60s PUNK / BEAT (P—Z)

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PARTY PARTY PARTY! (Cheep! Cheep!) 34-cut 60s garage fratrock follow-up to the "Mondo Frat Dance A Go-Go" comp. You know, inept, silly dance tunes... Gallows Come To The Party/ Joey Bellomo Steamer/ Kings Ransom Ain't That A Shame/ Animated Sounds Sock It To Me Baby/ Jimmy White With The Relations Diamond Coated Banana Bush/ Blue Crystals Be-Bop-A-Lula/ Sur Royal Da Count & The Parliaments Scream Mother Scream/ Rave-Ons The Line/ Devils The Devil Dance/ 4 Score Mini-Skirt/ End Emancipation/ Myron Lee Fat Man/ Four Rogues The Ralphie/ Young Men - Go!/ Johnny & The Uncalled Four Shortnin' Bread/ Kavaliers Get Your Feet Off Of Me/ Sunsets Theme 1/ Deacons The Baldie Beat/ Chessmen Baby Weemus/ Shorty & The Enchanting Souls We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/ Bandits Buzzy/ Velveteens Ching Bam Bah/ Wild Ones Baby, I Love You/ Little People Hey, Little Girl/ Mark V You Make Me Lose My Mind/ Dr. T. & The Undertakers Undertaker's Theme/ Radicals Ooby, Dooby/ Woodsmen Long Tall Sally/ Tito Mambo With The Men Of Chantz Jungle Farm/ Warlocks Hey Joe/ Continentals Continentals Jam/ Black Sheep Baa-Baa/ Nightshift Footwork And Bounces/ X-cellents Hang It Up! CD 14.00

PAUL BEARER & THE HEARSEMEN I've Been Thinking/Route 66 (RIVERTON 105) 1966 northwest Sonics-style monster, with a killer guitar riff to fill the dancefloor! repro 7" 6,50

VOLUME 3 (BFD) LP 12.90
VOLUME 4 (BFD) LP 12.90
VOLUME 5 (BFD) LP 12.90

PEBBLES VOL. 1 (AIP) The CD version of this utterly CLASSIC 60s punk primer! CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 2 (AIP) The CD version of this other groundbreaking & CLASSIC 60s punk primer! CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 3 (AIP) Psychedelia & weirdness. CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 4 (AIP) Surf & hotrod vocal showcase. CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 5 (AIP) A blastin' mother of some of the greatest 60s punkers ever! Programmed to near perfection (scuse de MAGI!) by dental punk meister Vic Figlar! CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 6 CHICAGO PART 1 (AIP) Illinois lowdown. CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 7 - CHICAGO PART 2 (AIP) More Illinois savagery and garage-pop. CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 8 - SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PART 1 (AIP) Los Angeles & environs circa 1965-1967. CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 9 - SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PART 2 (AIP) And MORE of Los Angeles & environs circa 1965-1967. CD 14.60
PEBBLES VOL. 10 (AIP) A mix of styles and areas. CD 14.60

ESSENTIAL PEBBLES VOLUME 1 (AIP) Double CD, Disc 1 (29 tracks) with a best of Pebbles 1-10, disc 2 (26 tracks) with mostly unreissued bonus cuts. Double CD 16.50
ESSENTIAL PEBBLES VOLUME 2 (AIP) Double CD, Disc 1 (26 tracks) with a best of Pebbles , disc 2 (29 tracks) with prev. unreissued bonus cuts. Double CD 16.50

PHANTOM RAIDERS ...New Sound 67 (Norton) Reissue of this teen combo's first and only LP, featuring Randy Lee (age 11, lead guitar), Doug Almond (14, bass & vocals), Mitch Miller (13, drums), Eddie Smith (13, rhythm guitar), and Ricky Lee (14, rhythm guitar, lead vocals). 11 tracks: Steppin' Stone/Stick Shift/Gloria/Day Tripper/Devil With A Blue Dress On/New Sound '67/Walk Don't Run/I'm A Believer/ Pipeline/Last Kiss/Wipeout. LP 14.00

PHIL & THE FRANTICS S/T (Bacchus Archives) Some GREAT POP/punk garage loser anthems, "Pain/Til You Get What You Want/I Must Run" etc., plus 1 early frat track. With a GREAT booklet. 12 songs. CD 14.00

THE PLAGUE GO AWAY / MONEY (EPIDEMIC 2164) Pebbles 5 monster '66 New Mexico hate punker. repro 7" 6.50

PLAGUES I've Been Through It Before / Tears From My Eyes (Fenton 2070) '67 Michigan moody monster! repro 7" 6.50

PLEASURE SEEKERS "What A Way To Die / Never Thought You'd Leave Me" (Norton) Absolute MUST-HAVE Detroit teen garage punk gals' (incl Miz Suzi Quatro!) anthem to booze! Breathy, poppier flip. Beaut pic sleeve, and ya save $500 over trying to nab an orig! 7" 6.00

THE POLARIS RECORDS STORY (Arf Arf) 26 cuts of Massachussetts mid-60s garage - some real killers, too! CD 14.60

PORTUGUESE NUGGETS Volume 1 (Galo De Barcelo) Compilation of the Portuguese 60s scene. 20 tracks all circa 1964-1969 by such groups as Os Tartaros, Os Morgans, Conjunto Ruy Manuel, Daniel Bacelar, Pop Five Music Incorporated, Sheiks, Os Ekos, etc. etc. Including an insert with extensive linernotes (in English) about the Portuguese scene and the bands themselves! LP 14.50
PORTUGUESE NUGGETS Volume 2 (Galo De Barcelo) A trip to 60's Portuguese psych & garage rock, all recorded between 1965-1969 and featuring groups like Os Platonicos, Os Espaciais, Alamos, Grupo Universitario HI-FI, Os Vodkas, Os Nomadas, Conjunto Night Stars, and some others, with a few of these coming from the Portuguese colonies of that time (Moambique, Angola). Nice artwork and loads of infos and photos. LP 14.50
PORTUGUESE NUGGETS Volume 3 (Galo De Barcelo) Third volume of Portugese garage rock & early psych, surf and rock'n'roll, all recorded between 1959-1969 and featuring groups like Demonios Negros, Les Fanatics, Taras e Montenegro, Conjunto Zoo, Telstars and Joaquim Costa (first Portuguese rocker, 1959) and some others. Nice artwork and loads of infos and photos never seen before. LP 14.50

THE POSSUMS She's Loving Me/ King Of His World (JM-3824) 1966 Arizona teen garage gem - rocker a-side with THREE fuzz guitar leads - and the LOSER ANTHEM b-side moody bummer. repro 7" 6.50


PRETTY THINGS S/T (Snapper) 18 cut CD of first LP plus non-LP 45 tracks! CD € 12.50
PRETTY THINGS GET THE PICTURE (Norton) LP is repro of original 12 cut lp. Kicks off with the utter boldness of "You Don't Believe Me" and keeps on the action nonstop! "Buzz The Jerk/Get The Picture?/Can't Stand The Pain/Rainin' In My Heart/We'll Paly House/You'll Never Do It Baby/I Had A Dream/I Want Your Love/London Town/Cry To Me/Gonna Find Me A Substitute”. LP 15.50 (180-gram/Norton)
PRETTY THINGS MIDNIGHT TO SIX MAN (Norton) "Can't Stand The Pain/LSD/Me Needing You". 7" 6.00
PRETTY THINGS ROSALYN (Norton) "Judgement Day/Roadrunner/Don't Bring Me Down". 7" 6.00
PRETTY THINGS BIG CITY (Norton) "I Can Never Say/Get Yourself Home/Honey I Need". 7" 6.00
PRETTY THINGS BUZZ THE JERK (Norton) "You Don't Believe Me/You'll Never Do It Baby/Come See Me". 7" 6.00
PRETTY THINGS Dont Bring Me Down Under (Ugly Things Publishing) In 1965, while other British groups set their sights on America, the Pretty Things invaded New Zealand, a culturally sheltered colonial outpost 12,000 miles from their home. A disparate bunch of art student malcontents, brought together in one unholy collision of no holds barred '60s rhythm 'n' blues and self-expression, the Pretty Things were the most extreme band of their day. Fueled by a baiting, sensationalist tabloid press, their loud, anarchic music and outrageous antics on and off stage - particularly those of drummer Viv Prince - ignited a national scandal and a public outcry that would spread from the newspaper headlines to the Houses of Parliament. Today, so-called bad boy 'rock star' behaviour has gone beyond passe to being almost expected. But in the Swinging Sixties, in not-so-Swinging New Zealand, for a bunch of longhaired musicians who looked as though they'd beamed down as emissaries from Mars, garnering inflammatory column inches in a remote Colonial outpost for being nothing but themselves was absolutely the real deal. No parachutes. No safety nets. No bodyguards. No lawyers. No PR people providing 24-hour spin control. 'It really was about five young guys on the road,' remembers singer Phil May, 'with the rest of the country, apart from the kids, completely against you. It was like being a platoon behind enemy lines.' Or as guitarist Dick Taylor puts it: 'The whole trip for me was like waking up in a Dali painting with no exit to reality.' More than ten years in the making, DON'T BRING ME DOWNUNDER documents the Pretty Things' surreal, outlandish and frequently hilarious exploits in New Zealand through interviews with most of the major participants, press clippings and more than 180 rare photographs, including 8 pages in full-colour. DON'T BRING ME DOWN UNDER is a must read, not just for Pretty Things fans, but for anyone fascinated by an era when rock 'n' roll was not only outrageously FUN but also a force of subversion and ultimately liberation for an entire generation of young people around the world. 112 pages. Mag: 15.90

PRIMITIVES "The Ostrich / Sneaky Pete" (DICKWICK repro) Pre-Velvet Underground NOISEY-DUMB 1964 dance stomper! Lou's voice at its most punk! 7" 5.75

PRISONERS OF THE BEAT (Chain Gang) Sounds of anger and mood '64-'68: The Humane Society - Eternal Prison (Simi Valley, CA, U.S.A.)/ Jim Messina & The Jesters - Strange Man (U.S.A.)/ The Percussions - Your Love (Memphis, TN, U.S.A.)/ The Road Runners - I'll Make It Up To You (Fresno, CA, U.S.A.)/ The Excentrics - What Can I Do What Can I Say (TN, U.S.A.)/ T.R. & The Yardsmen - I Tried (MI, U.S.A.)/ The Gisha Brothers - Prisoner Of The Beat (Germany)/ The Steadtfasts - Stranger (Germany)/ The Ghools - It Will Be Fine (Switzerland)/ Gerald Wells & The Torkays - Come On (U.S.A.)/ The Emeralds - King Lonely The Blue (Farnborough, U.K.)/ The Astronauts - Can't You See I Do (Boulder, CO, U.S.A.)/ Les Sunlights - I'm Lonely (Belgium)/ The Black Batmen - Sittin' All Alone (Denmark)/ The Abstract Sound - I'm Trying (Springfield, NJ, U.S.A.)/ The Astronauts - My Sin Is My Pride (Boulder, CO, U.S.A.)/ Yemm & The Yemen - Black Is The Night (U.K.)/ The Churchmice - Babe We're Not Part Of Society (Irondequiotit, NY, U.S.A.). LP 14.90

PSYCHEDELIC MICRODOTS VOL. 2 (Sundazed) So-so 60s garage/psych. 9 live cuts by 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS. Plus LIVING END, CHANGING TIMES, MENERALS, etc. CD 13.60

PSYCHOPATHS Till The Stroke Of Dawn / See The Girl (Mighty Mouth Music) Reissue of 1966 garage 45. 7" 7.90

PURPLE HEARTS Benzedrine Beat (Half a Cow) Their complete output on CD, including all Sunshine label tracks from the mastertapes and 4 early recordings reissued for the first time. Great stuff! As a 'bonus' the CD contains 7 unreleased tracks from late 60s ORIGINAL COLOURED BALLS which ain't my cup of tea! 36 page booklet including the full story plus loads of photos! CD 17.90

PSYCH-OUT (Sidewalk) Soundtrack of cult 60's Acid Movie, featuring THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK, STORYBOOK, BOENZEE CRYQUE and THE SEEDS (reissue). LP12.90


Q65 Revival - reissue of their 1969 LP compilation: Cry In The Night/ No Place To Go/ It Came To Me/ I Was Young/ World Of Birds/ So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall/ Sundance/ Voluntary Peacemaker/ Ridin' On A Slow Train/ Fairy Tales Of Truth. LP 12.50

QUAGMIRE VOL. 2 (Finest Hour) 27 tracks, including AGGREGATION (You Lied To Me), BLUE EMBERS (I Don't Want To See You), CENTURIES (ILove You No More), VISTAS (Don't Know), SOCIETY (For Me), BARONS (Don't Come Back Here No More), etc .CD 15.00

QUARTETO NOVA ERA Apolo (Groovie Records) Exclusive repress on Groovie Records, with the suport of the founder band member Chico Aguiar. This is the extreme psychedelic band from Brasil, or the best Garage Psych EP released in the 60's in Brazil. Originally released in 1969 its was rapidly tooked to obscurity by the public or the corporative music of the time as the content of this record is far away ahead of it's time. 7" 6.50

QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS 96 TEARS Great sounding repro of first alb! LP 12.90
QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS ACTION Great sounding repro of 2nd alb! LP 12.90
QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS 96 TEARS/ACTION: 30 ORIGINAL RECORDINGS Not 100% killer, as there's about 12 really dull cuts but you've just GOTTA own this cos it's got the absolutely CLASSIC "96 Tears" plus plenty more great cuts! CD 14.50
QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS "Are You For Real / I'll Be Back" (Norton) The long lost pre-96 Tears demo recordings!! Cut as an acetate in Feb. 1966 and only "I'll Be Back" made it to the "96 Tears" album! "Are You For Real" is a KILLER with a riff ODDLY similar to DMZ's "Watch For Me Girl". KILLER sleeve 7" 6.00


RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES VOL. 1 26 cuts of UK mid-60s beat/r&b with a few killers and more than a few dull cuts. CD 14.00
RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES VOL. 2 26 cuts of UK mid-60s beat/r&b with a few killers and more than a few dull cuts. CD 14.00
RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES VOL. 3 26 cuts of UK mid-60s beat/r&b with a few killers and more than a few dull cuts. CD 14.00
RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES VOL. 4 26 cuts of UK mid-60s beat/r&b with a few killers and more than a few dull cuts. CD 14.00
RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES VOL. 5 26 cuts of UK mid-60s beat/r&b with a few killers and more than a few dull cuts. CD 14.00
RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES VOL. 6 (Gone Beat) 27 cuts of UK mid-60s beat/r&b with a few killers and more than a few dull cuts: SCOTT, Tommy : I Can Only Give You Everything/ MANDRAKE PADDLE STEAMER : Steam/ DARWIN'S THEORY : A Long Long Long Long Way/ KLAN : Already Mine/ GIBSONS : The Magic Book/ KANSAS HOOK : Mr. Universe/ WINDMILL : Big Bertha/ MIRROR : Gingerbread Man/ SONGBIRD : Sweet Elane/ NING : Machine/ RANSOM HEAD : Sing/ BIG BOY PETE : Cold Turkey/ MAYIELD'S MULE : Double Dealing Woman/ FRUIT MACHINE : I'm Alone Today/ PROCTOR, Mike : Mr. Cummuter/ MATCHBOX : Run Much Faster/ WHICHWHAT : Gimme Gimme Good Lovin/  IZZY POUND : Na, Na, Na, Na/ BUCKLEY, Sean & BREADCRUMBS : Everybody Knows/ SHAKE SPEARS : Summertime/ UNIVERSAL : Hey You/ SEAN BUCKLEY SET : Hold Tight/ IZZY POUND : Pumkin Man/ SPENCER DAVIS GROUP : Short Change/ SEAN BUCKLEY SET : Baby Please Do Something/ SCOTT, Tommy : Boys Cry/ SHEPPERTON FLAMES : Take Me What I Am.  CD14,00
RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES VOL. 7 (Gone Beat) 25 cuts of UK mid-60s beat/r&b with a few killers and more than a few dull cuts: LOVE CHILDREN : Easy Squeezy/ KRAMER, Billy J. : Chinese Girl/ DYKE, Grisby : The Adventure Of Miss Rosemary La Page/ JUDD : Snarlin' Mumma Lion/ MAYFIELD'S MULE : Drinking My Moonshine/ HARRIS, Anita : The Playground/ GIBSONS : Hey Girl/ CEDAR : I Don't Know Why/ TRUTH : Seuno/ EYES OF BLUE : Don't Ask Me To Mend Your Broken Heart/ PORTRAIT : Sh-Sh-Sheila/ WALLACE, Mike & THE CARETAKERS : Whitesand Bay/ HARRIS, Phil : Hard Up For Love/ BUNCH : Don't Come Back To Me/ KENNY : I Don't Miss You/ SVENSK : Dream Magazine/ DARRELL, Guy : Blessed/ MONTANAS : Doctor Nero/ BALLS : Fight For My Country/ CATS PYJAMAS : Camera Man/ SHAKE SPEARS : What Happend/ BROWN, Ricky & THE HI-LITES : Jezebel/ SPENCER DAVID GROUP : Picture Of Heaven/ LAINE, Linda & THE SINNERS : Get A Job (Cha-la-la-la)/ STREET, Gary : Let Me In.  CD 14,00
RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES Volume 8 Tommy Scott: I Can Only Give You Everything Start/ Whichwhat: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Start/ The Darwin's Theory: A Long Long Long Long Way Start/ The Klan: Already Mine Start/ The Gibsons: The Magic Book Start/ Kansas Hook: Mr Universe Start/ Windmill: Big Bertha Start/ The Mirror: Gingerbread Man Start/ Songbird: Sweet Elaine Start/ Ning: Machine Start/ Ransome Head: Sing Start/ Big Boy Pete: Cold Turkey Start/ Mayfield's Mule: Double Dealing Woman Start/ The Fruit Machine: I'm Alone Today Start/ Mike Proctor: Mr. Commuter Start/ Matchbox: Run Much Faster Start/ Mandrake Paddle Steamer: Steam Start/ Izzy Pound: Na, Na, Na, Na Start/ Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs: Everybody Knows Start/ The Shake Spears: Summertime Start/ The Universals: Hey You Start/ Sean Buckley Set: Hold Tight Start/ Izzy Pound: Pumpkin Mini Start/ Sean Buckley Set: Baby Please Do Something Start/ Spencer Davis Group: Short Change Start/ Tommy Scott: Boys Cry Start/ The Shepperton Flames: Take Me For What I Am. CD 14.00
RARE 60'S BEAT TREASURES Volume 9 No Life Child - Keith Dangerfield/ Nobody wnats you now - Brincos/ Did you see her Eyes - The Illusion/ Heartbreaker - The Baby/ Sweet little Woman - Gumm/ Funky Bayswater - The Squires/ She's a Witch - Keith Dangerfield/ The Cheat - Lord Sutch/ Mother - Souls/ Our Love's a growin' Thing - The Lions of Juda/ Dark Side of the Moon - The Outer Limits/ Neurotic Saga - Procro Magnum/ Baby I'm your Man - Dreams/ Wotch gonna do now - Brian Dimond & The Cutters/Talking about you - The Rokes/ Midnight Hour - Steampacket II/ Hookey - The Eggy/ Cobbled Streets - The Act/ I know, know, know - Beau Brummel Esquire & His Noble Men/ What's the Secret - Sammy King & The Voltairs/ The House on the Hill - The Luvvers/ You better run - Boots/ Big little Woman - The Divorced/ Come on Girl - Lemon Tree/ Black and hairy - Lord Sutch/ Marble breaks, Iron bends - Peter Fenton/ You just gotta know my Mind - Steampacket II/ Softly, softly - Dreams/ When I'm coming Home - The Divorced/ I'll get you back one Day - Brian Dimon & The Cutters. CD 14.00
RARE 60s BEAT TREASURES Volume 10 - 30 more cuts of UK mod, r&b and freakbeat. CD 14.00

