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ADRIAN AND THE SUNSETS Breakthrough (Sundazed) High-Flyin' Surf Rock From Southern California on 180 Gram Multi-Colored Vinyl! Adrian Lloyd and his backing band The Sunsets were still teenagers when they recorded this highly-prized slab of pure California surf-rock. Long desired amongst collectors both for its brand of high-energy, drum-driven rock ‘n’ roll and for the crazy swirly vinyl it was pressed on, Breakthrough is a prime example of a genre that still excites fans of early ‘60s music. Featuring the should-have-been-a-hit title track and many other almost-classics. Tracks: 1. Breakthrough 2. Donna 3. Slippin’ 4. I Don't need You No More 5. Nothing But Drums, Part 1 6. Nothing But Drums, Part 2 7. Cherry Pie 8. She Treats Me Better Than You Side B 9. Wipe Out 10. Boss 11. Surfer Joe 12. Pipeline 13. Stomping Time 14. Justine 15. On Moonlight Bay (previously unissued) 16. Drums In Orbit (previously unissued). LP 19.90

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS BULLSEYE - A SIXTIES RETROSPECTIVE 20 cuts of his fuzz-laden 60s instros. CD 14.00
DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS Wild Angels Vol.2 (Tower) Mo stuff... LP12.90
DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS Cycle Breed (Sundazed) Make Love Not War/ Hell Rider/ Wild Racers Theme/ Devil’s Carnival/ Cycle Party/ Loser’s Lament/ Surfer’s Paradise*/ High Rise/ The Angry Mob/ The Stomper’s Party/ The Loser’s Burial/ The Angry Breed*/ The Cycle Breed*/ Rape*/ Pursuit/ Wild in the Streets. *previously unissued. Numbered, limited edition of 1,000 copies on high-definition vinyl LP 18.50
DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS Devil's Rumble (Sundazed) Full title: 'DEVIL's RUMBLE: THE DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS ANTHOLOGY '65-'68. First ever legit anthology of Allan's fuzz-filled 60s recordings made for Tower and Sidewalk.. 28 on two LP's , all from the original Tower label mono masters. Contains tracks from each of his studio albums, single-only sides plus many rare soundtrack performances! DoLP 29.90

THE AQUANAUTS RUMBLE ON THE DOCKS / BOMBORA (SAFARI S-1005) Stunning early 60'S Moody Surf Instro 2 sider. Super tough To Find on original Pressing. 7" 6.50

ASTRONAUTS RARITIES (Bear Family) 28 cuts from 7"s, soundtracks, etc. Not so hot but it has their mega-rare rockabilly, "Come Along Baby" 7". CD 16.00
ASTRONAUTS Live: Everything’s A-OK/Astronauts Orbit Campus (Bear Family) 23 cuts from 2 live lps. CD 16.00
ASTRONAUTS SURFIN WITH/COMPETITION COUPE (Bear Family) 24 cuts from these 2 lps. CD 16.00
ASTRONAUTS Competition Coupe (Sundazed) Little Ford Ragtop/ Competition Coupe/ The Hearse/ ’55 Bird/ Devil Driver’s Theme/ Happy Ho-Daddy/ Our Car Club/ Devil Driver/ Chevy Scarfer/ 4:56 Stingray/ El Aguila/ 650 Scrambler. High-Definition Vinyl LP 18.50

BACK-WASH RHYTHM BAND GOLDEN BREED O.S.T. (Sundazed) Surf soundtrack, recorded by The Back-Wash Rhythm Band, a loose group of studio musicians (incl. Davie Allan) led by Mike Curb and Jerry Styner. This one's in the manner of similar surf soundtracks by The Sandals and other groups of that nature. LP 18.50

BATTLE OF RAT FINK HILL (Norton) Unissued Link Wray and Bo Diddley inspired Pittsburgh teen band instrumentals 1961-63 all from master tapes! OUTCASTS - Scotora Mull/Sleepy/Hollow Rock/Burning Rubber/Let’s Do The Ubangi Stomp/Emergency Exit/Jose Meteres Theme GALAXIES - Malibu Beach KEYS - If You Wanna Be Happy/Louie’s Louie Louie MAD HATTERS - Raw-hide/Peter Gunn/Jack The Ripper/Mumblin’ Guitar SONICS - Blow Out/Super Sport/Torture/Road Runner. LP 14.00

BEACH PARTY: GARPAX SURF 'N' DRAG (Ace) CDCHD 998. BEACH PARTY (ALL SUMMER LONG) - Dave Kinzie/ THE WIPE OUT - Kenny & the Sultans/ RED HOT SCRAMBLER-GO! - The Captivations/ WAIKIKI RUMBLE - Vince & the Waikiki Rumblers/ SUMMERTIME IS SURFIN' TIME - The Surf Bunnies/ ESCONDIDO - The Torquays/ LET'S GO TO THE BEACH - Sandford & the Sandies/ KAHA HUNA (GODDESS OF SURFING) - Gene Moles/ LITTLE BITTY KING OF THE ROAD - The Captivations/ SURF DANCE - Kenny & the Ho-Daddies/ SURFIN' WITH JIMMY - Judy Russell/ COUNTDOWN - The Rockets Band/ BIG BAD HO DAD - Lord Douglas Byron/ THE SCAVENGER - Gary Paxton/ FIREWATER - Bucky & the Dales/ SURFIN' BACK TO SCHOOL - The Fashions/ SPEEDSHIFT - The Captivations/ WITH VIGOR - Kenny & the Sultans/ SURFER'S MEMORIES - The Fashions/ WAR PATH - Lonnie McLaughlin & the Premiers/ WILD WILD MUSTANG - The Captivations/ SURFER'S CRY - The Torquays/ WARRIOR - The Rockets Band/ TWO HUMP DUAL BUMP CAMEL NAMED ROBERT E LEE - Gary Paxton & the ?s/ GOOFY GUITAR - Kenny & the Ho-Daddies/ DEAR HENRY FORD - The Zip-Codes. CD 16.90

BEEP BEEP & THE ROAD RUNNERS Shifting Gears /True Love Knows (Vincent 222-2) Killer 1966 East Coast Linkster style Instro flipped with a storming Garage Punker. Comp’d on Strummin’ Mental & Back From The Grave lps/cds. 7" 6.50

