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4TH & BEALE AND FURTHER SOUTH - The Blues Masters" (Westside) FANTASTIC set of 23 cuts from Johnny Vincent's ACE label DEADLY set including 4 Mercy Baby's KILLERS, 9 Frankie Lee Sims cuts which all BURN, 6 cuts by Joe Hill Louis and so on. CD16.00

ALL TORE UP A great "concept" album containing a fine slew of emotional (ranging to psychological breakdown!) 50s R&B ballads and mid-60s southern soul love songs, perfect for miserable nights alone missing your loved one… LP  11.90 / CD12.80

LaVERN BAKER "S/T" (Combo) 20 cuts of her early Atlantic 50s rockers:"How Can You Leave A Man Like This/ Tweedle Dee/ Bop-Ting-A-Ling/ That's All I Need/ Lots And Lots Of Love/ Jim Dandy/ Tra La La/ Can't Love You Enough/ Voddoo Voodoo/ Humpty Dumpty Hear/ Jim Dandy Got Married/ Whipper Snapper", etc.LP 12.90
La Vern (Rumble Records) Lavern Baker's debut album on Atlantic from 1956: Tracklist: Lots And Lots Of Love, Of Course I Do, You'll Be Crying, Miracles, I'm In A Crying Mood, Mine All Mine; Harbor Lights, I'll Never Be Free, Romance In The Dark, Everybody's Somebody's Fool, How Long Will It Be, Fool That I Am. LP 13.50
LAVERN BAKER La Vern Baker (Rumble Records) Jim Dandy, Tra La La, I can't Love You Enough, Get Up Get Up (You Sleepy Head), That's All I Need, Bop-Ting-A-Ling, Tweedle Dee, Still, Play It Fair, Tomorrow Night, That Lucky Old Sun, Soul On Fire, My Happiness Forever, How Can You Leave A Man Like This? LP 13.50

MICKEY BAKER ROCK WITH A SOCK (Bear Family) Great set of Mickey's Savoy, Groove, Rainbow, MGM and Vik labels 1952-1956 – 27 cuts. CD 16.00

BATTLE OF HASTINGS STREET" (Ace) Raw detroit blues from J.V.B. label! 24 cuts. CD  16.90

BAYOU BLUES BLASTERS (Ace) Louisiana label GOLDBAND's blues. 26 cuts, but only 2 real rockers: IVORY JACKSON "I'm A Country Boy" and CLARENCE GARLOW "Purty Little Dollie". Mostly MID-TEMPO stuff and a bunch of SLOW cuts by HOP WILSON, LAZY LESTER, JUKE BOY BONNER, JIMMY WILSON, TAL MILLER, ELTON ANDERSON, etc. CD 16.00

BEEN HERE ALL MY DAYS (Mississippi) Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, George Mitchell recorded extensively in the South. Mitchell concentrated mainly on local blues traditions recording some famous bluesmen and many otherwise ignored artists. This LP represents songs from many well known blues musicians such as Fred McDowell, Furry Lewis and Joe Calicott as well as some from criminally under represented artists like Jessie Mae Hemphill, Rosa Lee Hill and John Lee Ziegler. Comes with a short booklet of photos, discographical notes and recollections. LP 16.50

CHUCK BERRY Chuck Rocks (Bear Family) CD DigiPac with 52-page booklet, 32 tracks. Playing time approx. 80 mns.: Maybellene/ Thirty Days (To Come Back Ho../ You Can't Catch Me/ No Money Down/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Roll Over Beethoven/ Too Much Monkey Business/ School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes../ Rock And Roll Music/ Oh Baby Doll/ Sweet Little Sixteen/ Reelin' And Rocking/ Johnny B. Goode/ Around & Around/ Beautiful Delilah/ Carol/ Memphis, Tennessee/ Sweet Little Rock And Roller/ Run Rudolph Run/ Little Queenie/ Almost Grown/ Back In The U.S.A./ Betty Jean/ Let It Rock/ Bye Bye Johnny/ Jaguar And Thunderbird/ Go-Go-Go/ Nadine (Is It You?) / You Never Can Tell/ Promised Land/ No Particular Place To Go/ Dear Dad. CD 16.50
ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN (Back Biter) Cheapo 18-cut comp of his classic hits. CD 7.70

RICHARD BERRY "Yama Yama! The Modern Recordings 1954-1956" (Ace) New version of the outta-print "Get Out Of The Car" comp, with "Yama Yama Pretty Mama/ What You Do To Me (Alt)/ Angel Of My Life/Big John/ At Last/ Daddy Daddy (Alt)/ Jelly Roll/ Look Out Miss James (Alt)/ Don't Cha Go/ The Big Break/ One Little Prayer/ I'm Still In Love With You/ Rockin' Man/ Crazy Lover/ The Wallflower (Roll With Me Henry)/ Please Tell Me/ Good Love (Alt)/ Each Step/ This Time It's Real - Rickey & Jennell/ Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car/ Wait For Me/ Hey Henry (Take 6) With Etta James/ Pretty Brown Eyes/ Mad About You (Alt)/ I Am Bewildered/ Predoehlicious/ God Gave Me You With The Cadets/ Next Time" CD 16.00
RICHARD BERRY "HAVE LOUIE WILL TRAVEL - 1956-62" (ACE) All of the Richard's Flip recordings and rare material produced by Gary Paxton. Louie Louie/ No Kissin' And A-Huggin'/ You're The Girl/ Rock, Rock, Rock / I'll Never Ever Love Again/ Sweet Sugar You/ Somewhere There's A Rainbow/ You Look So Good/ Take The Key/ Heaven On Wheels/ You Are My Sunshine/ The Mess Around/ Besame Mucho/ Do I, Do I, Do I/ Have Love Will Travel/ No Room/ In A Real Big Way/ Well Done/ I Want You To Be My Girl/ It's All Right/ Weep No More/ Everybody's Got A Lover But Me/ Tell Me Why/ Dreams Of An Angel/ Give It Up/ I'm Your Fool/ What Good Is A Heart/ Empty Chair/ I'm Learning/ Walk Right In CD 16.00

BEST OF EXCELLO RECORDS (Excello/AVI) Good one! Including cuts by Slim Harpo, Lightnin Slim, Silas Hogan, Lazy Lester, Guitar Gabel, Al Ferrier, Jerry McCain, Lonesome Sundown, Rudy Greem Erthur Gunter, Blues Rockers and more! CD 10.50

BLACKT TONS: BB KING / OSCAR BROWN Sixteen Tons (Buster Jim) 2 versions of this classic RnB gem - for the first time on vinyl Limited to 300 copies. 7" 6.90

BLOWING THE FUSE 26 R&B Classics 1945 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 27 R&B Classics 1946 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 28 R&B Classics 1947 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 28 R&B Classics 1948 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 27 R&B Classics 1949 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD € 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 28 R&B Classics 1950 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 28 R&B Classics 1951 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 29 R&B Classics 1952 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 29 R&B Classics 1953 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 29 R&B Classics 1954 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 29 R&B Classics 1955 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 72-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 30 R&B Classics 1956 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 84-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 31 R&B Classics 1957 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 84-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 31 R&B Classics 1958 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 88-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 29 R&B Classics 1959 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 88-page booklet. CD 19.90
BLOWING THE FUSE 31 R&B Classics 1960 (Bear Family) CD Digipac with 88-page booklet. CD 19.90

BLOWIN THRU YOKAHAMA! Yee-hoo! Solid 50s R&B comp with a cool stew of greasy slop & goofy novelties! 16 cuts LP 14.90

BLUES HANGOVER / EXCELLO BLUES RARITIES (Avi) 43 cuts on two CD's. Double CD 12.50

BLUES WITH A RHYTHM Volume 1 (Doghouse & Bone) Limited edition 10". Collection of highly obscure RHYTHM & BLUES singles from the 60's: Hardhead - Louis Jordan/ My Girl Across Town - Lester Robertson And The Upsetters/ Every Woman I Know (Is Crazy About An Automobile)- Al Vance/ Hello Friends, Hello Pal - Mr. Calhoun/ Mailman, Mailman - Sonny Boy Williamson/ Wait Till Next Week, Baby - Big Connie/ Hungry And Thirsty (For Your Love) - Jimmy Trotter/ My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone - Poppa Hop And His Orchestra/ Oh Boy - Jimmy Witherspoon/ Sis Boogie – Lightnin Hopkins. 10" 13.90

BOBBY'S BOOGIE: BEBOP, BLUES & SANCTIFICATION FROM RED ROBIN RECORDS (Relic) 26 cuts of a variety of styles issued on Red Robin between 1951-1956. CD 14.50

BOOGIE WOOGIE PLAYGIRL: Texas-Style Jump & Barrelhouse 1948 - 53 (Eddies) 24 r&b cuts. CD 14.00

BUNKER HILL "Hide & Seek Parts 1 & 2" (Norton) KILER! 7" 6.00
LINK WRAY/BUNKER HILL (Norton) Sharp 7" with Bunker Hill's INSANE screaming 100-mile-per-hour "The Girl Can't Dance" plus a cool Link tune, "Friday Night Dance Party". 7" 6.00

CADETS MEET THE JACKS STRANDED IN THE JUNGLE (Ace) 25 cuts of sharp R&B by this great group with TWO names. "Rollin' Stone/(2 versions of the godlike) Stranded In The Jungle/Love Bandit/(the SICK) Car Crash/(the drinking anthem) I Got Loaded/Let's R&Roll/(a great version of) Heartbreak Hotel/Smack Dab In The Middle/Dancin' Dan/(the great gospel-toned) Don't/ plus some cool Mambos: "Pretty Evey/Ring Chimes/Rum Jamaica Rum" and some smooth smooch-tunes: "Fools Rush In/I'll Be Spinning", etc!!! CD16.00

WYNONA CARR JUMP JACK JUMP (Ace) 24 cuts by ex-gospelette's smooth big-band R&B from the 1956-59 Specialty recordings "Jump Jack Jump/Boppity Bop/Hurt Me" etc. CD 16.00

RAY CHARLES Ray Charles (Doxy) His debut LP-originally released in 1957 (and later renamed 'Hallelujah! I Love Her So') for Atlantic - a collection of his mid-fifties hit singles: Ain't That Love/ Drown In My Own Tears/ Come Back Baby/ Sinner's Prayer/ Funny (But I Still Love You)/ Losing Hand/ A Fool For You/ Hallelujah I Love Her So/ Mess Around/ This Little Girl Of Mine/ Mary Ann/ Greenbacks/ Don't You Know/ I Got A Woman. 180 gram LP + innersleeve with lyrics. LP 19.50

CHICAGO BLUES: The Golden Era (Charly) 44 Tracks on 2 CD's. Double CD 17.50
CHICAGO BLUES: The Vee Jay Era (Charly) 50 Tracks on 2 CD's. Double CD 17.50

COASTERS Greatest Hits (Rumble Records)The Coasters’ second full album from 1959 is more of a retrospective of their early singles: Tracks – Side A: 1. Poison Ivy 2. Along Came Jones 3. Down In Mexico 4. The Shadow Knows 5. I'm A Hog For You. 6. Charlie Brown Side B: 1. Yakety Yak 2. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart 3. That Is Rock & Roll 4. Young Blood 5. Sweet Georgia Brown 6. Searchin'. LP 13.50

COMPLETE METEOR BLUES, R&B & GOSPEL RECORDINGS (Ace) Every Blues, R&B and Gospel recording from the Meteor label of Memphis, TN. Includes Rufus Thomas, Elmore James, Little Milton, Fenton Robinson, Earl Forest, Woodrow Adams, Chicago Sunny Boy, Del Rios and many more. 54 cuts on two CDs plus a nice fat 28-page booklet. Double-CD 22.00

DON COVAY Pretty Boy Rock & Roll (Norton) Yee-hooo!!! Crazed 1950s rock'n'roll screamers "Switchen In The Kitchen/Rockin' The Mule /Mary/Ooh My Soul + 1 mo'!! 1958 Little Richard style screamers from future soul legend! Two cuts previously unissued! 7" 6.00

THE DEVOTIONS Zindy Lou / Snow White (Roulette 4580) Killer 1964 Pounding Jungle Exotica type version of the Specialty vocal group classic by The Chimes. This little known cover (with a quite different arrangement) from the early sixties by Queens vocal group The Devotions features a groove with pounding drums all the way through. The very different flip offers an uptempo workout of the fairy tale - ‘the dwarves put her in a glass case’ – in classic New York white group doo wop style. A real one-off! 7" 6.90

HEY...BO DIDDLEY! (Back Biter) Cheapo CD with 18 cool Bo cuts - If ya ain't got no Bo, GRAB this for the cheap price! CD 8.00
BO DIDDLEY THE ORIGINATOR (Checker 3001) KILLER reissue! Includes some bonus cuts previously not available on vinyl: “Pills/ Jo Ann/ Two Flies/ Yakky Doodle/ What Do You Know About Love/ Do The Frog/ Back To School/ You Ain’t Bad/ Love You Baby/ Limbo/ Background To A Music/ Puttentang/ Africa Speaks/ We’re Gonna Get Married” LP 12.90
BO DIDDLEY 500% MORE MAN (Checker 2996) KILLER reissue! Includes some bonus cuts previously not available on vinyl: “500% More Man/ Let Me Pass/ Stop My Monkey/ Greasy Spoon/ Tonight Is Ours/ Root Hoot/ Stinkey/ Hey Red Riding Hood/ Let The Kids Dance/ He’s So Mad/ Soul Food/ Corn Bread/ Somebody Beat Me/ Fireball” LP 12.90
BO DIDDLEY AND COMPANY (Checker 2985) KILLER reissue! Includes some bonus cuts previously not available on vinyl: “Ben/ Help Out/ Diana/ Bo’s A Lumber Jack/ Lazy Women/ Mama Mia/ Rock ’N’ Roll/ Gimme Gimme/ Put The Shoes On Willie/ Pretty Girl/ Same Old Thing/ Met You On Saturday/ Little Girl/ Cookie Headed Diddley” LP 12.90
BO DIDDLEY Spring Weekend 1959 (Checker) Again, another VITAL live documentation of the mighty Bo, recorded at a frat party at Cornell University in the Spring of 1959! Surprisingly great sound with raw/distorted vocals & a killer 50s cartoon cover! Hey Bo Diddley (6:50)/ Four Minutes Of Bo (4:00)/ I'm A Man (6:36) Night Train (6:00) Cha Cha Bo (3:04)/ Yankee Doodle (2:09) Bo Diddley Says Goodnight (7:37). LP 12.90
BO DIDDLEY "Is A Gunslinger" (Checker) Straight reissue of this fantastic album. You can choose: either you buy it because of the great artwork (Bo in Cowboy outfit with a beautiful guitar to his feet), or because of the ace music...:"Gunslinger/Ride On Josephine/Doing The Craw-Daddy/Cadillac/Somewhere/Cheyenne/Sixteen Tons/Whoa Mule (Shine)/No More Lovin'/Diddling." LP 12.00
BO DIDDLEY "Have Guitar Will Travel" (Checker) Straight reissue of this fantastic album. You can choose: either you buy it because of the great artwork (Bo on his super suave scooter and with guitar of course), or because of the ace music...:" She's Alright/ Cops & Robbers/ Run Diddley Daddy/ Mumblin Guitar/ I Need You Baby/ Say Man Back Again/ Nursery Rhyme/ I Love You So/ Spanish Guitar/ Dancing Girl/ Come On Baby."LP 12.00
BO DIDDLEY THE BLACK GLADIATOR (Chess) Flawed by cool in spots 1970 funky lp by Lord Bo. There's a few gems here, like the rude-assed "Shut Up Woman", the funky stompin "Funky Fly", the wack "I Don't Like You" plus "Elephant Man/You Bo Diddley/Black Soul/If The Bible's Right/I've Got A Feeling/Hot Buttered Blues". LP 12.00
BO DIDDLEY Big Bad Bo (Chess) Reissue of Bo's 1974 big bad blues-funk crossover album. LP 12.90
BO DIDDLEY BO'S BLUES (Ace) SOLID 22-cut cd of Bo's prime 50s stuff, "Down Home Special/You Don't Love Me/Blues, Blues/500% More Man/Live My Life/She's Fine She's Mine/Heart-O-Matic Love/ Bring It To Jerome /Pretty Thing/You Can't Judge A Book/Clock Strikes 12/Cops & Robbers/Run Diddley Daddy/Before You Accuse Me/Diddy Wah Diddy/Little Girl/Bo's Blues/2 Flies/I'm Bad". CD 16.00
BO DIDDLEY: Living Legend 246-page A5 book on the GOD himself! Solid biography by George R.White with plenty of quotes from Bo, cool pics, buckets of discography, etc. 17.40
BO DIDDLEY IS A….SESSIONMAN Studio Work 1955-1957 (JEROME RECORDS) Great comp of mid 50's 45’s w/ Bo involved as a session guitarist and/or producer. Gatefold sleeve, liners by Bo’s biographer Geroge White, great design w/ lots of pics, label shots, ads, etc, etc…BILLY BOY ARNOLD – You Got to Love Me Baby / LITTLE WALTER – Hate To See You Go / BILLY STEWART – Billy’s Blues Part I / BILLY STEWART – Baby, You’re My Only Love / MARQUEES – Hey Little Schoolgirl / SCHOOLBOYS – Pearl / BILLY BOY ARNOLD – I’m Sweet On You / LITTLE WALTER – Roller Coaster / BILLY STEWART – Billy’s Blues Part II / BILLY STEWART – Billy’s Heartache / MARQUEES – Wyatt Earp. LP 14.90 / / CD 13,00
BO DIDDLEY I'M A MAN / BO DIDDLEY (Checker 814) Classic!! repro 7" 6.90
BO DIDDLEY BO DIDDLEY (Rumble Records) The CLASSIC debut LP: Bo Diddley/ I'm A Man/ Bring It To Jerome/ Before You Accuse Me/ Hey Bo Diddley/ Dearest Darling/ Hush Your Mouth/ Say Bossman/ Diddley Daddy/ Diddy Wah Diddy/ Who Do You Love/ Pretty Thing. LP 13.50
BO DIDDLEY In The Spotlight (Rumble Records) Road Runneer, Story Of Bo Diddley, Scuttle Bug, Signifying Blues, Let Me In, Limber/ Love Me, Craw-Dad, Walkin' And Talkin', Travellin' West, Deed And Deed I Do, Live My Life. LP 13.50
BO DIDDLEY Is A Lover (Rumble Records) Not Guilty, Hong Kong Mississippi, You're Looking Good, Bo's vacation, Congo, Bo's Blues/ Moon Baby, Bo Diddley is A Lover, Aztec, Back Home, Bo Diddley Is Loose, Love Is A Secret, Quick Draw, Sick And Tired. LP 13.50
BO DIDDLEY Bo Diddley's A Twister (Rumble Records) Originally released on Checker in 1962, 'Bo Diddley's A Twister', was one of THREE albums released by Diddley in that year alone. Truly one of the hardest working men in show business, his productivity did not do anything to dilute his sound, and the classics here include 'Detour', 'Road Runner', and 'Here 't Is' which The Yardbirds would cover extensively live, but without ever matching the power of the original. LP 13.50

DIG THESE BLUES (Ace) CDCHD 334. SOLID 22-song comp of blues & R&B from Johnny Otis' DIG label of '55-'60. 9 absolutely ace cuts:AL SIMMONS Old Folks Boogie/You Ain't Too Old/SAILOR BOY Country Home/SIDNEY MAIDEN Hand Me Down Baby/MOOSE JOHN Wrong Doin Woman/Talkin About Me/LITTLE BILLY ROBBINS Bring Her Back To Me/ABE MOORE Moore Boogie/S&J. 13 solid cuts: HOZAY Going Back To The Plow/I've Got An Expensive Woman/T W SAMS Springtime Blues/JIMMY NOLEN Come On Home/ROY EASTER If You Ever Get Lonesome/SLIM GREEN My Woman Done Quit Me/BILLY ROBBINS Singing The Blues/LARRY WATERS Don't Tell Me That You Love Me/SUGARCANE HARRIS Elim Stole My Baby/They Say You Never Can Miss/ etc. CD 16.00

FATS DOMINO This Is Fats Domino (Rumble) Originally released in 1956 on the Imperial label and collecting both old and new chart-smashers, most of which were co-written with Dave Bartolomew. Side A: 1. Blueberry Hill 2. Honey Chile 3. What's The reason I'm Not Pleasing You 4. Blue Monday 5. So Long 6. La La. Side B: 1. Troubles Of My Own 2. You Done Me Wrong 3.Reeling And Rocking 4. The Fat Man's Hop 5. Poor Poor Me 6. Trust In Me. LP 13.50

DON & DEWEY JUNGLE HOP (Ace) 25 cuts of mostly rockin' Specialty R&B hoot… CD 16.00

CHAMPION JACK DUPREE Blues From The Gutter (Doxy Records) Recorded in NYC, 158: T.B. Blues/ Can't Kick The Habit/ Evil Woman/ Nasty Boogie/ Walking The Blues/ Junker's Blues / Bad Blood/ Goin' Down Slow/ Frankie & Johnny/ Stack-O-Lee. LP 15.90

EAT TO THE BEAT - The Dirtiest Of Them Dirty Blues (Bear Family) 28 dirty Blues songs (a good bunch from the "If It Ain't A Hit.."CD) in a swank digipac plus a 92-page-booklet with many rare photos - quite a beauty! Annisteen Allen & Her Home Town Boys: I Wanta Man (Who's Gonna Do Right)/ Dirty Red: Mother Fuyer/ Dinah Washington: Long John Blues/ Tom Archia: Fishin' Pole/ Cousin Joe With Pete Brown's Brooklyn Blue Blowers: Weddin' Day Blues/ Amos Milburn: Hard Driving Blues/ Crown Prince Waterford: Move Your Hand, Baby/ Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends: Don't Come Too Soon/ Wynonie Harris: I Like My Baby's Pudding/ The Dominoes: Sixty Minute Man/ Bullmoose Jackson: Big Ten-inch Record/ The Clovers: Rotten Cocksucker's Ball/ Dave Bartholomew & His Orchestra: My Ding-A-Ling/ The Treniers: Poon-Tang!/ Jesse Powell & His Orchestra: The Walkin' Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out)/ The '5' Royales: Laundromat Blues/ Wynonie Harris with Todd Rhodes Orchestra: Keep On Churnin'/ Dinah Washington: Big Long Slidin' Thing/ The Blenders: Don't Fuck Around With Love/ Dorothy Ellis: Drill Daddy Drill/ The Royals: Work With Me, Annie/ The Toppers: Let Me Bang Your Box/ Jackie Wilson & Lavern Baker: Think Twice (Version X)/ Snatch & The Poontangs; Two-Time Slim: vocal: Hard Driving Blues/ Chick Willis: Stoop Down Baby/ Boozoo Chavis: L.A. Women Love Uncle Bud/ Screamin' Jay Hawkins: Bite It/ Fred Wolff Combo: Somebody Else Was Suckin' My Dick Last Night CD 19.90

EGYPTIANS PARTY STOMP/INKSTER BOOGIE (Norton) Pounding 1960 R&B stomp instrumentals from turban clad Detroit racket squad! Two solid sides of hoof shakin' frenzy!7" 6.00

BILLY 'THE KID' EMERSON Red Hot - The Sun Years, Plus (Bear Family) All the 1950s recordings from Vee-Jay, Chess and MAD Records. All the original Sun singles. All the original Vee-Jay singles. All the original Chess singles. The first MAD label single (2 tracks). Every Sun title not originally issued. The Vee-Jay titles not originally issued. All in stunning sound quality, plus a 44- page booklet by Martin Hawkins based on original interviews with Billy Emerson and Sam Phillips, photos, etc.: If Lovin' Is Believing /No Teasin' Around/ Hey Little Girl/ When My Baby Quit Me/ The Woodchuck/ I'm Not Going Home/ Move Baby Move/ When It Rains It Pours/ Shim Sham Shimmy/ 10. Red Hot/ No Greater Love/. Satisfied/ Cherry Pie/ Little Fine Healthy Thing/ Something For Nothing/ Don't Start Me To Lyin'/ If You Won't Stay Home/ Every Woman I Know (Crazy 'Bout Automobiles)/ Tomorrow never Comes/ Somebody Show Me/ The Pleasure Is All Mine/ Do The Chicken/ Don't Be Careless/ Do Yourself A Favor/ You Never Miss Your Water/ Give Me A Little Love/ Woodchuck/ Believe Me/ Holy Mackerel Baby/ I'll Get You Too/ Um Hum My Baby/ When It Rains It Pours/ 33. I Never Get Enough. CD 16.00
MOVE BABY, MOVE (Charly) 29 cuts slashing blues, driving R&B and Rock 'n' Roll - almost all on above Bear Family cd. CD 13.00

ESQUERITA ESQUERITA! (Norton/Capitol) Straight repro of the illusive and mucho great 1958 Capitol alb! Dig L.R.? Well, catch up wit the cat that TAUGHT Mr Penniman the 88s! LP 14.00
ESQUERITA VINTAGE VOOLA (Norton) CD repackage of the unissued stuff from the "VINTAGE VOOLA" LP. INCREDIBLE photos & liner notes! 11 cuts plus a Little Richard interview where LR talks about Esquerita. CD 13.00
ESQUERITA "Dew Drop Inn / Rock Around" (Norton) Sharp early 60s soul shaker b/w a sharp 50s rocker from the Vintage Voola cd. 7" 6.00
ESQUERITA Sinner Man: The Lost Session (Norton) Ten unissued selections from a long lost June 1966 NYC session showcase Esquerita pounding it out on piano and organ, flashing back and forth between the two during each song, accompanied only by a fantastic drummer! Dig the over the top nine minute gospel wailin title track (based on Nina Simones version but delivered at super Voola velocity) thats worth the price of admission alone! STAGGERING! Sinner Man #1/Hittin On Nothing#1/ C.C. Rider/Leave Me Alone#1/ Letter Full Of Tears/ Hittin On Nothing #2/On Broadway/ Nobody Knows You When Youre Down And Out/Leave Me Alone #2/Sinner Man #2. LP 14.00
ESQUERITA Hittin' On Nothing/ Letter Full Of Tears (Norton) Explosive soulful pairing of Irma Thomas and Gladys Knight covers! Unissued sides from the Voola vaults! 7" 6.00