RATS "The Rats Revenge / The Rats Revenge Pt. 2" (Norton) Yasss! A cool (no pic sleeve tho) reish of both parts of this wacked Grave #1 Ohio garage nutball classic! 7" 6.00

THE REASONS WHY Don't Be That Way (SOUNDTRACK-2000) /THE FANATICS I Will Not Be Lonely (GINA-1118) - a-side is an Elevators-on-speed screaming rant, b-side a pounding dancefloor winner, also from Texas. repro 7" 6.50

REDONDOS Full Cirlce With (Break-A-Way) Limited 300 copies vinyl only. 10 track collection by pre-United Travel Service Band with LP sized full glossy Inlay w/pic and liners. Tracks: Slammed No Way/ Why Do I/ I Know How It Feels/ True Loves A Flame/ Johnny B. Goode./ Ali The Sneak/ Long Tall Texan/ Land Of 1000 Dances/ I Know How It Feels (Alternate)/ Farmer John. LP 15.90

REIGN (Norton) Johnny Thunders' teenage 60s garage band: "Zippered Up Heart" b/w an unknown NYC group's 1967 acetate. "This isn't so raw, whine, whine..." Dork: It is JOHNNY fucking THUNDERS first fuggin' record! Buy it... 7" 6.00

THE REMAINS The Remains - Deluxe Mono Edition 2-LP Set (Sundazed) Now beefed-up to a stunning, double-LP, gatefold-sleeve package, loaded with unseen photos and band memorabilia. It’s the first-time-ever reissue of the Remains classic material in MONO with a second LP of single-only sides, plus all the legendary Robin McBride-produced material not included on the original issue. Tracks are: Heart/ Lonely Weekend/ Don’t Look Back/ Why Do I Cry/ Diddy Wah Diddy/ You Got A Hard Time Coming/ Once Before/ Thank You/ Time Of Day/ Say You’re Sorry. BONUS TRACKS: Mercy, Mercy/ I Can’t Get Away From You/ But I Ain’t Got You/ Me Right Now/ My Babe/ I’m Talking About You/ Ain’t That Her/ Baby, I Believe In You/ When I Want To Know/ All Good Things/ Say You’re Sorry (Early Version)/ Morning (previously unissued). Double LP 32.90
BARRY & THE REMAINS (Sony) 21 cuts by this legendary Boston 60s garage combo. Alla their lp & 7's & some ace unissued cuts. CD 14.00
REMAINS A SESSION WITH THE REMAINS (Sundazed) Their killer live-in-the-studio demos. Absolutely whip-ass! 13 songs. 180gram LP 19.90 / CD 14.50
REMAINS Let Me Through (live) / Why Do I Cry (Sundazed) " Let Me Through" is a previously unissued Ed Sullivan Show live performance, plus "Why Do I Cry" on the flip. 7" 7.20

THE RENEGADES Thirteen Women / Can't You See (Norton) Insane version of "Thirteen Women", familiar to some from the "What a Way To Die" comp, coming in a nice picture sleeve with linernotes by Miriam Linna. 7" 6.00
THE RENEGADES Cadillac / I Was There (Norton) More 60s beat by Birmingham outfit. With UK punch-out hole, picture sleeve and linernotes. 7" 6.00

RHYTHMS "Every Time / Go With Him / You'll Come Back To Me" (PLATENCLUB UTRECHT) So-so unissued live recordings from 1966 by this Dutch beat combo 7" 7.20

RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP (Tower) Reissue of the Original soundtrack with STANDELLS, MUGWUMPS, CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND. MOM'S BOYS etc. LP 12.90

RISING STORM CALM BEFORE... (Arf Arf) Reish of rare 60s garage/folk lp by these prep-school legends plus a 1980s reunion live show. 22 cuts: 12 from the 1966 CALM BEFORE... lp - Plus 10 cuts from: ALIVE AGAIN” reunion. CD 14.60

RISING TIDES "Take The World As It Comes / I'm Cryin'" Reish of killer NY/NJ area teen 1966 garage punk acetate-only 45. - You'll know the A-side from Grave Vol 5 lp. The B-side is a cool Animals cover. Ultra-limited!!! 7" 10.00

THE ROCKIN' CONTINENTALS The 309 /2 - 3 - 4 (Casino) Reissue of great early 60s rocker and a frantic rockin instro on the flip. 7" 6.90
THE ROCKIN' CONTINENTALS Cobra 289 /Count Dracula (Casino) Reissue of great early 60s rocker with a with a wild insro on the flip. 7" 6.90

ROCKIN' RAMRODS She Lied / The Girl Can't Help It (BON-BON 1315) December 1964 Boston proto-punk 2-sider with stinging guitar solos, A-side made legendary via Pebbles Volume 8! repro 7" 6,50

ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS FLASH & CRASH/ BATMAN (PANORAMA 28) brutal Sonics-like NW '66 punk cruncher b/w fratty Batman dancer featuring one of the most nasty guitar breaks ever. repro 7" 6.50

ROGUES You Better Look Now/ Train Kept A-Rolling (Audition) Reissue of '66 folk nugget plus wild 'Train Kept A-Rollin' cover. 7" 6.00

ROLLING STONES S/T (Decca) Straight reissue of their first LP: Route 66/ I Just want To Make Love To You/ Honest I Do/ I Need You Baby/ Now I've Got A Witness/ Little By Little/ I'm A King Bee/ Carol/ Tell Me/ Can I Get A Witness/ You Can Make It If You Try/ Walking The Dog. LP 12.90
ROLLING STONES No 2 (Decca) Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/ Down Home Girl/ You Can't Catch Me/ Time Is On My Side/ What A Shame/ Grown Up Wrong/ Down The Road Apiece/ Under The Boardwalk/ I Can't Be Satisfied/ Pain In My Heart/ Off The Hook/ Suzie Q- LP 12.90

ROUND ROBIN Im The Wolf Man / Sit And Dance (Domain) Reissue of 1965 killer. repro 7" 6.50


LOS SAICOS Demolicion: Complete Recordings (Munster) Their six singles from 65 (five) and 66 (one) and their amazing story by Lindsay Hutton!! Tracks: Come On (Ven Aqui) / Ana/ Demolicion/ Lonely Star (Estrella Solitaria)/ Camisa De Fuerza/ Cementerio/ Te Amo/ Fugitivo De Alcatraz/ Salvaje/ El Entierro De Los Gatos/ Besando A Otra/ Intensamente. Double LP 17.50 / CD 15.00
LOS SAICOS El Mercenario (Dis Peru) Limited Edition of 222 numbered copies. Includes postcard graphic detailing the story of the song into an illustration. Originally recorded in 1969 and was immediately banned in Peru due to its controversial and graphic lyrics about the life and death of a mercenary in Africa. A-side is the original '69 version. B-side is a live 2013 recording. 7"10.50

SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS The MGM Singles (Sundazed) The one-of-a-kind Memphis-by-way-of-Texas quintet produced a large and highly original body of R&B/blues/Tex-Mex/garage tunes that established them as one of the greatest singles bands of the 1960s. While the band’s wacky humor and flamboyant visual image may have threatened to brand them as a novelty act, their raw exuberance, rootsy grit and playfully subversive streak made it clear that Sam and his Pharaohs were the genuine article.TRACK LIST: Wooly Bully/ Ain’t Gonna Move/ Ju Ju Hand/ Big City Lights/ Ring Dang Doo/ Don’t Try It/ Red Hot/ A Long Long Way/ Li’l Red Riding Hood/ Love Me Like Before/ The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin/ (I’m In With) The Out Crowd/ (Hey There) Big Bad Wolf (The Sham-ettes)*/ I’d Rather Have You (The Sham-ettes)*/ How Do You Catch A Girl/ The Love You Left Behind/ Oh That’s Good, No That’s Bad/ Take What You Can Get/ Black Sheep/ My Day’s Gonna Come/ You’re Welcome Back (The Sham-ettes)*/ He’ll Come Back (The Sham-ettes)*/ Banned In Boston/ Money’s My Problem/ Yakety Yak (The Sam the Sham Revue)/ Let Our Love Light Shine (The Sam the Sham Revue)/ Old MacDonald Had A Boogaloo Farm/ I Never Had No One/ I Couldn’t Spell !!*@!/ The Down Home Strut/ Fate (Sam the Sham)/ Oh Lo (Sam the Sham) - * LP Only Tracks. Double LP 29.90
"The Complete Wooly Bully Years - Original Recordings 1963 - 1968" (Golden Lion Records) OOH WEE, WHAT A MONSTER! 6 LP's ("Wooly Bully", "Their Second Album", "On Tour", "Li'l Red Riding Hood", "Sam The Sham Revue - Nefertiti" and the "Ten Of Pentacles") plus bonus tracks from 45s on three CDs. 91 tracks, total running time 3h 50m: Wooly Bully/ The Memphis Beat/ I Found Love/ Go-Go Girls/ Every Woman I Know/ Haunted House/ Juimonos/ Shotgun/ Sorry 'bout That/ Gangster Of Love/ Mary Lee/ Long Tall Sally/ Ju Ju Hand/ Magic Touch/ 'Cause I Love You/ Medicine Man/ That Old Black Magic/ I've Got A Voo Doo Doll/ Got My Mojo Working/ The Gypsy/ Witchcraft/ Love Potion #9/ Magic Man/ Hoochie Cooche Man/ Ain't Gonna Move/ Monkey See, Monkey Do/ Betty And Dupree/ Man Child/ How Does A Cheating Woman Feel/ The Signifying Monkey/ Red Hot/ Big Blue Diamonds/ Over You/ Bg City Lights/ Like You Used To/ Please Accept My Love/ Ring Dang Doo/ Save The Last Dance For Me/ Let's Talk It Over/ Mystery Train/ Can't Make Enough/ Uncle Willie/ Li'l Red Riding Hood/ Hanky Panky/ Deputy Dog/ Green'ich Grendel/ Mary Is My Little Lamb/ Sweet Talk/ El Toro De Goro/ The Phantom/ Little Miss Muffet/ Paraoh-A-Go Go/ Ring Them Bells/ Grasshopper/ The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin/ (I'm In With) The Out Crowd/ Standing Ovation/ Ready Or Not/ Don't Try It/ A Long, Long Way/ How Do You Catch A Girl/ The Love You Left Behind/ Wooly Bully/ Black Sheep/ Struttin'/ I'm Not A Lover Anymore/ Leave My Kitten Alone/ Wanted Dead Or Alive/ You Can't Turn Me Off/ My Day's Gonna Come/ The Cockfight/ Let It Eat/ Love Me Like Before/ Groovin'/ Old MacDonald Had A Boogaloo Farm/ Stand By Me/ The Down Home Strut/ I Passed It By/ It's Strange/ Stagger Lee/ Despair/ If You Try To Take My Baby/ Yakety Yak/ Poison Ivy/ A Little Bitty Thing Called Love/ I Wish It Were Me/ Oh That's Good, No That's Bad/ Take What You Can Get/ Banned In Boston/ Money's My Problem/ Let Our Love Light Shine/ I Never Had No One. Triple CD 34.90.

SATANS Makin' Deals/Lines And Squares (MANHATTAN 801) Los Angeles '66 monster punk, made legendary via Pebbles Volume 1, possibly heard by the Stones and influenced "Sympathy For The Devil"? Great folkrock b-side. repro 7" 6,50

LES SAUTERELLES It’s Nothing / Evry 5th Is Free 7? (Feathered Apple) "Special 50th anniversary collectors release!" by legendary Swiss Beat band! Contains the never before released english sung original versions of Aiuto!...Va Sempre Male? and Il Quinto Non Lo Paghi from 1967. 7" 6.90
LES SAUTERELLES Brucerai / It’s Nothing 7? (Feathered Apple) Italian sung version of Ring Of Fire from early 1967! Flipside repeats "It's Nothing" from the "50th anniversary edition". Both sides were recorded in early 1967 by the classic early lineup from the first LES SAUTERELLES LP, including Toni Vescoli (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rolf Antener (lead guitar), Enzo Ernst (bass), and Düde Dürst (drums). 7" 6.90

SAVOYS Can It Be/Now She's Left Me (SUMMIT 827) 1966 Chicago fuzzblaster with deadly dance beat, G45 Top 100, Back From The Grave 7 classic! 7" 6,50

SCUM OF THE EARTH Vol. 1 (Killdozer) Reissue of loooong out of print 60s punk comp: Mach V - If I Could/ The Charles - Motorcycle/ The Bush - Got Love If You Want It/ The Tigermen - Tiger Girl/ The Fabulous Prophets - Gertrude/ The Werps - Shades Of Blue/ The Counts IV - Listen To Me/ The Try Cerz - Almost There/ Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville/ The Motivations - The Birds/ The Crazy Teens - Crazy Date/ The New Bangs - Go-Go Kitty/ Dwight Douglas and The Jayhawkers - Interstate 45/ The Opposite Six - Church Key (Part 68)/ Bobby Jameson - Okey Fanokey Baby/ Mad Mike and The Maniacs - The Hunch. LP 13.00 / CD 13.00
SCUM OF THE EARTH Vol. 2 (Killdozer) Bugs - Slide/ Executioners - You Won't Find Me/ Outcry - Can't You Hear/ Evil - Whatcha Gonna Do About It/ Crusade - Psychedelic Woman/ Marauders - Lovin'/ Myrchents - Indefinate Inhibition/ Suedes - 13 Stories High/ Steve Purdy and The Studs - The Weed/ Kai-Ray and Crew - I Want Some Of That/ Blue Echoes - Tiger Talk/ Leffty and The Leadsmen - Wildwood Fun/ Ronnie Cook and The Gaylads - Goo Goo Muck/ Soul-Men - Roadhouse/ Kings - It's The LCB/ Bob Vidone and The Rhythm Rockers - Weird. LP 13.00 / CD 13.00

SEARCHING IN THE WILDERNESS (OpArt) 17 cut late-80s reish back in print - and still pretty damn solid. Good mix of Euro beat & r&b. LP 12.50 CD 14.00