BIRTH OF SURF (Ace) CDCHD 1155. RAMROD - Duane Eddy & The Rebels/ CROSSFIRE - Johnny & the Hurricanes/ BULLDOG - The Fireballs/ MOON DAWG - The Gamblers/ LULLABY OF THE LEAVES - The Ventures/ MR MOTO - The Belairs/ JACK THE RIPPER - Link Wray & His Ray Men/ LATIN'IA - The Sentinals/ BUSTIN' SURFBOARDS - The Tornadoes/ EL TORO - The Surfmen/ MISERLOU - Dick Dale & The Del-Tones/ PIPELINE - The Chantays/ WIPE OUT- The Surfaris/ SURF RIDER - The Lively Ones/ LATIN SOUL - The Original Surfaris/ JEZEBEL - The Illusions/ BAJA - The Astronauts/ EARTHQUAKE - Aki Aleong & The Nobles/ BEAVER PATROL - The Blazers/ SQUAD CAR - Eddie & The Showmen/ FIBERGLASS JUNGLE - The Crossfires/ GYPSY SURFER - The Avantis/ LET THERE BE SURF - The Chevells/ EL GATO - The Chandelles/ PENETRATION - The Pyramids/ SURF CREATURE - Bob Hafner. CD 16.90
BIRTH OF SURF Volume 2 (Ace) WALK - DON'T RUN The Ventures/ STAMPEDE The Scarlets/ SHANGHIED The Wailers/ CHURCH KEY The Revels with Barbara Adkins/ WILD WEEKEND The Rockin' Rebels/ BUST OUT The Busters/ SURF BEAT Dick Dale & His Del-Tones/ POINT PANIC The Surfaris/ MONSOON The Chantays/ BULLWINKLE PT II The Centurions/ HIGH TIDE The Lively Ones/ HOT DOGGIN' The Astronauts/ ENCHANTED The Pagents/ SURFARI The Original Surfaris/ MALAGUENA The Trashmen/ MIDNIGHT RUN The Pyramids/ BAGGIES The Bel-Aires/ BANZAI WASHOUT The Catalinas/ THE THING Jim Messina & His Jesters/ OUR FAVORITE MARTIAN Bobby Fuller & The Fanatics/ CRASH The Creations/ CLOUDBURST The Kan Dells/ GOLASH The Intrepides/ MR X The Velvetones/ UNKNOWN The Vy-Dels/ THEME FROM THE ENDLESS SUMMER The Sandals. CD 16.90

BOARD BOOGIE SURF 'N' TWANG FROM DOWN UNDER (Big Beat) CDWIKD 211. BOARD BOOGIE - The Aztecs/ MIDNITE SURFER - The Joy Boys/ THE MEAN ONE - The Playboys/ SANDY THE SURFIN' SANDFLY - The Joy Boys/ JAYWALKER - The Fabulous Blue Jays/ SWAMPED - The Joy Boys/ STORM WARNING - The Nocturnes/ PANEL FIVE - The Surf Riders/ GAVOTTE ESPRESSO - The Joy Boys/ TWISTIN' DRUMS - The Dee Jays/ MURPHY THE SURFIE - The Joy Boys/ WINDANSEA - The Sunsets/ CLOUDBURST - Laurie Wade's Cavaliers/ (THEME FROM) THE ANT HILL - The Joy Boys/ SABRE DANCE - The Playboys/ SMOKE & STACK - The Aztecs/ SURF CARNIVAL - The Resonets/ BOOTS, SADDLE & SURFBOARD - The Joy Boys/ EXPRESSWAY - The Vibratones/ RIPTIDE - The Nocturnes/ BARBECUE - The Dee Jays/ THE PHANTOM GUITARIST - Laurie Wade's Cavaliers/ THEME FROM DR NO - The Playboys/ THE FROLIC - The Joy Boys/ PRAIRIE - The Nocturnes/ THE DESPERADOES - The Playboys/ SHOREBREAK - The Resonets/ STANDIN' & STOMPIN' - The Joy Boys/ SUNDAY PATROL - The Dee Jays/ ADVENTURES IN PARADISE - The Playboys. CD 16.90

CARNATIONS Scorpion / Casual (TTSHAKE.108) Two hot and wild instro's pulled together and twinned on this greasy little 45 to set tassels twirling all over the globe! 'Scorpion' is a cool and unique take on the Champs 'Tequila', with a twangy guitar lead gliding and surfing along the driving bass and Cali-Mex percussion lines underneath. Flip it over and 'Casual' gives you a dose of raunchy, sax-led sleaze, low slung and heavy like the mammaries in a Russ Meyer flick! 7" 7.90

AL CASEY Surfin' Hootenanny (Sundazed) 1963 LP produced by Lee Hazlewood: Surfin' Hootenany/ El Aguila/ Thunder Beach/ Baja/ Surfin' Blues Pt.1/ Lonely Surfer/ Guitars, Guitars, Guitars/ The Hearse/ Ramrod/ Caravan/ Surfin' Blues Pt.2/ Surfs You Right/ The Hearse (alternate take)/ El Aguila (alternate take)/ Surfs You Right (alternate take) LP 18.50

CHOP SUEY ROCK VOL. 1 (Sweet & Sour) Crazy comp of dopey 50s & early 60s songs with an ORIENTAL theme! Sleazy stuff ala LAS VEGAS/JUNGLE EXOTICA! 14 cuts LP 12.50 / CD 14.00
CHOP SUEY ROCK VOL. 2 (Sweet & Sour) Clazy second volume of "oriental" Lock' n'Loll! 14 cut LP plus 2-song 7”. CD 14.00

JERRY COLE AND HIS SPACEMEN Surf Age (Sundazed) Surf Age/ Martian Surf/ Night Rumble/ Rosarita Surf/ Movin’ Surf/ Power Surf/ Bronze Surfer/ Deep Surf/ Ride-Um!/ Jerry’s Jump/ One Color Blues/ Racing Waves. Numbered, limited edition of 1,000 copies on high-definition vinyl. LP 18.50

CONCUSSION KILLER LP of 50s-early 60s R&R instrumentals! 18 cuts LP 14.00

CORNELLS SURF FEVER! (Sundazed) 15-song comp of this Hollywood surf combo. A few real cool cuts,a few real dull ones. LP 13.50

DICK DALE KING OF THE SURF GUITAR (Rhino) 18 cuts but only 17 really cauz the wank '80s version of "Pipeline" w/wanker Stevie Ray Vaughn MUST be avoided at all cost! Here you get 10 killers & 8 fillers. CD 11.90
DICK DALE SURFER'S GUITAR Some great instros:"Break Time/Surf Buggy/Mag Wheels/Ho-Dad Machine/Motion/Taco Wagon/Death Of Gremme/Misirlou Twist/Mr Eliminator/Flashing Eyes/Firing Up/Nitro Fuel/Surfin' Rebel/Spanish Kiss/Summer Surf/Thunder Wave". LP 12.90
DICK DALE Singles Collection ’61-65 MONO 2-LP Set (Sundazed) Double 180-gram LP 29.90
DICK DALE Surfers' Choice (Sundazed) LP 18.50
DICK DALE King of the Surf Guitar (Sundazed) LP 18.50
DICK DALE Checkered Flag (Sundazed) LP 18.50
DICK DALE Mr. Eliminator (Sundazed) LP 18.50
DICK DALE Summer Surf (Sundazed) LP 18.50
DICK DALE Rock Out with Dick Dale and His Del-Tones (Live at Ciro's) (Sundazed) LP 18.50
DICK DALE & THE DELTONES Jungle Fever / Shake & Stomp (DELTONE 5018) Superb power-house instrumentals from the king of the Surf ! repro 7" 6.50

DEL-TINO'S MEET THE HESITATIONS GO! GO! GO! TO SURFIN' SCHOOL! (Norton) Pretty cool set of Cub Koda's early 60s Detroit teen combo - but the DEL-TINOS 45 is where the INSANITY busts loose, without all the extras. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
DEL-TINO'S "Go Go Go! / Ramrod" (Norton) BUY or DIE!! These 2 cuts ARE on the Del-Tinis/ Hesitations lp, BUT, BUT, BUT these 2 are the HOTTEST & ROCKIN'EST motherfuckers and it makes this a DEADLY 7'!!! Cub (King Uszniewicz) Coda's 1964 teen trio blast out a killer cover of Roy Orbison's SUN cut b/w an INSANE instro with riffs from Link Wray etc! 7" 6.00

