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I DRINK YOUR BLOOD Haunted Mansion EP (Stink Magnetic) 4 track EP by NZ garage combo: Haunted Mansion/ Dead Arm/ The Black Widower/ It's A Trap! 7" 5.50

IDLE HANDS Postponed LP (Hardware Rec.) Debut LP 11.00

IMPERIAL SURFERS Double Shot Of 1 Shot EP D(Soundflat Records) Mueve Tus Botines/ Yeah,Yeah, No, No!/ Chilango-Go!/ Guau Guau! 7" 4.50
IMPERIAL SURFERS Double Shot Of 2 Shot EP D(Soundflat Records) Haircuttin'/ Pretty Jane/Baldy Boy/ Ahora Se 7" 4.50

IMPO & THE TENTS Nothing To Say/ That Girl (Push My Buttons) Swedish punkrock - 77 style with a rock'n'roll vibe. 7" 6.50
IMPO & THE TENTS Peek After A Poke (Alien Snatch) 12 powerpop cuts from sweden. LP 11.90
IMPO & THE TENTS Anxious Time (Alien Snatch) Four exclusive new power pop cuts. 7" 5.50

INCITERS Soul Clap/ Memory Groove (Copasetic) 7" 4.90

INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND Too Much, Too LIttle, Too Late (Red Lounge) Re-re-issue of this power pop punk double LP! Originally released on Detour Records back in 2000, sold out quickly and has since been out of print on vinyl. 30 cuts, all recorded between 1977-81, including the LP bonus "She's a 50" (1977 Demo). Comes in delux gatefold sleeve with new artwork supervised by Graham "Kidder" Hammonds. Limited to 500 copies. Double LP 17.50

INDIAN WARS If You Want Me (Bachelor) 4-piece garage rock group from Vancouver, BC. "If You Want Me/ Carol Anne/ Just Can't Getz Along With You/ Pockets. 7" 5.00
INDIAN WARS Walk Around The Park (Bachelor) Tuscaloosa Ba/ George Ellis/ 20,000 Cans/ Sitting On The Steps/ Eight Feet High/ Through The WoodS/ Bullfrog/ Old Hotel/ Won't Do A Thing/ That's The Way It Goes/ Took A Trip/ Walk Around The Park. LP housed in gatefold sleeve. LP 12.50
INDIAN WARS / PRIMITIVE HANDS Split 7" (Sprut & Rags Records) INDIAN WARS: Simple Mistake / Commanche Killer / PRIMITIVE HANDS: Can't Get Away From You/ Priscilla. 7" 5.50

INSOMNIACS Just Enjoy It (Screaming Apple) Seconf album of US garage-power-pop and freakbeat outfit - tracks: Yeah Yeah Yeah/ Just Enjoy It/ Good For Nothing/ Get Better/ Mental Holiday/ She Brings/ Hang In The Air/ Mind Eraser/ Party Mouth/ Get Up And Go/ Everyday High/ For The Last Time/ Third Time (Wind)/ Amelia. LP 11.00

INTELLECTUALS Triple (Jeet Kune Rec.) Limited pressing of 300 on white vinyl, includes a booklet and free CD. Their third LP, recorded at Toe Rag. LP 12.90
INTELLECTUALS IN THE MIDDLE OF DARKWHERE (JEET KUNE) The fourth LP by one of the longest-living punk bands in Rome. LP 10.00

INTELLIGENCE Males (In The Red) LP 14.50

INUTILI Satori / Useless Asshole 12" (Goodbye Boozy) A two song 12" by Italian psych band. "Strange" does not really descibe this too well, and it's definetely too far out for my ears. Limited press of 100 records on Goodbye Boozy (and another 100 got released on Bat Shit Records). 12" € 8.90
WAND Self Hypnosis In Three Days/ INUTILI - Easy Leaving (Goodbye Boozy / Aagoo Records) Wand is Cory Hanson, Evan Burrows, Daniel Martins and Lee Landey. Recorded and mixed at the Sweat Lodge by Ty Segall. Inutili recorded this new song in 2014 at Torricella Studios. Co-release with only 150 copies on Goodby Boozy. 7" 5.50

INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE / GHOSTS RUN WILD split 45 (Dirty Ugly Records) INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE (one man band): Catch Me If You Can/ They Call Me Madd/ She's My Voodoo Doll +2/ GHOSTS RUN WILD: Kiss The Coffin/ Evil Eyr Eock +2. 7" 5.00

IRRITONES Negative Dots (P.Trash) Negative Dots/ Rejection Is All We Got/ Mikado Business/ Cannibal Kids/ Jesus Christ/ Optical Nerves/ Japanese Cars/ Modern Light/ Danse En France/ Pepsi-Cola Freaks. LP 12.50

IT CAME FROM THE ZONE (Suzy Q Records) Psychobilly Compilation: Evil Bop - The Tazmanian Devils/ Rats Fever - The Retarded Rats/ They Know What You Do - Rev. Elvis & The Undead Syncopators/ Mexico - The Holy Hack Jacks/ Hellstomp - Howling Wolfmen, The/ Dig That Rhythm - The Grapes Of Wrath/ Die By Iron Maiden - The Holy Hack Jacks/ Skeleton Dance - Howling Wolfmen, The/ Down The Road - The Grapes Of Wrath/ Kill!Kill!Kill! - Rev. Elvis & The Undead Syncopators/ Daddy's Monster - The Tazmanian Devils/ Wreck To Wipe Out - The Retarded Rats. LP 11.90

JACK-O & THE SHEIKS Live! (Red Lounge ) 13 songs live from the Burgundy Ballroom: American Slang/ Black Boots/ Happy Blues/ Downtown/ Til The Money Runs Out/ Night Owl/ Flashcube/ Chills & Fever/ Little War Child/ Old Folks Boogie/ Mass Confusion/ Honey, I'm Too Old For You/ Strong Come On. LP 12.90

JACK OF HEART All Grey/Tell Me Lyres (Nasty Product) 7" 5.00
JACK OF HEART S/T (Born Bad) Cool full length debut LP following a bunch of Single releases. With members of Yussu Jerusalem, Mighty Gogo Playes, Demon's Claws. LP 12.00
The Wedding 7 Inch (Perpetrator) Marry Me / 96 Larmes. 7" 5.50

JACK O & THE TENNESSEE TEARJERKERS Disco Outlaw (Goner) 150 gram vinyl and incl. download code. Ditch Road/ Against The Wall/ Switchblade Comb/ Make Your Mind Up/ Sweet Thang/ Crook For Your Look/ Let Me Go!/ Scratchy/ Homesick Gypsy/ Blood Bank Blues/ Stop Stalling/ Walk Of Shame. LP 14.50

JACKETS Shadows Of Sound (Voodoo Rhythm) The third LP by Suisse fuzz-garage trio. LP+CD 15.90

JACKIE AND THE CEDRICS Tall Dark Stranger/Rip It Out/SS 396(Norton) 7" 6.00

JADEWALKERS Tall Boy Mob/ Happy Feet/ Jumpstart/ I've Killed The Jadewalkers (Puta Records) 7" 4.90

JEFF HILL BAND Something's Wrong With My Baby/ Whatever She Wanted (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1979 UK punk/powerpop 45. 7" 6.50

SKIP JENSEN “Abscond” (Demolition Derby/Delta Pop Music): Excellent debut Lp by Skip Jensen who’s also in Demon's Claws, Scat Rag Boosters & Stack o'Lees. Great desperate wailin‘ blues (punk). “Eeerie Lake/ Abscond/ Ghost Love/ Loving Daddy/ Honey Child/ No Matter What You Do/ High Horses/ Death Dealers/ Azira/ Promised Land/ Right On Time/ Malawi/ Night Call/ On My Trail”. LP € 10.90
SKIP JENSEN Alone & Forsaken (Goodbye Boozy) Skip sings Hank Williams songs with Seb Normal on drums: Alone & Forsaken/ Blue Love/ Wait For The Light To Shine. 7" 4.90
SKIP JENSEN & HIS SHAKIN’ FEET “The Mountain” (Delta Pop). 4 tracks not on the LP: The Mountain/ Take my Time/ In A Way That I Know/ Cool Train” 7” 5,50
SKIP JENSEN & HIS SHAKIN’ FEET “On The Right Side/Gone Wrong Again/ Promised Land” (Yakisakana): A few back in stock! 7” 4,90
SKIP JENSEN & HIS SHAKIN’ FEET “Evil Weirdos/ Human Badluck Blues/ My Crime’s Up/ Hear Me Moan (Yakisakana) 7” 4,90
SKIP JENSEN - Honey Child (La Ti Da Rec.)7" 5,60
SKIP JENSEN Lonesome Moon / What Have You Got/ Jamboree (Ghost Highway) Limited edition of 350 copies. 7" 9.50 

ROSS JOHNSON & JEFFREY EVANS Vanity Sessions (Spacecase) Ross Johnson is best known for his ranting on ALEX CHILTON's seminal solo record, 'Like Flies On Sherbert' and being the original drummer for THE PANTHER BURNS. Jeffrey Evans influenced many with his band THE GIBSON BROS. This collaborative album was recorded in 2008, by the Iegendary JIM DICKINSON with the help of former Reigning Sound drummer, GREG ROBERSON. Tracks: Three Beer Queer/ Dateless Night/ Girl Watcher/ I've Had It/ He'll Have To Go/ Hey Little Child/ Teenage Head/ To Know Him Is To Love Him. LP 19.90

RICHARD JOHNSTON Foot Hill Stomp (Stag-O-Lee) Richard Johnston comes from the hill country of Northern Mississippi and usually performs on Beale Street in Memphis as a one-man band. After the death of Junior Kimbrough Richard (a white guy!) filled the gap and continued to play Junior's Juke Joint on Saturdays with Junior's various sons and nephews (The Soul Blues Boys) providing the backing. This is a reissue of the ten year old debut, self-released at the time. Featuring Jesse Mae Hemphill, Cedric Burnside and others. First time on vinyl: Miss Maebelle/ Do The Romp/ Coal Black Mattie/ That's No Way To Get Along/ Work Me Baby/ Catfish Blues-I Feel Good Little Girl/ Come On In/ Chicken And Gravy. LP 13.90

JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures Reissue of 1st LP from 1979 LP 12.90
JOY DIVISION Closer Reissue of 2nd LP from 1980 LP 12.90
JOY DIVISION Heart & Soul (Factory Records) LP 12.90

JUKE JOINT PIMPS Boogie The House Down-Juke Joint Style (Voodoo Rhythm) Dust My Broom/ Mean And Evil/ Dick Shake/ Seasons Love/ Rollin And Tumblin/ Constipated Blues/ Red Wine/ Money Honey/ Holy Juke Joint Beat/ Wolfmans Romp/ Shy Guy/ I Can't Be Satisfied LP 12.90
JUKE JOINT PIMPS / GOSPEL PIMPS Boogie The Church Down (Voodoo Rhythm) Eat For Me/ Delta Trip/ I Need My Baby/ Boogie 65/ Sweetest Hymns/ Old School Boogie/ Blues Power/ I Feel Guilty/ Juke Joint In The Sky/ Boogie The Church Down/ Keep Your Arms Around Me/ King Roland's Prayer/ Feeling Lonely/ The Pimps Don't Like It. LP 12.90
JUKE JOINT PIMPS Boogie Pimps (Voodoo Rhythm) Influences from Hound Dog Taylor, Howlin Wolf and North Mississippi Hill country blues are mixed (up) with gospel and raw power blues punk. Brewed in Germany. Let's Do The Hippie Dance/ High This Morning/ Superman Don't Get The Blues/ The Devil Is In The Details/ A Thing You Gotta Face/ Don't Push That Button/ Blues & Reefer/ Am I Blind/ That's The Way To Boogie/ Feel So Good/ You'll Be Mine/ Slim Stepped In Dog Shit/ That's It/ Mister Vegan. LP+CD 15.90

THE KAISERS "Wishing Street" (No Hit)Time To Go/Little Twister/Wishing Street/(She Can't Do) The Wiki Waki Wu/I Will/Lonesome/Twist It Up/Patricia Ann/I Want To Be Your Driver/Don't You Worry/You're Just Too Smart For Me/Why Did You Lie?/Shame/The Mighty Atom. CD 14,00

KAMIKAZE QUEENS Voluptuous Panic! (Sounds Of Subt.) gatefold sleeve. LP 12.50

KAMIKAZE TRIO Rain On Your Parade (P.Trash) Digger and The Pussycats side project with bass player Snoop Mitchell. LP 12.50

ANDY KAVANAUGH Marsh Marigold/ The Golden Fill (Wild Honey) Andy Kavanough (plaid in Goodnight Loving) with his debut 2-track 45. 7" 5.50

KAVIAR SPECIAL S/T (Howlin Banana) Kaviar Special is a four-piece band from Rennes, France. Their Lo-Fi sound is a mix of Garage, Power Pop & Flower Punk. The band recorded 13 songs during summer 2013, that are now being released as Kaviar Special’s debut Lp, on Howlin Banana and Azbin Records. Limited edition of 300 white-coloured vinyl. LP 12.90

DE KEEFMEN Mirror of Time (Dirty Water) 'Nederbeat' group doing sixties-influenced Garage beat. LP 12.50

KID CONGO & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS Dracula Boots (In The Red) LSDC/ I Found A Peanut/ Hitchhiking/ Funky Fly/ Black Santa/ La Llarona/ Buck Angel/ Pumpkin Pie/ Bobo Boogie/ Rare As The Yeti/ Kris Kringle Ju Ju/ Late Night Scurry. LP 12.50
KID CONGO & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS Gorilla Rose (In The Red) Bo Bo Boogaloo/ Goldin Browne/ Bunker Mentality/ At the Ruin of Others/ Bubble Trouble/ Catsuit Fruit/ Our Other World/ Hills of Pills/ Flypaper/ Injun War Crime/ Lord Bloodbathington/ Lullaby in Paradise/ Gorilla Rose. LP 14.90
KID CONGO & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS Haunted Head (In The Red) Waking from a nap in the swamps of outer space, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds ride a geisterbahn into the hypnagogic, a place between sleep and consciousness also known as the "Haunted Head." Haunted Head is the third LP the quartet has oozed out for In The Red: Lurch/ Su Su/ Killer Diller/ I Don't Like/ Rad Lords/ Rad Lords Return/ Lady Hawke Blues/ Let's Go!/ Loud + Proud/ 222/ Dance Me Swamply/ Lamonts Requim (Instrumental). LP 17.90

KIDNAPPERS Pills (Secret Mission) Following their releases on Rip Off Records and Alien Snatch and a period of silence, Germany's punk-powerpop unit The Kidnappers return with these three cuts: "Pills/ East Berlin; Ost Berlin/ Diamonds." Limited 45 includes download code. 7" 6.90