SEEDS S/T (GNP/Crescendo) US repress of this absolute GREAT 1966 garage punk classic: "Can't Seem To Make You Mine/ No Escape/ Lose Your Mind/ (the godlike) Evil Hoodoo/ Girl I Want You/ Pushin' Too Hard/ Try To Understand/ Nobody Spoil My Fun/ It's A Hard Life/ You Can't Be Trusted/ Excuse Excuse/ Fallin' In Love. LP 14.50
SEEDS WEB OF SOUND (GNP/Crescendo) Their pretty great 2nd lp: Hey, "Mr Farmer" ALONE is worth the purchase! "Mr. Farmer/ Pictures & Designs/ Tripmaker/ I Tell Myself/ A Faded Picture/ Rollin' Machine/ Just let Go/ Up In Her Room". LP 14.50
SEEDS Pushin' Too Hard (Unedited version)/ Girl I Want You (Alternate overdub take 6A) (Ace) Even the most die-hard Seeds fan will not have the full-length take featured on this limited single. It features the missing verse edited out of the final mix that became a US hit in late 1966 and is only available on this 7". Accompanying this prize rarity is a stupendous alternate version of one of the Seeds’ most punkoid moments. ‘Girl I Want You’ is one of the highlights from “The Seeds”, yet as wild as the album cut is, this take, with harmonica and a rawer, completely different vocal, takes it to a new level. Dig Sky’s lengthy rap during the final rave-up, where he blurts out the phone number to his Glendale rooming house, with a promise to “take you so high, right over purple clouds up above”.7" 14.70
SEEDS Evil Hoodoo (Ace) Repress of this 2011 record store day release. . All three tracks on the 'Evil Hoodoo' 10" had never appeared on vinyl before, and two were completely unreleased: Evil Hoodoo (Full Length)/ Satisfy You (Undubbed)/ Out Of The Question (Version 1, Take 1). 10" 14.70
SEEDS S/T/WEB OF SOUND (GNP or DEMON) 19-cut CD with all of their great debut LP PLUS their pretty great 2nd lp. CD 15.00


THE SEVENS "S/T" (Feathered Apple) Beautiful package, great sound and comes with a A2-size poster. The ultrarare original LP by this legendary group from Basel, Switzerland, was recorded in 1965 and issued in 1966. This here is the first pressing of 400 numbered copies. Tracks: Be My Loving Baby/ I´m Crying/ I´m Gonna Dress In Black/ Talk About Her/ The Love Of A Bird/ Why Don´t You Love A Man Like Me/ Panam/ Pretty Little Angel/ What Can I Do/ You Should Know/ In God I Trust/ Don´t You Fret. LP 14.50
SEVENS "Sevens" (Feathered Apple) The CD contains the 12 LP tracks PLUS 6 rare 45 tracks (incl the killer "Seven") and 3 previously unissued studio cuts from 1965.  CD € 16.50

SHADES OF KNIGHT Fluctuation (Norton) Great reissue of a $1000+ Texas 60s punk classic, with photos, band history plus original b-side. "Fluctuation" is a killer "Yer Gonna Miss Me" ripoff with ace lyrics! 7" 6.00

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT BACK DOOR MEN (Sundazed) Their 2nd plus BONUS CUTS. LP 19.90 (180-gram) / CD 14.50
SHADOWS OF KNIGHT GLORIA (Sundazed) Reissue of this classic garage R&B alb - with BONUS CUTS LP 19.90 (180-gram) / CD 14.50
SHADOWS OF KNIGHT I Got My Mojo Working (rare alt. version) / Potato Chip (with interview) (Sundazed) 7" 7.90

SHADY DAZE (Sundazed) Reissue of this Chi-town 60s punk combo's rare "I'll Make You Pay" 45 plus 3: "Love Is A Beautiful Thing/Dennis Dupree From Danville/You Don't Know Like I Know". 7" 6.90


DEL SHANNON MOVE IT ON OVER (Norton) First ever comp of Del’s 1964-66 Amy sides with tuff backing by the Royaltones. Tracks: Move It On Over/I Can’t Believe My Ears/Do You Wanna Dance/That’s The Way Love Is/Keep Searchin’/I Wish I Wasn’t Me Tonight/Mary Jane/Break up/Stranger In Town/Broken Promises/Why Don’t You Tell Him/Handy Man/Over You/She Still Remembers Tony/I Go To Pieces/Torture. LP 14.00

SHOUT! NORTHWEST KILLERS VOLUME 2: 1964-1965 (Norton) Great, greasy 2nd volume of the 3-volume NORTHWEST 60s series by Norton! Umm... once again... YOU SHALL PISSYER PANTS UPON HEARING THE INCREDIBLY BALLS-OUT VOCAL MONSTER "My Woman" by WOODY CARR AND THE EL CAMINOS!!!! (You CAN NOT possibly even GUESS how fucking GREAT this is!). LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

SHUTDOWN 66 (Ernie Douglas) Great set of the QUIET, "LOSER BALLAD" side of 60s garage..18 songs by: The Crucibles - You Know I Do/ The Barons - Tomorrow Never Ends/ The Uncivilized - Back Again/ Royale Coachmen - Killer Of Men/ The Boards - Please Tell Me Why/ The Half Beats - Should I/ The Possums - King In His World/ The Avantes - Baby Go/ The Bryds - Why Did You Break My Heart/ The Hearts Of Stone - Too Hard To Please You/ Les Rockers - There's A Pain/ Jerry Waugh & The Skeptics - For My Own/ The Playgue - Baby No More/ Bo & The Weevils - My Time/ The Conquests - Is It Right?/ We The People - Girl Of My Dreams/ The Shan Dels - Please Stay/ Pete Morticelli - Lost . LP 14.00

SIGH, CRY, DIE (Cheep! Cheep!) 29-cut follow-up to the "No, No, No" comp cd - minor-key weepy 60s garage teen whiners, so of course it's gonna have a few utter turds scattered amongst the good 'uns. The OPENING CUT, an unissued MONSTER by PA's Kings Ransom, is REASON ENOUGH to drop the $ and grab this cos it shall KILL YA! Kings Ransom - Without You/ Nomads - How Many Times/ Strange Fate - Love Is Like/ Illusions - Her Own Way/ Romans - I'll Find A Way/ Bittersweets - She Treats Me Bad/ Changing Tymes - She Laughed At Me/ Evil I - Can't Live Without You/ Limits - Free As The Wind/ Fyrebirds - I'm So Lonely/ Plagues - To Wander/ Gents - I'll Cry/ Non-Pareils - Willow Tree/ Mere Existence - Now/ Beach-Niks - Last Night I Cried/ Morticians - With Another Guy/ Excels - It Isn't So/ What-Nots - Nobody Else But You/ Joey Tedeschi & The Idols - True Luv Gone Astray/ Zephyrs - Take Her Back/ Saints - Please Don't Leave Me/ Chayns - Run & Hide/ Fenwyck - I Wanna Die/ Secrets - Cryin' Over Her/ Blue Condition - Once There Was A Girl/ Pastels - 'Cause I Love You/ Four Rogues - I'll Be Glad/ Four Speeds - Why Did You Leave Me/ The Stairway To The Stars - Cry CD 14.00

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET - THE BEST OF... (Sundazed) CD reissue of rare original album + 2 bonus tracks. 14 Tracks - new liner notes by Peter Doggett & unseen vintage photos .CD 14.00

SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS (Sundazed) Includes the fuzz pounder "We're Gonna Love Again" that's on Grave #3 plus "Come Back Again/Not The Spirit Of India/One Last Chance". 7" 6.90

SIRS Day Dream/ Help (Amreco) Reish of 60s garage 45 by Portland, OR band. Picture sleeve! 7" 6,50

THE SLAVES Shut Up! We’re The Slaves (Be! Sharp) September 1965: After a Stones concert in Vienna, Mick Jagger and his entourage see beat band The Slaves in a local club. They are impressed. The Stones' Swiss promoter Hans Ruedi Jaggi signs them straight away and organizes tours in Germany, France and Switzerland, announcing them as the "beat band from hell." The Slaves (including 14-year-old guitarist Karl Ratzer, who'd later play with Chaka Khan) released three singles in 1966 and quickly became real pop stars in Switzerland. As a resault the band shared bills with f.i. The Kinks and German heroes The Lords. In April 1966, at the peak of the band's career, the Slaves traveled to London to record an album for EMI, but they fell out and the band dissolved. Their singles for Philips - all of them raw garage punk - rank among the most exceptional and most wanted intercontinental '60s releases. Here you have all six single sides on one 10-inch mini-LP! Tracks: Slaves Time/ You Are The Only One/ Shut Up!/ Never Free/ Panic/ Get Out Of My Way. 10" 15.90

SLOTHS Makin Love / You Mean Everything (Ugly Things) KILLER repro with picture sleeve from BACK FROM THE GRAVE legends: In 1965, five high school kids from Beverly Hills recorded a 45rpm single featuring two original songs "Makin' Love" and "You Mean Everything." They called themselves THE SLOTHS. Only a few hundred singles were pressed, some of them with a picture sleeve they designed and printed themselves on an old mimeograph machine. By the end of 1966 the Sloths had broken up, and were all but forgotten. Four decades later the Sloths only record has taken on an almost mythical quality among a new generation of garage rock fans and musicians. "Makin' Love" has been covered by scores of bands, including the seminal Detroit rockers the Gories, who recorded it for their album I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'. Original copies of the Sloths single with picture sleeve are now selling for astronomical sums. The most recent copy to surface on eBay fetched $6,500.00. Now UT Records has reissued this mega-rare single on 7-inch vinyl in all its primitive, jungle beatin' teen garage majesty, along with the dead-cool folk-rock flipside, "You Mean Everything" (amazingly, never reissued until now!). Mastered in 100% analog sound from a mint copy of the original 45. Picture sleeve reproduces the original artwork on the front; liner notes and color band photo on the reverse. This is a fully legit reissue done in collaboration with the surviving band members. Limited edition of 500 copies! 7 9.50

SMALL FACES The BBC Sessions - gatefold sleeve LP with 15 cuts plus rare interviews: Watcha Gonna Do About It/ Jump Back/ Baby Don't You Do It/ Shake/ Sha La La La Lee/ You Need Loving/ Hey Girl/ E Tod D/ One Night Stand/ You'd Better Believe It/ Understanding/ All Or Nothing/ If I Were A Carpenter/ Lazy Sunday/ Every Little Bit Hurts/ 4 rare interviews with Steve Marriott/ rare interview with Kenney Jones. LP 14.00

SO COLD!!! Unearthed Mid 60's Sacramento Garage ( Frantic Records) Frantic Records is proud to present an equally-rockin' 30-track bumper bundle of classy '60s punk from California's capital, 1965-67, the result of a decade of sleuthing, So Cold!!! spotlights some of the best vintage punk, folk-rock and garage pop you are likely to hear, all from the raging suburban punk scene that engulfed Sacramento and its environs during the halcyon daze of the mid-1960s. Though So Cold!!! features several rare single sides that have not appeared on CD before, the vast majority of this power-packed collection is previously unreleased. The program ranges from the city's big groups like the Marauders, the Fugitives and Gear One, to obscure but dynamic punkers from the Squires, Sel-Sync and Mods. A major coup was locating the rare handful of recordings by local legends Plague, Ltd. and The Heard. Once again we feature detailed liner notes from '60s punk expert Alec Palao, plus a parade of eye-popping pix n' visuals. So Cold!!! is one garage compilation that is definitely not to be missed! CD 15.00

SOMA RECORDS STORY 3: A MAN'S GOTTA BE A MAN! (Beat Rocket) And the 3rd vol. Minnesota 60s garage/frat. LP 14.60

SONICS PSYCHO-SONIC (Big Beat) EEEGGGAHHHH!! Listen pops: Iff'n ya DON'T own the Sonics 1st 2 lp's, ya just AIN'T LIVIN'! Well, here's an easy way to cure that lack of life-blood: BUY THIS CD! This baby's got 29 cuts of their Etiquette '64-'65 recordings, and a good 16 of em will tear you a new asshole but easy! Here goes them 16 muthas. CD 16.00
SONICS HERE ARE THE SONICS (Norton) EEEYYAHHOOWW!!! Vinyl!! And with 4 BONUS cuts not on the original lp : "Keep-A-Knockin/Santa Claus/Don't Believe In Xmas/The Village Idiot" --- ummm… kindly kill yerself if you DON’T OWN THIS! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
SONICS BOOM (Norton) Yep! Vinyl! And with 4 extra cuts and a GATEFOLD sleeve crammed with interview supreme!! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
INTRODUCING (Beat Rocket) Their weaker 3rd album, including SAME Etiquette versions of "The Witch" & "Psycho". This new 180-gram vinyl pressing adds on 4 extras: "Bama Lama Bama Loo/Leave My Kitten Alone/Love Lights/Dirty Old Man". A few good cuts, but nowhere near as good as the first 2. LP 19.90
THE SONICS BUSY BODY: LIVE IN TACOMA 1964 (Norton) Ferocious Northwest live radio broadcasts from the Tacoma Sports Arena and the Red CarpetTeen Club. "Intro/ In The Open/ Tall Cool One/ Goin Back to Granny's/ Busy body/ Night Train/ Number X/ Tough Walk/ Have Love Will travel/ Oo poo Pah Doo/ Hitch Hike/ Busy Body/ The Witch/ KTNT Radio Spot. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
SONICS The Savage Young Sonics (Norton) Early recordings from 61-64 and more for completists. LP 14.00
SONICS HOUSE PARTY (Norton) "Wailers House Party/Keep A Knockin'/Think/Hold It". Yow! UNISSUED pre-debut lp home recordings with surprisingly hot fidelity! 2 James Brown covers plus Wailers & Lil Richard covers & godlike pic-sleeve = BUY IT! 7" 6.00
SONICS "Don't Believe In Christmas / Santa Claus" (Norton) Stomp X-mas in with the bold & brutal Sonics-at-their-primem wail! 2-sided gem ripping off Chuck Berry & Don & Dewey! Great pic sleeve!! 7" 6.00
SONICS jukebox 7” (Norton) "He's Waitin' / Cinderella" 7" 6.00
SONICS jukebox 7” (Norton) "Psycho / Have Love will Travel" 7" 6.00
SONICS jukebox 7” (Norton) "The Witch / Keep A Knockin" 7" 6.00
SONICS jukebox 7” (Norton) "Boss Hoss / The Hustler" 7" 6.00
SONICS jukebox 7” (Norton) "Strychnine / Shot Down" 7" 6.00
SONICS jukebox 7” (Norton) "Louie Louie" / WAILERS "Louie Louie" (split) 7" 6.00
SONICS Busy Body / The Witch (Norton) From the above LP. 7" € 6.00
SONICS Do You Love Me/ Money (Norton) Two pulverizing pounders from the deadly 'HERE ARE THE SONICS' debut album, now on 45rpm. 7" 6.00
SONICS You Got Your Head On Backwards/ Love Lights (Sundazed) Sundazed honors the Sonics’ awe-inspiring legacy with this tornadic trio of the band’s original vintage 7” Jerden label singles, all originally released in 1966 and now restored to their original vinyl glory and decked out in snazzy new picture sleeves featuring fab vintage photos. For their first Jerden single, the Sonics invoked their bluesier influences and their wisecracking lyrical sensibility to come up with the world-class rave-up “You Got Your Head on Backwards.” Meanwhile, the fearsome fivesome reveals a hitherto-unheard sensitive side on the ballad flipside “Love Lights,” which is as radical in its own way as the band’s rockers. 7" 7.90
SONICS The Witch/ Like No Other Man (Sundazed) The song that originally put the Sonics on the map is the immortal underground anthem “The Witch.” Recorded in July 1964 and driven by a bulldozing volley of drums, a brutally insistent guitar/sax riff and a possessed Gerry Roslie vocal, the song offered a darker, nastier alternative to the relatively well-groomed sounds of the British Invasion. It’s prime, primal Sonics mayhem, with a sublimely swaggering B-side in “Like No Other Man.” 7" 7.90
SONICS Psycho/ Maintaining My Cool (Sundazed) If one were forced to name one song that exemplifies the Sonics’ revolutionary garage-punk sound, one would have to choose the band’s nerve-crushing, soul-shattering 1964 landmark “Psycho.” Boasting a drunkenly careening sax, a rampaging rhythm section and a wailing, throat-shredding vocal, this enduring classic is paired here with the attitudinal anthem “Maintaining My Cool,” which is widely regarded as one of the crowning achievements of the Sonics’ Jerden years. 7" 7.90
SONICS 50 (Etiquette) Limited edition Black Friday exclusive release. This deluxe all tip-on box set offers three LP's, a book, an 18"x24" poster and a download card. The 36-page LP-sized book features dozens of unpublished photos and a 5.000 word oral history of The Sonics, as told by all five original members and Etiquette founder Buck Ormsby. Included are exact replicas of the 'Here Are The Sonics' and 'Boom!' albums with 'Volume 3', a ten-track collection of Sonics rarities. Limited to 3.000 copies. 3-LP box: 69.90

SONS OF YMA (Yma) A collection of Peruvian '60s garage & instrumental cuts. Features GOLDEN STARS, LOS HOLY's, DOLTONS, SHAINS, LOS YORKS, SAME PEOPLE... CD 14.50