DIGGIN OUT YEEHAH!!! A great (probably THE BEST EVER!) all-surf/all-killer instro comp! 18 cuts. LP 14.00

DON AND THE GALAXIES "Sundown / Avalanche" (Norton) Pretty goddamn ballsy early 60s instrumental pounder with pic sleeve. 7" 6.00

DWIGHT DOUGLAS & THE JAYHAWKERS "Interstate 45" b/w LENNY & THE THUNDERTONES "Hot Ice" (Norton) S ide A is a cool 64 Michigan garage raunch greaser. Side B is the THUNDERTONES' HOTTEST instro pounder! 7" 6.00

FLYIN’ SAUCER TWIST: THE NORTHWAY SOUND RECORDS STORY VOL. ONE (Norton-145) Four guitar instrumentals from rural Michigan circa 1961-62. Tom Carter and the Ramrods "Flyin’ Saucer Twist/Twistin’ Boogie", Jerry Lee Trio "Banshee", Billy Lee and the Ramblers "Trav’lin". 7" 6.00

BOBBY FULLER & THE FANATICS Stringer / The Chase (Norton) A pummeling '60s surf instrumental twin spin from Bobby's El Paso home studio! 7" 6.00

SONNY GEE & THE STANDELS Tidal Wave/ Ingrid (Norton) Demented 1963 surf vocal issued here in reprint of mega-rare sleeve and on green wax like the original! 7" 6.00

HIGH SCHOOL RUMBLE Volume 2: 18 Explosive Instrumentals From The 50s & 60s (Headshake) Some great, some so-so. LP 11.50
HIGH SCHOOL RUMBLE Volume3: 35 Rock&Roll Instrumentals From The USA. 1958 - 1967 (Headshake Records) NICE double vinyl with gatefold sleeve, liner notes and label shots of all 45s. Kipper & The Exciters - Drum Twist/ The Revells - Boogie 65/ The Del-Rays - Jungle Beat/ The Cobras - Restless/ The Galaxies - Ad Lib/ Link Davis - Beatle Bug/ D - Y And The Motivators - Hold It/ Frogmen - Sea Haunt/ The Pacers - Bird Swing/ The Clefs - The Dream Train Special/ The Emeralds - Sittin' Bull/ Bob Taylor And The Counts - Thunder/ Big Timers - Hangin' High/ Steve Rowe And The Furys - Minor Chaos/ The Crusaders - Moving Out/ The Fabulous Flames - House Boy/ The Highminded - The New E/ The Phantoms Band - Phantom Freight/ Tokays - Out Of Hand/ The Thunderstorms - Retreat/ The Bob-Chords - Hi-Voltage/ The Mad-Ladds - Midnight Terror/ Marlow Stewart And The Illusions - Earthquake!!/ Kenny And The Fiends - House On Haunted Hill (Part Two)/ The Princetons Five - Goin' Nowhere/ The Sonics - Fox Fire/ The Tradewinds - The Snake/ The Alberto Combo - The Green Monster/ The Bobby Warren Five - Medicine Man/ Jerry And Reggie - Shoo Shoo/ The Bonnavills - Dirty Herb/ The Intruders - Morse Code/ The Uniques - Sabby/ The Preachers - The Zeke/ The Cobblestones - Down With It. Double LP 19,90

JUNGLE EXOTICA Volume One (STRIP-005) FULLY re-recorded and REMASTERED double-lp exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition with TONS of extra cuts and bee- yoot new art! Tracks: Diablito - THE JUNGLE/ B Bob Callaway & The Chicks - NATIVE/ The Peeple - HI YO CAMEL/ The Revels - CONGA TWIST/ The Dantes - DRAGON WALK/ The Valiants - TEQUILA TWIST/ Jerry Betters - CARAVAN/ The Majestics - OASIS/ Muvva (Guitar) Hubbard - CONGO MOMBO/ The Terrifics - LOCO/ The Ebonettes - WILD MAN WALK/ Norman (Arab) Sands & The Valiants DON'T WANNA LEAVE THE CONGO/ J. C. Davis - MONKEY/ Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers - KING KONG/ The Medallions - CARACHI/ Tony McKay - THE ISLAND HOG/ Jan Davis - WATUSI ZOMBIE/ Johnny Parker & The Zirkons - OONGAWA/ The Cherokees - UPRISIN' /The Continental Cousins - KANA KAPILA/ Kookie Joe - THE KOOKIE LIMBO/ Ganim's Asia Minors - DADDY LOLO/ The Highlights - AH, SO/ The Noc-A-Bouts - JUNGLE SAFARI/ The Rhythmaires - SCREW DRIVER/ The Del Saints - TARZAN/The Emanons - CHALYPSO BOP/ The Sheiks - BAGHDAD ROCK/ The Hully Gully Boys - YABBA/ The Five Sounds - CLUMSY DRAGON/ The Enchanters - CAFE BOHEMIAN/ The Megatons - ISIS. Double LP 19.50

JUNGLE EXOTICA VOLUME 1 (Strip) This series takes the debauchery of "LAS VEGAS GRIND" into Exotic Asia, the Deserts, and the Jungle! Bongos, ape-noises, fake-oriental chants, and maracas galore. Truly bizarre and ridiculous attempts at "Exotica" by crazed, obscure, one-shot Rock ´n´Roll (?) combos of the late-50´s/early 60´s... CD 12.30
JUNGLE EXOTICA VOLUME 2 (Strip) yet more nuttiness CD 12.30

ROY LANHAM The Spectacular Six-String Of Roy Lanham (Sundazed) Pressed on red wax-a tribute to Roys famed red Jazzmaster-with new notes by Rich Kienzle. Original 1959 recordings, previously unissued in any format. Limited edition for Record Store Day 2014 Tracks: My Adobe Hacienda/ Lanham Boogie/ Song Of India/ Carnival In Paris. 7" 9.90

LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 1 (Strip) Wacked, honk’n’grind sax/guitar/grunt-laden buttshake tunes from the 50s & early 60s… LP 11.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND Volume Two/aka LOUIE’S LIMBO LOUNGE (STRIP-002) exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition - REMASTERED!!!! Side One 1. JACK HAMMER - The Wiggle 2. THE NOISEMAKERS - Panic 3. BIG BO & THE ARROWS - Well Get It 4. ART ROBERTS - Give Her The Axe Max 5. THE ROCKIN’ BELMAR - Torture Rock 6. THE TRADEWINDS - The Snake 7. THE RHYTHM ADDICTS - Oomp Boomp 8. THE EMPALLOS - Hiccups 9. THE DEL-VALAROS - Hey Pedro/ Side Two 1. FRANK MOTLEY & HIS MOTLEY CREW - Honkin’ At Midnight 2. THE BRASSETTES - Brassettes Rock 3. THE UPSETTERS - Tater Machine 4. PANCHO VILLA - Tanya 5. HAROLD ANDREWS & THE EXCITERS - Party Time 6. BOB BUNNY - The Joker 7. THE EPICS - On The Rocks 8. THE PERISCOPES - Beaver Shot. LP 12.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 3 (Strip) … and MORE wacked, honk’n’grind sax/guitar/grunt-laden buttshake tunes from the 50s & early 60s… LP 11.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 4 (Strip)… and yet MORE wacked, honk’n’grind sax/guitar/grunt-laden buttshake tunes from the 50s & early 60s… REMASTERED New version in exotic DELUXE GATEFOLD edition with updated photos. LP 12.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 5 (Strip) eegads – the madness continues… LP 11.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 6 (Strip) A very solid 6th vol of this wacky nonsense…LP 11.90
LAS VEGAS GRIND PART 1 (Strip) 31 cuts from LP Volumes 1& 2. CD 12.30
LAS VEGAS GRIND PART 2 (Strip) 32 cuts from LP Volumes 3 & 4. CD 12.30
LAS VEGAS GRIND PART 3 (Strip) This CD contains the songs from LP #5 plus extras… CD 12.30
LAS VEGAS GRIND VOL. 6 (Strip) A very solid 6th vol of this wacky nonsense…CD with bonus cuts. CD 12.30