FIGHT ON, YOUR TIME AIN'T LONG (Mississippi) Compilation of sanctified blues recorded between 1927-1934. The sequel to the Life Is A Problem LP. Features songs by Bukka White, Willie Mae Morris, Bo WeAvil Jackson, Kid Prince Moore and more. LP 13.00

FIVE DOLLARS (MOTOR CITY DETROIT DOO-WOPS) Repeats 4 Andre Williams tunes from the "MR RHYTHM" cd – plenty of great stuff NOT on the "Mr Rhythm" CD. CD 14.00

FIVE ROYALS THE REAL THING (Eagle) Their later stuff for the Home Of The Blues label CD 14.00

PHIL FLOWERS CHAPEL ON THE HILL b/w POONTANG PERKINS PUT DE POT ON MARY (Norton) 2 top-notch 50s R&B Screamers on one cool 7" honker!7" 6.00

FORTUNE OF BLUES VOL. 2 Nowhere near as hot as Vol One, but there's some solid stuff here… CD 14.00

FRANKS FROST & THE NIGHT HAWKS Hey Boss Man! (Bear Family) On this LP you'll discover: 180 gram direct metamastering, 1 Bonus track, 13 astounding performances from an accomplished singer, guitarist and harmonica player at the peak of his abilities, a mix of Frost's own songs and his take on blues themes and licks that go way, way back. Plus the music of a tight, working road band, the Night Hawks, in which drummer Sam Carr and guitarist Jack Johnson were integral parts and not just supporting players. The original sleeve art and notes, just as they were back in the day this LP was first issued on the Phillips International label in 1962 (PILP 1975). The reasons why the original sleeve notes described Frost as 'a truly talented artist,' saying this album was first put together 'to give the multitude of people that love rhythm and blues not just a few songs that are tops in their field, but to give you twelve potential hits on one great album'. You get the original LP plus 'Crawlback', the A side of Frank's only single on Phillips International. Tracks: Everything's Alright/ Lucky To Be Living/ Jelly Roll King/ Baby You're So Kind/ Gonna Make You Mine/ Now Twist/ / Big Boss Man/ Jack's Jump/ So Tired Living By Myself/ Now What You Gonna Do/ Pocket Full Of Shells/ Just Come On Home/ Crawlback. 180-gram LP 19.50

BOB GADDY HARLEM BLUES OPERATOR (Ace) 21 cuts of laid back jazzy r&b piano blues & boogie from 1955-60. CD 16.00

STEVE GIBSON Big Game Hunter/ Why Don't You Love Me (Jukebox Jam JBJ1049)Risque R&B from the well-traveled bandleader Steve Gibson. Over a catchy but minimal, syncopated and snappy drum, bass and guitar and piano backing, the baritone vocal runs through various double entendres with a hunting theme as backing vocal group the Red Caps egg him along. He's a big game hunter, with a big game hunter's gun... You get the picture... And if not, Gibson's wife Damita Jo LeBlanc joins the party as the song fades, 'Great Big ol' game hunter' she purrs. Just how did they get away with this kind of thing back in '53?!? 7" 6,90

GO DEVIL GO! (Jerome Records) Cool Gospel compilation with a range from hypnotic mid-tempo primitive rural blues to chaotic, raw R&B workouts. Guitars and furious hand claps accompany singers who do not speak of this world and are pushing hard to get to the other side. Go Devil Go is a selection from the 3 CD set "Fire In My Bones" compiled by Mike McGonigal in 2009. Most of the recordings included here were published in 45's or 78's for less known independent companies, some by tiny local labels and sometimes paid by the church congregation itself. Tracks: I'm A Soldier - The Phillips' Specials / You Ought to Been There - The B.C. Harmonizers / I’m Just A Voice - Helen McGiver and the McGiver Singers / Made A Vow To The Lord - Rev. Steward & Family / Don’t Let Him Ride - Mississippi Nightingales / This Train - Elder S. Patterson & The Christian Crusaders / Holy Rock - Reverend Billy H. Grady/ Go Devil Go - Madam Ira Mae Littlejohn / The Wicked Shall Cease - Nathaniel Rivers / He’s Coming Back - Elder & Sister Brinson & the Brinson Brothers / Get Back Satan - Rev. Roger L Worthy & His Sister Bonnie Woodstock / God's Mighty Hand - Rev. Utah Smith / You Better Get Ready - The Bible Aires Spiritual Singers (Belle Aires) / So Soon - Little Ax & The Golden Echoes. LP 14.90

GONNA ROCK THE BLUES (Official) KILLER 50s blues/R&B comp! 32 cuts, including a bunch that were on various Stompin lp's! CD 14.00
GONNA ROCK THE BLUES AGAIN (Official) Solid 75-minute follow-up to the great "Gonna Rock The Blues". CD 14.00
GONNA ROCK THE BLUES More Gonna Rock The Blues (Offical) Third Volume: Cat Squirrel - DOCTOR ROSS/ Rooster Blues - LIGHTNIN SLIM/ Messed Up - BURRAGE, Harold/ I Never Get Enough - EMERSON, Billy (The Kid)/ Mamma Talk To Your Daughter - LENORE, J.B. / Take Five - TAYLOR, Hound Dog/ Prisoner's Plea - BOY, Billy/ Move With You Baby - BIG AMOS / New York Breakdown - DOCTOR ROSS / World Boogie - WHITE, Bukka/ My Little Baby - LITTLE SHY GUY/ I'm Wild About You Baby - LIGTHNING HOPKINS/ I Wish You Would - BOY, Billy/ My Baby Is Coming Home - TAYLOR, Hound Dog/ Move On - FLOWERS, Phil/ Lovin' You - J.B. & HIS HAWKS / She's Gone - SCHOOLBOY CLEVE/ Rock Everybody Rock - McKINLEY, Mitchell/ I'm Leaving You - REED, Bob/ Let's Rock And Roll - LITTLE SHY GUY/ It Ain't Right - WALKER, Charles/ Hill Billy Blues - CLEAR WATERS / School Time - BOY, Billy/ Rocking On The Moon To-Night - GREEN, Big Charles/ Oh! Baby - KIRK, Dave/ Rockin' Blues - LEE, Booker Jr./ Mad As I Can Be - HOPKINS, Lightning/ My Baby's Gone Away - RIFF, Eddie/ Cry For Me Baby - JAMES, Elmore/ Back Door Man - WELCH, Percy. CD 14.00


GRAN'MAS I'VE NEVER HAD Precious Bryant vs Algia Mae Hinton (Moi J'Connais) Description by label: In front of an age-old trailer, or under the porch of a broken-down home, sit two weatherworn ladies. Guitar in hand, they sing their songs of wonder, distilling years of struggle into blissful and blithe melodies. And still their dry-but-mellow voices dance into the world...Precious Bryant (4 January 1942 - ) and Algia Mae Hinton (29 August 1929 - ) have wandered through the century, singing lullabies to their children and grandchildren. Real, timeless, their music has travelled across the Atlantic, meandered between the Piedmont and the Blue Ridge Mountains, and settled into a style of fingerpicking a little reminiscent of Mississippi John Hurt, Jimmy Rodgers, or their buddy Elisabeth Cotton - of this particular sound that travelled all the way from Europe and collided with Africa. Deep in the rubble of a forgotten South West, far away from the Mississippi, both river and State, the two fine fingerstyle guitarists play, evoking the tingle of rain on sheet metal. Gentle and unobtrusive, unaffected by a halfcentury of changes, they have salvaged the precious and youthful feel of the timeless blues: an enthralling and beautiful sound, distinctly feminine, with major chords and melancholy textures. Their more recent recordings have earned them some measure of success, and a few nominations and awards, and what you have here is a selection of works from both grandmothers - as a tribute to the "granmas Ive never had". Precious Bryant was born in Talbot County, Georgia, in 1942. She was raised in a family of music-makers, in a village packed with stomping blues and spirituals. She soon developed her own inspired style of blues, away from the mainstream, with only her voice and her guitar. In the 1990s, she played the Newport Folk Festival as well as a few concerts in Europe - but mostly she stuck to Georgia and the surrounding areas. In 1967, she walked into a studio for the first time to record with Georges Mitchell. Three wonderful songs still remain from those sessions. Her music is simple, yet inspired, and speaks of daily struggles. Precious Bryant is one of the last living great blues women from the 20th century - and still living in her mobile-home in the deep woods of Georgia. Algia Mae Hinton was born in Johnston County, North Carolina, on 29th August 1929, in a family of farmers. She was the youngest of 14 and was soon put to work in the fields. At the age of 9 already, her mother taught her the guitar. In 1965, after her husbands death, she was left alone to raise her 7 children. Despite those circumstances, Algia still managed to impose the musical arts in her household and to pass them on to her children. Music provided the family and the whole community with crucial solace throughout their trials and tribulations. Algia Mae plays the 6-string guitar, the 12-string and the banjo. She's also an accomplished singer and a fantastic Buck dancer. LP 17.50

GUITAR FRANK "Wild Track" b/w BIG BROWN & THE GAMBLERS "My Testament" (Norton) ESSENTIAL 2-sided reish of 2 super-rare and super-raw 50s R&B howlers! "Wild Track", Eeegah! "My Testament", Owoooo! 7" 6.00

GUITAR SLIM THE THINGS THAT I USED TO DO (Ace) SOLID 24-cut slew of this great guitar blues king's 1950s recordings for Specialty. Some flat-out rockers, mostly slow & sad & bluesy! CD 16.00

HARMONICA FRANK FLOYD Mouthin Blood Blues - Original Early Recordings (Hog Maw) Great Memphis primitive Country Blues - his fifties recordings from Sun, F&L, Chess: Swamp Root/ Goin' Away Walkin'/ Step It Up & Go/ She's Done Moved/ Howlin' Tomcat/ Rockin' Chair Daddy/ The Great Medical Menangerist/ Rock A Little Baby/ Monkey Love (vcl Larry Kennon) 10" 11.50

WYNONIE HARRIS WOMAN, WHISKEY & FISH TAILS (Ace) SHARP 21-cut comp of his GODLIKE 1952-1957 KING r&b HONK!! CD 16.00
WYNONIE HARRIS "LOVIN' MACHINE" (Ace) 2nd bold set of his most eggcellent 50s r&b honk by the ever-swank detailed/ bold sound quality pros at Ace. 27 cuts. CD16.00

HARVEY AND DOC Oh Baby!!/Uncle Kev (ANNETTE 1002) - Berserk screaming 1961 R&B rocker by Phil Spector & a Righteous Brother, and brother, is it righteous! 7" 6.,50



JESSIE MAE HEMPHILL Best Of Her Early Works (Moi J'Connais Records) Jessie Mae Hemphill (October 18, 1923 - July 22, 2006) was born in a well-known musical family of the Delta; her great-grandfather (Dock Hemphill) was a renowned fiddle player in Choctaw County, Mississippi. Her grandfather (Sid Hemphill) was also a fiddle player and bandleader who recorded for Alan Lomax and George Mitchell. Members of the older generation of Hemphills, in a way anticipating Jessie Mae's own musical career, were multi-instrumentalists. Jessie Mae played guitar and drums, wrote and sang her own songs in the primal northern Mississippi hill country blues traditions. She was considered as the Queen of the Guitar Boogie. As one of the earliest successful female blues musicians, Hemphill has been an influential and pioneering artist. Limited 180gr Lp with silk-screen printed cover. Including an inside booklet containing biography, interview of Jessie Mae and rare pictures. 180 gram LP 16,50

CHUCK HIGGINS Greasy Pig / Candied Yams (Lucky 005) Knockout uptempo instrumental with squealing saxophone on top of chants of ‘Greasy Pig’ by sax instro boss man Higgins. Flip offers more of the same for those left panting for more. Early and now pretty scarce on the collectable Lucky label from California. 7" 6.90

HIGHER GROUND Volume 1 (Stag-O-Lee) The first EP in a series of gospel, mainly from the '50s and early '60s. The record comes in a brown cardboard cover with holes for the label. Front is screen-printed in gold. Tracks: Voices Of Jordon - It's Getting Late/ Juanita Johnson - There Is A God Somewhere/ Blind Boys Of Alabama - Satisfied With My Jesus/ Sister Wynona Carr - The Ball Game/ Happyland Singers - Here Am I/ Chosen Gospel Singers - Stay With Me Jesus/ The Gospelaires - C'mon/ Swan Silvertones - End Of My Journey. Limited edition of 500. 10" 14.50

SILAS HOGAN TROUBLE - BEST OF (Ace) 26 cuts of this VERY Slim Harpo-ish Excello bluesman. Nice, but only a few mid-to-FAST rockers like "I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby/Just Give Me A Chance/Go On Pretty Baby/Lonesome La La (2 versions)". Mostly laid-back blues tunes... CD 16.00

JOHN LEE HOOKER The Legendary Modern Recordings (Ace)24 cuts from his 1948-1954 Modern label releases. Typical minimal Hooker: Boogie Chillen/ Sally Mae/ Hoogie Boogie/ Hobo Blues/ Weeping Willow Boogie/ Drifting From Door To Door/ Crawlin' King Snake/ Women In My Life/ Howlin' Wolf/ Playin' The Races/ Let Your Daddy Ride/ Queen Bee/ Wednesday Evening/ I'm In The Mood/ Tease Me Baby/ Turn Over A New Leaf/ and from here on it really takes off when the GUITAR amp gets turnes UP and starts ripping with: Rock House Boogie/ Too Much Boogie/ Need Somebody/ Gotta Boogie/ Jump Me One More Time/ Down Child/ Bad Boy/ Please Take Me Back. CD 16.00
JOHN LEE HOOKER EVERYBODY'S BLUES (Ace) 20 cuts of his 1950-54 Specialty recordings. CD 16.00
JOHN LEE HOOKER BLUES BROTHER (Ace) 24 cuts from 1948-1951: very similar to the material on the "GRAVEYARD BLUES" cd. CD 16.00
JOHN LEE HOOKER GRAVEYARD BLUES (Ace) 20 cuts, mostly from his 1954 Specialty sessions. Solid set, but it lacks some flat-out wailers. CD 16.00
JOHN LEE HOOKER Burnin (Charly) Reissue of 1962 Vee Jay album on 180gr vinyl: Boom Boom/ Process/ Lost A Good Girl/ A New Leaf/ Blues Before Sunrise/ Let´s Make It/ Old Time Shimmy/ Onions/ I Got A Letter/ Thelma/ Drug Store Woman/ Keep Your Hands To Yourself/ What Do You Say/ You Know I Love You/ Send Me Your Pillow/ Take A Look At Yourself. LP € 14.00
JOHN LEE HOOKER The Man Of The Blues 1948 - 1959 (Doxy) 1. Sally Mae 2. Weeping Willow Boogie 3. Huckle Up Baby 4. Let Your Daddy Ride 5. John Ls House Rent Boogie 6. Unfriendly Woman 7. Time Is Marching 8. IM So Worried Baby Side B: 1. Baby Lee 2. Dimples 3. Every Night 4. The Road Is So Rough 5. Trouble Blues 6. Everybody Rockin 7. Im So Excited 8. Crawlin Black Spider Side C: 1. Little Wheel 2. Little Fine Woman 3. Rosie Mae 4. You Can Lead Me Baby 5. I Love You Honey 6. YouVe Taken My Woman 7. Mama, You Got A Daughter 8. Maudie Side D: 1. Im In The Mood 2. Boogie Chillun 3. Hobo Blues 4. Crawlin King Snake 5. Nightmare 6. House Rent Boogie 7. Drive Me Away. Double LP 22.00
JOHN LEE HOOKER Folk Blues (Doxy) A collection of sides from 1954 (with the exception of 1952's "Rock House Boogie") when Hooker was still recording in Detroit-primarily for Modern Records: Baby I'm Gonna Miss You/ Half A Stranger/ Shake Holler And Run/ Down Child/ Gonna Boogie/ Bad Boy/ Rock House Boogie/ Let's Talk It Over/ Baby You Ain't No Good/ Lookin' For A Woman. LP 15.90
JOHN LEE HOOKER The Blues (Doxy) Recordings from 1948-1952: Boogie Chillen/ I'm In The Mood/ Crawling King Snake/ Queen Bee/ Hobo Blues/ Weeping Willow/ Cold Chills/ Hoogie Boogie/ Whistlin' And Moanin' Blues/ Sally Mae/ House Rent Boogie/ Anybody Seen My Baby. LP 15.90
JOHN LEE JOOKER I'm John Lee Hooker (Vee-Jay) Reissue LP: Dimples/ Hobo Blues/ I'm So Excited/ I Love You Honey/ Boogie Chillun/ Little Wheel/ I'm In The Mood/ Maudie/ Crawlin' King Snake/ Every Night/ Time Is Marching/ Baby Lee. LP 13.00

HOUND DOG TAYLOR & THE HOUSEROCKERS GENUINE HOUSEROCKING MUSIC (Alligator) 1971/1973 screech. Includes the great "Phillips Goes Bananas", a whup-ass "What'd I Say/Ain't Got Nobody/Gonna Send You Back To Georgia/My Baby's Coming Home/Sun Is Shining" plus "Blue Guitar/Kansas City/Crossroads/Fender Bender". CD 15.00

HOUSE ROCKIN' BLUES CHESS/CHECKER CHICAGO CLASSICS (Ace) 27 cut comp of 95% top-notch 50s blues/R&B hoot !! CD 16.00

HOWLIN' WOLF MEMPHIS DAYS VOL. 1 (Bear Family) 21 cuts of Wolf's Sun Studio sessions of 1951, of which only a few were released by Chess. CD 16.00
HOWLIN' WOLF MEMPHIS DAYS VOL. 2 (Bear Family) 19 more cuts of '51-'52 Sun sessions! Best bet is Vol. 1 because this repeats 2 versions of "Oh Red", 2 versions of "Come Back Home", 3 versions of "How Many More Years" and 3 versions of "Baby Ride With Me", plus alternates of "My Last Affair/Mr Highway Man/Dorothy Mae". So the only REAL cuts you get are 6: "“Wolf Is At Your Door/Moanin At Midnight /Howlin Wolf Boogie/ Getting Old & Grey/ Worried All The Time/Saddle My Pony”. CD 16.00
HOWLIN' WOLF RIDES AGAIN (Ace) 18 cuts recorded in '51 & '52 at Sun, but for the MODERN label. Some similar tracks in alternate takes from the 2 "MEMPHIS DAYS" CD's: "Moanin At Midnight" and 2 takes of "Chocolate Drop". CD 16.00
HOWLIN' WOLF Sings The Blues (Ace) Repackaging of the above "Rides Again" CD, based on the Crown LP with the original cover. 20 cuts. CD 12.50
HOWLIN' WOLF Well That's Alright/ Everybody's In The Mood (Sun SP-106)Killer Blues 2 sider from the wolf in stylin' hardcover sleeve. Essential! 7" 11.50
HOWLIN' WOLF Howlin' Wolf / Moanin' In The Moonlight (Vinyl Passion) Two original albums plus 12 classic tracks. 180 Gramm Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeeve original recordings remastered: Lp #1: 01. Shake For Me 02. The Red Rooster 03. You'll Be Mine 04. Who's Been Talkin' 05. Wang Dang Doodle 06. Little Baby 07. Spoonful 08. Going Down Slow 09. Down In The Bottom 10. Back Door Man 11. Howlin' For My Baby 12. Tell Me 13. Howlin' Wolf Boogie [Bonus Track] 14. Mr. Highway Man [Bonus Track] 15. I'm The Wolf [Bonus Track] 16. Rockin' Daddy [Bonus Track] 17. Who Will Be Next [Bonus Track] 18. The Natchez Burning [Bonus Track] Lp #2: 01. Moanin' At Midnight 02. How Many More Years 03. Smokestack Lightnin' 04. Baby, How Long 05. No Place To Go 06. All Night Boogie 07. Evil 08. I'm Leavin' You 09. Moanin' For My Baby 10. I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) 11. Forty-Four 12. Somebody In My Home 13. Sitting On Top Of The World [Bonus Track] 14. I Better Go Now [Bonus Track] 15. Howlin' For My Darling [Bonus Track] 16. I've Been Abused [Bonus Track] 17. Just Like I Treat You [Bonus Track] 18. I Ain't Superstitious [Bonus Track] Double LP 21.90

LONG JOHN HUNTER OOH WEE PRETTY BABY! (Norton) Killer comp of 50s R&B/R&R from this wild black Texas cat's complete Yucca label recordings! Great GATEFOLD lp sleeve crammed with notes & pics! LP 14.00 CD 13.00
LONG JOHN HUNTER "Hey Mrs. Jones / Betty Lou" (Norton) Extraordinary wailin' double A-sider : both tracks off the LP! 7" 6.00

I SMELL A RAT: Early Black Rock'n'Roll Vol 2 1949-1959 (Trikont) The follow up to the ROLL YOUR MONEYMAKER double LP/CD: Howlin' Wolf : Poor Boy/ Big Mama Thornton : I Smell A Rat/ Guitar Slim Well : I Done Got Over It/ Billy The Kid Emerson : Every Woman I Know/ Johnny Guitar Watson : One More Kiss/ The Coasters : Three Cool Cats/ Chuck Willis : I Feel So Bad/ Tarheel Slim : Number Nine Train/ Little Esther Phillips : Hound Dog/ Robert Hockwood Jr : Dig Myself A Hole/ John Lee Hooker : Baby Lee/ Junior Wells : Little By Little/ Amos Milburn : Juice Juice Juice/ Lonnie The Cat : I Ain't Drunk/ Etta James : Nobody Loves You Like Me/ The 5 Royales : Think/ Little Willie John : All Around The World/ Sister Rosetta Tharpe : Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down/ Big Maybelle : Ocean Of Tears/ Sandra Meade : Fever/ Bo Diddley : She's Fine, She's Mine/ Sly Fox : My Four Women/ Andre Williams : Bacon Fat/ Rosco Gordon : Throwin' My Money Away/ Chuck Berry : No Money Down/ Jimmy McCracklin : I'm Gonna Tell Your Mother. CD 16.90

REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON God's Got It! (Crypt-094) 180-gram LP of RAW 1970s gospel greatness! Crypt is proud to present "God's God It" - the VINYL release of the stunning Reverend Charlie Jackson retrospective released in 2003 on CD by the CaseQuarter label. Raw and unadorned and at other times spare and lyrical, these recordings are infused with sanctified energy and singing. Two special features are one very rare song from his own Jackson label which feature the wonderful vocals of Laura “Tiny B” Davis, as well as the recently discovered (in March 2003 !) Booker single “The Goodness Of God”, that had seemingly been forever lost. “God’s God It” comprises 13 songs plus photos, color label scans, and extensive liner notes covering Reverend Jackson’s life and (still active!) career. There will only be 1000 copies available, so MOVE FAST or cry later! TRACK LISTING: "Morning Train/ Wrapped Up and Tangled Up in Jesus/ Trouble in My Way/I Shall Not Be Moved/God’s Got It/ Fix It Jesus/ I Gave Up All I Had/ What a Time/ Testimony of Rev. Charlie Jackson/ Something To Think About/ My Eternal Home/ The Goodness of God Pt 2/ I Am Thinking Of A Friend" LP 13.00 (180 gram)
REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON GOD'S GOT IT: THE LEGENDARY BOOKER AND JACKSON SINGLES (Aum/Case Quarter) If you don't buy this we shall BOYCOTT yr ass from ever visiting our website!! THIS is the absolute ESSENTIAL shit, baby! 18 cuts from his IMPOSSIBLY RARE 1970s 45s – the most simplistic, gutsy and RAW black gospel OOMPH ever unleashed! Cuts are: "God's Got It/ Fix It Jesus/ Wrapped Up and Tangled Up In Jesus/ Testimony of Rev. Charlie Jackson / I Gave Up All I Had/ What A Time/ Trouble In My Way/ My Eternal Home/ Something To Think About / Lord You're So Good/ I Shall Not Be Moved/ Morning Train/ Goodness of God Part 1/ Goodness of God Part 2/ I Gave Up All I Had to Serve the Lord/ This Old Building/ I Am Thinking of a Friend/ All Aboard" CD 15.30
REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON You Got to Move: Live Recordings, Vol. 1 (50 Miles of Elbow Room) This is the first pressing of 550 copies on high quality RTI-pressed vinyl in beautiful old school "tip-on" Stoughton sleeves and comes with 8-page 9"x9" insert with extensive biographical notes. Rev. Charlie Jackson (1932-2006) was a distinctly powerful guitar evangelist who devoted his life to singing and preaching the gospel, particularly throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. His 45s for the Booker and Jackson labels, with songs such as "God's Got It" and "Wrapped Up Tangled Up in Jesus," are frequently cited as a pinnacle of raw, impassioned, bluesy gospel music. Tracks: What A Time/ Morning Train/ Call Him By His Name/ I Read My Letter All Night/ Somewhere To Lay My Head/ May The Work I've Done Speak For Me/ Serving The Lord/ You Got To Move/ When I've Done The Best I Can, I Want My Crown. LP 19.90
REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON Lord You're So Good: Live Recordings, Vol. 2 (50 Miles of Elbow Room) “Lord You’re So Good” is the second volume in an ongoing retrospective of Rev. Charlie Jackson (1932-2006), one of the all-time great gospel guitarists. This collection continues to draw from Rev. Jackson’s extensive archive of private recordings that were usually made live-in-the-church on a portable cassette recorder as he traveled throughout Louisiana and Mississippi from ~1970-2000. Whenever there was an opportunity to join in and praise the Lord, Rev. Jackson was eager to be involved. In addition to performing his own songs, he served as a guitar accompanist to a wide range of solo singers, quartets, and bands. He would also sometimes provide a musical background to sermons and testimonies, accenting and punctuating them at key moments. Even when not performing, he could often be found close to the action, shouting encouragement. The church services at which these collaborations often took place offered structured yet impromptu circumstances where Rev. Jackson needed to be prepared to spontaneously follow and respond to vocalists, congregations, and even members of his own groups. When introducing a singer, Rev. Jackson would sometimes note that he didn’t know what song was forthcoming, and occasionally mention afterward that the selection was a complete surprise, one that they hadn’t done before. At the same time, since he was a frequent visitor to many churches in Louisiana and Mississippi, Rev. Jackson also developed a rapport with some singers who had favorite songs that they would revisit at many different services. Regardless of the situation, Rev. Jackson was an enthusiastic, inspiring, supportive collaborator, who gave the same degree of commitment when an accompanist as he did when he was a leader or soloist. Heartfelt praise of God, rather than personal glory, was the goal. And, as his widow Laura Jackson has said, they also had good Holy Ghost times."Lord You're So Good" includes several collaborations with these outstanding and as-yet-unidentified singers, as well as what appears to be a previously unreleased solo studio recording, taken from a tattered, once-unplayable 8-track tape. LP 19.90