THE SOUP GREENS That's Too Bad (Misty Lane) Complete recordings of this NYC folk, punk, garage from '65/67. First discovered on Pebbles Vol.1 Total of 8 cuts - incl. booklet with liner notes. CD 13.50

SPARKLES "No Friend Of Mine/ Hipsville 29 BC/ I Want To Be Free" (Sundazed) Killer texas 60s punk! Great pics plus liners on the back. 7" 7.90

SPIDERS (Sundazed) Pretty cool 4-song reish of Alice Cooper's 1966 teen garage debut PLUS a HOT alt version of "Dont Blow Your Mind" than the one on Grave 7. "Why Don't You Love Me/Don't Blow Your Mind/Hitch Hike/Why Don't You Love Me (instrumental version)". 7" 7.90

THE SQUIRES GOING ALL THE WAY WITH THE SQUIRES (CRYPT-008) Fully remastered and with EIGHT MORE unissued cuts, tons more liner notes and COLOR PHOTOS of these Connecticut garage gods!! GATEFOLD SLEEVE plus THICK color INNER-SLEEVE! Additional notes by MIKE MARKESICH, NED CAREY and producer TOM ZAGRYN! 16 tracks of garage/folk-punk GENIUS plus a BONUS 7” with 2 more tracks! Side One: It’s The Same All Over The World / Oh No!/ Changing All The Times In My Life (demo)/ Go Ahead (demo)/ Just Like Me (demo)/ Lookin’ In Your Eyes (demo)/ Farmer John (demo)`/ I Fought The Law (demo)/ Side Two: The Original/ I Can’t Do It/ It’s The Same All Over The World/ Walkin’ / We Can Try/ Gloria/ Go Ahead (live)/ She’s Going Home (live). LP + 7"15.50

STANDELLS DIRTY WATER Repro of their first LP plus lottsa bonus cuts:"Medication/Little Sally Tease/There Is A Storm Coming/19th Nervous Breakdown/Dirty Water/Pride & Devotion/ Sometimes Good guys Don't Wear White/ Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go?/Why Did You Hurt me?/Rari/ Why Pick On Me/ My Little Red Book/ Try It/ Barracuda/ Riot On Sunset Strip" and more - total of 18 tracks. LP 12.90
STANDELLS Try it (Tower) Reissue of their 1967 LP..plus a bunch of Bonustracks. LP 12.90
THE STANDELLS The Live Ones! (Sundazed) Those frustrated, rubble-born boys captured live in 1966, rampaging through 6 blistering unissued tracks—“Dirty Water” included: Mr. Nobody/ Why Did You Hurt Me/ Why Pick On Me/ Gloria/ Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White/ Dirty Water. 10" 12.50

STARFIRES "I Never Loved Her / Linda" (G.I. repro) GODLIKE snarlin' '65 punk beast supreme you should worship from Pebbles #8 b/w fast punkabilly frat stomper! 7" 6.00

JACK STARR BORN PETRIFIED (Norton) Side TWO is ultra-crude 60s garage punk ala the KEGGS! Side One is weird 50s trash R&R ala Hasil Adkins but not as insane as Hasil. Tracks: Crazy Rock / My Love For You Is Petrified / Come On / Born Bad / You Only Live Once / Done Away With The Mean Old Blues / Patty McCrombie / Sweet Chick / Rumble At Flagpole Hill / Halloween Party / Constellation of a Fool / I Love My Baby / My Baby Don't Care / I Need Your Luven / Our Favorite Recording Sessions / Beat Doll / Godzilla We Love You / Love Me Today / Show Me What You Do / Pain LP 14.00

STATE OF MIND MOVE / IF HE COMES BACK (CHAVIS 1038) Pebbles 5 coolity. repro 7" 6.50


STOMP! NORTHWEST KILLERS VOLUME 1: 1960-1964 (Norton) Ok - a good chunk o' this FIRST Vol is INSTROS but there's 7 VOCAL cuts. The deal is: UNISSUED Nort'western HOWL, from the studio vaults o' Mr Kearney Barton's studio in Seattle. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

SUNSETS Animal / Uptight, Out Of Sight (Blank Records) Two completely unreleased, undiscovered, undocumented Sunsets sides! In May 1967 The Sunsets single 'The Hot Generation' b/w 'This Is What It's All About' was issued to co-incide with the release of the Australian surf film of the same name. Both songs were featured in the movie soundtrack. The film was screened, and scheduled for release was another single from The Sunsets, comprising two more songs from the movie. 'Animal' b/w 'Uptight, Out Of Sight' was prepared to be released in August 1967, but one way or the other, it didn't happen. Since then both sides have sat untouched in the Festival label's tape vaults. UNTIL NOW!!!!! 7" 12.90

SURBURBAN LIFE (FOSSIL RECORDS) VOXMEN You Tell Me/ END RESULT Never Ask Again/ VEE JAYS Don' t Let Go/ MARK 5 Maggie's Farm/ NOVAS Suburban Life/ TOMBSTONES Tell It To A Tombstone/ STONE CUTTERS Mister/ GLASS THREADS Monday's Fading/ MARK FIVE Determination/ PUBS The Lost Soul/ UNITED NOTIONS Wait Until Tomorrow/ SATINS The Lonely One/ STREETCORNERS My Generation/ GEORGIE PORGIE Hurt/ GLASS OPENING All Those Lies/ RAVE ONS Everybody Tells Me. LP 15.00

SWAMP RATS "Psycho / Louie Louie" (Get Hip) Deadly 2-sided NOISE-FEST from the punkest Pittsboig crew of savage 60s sicko teens! 7" 5.30
SWAMP RATS DISCO STILL SUCKS (Get Hip) Oh Yess! The full length of these 60s punk gods. Mostly wild, loud and fuzzed out 60s punk plus some mellow tracks. Absolutely great & essential!! 180gr-LP 13.90 / CD 14.50

SWANKS/EXCELS (Norton) Super cool split 7" with the DEADLIEST r&r instrumental OF ALL TIME, THE SWANKS' INSANELY fast & screaching "Ghost Train", backed with the KILLER 64 frat-punk pounder "Let's Dance" by THE EXCELS! 7" 6.00

SYNDICATE The Egyptian Thing: California Garage 1965 (Break-A-Way) The story of the Syndicate runs along similar lines to countless other rock'n'roll bands in the mid-sixties. They got together to have fun, made some noise on the local teen scene, recorded a couple of singles, made a vain grasp for the brass ring, then vanished into thin air-all within the space of two magical years: 1965 and 1966. What makes the Syndicate special, though, is those two hard-to-find singles. 'My Baby's Barefoot' and 'The Egyptian Thing', both released in 1965 are two of the most savage, hot-wired blasts of Punk R&B mayhem ever etched into wax, while the flipside of 'The Egyptian Thing', 'She Haunts You' showed the group were equally adept at moody, minor-key material. The 'Egyptian Thing' album presents the bands four A and B-sides alongside four unreleased, same-calibre tracks from '65, which are kinda KINKS-inspired. The collection is rounded out by two creative tunes, taken from a 7-inch ('63) by the Ris-Kays, featuring The Syndicate's front man Bill Rash. An in-depth insert written by Ugly Things' Mike Stax with a cache of photos compiles the legacy of a band, whose 45s are among the top wanted items in their genre. Tracks: My Baby's Barefoot - Single B-Side 1965/ Love Will Take Us Away - Single A-Side 1965/ The Egyptian Thing Single A-Side 1965/ She Haunts You - Single B-Side 1965/ Salt Crackers - Single B-Side 1963 (The Ris-Kays)/ I'm In A Bad Way - Unreleased 1966/ It's Simple - Unreleased 1965/ Getting Closer - Unreleased 1965/ Hills Of San Marie - Unreleased 1965/ Topless (Bathing Suit) - Single A-Side (The Ris-Kays). LP 18.90
SYNDICATE The Egyptian Thing/ She Haunts You (DOT 16807) Brutal 1966 Los Angeles screamer b/w moody, haunting gem. repro 7" 6.50

THE TAMMYS Egyptian Shumba / Egyptian Shumba (alt) (Jazzman) With their insane party rocker 'Egyptian Shumba', laden with wild shrieks and minor key garage groove, The Tammy's were not just another '60s girl group! When the teenage Owens sisters were thrown out of a posh restaurant in 1962 for singing along to the jukebox, they vowed that one day they'd have a record ON that jukebox. So they teamed up with a girlfriend and the trio performed as The Tammys at school dances and around the Pittsburgh area. With its raucous, demented shrieks and screams over an incessant, primitive beat, 'Egyptian Shumba' may never have made it onto that jukebox, but with our reissue 45 it can now annoy grown ups forever more! 7" 6.90

TAMRONS Wild-Man/Stop, Look & Listen (PYRAMID 77381) North Carolina '66 horny-teen punk anthem, made famous via Back From The Grave Volume 4! Cool teen folkrock flip. repro 7" 6,50


TEEN BLAST USA Volume One" (Gyro) Solid set of mostly uncomped teen action: Pentagons - Try And Find / Voxmen - They Say / Jack Bedient & The Chessmen - Double Whammy / Revelles - You Don't Love Me No More / Highlifes - No One To Tell Her/ It's Us - I Can Find My Way/ Johnny's Uncalled For - Please Say / Del-Fi's - Now It's Time / Mixed Emotions - I Lied / Inferno - The Inferno/ Styx - Athena / Bedlam's Offspring - The Thrill Is Gone/ Cobras - It's A Lie / Confidentials - It's Summertime / Jolly Roger & The Poppiteers - Beautiful Lady In The Sky / Black Ravens - Wipe Those Teardrops / Six Minus One - Other Side/ Sandmen - World Full Of Dreams / Zoo - Feelings / Voxmen - You Tell Me/ Triangle - Why/ Warlocks - Hey Joe/ Section Five - Pusher's Route / Paul & Emile - I Can't Take It/ Suburbans - The Love That I Had/ Inn Crowd - Long Lost Love / Rogues - I'm Not That Way At All/ Forgotten Tymes - Won't You Be With Me/ Mixed Emotions - My Backdoor. CD 15.00
TEEN BLAST USA Volume 2 (Gyro) CD Blue Condition - Coming Home / Es Shades - Anyday, Anywhere/ Malcontents - (I'm A) Roustabout / Mop Tops - I Tried/ Marauders - Just Times Between Us / W.C. Dorns - I Need You / Inn Crowd - Gotta Find A Girl / Outcasts - Run Away / Brian Arthur - What Can You Do With A Broken Heart?/ Gnomes - Something's Going Wrong / Beaux Jens - Trouble Baby / Apolloes - Laugh In My Face/ Defiant 4 - My Time Is Now/ Glass Threads - You'll Know The Pain/ Dukes - First Time I Saw Her / Henchmen - Get Off My Back / Sunrisers - I Saw Her Yesterday / Homesick Blues (LTD) - Mona (I Need You Baby)/ Try-Angle - Com'ing Home/ Symbols - What You've Shown/ Green Beans - Superstition/ Cavaliers - Checkmate / Es Shades - Without My Love/ Rogues - How Many Times / Underground Balloon Corps. - (Heart) Made Of Soul / Big Joe Long - For A While/ Henchmen - She Still Loves You / Trudy Van & "The Realm" - Do The Surf / Six Minus One - Fun And Games. CD 15.00


A supremely bold set of loud, fast, Sonics-inflected punk R&B dance pounders! LP 11.90
YOU TREATED ME BAD True "teen" garage lowdown, featuring super-young sounding vocals, surf-inflected minor key twang, adolescent misery-laden lyrics... LP 11.90 / CD 11.00
TEENAGE SHUTDOWN THINGS BEEN BAD A bold slew of prime '65-'67 garage punk movers, focusing on snot-caked fratty-edged pounders and a few more "relaxed" teen ravers. Re-mastered vinyl for a even better sound quality! LP 11.90
I'M A NO-COUNT! 18 of the loudest, snottiest, rarest and attitude-infested snarlers ever! Re-mastered vinyl for a even better sound quality! LP 11.90 / CD 11.00
TEENAGE SHUTDOWN NOBODY TO LOVE Wimpy, whining, miserable yet uplifting 12-string teenage folkpunk lowdown! LP 11.90 / CD 11.00

TEENAGE SHUTDOWN I'M DOWN TODAY (the suicide album...) A fine slew of depressed, brooding and MOODY as all hell garage teen misery anthems. LP 11.90/ CD 11.00
TEENAGE SHUTDOWN GET A MOVE ON! A mucho fine slew of Raiders/Kinks-riffed teen snarlers and raving r&b stompers. LP 11.90
TEENAGE SHUTDOWN SHE'LL HURT YOU IN THE END The "Teen Rocker" follow-up to "You Treated Me Bad" (TS-6605); Raw, inept, young-vocaled teen garage rocker oomph! LP 11.90/ CD 11.00
TEENAGE SHUTDOWN TEEN JANGLER BLOWOUT! A ripping slew of revved-up, ampheta-folkpunk Stonesy/Byrds-on-meth ringers with lotsa ringin' guit, ala the primo example set by THE SYNDICATE OF SOUND "Little Girl". LP 11.90 / CD 11.00
TEENAGE SHUTDOWN THE WORLD AIN'T ROUND IT'S SQUARE! 17 of the most raw-vocaled, over-amped, loudest/snottiest punk muthas EVER! LP 11.90

TEENAGE SHUTDOWN I'M GONNA STAY - TARGET: FUZZ 17 fuzz-drenched rarities containing lotsa, yep, FUZZ geetar! CD 11.00
TEENAGE SHUTDOWN SHE'S A PEST! 18 upbeat, almost-"polished", jaunty garage dance swingers! CD 11.00

TEMPOS Speaking Of The Tempos (Norton) Reissue of this rare as heck 60's garage punk from Alabama! This is the BEST of all the "rare" (but mostly weak!) full-lengthers by obscuros!! 12 cuts. Two Timer/Last Time/You're Not Here/Wipeout/You're Gonna Miss Me/Money/You Got Me Goin' Out Of My Mond/Pardon Me/Heartbeat/ I've Got A Girl/To Conquer This Whole World/Baby It's You. LP 14.00
SPEAKING OF... (Collectables) 12 cuts. CD 15.50

THEM Angry Young Them Reissue of the GREAT debut album by Belfast R&B kings!! Mystic Eyes/ If You And I Could Be As Two/ Little Girls/ Just A Little Bit/ I Gave My Love A Diamond/ Gloria/ You Just Can't Win/ Go On Home Baby/ Don't Look Back/ I Like It Like That/ I'm Gonna Dress In Black/ Bright Lights Big City/ My Little Baby/ Route 66. LP 12.90


13th FLOOR ELEVATORS PSYCHEDLIC SOUNDS Reissue of their famed debut album. 11 songs. LP 12.90
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS EASTER EVERYWHERE Their very psych 2nd lp. LP 12.90
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS PSYCHEDLIC SOUNDS (sundazed) 180-gram vinyl reissue of their famed debut album, in MONO. 11 songs. LP 18.50
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS Headstone: The Contact Sessions Fanclub vinyl reissue: You're Gonna Miss Me/ Tried To Hide/ Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/ Take That Girl/ You Can't Hurt Me Anymore/ I'm Gonna Love You Too/ Monkey Island/ Roller Coaster/ Now I'm Home (Splash 1)Where Am I? (Through The Rhythm)/ Fire Engine. LP 12.50
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS The Complete Elevators IA Singles Collection (Acme) All 7 Elevators US 45's plus the megarare SPADES single! Includes: You're Gonna Miss Me c/w We Sell Soul (the Spades' Zero label 45, different version a-side to the Elevators version), You're Gonna Miss Me c/w Tried To Hide (IA 107), Reverberation c/w Fire Engine (IA 111), Levitation c/w Before You Accuse me (IA 113), She Lives In A Time Of Her Own c/w Baby Blue (IA 121), Slip Inside This House c/w Splash 1 (IA 122), I'm Gonna Love You Too c/w May The Circle Remain Unbroken (IA 126) Livin' On c/w Scarlet And Gold. (IA 130). Every 45 was faithfully reproduced exactly like the original singles 45 IA and Zero labels with large hole US centres with the exception of ACME catalogue numbers inscribed on the disc run-out grooves. The full colour glossy barcoded box will also come complete with an informative booklet detailing every single release, rare photos and reproduction of their rare French EP sleeve and German pic sleeve single. 8x 7"-box 57.90

THIRTY SECONDS BEFORE THE CALICO WALL 28 cuts of early psych (before too much LSD). Pretty solid except for a few horrible cuts. CD 14.60


THUNDERBIRDS These Days Are Gone/Hey Little Girl (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75

THURSDAYS CHILDREN Help Murder Police / You Can Forget About That (International Artists) Great garage dancer A-side and teen folk-garager ala Byrds on b-side. repro 7" 6.50

TOMBSTONES - I WANT YOU / YOU'LL REGRET IT (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75