LOST LEGENDS OF SURF GUITAR (Sundazed) Lost Legends of Surf Guitar gathers a rousing, roaring assortment of underground surf classics and underappreciated gems by such notable surf combos as the Challengers, the Pyramids, the Tornadoes, Jerry Cole & His Spacemen, the Catalinas, the Centurions, the Essex, the Jesters, the Rhythm Rockers, the Royal Coachmen, the Tandems and Dave Myers and His Surftones, as well as numbers by both the Surfaris and the Original Surfaris! There's also a rarely-heard track by legendary Minnesota surf-garage kings the Trashmen, the out-there "Devil Surfer" by Scott Engel (who would soon go on to pop stardom and cult acclaim as Scott Walker) and scarce versions of such surf anthems as "Jack the Ripper," "Point Panic" and "Moondawg." 28 vintage surf cuts, meticulously mastered from rare vintage tapes and pressed on high-quality vinyl: LOOPHOLE: The Royal Coachmen/ BIG NOISE FROM WAIMEA: The Ebb Tides/ GEAR!: Dave Myers and His Surftones/ THE BREEZE AND I: Steve and the Emperors/ FAILSAFE: The Original Surfaris/ DEVIL SURFER: Scott Engel/ SHOCKWAVE: Zorba and the Greeks/ THE RISING SURF: The Tandems/ CONTACT: The Pyramids/ SURFS UP: The Original Surfaris/ CEMETERY STOMP: The Essex/ THE JESTER: The Jesters/ REPEATING: The Royal Coachmen/ PRESSURE: The Pyramids/ IAN FLEMING THEME: The Menn/ PRAY FOR SURF: The Essex/ POINT SURF: The Surf Teens/ ISHAMATSU: The Centurions/ EXOTIC: The Original Surfaris/ BEYOND THE SURF: The Tandems/ FUGITIVE: Jan Davis/ JACK THE RIPPER: The Surfaris/ BANZAI WASHOUT: The Catalinas/ POINT PANIC: Jerry Cole & His Spacemen/ BURNING RUBBER: Gene “The Draggin’ King” Moles/ WALK, DON’T RUN: The Trashmen/ SHOOTIN’ BEAVERS: The Tornadoes/ MOONDAWG: The Rhythm Rockers. 180-gram double LP 31.90

3 sets of CRAZED 50s & 60s SLOP - Instros, r&b, doo-wop, wee bit of rockabilly, ETC - All the CRAZY oddball 45s made immortal by genius Pittsburgh r&r DJ MAD MIKE METROVICH! The LINERS will have you tied up for a week alone! BEAUTIFUL packaging, chock fulla label scans, photos, etc! A MUST!!!
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 1 (NORTON 338) Johnny Otis Spot #1 / SONICS Psycho / SILVERTONES Get It / SCOTT WOOD Chicken Rock / RONNIE COOK & THE GAYLADS The Goo Goo Muck / BELLTONES Swingin' Little Chicky / LITTLE IKE She Can Rock / AQUA-NITES Carioca / KING ROCK AND THE KNIGHTS Send-Di / SAUCERS Cha Wailey Routa / EDDIE JONES Certainly All / CALVIN COOL El Tecolote / PATRICE HOLLOWAY Do The Del Viking / INSTRUMENTALS Chop Suey Rock / FOUR SOUNDS Mama Ubangi Bangi / JIMMY HEAP Gismo / VELS Mysterious Teenage / WZUM Radio Spot. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 2 (NORTON 339) WZUM Radio Spot / SAXONS Camel Walk / DEL-MARS Snacky Poo / CORVETTES Pick Up / HARVEY Anyway You Wanta / JAMES "RED" HOLLOWAY A La Carte / CAPS The Red Headed Flea / JIMMY KELLY Little Chickie / RHYTHYM ADDICTS Oomp Boomp / SHANE KAI RAY Jungle Talk (I Want Some Of That) / COUNT FERRELL Wizard Of Ah's / RENEGADES Geronimo / NEONS Tucson / BIG DANNY OLIVER Sapphire / SAVOYS Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil / GRAND PREES Jungle Fever / MARQUIS CHIMPS Red Rose Tea / WZUM Radio Spot. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 3 (NORTON 340) Johnny Otis Spot #2 / BLONDE BOMBER Strollie Bun / PREMIERS Firewater / BAN-LONS I Like It / HONG KONGS Surfin' In The China Sea / DELCOS Arabia / WILD CHILD GIPSON Uncle John / AVALONS Malanese / MAD MIKE & THE MANIACS The Hunch / BABY HUEY & THE BABYSITTERS Monkey Man / MOTIVATIONS The Birds / DUVALS Cotton / J.J. JACKSON & THE JACKALS Oo-Ma-Liddi / MARINO CHOICE Cherry Juice / ERVIN RUCKER Done Done The Slop / YOUNGSTERS Zebra / BIG SYL BARNES Come On Back. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

MONARCS Sour Grapes/ VI-TONES Kamikaze (Norton) Heavy reverb instrumental surf rippers from 1963 by El Pasos Monarcs and Chicagos Vi-Tones! 7" 6.00

MORE LOST LEGENDS OF SURF GUITAR (Sundazed) 28 more vintage surf cuts, meticulously mastered from rare vintage tapes and pressed on high-quality vinyl: TIME BOMB: The Avengers VI/ SURFBUSTER: Jan Davis/ MIDNIGHT SURFER: Jerry Cole & His Spacemen/ THE GREMMIE PT. 1: The Tornadoes/ STICK SHIFT: The Trashmen/ YEP: The Surfaris/ VOLCANIC ACTION: The Belairs/ WALK, DON’T RUN ’64: The Teemates/ THE HEARSE: Al Casey/ SATAN’S THEME: The Challengers/ HOT CINDERS: The Progressives/ SCORPION: The Vibrants/ HEARTBEAT: The Avengers VI/ (THEY CALL THE WIND) MARIA: P.J. & Artie/ SURFBEAT: The Surfriders/ FALL OUT: The Stage-Men/ ISTAMBUL: The Gladiators/ FINK: P.J. & Artie/ RUM RUNNER: The Surfriders/ MOON RACE: The Citations/ WILDFIRE: The Vibrants/ STRANGE FEVER: Thom Starr & the Galaxies/ SCALPING PARTY: The Tornados/ SPIN OUT: The Teensmen/ MOON SHOT: Kenny & the Fiends/ SPANISH MOON: The Travelers/ THE TRUANT: The Truants/ RAW-HIDE: The Pastels. 180-gram double LP 31.90