ELMORE JAMES ROLLIN' & TUMBLIN' - THE BEST OF PART 1 (Relic) Solid 22 cuts of his 1961-63 Fire/Fury label great fucking slide-guitar screech-blues! CD 14.30
ELMORE JAMES DUST MY BROOM - THE BEST OF PART 2 (Relic) Solid 22 cuts MORE of his 1961-63 great fucking slide-guitar screech-blues! Repeats 3 from ABOVE cd so ya get 19 more ace uns. CD 14.30
ELMORE JAMES The Classic Early Recordings 1951-1956 (ACE) Gadzong! 3 Cd set = 71 cuts of his raw blues screech, incl. a bunch of different takes of some tracks. Comes with 40 page booklet! Dust My Broom/ Please Find My Baby (3 version)/ Hawaiian Boogie (2)/Hand In Hand/ Long Tall Woman (3)/ Rock My Baby Right/ One More Drink/ My Baby's Gone/ Lost Woman Blues aka Please Find My Baby/ I Believe / I Held My Baby Last Night/ Baby, What's Wrong/ Sinful Women/ Round House Boogie aka Sax Symphonic Boogie/ Dumb Woman Blues/ Sax-Ony Boogie/ Kickin' The Blues Around/ I May Be Wrong/ Sweet Little Woman/ Early In The Morning/ Can't Stop Lovin'/ Hawaiian Boogie/ Make A Little Love/ My Best Friend/ Make My Dreams Come True (4)/Strange Kinda Feeling (6)/ Dark And Dreary (3)/ Quarter Past Nine/ Where Can My Baby Be (3)/ Please Come Back To Me (Sho 'Nuff I Do)/ Sho' Nuff I Do(2)/ 1839 Blues/ I Got A Strange Baby/ Canton, Mississippi Breakdown/ Standing At The Crossroads/ Late Hours At Midnight/ Happy Home/ Sunnyland/ Mean And Evil/ No Love In My Heart/ Dust My Blues/ I Was A Fool/ Blues Before Sunrise/ Goodbye Baby/ So Mean To Me (3)/ Wild About You Baby(3)/ Elmo's Shuffle(3). TRIPLE CD24.00
ELMORE JAMES I Need You (Sphere Sound) Make My Dream Come True/ Got To Move/ I Need You/ Something Inside Of Me/ Look On Yonder Wall/ Shake Your Money Maker/ Strange Angels/ Early One Morning/ She Done Moved/ Baby Please Set A Date. LP 13.00
ELMORE JAMES THE BROOMDUSTERS BOX (Doxy) 3LP box set plus 2 bonus CDs of the vinyl albums by the King of the slide guitar. Featuring some early sides with Ike Turner on piano, as well as his "classic" Broomdusters line-up with Johnny Jones on piano and JT Brown on sax for a grand total of 54 tracks recorded from 1952-1960! Side A: 1. Please Find My Baby (Lost Woman Blues) 2. Hand In Hand 3. Rock My Baby Right 4. My Baby's Gone (Won't Be Back No More) 5. One More Drink 6. Baby What's Wrong 7. I Believe (My Time Ain't Long) 8. Sinful Woman 9. I Held My Baby Last Night Side B: 1.Early In The Morning 2. Hawaiian Boogie 3. Can't Stop Lovin' 4. Make A Little Love 5. Make My Dreams Come True (My Best Friend) 6. Strange Kinda Feeling 7. Dark And Dreary 8. Where Can My Baby Be 9. 1839 Blues Side C: 1. Sho' Nuff I Do (Please Come Back to Me) 2. Sunny Land 3. Standing At The Crossroads 4. Late Hours At Midnight 5. The Way You Treat Me (Mean And Evil) 6. Happy Home 7. No Love In My Heart 8. I Was A Fool 9. Good Bye Baby Side D: 1. Dust My Blues 2. (I Get The) Blues Before Sunrise 3. So Mean To Me 4. Wild About You 5. Elmo's Shuffle 6. Long Tall Woman 7. Coming Home 8. Knocking At Your Door 9. Elmore's Contribution To Jazz Side E: 1. The Twelve Year Old Boy 2. It Hurts Me Too 3. Cry For Me Baby 4. Take Me Where You Go 5. Bobby's Rock 6. The Sky Is Crying 7. Held My Baby Last Night 8. Baby Please Set A Date 9. I Need You, Baby Side F: 1. Rollin' And Tumblin' 2. I'm Worried 3. Done Somebody Wrong 4. Fine Little Mama 5. I Can't Stop Loving You 6. Early One Morning 7. Strange Angels 8. Something Inside Me 9. She Done Moved. 3xLP plus 2xCD box 47,50

ETTA JAMES WHO'S BLUE? RARE CHESS RECORDINGS OF THE 60S AND 70S (KENT CDKEND 345) 68 minues of Soul, R&B, Jazz & Funk: Only A Fool/ Take Out Some Insurance/ I'm So Glad (I Found Love In You)/ (I Don't Need Nobody To Tell Me) How To Treat My Man/ Fire/ I've Been A Fool/ You're The Fool/ Can't Shake It/ Do Right/ Nobody But You/ Seven Day Fool/ That Man Belongs Back Here With Me/ Look Who's Blue/ You Can Count On Me/ It Could Happen To You/ Street Of Tears/ Don't Pick Me For Your Fool/ Are My Thoughts With You/ My Man Is Together/ I'm Sorry For You/ I Worry About You/ Let Me Know/ What Fools We Mortals Be/ Sweet Memories. CD 16.90
ETTA JAMES At Last (LP + CD) (Doxy) Etta James' debut album, originally released in 1961 on Chess subsidiary label, Argo. The albums title track "At Last" and "All I Could Do Was Cry" (co-written by future Motown mogul Berry Gordy) both went to No. 2 on the R&B charts, while the album itself has gone down in history as one of the classic albums of early R&B. The 4 bonus tracks are taken from two 1960 singles featuring doo-wop idol Harvey Fuqua of the Moonglows (best known for their 1955 hit "Sincerely"). LP plus CD 21.50
ETTA JAMES Good Rockin' Mama (Ace) Details: 'Good Rockin’ Mama' compiles all of Etta’s best up-tempo Modern tracks into a set that will prod any dancin’ party into life, from her first single ‘The Wallflower’ (aka ‘Roll With Me Henry’) through to her final recording for the company, ‘“Baby, Baby” Every Night’. All 14 tracks are classic examples of the young Etta: Tough Lover/ Good Rockin' Daddy/ W-o-m-a-n/ Shortnin' Bread Rock/ The Pick Up/ Good Lookin'/ The Wallflower/ Dance With Me Henry/ Baby Baby Every Night/ Hickory Dickory Dock/ Strange Things Happening/ Hey Henry/ Come What May/ That's All. Pressed on 180g fuchsia-coloured vinyl in heavy-duty sleeve. LP 20.50
ETTA JAMES The Argo Singles 1960-62 (Not Now) 30 cuts on a double LP: All I Could Do Was Cry/ Girl Of My Dreams/ My Dearest Darling/ Tough Mary/ At Last/ I Just Want To Make Love To You/ Trust In Me/ Anything To Say You're Mine/ Fool That I Am/ Dream/ Don't Cry Baby/ A Sunday Kind Of Love/ It's Too Soon To Know/ Seven Day Fool/ Something's Got A Hold On Me/ Waiting For Charlie To Come Home/ Stop The Wedding/ Street Of Tears/ Next Door To The Blues/ Fools Rush In/ Would It Make Any Difference To You/ How Do You Speak To An Angel/ If I Can't Have You/ My Heart Cries/ Spoonful/ It's A Crying Shame/ That's All/ W-o-m-a-n/ The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry)/ Hold Me, Squeeze Me. Double LP € 21.90
ETTA JAMES At Last Triple 7" (Jazzman) When Etta James passed away in early 2012, the tributes and plaudits flooded in the world over. Gone forever was the soul diva and legend, the peerless and seemingly indomitable, screaming, bawling R&B siren who had seen off several near death experiences with dangerous substances and even more dangerous men. As the music world mourned, the question still remained - did Etta really receive her dues during her life? That recent interest in her career probably peeked when portrayed onscreen by a certain Beyonce Knowles in the Chess biopic 'Cadillac Records' would suggest the answer is no.This short and sweet set of six songs spread across three 45rpm records captures various key snapshots and key moments in Etta's early career. We hear the precocious, sassy teenaged delinquent on 'That's All', the snarling rock and roll mama on 'Tough Lover' and we revisit her 'coming of age' moment, the song that came to spark her adult career into a new direction and lifespan and became her signature: 'At Last'. Tracklist: Seven Day Fool/ Something's Got a Hold on Me/ Spoonful/ It's a Crying Shame Feat. Harvey Fuqua/ At Last/ I Just Want to Make Love to You. Triple 7" 22.90

Wow! Fantastic series of killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul!
JERK BOOM! BAM! Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Volume One (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records) Volumes One and Two are all Male Groups/Artists belting out dance-floor fillers and wild party winners - Killer sound, killer packaging, killer HITS: Charles Gray & Les Watson & The Panthers BABY DON'T DO IT/ Otis Williams YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I CARE/ James Crawford I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE/ Jimmy McCracklin LETS DO IT ALL/ The Rivals SHE'S MINE/ Benny Turner I DON'T KNOW/ Chico Leverett WORK WORK/ Willie C. Echols SHIMMY SHELLY SHAKE/ Willie C. Echols SATELLITE STROLL/ Alex Spearman MAMA-KA-TOKO-LAKA-POO-POO-YAY/ Young Jessie MARY LOU/ Rudi Stewart BABY YOU GOOFED/ Lorenzo Holden THE WIG/ Dave Bartholomew HEY HEY/ Madman Jones JES' ONE MO' TIME/ J. L. Smith DID YOU DO THE MOSQUITO/ The Huntsmen SEND ME SOME LOVIN'. PREPARE TO SWING, BABY! LP 11.90
JERK BOOM! BAM! Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Volume Two (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records) Volumes One and Two are all Male Groups/Artists belting out dance-floor fillers and wild party winners - Killer sound, killer packaging, killer HITS: Billy Lamont SO-CALLED FRIENDS/ Bobby & Expressions SLOOPYTIME/ Albert Collins I DON'T KNOW/ The Rivals MAKE YER MIND UP/ Jimmy Raye HEY LETS DANCE/ Sam Baker THE BUMP/ Gene Burke MONKEY MAN/ McKinley Mitchell YOU'RE NOT GONNA BREAK MY HEART/ Danny White THE TWITCH/ The Pyramids WHAT IS LOVE/ Marv Johnson COME ON & STOP/ Tony & Tyrone TURN IT ON/ The Isley Brothers I SAY LOVE/ Allen Wayne CHILLS & FEVER/ The Ideals GO-GO GORILLA/ Wilbur Reynolds TENDERISER. PREPARE TO SWING, BABY! LP 11.90
JERK BOOM! BAM! Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Volume Three - Girls Round 1 (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records) Volumes Three and Four are all Female Groups/Artists and cover a wide range of Cool Chick Chanters! Killer sound, killer packaging, killer HITS: The Autographs DO THE DUCK/ Joan Proctor MATCHMAKER/ The Azaleas HANDS OFF/ Baby Jean OH JOHNNY/ The Gems THAT"S WHAT THEY PUT ERASERS ON PENCILS FOR/ Lisa Bett I'M MOVIN ON/ The Raeletts ONE ROOM PARADISE/ Little Brenda Starr MIX IT UP/ Mary Johnson THESE TEARS/ Tawny Reed NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK/ The Orlons DON'T YOU WANT MY LOVIN/ Dorothy Williams WATCHDOG/ Marie Knight COME ON BABY/ Virgie Till LOOSE ME LOVE / Lottie Joe Jones I BELIEVE TO MY SOUL/ Ruth Brown MAMA HE TREATS YOUR DAUGHTER MEAN/ Big Mama Thornton TOM CAT. PREPARE TO SWING, BABY! LP 11.90
JERK BOOM! BAM! Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Volume Four - Girls Round 2 (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records) Volumes Three and Four are all Female Groups/Artists and cover a wide range of Cool Chick Chanters! Killer sound, killer packaging, killer HITS: Toni Wine RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH/ Ketty Lester WEST COAST/ Tawny Reed I'VE GOT A FEELING/ Irene & The Scotts WHY DO YOU TREAT ME LIKE YOU DO/ The Geminis BIG BROTHER/ Verna Rae Clay I'VE GOT IT BAD/ Phil & Marie LOVE DOCTOR/ Judi Clay LET IT BE ME/ Lydia Marcelle EVERYBODY DANCE/ The Gypsies IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD/ The Geminis YOU PUT A HURTING ON ME/ Vicky Gomez BOYS ARE A DIME A DOZEN/ Robin Rice I'VE HAD IT/ The Dynettes NEW GUY/ Paula LaMont A BEATLE MEETS A LADYBUG/ The Vonns SO MANY DAYS. PREPARE TO SWING, BABY! LP 11.90
JERK BOOM BAM: Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Five (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records - Jerk RSAB-115) Killer comp of greasy 1960s R&B & soul dance blasters: John Fred - LENNE/ LesterYoung - DOWN TO THE RIVER/ Eddie King & Mae B, May - ARE YOU PUSHED TO LOVE?/ Louisiana Red - WHO DAT?/ The Jolly Jax - 'PRECIATE IT/ Big Jack Reynolds - MADE IT UP IN YOUR MIND/ Professor Hamilton & The School Boys - BACK TO SCHOOL/ Bobby Pierce - MY NIGHT OUT / The Thunderbirds - THUNDERBIRD TWIST/ Kenny Hambers & David Robertson's Combo - DO THE HULLY GULLY/ Johnny Copeland - WAKE UP, LITTLE SUSIE/ Joel Scott Hill & The Invaders - LOOK OUT/ Miss La-Vell - TEENAGE LOVE/ Frank Scott - SHE SAID/ The Merrill Brothers - MY BABY TWIST/ Jimmie Vaughn - COME ON HOME. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM: Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Six (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records - Jerk RSAB-116) Killer comp of greasy 1960s R&B & soul dance blasters: Lil' Ray & The Premiers - SHAKE! SHOUT! & SOUL!/ Pete Cooke & The Baby Dolls - TAKE IT AND GIT/ Terry Westlake - BABY BE MY CHAUFFEUR/ Ervin Rucker - SHE'S ALRIGHT/ Helen Troy - I THINK I LOVE YOU/ Oscar Boyd - WHEN THINGS GET A LITTLE BETTER/ Pete & Repeat - BUT I STILL DO/ Johnny Cool & The Counts - THE LOVE BOUNCE/ Pete Hartfield - MIGHTY MAN Parts 1 & 2/ The Skip Robinson Trio - I FEEL ALRIGHT/ The Williams Sisters - HE'S GOT EVERYTHING YOU NEED/ Carl Henry Hall - LET ME DOWN SLOWLY/ Teddy Mack & The Mackinteers - HEY HEY GYPSY WOMAN/ Leo Price - HEY NOW BABY/ James McCleese - TELL ME WHY. LP 11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Seven (RSAB-117) Little Betty TWISTIN SCHOOL, El Pauling PLEASE PLEASE BE MINE, The Twi-Lighters LIVE LIKE A KING, The Rollers TROUBLES, The Atlantics TRACY, Junior Lewis TEARS ON MY FACE, Preacher Stevens MARY, Marie Adams THATS THE WAY TO GET ALONG, The Grandisons ALL RIGHT, Dorothy Berry & Jimmy Norman - I'M WITH YOU ALL THE WAY, Inuz Moore IF IT AIN'T ONE THING IT'S ANOTHER, The Wild Ones A LITTLE BIT OF SOUL, Barbara Lynn YOU CAN'T BUY MY LOVE, Billy Emerson EVERY WOMAN I KNOW, Eddie Lang SOMETHING WITHIN ME, Bobby Williams MY BABY CRIES. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Eight (RSAB-118) Paul Perryman KEEP A-CALLIN', The Stylers HIDE AND SEEK, Henry Strogin OLD FOLKS BOOGIE, The Per- suaders ARABELLA, Little Herman I'M GONNA PUT THE HURT ON YOU, Hayes Ware YOU GOT ME MAMA, Roy Ward HORSE WITH A FREEZE, Dorothy Berry YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, Johnny Acey PLEASE DONT GO, John And Carol GET YOUR HAT, Sugar & Sweet YOU DONT HAFTA CRY, Leroy Harris I'M GONNA GET YOU, Patty Jerome NO MORE TEARS, Billy Watkins I'M TIRED, Al Henderson SHE SAYS CRAZY, Mabel King GO BACK HOME YOUNG FELLA. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Nine (RSAB-119) Duane Yates PASSIN' ON BY, Willie Mae Thornton JUST LIKE A DOG, The Coanjos DO THE BOOMERANG, Pepe Fernandez HAVING FUN, Herb Zane PERSIAN TWIST, Tony Butela LONG BLACK STOCKINGS, Lucky Laws I'M NOT TEASING, Tony Allen & The Twilights THE TRAKEY-DOO, Reverend Cleosuph Robinson CAN'T NOBODY DO, Andre Franklin with The Preston Epps Trio SAY YEAH!, Billy Boy Arnold SCHOOL TIME, Tommy Ridgely I WANT SOME MONEY BABY, The Baby I NEED LOVE, Ann Fleming YOU'RE JUST ONE MAN, Little Jewel I WANT TO. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Volume 10 (Jerk RSAB-210) Killer new LP of greasy late-1950s & early-1960s R&B &soul dance blasters!! Tracks: Side A: 1 Prince Phillip ANOTHER FOOL LIKE ME 2 Bobby & The Innkeepers TALKING ABOUT MY BABY 3 The Dream Girls CRYING IN THE NIGHT 4 George Allen LOOSE SCREW 5 Mel Williams I GOT EYES 6 Jimmy Vaughn & His Orchestra HOT-SI-TOT-SI 7 Donny Williams BOOGIE CHILLUNS PLAYHOUSE 8 Eddie King & Mae B. May PLEASE MR. DJ - Side B: 1 Bobby & The Innkeepers SOMETIMES I WALK 2 Little Mack I NEED LOVE 3 Duke Jenkins MAMBO BLUES 4 Adolph Jacobs MOVE AROUND EASY 5 Eddie King & The Three Queens LOVE YOU BABY 6 Al Brown & The Tunetoppers TAKE ME BACK 7 Lenis Guess THANK GOODNESS GOT A GOOD WOMAN 8 Embraceables WATERMELON MAN. LP11.90

JEWELS B-BOMB BABY 30-cut comp of this GREAT Los Angeles R&B combo's GREAT thumping drum-lead 1953-1956 recordings. If ya dig RICHARD BERRY-style R&B GET THIS!! 19 fucking GREAT cuts & 11 softer ballads/doo-wops. CD 14.50

JIM JAM GEMS Volume 1: Bad Boy Serenade (Stag-O-Lee - stag-o-o33) Limited Edition 10" with 50s Rhythm + Gospel: Larry Williams - Bad Boy/ Connee Boswell - You Ain't Got Nothin'/ Tony Casanova - Showdown/ Du-Droppers - Bam-Balam/ Little Willie John - Leave My Kitten Alone/ Bobby Lester - Am I The Man/ Archibald - Stack-A-Lee/ Danny Taylor - You Look Bad/ Paul Gayten and Annie Laurie - Ain't Gonna Let You In/ Jive Bombers - Bad Boy. 10 12.70
JIM JAM GEMS Volume 2: This Ain’t Hot Compared To Hell (Stag-O-Lee - stag-o-o34) More 50s Rhythm + Gospel: Rod Willis - Old Man Mose/ Savannah Churchill - The Devil Sat Down And Cried/ Lance Fortune - Action/ LaVerne Baker - On Revival Day/ Otto Bash - St. James Infirmary/ Golden Gate Quartet - Schadrack/ The Chords - Cross Over The Bridge/ Dorsey Burnette - Tall Oak Tree/ Roy Hogsed - Snake Dance Boogie/ Mahalia Jackson - I’m On My Way To Canaan. 10 12.70
JIM JAM GEMS Volume 3: Party In The Front, Black Jack In The Back (Stag-O-Lee) Cootie Williams – Rinky Dink/ Bonita – Walk Right In/ Willie Mabon – Wow I Feel So Good/ Jesse Allen – Let's Party/ Sonny Boy Williamson – Rub A DubB-Side/ Tony Middleton – Black Jack/ Pete Johnson – Pete's Mixture/ Babs Gonzales – House Rent Party/ Big John Greer – Let It Roll Again/ Bea Foote – Weed. 10 12.70
JIM JAM GEMS Volume 4: Bongology (Stag-O-Lee) Lecuona Cuban Boys – Tabou/ Cab Calloway – Que Pasa Chica/ Sugar Boy Crawford – Watch Her, Whip Her/ Jimmy Van Eaton – Bo Diddley/ Kishore Kurma – Eena Meena Deeka/ Dinah Washington – Since My Man Has Gone And Went/ Wilmoth Houdini – Don't Do That To Me/ Sondi Sodsai – Love Dance/ Latin Allstars – Rapture/ Julie London – Come On In My House. 10 12.70


JOOK BLOCK BUSTERS VOLUME 1 (Valmour) Butt-whippin' comp of cool 50s R&B/R&R! 16 great cuts featuring HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS, KID THOMAS, ROYAL JOOKERS, ANDRE WILLIAMS, JIMMY WILSON. LP 12.50 CD 14.00

JUKEBOX JAM Volume 2 (Jazzman) The original Jukebox Jam Blues & Rhythm Revue compilation album was released in September 2011, a collection which brought together the dynamic and varied R&B sounds of Liam Large's London based club night and reissue label. With an action-packed, all-killer set, it quickly became an instant classic, a comp of vintage sounds which truly stood out in an ever-saturated market. Two years on, and we are proud to unleash the second volume of Jukebox Jam, another collection of 23 obscure masterpieces from mid-century America. Perhaps even more ambitious than Vol 1, the follow-up broadens the scope of investigation by digging both deeper back into the 1940s - with a couple of jazzy blues numbers, and further into the 1960s - with gritty rock and roll and early Detroit soul both featuring prominently. In between these sounds, there's of course a healthy fill of dirty '50s blues, jumping R&B and swinging popcorn, but it's safe to say that on this set, the surprises come a little more frequently. We're very confident that Jukebox Jam Vol. 2 is another essential classic in waiting. Super deluxe double LP gatefold with US-style pasteback sleeve. Extensive liner notes with detailed info and artist pics! TRACKS: Mamie Perry - Lament/ Billy Hamlin - If You Ain't Got No Bread/ Young Jessie - Mary Lou/ Johnny West - Tears Baby/ Gil Bernal - King Solomon's Blues/ Dewey Guy - Rock a While/ Brother Woodman's Combo - Hot Mamma/ Betty James - Henry Lee/ Amos Milburn - I Done Done It/ Dave Bartholomew - Cat Music/ Saunders King - Swingin/ Steve Gibson - Big Game Hunter/ Big Sis Andrews - That Ain't the Way to Do It/ Buddy Johnson - If I Ever Find You/ The Mark VI - Cleo/ Barrett Strong - Misery/ Mary Ann Fisher - Put On My Shoes/ The Originals - Little Lonely Girl/ Billy Emerson - I'll Get You, Too/ Untouchables - Crawlin/ Grainger Hunt - Noah/ Bob Marriot - I'll Walk a Mile/ Little Willie John - It Only Hurts a Little While. Double LP 23.90 / CD 13.50