TOO MUCH MONKEY BUSINESS (Ape Records) Incl. bands from Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, France, Finland, Yugoslavia, Chile etc...1. Los Jockers - Satisfaction 2. Gilbert Safrani & Les Boots - Le Ciel 3. Johnny Kongo & The G-Men - Tobacco Road 4. Bitter End - Single Man 5. Vanguards - My Babe 6. Moody Stones - Baby Jean 7. Selected Few - Get The Picture 8. Wild Colonials - Downtown Blues 9. Anne Christine & The Renegades - Comin Home Baby 10. Bats - All I Got 11. Breakaways - Milk Cow Blues 12. Skins - I Want You 13. Jim & The Beatmakers - She Makes Me Good 14. Dickie Loader & Blue Jeans - Chills And Fever 15. Rangers - Brand New Cadillac 16. Bill Kimber & The Couriers - Allright 17. Dynamites - Gonna Make You Mine 18. Delfini - Gloria 19. Hoods - Im A Dog 20. Stellas - Fortune Teller 21. A-Cads - Watch Your Step 22. Los Jockers - Yo Te Chiero 23. Bitter End - Too Much Monkey Business CD 15.00


TRANS-WORLD PUNK RAVE-UP VOLUME 1 ESSENTIAL!!!! This 18-cut blaster is fulla wailin' 60s Euro beat/R&B howl! LP 11.90
TRANS-WORLD PUNK RAVE-UP VOLUME 2 ESSENTIAL!!!! 13 blastin' R&B/punk tunes from Europe plus 2 from New Zealand and 1 French-Canadian outfit. LP 11.90
TRANS-WORLD PUNK RAVE-UP (TW-6465 CD) At last! The 2 LP volumes of this legendary series on one 79-minute long-play SCREAMER! 30 cuts of CRAZED 1964-1967 beat & R&B punk from Europe and All Over! 12-page full-color booklet crammed with photos & liner notes! Remastered and in SCORCHING fidelity! 1. Introduction 2. SCORPIONS "(Aint That) Just Like Me" (Holland via UK)) 3. FAB "Our Little Rendezvous" (Holland) 4. SONS OF FRED "Ill Be There" (UK) 5. RANGERS SOUND "Ricordami" (Italy) 6. MOTIONS "Be The Woman I Need" (Holland) 7. SOFTS "Kassie Kijken" (Holland) 8. PETER & THE BLIZZARDS "Bye Bye Baby" (Holland) 9. LES OMBRES "Teenage Letter" (Belgium) 10. ENTERTAINERS "Down Home Girl" (Holland) 11. ROLLERS "Jack The Ripper" (Switzerland) 12. PEEWHITE & THE MAGICSTRANGERS "Im A King Bee" (NL) 13. PHANTOMS "Road Runner" (Holland) 14. SOFTS "Paarse Broek" (Holland) 15. SELFKICK "Gosch! Im Your Woman Not Your Wife" (NL) 16. NIGHT BIRDS "The Nightbirds" (Switzerland) 17. DEE-JAYS "Blackeyed Woman" (Sweden via UK) 18. CATERINACASELLI con Gli Amici "Sono Qui Con Voi" (IT) 19. PETER & THE BLIZZARDS "All I Want" (Holland) 20. KINGPINS "Diamond Girl" (UK) 21. I KINGS "Trovane Un Altro" (Italy) 22. LORDS "Day After Day" (Holland) 23. GLI URIGANI "Vuoi Arrivare Su" (Italy) 24. JAGUARS "Its All Over Now" (Italy) 25. LES MISERABLES "Miserablement Votre" (Canada) 26. SOONEROR LATER "Night Time" (Sweden) 27. RIVALS "Got Love If You Want It" (Denmark) 28. FAB "I Only Gave You Everything" (Holland) 29. TESTE DURE "Era Un Beatnik" (Italy) 30. LOSSALVAJES "Soy Asi" (Spain) 31. PETER & THE BLIZZARDS "Sittin In My Room" (Holland) CD 12.30

TRAVEL AGENCY Jail BAit / Hard Times (Break-A-Way) Reissue of an impossibly rare '67 garagepunk single, recorded by a 4-piece from Chicago and originally out on the local Zordan label. The A-side 'Jailbait' is a true scorcher, which the band's bass player, vocalist and songwriter Bill Gradisher wrote with 'Louie Louie' in mind. This track also appeared on Vol. 7 of the 'Back From The Grave series'. The flip contains the equally exciting trashrocker 'Hard Times'. Back in the day this single -featuring teen sex tinged lyrics!- was the band's sole release, with originals nowadays fetching up to $400. Now here's a new edition, manufactured in a run of 500 copies. The single is presented in a full colour picture sleeve with a coloured insert. 7" € 8.90

TREEZ You Lied To Me Before / Only As Long As You Want It (Harlequin 660725) '66 Chicago fuzz bomb b/w amazing frat tuffness! repro 7" 6.50

TRIP IN TYME Volume 1 (Manic Mustang) 25 sixties punkers, teen garagers & moody tunes from the Lance label LP series. Featuring Pied Pipers, Sir Laurence & The Crescents, Villagers, Scholars, Torquays, Sleepless, Knights, Sites N Sounds, Snails, Dickey Treadway & Salados, Voxmen, Fabulous Royals, The Paatz, Ovaitt Brothers, Clann, Sandpipers, etc. CD 15.00
TRIP IN TYME Volume 2 (Manic Mustang) Another 25 cuts of US mid sixties punk, teen garagers & moody tunes taken from the Lance LP's.: Ambushers, Bearings, Ethics, Chozen Ones, Cavemen, Dorsal & Gatormen, Group Inc., Jim Carter & The Senators, Rainmakers, Kasuals, Misfits, Oscar Five, Young Alley Cats, Livin End, Idols, Korners Of Time, Juveniles, etc. CD 15.00
TRIP IN TYME Volume 3 (Manic Mustang) 23 more cuts by the Excentrics, L.A. Teens, Ferris Wheel, Better Sweet, The Other Side Of Time, Traits, Whatever, Impacts, Kidds, Skunks, Just VI, Wayne Pav & The Orphans, Yorkshire Puddin, Lords Of London, Chevelle Five, Inkeepers, Vaqueros, Adventurers, Wrest, Wyld Vibrashons and whole lot more. CD 15.00
TRIP IN TYME Volume 4 (Manic Mustang) 23 moody 60s gargae tunes. Includes the "One Hand In The Darkness" LP plus 9 uncompiled bonus tracks: Big Inners, Huns, Nomads, Fruit Of The Looms, Spider & Mustangs, Tommy & The Nightbeats, Countdowns, Mystifying Monarchs, Jokers, Villagers, Huntingtons, Vibrasonics, Mor-Loks and more. CD 15.00
TRIP IN TYME Volume 5 - 22 Time-Travelling US 60s Garage Jewels (Manic Mustang Records) 22 cuts of 60s punk, teen garagers & moody tunes. CD. VOXMEN You Tell Me/ END RESULT Never Ask Again/ VEE JAYS Don' t Let Go/ MARK 5 Maggie's Farm/ NOVAS Suburban Life/ TOMBSTONES Tell It To A Tombstone/ STONE CUTTERS Mister Georgia/ GLASS THREADS Monday's Fading/ MARK FIVE Determination Oregon/ PUBS The Lost Soul/ UNITED NOTIONS Wait Until Tomorrow/ SATINS The Lonely One/ STREETCORNERS My Generation/ GEORGIE PORGIE Hurt/ GLASS OPENING All Those Lies/ RAVE ONS Everybody Tells Me/ BUTTONS I´ve Been Lookin'/ TIDES Closin In On Me/ GRIM REAPER Run & Hide/ ILUSIONS Tell Me No Massachusetts/ LOST TRIBE Fools Live Alone/ APPLE CORPS Don´t Leave Me. CD 15.00

TRIUMPHS Surfside Date (Norton) 4 cuts: Surfside Date (INSANE!) /Susie In My Hist'ry Class/Surfside Slave/Memphis Baby" - Wildass 1964 Wisconsin surf vocal highspeed lunacy plus flipside & 2 unished goofers. 7" 6.00

TROPICS You Better Move/It's You I Miss (LAURIE 3330) 1966 Florida harmonica wailing screamer! repro 7" 6,50

TURN TO STONE (Astray) 16 cuts of mid 60s US garage 45s: 1 Larry Knight & Upsetters - Hurt Me 2 Casuals Incorporated - I Realize 3 Dean Carter Sound - Wandering Soul 4 Ascots - Monkey See Monkey Do 5 Gladiators - Turning To Stone 6 Fugitives - Mean Woman 7 Mar-Teks - Don't Take It Out 8 Rojay & Faber - Good In This World Side B: 1 TR5 - Till The End Of The Day 2 James T & Workers - Who Can I Turn To 3 Voxmen - They Say 4 Georgy & Velvet Illusions - Mini Shimmy 5 Pigeons - Stick In My Corner 6 Nomads - Please Dont Hurt Me 7 Noblemen - Little Girl You Look So Fine 8 Restless Feelin's - A Million Things. LP 14.50
TURN TO STONE Volume 2 (Ashtray Records) 16 more mid 60s US local garage 45´s - 90% for the first time on vinyl: Bacardis - Don´t Sell Yourself/ Oceans - She´s Gone/ Stone Cutters - Fellow Slave/ Dillons Simple - Way Of Living/ Young Strangers - She´s Gone/ Celtics - Jail/ Mister's Virtue - Summer Night/ Warlocks - I Love You/ Other Five - You Really Got Me/ Real List - Pick Up The Marbles/ Deverons - She Is My Life/ Those Rogues - Girl/ Mister's Virtue - Captured/ Laughing Kind - Empty Heart/ Voyagers - Can't Save This Heart/ Mergers - Unworthy American LP 14.50
TURN TO STONE Volume 3 (Ashtray) Third Volume with16 more 1964-68 US local garage/psych 45s: Madison Revue - Sad And Blue (Texas 1967)/ Pirates - Cuttin Out (Louisiana - 1966)/ Nomads - I Really Do (Oklahoma - 1965)/ Paper Menagerie - Left Up To You (Tennessee - 1968)/ Local Traffic - Second Century (Louisiana - 1968)/ Creepers - Elizabeth (Missouri - 1967)/ Rovin Flames - Gloria (Florida - 1965)/ Beau Gents - Big Black Machine (California - 1967)/ Joey Day - The Chase (New York - 1967)/ Argons - Do The Dog (Kansas - 1964)/ Conlon & The Crawlers - You're Comin On (Florida - 1967)/ Laughing Kind - I Could Have Showed You The Way (Texas - 1967)/ Magical Mist - Time Out To Fly (California - 1968)/ Fourth Amendment - I See The Light (Alabama - 1968). LP 14.90

TYME LAND OF 1000 DANCES (CRYPT-106) rawassed unissued 1967 Connecticut garage PUNK BLASTER!!!!! 100-mile-per-hour screeching fuzzblastin’ BRUTAL version of the Kenner/Pickett classic! Backed with a truly great folk-punk original, “CRY FOR THE TREES”. First photos EVER SEEN of these teen titans plus liners galore! 7" 6.90

UGLY DUCKLINGS Somewhere Outside (York Town) Reissue of their 67 LP. Nothin'/ Do What You Want/ She Ain't No Use To Me/ Just In Case You Wonder/ Not For Long/ Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Any More/ Hey Mama/ 10:30 Train/ That's Just A Thought That I Had in My Mind/ Postman's Fancy/ Windy Ciy. LP 13.50