THE MOTIONS BUMBLE BEE ‘65 / ALF NEWMAN IT’S A GAS (Wavy Gravy) Wild 60’s Surf / Garage Instro version of “Flight of the Bumble Bee” backed with a groovy strolling Organ & Sax instrumental with fantastic belching vocals from MAD main man Alfred E Newman. 7" 6.50

MR. GASSER & THE WEIRDOS Hot Rod Hootenanny (Sundazed) A Sundazed exclusive Black Friday/Record Store Day title. Upon release in 1963, this work created quite a stir among surf/hot rod aficionados and it even entered the lower regions of the 'Hot 100' charts. LP 18.50
MR. GASSER & THE WEIRDOS Rods 'n Ratfinks (Sundazed) A Sundazed exclusive Black Friday/Record Store Day title. Songs inspired by Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, recorded at Capitol studios by top notch session players. LP 18.50
MR. GASSER & THE WEIRDOS Surfink! (Sundazed) A Sundazed exclusive Black Friday/Record Store Day title. The third installment of their '60s surf rod trilogy. LP 18.50

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAN THEME (1966 Records) 16 Batman theme songs from allover the world. Limited edition of 300 copies - tracks: Melvins And His Gentlemen (Denmark)/ The 'V'-Rangers (Austria)/ The Korvals (Argentina)/ Bob Kuban And The In-Men (USA)/ Les Hou-Lops (Canada)/ La Bert Ellis (USA)/ Orchester Friedel Berlipp (Germany)/ The Avengers (USA)/ Link Wray and His Ray Men (USA)/ The Gallants (USA)/ De Maskers (Netherlands)/ Boston Pops Orchestra (USA/ Ettore Cenci Guitar Trio (Italy)/ Lion's Sound '67 (Netherlands)/ Peter De Angelis Chorus & Orchestra (USA)/ The Nashville Five (USA). LP 17.90
NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA - BATMAN THEME RETURNS (1966 Records) 'Batman Theme Returns' with another 17 tracks, all originally released over 40 years ago. Batman Theme done by: Los Panthers/ Al (He's The King) Hirt/ Ronnie Kole Trio/ Wade Denning & The Port Washingtons/ David McCallum/ The Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band/ Jimmy Bowen Orchestra 8. Les & Larry Elgart/ Sam Chaplin/ Geoff Love & His Orchestra/ The Sensational Batboys/ The Dynamic Batmen/ Sandy Nelson/ Maxwell Davis 7. Bruce & The Robin Rockers/ Brian Fahey & His Orchestra/ Jon Lee & The Checkmates. This LP is limited to 500 copies on dark blue marbled heavyweight 180-gram vinyl. Each copy comes with a big 14cm sticker. LP 18.90

THE NAUTILOIDS Nautiloid Reef/Nautiloid Surf (Norton) Crude unissued 1965 Virginia surf instrumentals on blue wax. 7" 6.00

NICK & THE JAGUARS ICHI BON #1 / COOL & CRAZY (TAMLA) Stunning & rare 1959 Wild and Rockin Link Wray style / Surf Instrumental...Not the usual Motown fare, 2 fantastic and super rare sides! repro 7" 6.50

THE ORIGINAL SURFARIS Gum-Dipped Slicks / High Time (Sundazed) 7" 6.90

PERISCOPES "Beaver Shot / I'm Happy To Be" (Bacchus Archives) You should know "Beaver" from LAS VEGAS GRIND, a killer surf-driven swinger. And the FLIP is an ULTRA goofy "Louie Louie" cop! Reished w/ a nice pic-sleeve & liners. 7" 5.25

RAMRODS "War Party" b/w CHUCK BARR & THE PLAYBOYS "Joe Botch" (Norton) "War Party" is a KILLER instro from PA ca 1962/ "Joe Botch" is pretty cool trashabilly. 7" 6.00

READYMEN GET READY! (Norton) A whole 19-song LP of wailing surf & howl from these crazy landlocked MN cats! 17 UNISSUED cuts plus both sides of their "Shortnin Bread/Surfer Blues" 7". Cool shit indeed! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

REVELS INTOXICA! (Sundazed) Cool reissue of this California surf instro band's IMPOSSIBLY RARE lp with some 7" cuts added on. You probably know their song "Commanche" from its use in the genius scene in "PULP FICTION" where fake cop ZED fucks Marcellus Wallace up the ass in the pawnshop basement!!! Well, this LP has plenty more fine instro raunch! CD 14.50
REVELS Intoxica / Comanche (TTShake TTS 122) Two out and out 'Pulp Fiction' classics of the wild and sleazy Rock and Roll instrumental genre. 'Intoxica' is well titled - on it the guitarist sounds like he's been slipped a couple of wallbangers as he lackadaisically strums out a slowed up surf riff while in the background a honky tonk piano jostles for air with a groaning, rasping sax and all the while strange and no doubt inebriated voices interject with unprompted laughter as a menacing voice exclaims the songs title! On the flip, 'Comanche' is a more uptempo and even wilder romp, well known and loved from its prominent appearance in the cult Tarantino flick. 7" 7.90

RHYTHM ROCKERS SOUL SURFIN' (Sundazed) 14 cut reissue of rare 1963 surf instro LP. 6 great cuts: "Surfin' At Mazalan/ Ramrod/ Nine Toes/ Moondawg/ Breakfast At Tressles/ Caravan". 180-gram LP 18.50 / CD 14.00

RIP CHORDS Sting Ray/ Shut Down/ Red Hot Roadster (Sundazed) Unreleased demos 7"6.90

RIVIERAS BEST OF THE RIVIERAS - CALIFORNIA SUN (Norton) Indiana teen frat pioneer combo famed for the classic "California Sun". This here collects from their 2 albs PLUS their debut 45 "Played On". LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
RIVIERAS LET'S STOMP WITH... (Norton) Brand-new set of unissued early 1964 teen rockers. 16 cuts, mostly covers. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
RIVIERAS "Surfin' Fun / I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love" (Norton) Both cuts are on the "Let's Stomp With' lp/cd. 7" 6.00

SAXONS "Camel Walk Pt. 1 & 2" (Norton) Wacked percussive instro from "At The Party" lp! INSANE! 7" 6.00

THE SENTINALS Tor-Chula / Latin'ia (Sundazed) Their 1962 debut. 7" 6.90
SENTINALS Big Surf (Rumble Records) Originally released in 1963 on the legendary label Del-Fi, The Sentinals' 'Big Surf!' is a classic piece of California surf-rock: Big Surf/ Exotic/ Latinia/ Tough Soul/ Revellion/ Pismo Beach/ Shout/ Tor-Chula/ Sunset Beach/ Surfin'/ Intoxico/ Latin Soul/ Hideaway/ Surfin' Tragedy. LP 13.90

THOM STARR & THE GALAXIES South Bay Surf: Anthology 1963-1964 (Sundazed) The unissued Sons of the Beach album - 1963: Launching Pad/ Strange Fever I (Just Before Dawn)/ No. 1 Son/ The Big Ding/ Woodie Welcome Wagon Part 1/ Cherry Wipe Out/ Surfer’s Bubble/ Woodie Welcome Wagon Part 2/ Jellyfish Kiss/ Sand Blast/ Unissued tracks - 1963: Stomp Crazy/ Heatwave/ Shake & Stomp I/ Unissued tracks - 1964: Mr. Moto*/ Enchanted Island/ Bedlam/ Strange Fever II/ Vamonos/ Squad Car/ Shake & Stomp II/ Renegade/ The Nomad.*All tracks previously unissued except "Mr. Moto."2-LP Set on Gold High-Definition Vinyl. 180-gram double LP 29.90