KILLERS KISS Do It Again/ Hard For You (Perpetrator) 7" 5.50

KING AUTOMATIC Automatic Ray (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12.90
KING AUTOMATIC I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12.90
LES JOHNNY'S / KING AUTOMATIC split 10" (Hound Dog Records) 6 cuts by Les JOHNNY'S and three by KING AUTOMATIC (London NCY 54/ Not Fade Away/ You're South Of The Border) 10" 9.80
KING AUTOMATIC In The Blue Corner (Voodoo Rhythm) King Takes Queen/ In The Blue Corner/ Staircase Serenade/ Le Redresseur De Torts/ Moodswings/ Fake Skinheads In Love/ Things Are What They Are But Never What They Seem/ Let's Have A Party/ Vague Information/ There Is No Truth In The Night/ There Goes George/ Doctor Jekyll And Sister Hyde/ Mighty Sword Of Truth/ Black Magic. LP 12.90
KING AUTOMATIC The Not Essential (Kizmiaz) Roadcrash Fascinating/ Not Fade Away/ Diabetic Vampire/ You're South Of The Borde/ Sport Shoes/ Napoli Ribbons/ My Skull Collection/ Chaquita/ London - Ncy 54/ Pony Tail & Black Cadillac. 10" 11.90
KING AUTOMATIC Lorraine Exotica (Voodoo Rhythm) One-man-band King Automatic goes exotica, combining elements of french yy garage beat punk with Jamaican rude boy rocksteady, rhythm'n'blues, exotica and trashy rock'n'roll. LP+CD 15.90

KING CUSTER McCARTHY & THE MAGNETIX (Nasty Products) 8 down'n' dirty blues punk tracks in low fidelity! Cool! LP 12.00 
KING CUSTER McCARTHY Love Killed my Brain #2 (Nasty Products) Tired to be Alone / Blues & Beam 7" € 5.00

KING KANDY Acid Beach Party (GINA Recordings) Described as "garage surfin' psychsploitation soundtrack (..) King Kandy's musical score takes in surf, garage, beat poetry & b-movie psychedelia alongside dialogue excerpts and the original film trailer" . The CD insert also features colour reproductions of the movie's promotional artwork. CD13.00

KING KHAN & HIS SHRINES Three Hairs And You're Mine (Voodoo Rhythm) LP € 12.90
KING KHAN IT’S A LIE/CONGRATULATIONS I’M SORRY (Norton 148) New solo project by Monsieur Khan, Brooding a-side vocal b/w slinking instro. 7"   6.00
KING KHAN & HIS SHRINES Idle No More (MERGE) 12 new cuts, six years after their last (What Is?!) LP Comes in gatefold sleeve and with download code. LP 19.80

KING SALAMI & THE CUMBERLAND 3 Shake It Wild/ She's A Kukamunga (Soundflat) This one comes with a King Salam chopping board! 7" 9,00
KING SALAMI & THE CUMBERLAND THREE Howlin’ For My Woman (Chaputa!) Howlin’ For My Woman/ Sandstorm/ Marabunta/ Time To Love. 7" 6.50

KITS Primitive Tales (Dirty Water Records) Primitive Tales/ I Want To Hold Your Hand and Go To Hell/ Get Closer/ Don't Want To Lose This Fight/ Dangerous Life/ She's The Number One/ Not In My House/ City to City/ Automatic/ Horror Movie/ Here She Comes. LP 12.50
Don't Want To Lose This Fight/ She's The Number One (Dirty Water) 7" 5.00

KNEEJERK REACTIONS The Electrifying Sounds Of... (Screaming Apple) Debut LP of new band around Sir Bald Diddley and Bruce 'Bash' Brand: Self Destruct/ Don't Change/ Handsome Beast/ Throw A Stone/ Electrify Me/ Who's The Ostrich Now?/ Fell For You/ Ain't The End Of The World/ If Only In My Mind/ Don't Underestimate/ Won't Let You Down/ Storm Before The Calm. LP 10.50

KNIFE FIGHT God Damn/ Ugly (Kato Records) Oblivians/Fatals inspired New Zealand trio. 7" 5.50

KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE Knight Vision: Hymns For The Invisible Church (Alternative Tentacles) Third fiull length by the Knights. LP 15.50
KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE "A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom" (Alternative Tentacles). The second Crusade Lp "Cowards of Christendom/ Got Some Gospel For You/ Protocols of the Greedy Elders of Christendom/ When Knights Are Low/ Father Bingo/ Temptation of a Hipster/ Lipstick Lesbian/ The Big Man/ The Son of God Goes Forth to War/ What Part of 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' Don't You Understand?/ 'E' Is Still Evil/ Why Do You Want to Go To Hell?/ Knight Beat: Speaking in the Holy Spirit. CD 15.00
KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE (CHRISTMAS AT) MONTSEGUR/THREE MAGI OF DAMASCUS (Norton) New holiday sides from everyone’s favorite obnoxious Christian Rock band!. 7" 5.0

KONGSMEN On Campus (Soundflat) Karate Monkey/ Chimpanzee Ride/ The Zoo/ Can Your Monkey Do The Dog/ The Monkey's Uncle/ Monkey/ King Kong/ The Gorilla/ Doin The Ape/ Monkey Man/ Monkeying Around/ Chimpanzee/ Monkeyshine/ One Monkey (Don't Stop The Show)/ Wooly Monkey Man. LP € 10.90

KRONTJONG DEVILS En Garde (Oetstar) New Lp by this dutch surf combo. 14 cuts of surf instros and vocals: Pow Wow/ Third Star From The Left/ Tap-pin' That Thing/ The Rafter/ Sorry 'Bout That/ Slipstream/ Oet Of Control/ Land Beyond The Moon/ Three Nuts/ Gear!/ Daddy Wants A Cold Beer/ Sandstorm/ Let's Dance/ Wax 'Em Down. LP 11.90

KÜKEN Black Rose/ House, Horse, Pig (Bachelor) Debut by ex-Kidnappers new band. 7" 5.50

LA PANTHER HAPPENS Solid Gold Buzz (Red Lounge) La Panther Happens are hailing from Tulsa. According to themselves they inhaled 60's soul, psych, garage, girl groups, schlitz, memphis... LP 12.90

LADIES NIGHT Hell On The Phone (Perpetrator) Hell On The Phone/Staring At The Wall/Gut Feeling-Slap Your Mammy" 7" 5.50

LADY BANANA Adult Rock (Frantic City) Trashy garage from Sweden, limited to 300 copies with fluo-pink covers silk-screened by themselves. four tracks recorded in a laundry room: Adult rock/ Touch Me/ Not much Of A Man/ Jo-Anne. 7" 5.50

LAME The Lame Shall Enter First (Alien Snatch) LP 45 RPM + download code. LAME is a blues lo-fi punk three-piece from Torino, Italy featuring Massimo Scocca from 90's Italian garage bands CAVE DOGS and TWO BO's MANIACS, Colombian drummer Maria Mallol Moya and Stefano Isaia of MOVIE STAR JUNKIES. LP 12.90

LANGHORNE SLIM & THE WAR EAGLES Cinderella / So Glad That I'm Coming Home (Wild Honey Rec.) 7" 5.00

LASER MUTANTS / MAN-MADE-MONSTER Crazy Battle (Squoodge Records) 70 handnumbered copies in green wax; 2 colored 300gr/m2 cover, artwork by Niklas Coskan?. 7" 17.90

LEATHERFACE Mush - Fanclub reissue of the 1991 release, originally on Roughneck Recording Company and never reissued since then: I Want The Moon/ How Lonely/ I Don't Want To Be The One To Say It/ Pandora's Box/ Not A Day Goes By/ Not Superstitious/ Springtime/ Winning/ In The Real World/ Baked Potato / Bowl Of Flies/ Dead Industrial Atmosphere. LP 12.90
LEATHERFACE More Mush (Hype) Fanclub release, compiling the Smokey Joe 12", Not Superstitious 12", I Want The Moon 7" and Compact And Bijou 10": How Lonely/ You Wanted Everything/ The Scheme Of Things/ Ideal World/ Not Superstitious/ Message In A Bottle/ Trenchfoot/ I Want The Moon/ You Are My Sunshine/ Dreaming/ Games/ Live For You/ Pale Moonlight / Talkin´ Bout A Revolution. LP 12.90

BECKY LEE & DRUNKFOOT Hello Black Halo (Voodoo Rhythm) 11 cut debut LP of one woman band. LP plus CD 15.50
BECKY LEE & DRUNKFOOT One Take Session (Voodoo Rhythm) Early Recordings from 2008, after only 2 month of playing the Guitar and after two local live shows in Bern Switzerland. 8 tracks. 10" 12.90
BECKY LEE & DRUNKFOOT I Wanna Kill Myself/Clown Of The Town (Voodoo Rhythm) 7" 6.50

THE LEFT ARM OF BUDDHA Monkey's Affair (Stag-O-Lee) An exotica project in the Martin Denny/Les Baxter-tradition. Monkey's Affair/ Arabian Calypso/ Coco Serenace. 7" 6.90

LEFT LANE CRUISER Bring Yo Ass To The Table (Alive) Wash It/ Set Me Down/ Pork'n Beans/ KFD/ Justify/ G Bob/ Big Momma/ Busket/ Amerika/ Amy's In The Kitchen/ Mr Johnson/ Heavy. LP 13.20
LEFT LANE CRUISER All You Can Eat (Alive) Crackalacka/ Hillgrass Bluebilly/ Ol' Fashioned/ Hard Workin' Man/ Black Lung/ Hard Luck/ Broke Ass Blues/ Putain!/ Poopdeflex/ Waynedale. LP 15.00
LEFT LANE CRUISER Junkyard Speed Ball (Alive) Their third full length on Alive. LP 15.40

JAMES LEG Solitary Pleasure (Alive) James Leg of the Black Diamond Heavies with some friends, mixed by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders. LP 13.90

LEGENDARY KID COMBO Booze Bucks Death & Chicks (Rockin Bones) Dead City/ A Hole In The Bottle/ The Cock Is Going Mad/ Why Don't You Love Me?/ Silver River/ Titina/ Don't Stop The Rhythm/ Where I'll Go/ Rawhide/ Bring Me Your Daughter/ Too Much Whiskey Between/ You And Me/ Booze & Bucks. LP 10.50

LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS Agri.Dustrial (Stag-O-Lee) Reissue of their 2010 album, for the first time on vinyl: Melungeon Melody/ Sin Eater/ Sugar Baby/ Nightride/ Hammer And Tongs/ Hog-Eyed Man/ Hoboes Are My Heroes/ Dixie Iron Fist/ Two Tickets To Hell/ God Fearing People/ Greasy Creek/ Hills Of Hell/ Dump Road Yodel/ Lost Cause/ Everything I Ever Wanted/ Killswitch. LP 13.90

LET'S HAVE SOME GOD DAMN FUN ...New York CIty 2005 (Rapid Pulse) Compilation of New York City punk rock bands! 1. Party Shoes - Andy G. & The Roller Kings/ 2. Laughing Boy - The Plungers/ 3. Give It Up - The Stags/ 4. Annie Can Ya Keep a Secret? - Little Killers/ 5. Evil - DC Snipers/ 6. I Was Drunk When I Met Ya - The Yams/ 7. Baby Come Back Home - The Swaggerts/ 8. Lost Weekend - The Weekenders/ 9. Wild Turkey Is Not A Meat - The Sleazies/ 10. Watchin' You - Shop Fronts/ 11. Don't Come Beggin' - The Shemps/ 12. True Denial - The Disruptors/ 13. Secret Affair - Electric Shadows/ 14. Double Cross My Heart - Some Action/ 15. Fuschia - Mob Stereo/ 16. Treasure Hunt - World War IX. CD 12.00

LIGHTNING BEAT-MAN & HIS NO-TALENTS Wrestling Rock'n'Roll (Vodoo Rhythm) Reissue of his debut (originally on 10" with 3 bonus tracks: Wrestrling Rock'n'Roll/ Take It Off/ Shake It Baby/ Yea Pretty Baby Yea/ Baby What's Going On/ Hey Gal!/ Wild Baby Wow/ I Wanna Be Your Pussycat/ Hurt Me/ Honey Baby Blues/ Baby Fuck Off/ It's Never Too Late/ Hi Ho Baby/ Midfuckinbitchass/ Hell Yea!/ Wrestling Rock'n'roll Girl/ I'm Gonna Kill You Tonight/ Wrestling With Satan/ I Love You. LP € 14.50
LIGHTNING BEAT-MAN AND THE NEVER HEARD OF’EMS Apartment Wrestling Rock’n’Roll (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 14.50

LILI Z The Two Of Us (In The Red) Gatefold sleeve, 1 bonus cut and limited to 1000 copies. LP 14.00
LILI Z The Two Of Us (Pollymaggoo) CD 12.50

THE LIMBOOS Not a Soul Around / Space Mambo (Penniman) Debut Single by this modern "Exotic Rhythm and Blues combo from Madrid, produced by Mike Mariconda. 7" 5.25

LIMES Rhinestone River (Goner) LP 14.90

LIQUOR STORE Yeah Buddy (Almost Ready) Sarim Al-Rawi started Liquor Store with friends from northern New Jersey, presumably to start trouble and mess with people at shows under the guise of being an Internet legend on Terminal Boredom. He used to play drums in Titus Andronicus, Home Blitz and Live Fast Die, where he eventually moved up to guitar. But as the other bands in his social orbit — TA, Real Estate, Ducktails, Big Troubles — began to attract critical attention, Liquor Store took a cue to look elsewhere, and started to make Rock Music with initial caps, borne of suburban bounty and room to rage. Once you get the obligations to society and one’s fellow man out of the way, you can pretty much write your own ticket. Yeah Buddy personifies that attitude. Double LP 20.90

LIVIDS Midnight Stains (Goodbye Boozy) New band of Eric Davidson (New Bomb Turks) & Jami Wolf ( Zodiac Killers) - 2nd pressing of 150 copies on coloured vinyl. 7" 5.50

LO FAT ORCHESTRA Questions For Honey (Sounds Of Subterrania) Style/ Emo Kid/ Blue Eyes/ No Good Brother/ The Countryside Makes Me Depressive/ Lo Fat Pills/ Questions For Honey/ C.S.I Black Forest/ 16-16-8/ Wherever You Go/ I'm About To Go Insane. LP 12.50

