann Nicht Nein Sagen/ Guybo/ Es Kann Nicht Ganz Schlecht Sein/ Gespenster/  Heraus Zum Ersten Mal/ Der Mann Auf Der Bank/ Du Hast Es Nicht Weit Gebracht. LP 11.50 CD 11.50
Why Not (Tapete) Ich Find Alles Gut/ Baby, Ich Bin Zu Alt/ Bon Scott/ South Beach/ Hamburg Ist Der Platz Für Dich/ Parties In München/ New York, USA/ Ja, Ich bereue Alles/ Ich Trinke/ Carsten Ist Mein Name/ Ich Funktioniere Nicht Mehr/ Auf Tape/ Eine Schärfere Welt/ Oh, Alter Punk. LP 12.50
SUPERPUNK Die Seele des Menschen unter Superpunk (Tapete) Ford Escort/ Ich bin nicht so wie jeder andere auch/ Das Feuerwerk ist vorbei/ Alle lieben dich, Daniela/ Up All Night!/ Das waren Mods/ n der Bibliothek/ Rette dich vor den einfachen Leuten/ Ich will heute nicht kämpfen/ Oh, dieser Sound!/ Babylon Forever. LP 13.00

THE SUPPRESSORS "WOODS OF MY HEART" (Goodbye Boozy) With ex members of of Scat Rag Boosters and Royal Routes. 7" 4.90

SURF TRIO Curse Of The... (Pin Up) LP 11.50

SUSPICIONS We're All Wrong/Memory (Nerve Wracking Records) 7" 4,90
SUSPICIONS "First Love/ Teenage Heartache" (Bachelor Records) 7" 5.00

SUSPICIOUS BEASTS Never Bloom (Alien Snatch) The first japanese band on Alien Snatch. Bloomy garage psych pop LP 11.90
SUSPICIOUS BEASTS Might Die Tomorrow (Alien Snatch) Third LP, tracks: Hate Your Smile/ Sister Lithium/ Don't Find The Devil Inside Me/ Sweet Valley/ Love From Million Miles Away/ Summer Child/ You Might Die Tomorrow/ My Only Friend/ Acid Rain On Every Birthday/ On Sunday Morning. LP 12.90

SUZY & LOS QUATTRO The Singles (Screaming Apple) LP  10.50

SWEET FACES Four Song EP (Douchemaster) On Top Of That Girl/ Here Come The Nice Boys/ Leslie Is A Noise Band/ Cool Kids. 7" 5.00

SWORN LIARS 14 Grim Fairy Tales For Hip Kids And Malevolent Midgets (High Noon) Risen from the putrid corpses of the disdained Moorat Fingers and Shakin' Nasties, the SWORN LIARS with their second album. CD 12.90

TANDOORI KNIGHTS GOMPER/WRECKED ANGELS 2120 S. Michigan Avenue (Norton) Stones Split 7" 6.00

TEENAGE TERROR Set A Rip (Rhythm Island Records) Rockabilly from Berlin. Limited edition with CD. 10" 12..

TELEKRIMEN / THE CAVERNARIOS split EP (Sprut & Rags) Mexploitation trashy garage punk & surf. Two cuts by each band. Both are from Mexico City and pretty wild. 7" 5.00

LES TERRIBLES Quelque Chose Comme Ca (Screaming Apple) The french ambassadors of the yéyé beat with their third album: Chemises a pois, cravates a fleurs/ C'est fini/ Chouchou/ La fermeture eclair/ J'ai peur du jour/ Porque no ?/ Quelque chose comme ca !/ Daddy longues pattes/ Jivaros/ La fille a la moto/ Je rentre tard/ Ton nom. LP 11.50

TESTORS Live Recordings 1976-1979 (INCOGNITO) Cool live material of the Testors. LP comes with a A1 poster and lottsa copies of old flyers: You Don't Break My Heart/ Voltaire/ Let's Get Zooed Out/ See/ Hey You/ Stall/ Scary/ Phantom/ Intro Hot Club/ M.K. Ultra/ Mannequin World/ Don't Tell Me. Limited to 500 copies. LP 12.00
TESTORS Original Punk Recordings New York City 1976-1979 (Incognito) CD 12.00

THE THANES Dishin' The Dirt/ I Don't Want You (Dirty Water) Gatefold 7" 5.50

THEIR HISPANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST (Norton) Double 45 set in gatefold cover featuring four mucho loco Rolling Stones songs con carne - sung in Spanish! Los Peyotes Let’s Spend The Night Together/Davila 666 She’s A Rainbow/Luis and the Wildfires Get Off My Cloud/Los Vigilantes Paint It Black – arriba! Stones Split double 7" 10.90

THE THINGS Tiger/ Voodoo Spells/ Lungs (Psycho Sound Records) 7" 4.90

THIS DAMN TOWN "Love Like Lies/From The Bottle To The Bible" (Perpetrator) 7" 5.50

THIS IS BOSTON NOT L.A. Reissue of this 1984 comp. Exclusive tracks by Jerry's Kids (6), Proletariat (3), Groinoids (1), F.U.'s (4), Gang Green (7), Decadence (1), Freeze (8). LP 12.90

WAYLON THORNTON & HEAVY HANDS Vulture Funk (Perpetrator) Florida wife/husband duo, fuzzed up punkier version of Flat Duo Jets: Vulture Funk/ Machete Party/ Shut The Fuck Up/ Acid Nerd. 7" 5.50

THURSTON HOWLERS Lodge Party (Screaming Apple) LP  10.50

TIGERS OF DOOM “S/T” (Sounds Of Subterrania) Cheat on me/ Do the Dave/ Time out/ Do you mind at all?/ So cruel/ Don’t push me around/ Let go/ Without Love/ Don’t believe you no more/ It’s cold outside/ Tigers of Doom”. LP11.00 / CD 13.00

TIME FLYS The In Crowd (Douchemaster) The In Crowd/ Low Life 7" 5.00

T.I.T.S I Told You I Was Sick/ Kashmere Trap (Pollymaggoo Records) Ttwo new songs recorded by T.I.T.S ?during the middle of their spring 2014 tour. Drawing on the influences one would expect from any tasty modern band (e.g. 70s punk, 60's psych, Crime, Germs, Flipper, fine 90's garage-noise etc.) Paris' T.I.T.S have ?created a very ugly/twisted/rocking sound that is all their own. «I told you I was sick» is a prime shot of brooding, midtempo punk rawk bile. The similarly sinister flip «Kashmere Trap» is a slow grinder, again with a memorable hook but now under a frenzy of guitar feedback. 7" 7.50