JUKEBOX MAMBO (Jukebox Jam) A stunning collection that sheds light on a pivotal yet totally overlooked area of American music – the influence of Afro-Cuban and Latin rhythms on R&B and Jazz during the mid-20th century. Following up on the success of our ‘Jukebox Jam’ album of vintage juke joint and bar room sounds, compiler and DJ Liam Large digs even deeper to put together a diverse set of dynamite R&B sides, all built around Afro-Cuban, Latin and Caribbean rhythms. The Blues and it’s populist sister Rhythm & Blues have been visited and revisited 100s of times on 1000s of comps, but the ‘Spanish Tinge’ has been completely overlooked, perhaps even scorned by purists. This album stands out from the rest and the result is a set which sounds stunningly fresh and unique – a remarkable achievement itself given that the actual songs average at around 60 years old.‘Jukebox Mambo’ showcases an experimental era which continues to inform today’s music, with Afro-Latin rhythms now completely assimilated into modern pop. The overtly sensual, exotic feel of many of these songs also continues to find an echo in modern music, and Jukebox Mambo provides a thrilling, sensual listening experience. Also included are detailed, illustrated liner notes which unveil the largely untold story of how Afro-Latin influences gradually affected Black American music during the 20th century, and in turn how this filtered into and transformed modern music thereafter. 22 tracks: Joe Lutcher - Ojai/ 2. Mable Scott - Fool Burro/ Red Callender Sextet - Voodoo/ Percy Mayfield - Louisiana/ Larry Dale - Down In The Bottom/ Dave Bartholomew - Shrimp & Gumbo/ Danny Cobb - My Isabella/ Marvin Phillips - Salty Dog/ Fay Simmons - Big Joe Mambo/ Gerald Wilson - Mambo Mexicana/ Mad Man Jones - Snake Charmer/ Lalo Guererro - Los Chucos Suaves/ Sultans - Boppin’ With The Mambo/ Alfredito - Honeydripper Mambo/ Annisteen Allen - Take A Chance On Me/ Gloria Irving - I Need A Man/ Billy Red Love - A Dream/ Faye Adams - The Hammer/ Elena Madera - Pu-Chun-Ga/ Cozy Cole - Cozy & Bossa/ Camille Howard - Shrinking Up Fast/ Joe Loco - Why Don’t You Do Right. Double LP 23.90
JUKEBOX MAMBO (Jukebox Jam) CD version of above double LP: 22 tracks with 16 page colour CD booklet with in-depth liner notes, 45 label scans and previously unpublished photographs!!! CD 13.50
JUKEBOX MAMBO 10 inch Screen Print EP (Jukebox Jam BJ.10.002) Brother Woodman / Joe Houston / Chuck Higgins / Al Smith / Ernie Flields Combo: In anticipation of 'Jukebox Mambo' - the forthcoming compilation of wild Latin Rumba Rhythm & Blues, we've culled 5 tracks from Jake Porter's legendary LA indie label Combo - 2 of which have never been available on vinyl before, having been unissued back in the 50s. All 5 tracks have that Latin feel which under-pinned so many hot R&B sides through the mid-‘50s as the Mambo Craze reached feverish heights. Vocal group The Chanters' 'Hot Mamma' boasts an awesome vocal turn from Ethel Brown - who plays the sultry sexual predator as she warns her fellow womenfolk 'If you wanna keep your man - keep him outta my way!', over a cool rumba-edged riff on the Hound Dog riff. Joe Porters 'Cha Cha All Nite Long' reworks his own earlier hit for the Latin set. On the flip side, Chuck Higgins top instro 'Blues N Mambo' is all rolling drums and honking horns whilst we also feature a previously unreleased take of Jack McVea's wild group number 'Chop Chop Boom' and end the set with the unissued 'T-Town Mambo', a jazzy female vocal piece with a sweet Latin seasoning. 10" 12.90
JUKEBOX MAMBO VOLUME 2 (Jazzmen) Follow up to the original game-changing Jukebox Mambo set of sweltering rumba accented Rhythm & Blues. Two years in the making, this sequel ploughs deeper still into the revolutionary '40s and '50s Afro-American musical canon, pulling together another combustible collection of lascivious Latin-edged blues exotica. Issued with extensive biographical notes and exclusive photographs on CD and deluxe old style 2LP paste-on gatefold (with A3 size show poster inside), Jukebox Mambo Vol. 2 is likely to be as influential in setting tastes as its predecessor. As with the first volume, this edition will also be released on an ultra limited, lavishly produced 1940s style 6 x 10" album set which boasts four exclusive extra tracks and expanded notes. Tracks: Lincoln Chase - I Love Your many Ways/ Christine Chatman w/ Peppy Prince Orchestra - Run Gal Run/ Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames - I Come From Jamaica/ Zilla Mays - Calypso Blues/ Johnny Oliver - All I Have Is You/ Chuck Edwards - Morning Train/ Oscar Saldana - Mambo Hop/ Jimmy Nolen - Jimmys Jive/ Four Blazes - All Night Long/ Chanters - She wants To Mambo/ Jeanne DeMetz w/ Johnny Alston Orchestra - Calypso Daddy/ Camille Howard - Within This Heart Of Mine/ Ashton Savoy - Denga Denga/ Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra - Later Gator/ Note & Toe & The Grenadiers - I Got A Cold - Calypso/ John McKinney & The Premiers - Gee I Love You/ T-Bone Walker - Plain Old Down Home Blues/ Ron Rico w/ Sax Kari Orchestra - Chano/ Don Tosti y su Conjunto - Mambo Del Pachuco/ Billy Emerson - Satisfied/ Frank Motley - Wanda Landa Landa/ Red Saunders - Summertime. Double LP 23.90 / CD 13.50

KID THOMAS EP (Norton) ESSENTIAL!!! 4 cuts by this 50s r&b madman, including 2 of the WILDEST & FASTEST & INSANELY ROCKIN'EST rockers EVER: "Rockin' This Joint Tonite/ Wail Baby Wail" plus "You Heard What I Said/Lookie There". 7" 6.00
KID THOMAS ROCKIN' THIS JOINT TONIGHT (EAGLE) 30 tracks (and plenty of wild rockin R&B..).Beulah Come Back/ The Wolf Pack/ The Spell/ Come Here Woman/ Jivin Mess/ Shes Fine/ Heres My Story/ Rockin'This Joint Tonight/ You Are An Angel/ Wail Baby Wail/ Five Long Years/ Lookie There/ Cozy Lounge Blues/ Willowbrook/ You Are An Angel(version 2)/ The Hurt Is On/ I Love You So/ plus 13 bonus tracks incl. some alternate versions of the ones listed above. CD € 14.50
KID THOMAS Adds (Rescue Records) Scorching, chaotic, harmonica-driven, rockin' blues: 1. Tell Me Baby 2. In A Cold Cold World 3. It's A Lie 4. Why Do I Have To Cry 5. Willowbrook 6. You Are An Angel 7. Cozy Special 8. Bad Luck 9. Come Back 10. Cozy Lounge Blues 11. Five Long Years 12. I've Been Crying 13. Ninty Nine 14. Here Comes The Night 15. Dog Me Around 16. Rockin' The Joint Tonight 17. You Are An Angel (tk 1) 18. The Hurt Is On 19. I Love You So 20. Wail Baby Wail 21. Looky There!!! CD 14.00

B.B. KING Singin' The Blues (Rumble Records) Originally released in 1957 on the legendary budget label Crown, 'Singin' The Blues' compiles many of the classic '50s sides that B.B. King recorded for Los Angeles-based labels RPM, Kent and Modern. LP 13.50
B.B. KING The Blues (Rumble Records) Originally released in 1958, on the legendary budget label Crown, The Blues compiles many of the classic ‘50s sides that B.B. King recorded for the Los Angeles based labels RPM, Kent, and Modern. Mostly recorded in King’s home base of Memphis, TN, some of which were even recorded and produced by Sam Phillips of Sun Records fame: A1 Why Do Things Happen To Me A2 Ruby Lee A3 When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer A4 Past Day A5 Boogie Woogie Woman A6 Early In The Morning B1 I Want To Get Married B2 That Ain't The Way To Do It B3 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles B4 Don't You Want A Man Like Me B5 You Know I Go For You B6 What Can I Do. LP 13.50

KING NEW BREED RHYTHM & BLUES (Kent) Mighty fine comp with some real hot ones! BURNT TOAST AND BLACK COFFEE Mike Pedicin/ I'M SHAKIN' - Little Willie John/ THANKS MR POSTMAN - Bobby King/ JUST A LITTLE BIT - Tiny Topsy/ HAD YOU TOLD IT LIKE IT WAS - Albert King/ YOU'RE WELCOME TO THE CLUB - Lee "Shot" Williams/ NOT MUCH (DO YOU BABY) Rosemary/ NOW I'VE GOT A WOMAN - Freddy King/ THREE LITTLE PIGS - James Duncan/ DON'T BE SO MEAN - William Patton/ I SAY I LOVE YOU - Johnny Watson/ MY KINDA GIRL - Hannibal/ YOU'RE USING ME - The King Pins/ I FOUND OUT Bobby Byrd/ HARD FORGETTING MEMORIES - Mary Johnson/ IT'S EASY CHILD - Lula Reed & Freddy King with Sonny Thompson & his Orchestra/ THINK - The 5 Royales/ PNEUMONIA - Joe Tex/ I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU - Lloyd Nolan/ YOU DON'T WANT ME AROUND - Mike Williams/ BAD GIRL - The Fabulous Denos/ I'M BETTER OFF NOW - The Premieres/ SOME OTHER DAY, SOME OTHER TIME - Freddy King/ SHE MADE MY BLOOD RUN COLD - Ike Turner CD 16.00

THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE Big Tears/The Knight In Shining Armor (Norton) Nutso ’62 R&B/soul workouts featuring Coasters members and Kim Fowley. 7" 6.00

LA NOIRE Volume 1: Have Mercy, Uncle Sam (Rocket) "16 Blues And Rhythm Blasters! Powder And Bullets!" Greasy late 50s rhythm & blues and early soul recordings, all taken from the original 45rpm records. With linernotes from James Ventrella, packed in a gatefold cover. Tracks: Side A: 1. Guitar Red - Just You And I (Checker) 2. Dell Mack - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover (Goldband) 3. Bobby Bland - Don't Cry No More (Duke) 4. Johnny (Guitar) Watson - Broke And Lonely (King) 5. Little Daddy Walton & Son - Highway Blues (Big Hit) 6. Jimmy Hughes - Neighbor, Neighbor (Fame) 7. Billy Boy - I Wish I Would (Vivid) 8. Tarheel Slim & Little Ann - Can't Stay Away From You (Fire). Side B: 1. Big Jay McNeely & Band - Psycho Serenade (Swingin') 2. The X-Cellents - Hey, Little Willie (Smash) 3. The Spellbinders - Casting My Spell (Miramar) 4. June Bateman With Noble Watts & His Band - Possum Belly Overalls (Shaw) 5. KoKo Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle (Checker) 6. Ernest Tucker - Have Mercy, Uncle Sam (Jubilee) 7. Billy Bland - Uncle Bud (Old Town). 8. Louisiana Red - Ride On Red, Ride On (Roulette). LP 13.90
LA NOIRE Volume 2: Please Mr. Playboy! (Rocket)"16 Blues And Rhythm Blasters! The ultimate glamorous & sexy on vinyl. Sweat, tobacco, smoke & alcohol flavors! "The second volume of the 'La Noire' series fully packed with more 50s R&B this time! Nice artwork with linernotes and packed in a gatefold cover. Tracks: Side A: 1. "Hot Breath Hannah" With The Paul Mitchell Trio - Please Mr. Play Boy" (NRC) 2. Archibald - Great Big Eyes (Imperial) 3. Varetta Dillard - Send Me Some Money (Savoy) 4. LaVern Baker - Tiny Tim (Atlantic) 5. Guitar Slim & His Band - Well, I Done Got Over It (Specialty) 6. Guitar, Jr. - Knocks Me Out (Mercury) 7. "Hot Breath Hannah" With The Paul Mitchell Trio - Looking For A Man (NRC) 8. Pipes - Let Me Give You Money (Dootone). Side B: 1. Big Maybelle - That's A Pretty Good Love (Savoy) 2. The Memos - The Biddy Leg (Memo) 3. Annisteen Allen - Rough Lover (Decca) 4. Jesse Perkins & The Bad Boys - One More Kiss (Savoy) 5. Carol Fran - I'm Gonna Try (Port) 6. Camille Howard - Exite Me Daddy (Federal) 7. The Southern Wonders - The Gambling Man (Peacock). 8. Fontella Bass - My Good Loving (Prann). LP 13.90
LA NOIRE Volume 3: Baby You Got Soul! (Rocket) 16 Blues, Rhythm & Early Soul Groovers!' Volume 3 in the 'La Noire' roots music series. 'Doghouse & Bone Records.' Comes in gatefold cover. Tracks: Side A: 1. Bobby Bland - Yield Not To Temptation (Duke) 2. Travis Wammack - Don't Cry No More (Ara) 3. Don & Bob - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Argo) 4. Johnny Fuller - The Power (Art-Tone) 5. Bobby Bland - Honey Child (Duke) 6. Van Preston & The Nite Rockers - Baby You Got Soul (Goldband) 7. Joe Simon - I Got A Whole Lot Of Lovin' (Sound Stage) 8. Mack Rice - Baby I'm Coming Home (Lu Pine). Side B: 1. The Ideals - Mojo Hanna (Cort Land) 2. Joyce Jones - Help Me Wake Up My Mind (Vee-Eight) 3. The Contours - Whole Lotta Woman (Motown) 4. Young Jessie - Brown Eyes (Come On Home) (Vanessa) 5. Betty Everett - You're No Good (VJ) 6. Willie Hightower - Nobody But You (Capitol) 7. Z.Z. Hill - You Were Wrong (MH) 8. Tiny Topsy - Just A Little Bit (Federal). LP 13.90
LA NOIRE Volume 4: The Glory Is Coming (Doghouse & Bone) 14 blues'n gosperl prayers, all taken from the original 45rpm records. Comes in gatefold sleeve.A Side 1. Mini-Your Dress Is Too Short / Madame Nellie Robinson 2. The Battle Of Jericho / The Pilgrim Travelers 3. I Can See So Much / Reverend Cleophus Robinson 4. Something / Mighty Golden Bells Feat William Sanders 5. Gods Got It / Rev. Charlie Jackson The Gospel Guitar And Singer Of Baton Rouge Louisiana 6. You Cant Make Me Doubt / The Gospelaires 7. Take Me By My Hand / Ray Crume And The Zion Tones B Side: 1. Who Rolled The Stone Away / Marie Knight 2. Im On My Way / Mahalia Jackson 3. Im Getting Richer / The Famous Ward Singers 4. Glory Is Coming / Sunset Travelers 5. Its Been A Change / The Staple Singers 6. God Is Coming / C B S Trumpeteers 7. Morning Train / Rev. Charlie Jackson The Gospel Guitar And Singer Of Baton Rouge Louisiana Art Work, Voodoo De Luxe. Words & Liner Notes James Ventrella. LP 13.90

LAMPLIGHTERS BI-BOP WINO 60% HOT-SHIT 30-cut comp of wailin' gospel-inflecked R&B from the LA group that spawned Thurston Harris & the RIVINGTONS! A few lame crooners, a few poppy crappers, but at least 20 utterly great cuts. CD 14.00
LAMPLIGHTERS BO BEEP 30 more cuts include the post LL's combos The Tenderfoots, Sharps, Buddies, etc. CD 14.00

SMILEY LEWIS SHAME SHAME SHAME (Bear Family) Amazing 100-cut 4-cd monster box with a 36-page 30cm X 30 cm book with the complete lowdown on this goddamned GENIUS of early 50s New Orleans R&B!! 75% is his Imperial material of 1947-1960, then 4 1961 Okeh cuts, 3 1964 Dot cuts, 4 1965 Loma cuts. 4xCD 72.00

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS Country Blues (Doxy) Recorded in 1959: Long Time/ Rainy Day Blues/ Baby!/ Long Gone Like A Turkey Through The Corn/ Prison Blues Come Down On Me/ Backwater Blues (That Mean Old Twister)/ Gonna Pull A Party/ Bluebird, Bluebird/ See See Rider/ Worrying My Mind/ Till The Gin Gets Here/ Bunion Stew/ You Got To Work To Get Your Pay/ Go Down Old Hannah/ Hear My Black Dog Bark. LP 15.90

LIGHTNIN' SLIM ROOSTER BLUES/BELL RINGER (Ace) Fucking essential cauz ya get both his excellent LPs (24 cuts from 1958-59 and ‘57-'65) on 1 CD: "Rooster Blues/Long Leanie Woman/My Starter Won't Work/G.I. Slim/Lightnin's Troubles/Bed Bug Blues/Hoo-Doo Blues/Its Mighty Crazy/Sweet Little Woman/Tom Cat Blues/Feelin Awful Blues/I'm Leavin You Baby/Love Me Mama/She's My Crazy Little Baby/Have Mercy On Me Baby/Wintertime Blues/If You Ever Need Me/Mean Ole LonesomeTrain/Baby Please Come Back/Love Is Just A Gamble/ Somebody Knockin" plus 3 more. CD 16.00
IT'S MIGHTY CRAZY! (Ace) Rarities & unissued early (‘54-'58) ace-ity! Only 6 cuts from the above CD repeated: "Bed Bug Blues/ Hoo-Doo Blues/Its Mighty Crazy/Tom Cat Blues/Love Me Mama/Mean Ole Lone-someTrain". PLUS you get 18 more! CD 16.00
LIGHTNIN’ SLIM Rooster Blues (Rumble Records) GREAT reissue of his first LP! Louisiana bluesman Lightnin' Slim (nee Otis V. Hicks) began entertaining bar patrons in his native Baton Rouge in the 1940s. By the '50s he was releasing singles on the now legendary Excello label (the blues division of Nashville based Nashboro). This album, his first long player, appeared in 1960 and compiles many of those classic '50s sides. Slim was often accompanied by his brother-in-law, Slim Harpo, on the harmonica, along with a full, rollicking rhythm section heavily influenced by the R&B coming out of NOLA at the time. LP 13.50
LIGHTNIN’ SLIM Bell Ringer (Rumble Records) Compiling superb early singles from Lightnin’ Slim recorded for Excello, Bell Ringer is an essential collection of some of the Louisiana bluesman’s finest material: Track list: A1 Love Me Mama A2 She's My Crazy Little Baby A3 Have Mercy On Me Baby A4 Wintertime Blues A5 If You Ever Need Me A6 Mean Ole Lonesome Train. B1 Baby Please Come Back B2 Love Is Just A Gamble B3 Somebody Knockin' B4 You Give Me The Blues B5 Don't Start Me Talkin' B6 You Move Me Baby. LP 13.50

LITTLE IKE She Can Rock / EARL HINES Now Do You Hear (Penniman) Legit reissue of of two great and wild 45s originally released by Champion Records in 1957. 7" 5,25

LITTLE JOHNNY AND THE SILVERTONES ROCK ‘TIL THE END OF TIME/I’VE GOT A WOMAN (Norton) Whip-ass UNISSUED 1963 R&B blaster a-side with killer lyrics about drinking b/w nice and gutsy r&b ballad flipside! 7" 6.00

LITTLE RICHARD The Implosive Little Richard: The Pre-Specialty Session 1951-1953 (Jerome Records) The Implosive Little Richard illustrates the (re)construction process of the wildest, freest identity in rock’n’roll history. Here are all Richard’s first recordings from the early fifties with the Johnny Otis and Billy Wright bands, the Deuces of Rhythm and the Tempo Toppers. All his pre-Specialty, pre-Tutti Frutti waxings: his four RCA singles and all the 45s he recorded for Peacock Records. Gatefold sleeve with extensive liners, label shots, dozens of pictures, vintage press clipping and reviews. Get Rich Quick / Why Did You Leave Me / Taxi Blues / Every Hour / I Brought It All On By Myself / Ain’t Nothin’ Happenin’ / Thinkin’ ‘Bout My Mother / Please Have Mercy On Me / Always / Ain’t That Good News / Fool At The Wheel / Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens / Maybe I’m Right / Directly From My Heart To You / I Love My Baby / Little Richard’s Boogie. LP 14.90
Here's Little Richard - LP + CD (Doxy) Reissue of his debut: Tutti Frutti/ True, Fine Mama/ Can't Believe You Wanna Leave/ Ready Teddy/ Baby/ Slippin' And Sliding/ Long Tall Sally/ Miss Ann/Oh Why?/ Rip It Up/ Jenny Jenny/ She's Got It LP+CD 15.90
BREATHTAKIN' (Back Biter) 20 cut cheapie comp of his Specialty classics! CD 8.00
LITTLE RICHARD PARIS 1966 (ODIO LP 1966) 11 live cuts of screaming, roaring r&r from the pioneering king, recorded live at The Olympia in Paris in 1966 with a raging band! Far superior sound to the previous issue of this back in 1984, PLUS a BONUS of a previously unissued version of "Ooh Poo Pah Doo"! Tracks: Lucille/ Good Golly Miss Molly/ Rip It Up/ Long Tall Sally/ Tutti Frutti/ Jenny Jenny/ Send Me Some Lovin'/ Ready Teddy/ She's Got It/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On/ Ooh Poo Pah Doo. LP 12.90
LITTLE RICHARD Get Rich Quick : The Birth Of A Legend (Suitable) Though best known for his classic sides on the Specialty label, RCA and Peacock were the first pit stops for the real king of rock'n'roll. For those labels Richard Wayne Penniman recorded 16 tunes, which you find on here, plus some alternate takes. The bands on these sides were Johnny Otis & The Deuces Of Rhythm along with the Tempo Toppers. Side A: 1. Little Richard Boogie 2. I Love My Baby 3. Every Hour 4. Directly From My Heart 5. Get Rich Quick 6. Thinkin' 'bout My Mother 7. I Brought It All On Myself 8. Please Have Mercy On Me 9. Get Rich Quick (Alternate Take).Side B: 10. Always 11. Ain't That Good News? 12. Fool At The Wheel 13. Why Did You Leave? 14. Ain't Nothin' Happenin' 15. Maybe I'm Right 16. Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens 17. Taxi Blues 18. I Love My Baby (Alternate Take) 19. I Brought It All On Myself (Alternate Take). LP 13.70

LITTLE VICTOR Papa Lou/ UPSETTERS Where're You Goin There, Saphire? (Norton) A screamin' new Orleans rocker ("That fight was so good/Police couldn't even stop it!") b/w a wild unissued workout by Little Richard's band! 7" 6.00

LITTLE WILLIE JOHN The King Sessions 1958 - 1959 (Mr Suit) During the period covered by this compilation, Little Willie John was moving into more orchestrated, pop-oriented material and arrangements than he'd used on his initial mid-'50s R&B hit singles for the King label. The change wasn't at all for the worse; he still put a lot of bluesy feeling into this form of blues-R&B-pop-rock & roll, getting his two biggest pop hits with 'Talk to Me, Talk to Me' and 'Spasms'. Though, it's not all orchestrated R&B-pop here, by any means: there are pretty hot jump blues, ballads, and more straightforward rock & roll on 'Leave My Kitten Alone,' which would be covered by the Beatles in 1964. Side A: 1. Talk To Me, Talk To Me 2. Spasms 3. You're A Sweetheart 4. Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good 5. Tell It Like It Is 6. Don't Be Ashamed To Call My Name 7. Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me 8. All My Love Belongs To You. Side B: 9. I'll Carry Your Love Wherever You Go 10. No Regrets 11. Made For Me 12. No More In Life 13. Leave My Kitten Alone 14. Let Nobody Love You 15. Let Them Talk 16. Right There 17. My Love - Is. LP 13.50

LOOKEY DOOKEY! Available again!! Totally smokin' 50s R&B hoot! NIGHTRIDERS Lookin For My Baby/L C Mc KINLEY Nitwit/JACK DUPREE Shim Sham Shimmy/ANDRE WILLIAMS Don't Touch/KING COLEMAN Lookey Dookey/BOBBY LOUIS Fire Of Love/BOBBY LONG Mojo Workout/JERRY Mc CAIN Run Uncle John/BIG JAY MERCER Bermuda Shorts/BUNKER HILL Girl Can't Dance/BIG MAYBELLE Pretty Good Love/GUITAR CRUSHER The Monkey/PIANO RED Wildfire/Right & Ready/REX GARVIN Oh Yeah/CONTINENTALS Don't Do It Baby/LOUIS JONES R&R Bells plus 3 more! LP 11.90
- 34 insanely cool 50s (and a few early 60s) Rhythm & Blues honkers, shouters, smoothies and greasies! 13 cuts from the Lookey Dookey LP, 12 from Talkin Trash LP, plus 9 from Sin Alley Volumes 3 & 4. CD 12.50

JOE HILL LOUIS BE BOB BOY (Bear Family) 26 cuts: 15 great cuts of primal 1950s SUN blues 1-man band! Also has 6 cuts from harp-king WALTER HORTON and 5 cuts by MOSE VINSON. CD 16.00
JOE HILL LOUIS BOOGIE IN THE PARK (Ace) EVERY one of the 28 cuts he recorded at Sun for the MODERN label! Raw, primal & GRITTY! CD 16.00

3 sets of CRAZED 50s & 60s SLOP - Instros, r&b, doo-wop, wee bit of rockabilly, ETC - All the CRAZY oddball 45s made immortal by genius Pittsburgh r&r DJ MAD MIKE METROVICH! The LINERS will have you tied up for a week alone! BEAUTIFUL packaging, chock fulla label scans, photos, etc! A MUST!!!
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 1 (NORTON 338) Johnny Otis Spot #1 / SONICS Psycho / SILVERTONES Get It / SCOTT WOOD Chicken Rock / RONNIE COOK & THE GAYLADS The Goo Goo Muck / BELLTONES Swingin' Little Chicky / LITTLE IKE She Can Rock / AQUA-NITES Carioca / KING ROCK AND THE KNIGHTS Send-Di / SAUCERS Cha Wailey Routa / EDDIE JONES Certainly All / CALVIN COOL El Tecolote / PATRICE HOLLOWAY Do The Del Viking / INSTRUMENTALS Chop Suey Rock / FOUR SOUNDS Mama Ubangi Bangi / JIMMY HEAP Gismo / VELS Mysterious Teenage / WZUM Radio Spot. LP 14.00/ CD 13.00
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 2 (NORTON 339) WZUM Radio Spot / SAXONS Camel Walk / DEL-MARS Snacky Poo / CORVETTES Pick Up / HARVEY Anyway You Wanta / JAMES "RED" HOLLOWAY A La Carte / CAPS The Red Headed Flea / JIMMY KELLY Little Chickie / RHYTHYM ADDICTS Oomp Boomp / SHANE KAI RAY Jungle Talk (I Want Some Of That) / COUNT FERRELL Wizard Of Ah's / RENEGADES Geronimo / NEONS Tucson / BIG DANNY OLIVER Sapphire / SAVOYS Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil / GRAND PREES Jungle Fever / MARQUIS CHIMPS Red Rose Tea / WZUM Radio Spot. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 3 (NORTON 340) Johnny Otis Spot #2 / BLONDE BOMBER Strollie Bun / PREMIERS Firewater / BAN-LONS I Like It / HONG KONGS Surfin' In The China Sea / DELCOS Arabia / WILD CHILD GIPSON Uncle John / AVALONS Malanese / MAD MIKE & THE MANIACS The Hunch / BABY HUEY & THE BABYSITTERS Monkey Man / MOTIVATIONS The Birds / DUVALS Cotton / J.J. JACKSON & THE JACKALS Oo-Ma-Liddi / MARINO CHOICE Cherry Juice / ERVIN RUCKER Done Done The Slop / YOUNGSTERS Zebra / BIG SYL BARNES Come On Back. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