LOCAL OAFS Power And Glory (P.Trash) Back In Style/ Pissing On a Drowning Man/ Innanför Min Kavaj/ Jag Har Ett Sinne För Tobak Och Alkohol/ Gang Mentality/ Surfin' On A Big Brown Wave Of Shit/ Thomas Savage/ Moron Lovecamp 2008/ Sämsta Ligget I Stan/ Dead By Down/ Do You Want/Need Aktion/ The Dark Ages Are Comig Back/ Hit Bed Besinen/ Make Love/ Valentines Day/ Jag Blir Så Trött På ditt Jävla Äckliga Gnäll/ The Best Thing That Ever Happende To Me/ Mig Fångar Ingen Brud. LP 12.50

THE LOCALS You Never Have Fun / Yes Or No (Sing Sing) Exact repro of 1980 powerpop 45. 7" 6.50

BOB LOG III Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow! (Munster) Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow!.../ Manipulate Your Figments. 7" 6.50
BOB LOG III My Shit Is Perfect (Voodoo Rhythm) Soon to arrive: Goddamn Sounds Good/ Mr. Sis Boom Bah/ It's The Law/ Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow!/ Manipulate Your Figments/ Bucktooth Potato/ My Shit Is Perfect/ You, Or You And You, And Me/ Bumper Car/ Bang Your Thing At The Ball/ Shake A Little, Wiggle It, And Jiggle It Too/ Shinkansen Teh!!/ Goddam Sounds Good Pt.2. LP 12.90 / CD 15.00

LOKALMATADORE Söhne Mülheims (Teenage Rebel) 16 neue Perlen des guten Geschmacks, deutsche Lyrik im Punkrock Gewand plus eine geniale Easy Listening Nummer...: Ja Wat Denn??!/ Saufen Gehn/ Langweilig/ Arsch Voll Kot/ Dreierlei Geschmack/n Ich Und Meine Kiste/ Ein Abend Im Posthorn/ Das Steigerlied/ Surfin Tolstoi/ Lokalverbot/ Vfb Speldorf/ Zwischen Heissen Und Kettwig/ Du Wirst Immer Nur Verarscht/ Pipi Machen, Zähne Putzen, Ab Ins Bett!/ Der Kosmische Analphabet. LP 12.90

THE LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY The Sounding Alley Tapes (Squoodge Records) Recorded with the regular live line up of the last 12 months (4 drummers, 3 guitars, bass and 3 different vocalists): VOCALS: Sexton Ming, Hackney Hellhounds, Ludella Black, Bongo Debbie, Dick Scum, Wajid Yaseen, Kim-Leigh Pontin, Lolo Wood. BASS, KORG & BACKING VOCALS: Ashley Davies. STAND UP DRUM: Kirsten Reynolds, Rob Lewis, Lewis Richardson, Roger Carne. GUITARS: Debbie Smith, Professor Blinding, GG Jailbait, Mickey Hampshire. SAX: Terry Edwards. 17 tracks: Disposable Generation/ Fools Suffer Gladly/ The Strip Show/ Justine, Justine, Justine/ You Never Made Me Cry/ Katahaki/ There's No Word For Sorry/ The Ballad Of Daniel Mendoza/ Rock'N'Roll King Kong/ Give Me Everything Back/ Still No Sleep/ From A To B/ Psykhe/ Monkey Man/ It's Cold Inside/ Rock'N'Roll Godzilla/ Sub Prime Evil. Limeted to 300 copies. LP 14.90

LONESOME SAVAGES All Outta Love (Kind Turkey Records) Limited EP (350 copies) of total crampsified US outfit. Tracks: All Outta Love/ Black Hair Woman/ Got Love If You Want It/ The Train Kept A-Rollin'. 7“ 5.50

BRAD LONG Love Me Again/ Come To Me (Sing Sing) 7" 6.50

LOOSE HEART Paris 1976 (Danger Records) 3 tracks from 1976 by this violent French punk band for the first time on 45.  "Alone" was discovered on the compilation 'La France A Peur and "Hot As The Gun" and "1000 Dreams" are unreleased until now. Band line up is: guitar/vocal: Pierre GODDARD (ex-STRIKE UP, 1984), bass: Pascal REGOLI (ex-ANGEL FACE), drums: Hervé ZENOUDA (ex-ANGEL FACE, STRIKE UP, STINKY TOYS). 7" 5.20

LOST BALLOONS S/T (Alien Snatch) Debut LP by new band of Jeff Burke (Radio Activity, Marked Men) and Yusuke Okada. LP 12.90

LOT LIZARDS S/T (Yakisakana) 8 tracks by this primitive blues punk duo from the UK. 10" 9.90
LOT LIZARDS Nightmare Creep/ Lot Lizards/ Liquor Store (Yakisakana) 7" 4.75

LOVE BOAT Imaginary Beatings Of Love (Alien Snatch) No Particular Girl To Love/ For Your Love/ Jimmy/ Funny Guy/ Lonesome Man/ The Faith/ Take A Ride In My Machine/ Beautiful Mine/ Don't Ask Me Why/ Baby Don't Worry/ That's Your Rule/ Agitated Love. LP 11.00

LOVELAND Order To Love (Groovie Records) Black Glove/ Missing Illusions/ Theater Of Dreams/ Nervous People/ Paranoia/ Missing Link/ Waiting/ Silence Everywhere/ Bandit/ Constant Furs. LP 13.90

LOVER Let's Play A Game/ Salt Water Surprise (Red Lounge Rec) 7" 4.75
LOVER Worthless/ Little Tramp (P.Trash) 7" 5.20
LOVER "Lover" (P.Trash) Rich Crook's (Knaughty Knights, Lost Sounds, Reatards) new outfit: Everyone I Want/ Tonight! She's Dead/ Bo Peep And Frank/ Dewaynne/ Pipe Is Too Tight/ Waitin' OnYou/ Thoughts Of A Man/ Gun In Your Face/ Possession/ Red Headed Monster. LP 12.50
LOVER! Gathered in the Graveyard (Red Lounge Records) Second Lp mixed and mastered by Jay Reatard. CD 12.50
LOVER No Dreams Please 12" (Big Legal Mess Rec.) Devil's Punchbowl/ No Dreams Please/ Goodbye/ Three Fools/ Fell In Love/ Downstairs To Hell LP 12,80
LOVER! Lost In The Shuffle - The Singles (Red Lounge) Singles collection with those gazillion 7"ers Rich did last year. LP 12.90
LOVER! Reverse The Curse (Red Lounge) While all other LOVER! Records where mostly recorded and performed all by Rich himself, this album is a full fledged Band recording. 9 cuts: I Don't Come Around/ Home Alone/ Caught/ Injured And Useless/ Basement Song/ All Night Long/ In Death/ Vulture Culture/ Do I Really. LP 12.90


LUCRATE MILK Lustiges Tierquartett (Danger) Official reissue of the first scarce 7-inch released in 1981... DIY, weird, snotty, stupid, arty... punk! Lucrate Milk or the meaning of the DIY a la Francaise. With future member of BERURIER NOIR. File under: KLEENEX, MESSTHETICS. 7" 6.50

LUIS & THE WILDFIRES Who Likes Christmas Anyway / I Know Your Mind (Norton) 7" € 6.00

LUXURY RIDES "She Just Don't Care/ Me & My Baby/ Make Love/ Let it Fly"(Goodbye Boozy) limited press of150 on red vinyl/150 black vinyl - let us know which one you want. 7" 4.90

LYRES Those Lyres (Norton) CD 13.50

M.O.T.O. Kill M.O.T.O. (Svart Records) Reissue including a bunch of hits: All Set/ Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance To The Radio/ The Chicks Can Tell/ Gagging On The Edge Of Love/ Breaking Up Is The Hardest Thing/ Choking On Your Insides/ Get Away From The Cops/ We Are The Rats/ Hate My Fucking Job/ He Said Ouch (Excerpt)/ Never Been To Me In A Riot/ I Am A Bomb/ Left-Handed Guitar/ I Won't Give It Up Until You're Mine/ Laying On A Slab Of Stone/ I Think We Got The Sound/ Where's My Money At? LP 13.90
M.O.T.O. Shitty Kids (Secret Mission) Shitty Kids/ I Think Of You And I DIe/ Guitars Are Like Clothes. Limited 45 includes download code. 7" 6.90

MAASTER GAIDEN Sayonara/She's With Him/Get Sick and Die (Whole Lotta Records) 7" 4.75

MADCAPS All I Really Wanna Do (Howlin' Banana) 4 cuts from this garage pop band from Rennes: All I Really Wanna Do/ Cool Threads/ Impossible Love/ Anywhere But Here. 7" 5.50

MAD DADDYS Get Yer Tata’s Out (Demolition Derby) exclusive vinyl of their Flipside Cd LP 10.90

MAGNETIX "Time After Time / Fiend Of Mine" (Sentenza) 2nd press on Sentenza Records, limited to 500 copies: sleeve with black background and white image and lettering. 7" 5.50
"New Dance/ Something About You" (Nasty Product) One track from the same "Time after time" recording session and the other is from a new session. Limited to 500 copies. 7" € 4.90
MAGNETIX Positively Negative (Born Bad) Living In A Box/ Stranger In A Dark/ Stop To Think/Mort Clinique/ Positively Negative/ Head Off/ Third Eye/ Real Man/ HTA-TNT/ Hand's Lines/ Trop Tard/ Nonsense. Lp 11.90
KING CUSTER McCARTHY & THE MAGNETIX (Nasty Products) 8 down'n' dirty blues punk tracks in low fidelity! Cool! LP 12.00    
split 10" (Every Night Is A Saturday Night) DIGGER...: "Timebomb/ I Can't Win/ Suce Moi La Bite" . MAGNETIX: "No Feel Pain/ Invasion X/ Danger In Your Eyes". 10" 11.50
MAGNETIX Drogue Electrique (Born Bad) Drogue Electrique/ Greenlight/ 60s Ball/ Comme Des Betes/ Darktide/ I Drink/ Spider In The Corner/ LR6/ Rest Of My Life/ Velvet Eyes. LP 13.00
THE MAGNETIX Magnetic Reaction (Kizmiaz) No Brain No Pain/ So Long/ Drive My Car/ Jack Hyde/ A Finest Girl / Something To Say/ Strong Like A Rock/ Brain Out/ Fragula's Walk/ Vietnam/ Tell Me Why/ Mister Raper/ Get You/ Law Mowers Attack/ On The Radio/ Before You Die/ Ballad Of The Bone. LP 12.90
MAGNETIX De Piere En Pire/ Regarde Moi (Born Bad) Their 15 years anniversary 45. 7" 5.90

THE MAHARAJAS Just Let Him Go (Moody Monkey Records) Just Let Him Go/ Tell Me. 7" 6.90

THE MAKEOUTS In A Strange Land (Bachelor Rec) Limited pressing of 500: Do What You Want/ Get To You/ Never Let You Go/ Make It Out/ Last Dance/ Done It/ Sound Of Crime/ Throw It All Away/ Still Love You/ Bottles/ L'Enfer Sur Terre. LP 11.50

MAMA ROSIN Tu As Perdu Ton Chemin (Voodoo Rhythm) Ti Moreau/ Pine Grove Blues/ Johny Can't Dance/ Black Nero Harp/ Rita's Breakdown/ La Valse Criminelle/ Les Secrets D'evangeline/ Dancing Shoes/ Prairie Ronde/ Quoi Faire/ My True Love/ La Valse De La Derniere Fois/ The Story Of Mama Rosin LP 12,90
MAMA ROSIN Brule Lentement (Voodoo Rhythm) Où Est Passé E.C Lenoir?/ Le Two-Step De L'haricot/ Je Vas Mon Chemin/ Honky Tonky Tout Le Temps/ La Valse Des Beaux-Frères/ You Stole My Motorcycle/ Les Blues d'Amede/ Le Pistolet/ When The Police Came/ Eh Ti Monde/ Dead Love Rag/ Johny Dance/ Bon Temps Rouler LP 12.90  
MAMA ROSIN & HIPBONE SLIM & KNEETREMBLERS Louisiana Sun (Voodoo Rhythm) Voodoo Walking / Gettin' High/ London Zydeco/ Trouble Ain't So Never Far Away/ Quel Espoir?/ The Cat Never Sleeps/ Louisiana Sun/ Killing Two Birds With One Stone/ Citi Two-Step/ Swamp Water/ Princesse Havana/ Paint The Town Red. LP 12.90

MANDARINES Trust You EP - reissue of 1978 swedish power pop 45 EP: Trust You/ Lose Your Love/ You're Telling Lies/ When I Do I Will Die. 7" 7.90

MANIC ATTRACTS Shut It/ Teenage Teenage (Yakisakana) 7" 4,90
MANIC ATTRACTS Animals/ You Were The One (Perpetrator) A Black Lips/Jay Reatard cross from Vancouver 7" 5.50

MANIKINS Crocodiles (P.Trash) Their fourth LP. LP 12.50

MANS "High/ Bad For You Baby" (Yakisakana) Two cool blues punk tunes from this West Lafayette/ Indiana outfit. Limited edition in silkscreened covers. 7" 4.75

MARGARET DOLL RODS Scintillating (Gonna Puke Records) May I Be Foolish/ Are You Talking To Me/ Right On All Over Me/ Turned On/ Hey Lil' Stranger/ Don't Take Candy From A Stranger/ Is It All A Dream/ Higher/ This Lil Light O' Mine/ When We Zoom/ Sugar Daddy Days/ Dream Baby "how Long Must I Dream"/ Thinkin' of You". LP 11.50

MARGARET THRASHER Moderate Rock (P.Trash) Dumb Until I Die/ Dammit IV/ Weight/ Fuck That/ Resuscitate/ Airport Violance/ Raise The Bar/ No Offence/ Betrayed. LP 12.00

MARK & THE SPIES "S/T" (Screaming Apple) 60s pop and garage beat from the Netherlands LP 11.00
MARK & THE SPIES Give Me A Look (Screaming Apple) Gimme Your Love/ Ain't Got No Time/ You Got It/ We Fell In Love/ Hers To Keep/ Please Think It Over/ Give Me A Look/ It Won't Work On Me/ It Don't Matter To You/ I Want More/ It's True (I Need You)/ Give Me A Look (Reprise) LP 11.00

MARSHALLS WICKED GOOD MUSIC: 1977-1980... and more! (Lady Kinky Karrot Records) Late 70s and some 80s Powerpop. LP 11.50

MARVELOUS DARLINGS Sleeping like a Dead Man (Bachelor) Sleeping ike A Dead Man/ Call it a night. 7" 5.00

THEE MARVIN GAYS It's Easier To Be Dumb (Kizmiaz Records) It's Easier To Be Dumb/ Blackout Downtown/ No One/ Now That You Are Naked/ Vacant Time/ Iron Maiden. 10" 11.90
THEE MARVIN GAYS Sleepless Nights (Alien Snatch) Second album by this 4-piece (3 dudes and a lady) from Belgium. LP 11.90

NATHANIEL MAYER "I FOUND OUT" (Stardumb) Three good tracks from the Munster Lp 7" 4,50