LOS TONES Buchanan Hammer (Gone Away (Groovie Records) Debut 45 by Sydney's garage quartet Los Tone, playing garage punk, inspired from the likes of The Standells, Los Saicos & The Sonics. 7" € 6.50
LOS TONES Psychotropic (Groovie Records) Los Tones' debut-album sees the boys continue their garage-rock calamity with some subtle hints of early psychedelia and surf rock. 'Psychotropic' also features Los Tones' debut single 'Buchanan Hammer' and the follow up 'Ordinary Man'. LP 14.90

TORNADO, ZENO & THE BONEY GOOGLE BROTHERS Dirty Dope Infected Bluegrass... (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12.90 / CD8.50
TORNADO, ZENO & THE BONEY GOOGLE BROTHERS Lover Of Your Dreams (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12.90
ZENO TORNADO AND THE BONEY GOOGLE BROTHERS Rambling Man (Voodoo Rhythm) Lover Of Your Dreams/ Sober/ The Struggle In The Puddle At The Bottom Of The Bottle/ She's My Neighbour/ Bone White Moon/ Horny/ Angel's Now Near Again/ Bullet In My Mind/ Blood/ Waiting Room/ Fenry Wolf/ Turn Around/Jenna/ Nothing. LP 12.90

TOUCH ME NOTS "SHELDON MUNN" (Yakisakana) A great r''n'r duo that has a lot of the good old 68 Comeback sound in them. Get this if you dig r'n'r the Monsieur Jeffrey Evans way!  10" 9.90
TOUCH ME NOTS "It's Not Right But It's Okay/ Bag O' Money/ Only Friends" (Nasty Products) 7" 5.00

TOYOTAS Run-Down Cities (P.Trash) Run-Down Cities/Extinction Of The Nerds/Channel 2/ Mad Man. 7" 5.00
TOYOTAS We Can't Dance (P.Trash) Orxata/ I Can't Dance/ I Don't Wanna. 7" 4.90

THE TRADITIONAL FOOLS S/T (In The Red) The Red is proud to announce the re-release of the self-titled album by The Traditional Fools, a garage-punk-thrash-surf trio consisting of Ty Segall, Andrew Luttrell and David Fox. They recorded and released their lone full-length back in 2008—it sold out quickly and has never been re-pressed until now. LP 14.90

TRASHMONKEYS Smile (Sister Jack) LP 12,50

TRAUMAHELIKOPTER Prey / Predator (Kogar Records) Cool EP on the dutch Kogar label - three garage punkers: "Prey / Predator" backed by "Maze City" and "Room Service". 7" 5.25
TRAUMAHELIKOPTER Kids/ Bad Day (Excelsior) Cool dutch garagepunk! 7" 5.90
TRAUMAHELIKOPTER Same (Excelsior) Debut full length by dutch garage punkers, CD included. Tracks: Down In The City/ Kids/ Wolf/ Infected/ Learned My Lesson/ Disappoint You/ Room Service/ Losing Grip/ Bad Day/ I Ain't Workin' This Summer/ Prey/Predator. LP+CD 18.90

TRAVEL CHECK 66$ (Howlin Banana) Travel Check is a four piece Flower Punk band from Paris, France, and this here is their second Ep, recorded during summer 2013 at Swamp Land Studios. These four tracks show a significant evolution of their sound towards something lighter, wilder & fuzzier. Limited edition of 300 white-coloured 7? vinyl. 7" 5.50

TREEBERRYS S/T (Sounds Of Subterrania) LP 11.50
TREEBERRYS Talkin About... (Sounds Of Subterrania) LP 11.50

TRIBUTE TO NATHANIEL MAYER (LARSEN) 14 tunes of sixties Detroit legend Nathaniel Mayer by Detroit Cobra's, Saddlebop, Buttshakers, Sweet Things, Booby Traps, Other Guys, Teen Axel Soul Arkestra, Los Membranas and others... LP 11.90

TRIBUTE TO THE OBLIVIANS Vol. 2 (Ghost Highway) HOLLYWOOD SINNERS: Pinstripe Willie (Hey Willie!) / ASANO HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Show Me What You Like. Limited to 250 copies. 7" 9.50
TRIBUTE TO THE OBLIVIANS Volume 3 (Ghost Highway) PANIKS: "Ride That Train" (Coge Ese Tren)/ FABULOSO COMBO ESPECTRO: "Big Black Hole" Limited edition of 350 copies. 7" 9.50

TRIXIE TRAINWRECK NO MAN BAND Hard Workin Girl (Squoodge) 3 track debut 45 by Trixie Trainwreck, also playing in The Kamikaze Queens, The Runaway Brides and The Cry Babies. Tracks: Hard Workin Girl / Bartendin`Blues / I`m sailin in. 7" 6.90
TRIXIE TRAINWRECK Bound to Ramble (Squoodge) Limited to 500 copies, tracks: Bound To Ramble/ Daddy's Gone/ Home For A Day/ Hard Workin' Girl/ Take These Chains/ This Ain't About You/ No Good Town/ Bumble Bee/ Hello Mom I'm In Jail/ Easy (Is Just Another 4 Letter Word)/ I'm Sailin' On. LP 19.90

TROUBLE MAKERS I'm Not That Kind Of Girl/You Must Be Crazy/Why Why Why/plus 1 (Larsen Rec) 7" 4.10

TRUBBEL Här Kommer Trubbel/ GBG City/ Sibirien/ Som En Levande Död/ Radio (Alleycat) 77-style punk from Sweden. 7" 4.90

TUNAS S/T (Wild Honey) The Etruscan Path/ Being A Child Again/ Juno And Ginger/ Don't Be Afraid Of Art/ 15th Of July/ Revolution Winter/ Daddy Says/ One Year Older/ Rain/ The Autumn Stoned/ I've Been Young/ Ol' Man Cryin'. LP 11.50

TUNDRA FUCKS Hanging Around Here/ Pretty Pretty Mean (Kenrock) Trashy blues punk from Sweden. 7" 4.90
TUNDRA FUCKS / ALEX SHADE & THE HAINTS split EP (Dirty Ugly Rec.) The Waiting/ I Once Was A Man/ Anything But Being Alone/ You're Reckless/ Lethargic/ The Evil Things You Do/ Don't Cheat Yourself . 7" 4.90