STRICTLY INSTRUMENTAL VOLUME 1 (Buffalo Bop) Solid first volume. CD 13.50

STRUMMIN' MENTAL PART 1 Yow! 32-songs/72 minutes of high-octane 1957-1965 instrumental R&R/surf instrumental pound from the OUT-OF-PRINT "STRUMMIN' MENTAL" Volumes 1, 2, 3 LP's - PRIMO ASS-KICK R&R INSTRUMENTAL POWER! CD 12.30
STRUMMIN' MENTAL PART 2 32 songs/ 75 minutes of el primitivo R&R/ surf instrumental rockin'! CD 12.30

STRUMMIN’ MENTAL! Volume 1 (Link Wraycords) Out of print since the late 1980s,here’s FIVEtotally rerecorded in pure MONOHONK and beefed up “STRUMMIN’ MENTAL” LPs inspiff new color sleeves, on extra-swank 145-gram VIRGIN VINYL!45 of the BEST cuts from the fiveoriginal albums PLUS 35 KILLER NEWCUTS = 80 CUTS OFBLASTIN’, primo 1960ssurf instros, Pittsboigianraunch-’stros andWray-inspired crudity! ANGIE & THE CITATIONS: Headache/ BEL-TONES: Breaktime/ MONTERAYS: Blast Off/ SCARLETS: Stampede/ SHAINS: Bird bath/ TORQUETTES: Tortillas/ DISTORTERS: Distortion/ MICHAEL & THE MAJESTICS: Midnight Runner/ JOHNNY & THE VOLUMES: Blowout/ MATTHEW CHILDS & THE WARBLERS: The Warbler/BILL FRIEL & THE FABULOUS FURIES: Fort Lauderdale USA/ FIVE MORE: Avalanche/GAMMA RAYS: Infinity/ ROY & THE ROYALS: Royal B/ DOWNBEATS: Alfalfa/RON THOMPSON & HIS ROWDY GUITAR: Switchblade LP 11.90
STRUMMIN’ MENTAL! Volume 2 (Link Wraycords)KNIGHTS: Tale Of a 280-Pound Shoe Salesman/ REEKERS: Don't Call Me Flyface/ DYNAMICS: Later On/ MONZELS: Sharkskin/ STATESMEN: Rampage/ TRIUMPHS: Draggin' Waggon/ 4 EL-MOROCCOS: To-Bango/ SPACE WALKERS: Space Walk/BOUNTY HUNTERS: Echo Express/ ELITE U.F.O.: Tarantula/ SCAVENGERS: Curfue/MOTIVATIONS: The Birds/ TRADEWINDS: Gotcha/ CRE-SHELLS: Dracula/ SUNNY & THE 4 SHADES: Beetle Boogie/ CHECKMATES: Checkmate LP 11.90
STRUMMIN’ MENTAL! Volume 3 (Link Wraycords)ENCHANTERS 4: Like Tuff/ SHANDELS: Stacked Nasty/ MARLINS: Let Down/ BLAZERS: Poison/ FREDDIE & THE HEARTACHES: Womp Womp/ VYDELS: Unknown/ BREAKERS: Jet Stream/ CREATIONS: Crash/ TEMPESTS: Lemon Lime/ SIR FROG & THE TOADS: Mustang/ EMERALDS: Earthquake/ GALAXIES: 6:15/ SURF FAMILY: All Night Long/MOGULS: Avalanche/ PREMIERS: FirewaterLP 11.90
STRUMMIN’ MENTAL! Volume 5 (Link Wraycords)ALFREDO MENDIETA: Chicken Run/ CHANCELLORS: Mach One/ MALCONTENTS: Motivated Action/ LOSERS: Snake Eyes/ JADES: Surfin Crow/ ROAD RUNNERS: Quasimoto/ RON-DE-VOOS: Pipeline 66/ MONTERAYS: Bo-did-it/ FENDER FOUR: Margaya/ LOS SHAINS: Misirlou/ SURF FAMILY: King of the stomp/ VARATONES: Repeto/ IMPACTS 5: Riptide/ JIM RADI & THE SIDEMEN: Motovation/ ROCKIN' CONTINENTALS: 2-3-4/ SHADOWS FOUR: Follow Me.LP 11.90


SURF GUITARS RUMBLE (Surf) 36-song comp of some great and some dull surf instrumentals. CD 14.00
SURF GUITARS RUMBLE Volume 2 (Surf) 32 more tracks. CD 14.00

THE SURFARIS Jack The Ripper / I'm A Hog For You (Sundazed) 7" 6.90

SWANKS/EXCELS (Norton) Super cool split 7" with the DEADLIEST r&r instrumental OF ALL TIME, THE SWANKS' INSANELY fast & screaching "Ghost Train", backed with the KILLER 64 frat-punk pounder "Let's Dance" by THE EXCELS! 7" 6.00

TARTAROS The First Portuguese Surf-Garage Group (Groovie Records)In the early 1960s, when rock n roll started dying in Portugal, a new trend was already here. Hailing from the UK and headed by Cliff Richard, fast upstaged by his supporting band The Shadows, this would be the first British Invasion. An entire generation quickly fell under its influence and all across the country dozens of bands were formed, playing rock-based guitar-driven instrumental songs with catchy tunes that were often adaptations of traditional songs. Like the Killer surf garage tune 'Tartária', maybe one the wildest surf tune record in Europe in that era. Oblivious to what was happening abroad, the Portuguese press dubbed them Shadows-influenced instrumental bands. This was the context in which Os Tártaros were formed in an Oporto garage. Featuring Joaquim Gualter on lead guitar, Alberto Abreu on rhythm guitar and keyboards, Hernâni de Melo on bass and harmonica, and Eduardo Alves on drums, the band began touring the country, performing in associations, fairs, and festivals. The early 60s explosion of Shadows-influenced bands grew substantially stronger when The Beatles came onboard and also benefited from the charitable actions of one man, Gouveia Machado, the owner of a musical instrument store who let young people pay for their guitars and drums by installments. From 1964 onwards, with the advent of new influences and instruments, hundreds of bands followed, not just in Lisbon and Oporto but all across Portugal. Some of the tracks were included in the compilations, PORTUGUESE NUGGETS, this LP is more than a anthology of all their material, its a historical document from a band that runned against their fate in a time that playing in a rock band, in the Portuguese dictatorship, was like a crime. LP 14.90

TEENBEATS SURF BOUND (Norton) Pretty solid LP of lotsa unreleased stuff from this Las Vegas mid-60s surf instro combo. "Teenbeat Theme/Slinky/Surf Bound/Rawhide/Live Like A King" etc. LP 14.00

THE TEMPTATIONS Blue Surf / Egyptian Surf (Sundazed) 7" 6.90

JIM THAXTER & THE TRAVELERS (pre-TRASHMEN) (Sundazed) The rare as heck rockabilly/instro 2-sider "Cyclon/Sally Jo" plus "Johnny B. Goode/Shortnin' Bread". Stylin' pic sleeve! 7" 6.90