MC5 Starship (Total Energy) Recorded live at the Sturgis Armory, Michigan in June 1968. LP13.00
MC5 American Ruse (Total Energy) 1969 Rehearsals for 'Back In The USA'. 10" 11.00


MEAN BIKINI Sick Of Love / Jesus Weeps (Simply Thrilling) All-Girl garage punk from London. 7" 5.50

MEAN JEANS On Mars (Dirtnap) Ready 2 Rip/ Life On Mars/ Hangin' Tuff/ Crummy Crummy/ Come Toobin/ Total Yo-Yo/ School Lunch Victim/ Anybody Out There?/ Nite Of The Creeps/ I'm A Pile/ Don't Stop Partying/ Forever In Mean Jeans/ 2 Twisted 2 Luv U. LP 15.50

MEATBODIES Meatbodies (In The Red) MEATBODIES initially came about as a solo project for CHAD UBOVICH after spending a number of years touring in other groups, including Mikal Cronin's band. Ubovich busted out an album's worth of songs. Once the tracks were done, he sent them up to CHRIS WOODHOUSE to give them just the right final touches of perfectly controlled chaos. LP 22.50

CHARLIE MEGIRA & THE MODERN DANCE CLUB Love Police (Burnout Records) Rock'n'Roll & noise with a twang from Israel! Charlie Megira (guitar and vocals) Mimi Shanel (drums), Dead Girl (bass) and Chavier guitar) know how to put on a great show and are highly entertaining on stage. The LP loses itself a bit in the noisy parts, but does have some great cuts and is definetely worth a try! So, check 'em out!! LP 11.50

DAN MELCHIOR “SPAN OF ATTENTION/TO THE RIVER” (Solid Sexie Lovie Doll 023) 7" 6,00
DAN MELCHIOR Slow Down Tiger (Starlight Furniture) Two tracks over one LP size each. Limited edition of 300. LP 18.90

MENIC Railroad Blues Anthology LP+CD (Voodoo Rhythm) LP plus CD 15.50

THE MENTALETTES Fine, Fine, Fine / Do You Love Me (CopaseDisques) Repress of their debut 45 with new sleeve - featuring a 3-girl chorus and four dudes on the instros (incl. organ) and backing vocals, lottsa members of the Obsidians. Between girl group sound and garage and offering one original and one cover 7" 5.30
THE MENTALETTES Lovers' Wasteland/ Tides (CopaseDisques) Second 45 with two originals. There's more psych to the sound and the arrangements are more sophisticated. 7 € 5.30

THE MEOWS All You Can Eat (Mean Disposition) Tracks: Shake, Tired Of Being Alone, In My Bones, Sugar Woman, Bar Ramón, Good Thing, Who’s To Blame, Talk Too Loud, No No No, Hurting Me, Try My Love, One More Dance. CD 12.90

TOM MESS / REDUCED Split 7" (Red Lounge Records) 6 song split EP 7"4.50

MESSER CHUPS Church Of Reverb (CopaseDisques) Two songs taken from their 'Church Of Reverb' album from 2013: Rockin Zombie/ Dracula Hates Photoshoots. 7" 6.50
MESSER CHUPS Jokermobile (CopaseDisques) Brandnew 3-track 45 by Messer Chups from St. Petersburg/Russia: Jokermobile/ Imsomnia Of The Mummies/ Insomnia Of The Mummies (Tomb Version) 7" 6.50

METROS S/T (Rip Off) LP 11.50 / CD 13.30

MFC CHICKEN Music for Chicken (Dirty Water) 14 cut debut LP, described as Pacific Northwest rhythm and blues: Chicken, Baby, Chicken/ Every Girl On The Tube/ Striptease Girl/ Wild Safari/ Laundromatic/ Love (Is Gonna F*ck You Up)/ Chicken On The Bone/ God Surf The Queen/ Royal We/ Holloway Road/ Wine, Women, Rock’n’Roll/ Man-Size Tissue/ Family Value Meal (Music For Chicken)/ Fifty-Seven Acres of Pain. LP € 12.50

MIDNITE SNAXX Debut LP (Red Lounge) 12 cut debut of new band by Dulcinea Gonzalez, Renee Leal and Tina Lucchesi from bands such as Bobbyteens, Trashwomen, Top Ten, Loudmouths, Cyclops and countless others. LP 12.90

MIDWAYS Pay More And Get A Good Seat (FUZZY LOGIC) The debut available again. CD 13.00
MIDWAYS "Manners Manners" (Screaming Apple) LP 10.50

MIDWEST BEAT Gone Not Lost (Wild Honey Records) LP 10.90
MIDWEST BEAT Singles 2005/2011 (Wild Honey) 17 cuts from their 45s: J-Man's Blues/ My Love Has Gone Away/ Girl Gone West/Cryin Over You/ Wasted Time/ Our Lady/ Bring The Water/ Not To Worry/ Molly Molly/ Back To Mono/ Blind Flower Girl/ Sexi Ladi/ Smile Like A Villain/ Get It Started/ Franz The Roadmaster/ Glass Eye7 Beach Fire. LP 11.50
MIDWEST BEAT Carol Anne / Jackie Witch (Midwest Beat) Two cuts, the single comes in Wild Honey comapny sleeve. 7" 5.50

MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS "Play, Lose & Die" (Alien Snatch). 10" 9,50

MIGHTY MIKE OMB The Blues Of... (Stag-O-Lee) Mighty Mike is the drummer/Singer of Voodoo Rhythm band The Juke Joint Pimps as well as drummer in Stag-O-Lee two-piece Grits’N Gravy. For years he is also on the road doing his one-man-band thing, playing drums, guitar, harp and singing at the same time. The Blues Of..., his debut release on Stag-O-Lee. 4 tracks recorded live in one take: Never Make Your Move Too Soon/ I Wish You Would/ I Ain’t Got You/ Eat For Me). 7" 6.90

MINNESOTA VOODOO MEN Don't Come Around (Soundflat) Beat/garage from Tokyo: Don't Come Around/ That Is Rock & Roll/ Her Letters On The Bricks/ Let Me In 7" 4.50
MINNESOTA VOODOO MEN Same (Soundflat) Beat/garage from Tokyo: She's Looking Good/ Garasu Goshi No Koi/ I Want To Stand At Her Side/ I Want You Be My Girl/ You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover/ If She Said Yeah/ Skinny Minnie/ Only My Pain/ Who Do You Love/ Sleep Walk/ Unknown/ That Fellow/ Easy Things LP 11.00

MISFITS COFFIN (Caroline) This stylish monster offers all you need plus some more...  A coffin shaped CD box with two double CD's inside, featuring over 100 tracks on 4 CDs. Also included is a Misfits Fiend Club sticker and a nice fat booklet with all the lyrics and a discography plus linernotes. The CD's included are: Collection 1, Collection 2, Legacy Of Brutality, Evilive, Earth A.D - all with bonus tracks, so you get all the stuff from the below single Cds (I think..)..A must for all fans and I think also great if you just start to discover them, as you get all the shit together for a reasonable price in a very nice packaging. 4 CD BOX 65.00
The Misfits Static Age (Caroline) The long lost album. Absolutely essential as you get just hits!! Static Age/ TV Casualty/ Some Kinda Hate/ Last Caress/ Return Of The Fly/ Hybrid Moments/ We Are 138/ Teenagers From Mars/ Come Back/ Angelfuck/ Hollywood Babylon/ Attitude/ Bullet/ Theme For A Jackal/ She/ Spinal Remains/ In The Doorway/ Hidden 1/ Hidden 2. CD 12.90
The Misfits Misfits Collection II (Caroline) Essential! The Earth A.D. stuff (last songs) ain't everybodys cup of tea, but I have to admit, I like that too: We Are 138/ Attitude/ Cough Cool/ Last Caress/ Return Of The Fly/ Children In Heat/ Rat Fink/ Horror Hotel/ Halloween/ Halloween II/ Hate Breeders/ Braineaters/ Nike-A-Go-Go/ Devil's Whorehouse/ Mephisto Waltz/ We Bite/ Queen Wasp/ Demonomania/ Hellhound/ Bloodfeast. CD 12.90
The Misfits Evilive (Caroline) Good live album! 20 Eyes/ Night of the Living Dead/ Astro Zombies/ Horror Business/ London Dungeon/ Nike A Go Go/ Hatebreeders/ Devil's Whorehouse/ All Hell Breaks Loose/  Horror Hotel/ Ghouls Night Out/ We Are 138. CD 12.90
The Misfits Earth A.D. (Caroline) A good one! Although a few songs might be to metal or hardcore for certain ears - I still like 'em, and I'm definetely no metal head (hate it!). Earth A.D./ Queen Wasp/ Devilock/ Death Comes Ripping/ Green Hell/ Mommy, Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight/ Wolfs Blood/ Demonomania/ Bloodfeast/ Hellhound/ Die, Die My Darling/ We Bite. CD 12.90

MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS (Screaming Apple) Beginning of the end/ Roller Coaster/ Diary of a mad housewife/ Chords and wine/ Sun goes Down/ Old man/ Mary Anne/ Flamingo/ Up all night/ Bluebird/ Common Shell/ Save me. LP 10.90
MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS The Dawn (Bachelor) A mixture of country, rhythm'n'blues, pop and Beatlesesque melodies, surrounded by dreamy landscapes, sometimes even bordering on psychedelia... LP 11.90
MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS Lie / He's Your Boy (Shake Your Ass) 7" 5.00

THEE MISSING FINKS The Itch/ Zero To Infinity (Rotone Records) A four piece (Guitar / Organ / Bass / Drums) from the UK with two neo 60s garage cuts. 7" 5.80

MISTREATERS Live Like You (P.Trash) 4 track EP, limited to 500 copies: “Live Like You/ No, I Know/ Push You/ Oh, Didn’t I Say” 7” 5,50

MMOSS S/T (Wild Honey Records) LP10.90

MODEL PRISONERS FEAT. SONNY VINCENT Cow Milking Music (Disturbed Rec.) 13 cuts by 80s punk band around Sonny Vincent (TESTORS) and Bob Stinson (REPLACEMENTS) . Package contains Vinyl LP Version PLUS a CD with color photo booklet, tray card and a 6 page info booklet with photos, stories and biographical information. LP + CD 16,90

MODERN PETS Deformed Kids / Razorblade (P.Trash / Stencil Trash) Two early Modern Pets songs, that were already released on their demotape and their demotape 7" in 2010. In 2011/2012 they re-recorded these songs with partly different lyrics and with a much better sound- Limited edition of 300 copies. 7"5.90

MOJOMATICS A SWEET MAMA GONNA HOODOO ME (Alien Snatch!) Guitar, drums and harp is all you need to make a fun record. This Italian duo (!) wails through 16 bluespunk/garage punk tunes and already convinced me after listening to it once. Good stuff! "My Mojo Starts Workin' Now/ It's Such A Shame/ Kiss Me When I'm Cold/ My Evil Eye On You/ Soul Dealings on The Railway Pt. 1/ Bad Mojo Stomp/ The Letter/ How Long Babe/ The story That I Tell/ She's No Good/ Swing For A Bad Day/ Don't Shoot Me Please/ Please Think About Me/ Sould Dealings.. Pt. 2/ Wrong Devil Blues/ Rag For A Sad Day" LP 11.00 / CD 12.00
"Songs For Faraway Lovers" (Alien Snatch) Their second full length pays tribute to their country and folk roots and plays in the same league as the Junkyard Dogs stuff (the Supersuckers side project that a few might still remember), with the difference that they do 10 originals and only two cover versions. 180gram vinly and the Cd has the "No Place to Go" Video as bonus  LP 11.00/ CD 12.00
MOJOMATICS Dont Pretend That You Know Me (Alien Snatch) Wait A While/ Miss Me When I'm Gone/ Clean My Sins/ Askin' For A Better Circumstance/ You Are Not Me (Fortunately)/ Complicate My Life/ Stars Above/ She Loves/ Losin' Time/ Down My Spine/ Hole In My Heart/ Winter Got No Eyes LP 11.00
You Are The Reason For My Troubles LP+CD (Wild Honey) Behind The Trees/ You Are The Reason For My Troubles/ In The Meanwhile/ Rain Is Diggin' My Grave/ Don't Talk To Me/ You Don't Give A Shit About Me/ Yesterday Is Dead And Gone/ Feet In The Hole/ Long And Lonesome Day/ The Ghost Story/ Her Song. LP + CD 13.90
Don't Pretend That You Know Me (Ghost Records) CD 14.80
MOJOMATICS Down My Spine/ The Diamond Jack (Wild Honey Records) 7" 4.75
MOJOMATICS Another Cheat on Me / Down By The Grave Yard (Douchemaster) 7" 5,20

MOMO LAMANA "Two Is A Gang" (Gonna Puke) Alan Vega/Suicide influenced Belgian duo using a guitar, bass, toy organ and a small beatbox. LP  11.50

MONARCHS Et Vincere Et Mori (Pin Up) LP 11.50

MONDO RAY Brush Your Tits (Squoodge Rec) Powerpop solo project from David da Cruz. Recorded by Mojomatt & Nene and limited to 500 copies.Brush your tits / Backdoor on my mind / Everything is a lie / Desire / You piss me off / Stitch. 7" 5.00

MONITORS Rotten Body Cleanup Crew (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) New band by Ryan from the Kill-a-Watts with new wave punk without guitar. “Rotten Body Cleanup Crew/ Seizure Fever/ Future Punx/ Teleporter Tragedy!. Limited pressing of 300 copies. 7” 4,90

MONK MAC CARTHY (aka KING CUSTER MAC CARTHY) Mirror Black (Elegances Records) One sided 45 - great slow garage tune by KING CUSTER MAC CARTHY who some might know from his collaborations with the Magnetix. Limited to 250 copies. 7" 4.90

MONSTER STALKERS Do The Sasquatch/ Wailin' Wolf/ (Don't Go To) Forbidden Plateao (Fireball) Canadian garage/ surf 45 feat. two originals and one Wailers cover. 7" 5,90

THE MOONDOGS Heads I Win / Two's A Crowd (Sing Sing) A very scarce 7" from a Liverpool-based group formed in 1976 by Ian Irvine (gtr/v), Patrick Colohan (gtr/v), Dave Gough (b/v) and Steve Plumber (d). After making their live debut in summer 1977 at the Hope St. Fringe Festival, The Moondogs built up a growing cult following with the incendiary renditions of Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent oldies. In 1978 Plumber was replaced by Tony Dolman and the new line-up record this single, produced by former Deaf School drummer Time Whittaker and issued in October 1979 on Rexette Records, and independent label created by Roger Earle, founder of Eric's Club. Pressed in an edition of 1,000 copies, the platter includes the Powerpoppy TWO'S A CROWD on the flip and the Freakbeat A-side HEADS I WIN, whose riff is similar to the Psyschodelic cult song MY FATHER'S NAME IS DAD by Fire. In 1980 The Moondogs changed moniker to The English, to avoid confusion with the other Moondogs, releasing one single for Albion Records (the A-side of which, HOORAY FOR THE ENGLISH, is a great Powerpop tune) before splitting. Dolman soon joined Lawnmower, a short-lived combo who included future Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall. (45 Revolutions). 7" 6.50