UGLY THINGS Isue #40: The members of garage-psych band The Human Expression tell about their mind-blowing singles from 1966 and 1967 and more. The magazine also pays attention to The Dictators, the late engineer/producer Dave Hassinger (studio engineer for the Rolling Stones 1964-66, Jefferson Airplane, and the Electric Prunes), Steve Katz (Blues Project, Blood, Sweat & Tears), Johny Barbata (drummer for the Sentinals, the Turtles, and CSN&Y) and Denny Tedesco, director of The Wrecking Crew. Then there are eye-opening stories on San Francisco's demented proto-punks Psycotic Pineapple, the Flamin' Groovies, you get reviews and much much more. Hours and hours of reading pleasure for fans of the coolest '60s and '70s music. Mag 12.90
UGLY THINGS Isue #39 features cover stories on Brian Jones, the Clingers and The Mickey Finn. Brian Jones was one of '60s rock's most iconic stars-and also one of its most maligned and misunderstood. Harvey Kubernik attempts to set the record straight via interviews with many of the people that knew or met Brian. Sharing the cover with Brian is one of the first all-female rock groups, the Clinger Sisters. Their story is a gripping saga of teenage drama and determination. Then there's an in-depth feature on one of the ultimate UK freakbeat groups, The Mickey Finn, and an interview with Michael Des Barres about his rock n roll days with Silverhead. Other interviews include Chris Bailey of The Saints, super drummer Johny Barbata (Turtles, CSN&Y) and Aussie rocker Ross Wilson of The Pink Finks and Daddy Cool. Also present are stories on the San Pedro garage band The Grapes Of Wrath, Santa Barbara's Turquoise, French Yé-Yé girl Anne Philippe, UK '70s punks Red Lights, and folk-rock duo David & Anthony. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies revisits the year 1968, and of course you get the comprehensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, in-depth, and rock'n'roll-related books. Mag 12.50
ISSUE #38: Headlining feature in this issue is a massive, exclusive, detail-packed interview with Dave Davies of The Kinks by Richie Unterberger, who also got access to internal memos from Warners/Reprise (the Kinks US record company) that shed new light on the band's story. Also present is a big story on US '70s art punks The Screamers, including an extensive unpublished 1978 interview by Jon Savage, rare photos and more. Then this issue pays attention to Texas garage-psych icons The Golden Dawn, cult hard rock trio Dust, Swedish beat innovator Hazze Hep, Dutch beat group The Lazy Bones, '70s punkers Elton Motello, Norway's Borres Kork, Unsettled Society (of "17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs" infamy), Blue Cheer, Vanda-Youngs Marcus Hook Roll Band, the early years of Lester Bangs, and mind-melting interviews with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper), Johny Barbata (Sentinals, Turtles, CSNY, Jefferson Airplane), and Johnny Strike of Crime. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin Groovies shares his experiences of 1968, and we take a journey deep, deep into The Diamond Mine with legendary DJ Dave Diamond. And, as always, the comprehensive review sections covers all the latest reissues, in-depth, and rock'n'roll-related books. Mag 11.70
ISSUE #37 The Pretty Things and the Small Faces are subject of the two cover stories this time. In the most revealing interview he's ever given, Phil May spills his guts about his fractured childhood, life as a teenage art school outsider and the first hell-raising year of the Pretty Things. Included is an exclusive chapter from Phil's upcoming autobiography. Not only but also... Regarding The Small Faces, there are fabulous interviews with Ian McLagan and the late, great Steve Marriott. You may also expect big features on '60s pop-psych songsmiths Carter & Gilbert and the Rainy Daze, Texas garage heroes Thursday's Children, California cult pop sensations The Hitmakers, Cyril Jordan's memories of 1967, and an exclusive interview with the elusive Julian Covey a.k.a. Philamore Lincoln. And there are also thrilling conclusions of the serials on The Haunted and The Radiators From Space, European beat group scoops on The Loosers and the JocoDev Sextett, LA punks The Gears, and even the pre-'Kung Fu Fighting' mod-soul years of Carl Douglas. Not to forget the extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Mag 11.70
UGLY THINGS Issue 36 - Two big cover stories dominate this issue. Top of the bill, a brain-searing interview with Andrew Loog Oldham, the brilliant 60s Svengali of Immediate Records and Rolling Stones infamy. The cover features an exclusive 60s era photo of Andrew by famed photographer Gered Mankowitz. Next. 13 years in the making. The strangest, deepest, darkest tale ever told in UT. Mike Stax goes on the trail of Craig Smith a.k.a. Maitreya Kali, the mysterious figure responsible for the loner psych mega-rarities Apache and Inca. An epic-length story you will never forget. And thats not all, folks. There's Part Twos of The Haunted and The Radiators From Space, plus UK freakbeat legends Sands and Sundragon, The Motions and The Dream from Holland, Manzanita Jungle, and-another one for UK freakbeat/psych fans-an exclusive interview with the elusive Julian Covey a.k.a. Philamore Lincoln. Cyril Jordan's outrageously popular column relives the year 1966, and, as always, theres our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Mag 11.70
UGLY THINGS ISSUE #35 - 30th Anniversary Issue! CONTENTS: A bunch of stupendously cool and intriguing stories lined up for this issue, including a revealing interview with Stewkey of The Nazz, and Ty Wagner of 'I'm A No Count' fame. There's an exclusive lowdown at the upcoming Seeds documentary, the second part of our history of The Haunted, and articles on The Sons of Fred, The Paragons ("Abba"), The Focal Point, Sands, Sundragon, hard rock power trio Thunder & Roses, Dutch '70s punks The Suzannes, and a profusely illustrated history of Ann Arbor, Michigans fabled teen club, the Fifth Dimension (The Who, the Yardbirds, the MC5, and the Stooges were among the many bands to have played there in the late '60s). Cyril Jordans '60s memoir continues with his rundown of the year 1965, while Greg Prevost takes a look at New York Dolls collectables with a running commentary from Johnny Thunders himself. We'll also take a look back over 30 years of publishing UGLY THINGS. All this and our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVD's. Magazine 11.70
ISSUE #34: As always we have an array of fantastic stories lined up about some of the greatest overlooked bands from the '60s and '70s. Headlining features this time include the story of The Haunted (Montreal garage icons of '1-2-5' fame), the wild and mysterious Milan a.k.a. The Leather Boy, The Viletones, and a garage-punk mystery unlocked at last: The Bees, who were responsible for the insane 66 acid-punk freakout 'Voices Green & Purple'! Also Cyril Jordan shares his personal memories of The Beatles and the first wave of the British Invasion, Greg Prevost digs into his deep archive of Byrds collectibles, and there are stories on The Spike Drivers, French proto-punk glam freaks the Rob Jo Star Band, Brit R&B combo The Others ('Oh Yeah'), The Blue Aces, Dandelion label folkie Beau, Dutch beat from Jenny & the Rascals, and striped trousers from The Velvet Illusions. And of course our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Magazine 9.90
ISSUE #33: With LOVE as the major cover story, this issue is sure to fly off the shelves. In an extensive, soul-baring interview, guitarist Johnny Echols (Arthur Lee's right-hand man throughout LOVE's classic period) tears down the mystery and the myth to reveal the true story of this seminal band. This issue also has a pile of other amazing stories: Dutch psychedelic freaks Group 1850, destructive Ohio proto-punks The Electric Eels, English freakbeat giants Wimple Winch and The Craig, plus The Leopards, The Syndicate, The Reekers, The Hangmen, Barrence Whitfield, Wildwood, Illes and more. Also, "The San Francisco Beat," a brand new column by Cyril Jordan of the Flamin Groovies, and of course the extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Magazine 9.90
UGLY THINGS # 32 - Fall/ Winter 2011: 176 pages: In our killer new issue, our intrepid writers take a look at Paul Revere & the Raiders in the Psychedelic era. Mark Lindsay opens up to Doug Sheppard about the making of their underrated late '60s albums, while Bill Kopp examines the post-Raiders adventures of Drake, Fang & Smitty and their experimental psych-pop project The Brotherhood. Moving across the pond, we celebrate the world of Freakbeat with exclusive interviews with Dee Christopholus of Wimple Winch and Don Fardon of The Sorrows. And there's more: Part 2 of our interview with Billy Harrison of THEM, big stories on'60s garage punks The Sloths, The Contrasts and Limey & the Yanks, psychedelic magic with The Creation of Sunlight and The Finchley Boys, and a lengthy story on the early years of '70s UK punks,The Vibrators. Add in pieces on the likes of $27 Snap On Face, The Rolling Stones, Valiant Little Tailor, '60s Virginia's Raven Records, Bob Desper and Sir Royal Da Count and you may be looking at our best and most eclectic issue yet. Not forgetting our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Magazine 9.50
UGLY THINGS # 31- Spring 2011: 200 pages / perfect bound / full-color glossy cover. Three big cover stories dominate Issue #31. - First, we have the first ever major interview with Billy Harrison, guitarist and founder member of Van Morrisons seminal R&B group THEM, and the man behind one of the greatest riffs of all time: "Gloria." - Second: The Norton Records and Kicks magazine story; a celebration of a quarter-century of Norton with exclusive interviews and photos. - And third: The Pleasure Seekers starring Detroits girl garage queens the Quatro sisters. All the scoop on this great group (and their hard rockin successors Cradle) illustrated by loads of gorgeous pix. Also in this issue: - The final installments of our stories on the Masters Apprentices and Ollie Halsall; - James Williamson and the Stooges; - a revelatory no-holds-barred interview with Prince Stash de Rola (swingin 60s confidante of the Stones, Beatles and others) - a listeners guide to Wreckless Eric, - Jimi Hendrix: The Dead Hendrix albums; - Cleveland 60s punks the Missing Lynx, the 40 Fingers, surfin with the Sentinals, and lots more. PLUS our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock n roll books and DVDs. Magazine 9.50
#29 - Winter 2009: 226 pages - the top cover stories include a huge feature on Australias mighty Masters Apprentices as well as a tribute to the late, great Sky Saxon of the Seeds. Plus in-depth stories on 60s beat group the Fenmen (featuring pre-Pretty Things members), UK pop-psych faves the West Coast Consortium, LA proto-punks the Imperial Dogs, and seminal California garage folk-rockers Wildflower. Also, Doug Sheppard unravels the twisted tale of 70s hard rockers Stepson, Ron Ryan reveals the juicy details of his role as the ghost writer of some of the Dave Clark Fives biggest early hits, and Phil Milstein relates his experiences with doomed junkie chanteuse Nico. All this plus Midwest garage combo the Nomadds, Ollie Halsall and Timebox, French Riviera punks Dentist, the Remains, the Shadows of Knight, and an exclusive chat with Tony Cahill of the Easybeats. Not forgetting our famously extensive review section covering all the latest reissues, and R&R-related books and DVDs. Mag 8.90
#28 - Spring 2009: 208 pages, filled with an exclusive interview with Trevor Burton of The Move, incl. lots of rare photos, a feature on Roky Ericksons pre-psychedelic adventures in Austin with The Spades, along with a big feature review on the upcoming 13th Floor Elevators 10-CD box set. Plus Dave Clark Five, including interviews with Dave Clark and Lenny Davidson. Sixties garage rock predominates as always with stories on The Good Feelins, The Daughters of Eve, The Boy Blues, The Living Children and TVs Shindogs. 70s Parisian proto-punks Angel Face, the Northwests once mysterious New Dawn, hard rockers Troyka, and New York cult underground heroes Hackamore Brick. The bizarre saga of Philippe Debarge, the millionaire French playboy who made an 1969 psych album backed by his favorite band, The Pretty Things. Jon Savage takes a look at the History of Rock Fanzines, Aaron Milenski gives us 50 Reasons Not to Hate the Synthesizer, and of course the extensive review section, covering all the latest reissues and music-related books and DVDs. Mag 8.90
Issue 27 -Summer/Fall 2008: 216 pages crammed with rock & roll action! Co-headlining big cover story this time are The Who and The Small Faces as Andy Neill reports on their controversial '68 tour of Australia and New Zealand, complete with an array of WOW-inducing unpublished photos. Plus: The Spats ('She Done Moved,' 'Gator Tails & Monkey Ribs'), Brooklyn, NY psych rockers The Koala, and '70s NYC punks The Victims, Jon Savage's interview with Beatles publicist Derek Taylor about Brian Epstein, a conversation with Animals guitarist Hilton Valentine, drop-dead delicious Sixties beat girl/style icon Gillian Hills, R&B songwriting genius Alonzo B Willis, Mike Hudson of the Pagans, and Johan Kugelberg's countdown of the best junkshop Glam Rock discs. And there's more Sixties garage rock a-go-go with The Heard ('Stop It Baby'), The Persuaders, The Lost Souls, plus more Garage Rock history from California's Inland Empire. Also: Exotic beat music from Chile and Venezuela, Jack Downing & the Other Side...All this and more-including an extensive review section, covering all the latest reissues and music-related books and DVDs. Magazine 8,90
UGLY THINGS Issue 25 - Summer 2007: 224 pages of music and infos galore. Mag. 8.90
UGLY THINGS Issue 24 - Summer 2006: 208 pages of music and infos galore. Mag. 7.90
UGLY THINGS Issue 22 - 2004: 200 pages of music and infos galore. Mag. 7.90

UK freakbeat/R&B 7" - please scroll down to the end of this page for a HUGE LIST of UK Freakbeat/RB repro 7"es ( 8.50 each!)

UNDERWORLD GO AWAY/BOUND (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75

UNITED TRAVEL SERVICE Wind And Stone (Break-A-Way) Northwest psychedlia from 66: Wind And Stone/ Drummer Of Your Mind/ Snow/ Like Me/ The Slightest Possibility/ Ytilibissop tsethgils eht/ Gypsy Eyes (45 version)/ Echo Of You/ Gypsy Eyes (Version One)/ Beyond The Rainbow/ Crystal Land/ Plastic Paradise. Incl. a 4-page LP sized insert with the history, rare photos and labels. LP 14.80

UNRELATED SEGMENTS CRY, CRY, CRY / IT’S NOT FAIR (LIBERTY 56062) Detroit '68 monster. repro 7" 6.50

UPTIGHT TONIGHT: THE ULTIMATE 60S GARAGE COLLECTION (Big Beat) CDWIKD 255. ACTION WOMAN - The Litter/ HE'S WAITIN' - The Sonics/ I'M IN PITTSBURGH (AND IT'S RAINING) - The Outcasts/ WHERE YOU GONNA GO? - The Unrelated Segments/ LIAR LIAR - The Castaways/ HANG UP - The Wailers/ UPTIGHT TONIGHT - Flash & The Memphis Casuals/ FOOLISH WOMAN - The Oxford Circle/ 99TH FLOOR - The Moving Sidewalks/ SUZY CREAMCHEESE - Teddy & His Patches/ BOY, WHAT'LL YOU DO THEN - Denise & Company/ NO FRIEND OF MINE - The Sparkles/ PSYCHOTIC REACTION - Count Five/ WE'RE PRETTY QUICK - The Chob/ TALK TALK - The Music Machine/ SCAREY BUSINESS - The Electric Company/ JAILHOUSE ROCK - Dean Carter/ I CAN'T MAKE A FRIEND - The Vagrants/ I'LL BE THE ONE - Madd, Inc/ PUSHIN' TOO HARD - The Seeds/ WASTIN' MY TIME - The Express/ MAID OF SUGAR, MAID OF SPICE - Mouse & The Traps/ THE ANIMAL IN ME - The Orfuns/ YOU AIN'T TUFF - Lindy & The Lavells/ GET OUT OF MY EYE - The Soul Vendors/ BEAVER PATROL - The Wilde Knights. CD 16.00

VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO S/T (Verve) Ever been fucked outta yr mind on booze and/or drugs? Ever woken up inna bummer mode FOLLOWING said night o' abuse? This's yr rec, bubba - But, like smack: DO NOT go WALLOWING in yr fuggin' mire by trying to tie yr life to the "vibe" o' this rec! DO NOT form a band and play twee shit cos o' this rec! Jes' crank it up! "Sunday Morning/Waiting For The Man/Femme Fatale/Venus In Furs (best song ever for fucking whilst fucked up!)/Run Run Run/All Tomorrow's Parties/Heroin/There She Goes Again/I'll Be Your Mirror/The Black Angel's Death Song/European Son". LP 13.50
VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO S/T - European reissue: Sunday Morning/ Im Waiting For The Man/ Femme Fatale / Venus in Furs/ Run Run Run/ All Tomorrows Parties/ Heroin/ There She Goes Again/ I'll Be Your Mirror/ The Black Angels Death Song/ European Son. LP 12.90
VELVET UNDERGROUND Unripened (XTV) The original first album that got rejected by Columbia - this is how it was meant to be! Made from the acetate, so be prepared for some surface noises. All different versions, in a differnt running order and without "Sunday Morning". LP 12,50
VELVET UNDERGROUND Singles 1966–69 (Sundazed) 7 x 7" single box set honoring the legendary New York combo's 7" vinyl output in their rare mono versions. The set features exact reproductions of Velvet Underground singles, two of them with their original picture sleeves. The singles are packaged in a distinctively designed box, along with rare vintage photos and new liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke: All Tomorrow's Parties / I'll Be Your Mirror—Verve VK-10427/ Sunday Morning / Femme Fatale—Verve VK-10466/ White Light/White Heat / Here She Comes Now—Verve VK-10560/ White Light/White Heat / I Heard Her Call My Name—Cancelled single/ Temptation Inside Your Heart / Stephanie Says—Cancelled single/ What Goes On / Jesus—MGM K-14057/ VU Radio Spot / VU Radio Spot—MGM VU-1. 7x7" box set 39.90
VELVET UNDERGROUND VU (4Men With Beards) 10 cuts recorded between 1968 and 1969, including "I Can't Stand It/ Stephanie Says/ She's My Best Friend/ Lisa Says/ Ocean/ Foggy Notion/ I'm Sticking With You" etc. LP 19.90
VELVET UNDERGROUND Another View (4Men With Beards) Collection of prev. unreleased stuff from 1967-69: Were Gonna Have A Good Time Together/ Im Gonna Move Right In/ Mey Mr Rain (Version 1)/ Ride Into The Sun/ Coney Island Steeplechase/ Guess Im Falling In Love/ Hey Mr Rain (Version 2)/ Ferryboat Bill/ Rock And Roll (Original Version) . LP 19.50
VELVET UNDERGROUND Hilltop Pop Festival, Mason, New Hampshire. 2nd August 1969: Waiting For The Man/ Run Run Run/ Pale Blue Eyes/ What Goes On/ Heroin. LP 12.50
VELVET UNDERGROUND THE VERVE/MGM ALBUMS (5LP BOX) (Sundazed) Includes the rare mono versions of the VUs first three albums, the superior mono version of Nico's 'Chelsea Girl' (featuring Reed, Cale and Morrison) and a definitive edition of the band's unfinished fourth album! Housed in a beautiful deluxe box with all original LP artwork along with two bonus poster inserts! Introduction by Rolling Stone senior editor/MOJO contributor David Fricke. Sourced from the original Verve/MGM analogue reels and mastered by Bob Irwin. Albums are: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO (Verve V-5008, mono)/ NICO: CHELSEA GIRL (Verve V-5032, mono)/ WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT/ (Verve V-5046, mono)/ THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (MGM E-4617, mono)/ 1969 (The "lost" fourth album-originally unissued, stereo) with: Foggy Notion/ One of These Days/ Lisa Says/ Im Sticking with You/ Ocean/ I Cant Stand It/ Im Gonna Move Right In/ Were Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together/ Rock and Roll/ Ride into the Sun. 5-LP-box115 .00
VELVET UNDERGROUND Velvet Underground (Sundazed) The original overview/collection, from the original masters. Originally released as part of MGM's "Golden Archive Series," this 1970 album (simply referred to as Velvet Underground) is a selection from the first three VU albums - their earliest greatest hits collection, and the perfect encapsulation of their Verve/MGM run. Long prized by collectors, Sundazed presents it on 180-gram vinyl from the original master tapes, with new liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke. Candy Says/ Sunday Morning/ Femme Fatale/ White Light White Heat/ Jesus/ Heroin/ Beginning To See The Light/ I'm Set Free/ Here She Comes Now/ Afterhours. 180 Gram LP 19.90

THE VIKINGS I NEED YOUR LOVIN’/SUCH A LOVE (Norton) Ultra super mega rare ’65 garage monster! Only two known copies of this brutal monster and it’s never been reissued, much less heard before! Gold wax! 7" 6.00

TY WAGNER Misery Train / Soul Excercise (Ugly Things) Ty Wagner cut his first single, "I'm A No-Count" in late 1965 at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood. The record was not a hit, but Ty's gloriously snarling vocal and the songs rebellious lyrics assured that decades later it would become a garage-punk anthem: "Ain't had a haircut in four years / You can't even see my ears." His 1966 single, "Slander," also found a new generation of fans via its appearance on Back from the Grave. Those two sought-after singles were Ty Wagner's only musical legacy-until now. UT Records is proud to present two previously unreleased Ty Wagner tracks recorded in 1967. "Misery Train," a dark and moody thriller with a killer string-bending guitar riff-imagine the Seeds jamming with Link Wray. The flipside, "Soul Exercise," is a sexy, hard-grooved dance number with a dynamic lead vocal and lots of atmospheric percussion-destined to full the floor at hip happenings from this point forth. Limited to just 800 copies, "Misery Train" b/w "Soul Exercise" comes in cool picture sleeve with rare pics and liner notes by Ugly Things Mike Stax. 7" 9.80
I'M A NO COUNT/ WALKING DOWN LONELY (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75

WAILERS LIVEWIRE!! (Norton) YEEHOO! A totally sharp "best-of" whittling away a buncha filler covers and concentrating on the Sonics-like raw BOOM of these cats! You get the best cuts from the OUT OF OUR TREE albUM & some rare 45 cuts. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
WAILERS THE FABULOUS WAILERS (Norton) KICKASS repress of this ballsy INSTRUMENTAL rec with added & cool UNISSUED bonus cuts! ESSENTIAL early Wailers flail. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
WAILERS "Out Of Our Tree/You Weren't Using Your Head" (Norton) 7" 6.00
WAILERS "Hang Up/Bama Lama Bama Loo" (Norton) 7" 6.00
WAILERS "Livewire/Dirty Robber" (Norton) 7" 6.00

GARY WALKER & THE RAIN Album No. 1 reissue of the only solo album to be released by American musician and early Standells drummer Gary Leeds, who moved to the UK to join the Walker Brothers. This album was originally released in 1968 in Japan only & is a hard-hitting, Who-inspired, pop-psych album that now comes with a very rare bonus track. Also features members of pre-Badfinger outfit The Iveys. CD 12.50