TUNNEL OF LOVE Ghetto Child/ Mud/ Bitch Better Have My Rock'n'Roll/ Eileen (Profet Rec.) Wild and raw stuff from the Fatals label - super rough 'production' 7" 5.50
TUNNEL OF LOVE / JACK OF HEART split 7" (Profet Records) Demon Child / Surfin Bird / My Love In Vain 7" 5,30

THE TURN IT OFFS Too Much Static (Red Lounge) Eight cut debut LP from new Memphis outfit. Gatefold sleeve. LP 13.50

TURNOMATICS Diablo Bueno Dogenes/ Circuito Integrado/ All I Want (Big Black Hole) 7" 4.90

TV IDOLS 17, Desperate And All Messed Up (Screaming Apple) LP € 10.50

TV GHOST Cold Fish (In The Red) LP11.90

LOS TWANGS Mondo Twango (Sleazy Records) Gatefold sleeve & comes with CD included: Amor Amargo, I Got Sweets, Vibrant Man, Roughshod Surfin' Is Tiring, Pequea Lupe Lu, Sombras en el Windsor, El Latigo De Padre, Mean Queen, Fall & Raise Of Los Twangs,. Additional CD cuts: Money, Comanche, Brigitte, Love Love Love, Demolicion. 10" + CD 12.50

THE TWISTAROOS Twisted! (Screaming Apple) The YUM YUMS doing that Detroit Cobras, Fleshtonesr'n'r thing. Lp 11.00

TWO MUCH! NEVER ENOUGH (Why ME) A Collection of power pop, garage and punk from the West Coast and Canada: MEAN JEANS, MIDNIGHT SNAXXX, PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS, WHITE WIRES, THE FLAKES, MOTHERS CHILDREN, CITY DELUXE, PEACH KELLI POP, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, and URAINIUM COMEBACK. Edition of 500 copies. Includes a download, liner notes and a special Why Me? tortex gutiar pick. LP 14.50

TWO TEARS I Love Leather/ Isn't It A Shame (Stencil Trash) One-sided Single by Kerry Davis‘ (Red Aunts). Limited to 151 co-pies with a spray-ed woo-den (mdf) board cover and in clear / black strea-ked wax. 7" 6.90

THE TYPES Chicks & Tricks (CopaseDisques) 60s garage Beat from Russia: 1. A Little Piece Of You 2. Zombie Twist 3. No Road To Runaway 4. What You Gonna Say 5. My Little Zombie Girl 6. Space Invaders 7. Baby Rock'n'roll 8. Don't Fuck My Brain 9. Film Show 10. You'll Pay It 11. Girls Girls Girls 12. Sorry Mama 13. Vodka. LP 11.90

TYRED EYES Ghost (Alien Snatch) 4 garage pop cuts by Gothenburg vikings: Pistols At Dawn/ Time Killers/ Old Future/ Dead End. 7" 4.90

TYVEK Nothing Fits (In The Red) LP 14.90

BOBBY UBANGI Another Girl Like You / Greasers Lament/ Back To You (Douchemaster) 7" 5.20
BOBBY UBANGI Inside The Mind Of... (Rob's House) Solo full length debut. LP 12.50

UNDERTONES First Album plus Bonustracks (SRK 6071) The 1979 debut plus bonus tracks: "Family Entertainment/ Girls Don't Like It/ Male Model/ I Gotta Getta/ Wrong Way/ Jump Boys/ Here Comes The Summer/ Billy's Third/ Jimmy Jimmy/ True Confessions/ She's A Runaround/ I Know a Girl/ Listening In/ Casbah Rock". PLUS BONUS cuts: "Teenage Kicks/ Smarter Than You/ Emergency Cases/ Get Over You/ Really Really/ She Can Only Say No" and the beginning of each side and "Mars Bars" at the very end. LP 12.50

UNNATURAL AXE Is Gonna Kick Your Ass (Lawless) Recorded 1978 & ´79: They Saved Hitlers Brain/ The Plug/ Summertime/ The Creeper/ 3 Chord Rock/ The Man I Don't Wanna Be/ Shopping/ Sex Substitutes/Tonight We Fight/ Media Blitz/ Youth Corps/ Regina + 2. CD 14.50

URANIUM COMEBACK S/T (P.Trash Records) Debut by this new outfit around STEVE ADAMYK and members of the MOTHER'S CHILDREN, SEDATIVES and WHITE WIRES. 10" 12.90

URBAN JUNIOR Two Headed Demon (Voodoo Rhythm) Hot Shit From Switzerland/ With The Idiots/ Man On The Run/ Two Headed Demon/ Tüüfumusig/ Seperated/ Das Leben/ Girl Like You/ Heidi's Head/ Du Los Emau/ Mensch Oder Tier/ No Balls But Fire/ We Love Urban Jr/ LP 12.90
URBAN JUNIOR The Truth About Dr. S. and Mr P. (Voodoo Rhythm) Swiss one-man-band Urban Junior jwith his fourth studio album. LP + CD 14.90

THE URGES Psych Ward (Screaming Apple) Read The Signs/ You're Gonna Find Out/ It Ain't Right/ You Don't Look So Good/ Salvaje/ The 13th Floorside/The Urges Theme/ So Uptight/ I Gotta Wait/ Curse It All/ Psych Ward. LP 11.00
split (Dirty Water) The Urges 'The Urges Theme' versus Hollywood Sinners 'Todo El Mundo Haciendo El Dawn' 7" 5.00

USELESS EATERS Linear Movement / Bloody Ripper (Goodbye Boozy GB 93) "Linear Movement" was recorded In Brunswik East , Australia in 2012: Seth - Guitar/Vocals, Jack - Bass , Elias - Drums. "Bloody Ripper" in Okland , USA in 2013, all Instruments By Seth Sutton. Limited to 250 copies in two different colours: Black and white - 125 copies/ Red and black - 125 copies. 7" 5.50

T. VALENTINE WITH DADDY LONG LEGS The Vamire (Norton) The 'Hello, Lucille Are You A Lesbian?' king is back from parts unknown with a new album featuring DADDY LONG LEGS on rumblin R&B instrumentation: Young Girls, Young Girls / Bald Headed Benny / Shake Your Funky A-S-S / Cell Phone / Why You Leave Me / You So Fine / Please Dont Freeze / I Want You To Have My Baby / The Vampire / The Death Of Betty Sue / Gravediggers. LP 14.00