MONSTERS Birds Eat Martians (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12.90
MONSTERS I See Dead People (Voodoo Rhythm) Repress with CD included. LP 14..90
MONSTERS Youth Against Nature (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12.90 / CD 8.50
MONSTERS "Garage Punk Vol. 1" (Voodoo Rhythm) 2 LP set of rare & unreleased stuff:  live recordings from all over the world, demo recordings for the early albums, rehearsal room recordings, weird tape recordings etc..Twenty years from 1986-2006 Double LP 14,50
MONSTERS "I Still Love Her" plus cardgame (Soundflat) Gatefold sleeve + 33-cards game: I Still Love Her/ Fever (jazz/exotica version)/ Blues For Joe  7" 9.00
MONSTERS Pop Up Yours (Voodoo Rhythm) Includes the CD version and a poster (as long as stock lasts): I Want You/ Blow Um Mau Mau/ Ce Soir/ When Im Grown Up/ Cry/ Speedy's Coming/ Whatcha Gonna Do/ More You Talk Less I Here You/ Baby Ok/ In And Out/ Ain't Crawling Back To You No More/ Drifting Away/ Blues For Joe/ Into The Void LP + CD 15.90 / CD 15.50
THE MONSTERS I Want You (Squoodge Records) I Want You (Bonaparte Mix), I Want You (Italian Stallion Mix), I Want You (Swisscheese Mix), I Want You (Guz Mix). Limited to 666 copies. 7" 6.20
THE MONSTERS Masks (Voodoo Rhythm) Reissue of their first album from 1989, originally on Bernese Records and limited to 666 copies. Tracks: Honeymoon At Hell/ Addams Family/ Teenage Werewolf/ Surfing At The T.H.U.N.-Sea/ Real Monster Theme/ Rosemary Mc Coy/ The Devil In Your Dreams/ Whisky Song/ Snake Out/ Wilma/ I Love My Car/ Psycho's What You Need/ Wild Thing. LP + CD 15.50 / CD 15.50
THE MONSTERS The Hunch (Voodoo Rhythm) Reissue of the 2nd Monsters LP from 1991, one studio side, one live. Tracks: Intro/ The Creature From The Black Lagoon/ Hang On/ Sex Wax/ Drug Train/ Day Of The Triffids/ Drag Is Back/ Wicked Wanda/ Teenage Werewolf/ The Kinks/ The Witch/ Psycho Over Europe/ I Came From Hell/ Be Bop A Lula/ The Hunch/ Honeymoon At Hell/ Wild Thing. LP + CD 15.50 / CD 15.50

JOHNNY MOPED Ain´t No Rock'n'Roll Rookie/ Super Woofa (Damaged Goods) Johnny Moped are back with their first 7" since 1978. The band are currently back in the studio putting the finishing touches to their new album, their first since 1990's "The Search For Xerxes" and it's the original line up of Johnny, Slimy Toad, Dave Berk plus Rock N Roll Robot and Jacko Pistorious. 7" 5.50

MORTICIA'S LOVERS Smash The Radio (Demolition Derby) LP 10.90 

MOTARDS Stardom (Gonna Puke) 21 tracks compilation of rare 45s, copm. tracks and unreleased stuff. LP 11.50

MOTORAMA Psychotronic Is The Beat (Radiation Records) 2nd LP by this female garage duo from Italy. LP 11.50

THE MORUNING AFTER Tall, Dark & Gruesome (Screaming Apple) Goodbye My Love/ Crying Over You/ Do It Right/ Nothin' But Trouble/ Tall, Dark & Gruesome/ Girl, You're Outta Sight/ Leave No Turn Unstoned/ Set Me Free/ Hurt By You/ I Won't Be There/ One Or Twice/ Baby Done Me Wrong. LP 11.90

MOVIE STAR JUNKIES Melville (Voodoo Rhythm) The Curse/ Little Boy/ Lucky Horse/ Run Away From Me/ Dead Love Rag/ Melville/ Eleanor/ Your Miserable Life/ This Is Not A Light/ I'd Rather Not/ Tongues Of Fire/ Melville (brass version). LP 12.90
MOVIE STAR JUNKIES Flamingos/ The Whore (Perpetrator) 7"5.50
MOVIE STAR JUNKIES A Poison Tree (Voodoo Rhythm) Under The Marble Faun/ Almost A God/ The Walnut Tree/ A Poison Tree/ Leyenda Negra/ Hail/ Saddie Smile/ All Winter Long. LP 12.90 / CD 15.00
MOVIE STAR JUNKIES Son Of The Dust LP+CD (Wild Honey) These Woods Have Ears/ In An Autumn Made Of Gold/ Son Of The Dust/ Cold Stone Road/ The Damage Is Done/ There's A Storm/ A Long Goodbye/ This Love Apart/ End Of The Day/ How It All Began. LP + CD 13.90
MOVIE STAR JUNKIES Evil Moods (Voodoo Rhythm) Fourth studio album by Italian garage rockers Movie Star Junkies finds the band in an evil mood. It's an album teeming with twisted, noir-tinged psycho-pop, inspired by the work of Jim Thompson and Dashiell Hammett. LP+ CD 14.90
MOVIE STAR JUNKIES Your Pretty Fangs (Wild Honey) 3 tracks on this limited one-sided tour 12". Flipside features a nice screen print. LP 11.50

MOVING SOUNDS Treehouse Horror (CopaseDisques) 4 track EP by swedish mods: Treehouse Horror/ Down On My Knees/ Out Of This Mess/ Do The Wolf 7" 4.75
MOVING SOUNDS S/T (CopaseDisques) Their third album: 24 Hour Love/ Jon Was A Richman/ Put An End To All Of It/ Time To Disappear/ Tiny Mind/ Colours & Lines/ Don't Wanna See Me/ Down To You/ Treehouse Horror/ All My Life/ I'm Sure/ Open Seven Days/ Never Follow Through. LP 12.00
MOVING SOUNDS Ground Shaker (Copasedisques) LP12.00

MR. AIRPLANE MAN S/T (Moi Jconnais) Reissue of their very first recordings, originally self-releaesd (on CD) in 1998. Now on vinyl: 1000 copies pressing. Silk-screened cover on tobacco cardboard. LP 17.90

MR BONZ ONE MAN BAND Playing With Strings (Stencil Trash) Rumble Walk/ Justine/ Wild Side/ I'm Alone. Limited edition of 300 copies. 7" 5.60

MUCK AND THE MIRES Doreen (Dirty Water) Doreen/ Poor Little Girl/ Hypnotic/ Hang All Over Me 10" 8.00
MUCK AND THE MIRES Hypnotic (Dirty Water) LP 12,50
MUCK & THE MIRES A Cellarful Of Muck (Dirty Water) Newest release by this band from New England, featuring a 1960's English sound and songwriting style. 13 cuts. LP 12.50

MUCK MUCKS (self released) Lo-fi trash-synth-punk from Hamburg, packed into handmade & -coloured sleeves. 7" 6,90

MULLENS Go Where The Action Is (Get Hip) LP 11.25

MURDER BY GUITAR "On Parade" (Sounds Of Subterrania) LP 10.50
MURDER BY GUITAR "Rock Bottom" (Alien Snatch) "Rock Bottom/ I'll Be Gone/ Wrong Side Of Town" 7" 4.90 
MURDER BY GUITAR MBG (JEET KUNE) Second full length by post/punk trio around Martin Savage, also responsible forr acts as The Blacks, Humans, Locomotions, Dixie Buzzard.... LP 11.00

LOS MUSTANG 66 S/T (Groovie Records) Garage punk from Mexico City. 12 tracks. LP 13,90

MYELIN SHEATHS Stackticon (Bachelor) Stackticon/SPF70/ Laboratory Disaster/ Fun With Science. 7" 5.00

MYSTERY GIRLS Incontinopia (In The Red) Lp € 12.50

TEX NAPALM & DIMI DERO Partly Animals (Beast Records) ‘Partly Animals’ is the latest effort by german wolfman Tex Napalm and fellow Frenchman Dimi Dero and described as a condensate of 60 years of Rock’n’Roll, outsider music and plain own weirdness: Feed Me/ Let A Poor Boy Ride Your Train/ Temptation/ All Too Much/ Just Like Glass/ Life Is Fine/ To Paradise/ That's What I Want/ This Is War/ More Guitar/ I Lied/ Cigarettes And Cheap Wine/ Farewell/ Stuck. LP 13.90

NAZI DEATH CAMP / ROYAL TURDS 2008-2009 Euro Tour split (Red Lounge Rec) NAZI DEATH CAMP: Who's Got The Biggest Balls In Town/ ROYAL TURDS: Bedsheet Blitzkrieg 7"4.75

NEDERBIETELS On my mind (Screaming Apple)  7"  4.00

NERVEBREAKERS Hijack The Radio! (Get Hip) An anthology of mid to late 70s studio recordings, some of which ended up on the Nervebreakers' late-70's 7" vinyl releases on Wild Child Records, some on the 1979 Texas punk LP compilation Are We Too Late For The Trend? (ESR Records), some on a volume of Italian label Rave Up Records series of American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets, and others that have up-to-now never been publicly released. LP 13.90

NERVES Live! At The Pirates Cove (Alive) Vinyl only release on coloured viny. Live recording from May 26, 1977, including "Hanging On The Telephone/ Walking Out On Love,/ When You Find Out/ Stand Up And Take A Good Look," etc, LP 15.40

NEUMANS S/T (Screaming Apple) Second pressing with slightly different sleeve: Stroke Of Midnight/ I Had A Little Girl/ Put Me Down/ Gimme Your Love/ Whats Wrong With You?/ I Don't Mind/ Dark Are The Shadows/ You'll Be Sorry/ You Will See/ Fuzz Filled Dreams/ So Long/ Sad, Lonely And Blue. LP 11.90

NEW SWEARS Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever (Bachelor) Midnight Lovers/ Main Stream/ Stay Gold/ T.V. Shows/ Candy Land/ Day Dreamin/ Sweet Donna/ Cool Aid/ Legalize Freedom/ No Fun. LP12.90

NEW TOWN ANIMALS Is Your Radio Active?“ (Screaming Apple)  LP  10.50

NEW YORK DOLLS From Paris With Love, L.U.V!! (SFTRI)Double live Lp with 8 page full colour booklet. Recorded at Radio Luxembourg Studios in Paris in 1974 and originally released by Red Star Rec. 1998: "(Intro)/ Personality Crisis/ Bad Girl/ Looking For a Kiss/ Give Her A Great Big Kiss/ Stranded In the Jungle/ Pills/ Vietnamese Baby/ Trash/ Chatterbox/ Puss N' Boots/ Hootchie Coochie Man/ Jet Boy".double LP 18,50

NIGHT OF ONE SADIST No Mask Do Not Ask ((Squoodge Records) 4 cuts, limited to 66 copies and therefore super expensive. argh.... 7" 16.00

NIGHT TERRORS Zurfluh (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) LP 10,80

NINE POUND HAMMER Teenage Head / Two Tub Man (SCOOCH POOCH) From November 1995, comes in white vinyl.. 7"  5.50

NIXON, JERRY J. Gentleman Of Rock & Roll (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12.90

NOBUNNY First Blood (Goner) LP 14.90
NOBUNNY Raw Romance (Burge) Previously only available on cassette, this album is a collection of early recordings, live tracks, rare cuts and demos. LP 15.50
NOBUNNY Secret Songs: Reflections From The Ear Mirror (Goner) Third proper full-length from Oakland's masked garage punk madman, coming on 150 gr. vinyl and download card. LP 16.50
NOBUNNY Motorhead Mit Mir/ Eat It (Red Lounge) 2013 Tour 45. 7" 5.30

THE NORMALS So Bad So Sad (Last Laugh) More tracks from the vaults from New Orleans punk pioneers THE NORMALS. Ten studio recordings from 1979, plus an alternate mix of “Almost Ready”, all songs on vinyl for the first time: So Bad So Sad/ Come On Over/ Yankee Dollar/ You Took You Got/ Sometimes The Truth/ 38-36/ You Ain't Nothin'/ Porcelain Scene/ Didn't Want To See Your Face In The Ground/ Got You Runnin'/ Almost Ready (Alternate 45 Single Mix). LP 16.90

THE NORVINS I Wanna Shake You Girl/ TV Program (Howlin Banana)The Norvins are a 5-piece garage punk band from Paris with roots set in 60 garage punk and 80?s revivalists such as The Chesterfield Kings or The Miracle Workers. 7" 5.50

NOTS Dust Red/ Animal/ Salesman/ Talk Show (Goner Records) 7" 6.50

JEFFREY NOVAK Baron In The Trees (In The Red) The second solo album from CHEAP TIME front man JEFFREY NOVAK. LP 14.90

THE NOW Development Corporations (Last Year's Youth) Re-issue of their great first 45 from 1977. Limited edition of 300 copies only! 7" 7.90
THE NOW Into The 80´s (Last Year's Youth) Re-issue of their mega rare second 45 from 1979. Unlike the original this comes in a full colour sleeve. Limited edition of 300 copies only! 7" 7.90

THE NUBS I Don't Need You / Dogs (Last Laugh) A reissue of relevant US punk history. The fuzzbox shredding on 'I Don't Need You (Cause I Got Me)' has long stood in fine mix tape company sandwiched between the Mentally Ill and The Maids. Recorded in 1979! 7" 6.90

O LENDÁRIO CHUCROBILLYMAN The Chicken Album (Off Label) Brazilian One-Man-Band:Chicken Flow/ Love Miner/ Chicken Strangle/ Coconut Road/ Where Should I Lay My Head Lord/ Chicken Rhythm/ Whiskey River/ Estrada Da Vida. 10" 11.90