NATHANIEL MAYER VILLAGE OF LOVE BUY OR DIE! Total fucking GENIUS 21-song CD of the OTHER Fortune Records' 50's R&B genius! Greasy, primal, sexy r&b and latin-flavored soul and doo-wop aceness. If you play this for your girl- or boyfriend and they don't get horny and start crawlin' over you demanding SEX, DUMP the frigid bitch or son-of-a-bitch! CD 14.50
NATHANIEL MAYER Love And Affection (Vampisoul) Alright!! All the 21 tracks from the featured CD in our Soul section (plus two more from 1980 at the end of side 4 so they are easy to ignore...).CD € 15.90

JERRY McCAIN 7"s (Norton) Woooo-hah!!! His I-N-S-A-N-E-ly RAW pre-Excello demos on the 7" format to blast!
JERRY McCAIN 7"s (Norton) #855 "Choo Choo Rock / Geronimo Rock & Roll" 7" 6.00
JERRY McCAIN 7"s (Norton) #856 "It Must Be Love / A Cutie Named Judy" 7" 6.00
JERRY McCAIN 7"s (Norton) #857 "I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From A R&R City / Bell In My Heart" 7" 6.00
JERRY McCAIN 7"s (Norton) #858 "My Next Door Neighbor / Crying Like A Fool" 7" 6.00
JERRY McCAIN 7"s (Norton) #859 "Rock & Roll Ball/I Want Somebody To Love / Turn Your Damper Down" 7" 6.00
JERRY McCAIN THE JIG'S UP - THE COMPLETE FIFTIES RECORDINGS Includes all of the out of print AVI cd, PLUS extra cuts from his Trumpet etc. recordings and ALL of the insanely rocking & crude home demos that were on the "CHOO CHOO ROCK" Lp PLUS all 12 sides of his 6 rare Excello 7"s!! CD 14.50
JERRY McCAIN ROCK 'N' ROLL BALL (Atom Bomb) Whuf! More vinyl on this ace wailin! 14 cuts, including: "The Jig's Up/Cutie Named Judie/It Must Be Love/Ding Dong Daddy/What About You/Next Door Neighbor/Fall Guy/Geronimo's R&R/R&R Ball/Cryin Like A Fool/Choo Choo Rock". Non-Cd cuts "Tuff Stuff/Middle Of The Night/Wine-O-Wine" LP 11.90

JIMMY McCRACKLIN Mercury Recordings (Bear Family) Back in print! The Wobble/ Georgia Slop/ Hitched/ No One To Love Me/ (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal Yo/ By Myself/ Doomed Lover/ With Your Love/ Let´s Do it (The Chicken Scratch)/ The Bridge/ What's That, Part 1/ What's That, Part 2/ Folsom Prison Blues. CD 15.00

ROLLEE McGILL RHYTHM ROCKIN' BLUES (Bear Family) Great early 50s r&b sharpness from his Mercury/ Cameo/etc. sessions! Plenty of great cuts, ranging from smooth to raw! CD 16.00

MIDNIGHTERS RING-A-LING 80% great set of Hank Ballard & co wailing out 28 cuts. CD 14.50

MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS Sitting On Top Of The World (Monk) Old (and some scratchy) recordings of this guitar & fiddle trio, formed in 1930. The original lineup was: Lonnie, Sam & Armenster Chatmon, the latter best known as BO CARTER. Their 1st single, "Sitting On Top Of The World," was their biggest success and became a standard country blues song. LP 14.00

RUDY RAY MOORE HULLY GULLY FEVER (Norton) De full 50s/early 60s R&B output by dat badass Dolemite cat! And wotta package it be, baby! DEADLY fat photo & fact-filled CD book and GATEFOLD lp jac! The pics alone make this a must-have awready and then ya gots de music. GREAT rockers, GREAT gutsy lowdown ballads, GREAT radio spots! RAW live stuff from 1963! Ya DO get a few dud tracks here & there (like all artist lowdowns) but 80% burns, baby! GROSP it! 2 exclusive-to-the-VINYL cuts: "My Baby" and "Real Gone". 2xLP 18.90 / CD 13.00
RUDY RAY MOORE AND HIS RAYTONES Ralley In The Valley / Whatcha Gonna Do (Norton) 2 cuts from the above lp/cd. 7" 6.00
RUDY RAY MOORE This Ain't No White Christmas (Norton) LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

MOTOWN RHYTHM & BLUES 1959-1962 (VeeTone) Berry Gordy Jr. founded the now legendary Motown Records in January 1959 with an $800 Dollar loan from his family. He went on to create one of the most successful record labels in music history, introducing the world to the musical talents of Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Mary Wells, The Supremes, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas to mention but a few. Gathered together here are 16 slices of raucous Rhythm & Blues that showcase the foundations of what went on to become the ‘Motown Sound’. This Mark Lamarr compiled collection covers the period between 1959 and 1962 and features 45s originally released on Motown and sister labels Tamla, Miracle and MEL-O-DY. From screaming Rhythm & Blues to Doo Wop ballads it’s all here in superb sound quality. Comes in 180gr vinyl. Limited to 500 copies & incl. download card. Tracks: Money (That's What I Want) (Tamla 54027 1959) Barrett Strong/ Fire (Tamla T54066 1962) Gino Parks/ Whole Lotta Woman (Motown M1008 1961) The Contours/ Romance Without Finance (Miracle M5 1961) The Temptations/ Snake Walk (Part 1) (Tamla MT54024) The Swinging Tigers/ Big Joe Moe (Tamla 54057 1962) Singin' Sammy Ward/ Mighty Good Lovin' (Tamla 54044 1961) The Miracles (featuring Smokey Robinson)/ Shimmy Gully (Motown M1002 1960) Popcorn And The Mohawks/ For This I Thank You (Tamla T54066 1962) Gino Parks/ Money (That's What I Want) (Motown M1009 1961) Richard Wylie & His Band/ Oh Lover (Motown M1004 1960) Sherri Taylor & Singin' Sammy Ward/ Show Me Some Sign (MEL-O-DY M104 1962) Charters/ Same Thing (Tamla T54042 1961) Gino Parks/ Tie Me Tight (Tamla 54051 1961) Bob Kayli/ Isn't She Pretty (Gordy 70011962) Temptations/ Depend On Me (second version) (Tamla T54028 1960) The Miracles (featuring Smokey Robinson). LP 23.90

MR. HOT SHOT PRESENT: THE R&B REVIEW VOLUME 1 (King Novelty) Limited 10" compilation with ten early 60s r&b/soul tunes in stylin package: Willie White - Everybody Dance / Jessie Crawford - Please Don't Go/ Mary Hankins - Ants In My Pants / Earl Connely - Feel A Little Lonely/ Nelson Sanders - This Love Is Here To Stay Side/ Otis Redding - Shout Bamalama(First Version 1961)/ James Mcleese - Tell Me Why/ Baby Jean - Oh Johnny/ Baby Jean - If You Wanna/ Mart Lewis - I Want To Know. 10" 11.50
MR. HOT SHOT PRESENT: THE R&B REVIEW VOLUME 2 (King Novelty) Limited 10" compilation with ten early 60s r&b/soul tunes in stylin package: Chuck And Pauline - Too Smart/ Antony Lamont - Benny The Skinny Man/ Dan & Dale - Robin's Theme/ Billy Cunningham - My Baby/ Chuck Bradford - Wherever You Are Side/ Jesse Butler -Dancing Fever/ Davey Jones Love Your Way/ Monterays Push 'M Up/ Ambassadors - I Wonder Why/ Lemme B.Good - Hard Times. 10" 11.50
MR. HOT SHOT PRESENT: THE R&B REVIEW (King Novelty) the twenty cuts from the two above 10"es, incl cuts by Willie White, Jessie Crawford, Mary Hankins, Earl Connely, Nelson Sanders, Oris Redding, James Mcleese, Baby Jean, Mart Lewis, Chuck And Pauline, Antony Lamont, Dan & Dale, Biully Cunningham, Chuck Bradford, Jesse Butler, Davey Jones, Monterays, Ambassadors, Lemme B. Good. CD 13.50
MR. HOT SHOT PRESENT: THE R&B REVIEW VOLUME 3 (King Novelty) Limited 10" compilation with ten early 60s r&b/soul tunes in stylin package: Side A: 1) Baby Dee - Sittin here wond'rin' 2) Ike Perry & The Lyrics - At the party 3) Teddy & George - Justine 4) Litte Johnny Clark - Black coffee 5) Don and Bob - Good morning little schoolgirl Side B: 1) Little Alfred - Mashed potatos 2) Walter Williams Show - The cat 3) Melvin Davis - This ain't the way 4) Lester Young - Marybell 5) McKinley Mitchell - You're not gonna break my heart. 10" 11.50
MR. HOT SHOT PRESENT: THE R&B REVIEW VOLUME 4 (King Novelty) Limited 10" compilation with ten early 60s r&b/soul tunes in stylin package: Side A: 1) Cara Ross - Tormented 2) Campbell King - Good news baby 3) Willie West - A man like me 4) Inus Moore - If it ain't one thing it's another 5) Big Martha - You don't love me like you used to side B: 1) The Seven Blends - Wait a minute 2) Lloyd Nolen - Fun fun 3) Big Charles Smith - Kim L 4) The Hi-Lites - Woke up this morning 5) Willie Morganfield - You better get right. 10" 11.50
MR. HOT SHOT PRESENT: THE R&B REVIEW VOLUME 3 & 4 (King Novelty) All tracks from Mr. Hot Shot vol 3 & 4 vinyl EP's. - including rare tracks by Baby Dee, Ike Perry & The Lyrics, Teddy & George, Little Johnny Clark, Don and Bob, Little Alfred, Walter Williams, and many more.... CD 13.50

MY GUITAR WANTS TO KILL YOUR MAMA (Lenox) Good 50s blues comp: 14 guitar-blaring slow blues screachers: SLY WILLIAMS Boot Hill/I Believe In A Woman/LAFAYETTE THOMAS Weekly Blues/The Thing/MOJO WATSON You Know You Don't Want Me/I Kept On Tryin/Look-A-There/MASKED MARVEL'S BUDDY Screamin & Hollerin The Blues/TOMMY MOORE Your Car Machine/I Ain't Botherin' Nobody/EARL HOOKER Yea Yea/Do The Chicken/GEORGE SMITH All Last Night/ etc. CD 13.80

NORTHWEST GREASE (Norton) MIGHTY EL DUKES "Frankenstein's Den /Walking Beside You"/ LORD DENT AND HIS INVADERS "The Greaser"/ JOE BOOT AND THE FABULOUS WINGS "Rock And Roll Radio". Early greasy R&B gems (two unissued!) from the Pacific Northwest in a gold wax party pack! 7" 6.00

OLYMPICS Doin' The Hully Gully/Dance By The Light Of The Moon/Party Time (ACE) 3 LP's covering the period of 1959 - 1961. 26 mostly great Soul and R&B cuts: (Baby) Hully Gully/ Big Boy Pete/ Stay Away From Joe/ The Slop/ What'd I Say/ Boo-Dee Green/ Private Eye/ Dodge City/ Dance By The Light Of The Moon/ Workin' Hard/ Big Chief Little Puss/ Stay Where You Are/ Little Pedro/ I'll Never Fall In Love/ Dooley/ Shimmy Like Kate/ Mash Them 'Taters/ The Stomp/ Hoochie Coochie Coo/ Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha/ Pony Time/ Party Pooper/ The Scotch/ Madison Time/ Save The Last Dance For Me/ The Twist/ Party Pooper/ Dooley. CD 16.00

JOHNNY OTIS SHOW The Greatest Show On Earth (Doxy) 27 tracks, taken from his earliest recordings for the Excelsior and Savoy labels & recorded between 1945-1951. Side A: 1. Harlem Nocturne 2. My Babys Business 3. Round the Clock 4. Preston Loves Mansion 5. Boogie Guitar 6. Little Red Hen Side B: 1. Hangover Blues 2. New Orleans Shuffle 3. If Its So Baby 4. Rain In My Eyes 5. I Found Out My Troubles 6. Im Livin OK 7. Aint No Use Beggin Side C: 1. Youre Fine But Not My Kind 2. Turkey Hop Part 1 3. Turkey Hop Part 2 4. Blues Nocturne 5. Cry Baby 6. Mistrustin Blues 7. Dreamin Blues Side D: 1. Cool & Easy 2. Wedding Boogie 3. Sunset To Dawn 4. Honky Tonk Boogie 5. All Nite Long 6. Deceivin Blues 7. Three Magic Words . Double LP 22.00

REVEREND LOUIS OVERSTREET AT ST. LUKE'S POWERHOUSE CHURCH OF GOD (Mississippi) Rev. Louis Overstreet with his sons and the congregation at St. Luke's Powerhouse Church of God in Christ. Reissue of the Arhoolie LP recorded in 1962 at Overstreet's church in Phoenix, Arizona with a slightly altered track listing & two tracks previously unissued on vinyl (I'm On My Way/ Get Ready, I'm Gonna Move). 8 songs, incl. the wild rocking INSANITY of "I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord" & "Working On A Building" as well as the INSANE "Holiness Dance". Tracks: Holiness Dance/ Working On The Building/ I'm On My Way/ I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord/ Get Ready, I'm Gonna Move/ Is There Anybody Here/ Getting Richer. LP 13.90
REVEREND LOUIS OVERSTREET Blessings / Black But Proud (Little Axe) Taken from Reverend Overstreet's privately released 45s. Originally recorded in the 1970s and released in tiny runs on the Overstreet and Lodestone record labels. Edition of 500 copies on Little Axe Records/Mississippi. 7" 6.90

PIANO RED/DR FEELGOOD THE DOCTOR IS IN (Bear Family) 122-song 4-cd extravaganza on this cool albino boogie-woogie piano pounder! Alla his GREAT 50s r&b from RCA, "Sober/Right & Ready/Big Rock Joe From Kokomo/Wildfire/6 P'Clock Bounce/Jump Man Jump/Aint Nobody's Fool" etc., including the mega-rare live lp plus his CHESS stuff plus his soul-y 60s Okeh/Columbia stuff ("Dr Feelgood" etc). Comes with a 20-page 30cm X 30 cm foto/info-packed book. 4xCD 72.00

PILGRIM TRAVELERS WALKING RHYTHM (ACE) 29 cuts of SOLID upbeat vocal only gospel from Specialty 1948-51. CD 16.00

LLOYD PRICE The Exciting Lloyd Price (Rumble Records) Born in Kenner, Louisiana and growing up in the suburbs of New Orleans, Lloyd Price knew massive success very early when Art Rupe of Specialty Records visited New Orleans searching for new talents and heard his 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' and wanted to record it. Price had no band back then, so Rupe hired Dave Bartholomew and his band (which included Fats Domino on piano!) to back Price up in the session. The resulting single was a total chart-smasher and it took a long long time for poor Looyd to equal such an achievement. In 1954 he was drafted and ended up in Korea, when he returned not only he found that he had been misplaced by Little Richard, but his precious chaffeur, Larry Williams, also became a Specialty recording artist. But between 1957 and 1959, first under his own KRC records and then after he signed to ABC-Paramount, Price recorded a series of national hits most of which ended up on his 1959 debut album. SIDE A: 1. Stagger Lee 2. I Wish Your Picture Was You 3. Talking About Love 4. What Do You Do To My Heart? 5. You Need Love 6. Mailman Blues. SIDE B: 1. Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day) 2. Why? 3. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 4. Oh Oh Oh 5. A Foggy Day 6. Just Because. LP 13.50

PRISONAIRES JUST WALKIN IN THE RAIN (Bear Family) 26 cuts of r&b/gospel vocals from these prisoners' SUN recordings. CD 16.00

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR Mardi Gras In New Orleans (Rumble) Fusing diverse elements of blues, barrelhouse boogie-woogie, funk, and gospel, with mambo, rhumba, and second-line street parade rhythms, Professor Longhair's contribution to today's musical vocabulary is immeasurable. You can't listen to Fats Domino, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, James Booker, or Huey Smith, without recognizing the unique Fess imprinting. This compilation of B-sides, rarities and alternate takes, recorded between 1949 and 1957, honours one of the great and unique talents in rock and roll history. SIDE A: 1. Oh Well 2. East St. Louis Baby 3. Hadacol Bounce 4. Gone So Long 5. Curley head Baby 6. Bald Head 7. Been Foolin' Around. - SIDE B: 1. Between The Night And Day 2. Her Mind Is Gone 3. Boogie Woogie 4. Who's Been Foolin' You 5. Hey Now Baby 6. Walk Your Blues Away 7. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand. LP 13.50
PROFESSOR LONGHAIR Rockin' With Fess (Rumble) Often credited as the father of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Professor Longhair is considered one of the most characteristic piano talents to come out of Louisiana. His hybrid "rumba-boogie" piano style, with a heavy, pounding left hand, forever changed the sound of rhythm and blues piano. In the words of Dr. John himself: "All New Orleans pianists today owe Fess. He was the guru, godfather, and spiritual doctor of all that came under him". Rockin' With Fess gathers most of his standards and classics (originally issued on singles for labels such as Atlantic, Mercury and Federal) including 'Tipitina', 'Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand', 'Mardi Gras In New Orleans' and more gems of New Orleans popular culture. SIDE A: 1. Rockin' With Fess 2. In The Night 3. Look What You're Doin' To Me 4. No Buts, No Maybes 5. Looka No Hair 6. Ball The Wall 7. Tipitina. SIDE B: 1. Between The Night And Day 2. Misery 3. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand 4. Mardi Gras In New Orleans 5. Hey Now Baby 6. Her Mind Is Gone 7. She Walks Right In. LP 13.50
PROFESSOR LONGHAIR FESS – ANTHOLOGY (Rhino) 40-cut comp of this New Orleans' cool daddy's cool piano honk. DISC ONE is all 1950-64 aceness plus 2 live 1978 cuts. DISC TWO is 18 studio & live cuts from 1971-1980, mostly solid & rollicking. 2xCD 33.00

QUALITIES (SUN RA) IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME/HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU (Norton) Reissue of impossibly rare 1955 Sun Ra doo wop chants!. 7" 6.00

V.A. R&B HIPSHAKERS VOLUME 1: Teach Me To Monkey (Vampisoul) Limited Record Store Day special on heavy double vinyl! Double LP 22.90
VOLUME 1: Teach Me To Monkey (Vampisoul) Early 60's R&B gems on KING and FEDERAL compiled by Mr.Fine Wine - 10x 7"-Single box!!. Tracks: WILLIE WRIGHT Gibble, Gobble/ HANK BALLARD Broadway/ LULU REED What Makes You So Cold/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN My Nerves/ LLOYD NOLANI Don't Know About You/ THE '5' ROYALES Slummer The Slum/ LITTLE MUMMY Where You At Jack/ THE VALENTINES That's It Man/ EUGENE CHURCH Mind Your Own Business/ CHARLES BROWN Regardless/ EL PAULING Here It Is Right Here/ ROY MILTON & HIS ORCHESTRA One Zippy Zam/ FREDDIE KING Texas Oil/ THE DRIVERS Mr Astronaut/ CAROL FORD Your Well Ran Dry/ LITTLE BOBBY MOORE Do The Ginger Snap/ LITTLE EMMETT SUTTON Mom, Won't You Teach Me To Monkey/ SONNY THOMPSON Uncle Willie's Got A Thing Going On/ JOHNNY WATSON Posin'/ EDDIE KIRK Hog Killin' Time. CD 15.50
V.A. R&B HIPSHAKERS VOLUME 2: Scratch That Itch (Vampisoul) Limited Record Store Day special on heavy double vinyl! Double LP € 22.90
R&B HIPSHAKERS VOLUME 2: Scratch That Itch (Vampisoul) Second Volume featuring rockin R&B and early soul from the King/Federal/DeLuxe catalogue, compiled once again by mighty Mr Fine Wine from WFMUs Downtown Soulville. The limited edition 7" box set contains ten singles with replica King/Federal bags and labels, plus a set of artist pictures. Marsanova - Hank Marr/ Buggy Ride - Rudy Ray Moore/ Jail Bird - El Pauling & Royal Abbit/ Burnt Toast And Black Coffee - Mike Pedicin/ You Have My Blessings - Mary Johnson/ The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist - Freddy King/ Whiz-a-shoo-pepi-dada - Amos Milburn/ Whats Your Name - Hank Ballard & His Midnighters/ Puddentane - Lula Reed/ I Say, I Love You - Johnny Watson/ Coralee - Titus Turner/ Run Baby - Carol Ford/ Hear Me Now - Billy Lamont/ What Is This I See - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/ Scratch That Itch - Elliott Shavers & His Blazers/ Steam Roller - Mickey Baker/ Monkey Tonight - Eddie Kirk/ Fun Fun - Lloyd Nolan/ Our Kind Of Love - Willie Dixon & The Big Wheels/ Shout Bamalama - Otis Redding. CD 15.50
Volume 3: Just A Little Bit Of The Jumpin' Bean (Vampisoul) Third volume of R&B and early soul from the King and Federal vaults, compiled by genre expert Mr Fine Wine, from WFMUs Downtown Soulville: 1. Cozy's Mambo - Cozy Cole 2. Mama Needs Your Lovin' Baby - Linda Hopkins 3. Old Faithful And True Love - Earl King 4. She's Mine - Joe Tex 5. Send Me A Picture Baby - Mel Williams 6. Sixteen Tons - Eugene Church 7. Dry Bones Twist - The Drivers 8. Hold It - Bill Doggett 9. Solid Rock - El Pauling And The Royalton 10. Nothing But Good - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters 11. Take Your Fine Frame Home - Billy Gayles 12. Much Later - Jackie Brenston With Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm 13. Thanks Mr Postman - Bobby King 14. Don't Play With Love - Little Willie John 15. In The Open - Freddy King 16. One Buffalo (You Mean A Nickel) - Jimmy Peterson 17. I Won't Have It - The King Pins 18. Just A Little Bit - Tiny Topsy 19. The Jumpin' Bean - The Mystics 20. Harem Girl - Red Prysock. CD 15.50 / 10x7" box 45.90

RARE WINDY CITY R&B VOCAL GROUPS VOL. 1 24 cuts of mostly soft doo-wop from the Chicago STATES label. 6 cool cuts with more R&B touch than doo-wop: DANDELIERS Chop Chop Boom/Shu-Wop/Little Man/She's Mine/ARTIE WILKINS Please Come Back/JIMMY COE Run Jody Run. Rest is DANDELIERS (4), FIVE CHANCES (3), STROLLERS (2), HORNETS (5), PALMS (2), CLIFF BUTLER & DOVES. CD 14.40
RARE WINDY CITY R&B VOCAL GROUPS VOL. 2 25 cuts of really soft crooney doo-wop from the Chicago UNITED label with the exception of the GREAT cut "The Hex" by THE MOROCCOS and "Mozelle" (the Andre Williams' song!) and "Just Let Me Love You" by THE SHEPPARDS and "Boom De De Boom" by THE PASTELS. Rest is soft dullery by ANSWERS (2), FIVE C's (9), MOROCCOS (7), PALMS (1), SHEPPARDS (1) etc. CD 14.40

RED HOT ABOUT THE BLUES UNRELEASED SUN SOLID 29 cut comp of UNISSUED blues holler from the great SUN howlers! CD 14.50

REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON God's Got It! 180-gram LP (Crypt-094) of RAW 1970s gospel greatness! TRACK LISTING:"Morning Train/Wrapped Up and Tangled Up in Jesus/ Trouble in My Way/I Shall Not Be Moved/God’s Got It Fix It Jesus/I Gave Up All I Had/What a Time/ Testimony of Rev. Charlie Jackson/Something To Think About/My Eternal Home/ The Goodness of God Pt 2/I Am Thinking Of A Friend" Crypt is proud to present "God's God It" - the VINYL release of the stunning Reverend Charlie Jackson retrospective released in 2003 on CD by the CaseQuarter label. After the better part of twenty-five years, the legendary early 1970s New Orleans Booker label and mid 1970s Jackson label recordings of the Baton Rouge gospel guitarist have finally been collected on the beloved and downtrodden LP format. Ever since Reverend Jackson’s Booker singles were discovered by gospel collectors in the 1970s and began to trickle out to a wider audience, his primal, funky guitar riffs have astounded listeners. Raw and unadorned and at other times spare and lyrical, these recordings are infused with sanctified energy and singing. Two special features are one very rare song from his own Jackson label which feature the wonderful vocals of Laura “Tiny B” Davis, as well as the recently discovered (in March 2003 !) Booker single “The Goodness Of God”, that had seemingly been forever lost. “God’s God It” comprises 13 songs plus photos, color label scans, and extensive liner notes covering Reverend Jackson’s life and (still active!) career. There will only be 1000 copies available, so MOVE FAST or cry later! LP 13.00 (180 gram) CD 15.30
REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON You Got to Move: Live Recordings, Vol. 1 (50 Miles of Elbow Room) This is the first pressing of 550 copies on high quality RTI-pressed vinyl in beautiful old school "tip-on" Stoughton sleeves and comes with 8-page 9"x9" insert with extensive biographical notes. Rev. Charlie Jackson (1932-2006) was a distinctly powerful guitar evangelist who devoted his life to singing and preaching the gospel, particularly throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. His 45s for the Booker and Jackson labels, with songs such as "God's Got It" and "Wrapped Up Tangled Up in Jesus," are frequently cited as a pinnacle of raw, impassioned, bluesy gospel music. Tracks: What A Time/ Morning Train/ Call Him By His Name/ I Read My Letter All Night/ Somewhere To Lay My Head/ May The Work I've Done Speak For Me/ Serving The Lord/ You Got To Move/ When I've Done The Best I Can, I Want My Crown. LP 19.90
REVEREND CHARLIE JACKSON Lord You're So Good: Live Recordings, Vol. 2 (50 Miles of Elbow Room) “Lord You’re So Good” is the second volume in an ongoing retrospective of Rev. Charlie Jackson (1932-2006), one of the all-time great gospel guitarists. This collection continues to draw from Rev. Jackson’s extensive archive of private recordings that were usually made live-in-the-church on a portable cassette recorder as he traveled throughout Louisiana and Mississippi from ~1970-2000. Whenever there was an opportunity to join in and praise the Lord, Rev. Jackson was eager to be involved. In addition to performing his own songs, he served as a guitar accompanist to a wide range of solo singers, quartets, and bands. He would also sometimes provide a musical background to sermons and testimonies, accenting and punctuating them at key moments. Even when not performing, he could often be found close to the action, shouting encouragement. The church services at which these collaborations often took place offered structured yet impromptu circumstances where Rev. Jackson needed to be prepared to spontaneously follow and respond to vocalists, congregations, and even members of his own groups. When introducing a singer, Rev. Jackson would sometimes note that he didn’t know what song was forthcoming, and occasionally mention afterward that the selection was a complete surprise, one that they hadn’t done before. At the same time, since he was a frequent visitor to many churches in Louisiana and Mississippi, Rev. Jackson also developed a rapport with some singers who had favorite songs that they would revisit at many different services. Regardless of the situation, Rev. Jackson was an enthusiastic, inspiring, supportive collaborator, who gave the same degree of commitment when an accompanist as he did when he was a leader or soloist. Heartfelt praise of God, rather than personal glory, was the goal. And, as his widow Laura Jackson has said, they also had good Holy Ghost times."Lord You're So Good" includes several collaborations with these outstanding and as-yet-unidentified singers, as well as what appears to be a previously unreleased solo studio recording, taken from a tattered, once-unplayable 8-track tape. LP 19.90

REVEREND LOUIS OVERSTREET AT ST. LUKE'S POWERHOUSE CHURCH OF GOD (Mississippi) Rev. Louis Overstreet with his sons and the congregation at St. Luke's Powerhouse Church of God in Christ. Reissue of the Arhoolie LP recorded in 1962 at Overstreet's church in Phoenix, Arizona with a slightly altered track listing & two tracks previously unissued on vinyl (I'm On My Way/ Get Ready, I'm Gonna Move). 8 songs, incl. the wild rocking INSANITY of "I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord" & "Working On A Building" as well as the INSANE "Holiness Dance". Tracks: Holiness Dance/ Working On The Building/ I'm On My Way/ I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord/ Get Ready, I'm Gonna Move/ Is There Anybody Here/ Getting Richer. LP 13.90
REVEREND LOUIS OVERSTREET Blessings / Black But Proud (Little Axe) Taken from Reverend Overstreet's privately released 45s. Originally recorded in the 1970s and released in tiny runs on the Overstreet and Lodestone record labels. Edition of 500 copies on Little Axe Records/Mississippi. 7" 6.90

RHYTHM & BLUES DANCEFLOOR KILLER (Buster Jim Records) Limited EP with four rare cuts: LITTLE MACK: Tell Her To Come On Home/ TERRY TIMMONS: Got Nobody To Love/ DEE DEE SHARP. Comin' Home Baby/ KIKI PAGE: Big Boy. 7" 6.90

THE RHYTHM SHACK (Sheik) Compiled By DJ Moonwolf From Occident - r&B, black rockers and early soul: Al Garris: That's All/ Paul Griffin: Ragdoll Baby/ Freddy Robinson: Five Feet Of Lovin'/ Guitar Jr.: Roll Roll Roll/ Gus Jenkins: Jealous Of You Baby/ The Regents: That's What I Call A Good Time/ Roy Hall's Alley Cats: Go Go Little Queenie!/ Carrie Grant & The Grandeurs: Mish-Mash/ Richard Wylie: Money (That's What I Want)/ The Sharps: Lock My Heart/ Ann Cole: Each Day/ Nate Nelson: Tell Me Why/ The Clovers: Have Gun/ Melvin Smith: Zakie Sue/ The Vibrations: Wallflower/ Dukays: Nite Owl. LP 14.90
RHYTHM SHACK Volume 2 (Sheik Records) Sixteen tracks from the 50's and 60's compiled by Dave Crozier. Limited pressing on 180 gram vinyl. Tracks: Jumpin’ Jay – Bad Buck – Turban 101/ Jim Friis & The Valiants – Serpents & Spiders – Allstar 3678/ Ronnie Isle -Wicked - Mgm K12682/ John L Hooka – Think Twice Before You Go – Blues Way 61017/ Billy & The Moonlighters – Little Indian Girl – Crystal Ball 101/ Jimmy's Party - Jack Herbst - Del Fi 4228/ The Chants - Dick Tracy - Verve 10244/ Jackie Gerard - Gonna Find A Love That's True - Ray Star 780/ Bill And Will - Goin' To The River - Checker 1070/ Tommy Louis - Lookie There - Cardinal 3072/ Frantic Freddie - Charmaine - White Rock 365/ Eddie King & The Three Queens – Love You Baby – J.O.B. 223/ The Camelots – The Chase – Comet 2150/ Kent Parry – Stop Then Rock – Alton 600/ Wes Reynolds – Say There – Bismark 1001/ Young Jessie - Mary Lou - Mercury 72146. LP 14.90

OTIS RILEY "Rock & Roll Riley / Sure Looks Good To Me" (Norton) Balls-out screamin 50s r&b wailer! 7" 6.00

THE RIVINGTONS Doin' The Bird (Rumble Records) Originally released in 1962, Doin' The Bird, is the debut LP from the Doo-Wop legends whose classic track "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" not only sparked a dance craze across the nation but was also the basis for The Trashmen's 1963 mega-hit "Surfin' Bird". Tracks: Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow/ Love Pill/ Long Tall Sally/ Unchain My Heart/ You Are My Sunshine/ Happy Jack/ Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow/ Kickapoo Joy Juice/ Slippin' And Slidin'/ Old Time Love/ Have Mercy Mercy Baby/ Standing In The Love Line- LP 13.50

ROCK & ROLL VS RHYTHM & BLUES (Valmor) From the same label that brought us JOOK BLOCK BUSTERS! 16 cuts featuring IKE TURNER & THE KINGS OF RHYTHM (Double Mint), MICKY 'GUITAR' BAKER (Shake Walkin'), EARL PALMER & THE PARTYTIMERS (Johnny's House Party, part 1), BOB & JERRY (Ghost Satellite), VIRTUES (Tels-Star Guitar), etc. LP 12.50

ROCK AND ROLL 16 Hot Rhythm & Blues Tracks (Hussard 5003) L.Jordan - Bills/ Bonnie Fussels and The Jivers - Too High Class/ Dee Clark - Oh little girl/ Ernest Tucker - Have Mercy, Uncle Sam/ Ernest Tucker - Cowboy Hop/ Elmer Parker And The Light Lighters - You Know I Love You/ Foy Willing - Twist and a Rock/ Ferry Rock Barendse - T'as L'Bounjour D'Alfred/ Bobby Christian - Enough Man/ Rudy Medina - I Need Your Love/ Lee Diamond - Hattie Malatti/ Red Prysock - Teenage Rock/ The Four Imperials - Lazy Bonnie/ The Five Mask - Poly Moly/ The Gospel Travellers - I See A Man. LP 11.90

ROLL YOUR MONEYMAKER Black Rocknroll 1948-1958 (Stag-O-Lee) 24 Hot R&B, black R&R and gospel tunes: You've Got To Lose TURNER'S, IKE KINGS OF RHYTHM/ You Gonna Wreck My Life HOWLIN' WOLF/ W-O-M-A-N JAMES, ETTA/ Roll Your Moneymaker SHARKEY JAKE/ Sugar Coated Love LAZY LESTER/ Tiger Man THOMAS, RUFUS/ Night Out MOSES, JOHN J./ I'm Going Down To Tijuana WILLIAMS, ANDRE/ Please Don't Freeze BROWN, RUTH/ Bring The Money In DAVIS, BILL TRIO/ Don't Leave Poor Me BIG MAYBELLE/ Space Guitar WATSON, JOHNNY "GUITAR"/ She Made My Blood Run Cold TURNER, IKE/ I Got Love If You Want It HARPO, SLIM/ Keep On Loving Me Baby RUSH, OTIS/ Jericho SISTER ROSETTA THARPE/ If Lovin' Is Believing EMERSON, BILLY THE KID/ Heart-O-Matic Love DIDDLEY, BO/ Got My Mojo Working COLE, ANN; SUBURBANS/ 21 Days In Jail MAGIC SAM/ Deep Feeling BERRY, CHUCK/ Crawfish STONE, JESSE/ Pneumonia TEX, JOE/ Love Me Baby JUNIOR PARKER. Double LP 20.90 / CD 16.90

DR ROSS BOOGIE DISEASE (Arhoolie) Bad-ass 22-cut comp of this blues great's shit-hot primal Memphis recordings of 1951-54! CD17.50
DOCTOR ROSS I'D RATHER BE AN OLD WOMAN'S BABY THAN A YOUNG WOMAN'S SLAVE (Fortune) Alla his FORTUNE/HI-Q recordings on one 23-cut set (including just 1 cut from 1973) - This baby's got plenty o' cuts NOT on the Arhoolie cd. CD 14.50
DOCTOR ROSS NUMBERS BLUES/ CANNONBALL (HI-Q 5027) More harmonica blues blasting from the Doctor. repro 7" 7.90
DOCTOR ROSS COME BACK BABY/ CHICAGO BREAKDOWN (SUN 193) Killer blues boppin' two-sider from the Doctor, massive floor fillers. repro 7" 7.90
DOCTOR ROSS THE BOOGIE DISEASE/ JUKE BOX BOOGIE (SUN 212) Another killer twin-spinner from the Doctor, nice and primitive. repro 7" 7.90


SAINTS & SINNERS Volume 1 (Sheik Records) 50s And 60s R&B and R'n'R: Lyle Collins and the Rebel-Aires - Johnnycake Mountain/ Lonnie Lillie - Truckdriver's Special/ Trini Lopez - I'm a Sinner not a Saint/ Big Bob - What am I/ Little Johnny Taylor - Somewhere Down The Line/ Lightnin' Hopkins - Happy New Year/ Buddy Killen - Whatcha Gonna Do Tomorrow/ The Renowns - Wild One/ Buddy Miller - Teen Twist/ Frankie Ford with Huey Piano Smith & Band - Alimony/ Ronnie Brent - My Sweet Verlene/ Augie Moreno - Cry, Cry, Cry/ Little Chuck Daniels - Night Shift/ Don Hart - I'm Not Ready Now/ Wynn Stewart - Uncle John's Got Caught/ The Ramrocks - On The Rocks. LP 14.90
SAINTS & SINNERS Volume 2 (Sheik Records) More 50s and 60s R&B and R'n'R: Neil Darrow and the Quarter Notes - She's a Fine Chick/ Wibby Lee - I'm Lost Without Your Love/ Jimmy Walls - Look at me Eyes/ Johnny Bond - Five-Minute Love Affair/ Little Walter and His Jukes - It Ain't Right/ Hanna Dean - Itty Bitty Love/ Johnny Spain and The Famous Flames - I'm In Love/ Bob Gallion - Start All Over/ The Fames - The Hoochi Coochi Coo/ Benny Banta - Cry Little Girlie/ Ronnie Love - Chills and Fever/ Little Sonny with Big Jay McNeely's Band - BackShackTrack/ Elmore James and his Broomdusters - Cry for me Baby/ Chuck Nix - Sixteen/ Dick Miller - Now I'm Gone/ Gary Shelton - Yours Till I Die. LP 14.90
Volume 3 (Sheik) Jackie O'Neal - You Broke My Heart/ Steve Carpenter - You're Putting Me On/ Wailers - Shangied/ Sonny Joe Ivy - Ruby And The Gambler/ Eugene Church - You Got The Right Idea/ Vikki Nelson - I Was A Fool For Leaving/ Trini Lopez - The Right To Rock/ Rem Wall - One Of These Days/. Rod Bernard - Recorded In England/ Bobby Marchan - What You Don't Know Don't Hurt You/ Freddy King - San-Ho-Zay/ Andy & The Live Wires - You've Done It Again/ Fireflies - Stella Got A Fella/ Don & Dewey - Jelly Bean/ Sonny Anderson - Yes, I'm Gonna Love You/ Johnny Reno - Naughty Mama. LP 14.90
SAINTS AND SINNERS Volume 4 (Sheik) Bobby Lonero - Little Bit/ Bobby Freeman - Shame On You Miss Johnson/ Rusty Isabel - Firewater/ Charlie Rich - Midnite Blues/ George Wormington - Hours With The Owls / Vandelles - I Got The Blues/ Bobby & The Orbits - Felicia/ Lavenders - Aw Shucks/ Chancellors - Little Latin Lupe Lu / Lonnie Mack - Sa-Ba-Hoola/ Pearl Woods - Sippin' Sorrow/ Roy Clark - Spooky Movies/ Little Ben & The Chicks - Roll That Rig/ Jefferson County - City Billy/ Don Thomas - Hey Little Dancing Girl/ Big Bill Broonzy - Tomorrow. LP 14.90
SAINTS AND SINNERS Volume 5 (Sheik Records) 1. Joe Tex - You Little Baby Face Thing (Ace) 2. Rhythm Royals - Prove It (Warmouth) 3. Ole Miss Down Beats - Geraldine (Ardent) 4. Steve Bledsoe - Dumb Dumb Bunny (Witch) 5. Rene Halls Orchestra - Twitchy (Specialty) 6. Don Ruby - Rockin Piano - Outta Tune Guitar (Cub) 7. Tiny - As! Shucks Baby (King) 8. The Sabres - Take Up The Slack Daddy-O (Kil-Mac) 9. Silvertones - Get It (Goliath) 10. Jim Doval - Boney Maroni (Diplomacy) 11. The Duals - Bye-Bye (Arc) 12. Tommy Bell - Midnight Dreams (Zil) 13. Jeb Stuart - I Betcha Gonna Like It (Phillips Int.) 14. Danny Boy Blue - Kokomo Me Baby (Tifco) 15. Lenny Capello & The Dots - Cotton Candy (Ric) 16. Wally Lewis - Kathleen (Dot) LP 14.90
SAINTS AND SINNERS Volume 6 (Sheik Records) 1. The Valentines - Thats It Man (King) 2. Don French - Goldilocks (Lancer) 3. Bobby And The Fifths - My Babys Fine (Radel) 4. Big Al Downing - Yes I'm Loving You (V-Tone) 5. Cosmo & The Counts - Let's Do The Taystee Twist Song (Columbia Custom) 6. Ray Ethier - Slave Girl (Mercury) 7. Cleveland Crochet And His Band Of Sugar Bees - Come Back Little Girl (Goldband) 8. Ken Galloway - Bayou Lou (Honey) 9. Jamie Coe - School Day Blues (Addison) 10. Bobby De Soto - The Cheater (Claro) 11. Mike Berry And The Innocents - On My Mind (His Masters Voice) 12. Jimmy Donley - The Shape You Left Me In (Decca) 13. The Curios - Chicken Back Part 1 (Curio) 14. Gig Hamilton - Pretty Baby (Come Back To Me) (Fury) 15. The Equadors - Sputnik Dance (Rca Ep) 16. Big John Greer - Let Me Come Home (King) LP 14.90
SAINTS AND SINNERS Volume 7 (Sheik) 1. The Duvals - Ferny Roast (Prelude) 2. Magnificent Seven - Baby Doll (Vee Eight) 3. Fention Robinson - Tennessee Woman (Duke) 4. Lanny Duncan - Tummy Tickles (Candix) 5. True Taylor - True Or False (Big) 6. Lulu Reed & Freddy King - You Can't Hide (Federal) 7. Count Ferrel - Wizard Of Ahs (Astra) 8. Linda Gayle - Stop, Look, Listen (Columbia) 9. Bill Walker - Party Time (Kaiser) 10. Syl Johnson - Little Sally Walker (Federal) 11. Crash Craddock - I Want That (Columbia) 12. Jimmy Rabbitt - Pushover (Knight) 13. Bill Royal - Caffeine, Nicotine And Gasoline (Odessa) 14. Lani Kai - I'm Gonna Leave My Heart At Home (Keen) 15. Tommy Roe & The Satins - Caveman (Judd) 16. Billy Brown - Run 'Em Off (Columbia). 180 gram LP 14.90
SAINTS AND SINNERS Volume 8 (Sheik) 1. Jack Burns & The Bonanzas - Wake Up (Fly) 2. Jimmy McCracklin & His Orchestra - Get Back (Premium) 3. Little Nat - Tally Wally (Pik) 4. Andy Anderson - You Shake Me Up (Apollo) 5. Scott Miller - I Got School (Grey Cliff) 6. B - B - Scratchin' (Cover) 7. Lazy Lester - I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter (Excello) 8. Gary U.S. Bonds - New Orleans (Legrand) 9. The El Dorados - Linda Lee (Rock-Highland) 10. K.C. Grand & The Shades - Lookie-Lookie-Lookie (Matt) 11. Lamar Morris - The Fugitive (Bonanza) 12. Terry Lee - Hey Baby, Hey Sugar (Red Fox) 13. The Shondells - Thunderbolt (Snap) 14. Colin Cook - Stop Sneaking Around (W&G) 15. Billy & Eddie - The King Is Coming Back (Top Rank) 16. Bobby Freeman - When You're Smiling (Josie). 180-gram LP 14.90
SAINTS AND SINNERS Volume 9 (Sheik) 16 more obscure rockin' shots from the Occident: Big Bo Thomas And The Arrows - Big Bo's Twist/ amie Coe - Two Dozen And A Half/ Paul Curry - Route 66/ Linda - That Crazy Feeling/ Don Charles -She's Mine/ Pearlean Gray - Have You Ever Had The Blues/ Rangers - Snow Skiing/ Vernon And Jewell - That's A Rockin' Good Way/ Guitar Red - Just You And I/ Jerry Palmer - Walking The Dog/ Elmer Parker - You Know I Love You/ Vince Everett - Don't Go/ Caravans - Twistin' Rockin' Baby/ Kimball Coburn - Evil Eye/ Tee Tucker - Rock & Roll Machine/ Don Hosea - Misery. LP 14.90
SAINTS AND SINNERS Volume 10 (Sheik Records) The last Volume in this series with 16 more cuts: Me & Dem Guys - Come On Little Sweetheart/ Baby Boy Jennings & The Satellites - Goin' Home/ Solomon Burke - Maggie's Farm/ Steve Alaimo & The Redcoats - Blue Fire/ Eddie Alston - I Just Can't Help It/ The Tronics - The Big Scroungy/ Eddie Dugosh & The Redtops - One Mile/ Jericho Brown - Lonesome Drifter/ Eddie Bo - Every Dog Got His Day/ Buddy Kay With The Monuments - I Still Love You/ Lee Dorsey - Can You Hear Me/ Dick Tacker - Rock All Night With Me/ Bobby Pedrick Jr. - Betty Blue Eyes/ The Uptowners - You're A Habit/ Kenny Lund With The Roller Coasters - Rip It Up Potato Chip/ Bill Medley - Leavin' Town. LP 14.90

SAVAGE KICK Volume 2 (Savage Kick) 26 Hootin' Hollerin' Black Rockers. From Screamin' Rhythm & Blues to Down Home Blues Stomp. With full colour 10 page booklet with sleeve notes & labels shots for every record and a KILLER SOUND! 1 Chris Allen TICK TOCK 2 Danny Taylor YOU LOOK BAD 3 Reverend Billy Gates HOLY ROCK 4 Bobby Jackson OH BABY 5 Earl Chatham TAKE 2 STEPS BACK 6 Hound Dog Taylor TAKE 5 7 Phil Flowers THE DANCES 8 Johnny Little John BLOODY TEARS 9 Fat Man Robinson DON'T DRINK 10 Clear Waters HILL BILLY BLUES 11 Freddie Scott LETTER CAME THIS MORNING 12 Jimmy Coe RUN JODY RUN 13 Singin Sammy Ward THAT CHILD IS REALLY WILD 14 Willie Bailey WAYWARD GIRL 15 Juke Boy Bonner RUNNIN' SHOES 16 R.B. I'M A ROLLER 17 Pat Paterson RAT-A-MA-CUE Part 2 18 Bumps Blackwell SUMPIN JUMPIN 19 Brant Holland NATURE BOY 20 Syl Johnson LITTLE SALLY WALKER 21 Betty James HENRY LEE 22 Cleo Page ALINE 23 Danny Boy KOKOMO ME BABY 24 Ralph Willis GONNA HOP ON DOWN 25 Wild Bill Graham Mama Chita 26 Fat Man Robinson - LAVENDER COFFIN. CD 14.00
VOLUME 3 LP 11.50
SAVAGE KICK VOLUME 10 Not quite as hot as the first 9 volumes; A few KILLERS, a few crap cuts, and enuf solid cuts to make this worthwile. LP LP 11.50

SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS AT HOME WITH SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS (Rumble Records) Repress of this rare-ass lp - Yeah, it DOES overdo the croon thang, leaving off the cool rockers, but this'll save ya the $1000 on an orig and ya can hang it on yer wall! Orange-Colored Sky/ Hong Kong/ Temptation/ I Love Paris/ I Put A Spell On You/ Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/ Yellow Coat/ Ol’ Man River/ If You Are But A Dream/ Give Me My Boots And Saddle/ Deep Purple/ You Made Me Love You. 140-gram LP 13.50
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS Rare, Unreleased Or Just Plain Weird (Rumble Records) A collection of rare cuts unissued takes and hard to find recordings: Why Did You Waste My Time/ No Hug No Kiss/ In My Front Room/ What That Is/ Take Me Back/ I Is/ I Put A Spell On You (not orignally issued)/ 10,000$ Lincoln Continental/ Pauline/ Frenzy/ Person To Person/ There's Something Wrong With You/ Alligator Wine/ Armpit No 6/ The Past. LP 13.50
Baptize Me In Wine - Singles & Oddities 1955-1959 (Mr Suit Records) Most tracks were originally released as singles on the Okeh label except for the last 4, which are outtakes from the first album. Tracks: 1. Not Anymore 2. Baptize Me In Wine 3. I Found My Way To Wine 4. Please Try To Understand 5. This Is All 6. (She Put) The Whamee (On Me) 7. You’re All Of My Life To Me 8. Well I Tried 9. Even Though - Side B: 1. Talk About Me 2. I Put A Spell On You 3. Little Demon 4. You Made Me Love You (I Didn’t Want To Do It) 5. Darling, Please Forgive Me 6. Frenzy 7. Person To Person 8. Little Demon (Alternate Take) 9. I Put A Spell On You (Alternate Take) 10. Alligator Wine (Alternate Take). LP 13.50
"I Hear Voices" / CLOVERTONES (feat. ESQUERITA) Didn't It Rain (Norton). What a package! A killer sleeve and a superb alt. version of "I Hear Voices" plus the great "Didn't It Rain" with Esquerita wailin the piano. Get it!7" 6.00
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS I Put a Spell on You/ Put a Spell on You (unissued track) (All Hallows) 2 versions, both unissued at the time of their recording and completely new to vinyl. The top side features an alternate take from the same Okeh session which yielded the classic version everyone knows and loves... but this take is subtly different, with a sleazier sax solo and crazier yelps, barks and all round gibbering from the main man. On the flip, is the first instance of the song that Jay ever put down, recorded for the small Philly based independent Grand, and it's very different - the famous stabbing horn pattern is here provided by a waltzing piano, with slinky guitars replacing the dirty saxophone and a more morose vocal performance from Hawkins. repro 7" 6.90
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS Screamin' Jay Rocks (Bear Family) 31 cuts of (mostly) total wacko lunacy! Digipac Cd, 64-page booklet and plenty of hits: Little Demon/ Baptize Me In Wine/ Not Anymore/ In My Front Room/ This Is All/ What That Is/ (She Put The) Wamee (On Me)/ Well I Tried/ Talk About Me/ Take Me Back/ I Is/ $ 10,000 Lincoln Continental (take 2)/ You Ain't Foolin' Me/ Yellow Coat/ I Put A Spell On You/ Frenzy/ Alligator Wine/ There's Something Wrong With You/ Person To Person/ You Made Me Love You/ Little Demon (alt. take)/ Armpit No. 6/ Just Don't Care/ Strange/ Whammy/ Party Doll/ All Night/ Mountain Jive/ Do You Really Love Me/ Please Don't Leave Me/ Knock-Kneed Nana (take 7). CD 17.90
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS What That Is! (Barnyard) Caught live in the act in 1969 at the Club Amigo in North Hollywood - a rare and sought after LP in its original form, Barnyard is happy to make this available again: Side A: 1. What That Is! 2. Feast Of The Mau Mau 3. Do You Really Love Me 4. Stone Crazy 5. I Love You 6. Constipation Blues Side B: 7. I'm Lonely 8. Thing Called Woman 9. Dig! 10. I'm Your Man 11. Ask Him 12. Reprise. LP 13.70