VANCOUVER COMPLICATION (Rockin Bones) Reissue of the 77 compilation of Canadian Punk bands, with a bonus LP. Tracklist: Pointed Sticks - The Marching Song / Exxotone - Big Shot / D.O.A. - Kill, Kill, This Is Pop / Active Dog - Fun While It Lasts / Wasted Lives - Wirehead / Subhumans - Death To The Sickoids / U-J3RK5 - Work For Police / Private School - Rock And Roll Radio / No Fun - Mindless Aggression / Dishrags - I Don't Love You / BIZ - Pork U // Exxotone - Sideways / K-Tels (aka. Young Canadians) - I Hate Music / Active Dog - Nothing Holding You / Subhumans - Urban Guerilla / Shades - New Clientelle / Tim Ray And A.V. - Quarter To Eight / U-J3RK5 - Naum Gabo / D.O.A. - I Hate You / No Fun - Old / {e} - e925 // Tim Ray And The Druts -Dying In Brooklyn/ Dishrags -Bullshit / Rude Norton -Tits On The Beach / Rude Norton -Sea Cruise / Rude Norton -Gilligan's Island /Young Canadians -Fuck You Society (live) / Young Canadians -Beg, Borrow Or Steal (live) / Young Canadians -Poison Of The Thought (live) /// Pointed sticks -Destitute / Pointed sticks -American song / Pointed sticks -Angeline / Modernettes -Surf City Strangler / Modernettes -Rebel Kind (live) / Modernettes -509 (live) / Modernettes -I Can Only Give You Everything (live) / Modernettes -Get Modern (live). Double LP 18.00

VEINES Perdus Dans La Ville (Demolition Derby) Perdu Dans La Ville/ Toujours Des Reflexions/ I Wanna Be Une Pute/ Silence Radio/ Je Ne Suis Pas Fou/ Chaise Electrique/ Action Zero/ Trop Stress/ Voyeur/ Je Fais (La Greve Du Love)/ Plus Rien A Faire/ Seul Dans Le Noir/ Alliance Guerriere/ Embrasse Moi/ Le Roi Des Feignants/ Petite Bourgeoise. LP 11.00

LOS VENTURAS Kaleydoskop (Green Cookie) 11 tracks of modern surf mixing all kindsa influences. LP comes with download code. LP 12.90
LOS VENTURAS Paisley Beach (Green Cookie) 7 tracks of surf/ instrumental (A-Side) and oriental moods (B-Side). Limeted to 300 copies, coloured vinyl & including download code. Beach Bunny/ Surfer's Mood/ Mr. Rebel/ What About Uranus/ On a Market in Beirut/ Caravan/ Mathar. 10" 12.50

VERMILLION SANDS S/T (Alien Snatch) In The Wood/ Monsoon Blues/ Wake Me When I Die/ The Last Day/ Peter Peter/ Razor/ Sew My Heart/ Weary & Weak/ Warm Up/ Star Light Star Bright/ Ghost Song. LP 11.50

VERMIN POETS Poets Of England (Damaged Goods) Neil Palmer on guitar/lyre/vox, Billy Childish on bass/backing vox, JuJu Claudius on drums/backing vox and Wolf Howard on drums. Spartan Dre/ Eye Off The Sparrow/ Like Poets Often Do/ Baby Booming Bastards/ Grandfathery/ She's Got Ears/ Vermin Poets/ Arthur Was A Gun Runner/ Musical Pamphlet/ Poets Of England/ Cup Of Deadly Cheer/ The Sun Was The Beginning Of The Morning . LP 12.50 / CD 13.30

THE VERTICALS 8-Track (Hell's Tone Record) The second full length by Finnish surf punks: Intoducing Leo Kress/ Katsastus/ Black Suit and a Tie/ Third Ear/ Pistolero/ Lpr Woman/ Blossanova/ Ein Fall Für Zwei. Total running time: 19:45 min. 10" 11.00

THE VIBES Voodoo Juju (Trash Wax) Live at The Forum Enger, 1895. 13 cuts , limited edition of 500 copies. LP 18.90

THEE VICARS Don't Try To Tell Me/ Why Have You Changed (Dirty Water) Four teenagers spitting out some might fine garage punk. Great raw r'n'r from the UK! 7" 5.25
Back On The Streets (Dirty Water)Introduction to Thee Vicars/ Back On The Streets/ Why Have You Changed?/ Mindless Squares/ Budget Rock/ Small Town Blues/ Don't Try To Tell Me/ Tore My Heart/ The Dreaded Day Job/ Gonna Make You Mine/ They Lied To You/ You Better Watch Out/ I'll Hunt You Down/ I Don't Wanna Be Like You/ Leavin' Here/ Straight Home. LP 12.50 / CD 13.20
THEE VICARS Budget Rock/ Don't Wanna Be Like You/ Gonna Make You Mine/ Leavin' Here (Dire Records) The debut 45 recorded in Nov 2007. 4 wild punkers. Last copies, no picture sleeve, just a 'Dire' label stamp. 7" 4.90
THEE VICARS You Lie/ Gonna See Me Again (Dirty Water) The Vicars changed to 60s garage now - liked the wilder punk stuff more... 7" 5.25
THEE VICARS Feel So Bad/ Out Of My Mind (Holy Twist Records) Two more 60s influenced cuts on the Vicars very own label. 7" 5.00
THEE VICARS Every Day / Don't Wanna Be Free (Dirty Water) 7" 5.25
THEE VICARS I Wanna Be Your Vicar (Dirty Water) Album no three, now as a trio. 12 cuts: I Wanna Be Your Vicar/ I'll Be Gone/ Lights/ I Feel Alright/ Your Eyes/ Rooftop Blues/ Crocodile Chomp/ Hauser And O'Brian/ I'll Do You Wrong/ Satisfy You/ Should Have Stayed At Home/ Everyday. LP 12.50

THE VICEROYES Hold Court (Crown Records) Debut LP by Hamburg garage trio, with members of Cave Girl and Knight Templars. 12 cuts. LP 14.50

VICIOUS CYCLE Neon electric 7" (P.Trash) 7" 5.00"

VILETONES A Taste Of Honey (Other Peoples Music) 17 cuts of early stuff and demos from these Canadian 70s punks. Including the great "Screaming Fist" plus "Never Feel Sad/ I Hate You-Without You/ Just For You/ Dog Style/ I Don't Care/ Little Girl/ Possibilities/ Danger Boy/ Rebel/ C.O.N.T.R.O.L/ Richard Speck/ Swastika Girl/ Rather Be With Me/ Does She Jump/ KGB/ Won't You Let Me/ Bonus Track. CD 14.50