OBSIDIANS Black Veil/ Shakin It Up (Stag-O-Lee) 7" 5.00

THEE OH SEES Help (In The Red) LP 19.90
THEE OH SEES The Master's Bedroom (In The Red) Vinyl re-release of their 2008 album. LP 19.90
THEE OH SEES Sucks Blood (Castle Face) LP 19.90
THEE OH SEES Warm Slime (In The Red) Warm Slime/ I Was Denied/ Everything Went Black/ Castiatic Tackle/ Flash Bats/ Mega-Feast/ MT Work. LP 19.90
THEE OH SEES Castlemania (In The Red) Tracks: I Need Seed/ Corprophagist/ Stinking Cloud/ Corrupted Coffin/ Pleasure Blimp/ A Wall, A Century/ Spider Cider/ Whipping Continues/ Blood On The Deck/ Castlemania/ Aa Warm/ Idea For Rubber Dog/ The Horse Was Lost. Plus side three including 3 cover version & 4 features a etching by William Keihn. Double LP with gatefold sleeve. Double LP 24.90
THEE OH SEES Carrion Crawler / The Dream (In The Red) Carrion Crawler/ ContraptionSoul Desert/ Robber Barons/ Chem-Farmer/ Opposition/ The Dream/ Wrong Idea/ Crushed Grass/ Crack In Your Eye/ Heavy Doctor. LP 19.90
THEE OH SEES Putrifiers (In The Red) This release reveals a softer, more subtle side to Dwyer's songwriting. It was recorded largely on his own with assistance from Chris Woodhouse (drums), Mikal Cronin (sax), Heidi Maureen Alexander (trumpet) & K Dylan Edrich (viola). LP19.90
THEE OH SEES Floating Coffin (Castle Face) LP 19.90
THEE OH SEES Singles Collection 3 (Castle Face) It's no secret that JOHN DWYER and THEE OH SEES put out a ton of stuff. Not just full-lengths-of which there are many-but singles, split releases, compilations and even books. The dude cooks in many kitchens, but the sauce is always tasty. Castle Face is proud to continue their tradition of occasionally corralling these rarer gems onto the convenient LP format. For even the most insane Oh Sees collectors, the inclusion of an unreleased, mutated live version of 'Block of Ice' makes this a must-have. To sweeten the deal, the tunes have been gussied up ever-so-slightly to knock you nightly, and the incredible tritone artwork by SHALO P is printed on blinding silver-foil jackets. LP 19.90
THEE OH SEES Drop (Castle Face) This 2014 full-length comes after a brief hiatus and a move to Southern California. Guest appearances from MIKAL CRONIN, GREER McGETTRICK and CASAFIS. Download code included LP 19.90
THEE OH SEES Mutilator Defeated At Last (Castle Face) THEE OH SEES re-emerge with nine muscular tunes primed to pummel. 2014's 'Drop' was more schizophrenic, ranging from heavy to whimsical and back. 'Mutilator Defeated At Last' has more in common with 'Floating Coffin'. LP 22.50

OHMFACOM (Music For Stupid Jerks) "Modern Merde/ Money/ Pas Peur/ Vesicule". French punk/garage with ex-Sixty Minute Men and ex-Torso Twisters members. 7" 4.50

OLIVENSTEINS S/T (Born Bad) French 77 punk: The three cuts from their first 45, demos from the never released album plus three live cuts. LP14.50

OMENS Fuzz Fades And Escapades (Soundflat )Third LP by this four-piece Garage-Punk combo from Denver: Falling Down/ Downtown/ Make It Right/ Slow Down/ On Your Mind/ Settle Down/ All Night/ So Far Down/ Piece Of My Heart/ Alright/ You're No Good. LP 11.90

ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE: Unreleased, Rare & Live European One-Man Bands Tracks (Kizmiaz) Limited to 666 copies and comes in a cardboard box as a sleeve. Urban Jr: Oh Yeah/ D66: 44/ The Fly Trap One Girl Band: No Fear On My Dreams/ Thee Garagekid: Woman, I Wanna Be Your Man/ Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave: R.I.P Baby/ Birds Are Alive: Punk Bands Are Shit/ Sheriff Perkins: Boobies/ The Feeling Of Love: Jailbait/ Wasted Pido: Autonomy/ Mr Bonz One Man Band: Teenie Weenie Man/ Rotor Jambreks: Run On/ King Automatic: Chaquita/ Decheman: Shut Up! Spooky!/ Bud McMuffin: Wunderbar/ Miss Ipi: Walkin' Blues/ Mr Verdun: Goo Goo Muck Blues/ Reverend Beat-Man: The Beat-Man Way. CD 12.00

ONE MAN BANDS WORLD WIDE (Squoodge) Limited to 378 copies: El Bastardo - Mind your own business (Italy)/ The Fly and his one man Garbage - Devil Inside Blues (Japan)/ Sean Bond Goon & his Psychologial Blues - Psychological Voodoo (USA)/ El Monstro - Verte reir (Mexico)/ Reverend Beat-Man - Crash 84 (Switzerland)/ Ottoboy - She goes Uh! (Netherland)/ Bee Deadley - Born on the stone (Turkey)/ Charlie Megira - (Shake it) little Skinhed Girl (Isreal)/ Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave - Out tonight (Underworld)/ Proto Idiot - Wild eyes (England)/ Action Amir - Baba Saard (Iran)/ Hell called Russia - Never trust the hipsters bitch (Russia)/ Night of One Sadist - Babba & His Sickos (Vatican City)/ Flying Fishrooster Experiment - Cat women theme (Finland)/ King Automatic - My skull collection (France)/ Uncle Butcher - Double Trouble (Brazil)/ Bloodshot Bill - Oh honey doll (Canada)/ Trash Colapso - Bruning smoke razorblade (Argentina)/ Pink Phantom - Hey baby babe! (Austria)/ Long Boy Larsen - Heart in her Plastic Bag (Denmark)/ So Cow - You're nice mysteries (Ireland)/ Garagekid - I'm gonna knock you out (Germany)/ Made For Chicken By Robots - I'm your peanut man (Australia)/ Amazing One Man Band - Heart Attack (Uruguay)/ Invisible Man's Revenge - Me and my ghoulfriend (Antarkits). LP 13.90

THE ONION DOLLS The Kids / Hot Love (Sing Sing) The Onion Dolls, a four piece punk band from Belgium managed to release this lone 45 before changing their name to Crossfire and fully embracing the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement that was sweeping Europe in the early 1980's. Both tracks on this 45 are unsuppressed killers with shredding guitar lines giving up more than a hint of the NWOBHM influenced sound that was to come. Originally released in 1980 on the TWINKLE label in an edition of 1000 copies with a truly great picture sleeve this highly sought after single is one of Belgiums greatest Punk Rock gems. 7"6.50

THE ORBITS Make The Rules/ Phenomenal World (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1980 US powerpop 45. 7" 6.50

ORBITUNES Down To A "T"/ Sweep You Off Your Feet (Hog Maw) Swedish combo doin late 50's r'n'r. No pic sleeve. 7" 4.50

ORGANS Breathing With The Dead / All Alone (Puta Records) 7" 4.90

ORIGINAL THREE At A Loss/ Witch Ward (Savage Records) Ian from the Black Lips and his co-horts outta Memphis. For fans of Persuaders, Lost Sounds, Black Lips. 7" 4,75
ORIGINAL THREE I Rock I Ran/ You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down (Perpetrator Rec.) "I Rock I Ran" is a Toxic III cover, the flip is originally from the Oblivians. 7" 5.50
THE ORIGINAL THREE New Orleans Born (Shake Your Ass) Memphis outfit with Ian from the Black Lips: “Unplug/Been There” 7” € 4,90
ORIGINAL THREE Been Dealt A Losing Hand (P.Trash) Silkscreened cover, colored vinyl!  LP 12,50 

OUTDOORSMEN Shit Will Happen (Red Lounge) Cannibalistic/ False Crack/ Search Take/ I Got A Temper/ Battle Stations/ Dead Weight/ Don't Like No One/ Eat Shit, Pig. 10" 10.90

OUTER MINDS Gimme A Reason / Bohemian Grove (Push My Buttons)New Chicago-based band with members from Baseball Furies, Lover!, Functional Blackouts etc. Think flower-y punk a'la Black Lips. 7" 4.90

OUTTA SITES Martin Jive / One Track Mind (Squoodge Records) Limited to 500 copies on black wax, big centerholes, 300gr/m 3D cardboard sleeve with 3mm spine, printed 3D-glasses, artwork by Jens-O-Matic. 7" 9.90

THEE OUTLETS 1st (Moody Monkey Records) Cool 4-song debut by his almost all girl band from Hamburg, St. Pauli.. Limited 7" 4.90
THEE OUTLETS Halloween Bash (Moody Monkey Records) The second 45 by with a sexy Bo-Diddleyish fecundity ode, and the flip might bring Screaming Lord Sutch alive again.7" 4.90

OVERNIGHT LOWS City Of Rotten Eyes (Goner) 12 cut debut LP on 150 gram vinyl and incl. download code. LP 14.50
OVERNIGHT LOWS Leichte Mädchen Haben Mehr Action (Red Lounge) Leichte Mädchen Haben Mehr Action/ Gluestick/ Life Is Gross. 7" 5.00

THE PACIFICS Play Favourites (Bachelor) 4 covers: You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover/ Lucille/ Baby It's You/ I'm Talking About You. 7" 5.00
PACIFICS Say You Love Me (Mistkäfer) New 4 track EP, all originals: Say You Love Me/ Little Ruth/ Girls Girls Girls/ Bavaria Bop. 7" 6.00

PAINK French Punk Anthems 1975-1982 (Born Bad) Best of french punk tracks. Cover by Kiki and Loulou Picasso. Tracks: Les Nouveaux Riches - 25 ans/ Strychnine - Ex BX/ Electrochoc - Chaise Electrique/ Gasoline - Killer Man/ Sexe a Pile - Pas Méchant/ Soggy - Waiting for the war/ Marie France - Dereglée/ Ruth Elyeri - Mescalito/ Les Olivensteins - Euthanasie/ Coronados - Elle m'attend tous les soirs/ Dogs - Nineteen/ Warm Gun - Broken Windows/ Gloires Locales - Catalogue/ Guilty Razors - I don't wanna be a rich. LP 14.90

PANIC BEATS Without Warning (P.Trash) LP 12.90

TAV FALCO & PANTHER BURNS Séance For Deranged Lovers (Bang!) Ballad of the Rue de la Lune / Sympathy for Mata Hari/ Chamber Of Desire/ Administrator Blues/ Tango Fatale/ Budapest / Secret Rende-vous / Garden of the Medicis / Lady From Shanghai/ Gentleman in Black / Phantôme Demoiselle/ Conjuration of Masques. LP 14.50
TAV FALCO PANTHER BURNS Live In London (Stag-O-Lee) Tav Falco Panther Burns at the legendary London venue 100 Club in September 2011! They played two sets, the first consisting of the tunes from their groundbreaking Behind The Magnolia Curtain debut and the second set was a mixture of old favourites and new tunes. 16 of those made it onto the final record. 10"/1: 1 Panther man 2 She's the one that's got it 3 Hey, high school baby 4 Ooeee, baby 5 Snake drive 6 St. louis blues 7 Love is my business 8 Brazil 9 Mala femmina 10"/2: 1 Funnel of love 2 Tobacco road 3 Lady from shanghai 4 Make me know you're mine 5 Lotus blossom 6 Entleman in black 7 My mind was messed around at the time. Double 10" 17.50


PARTISANS Police Story / Killing Machine (Ugly Pop) Devastating first single from these teen Welsh punks, blazing through a quick set of peerless first-generation hardcore. Racing drums, desperate vocals and an absolutely incendiary chainsaw. Originally released in Oct. 1981 and now reissued with high quality pressing in repro jacket with insert. 7" € 7.90

PARTY FOW Std's (Goodbye Boozy) "Std's/ Supertroopers". Guys from from Superstitions, Charlie And The Moonhearts, Traditional Fools. Limited to 300 copies. 7"4.90

PEAWEES Leave It Behind! (Wild Honey) Food For My Soul/ Gonna Tell/ Memories Are Gone/ Don't Knock At My Door/ Diggin' The Sound/ Good Boy Mama/ Danger/ Need A Reason/ Leave It Behind/ The Place/ Count Me Out. LP 11.50
PEAWEES 20 Years And You Still Don't Know Me (Wild Honey) A collection of 30 remastered tracks from their previous releases. Double LP 18.90

PENETRATORS Bad Woman (Slovenly) LP 11.90

PERFECT FITS Radio Transmitter (Douchemaster) Radio Transmitter/ Songs About Girls 7" 5.00

PERIPHERIQUE EST Demos Vol.2 (Rob's House) 4 track EP by belgian punkers: Hey Jack/ Tous Le Mots/ Chiens De Faience/ Marie. 7" 5.20

PERSIAN RUGS St.Peters Infirmary/ What's A Girl Supposed To Do? (Screaming Apple) 7" 4.50

PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS Raw Pie (Bachelor) with pocket comb included: I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza/ Pepperoni Eyes/ I Ain't Takin' You Out/ $7.99 For Love/ Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me/ I Can Reed/ Brass Knuckles/ Tear Jerker/ I Don't Feel So Happy Now No More/ Don't You Go In That Ground/ Never Find Me/ Pizza Army. LP 13.00

DAVID PETER & THE WILDE SECT The Tornado Sessions (Wilde Beat) Debut EP of four young danish fellas serving a nice wild portion of 60s R&B: Oh! Amy/ Wilde Girl/ Puppy Dog/ On The Street. 7" 6,50
DAVID PETER AND THE WILDE SECT Out Of My Mind/ Don't Leave Me (Dirty Water) Second 45 by Danish 60s Beat/R&B fiends. 7" 5.25

THE PETS Let's Go (Douchemaster) Let's Go/ I Want Fun 7" 5.00

ANDY DALE PETTY All Gods Children Have Shoes (Voodoo Rhythm) 13 folk cuts - a mix of originals, covers and traditionals: The Hour Is Near/ Walking Down The Line/ Alabama Jubilee/ Johnny The Walker Of The White Mountains/ Empty Bottle/ He Turned The Water Into Wine/ The Coo-Coo Bird/ In Christ There Is No East Or West/ Joe Hill/ The Ghost Of The Goatman/ Waltzing On The Saturday Night Astral Plane/ Where The Fiddle Plays/ Sunflower River Blues. LP 12.90
ANDY DALE PETTY Frick's Lament (Voodoo Rhythm) LP-version plus free CD! Frick's Lament/ Train On A Island/ The Building Is Doomed/ That Ol' Day/ Keraxa Lu/ James Burwell/ Early Modern Times/ Meteor Shower/ Augostine's First Return/ Steel Guitar Rag/Shake Sugarfree/ Spin Me Round/ January Winds. LP+CD 15.90

LOS PEYOTES Introducing Los Peyotes (Dirty Water) South American garage punk - and you can tell they love LOS SAICOS not just because they cover them... LP 12.50
LOS PEYOTES Garaje o Muerte (Dirty Water) The 3rd album from the South American garage-punk combo. LP12.50
LOS PEYOTES El Humo Te Hace Mal/ Te Pegare (Dirty Water) South American neo 60s garage. 7" 5.00