WE THE PEOPLE Too Much Noise (Sunazed) Sourced from the original analog masters, the three Challenge single sides plus material recorded for the label but unreleased at the time. High-definition vinyl: You Burn Me Up And Down/ My Brother The Man/ By The Rule/ Mirror Of Your Mind/ Declaration of Independence/ Free Information/ Too Much Noise/ In The Past/ Half Of Wednesday/ You Are) The Color Of Love/ Beginning Of The End/ He Doesn't Go About It Right/ Alfred, What Kind Of Man Are You/ St. John's Shop. LP 18.50
WE THE PEOPLE Mirror Of Our Minds (Sunazed) With this 2-CD 40-track collection filled to capacity with unseen photos, interviews with the original band members, 14 unissued tracks, We The People's entire history is uncovered in definitive fashion...from impossibly rare pre-People cuts by The Trademarks, Nonchalants & Offbeets, through the entire recorded output of the group, a bevy of unissued cuts, demos...and beyond! Everything'll Be Alright*/ Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind*/ My Brother, The Man (vers. 1)/ Mirror Of Your Mind/ (You Are) The Color Of Love/ She Does Everything For Me*/ He Doesn't Go About It Right/ You Burn Me Up And Down/ Nothing Like A Vision* (demo)/ Proceed With Caution/ By The Rule/ Look At The Girls* (vers. 1)/ Love Is A Beautiful Thing/ Double Trouble*/ Don't Say You Love Me Too/ St. John's Shop (vers. 1)/ Love Wears Black (None)* (vers. 1)/ Beginning Of The End/ The Day She Dies/ There's Gonna Be A Storm*/ When I Arrive/ No, No Boys*/ In The Past/ Alfred, What Kind Of Man Are You/ Boy, She Just Don't Feel It* (demo)/ Declaration Of Independence/ Look At The Girls* (vers. 2)/ Follow Me Back To Louisville/ Lovin' Son Of A Gun/ St. John's Shop (vers. 2)/ Half Of Wednesday/ Fluorescent Hearts/ I Wanna Do It*/ She Lied/ Ain't Gonna Find Nobody (Better Than You)/ My Brother, The Man (vers. 2)/ Free Information/ You Like Me, You Love Me* (demo)/ Too Much Noise/ Love Wears Black (None)* (vers. 2). Double CD25.50

WE'RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD (Sundazed) The Chicago Garage Sound Of Quill Records, including rare photos, label scans and extensive liner notes (with interviews). Tracks: Malibus: Im Cryin/ Skunks: Do the Duck/ Prophets: Yes I Know/ Chances R: I'll Have You Cryin/ Exterminators: Declaration of Independence 65/ Ricochettes: Losing You/ Delights: Just Out of Reach/ Don Caron Orchestra: Hot Pastrami/ Jimmy Watson & the Original Royals: A Heart Is Made of Many Things/ Riddles: Its One Thing to Say/ Night Flight: Without You/ Ronnie Rice & the Gents: La-Do-Da-Da/ Nght Flight: To Color Turn/ Commons, Ltd.: Im Going to Change the World/ Delights: Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Moment/ Skunks: Dont Ask Why. LP 18.50

WHAT'S THE USE?! ACE set of 12 UNISSUED Australian 66 acetates - Most of 'em GREAT! LP 12.90

WHO My Generation (Brunswick) Yass - An all-time classic! A cool set cos ya get the 12 orig LP cuts plus 16 non-lp 45 cuts AND a stack of UNISSUED studio cuts! 28 cuts total! CD 15.00
WHO My Generation (Brunswick) Yass - An all-time classic! The 12 orig LP cuts plus 4 bonus tracks.. LP 12.50
THE WHO The Who Sell Out (Vinyl Lovers / Lilith) Their 3rd LP from 1967 plus 10 bonus tracks from 67-68, plus more 'adverts' between the tracks. Limited edition - double 180gram LP with gatefold sleeve: Armenia City In The Sky/ Heinz Baked Beans/ Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand/ Odorono/ Tattoo/ Our Love Was/ I Can See For Miles/ I Can't Reach You/ Medac/ Relax/ Silas Stingy/ Sunrise/ Rael 1/ Bonus tracks: Rael 2/ Glittering Girl/ Melancholia/ Someone's Coming/ Jaguar/ Early Morning Cold Taxi/ Hall Of The Mountain King/ Girl's Eyes/ Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand/ Glow Girl. Double 180g ram LP 23.90
THE WHO Who's Rare 1964 - 1968 - new version with different sleeve and 2 more tracks, so it's 16 cuts: : Here'tis/ Leaving Here (alt.)/ Heatwave/ Motoring/ Baby Don't You Do It/ Instant Party Mixture/ My Generation, Land Of Hope & Glory/ Man With The Money/ Run Run Run (stereo)/ Glittering Girl/ Early Morning Cold Taxi/ Summertime Blues/ Girl's Eyes/ Jaguar/ My Way/ Melancholia" LP 13.50

WHY FOUR HARD LIFE/ NOT FADE AWAY (RAMPRO 118) Killer '66 Wisconsin midtempo garager with a riff from Them's "Little Girl" b/w raving Holly-via-the-Stones cover dance pounder! repro 7" 6.50

WIG Crackin' Up / Bluescene (Blackknight 903) '67 Texas fuzzer. repro 7" 6.50

WILD! WILD! WILD! (Norton) 3 cuts of FRANTIC early-60s surf-punk VOCAL screamers: The TWILIGHTS' insane "Rollerland", The GENTRYS' total wacko "Wild", The RENEGADES V's super-nuts version of "Wine Wine Wine" 7" 6.00

WILDWORLD VOLUME 3: ROMA RAVEUP (Wildworld) 28 cuts of 90% KILLER Italian 60s garage/beat coolities. Really well programmed: I BIZANTINI, THE BUMPERS, CONDORS, I DIAPASON, I KINGS, THE LAZY, THE PHAFER, I PRINCIPI, I RAGAZZI DEL SOLE, RED ROOSTERS, etc. CD 15.00

THE WINNING SIDES Volume 2 (Hip Shake Records) 17 Sixties punkers from the USA, featuring SKIP DRINKWATER (Silly Sally), BUDDY SHARPE & THE SHAKERS - (Please, Please, Please, Please), THE GRASSSHOPPERS (Mod Socks), THE RUNAROUNDS (My Little Girl), PAT WALLACE (I'm Gonna) Fill The Hole In Your Soul), THE US GROUP (Little Bit Of Something (Is Better Than A Whole Lot Of Nothing), SEEBURG SPOTLITE BAND (Slow Down Sue), PATRICK & THE NOMADS (You Found A New Love), THE MORTICIANS (Little Latin Lupe Lu), THE REJECTS (Hey Girl), BILLY SANDLIN & THE INTERNS (Poor Rich Girl), VELVETEENS (Ching Bam Bah), THE JAGGED EDGE (Midnight To Six Man), THE WORLD OF MILAN (One Track Mind), THE ROTTEN KIDS - Let's Stomp), THE DIVERS (Feel So Fine), THE TURNAROUNDS & THE STINGERS (Salt'n'Pepper). LP 12,50
WINNING SIDES Volume 3 (Hip Shake Records) 17 more garage punkers from the USA, 1962 - 1967: 1. Last Exit - The Fast One/ The Invaders Of Burdine's Combo Castle - "Honda" Come Back/ The Hi-Boys - So Good/ The Shadows - Tell Me/ The Young Strangers - She's Gone/ Bill Allan And The Fugitives - Come On And Clap/ Roy And The Royals - Do The Bare/ The Misfits - I'll Feel Better (In The Morning)/ Jim Curran And The Lonely Ones - Aren't You Happy?/ The Nomads - Not For Me/ The Faros - I'm Crying/ Slim Delgado And His Quintet With The Fables - Frank Rhoads Round/ Little Alton And The Velvatones - She Said Yeah/ The Mothers Of Soul (The Mothas) - It's Over/ The Rocks - Terri/ Curt Block And The Vibrations - She's My Kind/ The Spacemen - Same Old Grind. LP12.50

WIZZZ! Volume1: French Psychorama 1966-1971 (Born Bad) The groovy side of the French pop from the mid 60s to the early 70s! Crazy lyrics about sex, drugs and other typical topics. Performed by obscure artists like CHARLOTTE LESLIE, CHRISTIE LAUME, LES FLEURS DE PAVOT, DANYEL GERARD, RICHARD DE BORDEAUX, CHRISTINE PILZER, WILLIAM SHELLER, LES PAPYVORES, L'OEIL and others. LP 14.50
WIZZZ! Volume 2: Psychorama Francais 1966-70 (Born Bad) Rare and unissued tracks from the french garage/weirdos/beat 60's vaults: San Antonio "J'aime ou j'emm..."/ Jean et Janet "Je t'aime normal"/ Bruno Leys "Maintenant je suis un voyou"/ Guy Skornik "Des arbres de fer"/ Chorus Reverendus "Dans son euphorie"/ Brigitte Fontaine "Je suis inadaptée"/ Philippe Nicaud "Bonne nuit Chuck"/ Zorgones "Herr Doktor Reich"/ Bainc Didonc "4 cheveux dans le vent/ Serge Franklin "KKK"/ Isabelle "Amstramgram"/ Bruno Leys "Hallucinations"/ Nelly Perrier "Un soir d'été"/ Jesus "L'electrocuté"/ Alain Boissanger "Crazy girl, crazy world". LP 14.50
WIZZZ! Volume 3: French Psychorama 1967-1970 (Born Bad) Included is a 6-page booklet with a biography of each artist, plus many cool and unissued photos. Tracks: Dansez Avec Moa - Les Français Sont Des Veaux/ Bernard Chabert - Helga Selzer/ Joanna - Hold Up Inusité/ Pierre Paul Jacques - Je Suis Turc/ Evariste - Les Pommes De Lune / Jean-Bernard De Libreville - Juxtaposition 210/ Crischa - Paix Sur Terre / Long Chris - Nevralgie Particulière/ Nato - Je T'Apprendrai A Faire L'Amour/ Papy - Toi Le Shazam/ Fatty Nautty - Tumba Part 2/ Bernard Chabert - Une Plage Bordée De Cocotiers/ Balthazar - La Marche Des Travailleurs/ Jane Et Julie - Notre Homme à Moi/ Unknown - Cacharella (Unissued)/ Bruno Leys - Eve (Unissued)/ Marcel Artero - Les Drogués Du 45 Tours (Unissued). LP 14.50

WORKING CLASS DEVILS (Beat-Road Records - BR LP 7006) Subversive Beat , R’n’B and Psych From Poland 1965-70 - no overlaps to previous comps from the polish Sixties: KLAN - Nie sadz´cie rajskich jab?oni/ S´LIWKI - Gdy oczy zamkne³/ POLANIE - Cool Jerk/ ZDRÓJ JANA - Ballada o nutrion´cach/ SZWAGRY - Huk puk/ BARDOWIE - To nic/ BIRBANCI - Jeden z nas/ ELAR - Moloch/ NIEBIESKO-CZARNI - Purple Hazy/ TARPANY – Kwiatki/ TRUBADURZY - Gdy ona mówi tak, mys´le³ nie/ K.KLENCZON & TRZY KORONY - Piosenka o niczym/ FILIPY – Lawina/ CZARNE GOLFY - Nie dla ciebie/ SKALDOWIE - Dwudzieste szóste marzenie/ FILIPINKI – Hej nam hej. Limited to 500 copies. LP 15.00

WORKING CLASS DEVILS (Beat Road) Repress of the first Volume with subversive beat , r'n'b and psych from poland 1965-70:KLAN - Nie sadzcie rajskich jabloni/ SLIWKI - Gdy oczy zamkne/ POLANIE - Cool Jerk/ ZDROJ JANA - Ballada o nutrioncach/ SZWAGRY - Huk puk/ BARDOWIE - To nic/ BIRBANCI - Jeden z nas/ ELAR - Moloch/ NIEBIESKO-CZARNI - Purple Hazy/ TARPANY - Kwiatki/ TRUBADURZY - Gdy ona mwi tak, mysle nie/ K.KLENCZON & TRZY KORONY - Piosenka o niczym/ FILIPY - Lawina/ CZARNE GOLFY - Nie dla ciebie/ SKALDOWIE - Dwudzieste szste marzenie/ FILIPINKI - Hej nam hejLP 15.60
WORKING CLASS DEVILS Volume 2: Fuzz, Vodka & Flowers (Beat Road) 16-track collecition of Polish 60s Rarities: KRZYSZTOF KLENCZON & TRZY KORONY - Spotkanie z diablem/ NIEBIESKO-CZARNI - Cant You See Me/ SZWAGRY - Zrobimy huk (Off The Hook)/ KLAN - Automaty/ WISLANIE - Ballada o Loli Gill/ TRUBADURZY - Duze M/ WISLANIE 69 - Clear Sun/ LANCETY - Zly dzien/ ZDRJ JANA - Piesn telefoniczna/ KAWALEROWIE - Od dzisiaj znw zacznijmy marzyc (I'm A Lover Not A Fighter)/ SYGNALY 74 - W traby dac/ CHOCHOLY - Zaimki/ SARMACI - Na drugim brzegu teczy/ KLAN - Don't Plant Paradise Trees/ BIRBANCI - Zwykly zart/ PIOTR PASTOR & SLONCE - Fruwam po ziemiLP 15.60

WORLDBEATERS Volume 5 (Krazy World) 60s punk-beat-mod tracks from around the planet: 1 Secrets-You're Wrong (NEW ZEALAND) 2 Cyclones-Oh No, She Didn't Say (SINGAPORE)? 3 Stalemates-Easy As Can Be (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) * 4 Lords-Please Don't Bring Me Down (GERMANY) 5 Cheyenes-Valgame La Macare (SPAIN) 6 Talmud-Avoir Raison (QUEBEC) 7 Claners-Pronto Te Arrepentir?(VENEZUELA) 8 Profetas-Vivir En Paz (MEXICO) 9 Sicodelicos-I'm Feeling Down (CHILE) 10 Speakers-Glendora (COLOMBIA) 11 Shakers-What A Love (URUGUAY) alternate version 12 Doltons-Santo (PERU) 13 Slaves-You Are The Only One (AUSTRIA) 14 Somethings-Le Monde Infernal (FRANCE) 15 Sauterelles-Routine (SWITZERLAND) 16 Miserables-Chemises ?Pois Cravates ?Fleurs (QUEBEC) 17 Tremendi-You Don't Come Around (ITALY) 18 Youngers-Hanashitakunai (JAPAN) 19 Kopy Kats-Maryanne (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) * 20 Pogs-The Pogs? Theme (AUSTRALIA) 21 Zoe & the Stormies-Girl Of Ye Ye (GREECE) 22 Savages-He's A Man (BERMUDA) 23 Firebeats Inc-Can't Find Nobody (NORWAY) 24 Friends-Empty Handed (SWEDEN) 25 Downbeats-You Gotta Tell Me (HONG KONG) 26 Johnny Kendall & the Heralds-Fool (HOLLAND) 27 Free Beats- Please Tell Me (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) * * previously unreleased. CD 15.00
WORLDBEATERS Volume 6 (Krazy World) 60s punk-beat-mod tracks from around the planet. 1 Free Beats-Midnight Mover (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) * 2 Claners-Verg?(VENEZUELA) 3 MPD Ltd-Her Favourite Song (AUSTRALIA) 4 Olympians-Go Man Go (GREECE) 5 Steve & the Board-Margot (AUSTRALIA) 6 Lutins-Je Suis De Bois (QUEBEC) 7 Strangers-I'd Never Be Blue (NEW ZEALAND) 8 Chijuas-Estan Cambiando Los Colores De La Vida (MEXICO) 9 Mod-East Angelita? (HONG KONG) 10 Nightbirds Quelli (SWITZERLAND) 11 Boots-Laissez Briller Le Soleil (FRANCE) 12 Unknowns-Don't You Know (AUSTRALIA) * 13 Knacks- Si, Quiero Vivr (Tema De Cronopios) (CHILE) 14 Chevelles-Ton Ombre Me Suit (QUEBEC) 15 Saints-Let Me Know (GREECE) 16 Kontikis- I'll Make You Happy (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) * 17 Loups Blancs- Je Sais Que Tu Mens (QUEBEC) 18 Steadfasts-Girl Be Steadfast (GERMANY) 19 Thunderbirds-Hey Little Girl (SINGAPORE)? 20 Shakers-For You, For Me (URUGUAY) alternate version 21 Brightness-But Why I Can't (GREECE) 22 Aztexs-Oui Je T'aime (QUEBEC) 23 Freddie Cook & the D-Men-I Just Can't Stop My Tears (AUSTRALIA) 24 Yorks-No Puedo Amar (PERU) 25 Rollings-No Tienes Mi Querer (NICARAGUA) 26 Zoo-I Cry (GREECE) 27 Baobas-Bye Bye Darling (BRAZIL) * previously unreleased. CD 15.00
WORLDBEATERS Volume 7 (Krazy World) 1 Tony Worsley-How Can It Be (AUSTRALIA) 2 Senders-Les Cheveux Longs (FRANCE) 3 Motions-I Want Someone To Love (HOLLAND) 4 Lutins-Petit Jos (QUEBEC) 5 Pacifics-Smile Again (GREECE) 6 Gift Of Love-Take A Trip (AUSTRALIA) 7 Playboys-Porquoi (GREECE) 8 Vidrios Quebrados-Fictions (CHILE) 9 Chicks-The Rebel Kind (NEW ZEALAND) 10 Cheyennes-He Perdido Este Juego (SPAIN) 11 Telstars-Tu Sei Lontana (ITALY) 12 Rhythms-Go With Him (HOLLAND) 13 Loup-sPour Tout Dire (QUEBEC) 14 Diplomats-You Didn't Want To Give Your Love (AUSTRALIA) * 15 Kopy Kats-Let Me Be (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) * 16 Knacks-Me Siento Mal Y Deprimido (CHILE) 17 Sparks-Rien N'a D'impor (FRANCE) 18 Mystics-I Want To Walk With You (HONG KONG) 19 Whitackers-Un Ami (FRANCE) 20 Bobby & Laurie-Not My Girl (AUSTRALIA) 21 Alex Fontaine-Tu N'es Pas Sincere (QUEBEC) 22 Spectros-Ven Que Estoy Hirviendo (PERU) 23 Titans-Non Vale Pi?ALY) 24 Normand Frenchette & the Hou-Lops-J'?die Mon Grec (QUEBEC) 25 Gremlins-Listen To Me (NEW ZEALAND) 26 Yorks-Abrazame (PERU) 27 Forminx-Until The End (GREECE) * previously unreleased. CD 15.00
WORLDBEATERS Volume 8 (Krazy World) 1 Breakaways-All For One (NEW ZEALAND) 2 Cyclones-The Dew (SINGAPORE) 3 Steve & The Board-I Want (AUSTRALIA) 4 Kopy Kats-Today (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) * 5 Road Runners-LSD (NEW ZEALAND) 6 Dragons-Because Of A Man (GREECE)? 7 Shains-Un Profundo Sentimiento (PERU) 8 Miserables-Vivre Avec Toi (QUEBEC) 9 Jason Deane-Ain't Got No Love (UK)? 10 Persons-John's Flight (HOLLAND) 11 Gremlins-But She's Gone (NEW ZEALAND) 12 Gentlemen-You Never Try (SWITZERLAND) 13 Birds-No Good Without You (AUSTRALIA) 14 Noi-Tre Distruggimi (ITALY) 15 Blizzards-Stranger In Town (GERMANY) 16 Executives-Wander Boy (AUSTRALIA) 17 Nivram-Sombras (SPAIN)? 18 Pleazers-Can't Pretend (NEW ZEALAND) 19 Yorks-Muy Facil (PERU) 20 Mascots-I Want To Live (SWEDEN) 21 Thursday's Child-I Want You Back (GERMANY)? 22 Bowlers-Il Est Trop Tard (FRANCE) 23 Sunsets-Don't Get Around Much Anymore (AUSTRALIA) 24 Doltons-La Ventana (PERU) 25 Twilights-Night Of Fear (AUSTRALIA) live, 1967 26 Vidrios Quebrados-Una Manera De Vivir (CHILE)? 27 Kontikis-Gloria (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) * * previously unreleased. CD 15.00