THUNDER ROCKS ON THE RAMPAGE (Get Hip) Solid 12 cut comp of this 1959-1962 Detroit (mostly) instrumental R&R combo's recorded work. Includes such ass-rippin' muthas as "What's The Word", "Rampage", "War Path", "Johnny Sax", "Bugle Rock", some ace vocal rockers "Oh My Linda" and "Settle Down".180-gram LP 13.90

TITTY-TWIST-A-GO-GO! (Titty-69 Records) 16-tracks of FAST, LOUD & WILD SWINGIN’ 1960-1967 instro-GoGo titty-twisters (and a few FAST lounge/exotica cuts)! Tracks are: Johnny Talbot - DO THE BROKEN HIP/ The Real Don Steele - TINA DELGATO IS ALIVE/ The Impalas - OH YEAH/ Lanny Hunt & The Themes - OVER EASY/ The Ho-Dads - HONKY/ Albert Collins - COOKIN' CATFISH/ Sammy & The Five Notes - AFRICAN CHA-CHA/ The Hunters - TIGER SHAKE/ Ruffle - GO MEAN/ Little Joe & The Mustangs - SOUTH SWELL/ Chico Arnez - WOULD I?/ Bobby Hollaway - CORNBREAD & HOG MAW/ The Hollywood Persuaders - THUNDERBIRD/ The Sheltons - THE CAT/ Gaynel Hodge - FOLLOW THE FOX The B. G. Ramblers - EXIT STAGE LEFT. LP 11.50

TORNADOES Bustin Surfboards (Sundazed) 1964 California surf alb features the complete LP plus 2 rare B-sides and 1 previously unissued track. Original cover, great notes and cool photos from the band's archives.180gram LP18.50
THE TORNADOES The Swag / Raw-Hide (Sundazed) 2 Link Wray tunes recorded in 1962. 7" 6.90

TRASHMEN Surfin' Bird / Bird Dance Beat (Garrett) Top rated original surf madness from garage all-time greats repro 7" 6.50
SURFIN BIRD (Garrett) Straight reissue of this pretty classic 1964 LP of therse wackrock legends. Vocals and blastin' surf instros. LP 12.90
TRASHMEN SURFIN BIRD (Garrett) 26 cuts from the "SURFIN BIRD LP" & rare 45s CD 14.00
TRASHMEN Bird Dance Beat (Garrett) 14 cuts. LP 12.90
TRASHMEN SURFIN BIRD (Beat Rocket) Reissue of this pretty classic 1964 LP of these wackrock legends. Vocals and blastin' surf instros. "Surfin Bird/Misirlou/Money/Kuk/Tube City/It's So Easy/Sleeper/King Of The Surf" etc. PLUS bonus cuts: "Break-Up/Church Key/Walk Don't Run/Raw-Hide". 180-gramLP 18.50
TRASHMEN Souvenir of Their Visit to New York (Sundazed) Limited edition EP celabrating their first live appaerence in NYC. Contains four vintage Trashmen tracks (1964-1966): two never before issued on vinyl, and two never before issued in any form: Goofy Foot/ I Call Your Name/ Yellow Jacket/ Wild Thing. 7" 7.90

VA! VA VOOM!! (Floridita) Early 60s instrumental action: Jimmy Riddle - LET'S GO/ Dondi - S&L/ Ray Ellis - THE SHEIK/ Baby Earl & The Trini-Dads - BACKSLOP/ Bill Dogget - THE WORM/ J.C. Davis - FEZNECKY/ Sleepy Summers - STRANGE CARGO/ Spinners - NOTHIN'/ Chris Towns - VA VA VOOM/ Shandells - BLACK CRACK/ Don Caron - TWIST CHA-CHA/ Buddy Harmon - SUMMIT RIDGE DRIVE/ Les Gottamou - GRIBOUILLE/ The Tikis - BIG FEET/ The T-K-Os - FAT MAN/ Bowlegs - ONE MORE TIME PT. 1. LP 12.90
Volume 2: ZOO-BA! (Floridita) Second Volume of early 60s instrumental action: Zooba! - The Big Sound Of Don Ralke/ The Boss - Tonni Kalash/ Hot Crawfish - Hugo Montenegro & Orchestra/ The Thrust (Pt.1) - The Emblem's/ Freeway - Jeff Gordon & The Summits/ Movin' Out - The Gigolo's/ Down Hill - The Mysterions/ The Weird One - Tremolos/ Goofin - Charlie Russo & His Orchestra/ Trojan's Walla - Henry Clement & The Trojans/ Unchained My Heart - Les Formidables/ Gazackstahagen - The Keymen/ Free Way - Lafayatte & The LaSabres/ Honky - The Jones Boys/ Boomerang - The Spinners/ Bui Bui - L.Hollis & The Mack-A-Do's. LP 12.90
VA! VA VOOM!! Volume 3: Saboo! (Floridita) Third Volume of early 60s instrumental action: Saboo (Wobble-Cha) - Joe Quijano And His Orch./ Zoolgico Negro - Comparsa Universitaria De La Laguna/ Slob't (Saint Louis Blues Twist) - Quincy Jones' Orch. Feat. Joe Newman/ Tia Juana - H.B. Barnum/ 7th Round - Chip And Dave/ Bread n' Butter - The Shados/ Monkey Walk Pt.1 - The Kingsmen/ What I'd Say - Fabulous (Dick Hyman And His Orch.)/ Souix Rock - The Sugar Canes/ Turnip Greens - Jimmy Fox/ Big Daddy - Hank Moore/ 500 Pound Canary - Jules Blattner/ Scratch - The Camelots/ The Back - Patty Lace And The Petticoats/ Mr.Machine - Tony (Robot) Alamo/ Littlest Hobo - Rhythm RebelsLP 12.90

VENTURES Singles Collection (Not Now) 36 instrumentals: Walk, Don’t Run/ Home/ The McCoy/ Perfidia/ No Trespassing/ Ram Bunk Shush/ Lonely Heart/ Lullaby Of The Leaves/ Ginchy/ (Theme From) Silver City/ Bluer Than Blue/ Blue Moon/ Lady Of Spain/ Yellow Jacket/ Genesis/ Instant Mashed/ My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/ Lolita Ya Ya/ Lucille/ The 2,000 Pound Bee, Pt. 1/ The 2,000 Pound Bee, Pt. 2/ Cookies And Coke/ The Real McCoy/ The Twomp/ Heart On My Sleeve/ Honky Tonk/ Raunchy - Bonus tracks: Green Onions/ Torquay/ Telstar/ Bulldog/ Ups ‘N’ Downs/ Trambone/ Night Train/ Yellow Bird/ Detour. Double LP 21.90

BOB VIDONE & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS "Weird" b/w The RHYTHM TONES "Wobble Wickie" (Norton) Buy or DIE! "Weird" is one of the SLEAZIEST, RAUNCHIEST, GRINDINGEST, DIRTIEST fucking instros EVER!!!! Flipside is almost as equally retarded! 7" 6.00

WAIKIKI SURF BATTLE (McGarrett) Pretty cool surf comp of mid-60s Hawaiian bands recorded live. LP 14.00

WAILERS The Fabulous Wailers (Norton) KICKASS repress of this ballsy INSTRUMENTAL rec with added & cool UNISSUED bonus cuts! ESSENTIAL early Wailers flail. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