SCREAMIN' JOE NEAL "Rock & Roll Deacon / Tell Me Pretty Baby" (Norton) YOOWWW!!! "Deacon" is the most INSANE screamin' chunk o' 1959 R&R howl EVER! "Tell Me" is a great thumpin' mid-tempo rocker! 7" 6.00

SCREAMING GOSPEL HOLY ROLLERS Hop Skip And Jump (Veetone) Following the success of Vee-Tone Records CD releases “Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers” Vols. 1 & 2 here are a further 18 screamin’ and hollerin’ black Gospel recordings compiled by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr presented in a deluxe 180g vinyl format. “Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers - Hop, Skip And Jump” focuses on the greatest era of Black Gospel music, the 50s and early 60s. As the title implies, this release contains some of the wildest Black Gospel ever recorded, the torrid opening track “I Wanna Be Ready” by The Rev. H.B. Crum And The Mighty Golden Keys pretty much sets the tone for the entire album. What makes this album very special is that it focuses on the “wild side” of Black Gospel, which is but a stone’s throw from Soul & Rock n Roll at its wildest and best. If you’re looking for silky smooth Gospel this definitely isn’t the album for you! Featuring record labels including Savoy, Gospel, Peacock, Checker, Sue etc. this beautifully presented Limited Edition (only 500 pressed), 180g, 12” vinyl album includes sleeve notes by Mark Lamarr along with detailed session information. The influence of Black Gospel music on Rock n Roll cannot be underestimated and this album clearly demonstrates the cross over between non secular and secular music in the 50s & 60s. Tracks: I Wanna Be Ready (Gospel 1031) - Rev. H.B Crum & The Mighty Golden Keys/ I Know The Lord (Savoy 4169) - Rev. Lawrence Roberts & His Angelic Choir/ Hop Skip And Jump (Gospel 1047) - Blind Boys Of Alabama/ Soon I'll Be Done With The Troubles Of The World (Checker LP10003) - Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi/ John The Revelator (Gospel 1004) - Gate City Singers Of Philadelphia/ Make It In (Gospel 1056) - The Caravans/ Working For My Jesus (Sue LP 3001) - National Independent Gospel Singers/ What You Gonna Do 'bout Me (Savoy 4105)- Prof. Charles Taylor And The Taylor Singers/ Burying Ground (Peacock 1765) - The Nightingales (aka The Sensational Nightingales)/ Go Tell Him What You Want (Gospel 1037) - Voices Of Jordan/ My Wonderful Counselor (Savoy 4088) - The Davis Sisters (aka Famous Davis Sisters)/ I'm Bound (Ultraphonic 50338) - Grace Gospel Singers/ Jesus Said It (Savoy 4052) - Heavenly Lights/ Lord, Lord, Lord (Galaxy 708) - The Apollos featuring Hiram Walker (aka The Appollos/Apollas)/ Glory, Glory (to His name) (Audio Fidelity LP 1921) - Rev. Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore And His Gospel Singers/ I'll Shout When I Get Home (Gospel 1064) - Imperial Gospel Singers/ Guide Me (Rev 116) - Soul Finders Of Newark/ Testimonial Service (Peacock 1836) - Gospel Consolators. LP 23.90
SCREAMING GOSPEL HOLY ROLLERS Volume 2 (Veetone) 22 more screamin’ and hollerin’ Black Gospel recordings compiled by Mark Lamarr. Tracks: It's Getting Late - Voices of Jordan/ Walk Along with Me - The National Independent Gospel Singers of Atlanta, Georgia/ Higher - The Grace Gospel Singers/ All Over Me - Reverend Crum and His Mighty Golden Keys/ Two Wings - Utah Smith/ Come By Here - Hightower Brothers feat. Little Sugar/ By and By - Reverend Gatemouth Moore and His Gospel Singers/ He's a Mighty Rock - The Joy Harmonizers/ Packin' Up - Marion Williams/ Prayer Changes Things - The Gate City Singers/ The Storm Is Passing Over - Marie Knight/ I Saw the Light - Sister Rosetta/ Standing by the Way - The Kingdom Bound Singers/ He Won't Deny Me - The Swan Silvertones/ Leaning On the Everlasting Arm - Reverend Gatemouth Moore and His Gospel Singers/ What He's Done for Me - The Famous Davis Sisters/ I've Been Born Again - Blind Boys of Alabama and The Happyland Singers/ Something's Got a Hold of Me - The Soul Keepers lead Cornelius Underwood/ Ain't That a Shame - Sensational Saints of Ohio/ Blood Done Signed My Name - The Radio Four/ I Must Live Until Morning - Charles Taylor and The Taylor Singers/ Our Trust in God - Voices of Jordan. CD 14.50

DEE DEE SHARP It's Mashed Potato Time (Rumble Records) Dee Dee Sharp, a Philadelphia native, got her start with a bang in 1962 at the age of 17 when she was brought in to sing on a Chubby Checker record and ended up sticking around the studio to record a bonafide hit of her own, the titular 'Mashed Potato Time', the same day. That slice of pure early '60s R&B perfection is included here along with 11 more cuts: Side One: 1. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) 2. Slow Twistin' 3. Gee 4. Two Loves 5. One Hundred Pounds Of Clay 6. Eddie, My Love. Side Two: 1. Mashed Potato Time 2. (Dee Dee) Be My Girl 3. I Sold My Heart To The Junkman 4. Remember You're Mine 5. Hurry On Down 6. Splish Splash. LP 13.50

SHE BOP (Penny Records)16 tracks of stone-cold female rock, soul and R&B from deep in the vaults. SIDE A: 1. Miss Toni Fisher - The Big Hurt 2. Connie Francis - Fallin 3. Joann Henderson - Baby Pelase Dont Go 4. Ruth Brown - Teardrops From My Eyes 5. Barbie Gaye - My Boy Lollipop 6. Shirley Gunter & The Flairs - Ipsie Opsie Ooh 7. Janis Martin - Cracker Jack 8. The Bonnie Sisters - Cry Baby SIDE B: 1. Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog 2. Etta James - Tough Mary 3. Jeanie Mack - Dirty Dishes 4. Georgia Gibbs - Great Balls Of Fire 5. Bob & Lucille - Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe 6. Martha Carson - Now Stop 7. Hadda Brooks - Jump Back Honey 8. Eartha Kitt - Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A. LP plus CD 18.90

SHERIFF & THE RAVENS Shombolar / Lonely One (Vee-Jay 306) Total doo wop insanity from Brooklyn given notoriety through heavy endorsement by Lux and Ivy of The Cramps. No way to describe this adequately. File next to ‘Rubber Biscuit’ by The Chips and ‘Bila’ by The Versatones. Super R’n’B group ballad on the flip. 7" 6.90

SHOOP SHOOP - SOUTHERN DOO WOP VOLUME 1 (ACE) 24 titles of rather dull & too repetitive doowop & R&B vocal groups from Excello's vaults. GLADIOLAS (5)/MARIGOLDS (4)/KING KROONERS (6)/GLAD RAGS (3)/MELOAIRES (2)/RHYTHM CASTERS (2)/ etc. CD 16.00

FRANKIE LEE SIMS LUCY MAE BLUES (Ace) FANTASTIC RAW 50s blues GOD-DAMN GENIUS! This CD has 8 cuts more than the way outta-print vinyl, so you'd best BUY THIS! Sims' gravel voiced, mostly SLLOOOWW-paced minimal -back-up-band electric guitar blues is bone-rattlingly grabbing! CD 16.00

SIN CITY JUKEBOX Volume 2 (Spoonful) Second Volume featuring 18 more tunes supplied by Herb H. Franklin, the owner of the Sin City bar in Biloxi, Mississippi which entertained it's customers with live music and a rockin' jukebox from early 1950 until the mid-60s. What set Mr. Franklin apart from other bar proprietors is that every 45 that ever graced the Sin City jukebox remained in Herb's possession. Whenever the jukebox operator came to bring in the new tunes, Herb gave him some small change to keep the replaced ones. As a result, 15 years of serious record collecting took place, without Herb even giving it a second thought. LP 13.90
SIN CITY JUKEBOX 10 (Spoonful - #80) 10th volume in the series. Again all 33 tracks (79:50 minutes) are taken from the vaults of Herb H. Franklin. Mr. Franklin was the owner of the Sin City bar in Biloxi, Mississippi which entertained it's customers with live music and a rockin' jukebox from early 1950 until the mid-60s. What set Mr. Franklin apart from other bar proprietors is that every 45 that ever graced the Sin City jukebox remained in Herb's possession. Whenever the jukebox operator came to bring in the new tunes, Herb gave him some small change to keep the replaced ones. As a result, 15 years of serious record collecting took place, without Herb even giving it a second thought. CD 7.90

SLABS OF HUMDINGERS Volume 1 (Veetone) Featuring 17 Greasy Groovers compiled by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr. This deluxe set is presented in a quality 180g format for your ultimate listening pleasure! Containing a “humdinging’” mix of 50s & 60s R&B rarities and obscurities from a cross section of labels including Checker, Felsted, Amber, King, Groove, RPM, Super, Triode, Kaydee, Acclaim, Unique Laboratories, Apollo, Specialty, RCA and Amaker. LP 23.90

SLIM HARPO Slim Rocks (Bear Family) DigiPac CD with 32-page booklet, 31 tracks. Playing time approx. 76 mns: Wild About My Baby/ I Got Love If You Want It/ I'm A King Bee/ You'll Be Sorry One Day/ That Ain't Your Business/ Buzz Me Babe/ My Little Queen Bee/ I'm Waiting On You Baby/ Something Inside Me/ Bobby-Sox Baby/ I Need Money/ Yeah Yeah Baby/ Shake Your Hips/ Harpo's Blues/ Don't Start Cryin' Now/ Boogie Chillun/ Baby, Scratch My Back/ Buzzin' (instrumental)/ Hey Little Lee/ The Music's Hot/ Wondering And Worryin'/ Late Last Night/ That's Alright/ That's Alright Baby/ Cigarettes/ Buzz Me Babe/ I'm A King Bee/ You Ain't Never Had To Cry/ I Got Love If You Want It/ Wondering And Worryin'/ Rainin' In My Heart. CD 16.50
TIP ON IN (Ace) 25 Tracks from 1967- 1970. Starts out great with his laid-back funky soul cuts ("Tip On In/I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got/Tee-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu/Mohair Sam"), gets a bit dull, then picks up with "I've Got My Finger On Your Trigger/Price Is Too High", then gets dull again... CD 16.00
SLIM HARPO RAINING IN MY HEART (El Diablo) "Raining In My Heart/Blues Hangover/Bobby-Sox Baby/I Got Love if You Want It/Snoopin' Around/Buzz Me Baby/I'm A King Bee/What A Dream/Dream Girl/Strange Love" plus 8 more. CD 16.00
SLIM HARPO Sings Rainin In My Heart (Excello) Exact repro of his 1961 alb: Raining In My Heart/ Blues Hangover/ Bobby-Sox Baby/ I Got Love if You Want It/ Snoopin' Around/ Buzz Me Baby/ I'm A King Bee/ What A Dream/ Don't Start Cryin' Now/ Moody Blues/ My Home Is A Prison/ Dream Girl. LP13.00
SLIM HARPO I'M A KING BEE (Ace) 24 cuts including "I'm A King Bee/Wonderin' & Worriyin'/One More Day/Strange Love/Late Last Night/Yeah Yeah Baby/What A Dream/Buzzin'" etc. CD 16.00

SLOW GRIND FEVER Vol. 1+2 (Stag-O-Lee) Jewel-case CD with 16 page booklet combines the two first volumes and limited edition vinyl LP’s in it’s entirety. A total of 30 tracks and 79:30. CD 14.50
SLOW GRIND FEVER Volume 3 & Yet More Adventures In The Sleazy World Of Popcorn Noir... (Stag-O-Lee) The Notes - Cha Jezebel/ The El Torros - Yellow Hand/ Eddie Cooley & The Dimples - Driftwood/ Isley Brothers with Ray Ellis & Orchestra - Teach Me How To Shimmy/ Donna Dee - Nobody's Gonna Hurt You/ Charlie Williams - Playin Guitar And Missin You/ Henry Thome - Wolf Bait/ Bob Lee - Wanted For Questioning/ Little Willie John - Young Girl/ Elizabeth Waldo - Balsa Boat/ Bobby Rebel - Valley Of Tears/ Jessie Hill - My Love/ The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You/ Jimmy Scott - Home. LP € 14.50

SONGS THE NEW YORK DOLLS TAUGHT US (Cato) Original versions of songs the NYD covered. Cool shit, especially if you don't have most of this already: BO DIDDLEY Pills/ CADETS Stranded In The Jungle/ ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS Showdown/ COASTERS Bad Detective/ SUNNY BOY WILLIAMSON Don't Start Me Talkin'/ SHANGRI-LAS: Give Him A Great Big Kis/ MUDDY WATERS Hoochie Coochie Man/ EDDIE COCHRAN Something Else/ DEREK MARTIN Daddy Rollin' Stone/ CLARENCE 'FROGMAN' HENRY Ain't Got No Home/ LARRY WILLIAMS Dizzy Miss Lizzy/ CHUCK BERRY Back In The USA/ GARY U.S. BONDS Seven Day Weekend/ OTIS REDDING Don't Mess Wih Cupid. LP 12.90

SPOONFUL EXOTIC BLUES & RHYTHM Volume 5 / Gibble Gobble! (Spoonful) THE CLARE SISTERS - Cool Cool Cool/ EARL HOOKER - Apache War Dance/ CHUCK DANIELS - Tiny Tim/ OTIS BLACKWELL & HIS BAND - My Josephine/ LANCE ROBERTS - Gonna Have Myself A Ball/ WILLIE WRIGHT - Gibble, Gobble/ BOB CALLOWAY AND THE CHICKS – Native/ SONNY DAY - Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt/ HOWLIN’ WOLF - Wang Dang Doodle/ TOUSSAINT McCALL – Summertime/ TITUS TURNER – Coralee/ THE VOODOOS – Voodoo Walk. 10" 12.70
SPOONFUL EXOTIC BLUES & RHYTHM Volume 6 / Sadaba! (Spoonful) THE RHYTHM KINGS – Exotic/ KENNY AND MOE - I Want To Love You/ TITUS TURNER - Big John/ YOUNG JESSIE - Big Chief (King Of Love)/ BRACEY EVERETT - Lover’s Curse/ JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES – Sheba/ JOHNNY WILLIAMS – Sadaba/ LITTLE JIMMY RAY - You Need To Fall In Love/ THE MARK FIVE – Cleo/ COSMO - I’m A Little Mixed Up/ STEVE KARMEN - River In My Blood/ OTIS BLACKWELL - Let The Daddy Hold You. 10" 12.70
SPOONFUL EXOTIC BLUES & RHYTHM Volume 7: Boom-A-Lay (Stag-O-Lee) Plas Johnson & His Orchestra - Downstairs/ Chance Halladay - 13 Women/ Nick Anthony - My Baby's Gone/ Nicky De Matteo - Crackin' Stone/ David Seville - Almost Good/ Ted Jarrett & Band - (let's Twist) Slow And Easy/ The Astro-Jets - Boom-A-Lay/ Titus Turner - Hungry Man/ Ronny Savoy - Big Hand, Little Hand/ Malcom Dodds - Tremble/ Alan Arkin - 900 Miles/ Dave Brubeck Quartet - Unsquare Dance. 10" 13.70
SPOONFUL EXOTIC BLUES & RHYTHM Volume 8: Chug-A-Lug (Stag-O-Lee) Dick D'agostin & The Swingers - Night Walk/ Don Carroll - You Want Nobody But Me/ Mike Shaw - Coal Mine/ Chance Halladay - Bury Me Deep/ Deane Hawley - Boss Man/ Jim Burgett - Jekyll And Hyde/ The Viscounts - Chug-A-Lug/ Bobby Scott - I Gotta Run Now/ Malcolm Dodds - Laugh My Heart/ Trini Lopez - The Search Goes On/ Jimmy Ricks - Bad Man Of Missouri/ Oscar Perry - Sittin' Here Crying. 10" 13.70

SPOONFUL # 74 / Polly Wally (Spoonful) 32 songs and 79 minutes of tunes from the late 50s and early 60s, featuring The Medaillons, Big Maybelle, The Orlons, Johnny Kendall & The Heralds, Tyrone Davis, Kavetts, Lewis Clark, Ronnie Love, Mabel King, Dickey & Gloria, Sinner Strong, Evie Sands,Davis & Jones And The Fenders, Andre Franklin With The Preston Epps Trio, Ricky Allen, Vernon Harrel, Lonnie Youngblood, Chuck Wright, Little Hank, Johnny Young, Bobby Parker, Duane Yates, Eddie Jasper Daye's Four Bars, Lenis Guess, Ozz And His Sperlings, Rosco & Barbara, Wess & The Airedales, Sammy Jay & The Tiffineers, J.J. Barnes & The Dell Fi's, Irma & The Fascinations, The Kindly Shepherds, The Medaillons.CD 7.90

FRANK STOKES Downtown Blues (Monk) Early folk, blues, old time country & popular music from Memphis. Recorded 1928 & 1929: Downtown Blues/ Bedtime Blues/ What's The Matter Blues/ Mistreatin Blues/ It Won't Be Long Now/ Nehi Mamma Blues/ I Got Mine/ Stomp That Thing/ 'tain't Nobody's Business If I Do/ South Memphis Blues/ Bunker Hill Blues/ Right Now Blues/ Shiney Town Blues/ Frank Stoke's Dream/ Memphis Rounders Blues. LP 14.00

STOMPIN' VOLUME 16 16 more EARLY 50s jump-blues honkers LP 11.50
STOMPIN' VOLUME 23 Too-"jivey" volume! LP 11.50
STOMPIN' VOLUME 24 Early jump blues LP 11.50
STOMPIN' VOLUME 25 GREAT vol! Starts off dull with cut 1 but rips raw & rocking (with a few DULL cuts on side 2) at about 60% deadly from that point on! LP 11.50
STOMPIN' VOLUME 5 CD 14.00 Kills!
STOMPIN' VOLUME 6 CD 14.00 Kills!
STOMPIN' VOLUME 7 CD 14.00 Kills!
STOMPIN' VOLUME 8 CD 14.00 Kills!
STOMPIN' VOLUME 12 CD 14.00 Solid
STOMPIN' VOLUME 17 CD 14.00 Great!
STOMPIN' VOLUME 18 CD 14.00 Solid
STOMPIN' VOLUME 19 BEWARE! This is the SAME cd as the "Country Blues Obscurities" CD that has been available for a while!!! Much nicer PACKAGE with LINERS & LABEL SHOTS but please take note!!! CD 14.00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 20 CD 14.00 Rather dull volume of jump blues - 22 tracks
STOMPIN' VOLUME 21 CD 14.00 50% cool vol - 23 tracks
STOMPIN' VOLUME 22 25 crazed Rhythm 'n' Blues Pounders CD 14.00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 23 22 crazed Rhythm 'n' Blues Pounders CD 14.00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 24 - 22 crazed rhythm & blues pounders! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 25 - 22 more jump blues obscurities! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 26 - 22 rockin Blues Classics! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 27 - 22 rockin Blues Classics! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 28 - 23 more rhytm 'n' blues killers! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 29 - 23 more fifties r'n'b pounders! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 30 - 23 rockin blues monsters! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 31 - 23 more r'n'b blasters! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 32 - 22 early jumpin' southern scorchers! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 33 -22 sixties R'n'B/ Blues/ Soul Crossovers! CD 14,00
STOMPIN' VOLUME 34 -23 more jumpin' R&B pounders!  CD 14,00

NOLAN STRONG & THE DIABLOS MOTOR CITY DOO-WOPS VOLUME 1 25 cuts of primitive doo-wop & a few r&b rockers from this Fortune crew. CD 14.40

SUN RA Interplanetary Melodies (Norton) Norton recently took a rocket ride into the vaults of El Saturn Research and arrived back on Earth with a motherlode of unissued early R&B, doo wop, soul and general weirdness featuring Sun Ra and his Arkestra backing a variety of artists. This Volumes' theme is "Doo Wop from Saturn and Beyond". COSMIC RAYS: Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie/Dreaming*/Bye Bye/Somebody’s In Love*/Summertime*/CRYSTALS: Honey In The Bee Box*/NU SOUNDS: Spaceship Lullaby*/I’m Through With You*/Africa (ext. version)*/Dabba Dabba Dabba Du Day*/QUALITIES: It’s Christmas Time/If I Only Hadn’t Sunned*/ JUANITA ROGERS: A Love Letter Full Of Promises*/Teenagers Letter Of Promise/SUN RA: Tony’s Wife* (* = previously unissued). LP14.00 CD 13.00
SUN RA The Second Stop Is Jupiter (Norton) "Doo Wop from Saturn and Beyond (pt. 2)": COSMIC RAYS: Somebody’s In Love/Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie*/Dreaming/There’s A Small Hotel*/The Second Stop Is Jupiter*/NU SOUNDS: Spaceship Lullaby*/Honeysuckle Rose*/Baby Won’t You Please Be Mine*/Black Sky And Blue Moon*/Dreams Come True*/QUALITIES: Happy New Year To You!/ She’s My Moonglow*/CRYSTALS: Little Sally Walker*/JUANITA ROGERS: I’m So Glad You Love Me*/I’m So Glad You Love Me/SUN RA: Stuff Like That There* (* = previously unissued). LP 14.00 CD 13.00
SUN RA Rocket Ship Rock (Norton) A set of totally twisted sides...: YOCHANAN: Muck Muck/Hot Skillet Momma/Rocket Ship Rock*/Is That Me?*/Hot Skillet Momma (alt. take)*/Muck Muck (alt. take)*/The Sun Man Speaks/Message To Earthman #1/Message To Earthman #2 (alt. take)/LITTLE MACK: Tell Her To Come On Home/LACY GIBSON: I'm Gonna Unmask The Batman (extended version)*/EBAH: I'm Gonna Unmask The Batman*/DON (DINO) DEAN: The Space Stroll. LP 14.00CD 13.00
SUN RA I Am Strange/I Am An Instrument (Norton) Unissued sixties spoken word mysticism from Saturn, with otherworldly instrumentation... 7" 6.00

SUNNYLAND SLIM Slim Shout (Doxy) Slim's Shout/ I'm Prison Bound/ Slim's Shout/ The Devil Is A Busy Man/ Brownskin Woman/ Shake It/ Everytime I Get To Drinking (Bonus) Decoration Day/ Baby How Long/ Sunnyland Special/ Harlem Can't Be Heaven/ It's You Baby/ Tired Of You Clowning (Bonus Track). 180 gram LP 19.50

T-MODEL BOOGIE VOL. 2 (Black Rhythm Record) Great mid 30s to late 50 raw blues: 1. Johnnie Temple- Olds 98 Boogie 2. Johnnie Temple- Lead Pencil Blues 3. Little Milton's Juke Band- Blow It Down 4. Clarence london- Want To Boogie Woogie 5. Country Jim- One Thing My Baby Likes 6. Pete McKinley- David's Boogie 7. Bobby Williams- Goodby My love 8. Sleepy John Estes- Some Day Baby 9. Lightning Slim- Just Made 21 10. Big Bill Broonzy- Hey Hey 11. Boyd Gilmore- All In My Dreams 12. Jessie Pipkin & Band- Cry Cry Cry 13. Po Joe Williams- My Baby Left Me 14. Big Mack & His Shufflers- Someday You Gonna Sing The Blues 15. Bob Reed Band- I'm Leaving You 16. John Lee Henley- Knockin' At Lula Mae's Door 17. Cousin Leroy- Goin' Back Home 18. Little Al- Little Lean Woman 19. Pete McKinley- Look A Here Baby 20. Little Al- Easy Ridin' Buggy . CD 14.00

T-BIRD PARTY! 17 cuts of crazy-assed GREASY black R&B - 1957-64. Real wacky novelty & dance tunes - perfect for drunken parties! CD 12.30

TALKIN TRASH - insanely cool 50s (and a few early 60s) Rhythm & Blues honkers, shouters, smoothies and greasies! LP 11.90
LOOKEY DOOKEY / TALKIN TRASH CD - 34 insanely cool 50s (and a few early 60s) Rhythm & Blues honkers, shouters, smoothies and greasies! 13 cuts from the Lookey Dookey LP, 12 from Talkin Trash LP, plus 9 from Sin Alley Volumes 3 & 4. CD 12.50

BLANCHE THOMAS You Ain't So Such A Much / LITTLE ESTHER Hound Dog (JBJ 1011) double side female R&B! 7" 6.90