PHANTOM JETS The Phantom Jet Set (Screaming Apple) Phantom Stomp/ Prisoner of Love/ Drag Queen Race/ Heart of Stone/ Teenage Frankenstein/ Swingin' Zombie Head/ Thee Action's Gone/ I Can Tell/ Ask For Nothing/ We'll Be Fine/ I Wanna Tell You/ The One We Want/ DeadBeat Drag. LP 10.50

THE PHANTOM KEYS The Real Sounds Of... (Screaming Apple) Im still a mess/ Twisted neck/ Even if i try/ Evil Eye/ My last mistake/ The drunk chicken walk/ Corn Likker/ Don't tell me lies/ Land (o) Beat/ It's better girl/ Poor boy/ I was true (but I won't be more). LP 11.90

THE PHARMACY / JAPANTHER split (Bachelor) Japanther "Not At War" is a pretty cool trashy 'pop' tune. Plus: Pharmacy: "What Are You Doing With Your Life". 7" 5.00

PHEROMOANS Open For Business EP (Yakisakana) Their third 45, limited to 500 copies: Sister Of The Sap/ Radical Courrier/ I'm Through With Wedgie Cubist/ Big Chief Letting Agent. 7" 4.90

JEFFREY LEE PIERCE Six Strings Sermon (Bang!) Deluxe edition of only 1000 copies on 150 gram vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve. Acoustic rural blues recorded in the early 80s. For the first time on vinyl.LP 22.90

PIKES IN PANIC "Right Or Wrong, they 're still The Captains" (Gravediggers Rec.) PIKES IN PANIC were part of the italian 80s garage-punk scene - this CD includes the whole discography, plus all their live recordings, a bonus videoclip shot during a live concert and 7 never before published tracks for the first time on CD. Double CD 16.50

PIERRE & BASTIEN Que Du Bonheur (PollymaggooRecords) (POLLY 11) A cool piece of contemporary french punk - their second album. Tracks: Race/ Grosse Caisse/ Plus Que Les Chiens/ Graisse De Phoque/ Sentiments/ Handicapé/ Destinée/ Femme. LP 14.50

PIRATE LOVE Black Vodoun Space Blues (Voodoo Rhythm) The Lonely Streets/ Shake It!/ In A Dirty Cellar/ Sick Of You/ Slumber Blues/ Broken Soul #2/ Death Trip/ Skin Deep/ You Don't Brake My Heart/ Laughing Gas/ Ain't Nothing To Do (A Kiss Hello)/ Tranquilizer. LP 12.90

LES PLAYBOYS Anthologie (Soundflat) Collection of recordings between 1982 and 2008: L'homme De Tanger/ Le Roi Des Fous/ 1 Heure Que J'attends/ Elle N'aurait Pas Du/ J'ai Tout Donne/ La Tete A L'envers/ Tu Devrais Avoir Honte/ L'homme De Marrakech/ Avec Toi/ Maudit/ Ne Crois Pas/ A Quoi Bon?/ Les Yeux Verts/ La Radio L'a Annonce/ Je Revendique Dltrpar/ D'ou Viens-Tu Ce Soir? LP11.90

PLEXI 3 Tides Of Change (Bachelor) 60s girl group & mod/pop sound - too cute for my ears..: She/ Tides Of Change/ Heart I Had/ Menial/ Didn't Really Matter/ PO Box 9847/ Till It Comes True/ Little Vacation/ Stop & Listen/ Next Victim/ Heart's Growing Old/ Man With Money/ Timebox. LP 10.50

POINTED STICKS Perfect Youth - reissue of 1980 power pop alb on Quintessence Records. LP 12.90

THE POP RIVETS Greatest Hits (Damaged Goods) Reissue of the first album from BILLY CHILDISH, BRUCE BRAND and BIG RUSS. New sleevenotes by Billy Childish. LP 12.90

POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES COLD AND BLIND (Voodoo Rhythm) Tracklist : 1. Cold and Blind, 2. Vodka and a Fight, 3. Come to the Water, 4. Loves Disease, 5. Take Off Your Mask, 6. Ferris Wheel, 7. The Gallows, 8. East Mountain, 9. Sweet Mary Alice, 10. Fiddle Run. LP 12.90

THEE POUNDERS Don't Come Back / Stay In My Liife (CopaseDisques) Debut Single of this Hamburg St. Pauli outfit, all members of famous and almost famous bands with a sound dedicated to mid 60 garage. "Don't Come Back" is a original and ''Stay In My Life'' a Pied Pipers cover. 7" 4.90

POWER-CHORDS Think I'm Gonna (Screaming Apple) Think I'm Gonna/ Amygdala/ Bad Guys/ You don't look so good/ Blow/ Blue Bus/ Dummy/ Games/ She's a Virgin/ New Pheromones/ Tia Carrere/ With You. LP 10.50
THE POWERCHORDS More Than Me/ Chemical Girl (Bachelor) 7" 5.00

PREDATOR Honest Man/ D.L.D.D./ No (Rob's House) 7" 5.20

GREG "STACKHOUSE" PREVOST Mr Charlie/ Rolling Stone (Mean Disposito) First solo recordings by Chesterfield Kings frontman, described as a lesson in raw acoustic blues. 7" 5.20
GREG ‘STACKHOUSE’ PREVOST Mississippi Murderer (Mean Disposition) Death Rides With The Morning Sun, Get Myself Home, I Ain’t Signifying, Hard Time Killing Floor Blues, Stoned To Death, Hey Gyp, Too Much Junk, Ain’t Nothin’ Here To Change My Mind, Downstate New Yawk Blooze, Ramblin’ On My Mind, Never Trust The Devil, John The Revelator.LP 13.90 / CD 12.90

PRIMEVALS Heavy War (Beast Records) New album by this Glasgow outfit, formed in 1983 and still going. 11 cuts. LP 13.90

PRODUCTS Fast Music (RAVE UP 29) LP 11.50

PROSTITUTES You Don't Want to Fuck With Me/ We've Got No Choice/ Wild Youth (Mad Man Rec.) 77 Punk by these teen from Paris. 7"4.90

PROTOKIDS Such A Waste / What Did I Expect (Push My Buttons) French punkrock Real Kids style 7" 5.50
PROTOKIDS Geometric Boy (Alien Snatch) 2nd Single by Paris own rising stars of powerpop. Tracks: Geometric Boy/ Teenage Bore/ Please/ Self Conscious Over You. 7" 4.90

PSYCHOTIC YOUTH Bamboozle (Gonna Puke) LP 11.50

PUGET POWER III (Regal Select) Mudhoney/Night Kings/Calamity Jane/Rancid Vat. 7" 6.65

THE PUSSYWARMERS My Pussy Belongs To Daddy (Voodoo Rhythm) From the Italian speaking part of Switzerland: Bonjour Madame/ Dead/ I Saw The Devil/ The Devil's Carillon/ Summertime/ I Wanna Have/ Dounats/ Ashes/ In The Crowd/ C'era Una Volta. LP 12.90
PUSSYWARMERS Chronicles (Voodoo Rhythm) LP comes with exclusive poster. 2nd alb of this Swiss combo offering a mix mix of java jazz, 20-30s brass blues and obscure chansongs in English, French German and Italian. LP12.90 / CD 15.50

QUINTRON Too Thirsty 4 Love (Goner) and Miss Pussycat: Too Thirsty 4 Love/ Waterfall/ Walk To The Harvest/ The Boss Wants To Party With You/ Dirt Bag Fever/ Sunday Night/ Reborn/ Grey Ghost/ Freedom/ Final Conflict/ Model Ex-Citizen. LP 12.50
QUINTRON & MISS PUSSYCAT Ring The Alarm / Jamskate (Bachelor) 7" 5.50
QUINTRON Sucre Du Sauvage (Goner) Double LP, coming with download code: Ring the Alarm/ Face Down in the Gutter/ New Years Night/ Kicked Out of Zolar X/ Banana Beat/ Sucre Du Sauvage/ All Night Right of Way/ Spirit Hair/ Elevator/ Deer in the Clouds/ Bells/Train Ride/ Jazz Bar/ Morning. LP22.50

RACKET GHOST Beech Party / Watch Me Move (Goodbye Boozy) Lo-Fi Psych from Michigan, super limited in three different sleeves. 7" 5.50

RAMMA LAMMA Little Runaway / Do You Know (Goodbye Boozy) Single with 3 cover art variations and 3 labels: Goodbye boozy cover art/ Ramma Recs. cover art/ / Lamma Recs. cover art. all limited to 90 hand numbered copies each. 7" 5.50

RAMONES We´re Getting Out Of Here - Two demo tracks: 'Working It Over' (from 1984 'Too Tough To Die' sessions) and 'Please Don't Leave' (from the 'End Of The Century' sessions). 7" 7,90
RAMONES Slug / Yea, Yea (Sire) Fanclub single. Slug is an outtake from Rocket To Russia, Yea Yea is a demo from the Road To Ruin era! 7 8.90

RAPIERS Spotlight On (Soundflat) LP 10.30

RAS Vill Ha Mer / Ett Folk, Ett Ras (Savage) Members from the Manikins and Henry Fiat's Open Sore with KBD-style punk. 7" 4.90
RAS Blue LP (Push My Buttons) Ras has been around for a few years and consist of members from Henry Fiat's Open Sore and the Manikins (among others). In 2011 they released their debut 7" on Push My Buttons.This is the Blue LP on Push My Buttons. Containing nine brand new songs: Alltid Själv/ Brinn din jävla präst/ Ingenting är bra/ Kärlek/ Äta människor/ Idiot/ Hyveln/ Vaken/ Det är över. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. LP 12.90
RAS Yellow LP (Skrammel Records) LP number two, releasedtogether with above "Blue" LP: Ras/ Rock'n rollen ekar/ Svarttaxi/ Jag vill se dig dö/ Sitter där och bor/ Jag ska aldrig sluta slåss/ Ta med ditt egna kött/ ikväll/ Slut/ Råttornas vinter/ 7/11. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. LP 12.90

RATS Let's Keep It Superficial/ 21/ She's A Choker/ Yer Other Planet (Puta Records) 7" 4.90
RATS I Don't Understand It/ We Don't Need No One (Puta Records) 7" 4.90

RAUNCH HANDS Bigg Topp (Rock Is Pain) The Sophisticated Screw/ Second Hand Man/ Mojo Hanna/ One Way Ride/ The Skies Above/ Pick Me One Down/ Big Topp's Pop Spot/ Big Boat/ I Wachted You Go/ You Don't Care/ Beautified. LP 16.90

LOS RAW GOSPELS La Fiesta De La Muerte (P.Trash) Limited to 300 copies...: Black Eyes/ There’s No Going Back/ Hey Guapa!/ Volcano Woman/ Hipshake/ Tornadomorte/ Beat of The Traps/ Nothin’ Coming/ Fleshless/ Before It Dies/ Gangsta/ She Don’t Look So Fine Ggg. LP 14.00
LOS RAW GOSPELS The Blue Demon V.S. El Santo (Yakisakana). Mighty suave artwork once more and great trashy garage punk (featuring an anonymous member of Black Time). “Fight!/ El Santo vs. The Blue Demon/ Deathgrip/ Vendetta” 7” 4,90

THE RAWS Let`s have a Bondage Blues (Squoodge) 177 one sided copies in black wax and black labels, record runs from inside out: Bondage blues / Boogie Boo Hoo / Geri Döndüler / Love lips. 7" 8.00
THE RAWS Beach Mo Ka Ko / Sana Birseyler Olmus (Perpetrator) Second 45 by this turkish garage punk band. Flipside is a turkish version of "Land of 1000 Dances". 7"5.50

RAYDIOS No Expectation (Secret Mission) 3 cut EP by the Raydios, featuring Fink (of Teengenerate and Firestarter). All original tunes and all recorded for this release. Tracks: "No Expectation/ School Trash/ Faster." Limited 45 includes download code. 7" 6.90

RAZORS Christ Child / Enemy (Incognito) Reissue of one of the first german Punk 45s, The Razors from Hamburg. Self produced and released in 1979, now reissued with same artwork, plus an inlay with the band history in german and english. 7" 6.90

REACTIONS Love You (Reactions Rec) Reissue of good 1980/81 punk/powerpop from Florida: Tonight/ Marianne/ In Society/ It`s Our Turn Now/ Nights On End/ Marianne/ I Can`t Help It / Rebel Rousers. 10" 11.90

DARRYL READ GROUP On The Streets Tonight/ Back Street Urchin (Last Year´s Youth) In the mid 70´s Darryl Read (ex-Crushed Butler) had another try at stardom and recorded these unreleased demos with the help of Silverhead´s Steve Forrest and Charlie Harty. Two Proto-Punkers which were rejected by EMI and stayed in the vaults until now. Limited edition of 500 copies! 7" 6.90

REAL BAD NEWS Black & White & Red All Over (Screaming Apple) LP 10.50

THE REAL KIDS Senseless - Live At Cantone's 1982 (Norton) LP 14.00
THE REAL KIDS Foggy Notion(Norton) The earliest known Real Kids recordings circa 1974 find the band working out on three Velvet Underground numbers plus a lengthy read of Felice’s old boss Jonathan Richman’s Fly Into The Mystery! Foggy Notion / There She Goes Again / Sweet Jane / Fly Into The Mystery.  10" 12.90

THE REAL LOSERS Music For Funsters (Alien Snatch) Their great second Lp of trashy punkrock and painful guitar screech! Play it LOUD! 220g LP € 10,50

REAL NUMBERS Cant Find A Way/ Tass Times/ NY Girls/ You’re Breaking Up (Bachelor) 7" 5.00

REAL TURDS Leibstandarte Traci Lords (Red Lounge) LP 10.90
REAL TURDS Negerpunk: A Tribute To Eddie "One-String Jones (Red Lounge) 7" 4.50
REAL TURDS Demons BBQ(Red Lounge) Demons BBQ/ Leibstandarte Traci Lords/ Wild In The Streets/ I'm A Real Turd. 7"4.50

REALLY RED Crowd Control / Corporate Settings (C.I.A. Records) Repro of '79 self released punk 45, comped on Bloostains/Killed By Death.. 7" 7.90

JAY REATARD Singles 06-07 (In The Red) Double Lp in gatefold sleeve with all his out of print 45s from 200 & 2007. Re-mastered by Jay Reatard. Double LP18.90

REATARDS Teenage Hate (Goner) Double LP reissue of JAY REATARD's first LP with a bonus album of early tracks recorded on four-track and previously only released on cassettes. Double LP28.90

RED DEVILS Queen Bee EP (Casting Couch ) Queen Bee/ Ain't Nothin But Right/ Button Nose/ Little Miss Linda. Pre-Fireworks, Blacktop, etc. From 1991 on red vinyl. 7" 6.90