SONNY VINCENT Bizarro Hymns (Still Unbeatable) Good new alb! Comes with the CD included. Tracks: Don't Give A Fuck/ Faster Pussycat/ Sink Hole/ Till There Was You/ Picture Album/ Nitro/ Tears For Rwanda/ Forgive You Forget You/ Tear It Into Peces/ Spin Out/ The Voodoo Box/ Crystal Clear/ Ten Tsunamis/ Pushing Up Daisies/ Jerry Roll Agenda. LP+CD 14.00
SONNY VINCENT James Brown's Evil Son (Ox Records) three new and exclusive tracks in a hand-numbered limited edition of 250 copies in a specially manufactured cardbox. Each box has a unique cover handmade by Sonny Vincent, some are painted, some are on special paper, with a real photo of Sonny Vincent each cover. With the Single you get a vintage flyer/ticket from Sonny's archive, 2 buttons (Sonny Vincent, Testors) plus a vintage photo of Sonny - different content in every box, plus a 24 page booklet with "The Sonny Vincent Story" (in English) with lots of photos. Tacks: James Brown's Evil Son/ Part 2 screw you/ Snort my snot. 7"-box 11.50

LAS VINYLATORS Acosador / La Selva (Groovie Records) First release of this garage girl band from Mexico. 7" 5.90

VINDICATED!A Tribute To The Fleshtones (Larsen) Living Legends - Los Chicos (Spain)/ Watch This! - The Havox (U.S.)/ Better Days - Dr. Explosion (Spain)/ Way Down South - Four Shames (U.S.)/ La Fille Du Noctambule - Tony Truant (France)/ Pickin' Pickin' - Hoodoo Gurus (Australia)/ I Am What I Am - The Maggots (Sweden)/ I Wanna Feel Something Now - The Insomniacs (U.S.)/ En Balade Avec Les Playboys - The Playboys (France)/ Screamin' Skull - The Primevals (Scotland)/ Whistling Past The Grave - Hans Frank (U.S.)/ Good Good Crack - Snax featuring Halloween Jack (U.S./France/Germany)/ Hitsburg U.S.A - The Psychotones (Italy)/ Headlock On My Heart - The Slickee Boys (U.S.)/ I've Gotta Change My Life - Slow Slushy Boys (France)/ The Dreg - The Hate Bombs (U.S.)/ Legend Of A Wheelman - The Immortal Poirposes (U.S.)/ Hope Come Back - Richard Mazda (England)/ Dreaming About Work - Subway Surfers (U.S.)/ The Theme from "The Vindicators" - The Woggles (U.S.) 3 Fevers - The Swingin' Neckbreakers (U.S.)/ Girl From Baltimore - The Turpentines (Sweden)/ American Beat '07 -The Nomads (Sweden) + Handsome Dick Manitoba (U.S.) double LP 15.90 LP / CD (on Dirty Water) 15.00

CHUCK VIOLENCE Extra Flavor (Stencil Trash) Brazilian One Man Band with super limited release (edition of 111) on new german label: Just Because of You/ Sailin‘ on/ Monsieur Perkins/ On Your Side. 7" 7.90

VIOLENT CLIMAX VOL 3 (SmgirrrlsRec) Garage Kid, Tractor Sex Fatality & Captain Dynamite on this comp. 4 tracks and no more infos.... 7" € 4.90

VIPERS Satellite Boys/ Icarus (Dirty Water) 7" 5.00

VIVIAN GIRLS I Can't Stay/ Blind Spot (In The Red) Booooring! Jeez - and this is the new hype? 7" 5.20

VOICE OF THE PUPPETS I Don't Wanna Know / You're All I Wanted (And A Car) (Sing Sing) Exact repro of 1979 melodic Punk Single. 7" 6.50

VOLAGE Maddie (Howlin Banana) Volage is a four-piece band based between Tours and Paris, playing noisy, flowery garage pop. Their sold-out self-released debut cassette is now being reissued on Howlin Banana Records on 10? limited edition white colored vinyl, with a brand new cover and an extra track. Echo, Fuzz and Flowers are the three cornerstones of this debut release. 10" 8.90

VON ZIPPERS The Crime Is Now (Alien Snatch) LP 10,50

VOODOO KONG Who Put The Voodoo In Me? (Squoodge Records) Devil KKnee / Mr. Boogie / Hair Cut / Godzilla / Lonesome Cowboy / Who Put The Voodoo In Me? Limited to 266 copies 7" 5.50

VOODOO RHYTHM COMPILATION Volume 3: A Record To Ruin Any Party (Voodoo Rhythm) Voodoo Rhythm Label Sampler no 3 - double LP with three sides of music and on graved side by Dirk Bosma: 01. Juke Joint Pimps - Dust My Broom 02. King Automatic - Le Redresseur 03. Dead Brothers - The Power A 04. Pussywarmers - Ashes 05. Urban Junior - Two Headed 06. Reverend Beat Man - Jesus Christ Disc #2: 01. John Schooley - Every Day 02. Possessed By Paul James - Cold And Blind 03. Zeno Tornado - Blood 04. Sixtyniners - Teardrops 05. Mama Rosin - Le Pistolet 06. Bob Log Iii - My Shit Is Perfect 07. Delaney Davidson - Lackie's Men 08. Hipbone Slim - Hung,Drawn Disc #3: 01. Andy Dale Petty - Coo Coo Bird 02. Movie Star Junkies - Almost A 03. Roy And The Devils Mc - I Had A Dream 04. Guilty Hearts - Glassell Park 05. King Khan And His Shrines - Tell Me 06. Come N Go - Hearts Desire 07. The Monsters - I'm Going Away Girl. Double LP 15.50 / CD 14.90
VOODOO RHYTHM COMPILATION Volume 4 (Voodoo Rhythm) Volume 4 as a picture LP with 13 tracks: The Future Primitives - Into The Primitive/ Die Zorros - Good Bye Baby/ The Juke Joint Pimps - King Roland's Prayer/ Hank Haint - Blackout/ The Monsters - Blow Um Mau Mau/ Roy And The Devil's Motorcycle - Six Pink Cadillac/ Becky Lee And Drunkfoot - Old Fashined Man/ The Pussywarmers - La Nen La Bambele/ Heart Attack Alley - Too Hot Blues/ Mama Rosin Together With Hipbone Slim And The Kneetremblers - London Zydeco/ Delaney Davidson - Windy City/ The Goon Mat And Lord Benardo - What It's All About/ Menic - Waiting For Zero. Picture LP 13.90
VOODOO RHYTHM COMPILATION Volume 4 (Voodoo Rhythm) In double gatefold cover (no plastic exept the bloddy CD) with 12 Side Booklet! Same tracks as the vinyl. CD 15.50