TRAVIS WAMMACK That Scratchy Guitar From Memphis (Bear Family) Lottsa CRAZY instrumentals! Night Train/ Fire Fly/ It's Karate Time/ Scratchy/ Flip, Flop Bop/ Your Love/ Louie Louie/ Tech-Nically Speaking/ Hallelujah, I Love Her So/ Thunder Road/ I Ain't Lyin'/ Upset/ Super Soul Beat/ Distortion, Part 2/ There's A Ufo Up There/ Umm, How Sweet It Is/ Hideaway/ Find Another Man/ Fannie Mae/ You Are My Sunshine/ Memphis, Tennessee. CD 16.00

WOLF CALL (Norton) Mostly great set of instro r&r from the late 50s/early 60s from the Golden Crest label - Cool mix of wacky shit & straight-ahead instro r&r. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

LINK WRAY/BUNKER HILL (Norton) Sharp 7" with Bunker Hill's INSANE screaming 100-mile-per-hour "The Girl Can't Dance" plus a cool Link tune, "Friday Night Dance Party". 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY THE SWAN YEARS (Norton) Jezus H Christ! What a fucking package! 63 tracks - 90% of 'em PRIMAL, GUTSY & ROCKIN' like only Link can! This CD grasps together EVERY song Link recorded for the SWAN label in the early to late-60s: 2xCD 19.00
LINK WRAY MISSING LINKS VOLUME 1 - HILLBILLY WOLF (Norton) Rare, Early & Unissued LINK! 60% are hillbilly/rockabilly vocal cuts and 40% are instrumentals. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
LINK WRAY MISSING LINKS VOLUME 2 - BIG CITY AFTER DARK (Norton) 1960-to 1964 stuff - GREAT & RAW! 12 instros/4 vocals. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
LINK WRAY MISSING LINKS VOLUME 3 - SOME KINDA NUT (Norton) 1964-to-1969 stuff. GREAT! 10 instros / 5 vocals including w/BUNKER HILL: "Girl Can't Dance/Red Riding Hood & The Wolf". LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
LINK WRAY MISSING LINKS VOLUME 4 - STREETS OF CHICAGO (Norton) 1959-to-1965 stuff. 17 cut volume!! 7 unissued studio & 10 live rippers! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
JUNIOR RAYMEN RUMBLE 66 (Norton) Real cool! This was the teenage group led by Link's nephew in 65-'67, blastin'wild instros, but unfortunately the nephew died so this stuff was unissued until now. 4 great covers of Link songs: "I'm Branded/ Ace Of Spades/Jack The Ripper/Rumble 66" plus an original "Rat Fink" based on Bo's "Roadrunner" LP 14.00
LINK WRAY WALKIN' WITH LINK (Sony) This sharp 20-song CD of Link's 1958-59 recordings for the Epic label. includes plenty of killer unissued stuff! GREAT studio dialogue at song intros, sharp liner notes by Kicks'/Norton Records hep-cat Billy Miller. CD 11.00
LINK WRAY & THE WRAYMEN S/T (Rumble) His 1959 debut LP, collecting both sides of his first three EPIC singles along with a half dozen numbers: Rawhide/Slinky/Comanche/Radar/Right Turn/Studio Blues/Ramble/Hand Clapper/Dixie Doodle/Lillian/Rendezvous. LP € 13.50
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Jack The Ripper/Bo Diddley 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Deuces Wild / Sweeper 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Batman Theme / Zipcode 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Good Rockin Tonite / Soul Train 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Fatback / Ace Of Spades 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Run Chicken Run / Scatter 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) The Shadow Knows / Hang On 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Charms / 5 And 10 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Black Widow / Mustang 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY jukebox single (Norton) Branded / Law Of The Jungle 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY The Rumbling Guitar Sound Of Link Wray (Not Now) 32 cuts on a gatefold double LP: Rumble/ Raw-hide/ Slinky/ Right Turn/ Hand Clapper/ Pancho Villa/ El Toro/ Radar/ Dance Contest/ Run Chicken Run/ Alone/ Rendezvous/ Lillian/ Golden Strings/ Poppin' Popeye/ Jack The Ripper/ Big City Stomp/ Ramble/ Studio Blues/ Black Widow/ Ace Of Spades/ The Swag/ The Outlaw/ Caroline/ Dixie-Doodle/ Tijuana/ The Stranger/ Trail Of The Lonesome Pine/ Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/ Teenage Cutie/ Mary Ann. Double LP 21.90
LINK WRAY & THE WRAYMEN Rare Demos And Alternate Takes 1958-1961 (Rumble Records) Link Wray's incredible influence on 50 years of rock and roll following his debut single is no mystery to anyone. Everything that was handed down to today's current crop of head-bangers from the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Who can be traced back to this hero from Dunn, North Carolina. This LP compiles rare and unissued cuts, demos and B-sides from his early, and best, years on the Cadence and Epic labels. It's is the material upon which Wray's unique reputation was built! TRACKS: Mary Ann/ Trail Of The Lonesome Pine/ Rumble (Alternate Take)/ Golden Strings (Based On A Chopin Etude)/ Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/ Comanche (Demo)/ Slinky (Alternate Take)/ Radar (Alternate Take)/ Right Turn (Alternate Take)/ Im' Countin' On You/ Walkin' With Link/ Danger One Way Love/ Johnny Bom Bonny/ Roughshod/ Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Alternate Take)/ Mary Ann (Alternate Take). LP 13.90
LINK WRAY & THE WRAYMEN The Original 1958 Cadence Sessions (Rumble Records) This is the album that Link Wray originally offered to the Cadence label in the wake of his groundbreaking debut hit 'Rumble' back in 1958. Even though people loved 'em in Washington, D.C., Link and the boys did not last long on the label. Faster than you can say 'Rumble', everyone was talking about the new threat to the morals of American youth. Their street image seemed to be sharply at odds with Cadence Records formality, so the guys were dropped. Link eventually re-recorded some of the tracks for his next label, Epic, who actually released his debut album. However, these are the original Cadence versions from the original session tapes. Finally on vinyl, Link's debut album the way it was meant to be! TRACKS: Oddball AKA Rumble/ Pancho Villa/ Walking With Link/ Comanche/ The Swag/ Raw Hide/ Dance Contest/ School Girl/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Drag Race/ Rebel Rouser/ Patricia/ The Freeze/ I'll Be So Good To You/ Window Shopping/ Missing Link/ White Lightnin'/ Creepy. LP 13.90

YETTI-MEN meet THE READYMEN (Norton) Killer booze-surf party 7" with 2 songs each by these wild Minnesota early 60s combos! Yetti-Men blast a cool moody punker "My Baby Left Me" and the surf instro blaster "Break Time"! Readymen howl their crazed version of "Shortnin Bread" and a killer instro, "Disintegration"! 7" 6.00

DANNY ZELLA VOL. 1 (Norton) Reissue of KILLER '58 greasey Detroit rockers "Wicked Ruby", cheesey instro "Black Saxes", redhot screamer "Sapphire" and ballad "You Made Me Blue". 7" 6.00
DANNY ZELLA VOL. 2 (Norton) Reissus the SICK instro honker "Zebra" (on LAS VEGAS GRIND #1), the dopey "Youngster Meets Monster" plus a live version of "Louie Go Home" 7" 6.00