RUFUS THOMAS Walkin' The Dog (Sundazed) The Dog/ Mashed Potatoes/ Ooh-Poo-Pah-Doo/ You Said/ Boom Boom/ It’s Aw’rite/ Walking The Dog/ Ya Ya/ Land Of 1,000 Dances/ Can Your Monkey Do The Dog/ Cause I Love You/ I Want To Be Loved. 180gram LP 18.50
His R&B Recordings 1949 - 1956 - The Sun Years, plus (Bear Family) 29 tracks including all known surviving recordings from 1949 - 1956. - 2 recently discovered sides from his first recording session for Star Talent. - all 8 original 78 rpm discs for Star Talent, Bullet, Chess, Sun, and Meteor. Some of these now for the first time ever from the first generation-tape. - 3 recordings from the Memphis Recording Service, not originally issued. - 2 original versions of songs Rufus covered (1 by Joe Hill Louis, 1 by Rosco Gordon; previously unissued). - The original version of Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton. - 2 bonus recordings by Rufus's fellow DJ, Moohah Williams. - 2 extracts from Rufus on radio WDIA in the 1950s. - A rare radio interview with Daddy Cool. A newly researched 68-page booklet by Martin Hawkins largely based on interviews by himself and Dave Booth, plus rare photos and adverts: I'll Be A Good Boy/ I'm So Worried/ Who's That Chick/ Double Trouble/ Beer Bottle Boogie/ Gonna Bring My Baby Back/ Night Workin' Blues/ Why Did You Deegee/ Crazy About You Baby/ No More Dogging Around/ Decorate The Counter/ Decorate The Counter/ Juanita/ Married Woman –1/ Married Woman –2/ I'm Off That Stuff/ Hound Dog/ Bear Cat (The Answer To Hound Dog)/ Walkin' In The Rain/ Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)/ Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)/ Save That Money/ Intro patter to Sepia Swing Club/ Pink Pussycat Wine/ All Shook Out/ Candy/ The Easy Livin' Plan/ I'm Steady Holdin' On/ Rufus Thomas on Daddy Cool show. digipac CD15.00

BIG MAMA THORNTON ORIGINAL HOUND DOG (Ace) 22 cuts of this wild woman's hot R&B from the Peacock label, 1951-55. "Hound Dog/I Smell A Rat/Walking Blues/My Man Called Me/The Big Change/They Call Me Big Mama/Hard Times/Nightmare/The Fish/Just Like A Dog/I Aint No Fool Either/How Come/Mischievous Boogie/Laugh Laugh Laugh" etc. CD 16.00

THREE SHADES OF THE BLUES (Relic) 16 cut comp of ‘59-'61 Detroit blues/R&B. Includes 8 cuts of mostly DEADLY blues-screech from EDDIE KIRKLAND. You will DIE upon hearing "Train Done Gone/You Know I Love You/Back Bone/I Tried/So Pretty Baby". "Blood On Your Hands/Love You Til The Day I Die/I Am So Tired" are solid. Side 2 is 4 cuts by Mr Bo and 4 songs also on the ROBERT WARD cd: "Your Love Is Real/I'm Tired/Hot Stuff" plus 1 more. CD 14.50

TRAPPED – 16 R’N’B and Early Soul Stompers (Pancho Records) Sixteen never-before-reissued R’N’B and Early Soul cuts, compiled by Jordi Duró: Trapped - Baby Dee, Mama Julie - Terry & Jerry, You Can Take My Girl - The Knockouts, Baby You’ll Get Yours - J.D. & The Impressions, Pop Your Finger - The Miller Sisters, The Scratch Pt 1. - Ty Terrell, Shubby Dubby Doo - The Shamans, So Good - Playboys/ Almost Eighteen - Honey & The Bees, Slide - The Lavenders, Let The Old Folks Talk - The Vibes, Don’t Do It - Cornell Blakely, Young Queen Chunka Bo Bo - Del Mingos, Mojo Hanna - The Ideals, Mr. Zebra - The Chanteers, Mah-Mah Limbo - Cy Wagner Orchestra. LP 14.90

BIG JOE TURNER Rocks (Bear Family) 28 track CD with comprehensive booklet. Big Joe Turner first shouted timeless blues couplets in the Kansas City of the '30s, partnering stomping pianist, Pete Johnson, for almost two decades. Together they ignited the boogie-woogie craze that led to the post-war emergence of R&B and ultimately, the revolution that was rock 'n' roll. This set, compiled by Trevor Cajiao, Editor of 'Now Dig This,' embraces all phases of Joe's career but concentrates on the hard-rocking records which made Joe a rock 'n' roll star and unlikely teen idol at the age of 43. Discs like 'Honey Hush', 'Shake, Rattle And Roll' (bowdlerised by Bill Haley), 'Flip, Flop And Fly', 'Boogie Woogie Country Girl', 'Teen Age Letter' and 'Lipstick, Powder And Paint' were among the most exciting records of the '50s and led to literally hundreds of covers by legions of rockabilly singers. Tracks: (We're Gonna) Jump For Joy/ Well, All Right/ Flip, Flop And Fly/ Love Roller Coaster/ Honey Hush/ I Need A Girl/ Lipstick, Powder And Paint/ T. V. Mama/ Hide And Seek/ Adam Bit The Apple/ My Gal's A Jockey/ Feelin' Happy/ Jumpin' Tonight (Midnight Rocking)/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ Boogie Woogie Country Girl/ Teen Age Letter/ Corrine, Corrina/ Midnight Cannonball/ Bump Miss Susie/ Crawdad Hole/ Morning, Noon And Night/ Rock-A-While/ Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop/ The Chicken And The Hawk/ Roll 'Em Pete/ Rebecca / Around The Clock Blues, Part 1/ Around The Clock Blues, Part 2. CD 16.90

IKE TURNER & HIS KINGS OF RHYTHM RHYTHM ROCKIN' BLUES (Ace) SOLID 21-song CD of just a portion of the great Ike's 50s R&B! JACKIE BRENSTON "Rocket 88", LOVER BOY "Way You Used To Treat Me/Love Is Scarce/Nobody Seems To Want Me", a killer instro medley of 8 standards with IKE wailin' away with crazed solos, LONNIE THE CAT "I Aint Drunk/Road I Travel", 4 solid rockers by DENNIS BINDER "I Miss You So/Nobody Wants Me/Early Times/You Got Me Way Down Here" and BILLY GAYLES "Night Howler/A Woman Just Won't Do/ I'm Tired Of Being Dogged Around/My Heart In Your Hands". CD 16.00
IKE TURNER & HIS KINGS OF RHYTHM IKE'S INSTRUMENTALS (Ace) 24-song CD of Ike's BOLD instro stuff. Includes ALL of the "Dance" LP (one of Ike's coolest albs) plus the "All The Blues All The Time" medley from the "Rhythm Rockin Blues" CD - PLUS: "Ho Ho/Prancin'/The New Breed Parts 1 & 2/Twistin' The Strings/Cubano Jump Aka Hey Miss Tina/Loosely Aka The Wild One/Cuban Getaway Aka Bayou Rock/Go To It". CD 16.00
IKE TURNER & THE KINGS OF RHYTHM DANCE (Collectables) Rather USELESS now that the SUPERIOR Ace Records CD has all the cuts here.... One of Ike's coolest albs: ALL INSTRUMENTAL R&B ROMPS with wailing guit, belching sax, twist rhythm a-plenty!! "It's Gonna Work Out Fine" KILLS with CRAZED GUIT! Plus 11 more: "The Gulley/Twistaroo/Trackdown Twist/Potato Mash/Steel Guitar Rag/Doublemint/Rooster/Prancing/Katanga/The Groove/Goin Home". CD 12.50
IKE TURNER & KINGS OF RHYTHM A Black Man's Soul (Pompeii) Exact repro, first released in 1969. Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm at their funkiest. LP 12.30
IKE TURNER Down & Out: The Ike Turner Recordings 1951-1959 (Jerome Records) Life’s a bitch, and so is the world...for Ike Turner at least. Neither his late and absurd Hall of Fame induction nor the release of compilations like this one will ever do justice to one of the KEY characters in the birth and development of R&R. That is why any album underlining his historical importance and artistic talent deserves plenty of attention. “Down and Out” –available on vinyl only— gathers the very best of Ike’s output as a solo artist and as the leader of the Kings of Rhythm during the fifties. This feast of raw R&B includes “I’m Lonesome Baby”, his legendary first 45, the killer instrumentals “Cuban Getaway” and “Cubano Jump”, as well as “Box Top”, the recording debut of a very young Tina. Exquisite cover art, remastered sound, liner notes and discography by specialist Fred Rothwell, the man who is currently writing Ike Turner’s biography. TRACKLIST: I'm Lonesome Baby, You're Driving Me Insane, Cubano Jump, Troubles And Heartaches, Looking For My Baby, Cuban Getaway, I Wanna Make Love To You, Loosely, Boxtop, (I Know) You Don't Love Me, Go To It, Down & Out, Walking Down The Aisle, My Love. LP 14.90
IKE TURNER Real Gone Rocket: Session Man Extraordinaire - Selected Singles 1951-1959 (Jerome Records) Besides being an excellent boogie pianist and guitarist supremo, Ike Turner shone as a top-notch composer, producer and talent scout. It's a fact that Ike was at the same professional level as some of the biggest names of the day, whom he worked with on a number of occasions. This new 45’s compilation shines light on this little-known aspect of his artistic career as the genius-behind-the-curtains in several recordings by other artists. Included are R&B essentials such as “My Real Gone Rocket” or “I Ain’t Drunk” by the legendary Jackie Brenston and Lonnie the Cat, as well as obscure numbers –never re-issued till now—such as “Nobody Seems to Want me” by Jessie Knight, “Would You Rather” by Kenneth Churchill, the Starrs’ amazing cover of “Ain’t Got No Home” or Chuck Bernard’s “Calling Your Name”. Liner notes and discography/sessionography by Fred Rothwell.TRACKLIST: “My Real Gone Rocket” Jackie Brenston, “I Ain’t Drunk” Lonnie The Cat, “Gypsy Blues” Matt Cockrell, “Nobody Seems To Want Me” Jesse Knight, “I’m Tired Of Begging” The Sly Fox, “Peg Leg Woman” Willie King, “Suffocate” Johnny Wright, “Just One More Time” Billy Gayles, “My Baby’s Tops” Gardinias, “The Big Question” Clayton Love, “Would You Rather” Kenneth Churchill, “Calling Your Name” Chuck Bernard, “Ain’t Got No Home” Starrs, “Ho Ho” Ikey Renrut. LP 14.90 / CD 14.90
IKE TURNER: STUDIO PRODUCTIONS NEW ORLEANS & L.A. 1963-1965 (ACE CDCHD1329) REMOVE MY DOUBTS - Stacy Johnson/ THEY AINT LOVIN YA - Vernon Guy/ DARKEST HOUR (TK 7) - Jimmy Thomas/ TOO LATE (TK 4-A) - Bobby John/ LIKE I DO (TK 16) - Bobby John & The Ikettes/ IN LOVE (TK 3) - Jackie Brenston & The Ikettes/ IM TORE UP (FS / TK 7) - Jackie Brenston/ THROUGH WITH YOU (TK 6 FS / TK 7) - Venetta Fields/ THATS ALL RIGHT (TK 1) - Vernon Guy/ YOURE SO FINE (TK 3) - Vernon Guy/ I SMELL TROUBLE - Jimmy Thomas/ FEEL SO GOOD (FS TK 4) - Jimmy Thomas/ ALL IN MY MIND (TK 4) - Tina Turner/ WHAT KIND OF LOVE (TK 1-A) - Ernest Lane & The Ikettes (with Tina Turner)/ IM COMIN HOME (TK 2-A) - Bobby John (with Jimmy Thomas, Stacy Johnson & Vernon Guy)/ DUST MY BROOM (TK 1) - Bobby John/ FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LOVE (TK 5) - Vernon Guy & The Ikettes/ JUST TO HOLD MY HAND (TK 1) - Vernon Guy/ TIN PAN ALLEY (TK 1) - Jimmy Thomas/ MOTHER IN LAW BLUES (TK 1) - Jimmy Thomas/ WALKING DOWN THE AISLE (TK 4) - Ike Turner & Ikettes/ THINK (TK 4) - Bobby John & The Ikettes/ FIVE LONG YEARS (TK 1) - Tina Turner/ CONSIDER YOURSELF (TK 1) - Stacy Johnson/ DONT BELIEVE HIM (EM) - Stacy Johnson/ YOU CANT HAVE YOU CAKE AND EAT IT TOO - Vernon Guy with Ike & Dee Dee/ YOUVE GOT ME (JUST WHERE YOU WANT ME) - Vernon Guy. CD 16.90
IKE TURNER Jack Rabbit Blues - The Singles 1958 to 1960 - 10" plus CD (Secret Records) This package contains a 31 track CD and a 10 inch Record, including the reproduction of super rare Tune Town 78 cut at 45RPM, plus a Retro Deluxe package and rare photos. Every one of these tracks features Ike Turner on guitar, piano and/or vocals. Also, features Little Ann, as in Annie Mae Bullock, later well known under the famous name Tina Turner! CD tracks: Box Top - Ike Turner, Carlson Oliver & Little An/ Chalypso Love Cry - Ike Turner Orchestra Vocal Fred Sample/ Fate Of Rock And Roll - Kenneth Churchill, The Lyrics & Ike Turner Orch/ Would You Rather - Kenneth Churchill, The Lyrics & Ike Turner Orch/ Call Your Name - Chuck Bernard & His Blue Notes/ Everytime I Think Of You - Chuck Bernard & His Blue Notes/ Double Trouble - Otis Rush & His Band/ Keep On Loving Me Baby - Otis Rush & His Band/ I'll Weep No More - Betty Everett & The Willie Dixon Band/Tell Me Darling - Betty Everett & The Willie Dixon Band/ All Your Love (I Miss Loving) - Otis Rush & His Band/ My Baby Is A Good 'Un - Otis Rush & His Band/ Walking Down The Aisle - Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm/ Box Top - Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm/ You Sure Can't Do - Buddy Guy/ (I Know) You Don't Love Me - Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm/ Down And Out - Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm/ In Your Eyes Baby - Icky Renrut/ Jack Rabbit - Icky Renrut/ Angel Of Love - Bobby Foster/ Star Above - Bobby Foster/ Hey...Hey - Icky Renrut/ Ho...Ho - Icky Renrut/ That's All I Need - Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm/ My Love - Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm/ It's Alright - Art Lassiter/ My Loneliness - Art Lassiter/ A Fool In Love - Ike & Tina Turner/ The Way You Love Me - Ike & Tina Turner/ You're My Baby - Ike & Tina Turner/ A Fool Too Long - Ike & Tina Turner. AND THE 10" features: Box Top - Ike Turner, Carlson Oliver & Little Ann/ Chalypso Love Cry - Ike Turner Orchestra, Vocal Fred Sample. 10" plus CD 16.90
IKE & TINA TURNER The Soul Of Ike & Tina (Rumble Records) Their 1960 debut album: 01. I'm Jealous 02. I Idolize You 03. If 04. Letter From Tina 05. You Can't Love Two 06. I Had A Notion 07. A Fool In Love 08. Sleepless 09. Chances Are 10. You Can't Blame Me 11. You're My Baby 12. The Way You Love Me. LP 13.50

THE UK SUE LABEL STORY: THE WORLD OF GUY STEVENS (Ace CDCHD 1001) MOCKINGBIRD - Inez & Charlie Foxx/ LAND OF 1,000 DANCES - Chris Kenner/ I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY - Ike & Tina Turner/ A LITTLE PIECE OF LEATHER - Donnie Elbert/ DO ANYTHING YOU WANNA (PART 1) - Harold Betters/ DO ANYTHING YOU WANNA (PART 2) - Harold Betters/ OH! MOM (TEACH ME HOW TO UNCLE WILLIE) - Daylighters/ LET'S STICK TOGETHER - Wilbert Harrison/ MUSIC CITY - Pleasures/ KEEP AN EYE ON LOVE - Ernestine Anderson/ ALL ABOUT MY GIRL - Jimmy McGriff/ SPRING - Birdlegs & Pauline & Their Versatility Birds/ THAT'S HOW STRONG MY LOVE IS - O.V. Wright with The Keys / DADDY ROLLIN' STONE - Derek Martin/ YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN (PART 1) - Philip Upchurch Combo/ THAT'S HOW HEARTACHES ARE MADE - Baby Washington/ WATCH YOUR STEP - Bobby Parker/ I WANNA BE (YOUR EVERYTHING) - Manhattans/ I DONE WOKE UP - Louisiana Red/ HARD GRIND - Wild Jimmy Spruill/ THE BOUNCE - Olympics/ TOO MANY DRIVERS - Lowell Fulson/ YUM, YUM, YUM - Joe Tex/ I SING 'UM THE WAY I FEEL - J B Lenoir & his African Hunch Rhythm/ DUST MY BLUES - Elmore James & his Broom Dusters/ BILLY'S BAG - Billy Preston. CD 16.90

U.S. BONDS Dance 'Til Quarter To Three (Rumble Records) Virginia's own Gary "U.S." Bonds released 'Dance 'Til Quarter To Three', his debut album, in 1961 hot on the heels of the chart topping hit of the same name. Featuring 11 more cuts including his first hit single 'New Orleans': Side 1: 1. Quarter To Three 2. A Trip To The Moon 3. Cecilia 4. That's All Right 5. I Know Why Dreamers Cry 6. Minnie The Moocher / Side 2: 1. New Orleans 2. One Million Tears 3. Not Me 4. Please Forgive Me 5. School Is Out 6. Don't Go To Strangers. LP 13.50

ANNA VALENTINO / RAY MCKINLEY On a Tropical Island / Similau (Popcorn POPC 103) Sublime, exotic jazz vocals with cool, slick accompaniment. Two awesome pieces of 50s exotica as this 3rd release on the Popcorn reissue label showcases the wider reaches of the beguiling Belgian popcorn sound. ‘On A Tropical Island’ is an irresistibly seductive number, with singer Anna Valentino sounding very much the alluring siren as she recounts a passionate love affair on a faraway island. Wonderfully Jazzy with a Latin rhythm underpinning, this is such an evocative sound. On the flip is a very early piece: Bandleader and croon-cat Ray McKinley’s 1949 rendition of the song ’Similau’ is really unique and instantly arresting. There are a couple of other versions of the song which are popular amongst Popcorn collectors, but this is really the best and most interesting, and it’s worth mentioning that as the original is 78rpm only, this reissue marks the first time it’s been released on DJ friendly vinyl. Two choice and tasteful pieces for the discerning listener! 7" 7.50

BILLY WARD & THE DOMINOS 60 MINUTE MEN (Ace) 20 cuts of solid King R&B hitmakers, mostly from 1950-52 & a few from 53-55-57. "Do Something For Me/Chicken Blues/Weeping Willow Blues/60 Minute Man/Deacon Moves In/Have Mercy Baby/Can't Do 60 No More/Pedal Pushin Papa/The Bells" etc. CD 16.00

JOE WEAVER & HIS BLUE NOTE ORCHESTRA BABY I LOVE YOU SO (Regency) Some fantastic Detroit 50s R&B movers and some great smooth crooner ballads - alla his 50s stuff cut for Fortune & DeLuxe etc. and 3 cuts w/Andre Williams on vocals. CD 14.40

MARY WELLS Bye Bye Baby (Rumble Records) Released in August 1961, Mary Wells' debut album was the very first LP on the legendary Motown label. SIDE A: 1. Come To Me 2. I Don't Want To Take A Chance 3. Bye Bye Baby 4. Shop Around 5. I Love The Way You Love. SIDE B: 1. I'm Gonna Stay 2. Let the Conscience Be Your Guide 3. Bad Boy 4. I'm So Sorry 5. Please Forgive Me. LP 13.50

WILD & FRANTIC (Official) 26 50s R&B rockers - most of em great plus a couple slick turds.] CD 14.00
WILD & FRANTIC MORE WILD AND FRANTIC: BLACK SHOUTERS (Official) Generic title but SOLID content - 75 minutes of 50s r&b rockers. CD 14.00
Again (Offical) Third Volume in this series: You Gotta Be Loose - WAILIN' BILL DELL / Cool It - FLASH TERRY / At The Party - PERRY, Ike / Bye Bye Baby - BUCCANEERS / I Thought I Told You Not To .. - KNIGHT, Marie/ All Around The World - OLIVER, Bobby / Chicken, Baby, Chicken - HARRIS, Tony / Open The Door - LITTLE BOOKER/ World's Unknown - DAVIS, Harley / Lolo Baby - MEDALLIONS / What You Told Me - DUKE, Billy & THE DUKES / She's A Fat Girl - ROCK-A-BOUTS/ I'm Gonna Catch You - CARRINGTON, Curtis/ Rock'N Roll Baby - MERCY BABY/ Wayward Girl - BAILEY, Willie/ Oh Yeah - DEAN & JEAN/ I've Got My Eyes On The World - WALKER, Charles / Good Rockin' Mama - GOOD ROCKIN' SAMMY T/ Fancy Free - MERRITT, Little Jimmie/ Try Your Love - COOK, Johnnie/ Strollie Bun - BLOND BOMBER/ Big Bop Bip - PRETTY BOY/ Lookout - ROCKIN' BRADLEY/ Frieda, Frieda - VALIANTS / Jealous Of You Baby - JENKINS, Gus/ No Kissin' At The Hop - FLOWERS, Phil/ Bow-Legged Annie - DELTONES & THE GYPSY/ Papa Lou And Gran - LITTLE VICTOR. CD 14.00

ANDRE WILLIAMS DETROIT GREASE VOLUME 2 (Detroit) MORE VINYL of his Fortune 50s r&b godness! 17 cuts, great sound, label shots AND tonsa liner notes on insert! LP 11.90
ANDRE WILLAMS "Movin' On With - Greasy & Explicit Soul Movers 1956-1970" (VampiSoul) Yep, another Andre compilation and if you got lots of his stuff out of this perod already, you don't really need this. Features a lot of essential R'n'B and Soul wildness - here's the complete track list: Bacon Fat/ I Just Want A Little Lovin/ Greasy Chicken/ Jail Bait/ M-M-Movin/ I'm Moving On/ Bassology/ Jivin Around/ Black Bull/ Loose Juice/ Sweet Little Pussycat/ Rib tips (Part 1&2)/ Soul Party A Go-Go/ Soul Groove/ African Twist/ Chicken Thighs/ Hard Hustling/ Humpin' Bumpin & Thumpin/ The Stroke/ You Got It, I Want It/ Cadillac Jack/ I Hard It Through the Grapevine/ Do It/ Gridle Up/ It's Gonna Be Fine In 69/ Do The Popcorn/ I Wanna Be Your Show/ Andre's Thang.  CD 15.50
ANDRE WILLIAMS The Fortune Singles 1956-57 (Rumble Records) All of his singles from 1957-1958 for the legendary Fortune Records label – Side A: 1. Going Down To Tijuana 2. Mozelle 3. Bacon Fat 4. Just Want A Little Lovin' 5. Bobby Jean 6. Pulling Time 7. Mean Jean Side B: 1. Jail Bait 2. Just BEcause Of A Kiss 3. You Are My Sunshine 4. My Tears 5. Come On Baby 6. Greasy Chicken. LP 13.50

LARRY WILLIAMS Get Ready Baby! The Chess Collection (Sleazy Records) The five CHESS Singles he recorded between 1959 to 1961, plus a alt. track of "My Baby's Got Soul". Tracks: Lawdy Mama/ Like a Gentleman Oughta/ Everyday I Wonder/ Baby Baby/ My Baby's Got Soul/ Fresh Out of Tears/ Get Ready/ I Wanna Know/ Oh Baby/ I Hear My Baby/ My Baby's Got Soul (Alt. Take) 10" 13.90

FRED WOLFF COMBO Somebody Else Was Suckin' My Dick Last Night/ Scrachtin' And Whammin' (Norton) Raucous x-rated Detroit blues rocker from the Yowlin Wolff! Flip is a charged up instumental hat tip to the great Travis Wammack! Perfect for parties! 7" 6.00

LINK WRAY/BUNKER HILL (Norton) Sharp 7" with Bunker Hill's INSANE screaming 100-mile-per-hour "The Girl Can't Dance" plus a cool Link tune, "Friday Night Dance Party". 7" 6.00

YOUNG JESSIE I'M GONE (Ace) EEEY-YOWWW!!! 21 cuts of majorly ace 50's R&B wildness! "Mary Lou/Rabbit On A Log/Dont Think I Will/Down At Hayden's/I Smell A Rat/Pretty Soon/Oochie Coochie/Don't Happen No More/Hit Git & Split (2 versions)/Hot Dog/Do You Love Me/Lonesome Desert/Well Baby", etc! CD16.00
YOUNG JESSE Don't Happen No More (Jazzman JMANLP068) Young Jessie is one of the unheralded greats of the R&B, Rock & Roll and Soul eras. Beginning his career as a young teenager in LA vocal group the Flairs (with schoolmate Richard Berry, later of 'Louie Louie' infamy), he then signed on with Modern records and cut several high quality R&B sides through the mid-1950s. Never quite achieving the level of fame and fortune of some of his immediate peers, the closest Young Jessie got to a hit was 1956's 'Mary Lou', which sold well regionally and was later on covered by the likes of Bob Seger and the Steve Miller band. Meanwhile, Young Jessie busied himself recording demos with Leiber & Stoller for one of their regular artists, Elvis Presley. Flitting between labels at the end of the 50s and into the 60s, his own output remained consistently of a very high quality, and always in step with the changing times - from doo wop in his beginnings through Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll and into Soul. Throughout all of that, Young Jessie always considered himself a Jazz singer first and foremost, and this influence underpins all of his vocal performances. Tracklist: Smell a Rat/ Lonesome Desert/ Hoochie Coochie/ Don't Happen No More/ Mary Lou (Modern)/ Lula Belle/ Hit, Git and Split/ Big Chief (King of Love)/ The Wrong Door/ Teacher Gimme Back/ Brown Eyes (Come on Home)/ You Were Meant for Me/ Make Me Feel a Little Good/ Mary Lou. LP  20.50 / CD 11.60

YVONNE AND YVETTE – THE SIAMESE TWINS After It’s All Over/He’s Sweet I Know/Your Mother/We Are Working For The Lord (Norton) Norton enters the gospel field with the world's only gospel singing Siamese twins! 7" 6.00

JOHNNY ZAMOT Tell It Like It Is (El Sonido) 1967 boogaloo alb: Baby, Bring It To Me/ Tu Baila Boogaloo/ Munneca De Los Ojos Verde/ Latino Baby/ Caminando/ Hey, Girl/ Johnny's Boogaloo/ You Dig. LP 12.50