W T H H Lost In A Cave / Tomato Gravy (Goodbye Boozy GB 91) Two tracks on a single sided 7" by Waylon Thornton H. H. Limited pressing of 200 in three different sleeves. 7" 5.50

WAISTCOATS Stop Your Talking All The Time (Beatschaffe) The start of this label that will only release stuff that got recorded in one take and on vintage equipment: "Stop Your Talking All The Time/ We Are The Doctors/ Take That You Bastard/ Shakin' Time". 7" 4.75
WAISTCOATS Ich Moechte Dir Nur Helfen (Soundflat) Ich Moechte Dir Nur Helfen/ Wir gehen/ Make Our Own Way/ White Lines. 7" 4.50

WAND Self Hypnosis In Three Days/ INUTILI - Easy Leaving (Goodbye Boozy / Aagoo Records) Wand is Cory Hanson, Evan Burrows, Daniel Martins and Lee Landey. Recorded and mixed at the Sweat Lodge by Ty Segall. Inutili recorded this new song in 2014 at Torricella Studios. Co-release with only 150 copies on Goodby Boozy. 7" 5.50

LES WANGS "Pour Surfeur Seulement" (Wild Wild) 7 surf instros from France. 10" 9,00
LES WANGS "Surfin Nha Trang EP" (Human Bretzel Records) "Le Parrain/ Surfin' Nha Trang/ Pathfinder"7" 4,50

WATZLOVES, THEE Catch Me A Possum (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12,90

WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! "Cantan En Espanol"(Voodoo Rhythm) Re-release with CD included: Spanish madmen covering 13 garage punkers - wild, primitive and all in spanish. LP + CD 15.50

WEAKENDS S/T (Robs House) Long Dead Gone/ Devil By My Side/ Arty Party/ Heatwave/ Slow Down & Low/ One Pill To Survive/ Desperate Love Blues/ Wild type/ Dawn Of The Dead/ Time Is Tight/ Back From The Rave/ Wisdom Teeth. LP 12.00

MARY WEISS DANGEROUS GAME (Norton) Mary Weiss of the SHANGRI-LAS backed by the REIGNING SOUND with 13 originals and one cover . CD 13.00

WESTERN DARK So Sad, Well?/ Breaks My Heart (Perpetrator) 7" 5.50

WHIP-BATS Chaos In The Clocktower (Stencil Trash Rec.) One-sided 7" with three cuts: Chaos In The Clocktower/ Blood Orgy In The Castle Of The Damned/ Virgin Blood Drips From The Forked Tongues Of The Devil. Described as Horror movie/Euro Sleaze soundtrack music with punk/garage/deathrock/80s/early Nintendo-ish side FX. Limited to 68 copies, cover closes with a magnet, 5-layer stencil artwork; printed on 300g/m2 paper and UV lacquered; light bluish/greenish(?) grey wax with blue/green mixed stamped label in a stamped 90g deluxe paper innersleeve; fixed pixel art photo inside; numbered by stamp. 7" 11,90 EUR

WHITE FENCE FAMILY PERFUME, VOL. 2 (WOODSIST) Second volume in Tim Presley's double album set 'Family Perfume'. Musically we're talking trippy, distortion-laced, psychedelic pop-influenced tunes = totally not working for the Crypt Universe...! Limited pressing of 1000 LP's. LP 12.50

WHITE MYSTERY People Power (Perpetrator Records) Featuring Miss Alex White and brother Francis White: People Power/ Rapid Overdrive/ Toxic Sugar. 7" 5.50

WHITE NIGGERS Don't Wanna Be Back/ Straight From Hell (Yakisakana) French blues punk band with Marco from Fatals/ Kung Fu Escalators/ Complications. 7" 4.90

WHITE WIRES WWII (Dirtnap Rec.) 12cuts, mp3 download code included. LP 14.50
WHITE WIRES WWIII (Dirtnap) The 3rd album from Ottawa Ontario's WHITE WIRES: All Night Long/ Everywhere You Were/ It's Been A While/ The Magic/ Alright With Me/ I'll Give You Everything/ Let's Start Over Again/ And Then You Told Me/ I'll Remember You/ Jackie & Donna/ Same Old Story/ Please Write/ Down On My Own/ Will You Come Back To Me. All copies come with download coupon. LP 15.50

WILD EVEL AND LOS INFIERNO Shape Series Vol.2 (Soundflat) Wild Evel & the LOS INFIERNO (Mexico) with four cover songs of 60's classics.Tracks. Vete Al Infierno/ I'm Gone/ It's My Life/ I Can't Control Myself. Shape design by Wild Evel. 10" 16.50

WILD ZEROS / BAXX SISI'S International Split 7" (Chickpea Records) A garage split 45 with the Wild Zeros from France and Baxx Sisi's from New York: Wild Zeros side: Do Know You / Your Love / I Wanna Be Your Man // The Baxx Sisi's side: Stop Me / Bambu Roller / I've Got A Dollar. Limited to 300 copies. 7" 4.90

WILDEBEESTS Gnus Of Gnavarrone (Dirty Water) You Lied To Me/ 1 Minutes Time/ Nothing's Gonna Change Me/ Pulpo/ Face/ You Don't Know I See/ I Remember You/ Why Don't You Come Home/ That Man/ One Step Ahead/ Save My Soul/ Cous Cous/ Cadillac/ You Can't Get Together Again. LP 12.50
WILDEBEESTS One Minute's Time/ Lucinda (Dirty Water) "One Minute's Time" is new and "Lucinda" from the "Annie Get Your Gnu" LP. 7" 5.25
WILDEBEESTS Pointless/ One And One (Slovenly) 7" 5.25
THE WILDEBEESTS Gnuggets (Dirty Water) A collection of hits and misses from 1994 to now: Hidden Charms/ No Lip/ Meet me in the Bottom/ I Feel Alright/ Dinosaur/ Rowed Out/ Parchman Farm/ Pow Wow/ Just Like Me/ Mellow Down Easy/ Please Go Home/ All aboard/ Public Image/ 12xu/ I Wanna be Loved/ Garageland/ Moose-scraper/ Switchback/ Commanche/ Woodbine/ You Lie/ Mongoloid/ One + One/ Teenage Letter/ Gorilla Got Me/ Rudolph's ruin/ Plum Duff/ She Lives in a Time of Her Own/ Monkey Lovin Girl/ 1996/ Let it rock/ Argy Bargy/ Pointless. LP 17.50