RED MASS Pourquoi? (Goodbye Boozy) "Pourquoi?/ Dig My Grave". New project by ROY ( CPC Gangbangs, Choyce and more .. ) 2 songs. Limited to 300 copies. 7" 4.90
RED MASS S/T (Red Lounge) New Band from Roy/ Choyce from the CPC GANGBANGS! Limited five track 10" with gatefold sleeve. 10" 10,50

THE REDNECKS Blitzkrieg Bop Live '78 (ZAK 9) Swiss punk featuring ex-members from BASTARDS/JACK & THE RIPPERS/LES SCELLERATES. Unissued live broadcast from October 1978 where they opened for the TROGGS with their 17 fave covers: Blitzkrieg Bop/ Let Go/ JuJu Man/ I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll/ Please, Please, Please/ Endless Sleep/ Needles And Pins/ Please Don't Touch/ Cop Cars/ Wild Wild Women/ It's My own Business/ Mistery Dance/ Pills/ Please Don't Touch/ JuJu Man/ Blitzkrieg Bop/ Let Go. CD 14.50

REGAL Possible Endings (Frantic City/ Azbin Records) 12 track album of country-garage-pop rock including crunchy songs, tragic ends, insane nurses etc. LP 11.50

REGULATIONS "Electric Guitar"(Cage Match Federation) slightly damaged sleeve LP 9.50

THE REHABS S/T (Primitive Records) Drug Me To The Bones/ Childhood/ Rehabs/ Leechman/ I'm In Love With Your Mom/ What's The Problem/ My Girlfriend/ Wake Up In The Morning/ Step & Go/ I Love You All/ Pigeons/ White Talk. Limited to 250 copies. LP 11.00

REIGNING SOUND Too Much Guitar (In The Red) LP 19.50
REIGNING SOUND Time Bomb High School(In The Red) LP 19.50 / CD 14.50
In Memphis (Norton) "Black sheep/Tennessee" 7" € 6.00
REIGNING SOUND If Christmas Can't Bring You Home/ That's All I Want/ Jingle Bell Rock (Norton) 7" 6.00
REIGNING SOUND I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys b/w HENTCHMEN Surprise, Surprise (Norton) 7" 6.00
REIGNING SOUND Love And Curses (In The Red) Brake It/ Trash Talk/ Call Me/ The Bells/ If I Can't Come Back/ Something To Hold Onto/ Dangerous Game/ Broken Things/ Debris/ Stick Up For Me/ Love Won't Leave You A Song/ Polly Anne/ Is It True/ Banker And A Liar. LP 19.50 / CD 14.50
REIGNING SOUND Shattered (Merge) Their first LP for Merge and the first full LP by the group since 2009's Love and Curses.Tracks: 01. North Cackalacky Girl 02. Never Coming Home 03. Falling Rain 04. If You Gotta Leave 05. You Did Wrong 06. Once More 07. My My 08. Starting New 09. Baby, It's Too Late 10. In My Dreams 11. I'm Trying (To Be The Man You Need). LP 19.50

MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS Rocket To Nowhere / Quasar (Mighty Mouse) Official reissue of a legendary single from Ohio's guitar underground. The 1978 debut with picture sleeve, recorded in 1975, the Original "Moxie" mix. 7" 7.90

REPUBLIKANS S/T (Lone Star) Featuring Markus Karlsson from the Turpentines on mic. Limited to 500 copies on clear-piss-yellow wax. LP 16.00

RETAINERS S/T (P.Trash) Waste Of Time /Gimmie A Pill/ Burn My Money/ Let's Go Suicide/ I Want A Fight/ Wash My Hands/ Next To You/ Sick Of Searching/ Coming After You/ Commit Crime/ ESP/ Outerspace RainbowLP 12.00

THE REVELLIONS Sigh's/ Ain’t No Fool (Dirty Water) 7" 5.25

REVEREND BEAT-MAN AND THE UN BELIEVERS Get On Your Knees (Voodoo Rhythm) LP + CD 15.50
REVEREND BEAT-MAN & THE CHURCH OF HERPES Your Favorite Position Is On Your Knees (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 14.50
REVEREND BEAT-MAN Surreal Folk Blues Trash, Vol. 1" (Voodoo Rhythm) The Clown Of The Town/ I Belong To You/ I'm Happy/ Coco Grace/ Jesus Christ Twist/ Our Girls (Studio Version)/ Another Day Another Life (Studio)/ No Hope/ I Wanna Know/ One Fine Day/ Meine Kleine Russin/ The Beat-Man Way. LP plus CD 15.50
REVEREND BEAT-MAN Surreal Folk Blues Trash, Vol. 2 (Voodoo Rhythm) 12,90
REVEREND BEAT-MAN Radio Jingle (Get Hip) Radio Jingle/ I Don't Need No Cocaine Just Need My Hot Rod/ You Are On Top. 7" 5.00
REVEREND BEAT-MAN It`s A Beat-Man`s World / I´ll Be There For You (Squoodge Records) A James Broen Cover and a original. The pressing is limited to 222 copies. 7" 11.50

REVEREND ELVIS Desperation LP + CD (Suzy Q Records SQ-LP666) Satanic Gospel and DeathCountry - Songs about darkness, loneliness, desperation and how to cut sweet girls in pieces.Tracks: Dying Crapshooter Blues/ They Know What You Do / I Cast A Lonesome Shadow / Jezebel / Knoxville Girl / Teddyboy Boogie / Cups Of Coffee And 14 Cigarettes / Soon One Morning / Highwayman / Up And Down / Mournin' / I Don't Care If Tomorrow Never Comes / Massakkar. LP + CD 13.50
REVEREND ELVIS AND THE UNDEAD SYNCOPATORS Punk (Suzy Q Records SQ-LP001) 2009 release: I'm A Blues Punk/ Trouble/ The Angel Of Death/ Kill! Kill! Kill!/ Never Let You Go/ 666/ Tainted Love/ I Still Believe/ Dead Before You Died/ Boppin' The Blues/ Country Heroes/ Rockabilly Riot/ Honky Tonkin'/ Killer Wolf. LP 11.90

REVEREND HORTON HEAT Laughin And Cryin With... (Yep Rock) 180gran vinyl (and free download code): Drinkin' and Smokin' Cigarettes/ Ain't No Saguaro in Texas/ Death Metal Guys/ River Ran Dry/ Please Don't Take the Baby to the Liquor Store/ Aw, the Humanity/ Rural Point of View/ Oh God! Doesn't Work in Vegas/ Spacewalk/ Beer Holder/ Crazy Ex Boyfriend/ There's A Little Bit of Everything in Texas/ Just Let Me Hold My Paycheck/ Oh By Jingo! LP 19.80

REVEREND SAVAGE & HIS HOLY ROLLERS "You Got To Believe / Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb" (Savage) 2 Great Gospel/Soul garage punkers from these swede obliv fiends... 7" 4.90

RHONDA Take It Back / Sound of Soda (CopaseDisques) Debut 45 with Soul Pop cuts. 7" 4.90

RHUM RUNNERS Rhum Rhapsodies (Doghouse & Bone) 8-track 10" by this modern exotic rock'n'roll band. Tracks.: Let's Ride With Tarzan / Back Again In The Congo / Allada Twist / Dinner At Dracula's / Rum Rhapsody / Sahara / Song For Lula / Azor & Zemir / Doghouse & Bone Records / P & C Doghouse & Bone Records 2015 /10" 13.90

RIFF RANDELLS "Doublecross" (Alien Snatch) Girlie power pop duo from Vancouver. LP 11.00

THE RIOTS Truncheons, Shields and Size 10 Boots (CopaseDisques) Mod/Powerpop band from Moscow/Russia 7" 4.90

RIGHT ON Buried Alive/Love (Royal) 7"5.50

RIP OFFS "European tour single 2007" (Squoodge) One sided 7" with 3 live cuts: Fed Up/ Ugly/ She Said Yeah 7" 5.50

THE RIPPERS I Got My Mojo Working/ You Can't Leave Me All Night Alone (Slovenly) 7" 5.25
RIPPERS It's Not A Place For The Men/ Out Of My Head For A Day (Slovenly) 7" 5.25

RIVER CITY TANLINES Modern Friction/ She Said Yes (Savage Records) Members from Lost Sounds and the Tennessee Tearjerkers. 7" 4,75

THE RIVIERA PLAYBOYS Ambassadors Of Rock'n'Roll (Screaming Apple) LP € 10.50

ROB K "Dirty 12/ Bad Gita" (Unsound) Rob K (ex Workdogs) with Jon Spencer, Mrs. Cristina Martinez, Bob Bert, Matt Verta Ray, etc.   7"  5.00

ROCK'80 (Hate) Reissue of the first Italian punk compilation! First issued in 1980 by the semi-indie label CRAMPS: The first single from the KAOS ROCK with the anthem "Basta Basta", the first Italian all-female punk band KANDEGGINA GANG, the X-RATED and the DIRTY ACTIONS, plusTAKE FOUR DOSES, WINDOPEN, SKIANTOS. LP 13.90

ROCK’N’ROLL BITCHES Wild West EP (Ugly Pop) While their name remains known to few outside the rabid record collector cogniscenti world-wide, this legendary Alberta outfit came barrelling out of Edmonton in 1980 with just this one near-perfect— and very limited— record before imploding and disappearing for evermore….but what a record it was. Coming across like nothing so much as a super-charged version of the first Teenage Head LP, these punks amped up the energy and aggression without sacrificing an ounce of their inherent raw tunefulness and swagger. Tracks: Someone Could Lose An Eye/ Broad Daylight/ Welder's Song/ Wild West. 7" 7.90

ROCK'N'ROLL HOTEL Bar-B-Q/Same Old Records (Fanboy) 7" 4.00

THE ROCKIN' LAFAYETTES Mud Hole (Mad Cruisin' Torpedos) A german band doing R'n'R and 60s R&B since 25 years: The Rockin’ Lafayettes Theme/ Buona Sera Signorina/ You Won’t Find Many More Of My Kind/ Bear Cat/ Mud Hole/ No Dance No Song But Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Keep Runnin’/ Measuring Pipe/ Can’t Move/ I Was Doin’ It (Bonus Track)/ No More Goin’ Away/ I Gotta Go/ The Rockin’ Lafayettes Theme Outro. LP 13.50 / CD 13.50

ROTTEN MIND I'm Alone Ever With You (Lovely) Debut album by this swedish band named after a Jay Reatard song. LP 13.90

ROTTWEILER I'm Down / Wanna Be Your Friend (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1980's swedish punk 45. 7" 6.50

ROUTES Alligator (Dirty Water) Do What's Right By You/ Be My Jane/ I Never Learn/ A Love Like Mine/ I'm Spent/ Sinchan's Number/ Alligator/ As It Is/ Now I Don't Know You/ Brick Wall/ Go Away. LP 12.50
ROUTES Do What's Right By You/ Love Like Glue (Dirty Water) 7" 5.25
ROUTES Instrumentals (Groovie Records) 10 instros: Hotwired/ Nearly Got Me/ Bossa Hossa Nova/ Luck Of The Devil/ Shove-it/ Yeti Spaghetti/ Cavalgada/ Skuzz Bucket/ Smoking Gun/ Hang Eleven. LP14.90
ROUTES Everybody's Looking EP (Groovie Records) New EP with 4 original tracks, this time with vocals again - fuzzed embeded garage. 7" 6.50

ROY & THE DEVILS MOTORCYCLE Because Of Woman (Voodoo Rhythm) Re-release with CD included. Tracks: Dark Sunday Evening7/ Don't Leave Me/ Winding Up/ Dust Ball Flashback/ I Had A Dream/ Johnny Be Good/ It Hurts Me Too/ Illumated Cowboy/ When We Where Young . LP + CD 15.50
ROY & THE DEVILS MOTORCYCLE Water Air Food & Love/ But Someday Baby/ We Don't Know. Self released limited 45 with no info on sleeve,but all infos engraved on the dead wax of the vinyl. 7" 7.90
ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE Tell It To The People (Voodoo Rhythm) LP plus CD 15.50
ROY & THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE Forgotten Million Seller (Voodoo Rhythm) Re-release of the first Voodoo Rhythm LP from 1997. LP + CD 15.50

THE ROYAL FLARES Tales Of Sound & Fury (CopaseDisques) Dedicated to wild 60s garage Punk, the Royal Flaires offer a mix of covers and originals on their debut LP: Bad Part Of Town/ Gonna Get There/ Going All The Way/ Signifying Nothing/ This Is Why/ Blowing My Mind/ The Stalker/ Miracle Worker/ You Lied To Me Before/ Make You Feel Alright/ Mavis/ Last Time Around. LP 11.90
ROYAL FLARES Blaze (Born Loser) Mini LP following their debut album on CopaseDisques. Six tracks released on their own label: Why?!/ I - You = 0/ See Me Walking At Night/ She's Not There/ Mrs Sarah Lee/ Wanna Love You. LP 12.00

ROYAL HANGMEN Hell Yeah! An 80's Garage Tribute by.... (CopaseDisques) 7" 7.00

ROYAL PENDLETONS Nites Along The Mississippi: Live In Memphis And Olde New Orleans (Allons Rec) Smokin/ All Your Love/ He Was A Square/ Nothing Takes The Place Of You/ Route 66/ Mike's Mood/ I've Got My Sheep Suite On/ Death Of An Angel/ High Wall/ Pendleton Stomp/ That'll Be The End/ Trouble In My Life/ Unforgivable Sin/ Stormy. LP12.90

ROYAL ROUTES "Movin Up/Toxic" (YAKISAKANA) 2nd  great 45 of these guys who are or were pretty busy in bands like Spaceshits, Scat Rag Boosters or Les  Sexareenos etc. Great blend of GORIES, GIBSON BROS, BASSHOLES, 68 COMEBACK etc. style. 7" 4.90
ROYAL ROUTES I Want Her/ Mr. Clean (Perpetrator) 7" 5.50

RUDI 14 Steps To Death (Last Year's Youth - LAST-5) 4 unreleased cuts from 1981 by Ireland Punk & Power-Pop outfit: 14 Steps To Death/ Crimson/ Radio On/ The Prince Of Pleasure. 7" 6.50

RUSSIAN ROULETTES R'N'R (P.Trash Records) New band with members of Digger And The Pussycats, Motorsport, The Specimens, Kamikaze Trio, The Actioneers And Swearjar: Drinking Much To Long / September Girl/ Wrong Direction/ Outta Control/ You Only Call Me When You’re Down/ Gonna Make It/ Party/ Girl You Know How To Dance / I Just Wanna Make Love To You/ All The Things LP 12.00

RUTS Stepping Bondage (Last Years Youth) Demos 1978 - 1980. LP 11,90



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