WORK IT ON OUT! NORTH-WEST KILLERS VOLUME 3: 1965-1966 (Norton) UMMM - BUY or go choke yo'self!!! GREAT set o' a GREAT set of punk styles!!! The Northwesty Pounders, The "60s Punk personified" pound, The pre-punk teen-rocker sound , The whiner minor-key moodsville sound. THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST COMPS EVER!! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

WYLDE SYDES Vol One (Retro Gene) Rather unappropriately titled series scraping the barrel of uncomped 60s garage - some great cuts, plenty mediocre cuts, some utter turds... Lotsa stuff culled from b-sides of cuts previously comped. 27 cuts - tracklisting you find www.soybomb.com/garage-comps/classic/index.php?code=2852&format=CD. CD 15.00
WYLDE SYDES Vol Two (Retro Gene) 27 cuts. CD 15.00
WYLDE SYDES Vol Three (Retro Gene) 27 cuts. CD 15.00
WYLDE SYDES Vol Four (Retro Gene)) 27 cuts. CD 15.00

YEAH YEAH YEAH (ARF ARF) GREAT 27-song comp of mostly-unreissued 60s teen garage & punkers! CD 14.00

YESTERDAY'S DAWN (Fossil Records) So-so comp with 12 out of 16 cuts previously unreleased: BLUE CONDITION - Coming Home (Tersa Records, 1968) BLUES UNLIMITED - Hey Joe (Beet Records, 1967) AVANTIES - Baby Come Back (Spear International Records, 1966) FABULOUS BACHELORS - Not Like She (Rick Records, 1966) COUNTDOWNS - Can't You See (N-Joy Records, 1966) VECTORS - Paisley Haze (Delic Records, 1968) CRYSTAL SECT - Days & Weeks (Evo Records, 1968) C.C. & CHASERS - Put The Clock Back On The Wall(Cori Rec.1966) INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK - Ice Cream Man (Brunswick, 1967) ALLUSIONS - Where Have All Good Times Gone (Marianna, 1967) BROWN PAPER BAG - Something Tells Me (Jox Records, 1966) PARAGONS - Mister You're A Better Man Than I (Bobbi, 1967) JADES - When Shadows Fall (Renay Records, 1967) ROBB LONDON & ROGUES - Wholl Be The One (Beckingham, 1965) BUDDAHS - My Dream (Smell-Dee Records, 1967) SKIP ELLIS - Ice Cube Girl (City Records, 1967) LP 15.00

LOS YETIS Nadaismo A Go-Go (Munster) Late 60s columbian beat/ garage/ psych outfit - a collection of LP tracks and rare 45s. Gatefold LP with liner notes and pics on inner LP sleeves. LP 23,50

LOS YORKS El Viaje (1966-1974) (Munster) A monster package on Munster... 21 cuts from their 4 Lps and 25 Singles from 1966 and 1974. GREAT stuff on here! Mira Tu/ Abrazame/ Solo Estoy/ No Me Dejes/ Pronto Un Doctor/ Hanky Panky/ Egoismo De La Gente/ Sin Exito/ No Puedo Amar/ Te Amo/ Amor Libre/ Justo A Mi Gusto/ Vallery/ Caminaremos/ Facil Baby/ La Punta De Mi Lengua/ Sussie Q/ La Alegria De Tu Amor/ Mi Nena/ Mi Mente En Ti/ Abrazame Baby. Lp and CD version come with extensive liner notes with the band's story. Double LP 22.50 / CD 15.50
LOS YORKS Ritmo Y Sentimiento (Maravilloso) Te Amo/ Facil Baby/ Amor Libre/ Egoismo De La Gente/ Sussie Q/ No Me Dejes/ Sin Exito/ No Te Puedo Encontrar/ Caminaremos/ Viajemos/ Mi Nena. Lp 14.90

YOU GOT YOURS! EAST BAY GARAGE 1965-1967 (Nuggets From The Golden State) (Big Beat CDWIKD 268) WAITING FOR YOU - Baytovens/ BABY WHAT'S NEW - Peter Wheat & The Breadmen/ TOMORROW'S SOUL SOUND - Harbinger Complex/ I'M GONNA BE GONE - Just Six/ IT'S UP TO YOU - Shillings/ HER HEART SAID NO - Blue Lite Conspiracy/ MY HOUSE - Baytovens/ YOU GOT YOURS - US Male/ SOMETIMES I WONDER - Harbinger Complex/ BO SAID - Just Six/ HUMPTY DUMPTY - The Epics/ YOU'RE GONNA CRY - Donnybrookes/ WHO STOLE THE BATMOBILE - Gotham City Crime Fighters/ NOT THE LEAST BIT TRUE - Shillings/ GET OUT OF MY EYE - Soul Vendors/ LUV LOOK AWAY - Baytovens/ DYNOSAUR - Flintrocks/ I'M FEELIN' GOOD - Bristol Boxkite/ YOU'RE TAKIN' HOLD OF ME - Immediate Family/ AWAY GIRL - Towaway Zone/ GOTTA FIND A NEW LOVE - The Spyders. CD 16.90

LOS YOUNG BEATS “THE EXCITING SOUND OF” (Break-A-Way Records) Reissue of rare South American 60s beat alb. 11 tracks, half english, half spanish and all covers: Baby Please Don´t Go/ Money/ The Times Are A-Changing/ Gloeia/ Hang On Sloopy/ You Better Move On/ Not Fade Away/ You Really Got Me/ As tears Go By/ For Your Love. Plus four additional 1967 bonus cuts by the Time Machine (out of the ashes of the Young Beats): Train Kept A Rollin/ Just Like A Woman/ Fire/ Your Love Is Drifting. LP 13,50

YOUNGBLOODS All My Dreams Blue / Sham (Sundazed) Limited Edition 7" 8.00

THE ZAKARY THAKS BAD GIRL / I NEED YOU (J-BECK 1006). punk-blasting highspeed '66 Pebbles 1 texas monster b/w kool kinks cover. repro 7" 6.50
THE ZAKARY THAKS She's Got You/ The Zakary Thaks sing for Jax Beer (Big Beat) The mighty ZAKARY THAKS of Corpus Christi, one of the most popular 60s garage bands, deliver the unissued monster that is ‘She’s Got You’, as good as anything they ever released at the time, backed with a noisy ad for Gulf Coast tipple Jax Beer set to the tune of their classic ‘Face To Face’. Packaged in brown paper sleeves with individual sticker. 7" 13.50

ZAKS Take Special Care (Wolf Island Records) Limited first pressing of 500 comes with a poster featuring the band’s story on the back! Label info: Wild, 60’s Norsebeat/garage punk-LP by The Zaks from icy Northern Norway, containing 15 killer, original, scorching tracks, guaranteed to endanger the arctic glaciers! It includes both sides from their ultra-rare ‘67 Single: The Hollies–esque masterpiece “Take Special Care” and the fab teen-garage flipside “Too Young” in LOUD, previously unheard, unadulterated, top-notch sound; mastered directly from the genuine Nor-Disc master-tape, followed by 13 previously unreleased demos from 1966 mastered from the original demo-tape-reel! The unreleased ‘66 Zaks-tracks are reminiscent of some of the legendary US 60’s teenbeat/garage punk-bands from the New England-area like The Squires et al, and also stirs up comparisons with bands like Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz, and The Savages (from Bermuda)! LP 16.00

UK freakbeat/R&B 7" reproductions: Limited edition of 500 copies, coming with a large centre hole (except for two) and original labels. No picture sleeves... . All Repro 7” € 8.50 each!
ANTEEEKS “I Don't Want You/Ball & Chain” (Phillips 1471) 7” 8.50
ANSWERS "Just a Fear/You Gotta Believe Me"
(DB-7847) "Fear" is a great driving moody pounder. "Gotta" is slicker pop-beat.7” 8.50
(Immediate 054) 7” 8.50
BETTERDAYS "Here Tis/Don't Want That"
(BM-56024) DEADLY 2-sided R&B genius!!!! 7” 8.50
THE BARRIER “Georgie Brown/Dawn Breaks Through” (Eyemark 1013) 7” 8.50
THE BLUE ACES “Thats All Right/Talk About My baby” (Columbia DB 7954) 7” 8.50
"And I Do Just What I Want/Tell Me What You're Gonna Do"
(DB-7488) Goofy but decent fast James Brown cover b/w duller JB cover. 7” 8.50
BRASS TRACKS “Maxwell Ferguson/Sunshine After The Rain”
(Big T 28) 7” 8.50
JOHN BULL BREED “Can't Chance A Break Up/I’m A Man”
(Polydor 56065) 7” 8.50
(COL-7887) Another "Searching In The wilderness" comp hot 'un. 7” 8.50
THE CLIQUE “She Ain't No Good/Time Time Time” (PYE 7N 15786) 7” 8.50
MIKI DALLON “I'm Gonna Find A Cave/Cheat And Lie” (Strike 306) 7” 8.50
DARWIN'S THEORY "Hosanna/ Daytime" (MajorMinor 503) "Hosanna" is a wacky dancer/ "Daytime" is sharp folkpunk. 7” 8.50
DOUBLE FEATURE “Baby Get Your Head Screwed On/Come On Baby” (Deram 115) 7” 8.50
DRAG SET “Day & Night/Get Out Of My Way” (Go 11405) 7” 8.50
EXCEPTIONS “The Eagle Flies On Friday/Girl Trouble” (CBS 202632) 7” 8.50
THE FACTORY “Try A Little Sunshine/Red Chalk Hill” (CBS 4540) 7” 8.50
FAVOURITE SONS “That Driving Beat/Walkin' Walkin' Walkin'” (Mercury 911) 7” 8.50
MICKEY FINN "Night Comes Down/This Sporting Life" (DB-7510)A is a cool moody, slow building rave. Flip cover: Not much ye can do with it. 7” 8.50
FLEUR-DE-LYS “Gong With Luminous Nose/Hammerhead” (Polydor 56251) 7” 8.50
GAME "IT'S SHOCKING WHAT THEY CALL ME/HELP ME MUMMY'S GONE" (PAR-5569) Great fuzz-blasting Who imitation! 7 8.50
“Frederick Jordan/I Said Goodbye To Me” (PYE 7N 17615) 7” 8.50
HAMILTON & THE MOVEMENT “I'm Not The Marrying Kind/My Love Belongs To You” (CBS 202573) 7” 8.50
HIM AND THE OTHERS "SHE'S GOT EYES THAT TELL LIES/I MEAN IT" (R-5510) Solid fuzz/compressed-drum cruncher, as covered by Lyres.7” 8.50
(TF-944) Decent Hollies-vocaled freakbeater. 7” 8.50
TONY JACKSON “Fortune Teller/Love Potion No 9” (Pye 7N 15766) 7” 8.50
“No Matter What You Do/Go Go Children” (Columbia DB 77964) 7” 8.50
KIRKBYS "It's A Crime/I've Never Been So Much In Love" (RCA-1542) A is a decent poppy mover with fuzz riff. B is dull beatlery. 7” 8.50
“Daddy Long Legs/Trust Yourself A Little Bit” (Planet PLF 113) 7” 8.50
MARK LOYD “When Evening Falls/When I'm Gonna Find Her” (Parlophone R 5423) 7” 8.50
LONGBOATMEN "ONLY IN HER HOME TOWN/TAKE HER ANY TIME" (POLY-56115) "Take Her" is a killer fuzz grinder! 7” 8.50
MILLER "BABY I GOT NEWS FOR YOU/THE GIRL WITH THE CASTLE" (DB-7735) "Baby" is pure wimp-vocal'd swirling Who greatness! 7” 8.50
THE MISUNDERSTOOD “I Can Take You To The Sun/Who Do You Love” (Fontana TF 777) 7” 8.50
MOCKINGBIRDS “You Stole My Love/Skit Skat” (Immediate 015) 7” 8.50
MOVING FINGER “Shake & Finger Pop/Higher & Higher” (Mercury 1077) 7” 8.50
ONE IN A MILLION “Fredereek Hernando/Double Sight” (MGM 1370) 7” 8.50
PANDAMONIUM “No Presents For Me/The Sun Shines From His Eyes” (CBS 2664) 7” 8.50
PAPER BLITZ TISSUE “Boy Meets Girl/Grey Man” (RCA 1652) 7” 8.50
PENNY PEEPS “Model Village/Little Man With A Stick” (Liberty 15053) 7” 8.50
POETS “Alone Am I/Locked In A Room” (PYE 7N 17688) 7” 8.50
QUOTATIONS “Cool It/The Mark Of Her Head” (CBS 3716) 7” 8.50
REBEL ROUSERS “Should I/As I Look” (Fontana 973) 7” 8.50
SANDS “Listen To The Sky/Mrs. Gillespie’s Refrigerator” (Reaction 591017) 7” 8.50
SHYSTER “Tick Tock/That's A Hoe Down” (Polydor 56202) 7” 8.50
SONS OF FRED "Baby What You Want Me To Do/You Told Me" (R-5415) Who-ified beat raver Reed cover. Dull flip. 7” 8.50
SOUL AGENTS “Don’t Break It Up/Gospel Train” (Pye 7N 15768) 7” 8.50
SOUTHERN SOUND "JUST THE SAME AS YOU/I DON'T WANT TO GO" (COL-7982) Sorrows-style 2-sided beater. 7” 8.50
“With Love From 1 To 5/I Know What I Would Do” (Mercury 996) 7” 8.50
MIKE STUART SPAN “Children Of Tomorrow/Concerto Of Thoughts” (Jewel Records 01) 7” 8.50
V.I.P.'S “In A Dream/Straight Down To The Bottom” (Island 6005) 7” 8.50
V.I.P.'s "She's No Good/Don't Keep Shoutin At Me" (RCA-1427) Too-beatley beat a-side. Flip is a so-so "Shame Shame Shame" rip. 7” 8.50
“Hey Lover/I Like What I'm Trying To Do” (Polydor 56729) 7” 8.50
ROGER YOUNG “It's Been Nice/No Address” (Columbia 8092) 7” 8.50