ANDRE WILLIAMS "Poor Mr. Santa" (naughty & nice version) (Norton) Not a real feature, but the naughty version is a fuckin' great XXX-mas song - a generic blues theme combined with the coolness of Andres' voice and the hilarious lyrics makes this an essential christmas record! 7" 6.00
ANDRE WILLIAMS AND GREEN HORNET Holland Shuffle (Norton) LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
ANDRE WILLIAMS Life (Alive) From Oct. 2012: Stuck In The Middle/ But'n/ Don't Kick My Dog/ Blame It On Obama/ Heels/ Beep Beep Beep/ It's Only You That I Love/ Money Ain't Got No Loyalty/ Shake A Tail Feather/ Ty The FlyLP 15.50
ANDRE WILLIAMS Nightclub (Lonestar Records) 5-song EP with his touring band The Goldstars: Nightclub/ Hot Coffee/ Babblin' Brook/ Hard Way/ Oh Baby! LP 12.90

WILLIE & THE BOP-A-WHILES Don't Shoot Me Baby (Hog Maw) 12 primitive r-a-b cuts by Willie Lewis from Denver (a.k.a Delmer Spudd etc...). 180g, white wax. LP € 11.50

WIMPS One Cop Half A Man/2 Minutes And A Cigarette/On Line/Everready (KOGAR) 7"4.90

WIRE Pink Flag Reissue of the 1977 debut LP. LP 12.90
Chairs Missing Reissue of 1978 release. LP 12.90
WIRE After Midnight (Harvest) A collection of unreleased studio tracks, the missing link between "Pink Flag" and "Chairs Missing": Mary Is A Dyke/ Too True/ Just Don t Care/ TV/ New York City/ After Midnight (all live at the Roxy) Pink Flag/ Former Airline/ Dot Dash (demos 1978)/ Love Ain t Polite/ Oh No Not So/ It s The Motive/ Stable-mate/ No Romans/ Stepping Off Too Quick/ Sand In My Joints/ Option R/ Once Is Enough/ Map Ref. 41 N 93 W/ A Question Of Degree/ Two People In A Room (demos 78). LP 12.90

WOLF PARTY (Voodoo Rhythm) New Zealand rock'n'roll, punk, garage, underground compilation with most obscure and wildest acts from Maori's kiwi island, presented by Stink Magnetic, a cassette and film production company started in 1998 by a young Maori called Dylan Thomas Herkes, better known as THE MYSTERIOUS TAPE MAN. Tape Man began documenting and recording local bands from the Wairarapa, Tararua and Manawatu areas on hand-made cassette tapes recorded one by one in real time and released them on 7 different tapes of 30 copies each. He sold them out of a cardboard box wrapped in tin foil. He describes the pact of Stink Magnetic as "documenting stuff that wouldn't have been documented ". Back than he set up a office in a old abandoned newspaper building in Whanganui, also a record and tape store and continuously recorded many locals bands. Also ZENO TORNADO from Voodoo Rhythm Records who toured NZ back in the days . Unfortunately one day the Fire Brigade and the Cops turned up and so he moved the Company to the South Island city of Christchurch, just in the time when it was buried in a massive Earthquake. The entire personal collection of Stink HQ was covered in a two story pile of rubble for a fews days before most was recovered again and dusted off. Stink Magnetic won at the end and held a 13th Anniversary Festival in collaboration with the Christchurch City Art Gallery. Later that year he put out a bunch more stuff before moving to it's current location in Wellington where his now to celebrate it's 15TH YEAR OF TAPE. Through it's varied and colorful 15 years of existing he has released over 55 different tapes, acetates, video tapes, CDRs and vinyl 7's and LPs ! All mostly sold through live shows and now available for a bigger World Wide Audience through Voodoo Rhythm Records. LP+CD 14,90

WOODEN TIT "Return to Cinder" (Hate Rec.) DON HOWLAND's hot new outfif, a trio this time, delivering raw garagey blues like his former band the BASSHOLES did! 10 tracks, LP 12.50 / CD 13.80
WOODEN TIT Sechs Lieder (Red Lounge Records) Second (almost) longplayer with six songs, including a new version of the 'Cockrocach Blues'. Deluxe package: "She Shimmy Wobble/ Purpurner Mittag/ Desdemonia/ Kegelkugel/ Ueber den Wolken/ Küchenschabe". 10" 10.50

WOUNDED LION Friendly? (In The Red) "Friendly?/ Big Boots/ Bad Moon Rising". 7" 5.20
WOUNDED LION S/T LP (In The Red) Includes free download code. LP 15.50

WRONG SOCIETY Hey Hey Hate EP (Hammerkirche) Four 60s fiends from Hamburg with their self released debut 45, handnumbered and limited to 250 copies. Tracks: Hate/ This Way/ Little Girl / Upside Down. 7" 6.90
WRONG SOCIETY To Be Free/ She's The Girl (Hammer Kirche Vinyl) Two new originals on the second 45 by this moody 60s garage outfit from Hamburg. 7" 5.60

THEE WYLDE OSCARS Do The Wylde (COPASE DISQUES) Garage/RnB band from Down-Under: Right Yeah/ Big Bad Wolf/ Love Reaction/ New Direction/ What About Me/ Why Do We Have To Meet In The Dark?/ Do The Wylde / He's Not Fooled/ Nobody Can Tell Us/ Live Wired/ L.O.L./ Saccharin Rush/ All For Naught. LP 12.50

THE X-RAY HARPOONS Get Attuned To Our Tyme (CopaseDisques) Debut full length: Dawnbreaker/ Cheat & Lie/ Hey Conductor/ City Of Light/ Out Of My Reality/ Zombie Love/ Gotta Get Attuned To My Tyme/ Black Widowed Games/ Can't Catch Up With You/ Subliminal Love/ Faster Pussycat Kill Kill/ Explosions/ Psychedelic Siren. LP 12.00

X RAY SPEX Germ Free Adolescents (Art-I-Ficial) Reissue of their debut LP plus 4 bonus cuts: "Art-I-Ficial/ Obsessed with You/ Warrior in Woolworths/ Let's Submerge/ I Can't Do Anything/ Identity/ Genetic Engineering/ I Live Off You/ I Am a Poseur/ Germ Free Adolescence/ Plastic Bag/ The Day the World Turned Day-Glo" plus "Oh Bondage Up Yours/ I Am A Cliché" starting side 1 and "Age/ Highly Inflammable" ending the record. LP 12.50

X-RAYS Going Postal (Saddle Tramp) LP 10.75
X-RAYS Crawling Back To Vegas/Arrogant Fucked-Up Shit (Savage) 7" 4.60
X-RAYS 2 Bit Whore/Special Agent Whore (Saddle Tramp) 7" 4.85
X-RAYS Booze N pSeed: The 7" Single Collection (High Noon) Compiled on this shiny digital beer mat are the eleven 7" singles that comprised the X-Rays recorded output (’94 – ’97). All re-mastered from the original vinyl records. 26 TRACKS!! Hailing from Nottingham, England the X-Rays played barely-in-control, beer soaked, garage punk. Debuting in 1994 supporting the Supersuckers, the next 3 years saw two albums released on Empty Records from Seattle, eleven singles, countless gigs, too much booze, carnage and incarceration. Having toured the UK supporting the likes of the New Bomb Turks and Gas Huffer, Europe and the US, as part of an Empty Records package with the Motards and the Fumes, the X-Rays unceremoniously imploded during the summer of '97. …! CD 14.50

THE YODLER KILLERS Jacot Masturbette / Søussølrøck (Zaki Records) Official reissue of rare 1979 Suisse Punk 45 in original artwork, including a 4 page insert with. pics and linernotes in french. 7"8.50

THE YOLKS Wandering (Bachelor) "Wandering" is an extremely catchy garage tune & you shouldn't miss on this! Plus you get two more good ones: "Blame Me/ Mob City Hustle" 7" 5.00
THE YOLKS S/T (Bachelor) Long Cold Lonely Night/ Hey Child/ I Do What I Do/ Sir Charles/ Fade Away/ Jane/ My Love Is Yours (My Money’s Mine)/ Too Much For Me/ Going Home/ Wandering/ Gambling. LP 11.50

YOUNGER LOVERS Rock Flawless (Bachelor) Limited edition of 300 copies. LP11.50

THE YOUTH Nothing But The Youth (Dirty Water) The Message/ When You Gonna Learn/ Big Smoke London Town/ Grand Prix/ Ride on Louisiana Red/ Rockin Boogaloo/ Dont Let the Devil Drive Your Car/ Back to Mono/ Fire Dance/ Mojo Yar Bones/ Flesh & Blood. LP 13.50
TOMMY & THE YOUTH Mean, Moody & Magnificent (Moody Monkey Records) Four song EP by the danish YOUTH starring Tom H. Wing of The TEAMSTERS: Please Don't Tease Me/ Do You Remember?/ You Always Leave Me Wanting More/ I'll Go Steady. Check the EP out here: " 6.90

THE YUM YUMS ... Play Good Music (Screaming Apple) Gonna Have A Good Time/ Too Much Of A Good Thing/ I Like Good Music/ It Must Be Love/ I'm In Love (With Not Being In Love With You)/ Just Friends/ All I Wanna Do/ And A Whole Lotta You/ Let's Go Baby/ Do Ya, Do Ya, Do Ya/ Good Thing Going/ Yummy Love/ Bye Bye Baby. LP 11.90

ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH DES TODES Busy Ghost (Alien Snatch) german garage punk kids with indie touch. Three songs, plain labels - handnumbered & limited to 400 tour 45: Busy Ghost/ Summer Guts/ Chatroulette. 7" 4.90
ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH (DES TODES) Would You Rather? (Alien Snatch) Debut LP by this german outfit. Tracks: Chatroulette/ Daggermouth/ Licht/ Jodie's Car/ Rabea/ Busy Ghost/ Stay Rad/ Slenderman/ Pressure Leak/ Falaffel 666. LP 11.90

ZERO BOYS The History Of The Zero Boys Fanclub release of early 80s hardcore. LP 11.90

ZIG ZAGS Zig Zags (In The Red) Recorded and produced by TY SEGALL for In The Red. Twelve songs of weirdo film, caveman rock and space noise. Includes a free download. LP 19.90
ZIG ZAGS Brainded Warrior/ So Stoned (In The Red) One track from the album backed by a non-LP cut. 7" 7.50

EARL ZINGER & DON ROGALL Volume 1 (Stag-O-Lee) Rock´n Blues, dealing with some nasty boogie, jive and ingredients of exotic origin. 5 tracks: Gabba Gabba Hey/ Game Of Bad Jacks/ Funky Butt/ Baby Gone/ Backroom. 10" 13.50
EARL ZINGER & DON ROGALL Volume 2 (Stag-O-Lee) Second Volume with six more cuts of rockin' blues, nasty boogie, jive and ingredients of exotic origin: Camel Twist/ Tight Spot/ Over Board/ Jeannie/ Lala/ Coxsone Hop. 10" 13.50
EARL ZINGER & DON ROGALL In The Backroom (Stag-O-Lee) Both 10"es plus three bonus tracks. CD € 13.50

ZODIAC KILLERS The Most Thrilling Experience (Rip Off) CD13.30
ZODIAC KILLERS Greg Single (Squoodge) One of three one-sided 45s: Microwave Slave/ Danger Danger. 7" 5.50
ZODIAC KILLERS Jeremy Single (Squoodge) One of three one-sided 45s: Genetic Mutation/ Girl from Channel 3. 7" 5.50
ZODIAC KILLERS Ruba Single (Squoodge) One of three one-sided 45s: Electric Boyfriend/ My Boyfriend Is A Masochist 7"5.50

DIE ZORROS Future (Voodoo Rhythm) Die Zorros where Formed as a Theatre and Poetry Slam Project, did Music for Swiss Poet Pedro Lenz and Theater Director Matto Kaempf and transformed through the years into a bad taste lowbrow music monster! Beat-Man (Reverend Beat-Man, Monsters), Olifr.M.Guz (Aeronauten, Guz ) and Patrick Abt (Bigger Club) with their second album - the LP version comes with free CD, the CD comes in double gatefold cover (no plastic) with 12 Side Booklet. LP + CD 15.50 / CD 15.50